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1) A few things jumped out at me. For one, the tempo of this game was pretty high, much higher than the home opener. It’s very obvious that the Rangers are a much faster team with Chris Kreider and J.T. Miller here and then with Carl Hagelin coming back, and with Ryan McDonagh and John Moore on the back end. Even a guy like Pouliot can move, and Mats Zuccarello finally seems to have figured out that he’d better move his feet, too. Slow and steady doesn’t win these races. Fast and steady does.New York Rangers v New York Islanders

2) Speaking of steady, that’s what Cam Talbot is. Calm Talbot? Exactly what you want  in a backup, but especially in a young backup who might be a No. 1 some day. He gave up that one fluke off Dan Girardi, and one on a rocket under the crossbar on a 2-on-1. By the way, that’s twice in two games for Talbot where the Rangers have given up a 2-on-1, the D-man back has taken away the pass by staying with the weak-side man, and the puck-carrier has beaten him short side. Other than that, he was damn near perfect.

3) Other things you have to like about this game: The power play. It hasn’t been perfect this year, but it appears Scott Arniel sure has a better clue than the previous administration had. Or maybe it’s just that with Kreider standing in the goalie’s grill, it’s going to work. But the Rangers PP has been, by and large, better, and it scored twice in this game — the difference, obviously, because the Rangers again only managed one at even strength. And the Rangers’ best PP of the game, maybe of the season, maybe since Brian Leetch left, didn’t even result in a goal.

4) By the way, have I mentioned at all how much I like Brad Richards on the point. He was really good there last night, no joking.New York Rangers v New York Islanders

5) The Rangers, since they got out of the Western part of the nine-game road trip, have improved leaps and bounds defensively. In no small part is that the steadiness of the Big 3, and those guys, particularly McDonagh, did a job on John Tavares and Thomas Vanek. Just closed them off.

6) That’s three good ones in a row for Kreider, or as some of you call him, “THE Kreider.” Maybe this time he’s here to stay. I think he is. Was a hell of a goal he scored on the PP, deflecting the shot, getting his own rebound and spinning to bury it. Had some really good shifts. Derek Stepan, with Kreider on the wing, was very noticeable in this game, and he ended up with a pair of assists. Richards, with Hagelin on his wing, was too.

7) Hagelin. Like I said a lot last year, when he became a force at times during the year, it’s not so much what he does with his speed when he has the puck. It’s more what he does when he’s hunting it down, or forcing a turnover, or creating space by backing off defenders. He just looks and sounds a lot more mature now, too, like he’s ready to take another step up. We’ll see.

New York Rangers v New York Islanders8) Pouliot. He’s taken a lot of penalties, and in the first eight games he didn’t do much with the puck. But he has used his size, he’s pretty dependable defensively, and now in the last two road games he has shown some big-moment flair … the goal and the clutch OT assist in Detroit, and the GWG, off a really nice play from Michael Del Zotto to Pouliot to Hagelin and back to Pouliot, vs. the Isles.

9) That was the Rangers’ only visit to Uniondale this season. Yay! The other Islanders home game against the Rangers is at Yankee Stadium. South Bronx vs. Uniondale? Not even close.

10) Speaking of which, the Rangers fans at Nassau sure made a lot of noise, more noise than all the Rangers fans at MSG the night before. Of course, they had something to cheer about last night. But also, I guess it’s fair to guess, these were real fans, not the cellphone crowd that populated the lower bowl Monday. New York Rangers v New York Islanders

11) Wonder, if Dominic Moore is out for any length of time, if Brandon Mashinter gets a shot to play, or if the Rangers recall somebody. My opinion, let Mashinter get a few games. Hagelin fills the PK spot (Zuccarello took some good PK shifts too), Never hurts to have two more young legs and some extra size in the lineup.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Chris Kreider.
*************************************New York Rangers v New York Islanders
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Derek Stepan
cooscoos’ Three Rangers Stars:
1.  The Kreider.  Ain’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, or in Boston College either.  Step up and take your diploma.
2.  Richie Rich.  Check that tanning studio, Dano.  They might be selling something on the side.
3.  Hagelin.  Speed kills.  Probably  swifter than Kreider, (but not by a lot.)
Honorable Mention:  McDonuts.  Just does it all with quiet grace, strength, skating, minutes, smarts.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. tie, Anton Stralman, Cam Talbot, Carl Hagelin.

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  1. First game I’ve seen this season. Not bad. Except for the later half of the 2nd period…
    Looks like we want to have the puck more, kinda more fun to watch

  2. The Kreider was the man last night. I guess islander fans must feel similar to how we feel about the Habs at this point. Somehow someway the rangers are going to win the game. At least they score a goal though.

  3. Good win, love the pace, the comeback.

    With the win last night the Rangers have as many wins on the road as anyone in the Leastern conf.

  4. Good game last night. The thing that stuck out was Brad Richards acting like a hockey player after the final whistle. I have watched him over the last 2 games, and re-watched on dvr, and I noticed something disturbing. In the last 2 games, Bradina has not thrown a single body-check on camera. Not only has he not thrown a check, a number of times he has blindly tossed the puck and winced as he was about to get hit. Is he hiding some kind of injury? Or is he just a little scared? Either way, he is being out-gritted by 15 of the other players on his team.

    And Del Zotto- wtf is going on with him??

  5. Good game boys. Hagelin’s speed caused the Isles all sorts of problems and was a huge part of Poulie’s goal (although it was a great snipe) and Kreider looked like he belongs finally, he’s a big boy to move from the net and needs to stay there when Cally comes back.
    The entire team seemed to be moving their feet more last night.

    Only concern: Talbot getting beat again short-side on a 2-on-1

  6. Sather Must Go! on

    Del z s just bad… How many giveaways around his wn net this year?

    Nice win, fun game, but they desperately need some toughness… Having Pyatt, Boyle and Poulliot, as the size upfront with decent dmen, who don’t clear the net is not a great recipe in the East. with small skill players.

    Not looking forward to playing Boston

  7. Stranger Nation on

    The Kreider figured out the bet place to score goals is in front of the net

    Great screen on McD’s goal. Nabokov never saw it.

  8. Kreider’s best reg season game as a ranger

    Pouliot too.

    We need this effort, speed, energy consistently and we’ll be very tough to play against.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Moving back to center seemed to wake Richards up. Finally had a little compete in his game.

    Is preseason finally over?

  10. It will be interesting to see what they do with Kreider when Callahan comes back, who isn’t as big but has the best hands on the team in close. Callahan has scored a ton of goals around the blue paint on rebounds and deflections, maybe they use Callahan and Kreider in the same role just on different PP units.

  11. You know how we can tell that the Islanders still suck?

    Because we won last night and we suck

  12. Two of the last three games were the “best games of the season”. Really they were dominant last night. Those begging for size, well size is nice, but speed kills. These Rangers are a speed team. They may need ONE more big guy and maybe a big defenseman but really they look like they are coming around. Even the Montreal game wasn’t THAT bad. Defensively they’ve been really good and if the O comes around, we’ll be fine in the LEast.

    Worrysome though, not a peep about Nash. It’s starting to feel eerily like the Sauer situation. Not good.

  13. I don’t think they’re coming around to anything…

    If those same ten California teams visited MSG right now, we’d lose all ten. OK maybe one shocking win somewhere along the way

  14. Carp,

    Was thinking the same thing about the fans…and your guess is surely correct….hell of a lot cheaper going to games in Uniondale or Newark, unfortunately….

  15. Carp, what happened to THE Dominic? Watched some of the game on DVR so I FF through some of the 2nd period.

  16. Carp, re# 5…. Agree on the Big 3!

    McDonough, Girardi and Stralman have really stepped it up!! :)


  17. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp. I gather you return back home safe last night.

    That was fun game to watch, win or lose. Of course, it’s more fun when they get 2 points.

    I think it wasn’t so much the line changes as it was placing Centers at center that made a lot of difference. Plus Hagelin’s ability to retrieve the puck behind the net. I think Carl will like a little extra space behind the net this year.
    Pouliot has been playing much better for some time now, long before he started to score. If he continues to go to the net hard the way he has, and scores here and there, it would be a good signing.
    Kreider is here to stay, this time for good. Wait until you see his wrist shot working again. And I hope they are not thinking about sitting JT Miller. He hasn’t been as flashy as CK, but he makes very mature plays. Let him develop his 2-way game here, I don’t think he has much to learn in AHL.
    Lastly, about the Islanders. They made that earth-shattering trade for Vanek. But also few days prior they announced resigning of Radek Martinek to “solidify” their defense. Well, Martinek was the main culprit on GWG by Pouliot. He was trying to check him long after Pouliot releses the puck. Next thing you know, Martinek is about 15 ft from where he should be in order to cover Pouliot. Game over.

  18. Was at the game last night (terrible traffic from Manhattan to Uniondale), I’ll be honest the atmosphere at Rangers-Islanders games in NVMC is immensely better than MSG these days. It’s definitely has something to do with the type of Rangers fans that make the trek out to that hellhole.

    In recent years the Isles have always had the extra jump in their step for these games given that the seasons series was essentially their version of the playoffs. Last night for the first time in a long time the Rangers came out as the more desperate team and for long stretches it showed.

  19. Entertaining game…for once. I hope that this is more than just a rivalry game that got the boys charged up. Excepting last night, this team is really poor. Maybe they can get into a grove with less travel in the coming games.

  20. What I like about the Mausoleum is the old school feel. It’s like a hockey barn. And, since it’s essentially a tin airplane hanger, it gets very, very loud.

    I’m not one of these people that gives two rats behinds about the amenities in an arena. I’m there to see my team play and I would like that experience to be affordable.

  21. Who, Manny? Martinek? Quite opposite, by looking at this play, one can assume he has already has learned it.

    Noticed how much trouble Travis Hamonic ( who is a very good young D-man) had covering Chris Kreider last night?

  22. So Martinek commits one defensive mistake and that signifies that he was a bad signing to solidify their defense?Add Your Comment

  23. Yes, ilb. I was making a joke….

    Just like this joke: Hamonic sounds like Hamrlik so he’s obviously slow and old.

  24. Carp I like the idea of trying Masherupper now that Hags can kill penalties…lots of fun watching last night.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Guys like Pullout are vexing. He has all the tools – size, speed, skill but no consistency, some undisciplined play and tendency to float.
    If he had Cally’s heart he could score 30 and be a very productive 2 way player. He is here out of desperation as Darth Sather attempts yet another reclamation project. Will will take what we get.

    Maybe Elaine can connect with him in francios, no?

  26. Agreed, Stranger. I like the idea of Pouliot knowing he’s 12 of if he wants to stay in the lineup, he plays hard every game. And he doesn’t pass up open nets on 2 on 1s. And maybe he wipes that dumb look off his face.

  27. Someone else questioned MDZ’s play and I agree. He’s appeared nervous and indecisive with too many bad decisions that have resulted in turnovers. Do we have a better option in Hartford?

  28. iDoodie Machetto on

    I thought MDZ played one of his best games of the season last night. He jumped in on the rush several times and was patient with the puck in the defensive zone.

  29. MDZ isn’t going to be a shutdown, you take the mistakes with the plays he does make. That’s his role.

  30. Next step for the The Kreider…. someone will challenge him, he will surprise that someone with a Lucic type beat down and he’ll be afforded more space and respect on the ice.

    The Kreider is as strong as an ox.

    Book it.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    Martin Biron @martybiron43
    It seems to always happen that way. Great end to end action. Big saves, great chances and then a lucky bounce goes in.

    Classy tweet

  32. Tort’s still wasted good development time with Kreider. He was ready last year. You only get better when you play with the best.

  33. Haha. Blaming Tort, eh? I seem to remember a certain Alain Vigneault sending The Kreider to Hartford as well…….

  34. iDoodie Machetto on

    Lone, I don’t buy that at all. Plenty of guys’ careers have been ruined by being brought up too early. Name me one guy whose career was ruined by not being brought up soon enough.

    As for Kreider, he looks like a different player than he did last year. He looks more like the guy from the playoffs two years ago.

  35. Doodie: The answer to your question is impossible. If a career was ruined by not being brought up early enough, the guy was likely labeled an AHL player and never got a shot.

  36. Its kind of weird that, of the 20 guys dressed last night, 9 were younger than Talbot, right? Its tough to disassociate rookie and youth.

  37. iDoodie Machetto on

    How many guys can you think of that when they came up you thought to yourself “damn, they should have done that a year ago!”

    Answer: 0.

  38. Kreider, The was not ready last year. He played nowhere near the level he has since his recall. I’m tempering my expectations, but I’m thrilled with the possibilities.

  39. BleedBlueshirt on

    Kreider should be called Chrissy the Kid. I don’t think this should even be up for debate.

  40. _How many guys can you think of that when they came up you thought to yourself “damn, they should have done that a year ago!”_

    Well, Manny has been calling for D-Mc all year so if he doesn’t come up until next year, does he count?

    (Or is this rhetorical because the response will always be “no, he wasn’t ready, and I can prove he wasn’t ready because he wasn’t called up”. Like I said, its impossible.)

  41. It’s laughable. Everything Torts did to/for/with Kreider was for his development. He wanted to be here when this THE Kreider arrived. He didn’t want to ruin the kid. And he saw how ridiculous the expectations got after that little outburst in the playoffs.

  42. Mice review, Carpy!!

    There is little more exciting as a fan to watch the evolution of a team drafted bonefide hockey player. Up and down, yes, but Kreider is now here to stay. This kid has every attribute, is getting what he needs from this coaching staff and is ready for takeoff. We’ve watched home grown kids like Step, Staal (won’t say MDZ), and Leetchie, amongst others. This kid is seriously talented and it will be a lot of fun watching him exponentially grow.

    Monday night and Saturday he was our best player, by far. He’s on a different level.

  43. Under normal circumstances, I’d agree. But, those guys wind up there even when Stepan and Brassard aren’t good.

  44. Can’t wait until THE Kreider hits a bump, or makes a few defensive mistakes. Because he will. He will be called a bust by some right away. And Tort will be blamed for ruining his career.

  45. Torts had his ‘neigh-sayers’ but he was/is an excellent coach.

    Everything for a reason.

    One of this organization’s BIGGEST problems is that Torts coached it so well that it masked all the deficiencies in the lineup. I wish there was a way to go back 2 years and see what AV or any other coach does with that crew.

  46. Just interviewed someone for residency position starting next year. Big Maple Leafs fan, from Toronto. Was bragging about how Kessel is hitting up, and was a force last night. What are their chances of getting this position, in your opinion? :-)

  47. I brive a dus? or is it I dus a brive? Anyway–I see godo things happening here…I see the guys working hard,,maybe not rewarded as much as they should be–but that will come. I am feeling a lot better about AV and may even have some positive comments about Richie..but that’s a maybe–and you can’t put your arms around a dream!

  48. MD, I’ll admit that the 4th and 5th spots are a bit more arbitrary, but one or two negative comments can make all the difference. Kinda like voting :)

  49. I just can’t believe Richards earned his way out of the top 3. I figured someone besides MDZ and Boyle would have to murder someone for that to ever take place.

  50. On another work related note, my residents and students decided on Disney’s Aladdin as a theme for tomorrow. I believe we’ll have 4-5 Jasmines, a few Genies, and some other characters. So, professor’s rounds tomorrow in Aladdin costume. God help me.

  51. Thanks everyone for your input on the West Balcony seats! Now the tickets are gone and I’m going to lunch instead.

  52. Rob in Beantown on

    I just checked the league standings for the first time all season. The Rangers are just 3 points out of a playoff spot and have played one fewer game than all of the top 8 teams. There is a logjam of teams between them and that playoff spot, but at least things don’t look as dire as I would have thought. And the toughest part of the schedule is out of the way. And this team will only look better when they get Callahan and maybe Nash back.

  53. Rob in Beantown on

    I am assuming the playoffs work similar to how they used to. That may not be the case, since didn’t they change some things?

  54. also, Rob, I think they play the fewest back-to-backs in the conference, will play 40 of their last 71 at home, and haven’t even begun to feast on the slop in the Lesstropolitan Division yet. (yeah, I know, they already lost to Philly and NJ).

  55. I think Torts and AV are both good coaches, just different styles. I think, with the personnel we have (when healthy) that AV’s style more suits this team. You saw it last night. This is NOT a big, physical stay at home clog the middle type team. This is a team that should thrive on good passing, speed to the net and to the boards to make plays. I do think the offense will come once they get used to it. Defensively they seem to have adapted. Maybe part of it is not playing the Western teams, but Detroit is essentially still a Western style team and we did very well against them. At the half way mark if it’s still not working, I’ll start worrying.

    I do think that when Cally and hopefully Nash come back, AV is going to have some nice problems getting everyone ice time. Maybe a nice 3 for 1 trade is in the offing?

  56. No, Rob … top three in each division make the playoffs, then two wild cards in the conference. Very possible only three teams from the Lesstropolitan make it, and five from the Atlantic.

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    Thanks Carp. In that case, things are a bit more challenging, but at least there is only one team in the division right now with a winning record.

  58. Does anyone remember Kreider’s speed rush with the puck on the left side last night? I don’t think there are too many players in the league who could catch up with him if he skates like that.

  59. If we had traded him for Nash and I saw him play like he did last night for Columbus, I would still be crying.

  60. I did not like the way the D played last night. I thought MacD, and Girardi were very good, but I did not like Staal or MDZ’s game. Staal is a little to soft on the puck right now. indecisive if you will. MDZ is scary every time he touches the puck. he coughs it up under pressure. he should be better than this by now.

  61. Bull Dog, not just you, but people atleast consider that MDZ is the one who has to play his off side when criticizing him, right? Its going to add some problems, just like it would if Staal or McD or Moore had to play off.

  62. Mister D,
    I want him to be good, or even great. right now he is neither. I get what you are saying about playing his off side, but he is a Pro, and needs to adjust.

  63. It’s interesting to see how the TOI is distributed between D-men by AV. McD played the most, but even with spending some time on PP his was just over 23 min. J.Moore played the least with 16+ min, MDZ spent just over 17 min on the ice. I wonder what that would look like if Woywitka/Eminger/Harmlik were playing for AV.

  64. That’s been our problem for the last couple of seasons – our lack of right side D behind Girardi and Stralman. Funnily enough I gather McIlrath plays the right side…..

  65. ilb – forwards are a lot more balanced too – the 4th liners are regularly hitting double-digits and 1st liners rarely playing over 19 mins a night

  66. Great win last night. Being at coliseum there were 70percent ranger fans. I thought hagelin speed was a major difference and opened up the ice for scoring chances.

    I still think over 82 games this offense is still challenged. Yes pyatt and Boyle work there tail off but occasionally we need some production from them on the scoresheet. Dorset Moore zucc on in the same boat.

    Can the rangers get consistent offense night in and night out to get on a streak. With this roster I beg to differ.

    Kreider was tremendous last night.

    I disagree on del Zaster yes he joined rush more got more involved yet his play in front of the net is awful. Too many turnovers he makes behind net.

    Doing a back to back going to games takes its toll. I’m exhausted and have no voice.

    Tues 11/12 is my next game.

  67. All you really need to look at is MDZ’s scoring log from 2011-12 to see the switch has been his real problem. The only D you ever see there are Girardi/Stralman/Bickel, who are all RD. It matters.

  68. The Krieder also missed some defensive assignments and floundered in the neutral and defensive zones. He made up for it with sheer tenacity and speed. That, to me, was the difference.

  69. Yeah, Manny. There was one 3 on 3 where the Isles 4th man beat Kreider down for a chance. I think late 2nd / early 3rd and it would have been real bad if they had scored.

  70. Great game last night…I could get used to that sort of stuff. Looked like hockey to me.

    I love Talbot too. How can you not like a guy with red, white & blue Ghostbusters references all over his helmet? The fact that he’s coming up big for us is awesome.

  71. Always a good day after a win!!!

    3 points is ALOT better than 7, we can catch the Islanders if we keep playing like last night.

    It was a fun game to watch.

  72. Zucc was a different player as well. He was all over the boards, and forechecking hard.

  73. Boyle didn’t score, trade him for Crosby.

    Pyatt didn’t score, trade him for Malkin.

    Talbot is so much better than Lundqvist. He should be our starter.

    Stralman is like an ice dancing ballerina from Norway, trade him for Brian Leetch.

    Brad Richards sucks and should’ve been bought out last year. He can’t play defense and even worse, he can’t play goalie. What kind of center is he if he can’t play goalie?!?!?

  74. Also, a Man-to-Man system is going to hide some flaws for Kreider because it really simplifies the ideas on the ice. So kreider watches his man and makes smart plays and is assisted by other players on the ice screaming at him what to do.

    The old system (which I think is better in the playoffs and gets you to a cup faster) involved a lot of defensive responsibility and thinking on the ice.

  75. Manny – agreed that Kreider missing defensive assignments, but he’s never going to be a great defensive player. As long as he’s out there with guys that are defensively reponsible and he’s putting the puck in the net, that’s all you can ask for.

    I mean Nash is oblivious in the defensive zone and spins like a top when the puck goes to the slot back there, but when he puts the puck in the net it all but makes up for it.

  76. Totally agree, Jonny. I think he has to cover that up with speed and tenacity. The kid could actually be somewhat of a power forward if he can just hide his defensive lapses and the other guys cover for him.

  77. Re: The Kreider being dumb: I saw a tweet during pre-season where one of his roommates tweeted that they were able to rent one free movie when they got to the room and The Kreider grabbed the remote, chose the movie and it turned out he selected the overdubbed Spanish version. So his teammates were calling him dumb.

  78. I think if Kreider’s line always has the puck, it won’t matter how good he is in own zone.

  79. Most athletes aren’t the smartest guys in the world. They’ve focused solely on sports for 95% of their life.

    Pretty sure Dominic Moore is probably smarter than the other 22 guys on the roster combined.

  80. But they won’t bull dog because as Messier said, the best players also are the worst players, or something like that, because they end up making a lot of brave plays and tough passes that lead to turnovers.

  81. It’s fine though because if Krieder can play on a top line he doesn’t have to be defensively responsible because most first lines aren’t because he will have the puck a bunch and they will score a bunch. Just score more than you give up and leave the defensive to the other lines.

  82. I respectfully disagree on Nash being oblivious defensively. In fact, he is much better defensively than I thought he was since I haven’t seen his play that much during his stay in Columbus.

  83. Yeah, I don’t think that Nash is bad defensively. He misses assignments at times, but he makes plays in the d-zone. He’s no Ovechkin.

  84. Do you think the coaching staff has the wide disparity of opinions that we have on players?

  85. if I were the Rangers GM, I would be lying in the weeds waiting for Edmonton to do something stupid. some smart GM is going to end up with Hall, RNH, or Yakopov.

  86. Yes, yes, I know yes but I don’t know if I could handle the board if we got him so I’d just rather not.

  87. Edmonton is probably looking for a goalie, and or a Defensive Dman. what would you think of dangling Staal in front of them?

  88. ilb,
    Staal is more established than any of the Edmonton players I mentioned. Edmonton would be thrilled if were offered to them.

  89. I am just saying this because I think Edmonton is real close to panicking. I want the Rangers to be first in line when it happens.

  90. Edmonton isn’t going to make the playoffs this year. They won’t be trading any of their 1’st round picks this year. Not until they are a piece away from making some real noise.

  91. Kudos to Manny for pointing out the obvious. The Mauseleum has always had great sight lines for hockey. MSG always the worst in North America. They can add food and noise and lasers but they will never fix the Worst Arena in the world. Big upside to Benoit POO LEE OH.

  92. I agree with Ilb. One of my first observations watching Na$h on a nightly basis was how good he is defensively. I was very impressed.

  93. Afternoon all,

    So I guess the Islander trolls don’t show up here after the Rangers win.
    Especially after Broadway takes two points in the old barn.

  94. The mausoleum reminds me of going to see Hartford Whalers games with my dad when I was young. Loud, echoey barn with garbage food and soda.

  95. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    Loved the Norris Stralman hat trick, the way Stralman put kreiders jersey on and scored, then put on mcdonuts jersey and scored, then got the game winner wearing pouliots jersey!!! Man, Norris is in the bag!!

    But who was wearing his jersey for the -1???

    Oh well, Norris winner Stralman with the Hattie!!

  96. Pointed, but innocuous sounding jab at Carp for something he said once long ago, and a nitpick about his game review.

    Condescending suggestion that I am the only one who recognizes Sather’s failures, and that everybody else is either blind or unprincipled for continuing to support the team in spite of Sather still having a job.

    More condescension, but played off like it is a joke.

    A final dig at Carp and/or everybody else. ;)

  97. I think everyone would agree that, especially in sports, you have to play with and against superior players in order to truly improve. Coaches at the NHL level, however, are under enormous pressure to win and very often can’t afford the luxury of playing (as Torts last year with Kreider), talented kids through their inevitable struggles. Despite our old coach’s sometimes grizzly personality, I think he did the right thing.

  98. “Who an I?” lol. You’ll need a better costume that that, cmnsnse, to be allowed out on Halloween.

  99. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I would trade step before I traded brassard.

  100. Nash isn’t horrible defensively, but he’s still pretty bad. He skates around like he’s working hard, but when it comes to actual playing of defense, he’s pretty bad at it. I give him credit for working hard, but defensive positioning is not one of his strong points.

    And that’s fine because he’s a 1st line winger who can score 30 a year. I wouldn’t expect him to be a defensive expert.

  101. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    Speaking of 2 way defencive play, pretty much a game saving play by pouliot on tavares” wrap around attempt with about 4 minutes left in the game last night

  102. Wicky – you’d trade a potential 60-70 point player for a 40 point player, both of which make the same amount of money?

  103. I’d like to see some of our regulars sign up and pick the three stars with a short explanation on each choice. e-mail Carp!

  104. Ray Rice is poster boy for professional sports, and shouldn’t be judged on one probable misunderstanding.

  105. Misunderstanding, my tuchus. Mariano Rivera is a poster boy for professional sports. Ray rice is a punk.Add Your Comment

  106. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I don’t like the word “potential”. I think if you put brassard in the same situations you put step, you get as good if not better numbers. This season (to this point) brass has been a better player than step (so far).

  107. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    Not saying I would trade either, but as of right now if I had to…

  108. Fair enough. Step has already proven he can put up 60-70, so I shouldn’t say potential. Brassard has put up 40-50 for a few years too.

    As for Ray Rice, one of the nicest guys out there. Definitely not a punk. This story is such a non-story that it’s not even funny. Another situation where certain members of the media are trying to make something out of nothing.

  109. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    at the end of the season, my answer may be completely different fwiw!!!

  110. I’m not concerned about our future #1 goaler’s ‘short-side’. I thought his positioning on Scatterpuck’s perfect shot was sound. He possibly should have out a little further once the pass was covered. We’ll need a slightly larger chunk of data (which after last night should be a no-brainer, including an SO or two) before we totally rip him to shreds.

    Speaking of Clutterschmuck, although I haven’t watched him closely, I always thought of him as possibly a real tough hombre in the, should I dare say this, Prust mold. After watching him last night he has a lot of work to even get close. I would love to know what Dorsett said to him when they came together in the 1st period. By the body language it may have been something like “Don’t make me laugh, You really don’t want to do this”. It was also nice seeing him about 10 feet behind POO LEE OH (thank you Dubeliveau) on the game-winner.

  111. Yeah I’m not sure what Hags was thinking there. It didn’t seem like he did that purposely, but he has to be smarter there.

  112. Going to have to respectfully disagree. Having attended Rutgers, I met Rice on many occasions. Arrogant and better than thou attitude, this I can understand with collegiate athletes.This spitting incident solidifies my view. No class punk.Add Your Comment

  113. In Ray Rice’s defense, he actually *is* better than most people. He’s a really, really good RB.

  114. We should start a new thread for definitive assessments about athletes as people. That would be a lot of zzzzzzz …

  115. not saying I know him better than anybody else does; just saying I have personally not seen a bad side in Rice.

    As we have learned in the last 20 years, though, we really don’t know who celebs/athletes really are.

  116. Rob in Beantown on

    If we were all judged by the dumbest, rudest thing we ever did we’d all look like punks

  117. Took me 20 mins to use bathroom at coliseum last night. Got back to seat as 2nd per started. Can’t move in that place.


    Where press box there in rafters

  118. Hard to skate out there with tar- laced rain splats falling from leaky roof onto your helmet

  119. Coos I’ve had to play in a lot worse.

    But the rain dripping down on us, does bring back memories.

  120. The kid had a game where one patch of ice wore down to the concrete, they had to put a traffic cone on the spot to skate around it.

    Got to love small town hockey in the wild wild west.

  121. Gotta love Brooklyn! Chauncey St…apparently where he grew up—I have been meaning to take a drive by out of respect!

    I have called Brooklyn home since I have been married (30+ yrs)–and the agreement is I am not to be buried here (although who could afford that now anyway) and the Graves jersey comes with me!

  122. Vanek’s Lament

    ‘Here’s that rainy day
    They told me about,
    And I laughed at the thought
    That it might turn out this way.’

  123. JHW – I’ve always wondered if….. anyone ever had there ashes dust MSG ice before?

  124. Sioux-per-man–excellent question–I am sure people sneak ashes in now and then–but when you think about it–I have seen many a Ranger team die on that ice…

    Now that MSG has been transformed–I doubt any of the ashes remain…but just know that somewhere Mr. Dolan is reading these comments and will soon be offering space in the hallway floor for someone’s dearly departed ashes and momentos..for a small fee of course..sort of like buying a little space in the entrance way with your family name.

    Sometimes I look at the team on the ice ad remember that movie line, “I see dead people”…

  125. Rob in Beantown on

    Did the company men on MSG talk about how bad the ice was on Monday? Doc and Pierre said it was as bad as ever. Not sure if its because its still warm outside or a failure to address the problems during the *transformation*

  126. The NHL claims that they can do an outdoor game in weather in the 60’s. It sounds fishy to me (as in the ice will melt and fish will be swimming in the pond). But that’s what they claim. So can we blame the temperature of MSG?

    And how will the ice be at the next Home of the New York Rangers which I assume is that Messier run Kings County Ice Rink thing.

  127. I really think that better ice would severely impede the Rangers. We don’t _want_ good ice. Each barn gets to have it’s own idiosyncracies in how the ice is prepared and how springy the boards are. That should be tailored to the advantage of the home team.

  128. We also might want to rough up the surface in the visitor’s dressing room to dull their blades as much as possible.

  129. On another note, how was the press room spread at the *transformed* MSG? Was it better, worse or the same?

    Also, why don’t we have Polls around here anymore?

  130. Step’s got to step it up. No doubt about it. Missing preseason really hurt him. Who’s wearing Richards #19 uniform. Very impressive. Love Talbot. Get the feeling that the team is getting use to AV’s system. Kind of fun to watch. Still too many turnovers on defense particularly DZ.

  131. Stranger Nation on

    The Isles are not a good team, but neither is most of the division. Lets get healthy and see what we have in January. Best news is the post Hank Era wont be a disaster because of lack of goalie.

    how about trading MEZ for Edm #1 pick in 2014

    should be a low one

  132. ilb2001
    Does anyone remember Kreider’s speed rush with the puck on the left side last night?

    ILB, I remember that play. I was amazed and unsure who it was at first. When I realized it was The Kreider, I smiled and thought, this kid is here for good!

  133. Byfuglien has relatives in the trucking industry over here. Just asked for a better “rate”….. so I say does that come with Byfuglien tickets to the game. HaHaHa

  134. Didn’t go into the pressroom dining area, Manny. Dined on Penn Station takeout.

    Polls … because I haven’t figured out how to put one down the side since the re-design. I can put them in a post, but that’s no good.

    duck, FTW?

  135. Carp, nice comment about Torts, he was not the problem here.

    The problem remains the doofus owner and the Hasbeen!

  136. Restroom is in the ceiling on the skybox level? Maybe that’s NOT rain falling on the ice.

  137. So, I heard a promo on the radio this morning with the line, “Rangers legends Chris and Peter Ferraro.”

    OK, carry on!

  138. The Tree Falling in the Forest and the Humpday Camel have the same voice. I have a feeling that Geico hired a little man to pretend that he is the forest and the camel.

  139. ‘I think we’re alone now –
    There doesn’t seem to be anyone around…
    I think we’re alone now
    The beating of our hearts is the only sound.’

  140. As Yorick said, ‘I think I’m a bone now.’

    Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well, a fellow of infinite jest.

  141. great puck movement by McIlrath. He was shielding the puck with his body ala Rick

    Nash there and set-up Lindberg for that goal

  142. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No one score goals on this team but Norris Stralman wearing everyone’s jerseys…didn’t you know that?

  143. If Kristo keeps lighting the lamp, and we keep trying to squeeze out goals, hard to keep him down on the farm.

  144. Kristo has had a good game. he made an awesome board pass to Jean while getting checked to the boards who saucered it to Haley for a tap-in.



  145. Someone has to come up with the ever redundant D Moore out…

    Like to see Mashinter back in. Mcllrath over Chuck Norris Stralman and BICKEL

  146. Thank God Richie didn’t connect. He’d be out with a curved spine and a broken hand and we’d be paying him to 2019.

  147. Loved seeing Richards get angry at the end. Zuccarello is a scrappy little guy but he could use his massive buddy Boyle to back him up once in a while.

  148. I had my doubts, but after watching all the Pack games this year, I think Mcilrath will make it in the NHL. His skating and Puck handling is not that bad at AHL speed.

    Coos I agree, Allen looks like a keeper too. Not real flashy, but very solid.

  149. Boyle is verbally intimidating. lol If I were him, next time I’m attacked, I duck, wrap up the goon’s thighs, and dump him backwards over my shoulder to a nasty end.

  150. Wish he would show that same battle when going for a loose puck, or as Coos pointed out, maybe its better he doesn’t.

  151. I actually have been impressed with Mcllrath when I saw him live. I thought he stood up at the blue line better than our current squad. I like a D Man that can make life difficult for opposing players trying to enter the offensive zone.

  152. Krug just gave Crosby a noogie. I know he killed us in the playoffs but man, I like that kid.

  153. I love Torey Krug. When we did that whole, if you could have one defenseman and one forward for
    The same team to start a new team I considered Bergeron and Krug. Vibin’

  154. I think the ideal D pair includes one multi-talented guy who can join the rush and one guy who ‘stays home.’ McD, J. Moore, (and I hate to add) DelZ need to be paired with stay- at- homers. Stralman thinks he is Bobby Orr and, too, needs someone who can get back. He can’t.

  155. Enjoy hearing from guys who stay familiar with the farm that we really don’t get to see very often. Matty used to give us interesting insights on the kids. Always found that enjoyable.

  156. Vibin Manny.

    Coos, It makes good sense. Speaking of D, our boys did a real good job last night. Hardly heard Tavares name at all from Sam or Joe, unless it was in relation to the wonderful family that he has back in Moose Poop, Ontario

  157. Evening all,

    There is an Islander troll in our midst.

    Common sense dictates you know who I’m referring to.

    Hey Common – while on the subject of managerial ineptitude, take a look at the massive fraud your team’s GMs have perpetrated over the past 30 years.

    Get real, man.

  158. Seee, glad to hear someone speak about the great job we did on Tavares. Too often, we give a star to someone who scored a oddball goal and did little else, while our D, some of whom put in 25+ grueling minutes don’t get a whisper.

  159. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Most of the cases I think are BS calls due to guys ducking and putting their heads at shoulder level, with the hobbit a player would have to be sitting on the ice for that to happen.

    That being said, it was closer to a legit call than most for boarding, but I do think the islander player turned at the last second to draw a boarding call.

    Calls like that should be like tripping and embellishment, both players should get a penalty. One for a boarding call and one for stupidity/putting themselves in a vulnerable position.

  160. Yeah, if we could only play teams with one threat we would be golden. Its those pesky teams with multiple threats that get us, you know, good teams ;)

  161. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Coos @9:36, agreed. Leetch and Beuke. Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Perfect Together.

    Also nice if one is a righty and one a lefty.

  162. I have a friend who had a russian mail order bride. she got him arrested many times, he never lifted a finger. she lied to cops, he spent serious time in jail…..

    so I will wait till I hear the whole story before passing ANY judgement.

  163. Agree wick. I hate this turning into the hit bs. Everyone does it. Especially guys like Gerbe.

    My Problem is that if you go into the corners or boards or whatever to play the puck you have to now you’re going to take a hit. You absorb the hit THEN move the puck. Now everyone wants to move the puck like a fancy boy before taking a hit. It’s BS.

  164. Ryan miller to Colorado. Be done in short time. No way giggy holds up.

    As for rangers let me see them back up last night with wins over buffalo and Carolina at home. Nothing less is acceptable.

  165. mail order brides are the modern slave traders offering naive young women a way out of treachery, poverty, etc… its huge.

    google it

  166. Guess little Hags could give Richie a lesson or two on how to stay in shape during non-contact outages and be ready to go full tilt at his first drop of the puck.

  167. Hags Really didnt miss a beat, good to have him back. He’ll love the smaller net size, I think.

  168. The Kreider has some slippery slick skate-
    juking moves behind the offensive net with the puck, like Dorothy Hamill. Hags not far behind, but doesn’t have the heft. Not his fault.

  169. This team of amateur-hour court jesters is definitely losing tomorrow and Sat.

    You can bet your bottom Peso on it.

  170. The rangers have been saved by this hideous division right now outside of pens who we all know will run away with div.

    Go beat buff and Carolina minus skinner and ward get to 6-7 and build some momentum into next week Anaheim pens at Columbus night after pens.

  171. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    So, either Boston:

    1. is not as good as Pittsburgh
    2. is having a slightly off night
    3. Pitt is that good. Man, they come in waves and have tons of secondary scoring just like WE do.

    Boston is very good at laying low all season, getting to the dance, then playing hard. It’s early, but this Pens team is deep.

  172. That was some catch Stralman made in centerfield for the Bosox tonight. Saved at least 2 runs.

  173. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Interesting to me that the teams with the least injuries (listed above and to the right), so far, are some of the bigger teams in the league. LAK, STL, CHI, OTT. Teams with the most injuries have a higher percentage of smaller players. NYR, CAR, EDM (SJS is pretty big, but they have injuries, too).

    Hate to say it, but you don’t have to be a genius to realize a man 185 lbs playing against an opponent at 220 is more prone to injury.
    Hags, Callie, we have a bunch of small players.

    Is it me or do you guys think this is mere coincidence?

  174. duckbillplatypus on

    Matty Boy,

    May this avatar ask what parts you are from? Le Duck played some hockey with a fine gentleman from Brooklyn with the moniker of Matty Baby or Matty Boy. Might that be you?

    Kindly regarding,
    Le Duck

  175. ducky, I can only imagine the fear and trepidation in ice friend and ice foe alike when you waddle onto the playing surface prepared to dominate the rink.

  176. Coos, that tall blonde backup singer in the Robert Klein video looked a little bit like a cross between like Zdeno Chara and Stepan’s sister.

  177. ‘Well, long tall Sally she’s
    Built for speed, she got
    Everything that Uncle John need
    Oh baby,
    Ye-e-e-eh baby,
    Woo-o-o-oh baby.’

  178. I met Larry Luccihno and Theo Epstein at a Boston College football game after the Sox won in 2004. Epstein was a major Jackwagon. Lucchino seemed lke a regular guy kind of guy Jackwagon.

  179. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Hate to say it, but this Sox team is a TEAM. Great guys pulling for each other.

    We have a core of players that seem like they are that way. Each year is different. 2 years ago, just like the Sox of this year, it felt ‘special’ right off the bat in Rangerland. We all could feel it. Great feeling.

    Some teams are just special.

  180. @rangersreport 23m

    Difference between baseball & hockey: In hockey, the coaches and owners get the trophy after the players.

  181. Another coach who appears unwilling to give Hags time on the PP. Makes no sense, given he scored 14 SH goals in college, 12 during one season, so we know from that that he can get position on the D and go from there. He should not be restricted to being a “role player” without first finding out the complete scope of his potential contribution.

  182. This won’t fly too high, with others, I know, but I am down on Ovie fo Washington (injured and out for a game or two), because he has not registered one single primary assist on both the power play and at even-strength, yet this year. Not exactly your “team concept” kind of player. Yes, his scoring goals in bunches mostly offsets this, but look for the Caps to do well during his brief absence. Indispensable he is not.

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