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  1. According to Sam and Joe The Kreider had an infinite number of hits because he was “hitting everything in sight”

    Stat sheet = 0

    I guess that’s why I don’t really care for stats (when compared with actually watching a player)

  2. Stranger Nation on

    take the win and 2 pts, but that team is really bad. The Leastern conf games have been more competitive but void of hockey plays IMHO.
    The product quality is not there. Why is that?

  3. coos/Strong Bad, I think Girardi has an A while Callahan is out. When Cally returns, Richards and Staal will have the only As.

  4. Actually, these letters are not so much a popularity contest as they are picking players who are allowed to question rule interpretations with the officials, so I assume you have to be a bit heady.

  5. Girardi would be last person I’d want communicating with one of the officials.

    van Massenhoven: “What do you want, Dan?”
    Girardi: “Uh..”
    van Massenhoven: “What’s the problem?”
    Girardi: “Uh..”
    van Massenhoven: “Do you have a problem with the call?”
    Girardi: *instinctively slides to ice to block pass*

  6. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Looks like we stuck with Chef Croissant as the team bolts towards the land of NHL mediocrity and a perennial bubble team until a real GM and coach commandeers the team. Was hoping a disastrous start would give Chef AV a quick boot in the derriere.

  7. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Sports have gotten so bad that us, the fans, use the word ‘product’ to describe our team and league. I’ve reached that South Park moment that Stan had where everything is pure mierda. Peter Sellers would be a much better coach btw.

  8. I am definitely adapting to the post-Tortorella world, found myself shouting “Noooooooo!” when a couple of the D did their snow-angel impressions in the 2nd period.

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