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1) OK, I know I sometimes get annoyed when you guys complain about the officials. But last night, if you didn’t complain about the officials I would suggest getting your pulse checked. I don’t believe that ya boys would have definitely won this game, or even definitely scored a goal, no matter what the officials did. But the work of the striped guys was comically bad. Or maybe not so comically.Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers

2) If the Rangers had been able to score a goal – they did get five power plays – against Montreal’s backup goalkeeper, the argument would be a lot stronger, no? The Brian Boyle penalty=Pansification. Ridiculous, phantom call. Let’s be honest, there were numerous penalties uncalled both ways before that one.

3) Which, of course, becomes a huge factor when Anton Stralman steps up on the PK and is beaten by a chip pass that sends Tomas Plekanec in against Henrik Lundqvist, who was frozen by anticipating the shot and therefore didn’t poke the puck off the stick, as Plekanec scored on the back-hander. Nice play by a good player. Give him credit. But a lot of things went wrong for the NYR.

4) Then the Chris Kreider penalty. Listen to the audio. The kid was told by the officials that it’s his fault, that it’s his responsibility to get out of the way of the defender skating backward. And, OK, while that really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense — that the offensive player isn’t allowed to stand at the blue line and not move – Kreider’s contact was incidental. The two Canadiens colliding is what caused the call to be made. Terrible call, just as Derick Brassard is breaking in from the left wing.

Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers5) And finally, the kicked-in goal. To me, it was pretty much the same play as the J.T. Miller goal in Philly that got wiped out by a replay review in Toronto. I don’t think either guy intentionally kicked it in. I thought both skates were going forward and made contact with the puck. So both are either distinct kicking motions, or neither are, IMO.

6) “If that’s not a kick, I don’t know what a kick is,” an exasperated Henrik Lundqvist said. “Seriously, there needs to be some sort of consistency in the calls. I think that’s a kick. That’s my opinion. It’s just a frustrating goal there that kind of kills the whole game and it is what it is. It would be very interesting to hear their explanation for it, just to know moving forward what the rule really is.” (NHL.com’s boxscore called it a wrist shot. LOL).

7) That hit by Douglas Murray on Kreider, now that’s a penalty. Holy shishkebob. Fortunately, Kreider didn’t get maimed. Or hurt.

Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers8) Carl Hagelin’s coming back tonight, in all probability. Poor guy’s been skating really hard since before training camp opened. Gotta be chomping at the bit. But, geez, is he going to be expected to score all their goals?

9) Kreider had another assertive game. Had one bad first-period giveaway – not a big deal – and hit a post. Created some terrific chances. Had a bunch of thumps. I really think that’s what Kreider’s going to be – a guy who affects games in other ways besides scoring. He’ll score some, maybe plenty, but he’s not going to be a 40 goal guy, I don’t believe. He can make a really good living with his size and speed though.

10) Miller had a second consecutive strong game, too, and nearly tied the game.

11) I’m not even going to talk about the points on the power play. I’m just not going there today. You guys can scroll through previous posts. You know what I think about it now, and I think a lot of you agree with me.

12) Anybody seen No. 21?Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers

13) The “transformed” place is pretty cool. The new video/scoreboard is spectacular – even if the shot clock was malfunctioning on opening night. But, geez, is it quiet in there.

14) Alain Vigneault got a nice hand (and Joe Tolleson, the P.A. man, joined a small minority of people who pronounce Vigneault’s first name correctly). Wonder what the reception would have been if not for the win in Detroit. Ulf Samuelsson also got a nice little ovation.

15) It’s really funny that MSG shows, on the big board, celebrities in the crowd, then after showing them live, for some reason, puts up an old still photo of the same celebrity. Maybe it’s funny because it’s so predictable now. Well, I think it’s funny.

16) Also very, very cool seeing Rod Gilbert and Yvan Cournoyer, both in their dark jerseys, on the ice for the ceremonial puck drop.

My Three Rangers Stars:Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers
1. J.T. Miller.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. tie, Anton Stralman.
2. tie, Brian Boyle.

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  1. Just give Montreal the two points and save us the grief will ya? I’m so sick and tired of this team losing predictably every time they step on the ice against the Habs. Even though they found a new way to lose and had a decent start, the two points go the same way yet again. Now to the island. Good luck tonight boys.

  2. Ogerp Jr (still in Tokyo) on

    Still need to catch the replay. Anyone with center ice finding themselves watching the Canucks or Jackets?


  3. Geez. How horrible can a team be? This is the worst team the NYR have put on the ice since Theo Fleury was beating up mascots…that team was obviously more fun to watch.

  4. Stralman, as the D on the PK, pinches, gives up a devastating, winning goal breakaway, and is rewarded with the second star by Bonehead Nation? Just shoot me.

  5. if you watch Hockey long enough you know when you play teams from Canada you get the shaft. last night was beyond the normal shaft getting. wow! please no more centers on the wing.

  6. Manny, in honor of Lou Reed, and in order to cook his healthy shrimp and broccoli dishes, bought a Wok on the West Side.

  7. If the Habs were as good as we’ve made them look the last couple seasons they’d be in the midst of a dynasty. You think the officiating was bad? Wait til we play them on the road.

    I’m with Bull – enough playing guys out of position. It’s not generating any scoring

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    Wow, Carp, don’t remember you complaining about zebras at all, let alone taking up a third of your review. You don’t find me complain either, in general, but I agree, that was atrocious. And they scored the GWG on one of those. On Murray’s call- I’m not convinced it was a penalty either. Look at it again- Kreider releases the puck, Murray gets it and slides it down the board. At that moment it appears that Kreider is trying to hit him while Murray just hits him at the same time. Murray is built like a fridge.

    Regardless, I think they did plenty of good things. And I think they win this game with Nash and Callahan dressed. Budaj was very good too.
    Where is Messier to teach them how to take faceoffs again? :-)
    On to LI. Are you driving already, Carp? :-)

  9. It’s a waste of breath to complain about the officiating. Yes, it was awful, but the NYR also had 5 power plays for which most of the time they couldn’t gain the offensive zone. They were shutout, so no matter how many PPs they got, they didn’t score. Not one.

    How long is it going to take to realize that this is just a poorly constructed team and that after the top 6 (3 of which are presently injured), there is a drop in talent to the AHL level. Look around the NHL, the teams that compete have 3rd and 4th lines that can hit, fight AND score. Boston’s “merlot” line, Chicago, LA… players like Dwight King, Shawn Thornton… The Rangers don’t have that. Instead the Rangers have players that can do one thing alright and that’s it. Boyle can win faceoffs. Dominic Moore can kill penalties. MZA is good in the shootout. Heck even Asham could be an offensive threat. I realize the injury bug has struck, but it’s time the Rangers wake up and realize this team isn’t going ANYWHERE this year, or next year with the roster we have. It’s time to blow it up, try to get some picks or prospects and start a rebuild.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Guess when the fluky goals stop for Buck Richards, his value basically goes to negative. For a guy who made his mark piling up ass(ists), he doesnt like to carry in traffic or along boards or within 6 ft of an opposing player.

    Missing top 3 goal scorers from last year so we cant score, go figure.

    What is this new system called? Oh, thats right…hockey

  11. 4. That explanation sounds like what you’d hear on a pick play. That was not a pick play, it was a guy waiting at the blue line so he didn’t go in offsides. Awful call.

    5. Yup. I don’t care if last night’s was allowed and I don’t care if Miller’s was waived off, but that was the same play (same side, same trailing leg reaching back, everything). Both are good or both are bad. Isn’t that the point of the central office?

  12. This team is so slow that Richie’s drop passes are actually occasionally hitting an even slower foreward’s stick. (The D is already in front of all of them)

  13. Stranger Nation on

    Special teams play on a special night, your untransformed NY Rangers.

    Sorry, but both teams stunk. That was some bad hockey out there.

  14. New drinking game in my house. Every time someone says “Newly Transformed Madison Square Garden” you take a drink. I guarantee you will be drunk before the game starts and in intensive care by the end of the game. Sheesh….we get it, MSG has been Newly transformed! I hope that doesn’t go on all season.

    As for the game…same old same old. I don’t think they really played badly, but they just cannot finish. If Nash is going to gone much longer they HAVE to go get a goal scorer. Might mean sacrificing one of your 6 D-men.

    I thought that the refs were really horrible…REALLY REALLY horrible. Our A line was nowhere to be found. Kreider was into it big time early, but I thought he leveled off during the second half. I though Richards played his worst game of the season (of the games I’ve seen), I barely remember them calling his name during 5 on 5. Stepan? Kinda proves how important training came is doesn’t it? He really seems a step or two slow. He’ll get it together.

    Boy do they miss Cally. They play a totally different game when he’s in the lineup.

  15. The boys really played a terrific first period. When things were open and flying. The way I thought Piss & Vinegar wanted them to play.

    Then things got tight and, although we had some chances, no one converted and surprise, surprise nobody could bang home a rebound against the big boy, Peter Budaj (Bood-aye).

  16. Hey guys, I’ve been pretty busy the past few months so haven’t had a chance to join in the discussions, but hopefully I’ll have more time coming up. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts about last night’s game.

    There were so few Rangers noticeable on the offensive end that I couldn’t remember the line combinations by the end of the game. Kreider did most of the work for the first line last night, Miller was the most notable on the second line (I think Pouliot was most apparent when he was turning the puck over) and Boyle was pretty much the only person I noticed from the third line. I thought the Moore-Fast-Zuccarello line did ok at times and at least they seemed to be working together, however ineffective it may have been.

    And I’ll say this about Kreider last night – he was close to scoring and set up Stepan for a nice chance, but the best thing about his game was that he was using his size and speed on the forecheck and he was really assertive on the ice. He looked like he really wanted the puck at times and tried to carry it up ice and do something. Sometimes it seems like half the forwards want nothing to do with the puck other than to dump it in and hope they can dig it out of the corner.

    Finally, that was the quietest home opener that I’ve ever attended. I’m not the most vocal, scream at the top of my lungs type of fan, but the lack of even applause during player introductions was really sad. There were a lot of people sitting around me who probably didn’t clap even once during intros, let alone the game. A woman to my right was playing Words with Friends on her phone all night. But hey, they’ve got those new Fan Bridges!

  17. Read a great comment on Twitter. The newly transformed Garden is not complete. Glen Sather is still there!

  18. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    it’s nice the garden was transformed. it’s now time to transform it’s management, starting with the GM of the Rangers

  19. I don’t think she was playing words with friends
    She was texting AV the line combos and I bet he tried a few

  20. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    The new arena is a cash cow. It’s a money machine. A soda for $5.75. A burger for $10.25. You get the picture.

    They’ll probably make up the $1Billion before their lease runs out.


    1. It is quiet as hell. No chants could be started. You feel distant from the team and the game.
    2. mobility within the garden is difficult.
    3. the ‘old time feel’ is gone.
    4. gardenvision is beautiful. once it is working, it’s a modern addition.
    5. the ‘bridge’ is hyped. A lot of money for an architectural feat that provides nothing for the game.
    6. i thought I saw Eric up there last night contemplating “should I, shouldn’t I”. Eric, it’s pretty high up…whoa!! just whoa!!!

  21. When I go on November 30 vs Torts, I’ll be the first person standing for Torts ovation

    Not saying I don’t like AV, but Torts deserves it for the short glimmer of hope he gave us

    What a waste of time it is to root for this team without a roadmap again

  22. When people are positive training camp is imperative, why doesn’t that apply to Callahan?

  23. If we keep getting absolutely no production from Stephan and Brassard it won’t matter when/if Nash and Callahan come back. Centers need to put up points. Nice to see NHL officials are in playoff form already. Can’t wait to see what they will call when we play in Montreal

  24. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Opening night ceremony is usually a special moment. Last night’s was so ho hum. No stars. Just an unsigned ex-Vezina goalie with over 4.0 GA. No hope. A bunch of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th liners. Pathetic up-to-the-cap team. Sather’s worst ever.

    The fans were quiet all night. Deservedly so. The ref’s calls were bad. Didn’t matter. Montreal played in warp time. THey slowed down, Weren’t fierce. Didn’t have to be.

    Sadly, they played against an AHL team. Pathetic.

  25. New arena – same issues: ineffective powerplay, bad officiating, not enough scoring.

    There will be a trade soon i’m sure. Hagelin will help by adding more speed but he’s not a prolific scorer. Its clear a lot of these guys are just pluggers and grinders and we have no proper sniper amongst them. Calling JD…can we have our old #10 back please?

  26. Carp- the only way that could be called a wrist shot is if the guy was scratching his big toe .. I loved seeing Kreider pointing and directing traffic in addition to using his speed.

  27. Guys
    The fans would be loud if the team didn’t absolutely suck
    Maybe not 1981 loud
    But plenty 2013 loud

  28. The only positives that can come out of this season:

    1. Nash (Lindross Part 2) is forced into retirement with concussions. Cap hit gone
    2. Richards is bought out. Cap hit gone
    3. Triumph the Clown GM retires

    Start from scratch with a GM that has a clue.

  29. Plus I know we don’t talk about it a lot anymore but this renovated site still sucks, technologically speaking

  30. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    ONLY bright spots:

    1. Kreider — soon to become ‘THE Kreider’ is a player and he’s showing it more and more with each game, gathering confidence. He skates circles around these nymphs and stands out. When he’s firing all cylinders he looks like a 30 a year guy that does a lot more. Nice to see a good draft there!!

    2. JT –had one swift scoring move abusing a defenseman. Pretty play. Just wasn’t able to finish. He will be usable. Has some hockey smarts.

    3. Where are all the ‘kids’? Wasn’t there a self-declared ‘going with youth movement’ a few years ago? Isn’t this when the fruits of the labor are displayed??????????????

    4. Fast(h) could be a 4th line checking type player. He understands the game.

    5. Richards. The difference between Richards this and last year is that he got 3 out of 5 lucky goals this year so his stats look better AND he is skating a tad better. He still looks so lethargic on the ice and can’t beat an 800 lb walrus to the puck, while he gives the puck away incessantly. Any real front office would have known this guys legs are gone and that speed is what this game is all about. Bringing him in as a FA was as bad a move as any move ever made. Go to a game. His lack of ability is on display more in person than on TV. Does Sather watch these games and the games of other teams? This was a no brainer.

    6. Step is struggling. He is always a slow started. Sather can blame him. Perhaps he could shoulder some blame, too. Without the idiotic cap space situation and Richards dumb deal, bringing in wastes like Pullout, perhaps he could have signed Step, a guy who has done EVERYTHING you wanted him to, to the right deal. Instead, he is either psychologically impaired on this team forever or just off to a much slower than should have been start. I can’t blame it all on the kid. He played quite well his first 3. Reward him. Don’t rip his heart out. What doest that show your organization?

  31. Hank was in top form last night. Thankfully, his “thing” cooperated with him so that he could be ready for opening night.

    1) Quit whining about officials.

  32. JT Miller didn’t just abuse any defenseman. He abused one of the best defenseman in the entire League.

  33. If Nash retires and Richards is bought out there’s your cap space to sign the Sedin twins, assuming AV is still coach.

  34. Sedin -Sisters- Twins? Meh. No thanks. The next team they sign with will end up having them until they are *41*

  35. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Tennis, anyone????

    Last night was a back and forth tennis match. Minimal checking, just up and down, nothing accomplished.

    Bring in Rod Laver! Billy Jean King!! No doubt the next move is for a 38 year old ex-player. Let’s cross over to the sport this team plays.

    Who’s serve is it anyway?

  36. Might well be a function of the low-res feed I was forced to watch, but I didn’t really see much of a kick from Galchenyuk and didn’t understand why Joe Mich was so adamant that it would be disallowed.

    As inconsistent as these rulings are, that type (which I also think was less of a kick than Miller’s) seems to be given as a goal more often than not.

    The Kreider penalty might well be one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen though. (Though didn’t Brassard finish the play and still miss?)

  37. The scoreboard is spectacular? Couldn’t see it as half of the blues are blocked by the Chase bridges.

  38. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Buster, according to MSG management, thats YOUR problem. Spend more at the garden and you would see garden vision. (S)

  39. Matty point 5 … I didn’t want to be the first one to say it. Richards’ shot has looked better, and he’s looked better, but his good looking shots aren’t the ones going in.

    Goal 1 (LA): Steal by Stepan, good shot by Nash, rebound to Richards, open net from a tough angle

    Goal 2 (LA): Nash takeaway, Richards 2 on 1 pass off the D’s stick and in

    Goal 3 (SJ): Heavy shot through Callahan’s screen on PP

    Goal 4 (STL): Richards forces turnover, good shot by Brassard, rebound to Richards, open net

    Goal 5 (PHI): Shot from goal line along boards off D

    Goal 3 was legit, 1 and 4 you credit him for being in the right place, 2 and 5 legit flukes (although 2 might be an A without the fluke). Playing better, in the right places (in the offensive zone, atleast), but when Carp says a guy isn’t playing poorly just because he’s not scoring, there’s a flipside.

  40. _Might well be a function of the low-res feed I was forced to watch, but I didn’t really see much of a kick from Galchenyuk and didn’t understand why Joe Mich was so adamant that it would be disallowed._

    It wasn’t a kick, but Miller’s wasn’t either, they both dragged their back feet to intentionally redirect. Maybe there’s some tiny nuance and those two plays are right on either side of allowable, but it sure looked the same to me.

    (And Miller’s non-goal absolutely made last night’s allowed goal seem worse. If this were in April, a few of us remember how similar it was but most shrug it off because, like you said, its almost always a goal unless obvious.)

  41. As Carp would say the Boyle call and the Moore call were pure pansification. The call on Kreider was just stupid. I know they probably lose the game anyway. But those 2 clowns were awful.

    Honestly the Miller non-goal in Philly and the goal last night should have both been allowed. But it has got to be consistent. It was the same thing. Either they are goals or they aren’t. Can’t be YES and NO.

  42. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Mister, point well taken. So, 2 and 5 are good fortune, 3 was right place.
    He may be better than last year. Could you set the bar any lower? He had the worst year a ‘star’ could have. And, he wasn’t hurt!!! He plain sucked.

    All Im saying is…is that the smart way to waste all the front loaded money and $6m a year? What talent scout succumbs to this?

    At $3m a year, I’m all in on him. As an accessory.

  43. Lordy Lordy that was one boring hockey game! If it weren’t the Rangers, I would’ve watched the boring baseball game instead.

    Rangers had their chances, they easily could have tied it. Sucks after such a heart-felt game in Detroit. I’m expecting a loss tonight, but hey, you never know… as long as the officials don’t decide to make up their own rules again. That wasn’t cool.

    Wonder if The Kreider is going to receive a phone call from the Shana-hammer for that vicious hit at the blue line.

  44. On the bright side, they mostly figured out the defensive coverage issues, and Lundqvist looked more like himself. Obviously, they need to figure out scoring at some point. The Isles are leaky on defense too, so tonight would be a good time to start.

    I think Hagelin will help the up-tempo style that AV wants to implement. I’m not expecting him to score a ton of goals, but he’ll help.

  45. Said it last night and agree regarding the two “redirected” goals. To me, the intention was to try to move the puck forward to the stick, rather than kick it in the goal.

  46. Despite the loss, I actually thought last night was their best game all season. They played hard for 60 minutes and won most of the board battles. Kreiders first two shifts set the tone for his game, much more aggressive.

    They need the puck to go in, Budaj stood on his head mind you, but if they play like this continuously eventually things will turn around.

    Oh, and the refs. Brutal.

  47. Stranger Nation on

    Step started slow last year and then played his best with Nash and Hags. he looks slow, but he is playing a man down.

    If you think Richards is a quality top 6 forward in the NHL now, you are living in a Hydroponic Haze.

  48. I really can’t wait to see Hagelin in this system and I assume he can hop right into a top 6 role since he’s been “ready” for so long.

    Excited to see what line he practices on.

    It’s such a new phenomenon (that I don’t like) having our lines stick together throughout the whole game. I guess it was annoying for some people to watch Tort juggle all the time but these stagnant line combos don’t allow for a player to be rewarded for hard work *in* game. It’s a shame.

  49. I think someone’s mentioned it here before, but maybe they should just allow goals off of skates. It takes skill. Is that too Mickey Mouse?

  50. Gravy: I really don’t see why they wouldn’t allow a goal off of a skate when they allow goals off of Anisimov’s back (that he was completely unaware even hit him). The puck can basically go off any part of your body (Even intentionally in some cases) but if it’s your skate, that’s a no no. Doesn’t make much sense.

    But it’s thrilling to watch. And they do have different hand pass rules in different zones. Whatever. The Rangers are just a team that gets killed by those rules because we don’t score enough as it is.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    Finally, this team is a rudderless ship. Torts provided the leadership they sorely lacked. cally is all heart and soul, but he is not a vocal guy. Neither are the D. By default, Richards becomes the default leader on this team. Puleeze!

    Can’t wait to think about what I get to do with all my free time not having to watch this drivel.

  52. Rob in Beantown on

    I said it during the game last night, but I think Boyle played really well. Really effective on the PK and had some good chances in the offensive zone. And the penalty was pansification. If that’s the way Boyle is going to play from here on out I would sign up for that in an instant. I don’t know what people expect otherwise

  53. It’s going to be a long year if we don’t have any goal scorers.

    Hags is back, his speed will be fun to watch, but like Carp said is he the going to score all the goals????

  54. _What talent scout succumbs to this?_

    None, right? You have to imagine that was a combination of a coach rallying for a player and a GM who doesn’t understand or care about cap management simply looking at it as a binary “does he improve our team”.

  55. Gravy – good point. Takes some skill to do that, don’t understand why they won’t allow it – one less thing to review and stop the game over. Its perfectly allowable on the boards, or moving the puck around the rink or controlling a pass, but god forbid you should do something as dangerous as a very minor kicking motion. Also means if you were getting slashed or your stick being held or lifted you could stick out a leg to redirect the puck. More goals scored = happier fans.

  56. What talent scout succumbs to Wade Redden, Scott Gomez and Chris Drury for a combined $20 million/year? There is no talent scouting – this guy has free reign with no accountability.

  57. Scrums in front would get disgusting with some guys falling, a goalie on the ice and some other dudes kicking away.

  58. I’m sure glad Stepan & Brassard are in the top 3 in points – 5pts each. 1 goal total.

    Stoned by the backup Budaj.

    It’s going to be a LONG year.

  59. They don’t allow kicked goals because they don’t want guys kicking sharp blades at the goalies or any player that might be down on the ice. That’s why they aren’t allowed.

    Would be nice if they were, but it’s a safety thing. And if you’ve ever seen someone get sliced with a skate, it’s one of the most disgusting things you’ll ever see.

  60. Tavares, Nielson, Okposo, Bailey, Vanek, & Nelson


    Richie Rich

    Too many guns in town tonight!

    Good Luck Boys!!!

  61. And it’s going to be awesome watching a 3rd line checking speedster playing 1st and 2nd line minutes. The fact that Hagelin is being praised as some savior already shows the problems this team has. I like the kids game, but he’s a 3rd line player.

  62. leetchhalloffame on

    Such little talent without Cally & Nash. This team is on the road to 2013/14 oblivion. So glad I bought tickets to those Yankee Stadium games. They should be 20 points out a playoff spot by then. FIRE SATHER!!!!!!

  63. It’s a race between the Islanders and the Rangers for the 3rd spot in the Lestropolitan Division.

    Must WIN tonight!

    4 point games are huge. Now that we are stuck in a hole we can hardly see out of. If Buffalo wins a game, the Rangers are at the VERY Bottom of league. WOW.

  64. What do the Rangers and the Titanic have in common?

    They are both great til they hit the ice…

  65. Gabby has 5 goals 10 pts in 10 games. Columbus has 6 guys with 3 or more goals.

    We might not even catch Columbus. which is the Rangers JV team……right?

  66. The safety issue makes sense. I don’t think they should allow bicycle kicks, but then you have even more gray areas.

  67. 6 of Gabby’s 10 points also involve either Dubinsky (3-5-8) or Anisimov (4-3-7).

    Speaking of, where’s Lloyd? Dubinsky scored within a month (slash two games) of his prior goal but Lloyd wasn’t here to wear it.

  68. _Trading Gabby
    Firing Torts_

    I think Gaborik could succeed in this system, so I’ll go with him.

    If you had your choice of buying out Richards, or Sather being fire, which one do you choose?

  69. I determine that the Miller disallowed goal was different from the Galchenyuk goal, and I qualify my contention by stating that I had a subpar feed of last evening’s game.

  70. I still do the Nash trade every time, but if I’m going to use the reverse argument for the Gaborik trade…well, there’s no argument Dubinsky and Anisimov production thus far.

  71. It was clear that Gaborik and Torts could no longer work together – he put him on the 4th line last season. As long as Torts was the coach, it had to be made. The biggest mistake was Richards. He was supposed to be the center that would have given us a legit #1 line for the first time in years and obviously, like all of his other free agent signings, was awful and will hamstring us for years.

  72. I still do the Nash deal as well.

    Rangers had 2 – 40 goal scorers. Either one of them could be on the ice, and we have a chance for a goal.

    Not so much now. Nash hurt, Gabby gone. Brassard is no Gaborik.

    Columbus won both TRADES. Their TEAM is better than ours, plus they got the draft picks.

  73. That is just a depressing way to look at the team

    I wish Godzilla really did live down below the ice surface. S/he could take out the Rangers, Mike Woodson and Penn Station in one temper tantrum

  74. I hated the idea of Nash, then I came around, and now I’m back to the initial reasons I hated the idea of the Nash deal. I like the idea of only paying elite dollars to elite (or essential) players and Nash just doesn’t fit for me. He’s an awesome complimentary piece and, if he’s healthy, he’ll probably be a great Lecavalier-esque piece for a good team needing a 3rd piece, but it seems more and more that he just can’t be your best player.

    (Gabby probably can’t be either. And we know Richards can’t. And what our front office badly needs to learn is that its worse to force a guy like that in rather than live without and wait for one.)

  75. Sather’s driving the Bus, and this team has taken so many left turns, it’s half a block away from the abyss.

    (3.terrible situation: a situation of apparently unending awfulness)

  76. They should have made the Nash deal 2 years ago!

    This team wins the Cup, and we are still hung over :)

  77. Mister D is 100% right – there are only a few players you can build around (2 of them or on Pittsburgh). Nash is definitely not one of them (neither is Gaborik).

  78. Would you trade Kreider for a Stanley Cup Finals appearance in ’12?

    Not sure the Rangers beat the Kings that year, but we sure had the team that could have.

  79. Sioux, I’m not convinced they would have won the Cup making the exact same trade two years ago. Even if it was Kreider instead, he scored a few big goals.

  80. I wouldn’t have, Sioux, but I’m like far left in terms of holding onto kids and trying to construct the perfect homegrown (long-term) roster.

  81. Right after the national anthems, there was a shot of the crowd. Almost every “fan” was in a suit. Why so quiet? There you go…

  82. I’m alive if anyone interested. Didn’t post from MSG last night. Tried to jump from bridges but was told by security wait a few more weeks when we are eliminated. My response it’s over now.

    Where is this team going with such little options to score. Again the injuries to Nash and cally are injuries we can’t get over. We don’t have enough. Watching guys like Boyle Pyatt Dorset Moore fast continuously come over the boards you know they have zero chance of scoring. Stepan is lost and brassard can’t be consistent night in and night out. What’s to rely on Richards and Hagelin who lets be honest cant finish just like zuccarello. This team is so offensively challenged its a reflection on sather and I can’t stand anything I see in AV.

    Can we stop on the blog here with we did so many things right. Did hey score did they win. It’s about results and you can’t get them without a goal.

    Can’t wait to drive 10 mins from my house to see this inept team again tonite lose 4-1.

    Maybe I could jump from the rafters at coliseum. It’s a long year it seems and we haven’t had a year like this since the 7 straight losing seasons prior to first lockout in 2004.

    Brand new arena same crap team with very little skill.

    Worse part of being a diehard fan is when your team won’t play meaningful games all year. We’re on our way to a long 2nd half of season.

  83. I think Nash on the ’12 team gets it done.

    Rangers win the cup, after 18 years, would be worth the trade of losing Kreider. Was the road I was going down.

  84. Good morning, Sally!

    FG, if you’re discussing the issue with slowness of the site, it’s been addressed. And I believe fixed. We’ll see tonight.

    Mister, Callahan had a full camp, pretty much.

    Comn and tc, problem? don’t push it.

  85. So my Fighting Sioux team needed PPP points & Goals. The best available players – Neilson top 22, Okposo top 45.

    Who has the top rated Ranger??????

  86. I’d trade everyone for the Cup, but I don’t think Nash would have made a greater impact than Kreider did that year.

  87. That’s Good New Carp!!!!!!

    At least we can all hold hands when we jump off the ledge tonight :)

  88. _Mister, Callahan had a full camp, pretty much._

    Given the lack of games and contact, he had less than Step, no?

    (Either way, the point is guys miss time in camp all the time. Only holdouts get slammed for it.)

  89. I do Gravy!

    But I’m a gambler. I roll the dice on that one.

    Nash scores that one goal that makes the difference.

  90. When Kreider hits the ice, you don’t feel like “Now the Rangers can score”, it’s more like “please don’t make a mistake”.

  91. “Yup. I don’t care if last night’s was allowed and I don’t care if Miller’s was waived off, but that was the same play (same side, same trailing leg reaching back, everything). Both are good or both are bad. Isn’t that the point of the central office?”

    What I find fascinating about these calls is that – correct me if I’m wrong – both were signaled goals on the ice. How was there more evidence to completely overturn Miller’s “kick”? If Miller’s was signaled “no goal” on the ice, different story.

  92. We have snow out here 5 to 6 months out of the year.

    So for fun (as kids) we grab the back of a bumper and “hitch” a ride behind a car, and see how far we can slide.

    That’s what lasts nights game felt like. It was fast & fun, until we fell off and lost.

  93. This team isn’t making the playoffs with whats on the ice the first 10 games.

    Can Hags help tonight?

    How long will Nash be out?

    Can Cally save the team in time, before its to late?

    Will the KRISTO KID get a chance to score a goal on varsity?

  94. Step signed the day before Callahan was cleared for contact. I’m sure he was skating around and stuff on his own too, right? Besides, maybe missing camp was actually a good thing.

  95. And the team isn’t scoring and Callahan got hurt again. I’m saying this is a decisive win for Step.

  96. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I saw the game on NBCSN/Versus/Outdoor/UNAMEIT channel. They did not show any of the pregame festivus. The garden seemed dead quiet (Western Canadian quiet) for long periods of time. $1 Billion, the ice is still crap. The boys generally looked a little better. The Kreider looked engaged and was good away from the puck. Richie looked lost again; is he “back” or were those goals flukes? I think he’s a year older and a year slower. Hank looked shaky early but improved as the game progressed. Zucc has got to go; hated the signing — he can’t finish. Boy we need scoring.

  97. Carp

    Tried to visit you. Saw your head from my seats. They wouldn’t let me get to you. Saw gross as always stuffing his face.

  98. I guess that one (1) goal Nash scored in last year’s playoffs didn’t make that much of a difference S)

  99. All you fans who were rejoicing when Torts was stabbed in the back, I hope you’re enjoying this. Really. In fact, I hope you’re eating it up. Nice and slow. How’s “outta the playoffs” taste, suckas? Will be rooting for Vancouver on Nov. 30.

  100. Firing Torts was a mistake. Trading Gaborik was a mistake. Doing both was an augmented mistake. Sitting on it and whining about it isn’t changing anything. It’s done. Move on.

  101. That’s it!…
    Am I angry by melancholy and apathy, which replaced my enthusiasm and excitement? You bet! But based on even superficial glance on the last threads of this blog (leave alone profound analyses), and considering that going rounds and rounds in infinite negative loop again and again is in fact a very definition of insanity, affecting your mental and cardio health, and with pronounced total absent of Hope, we really have to stop this blog forever, effective immediately and commit collective “eric” to end our miserable hockey existence once and for all.
    What a shameful, pathetic exercise in a wit by laughable bunch of masochists with old, rusted torture’s tools at hands…

  102. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Confirmed: Cam Talbot is the #NYR starter tonight vs. Islanders.

  103. Now,…want to talk about the Rangers, do it like about a Diseased : either Good or Nothing! LOL!

  104. The people around here, like OLGA, who root for other teams (The Blackhawks) make me want to throw up all over them.

    Once the Rangers are eliminated you can root for a team as in, “Hey it would be really cool to see [insert person or team] win the cup. That would be a nice story.” Not like, “Yay Go Blackhawks! Thank God I have allegiance to multiple teams with no connection! (<– OLGA)"

    You get *ONE* woman at a time and you get *ONE* team at a time.

  105. This was a really funny, unintentional back to back …

    Manny: You get ONE woman at a time and you get ONE team at a time.

    cooscoos: College!

  106. I don’t think firing Torts was a mistake but if you were the GM and going to fire him or if you thought the team were starting to tune him out and you might have to fire him soon, you keep Gabby for the next coach to utilise.

    Have watched a couple of ‘lumbus games this season, Dubinsky and AA looked good but I still don’t think he’s worth $4m per and AA does become Casper way too often.

  107. Av is a moron starting talbot. Yes he played well but to throw him into that scene tonite might be overwhelming.

    I’m setting the over/under on isle goals at 3.5 and vanek goals at 1.5

    I take the over.

  108. I still think Torts sealed his fate with a snarly bogart routine with Sather. (the season before, he dissed Dolan publicly) Just a surmise.

  109. I get two teams!

    Fighting Sioux – is the only “show” in this state. No Pro here.

    Rangers – life long.

    I will always pull for the Sioux Boys, it doesn’t mean I have to like their team.

    Nelson will be on the ice tonight against the Rangers. He will probably score!
    Kristo could if he was here……but he’s NOT!

  110. Nothing wrong with starting Talbot tonight – its a busy week, your #1 is coming back from an injury and the game is against a team who have only won 4 from 11 games (and picked up 3 Bettman bonus points)

  111. Did The Doctor say BACK TO BACK!? That’s what the Rangers are doing. You guys should traid me for Cam Talbot.

    *Goalie Controversy*

  112. I’m so sick of OLGA coming in here and updating us about his beloved Blackhawks. I HATE THE BLACKHAWKS. You know who likes the Blackhawks? VINCE VAUGHN. You know whose ( *NO* ) Politics are awful? GUESS!

  113. @AlexRosenPOTP 31s

    “@penguins: Kobasew out 2-3 weeks with lower-body injury. Bennett skated and may return to practice later this week #Pens”

    Aw. Just short of LTIR. *NO* Cap Relief.

  114. so the Islanders are the latest team to be licking their chops.

    three shutouts already? A soccer team scores more goals than these guys.

    gotta grind through it I guess.

  115. Re: Nash on the 2012 team, you forget that Anisimov and Dubinsky were key pieces on that playoff team too and we didn’t have the AHL guys to fill in their spots. Without them, I’m not sure we get to the ECF. It’s not like the Nash trade would’ve been for Kreider straight up.

  116. *GRAVY* BANJ’ing is merely posting on the thread immediately prior to the most recent thread. Pretty simple. BANJ doesn’t always notice that there’s a -New- *FRESH* Post up.

  117. Rob in Beantown on

    I say this every time the point is raised, but I am convinced the team went further in the 2012 playoffs with Kreider and Anisimov than it would have with Nash

  118. I love that Dubinsky and Anisimov are the poster children for the exact two player types half this blog hates. Dubinsky is the solid, necessary player who doesn’t score enough and therefore sucks and Anisimov is the talent that is good but not as good as people think he should be and therefore sucks. Old Boyle and Old MDZ. If you aren’t a star, you suck.

  119. ilb – I agree, need to move on since what is done is done. I just think people are frustrated because if we were to make this many repeated mistakes at work, we’d be fired from our jobs (probably half the amount of mistakes). Sather keeps on truckin’ with his desire to get big name players rather than silverware.

  120. Exactly, MD. Dubinsky was what Boyle is if the WBM existed back then. He was constantly berated, especially when he went through goal scoring dry spells. Except for Sally, who would never say a bad word about a Brandon.

  121. Completely agree Rob. That team was built to play hard nose defensive hockey. Nash isn’t that kind of player and would’ve screwed up the team identity. Which he kind of did in 2013, but that was more so due to the mix up of crap 3rd/4th liners that were brought in.

  122. Mister D – it’s not the blog, it’s the entire Rangers fan base. They think everyone on the ice should be a 50 goal scorer and if they aren’t, then they are useless.

    Gaborik put up 40+ twice but he needed to be traded. Wait until Nash (hopefully) gets healthy and they realize he’s not this 40+ goal lock every year, he’ll be shown the door from the fans too. Doesn’t help that they signed big contracts, but the same thing happens with everyone that plays for this team outside of bright surprises like the 1 year wonder Petr Prucha.

  123. Eddie3X, a few others, (and I) Banjed a few times last season to one thousand, as in 1,000! Guys like us, we had it made. Dose were the days!

  124. Hmmm…nice writeup Carp, but I’m tired of post-mortems…wake me up and out of hibernation when Cally, Hagelin and Nash return and these Blueshirts win a few consecutive games. Officiating was atrocious at times, but that doesn’t stop the better team from winning…it wasn’t as if the Rangers deserved to win. They couldn’t put any pressure on Buddai in the Habs’ end of the ice. I’m going back to bed. See you in January!

  125. What disturbs me most all the crap changes that have come down in “The Bettman Era,” is the fact that probably none of the damage he has perpetrated will be undone when he is finally gone, replaced by, hopefully, a bona fide hockey man.

    Cutting back to one referee would immediately jettison the bottom 50 per cent of these wretched and inconsistent officials we now have to suffer, virtually every game. And of course, the shootout is a monster, of itself, and for the inequity of the league having both 3-point and 2-point game outcomes, which is preposterous and sometimes propells teams into the playoffs who really don’t belong there.

    I am convinced that Bettman was “planted” as a saboteur into the NHL by that disgusting manipulator, David Stern. That the NHL was so naive and hired him, really puts it more on the NHL than any duplicity hatched by Stern, but that Stern is certainly a shady bunko man of the lowest caliber.

    Will the NBA be taking on an NHL man as it’s replacement for Stern? The NBA would not fall prey to that trick, as did the NHL, in a million years.

  126. I wouldn’t say that, Gravy. It can go *much* deeper but we will save those intricacies for another time….

  127. Can I repost those current “no Nash trade” lines? Just for “fun”? Ok, I’m going to …


  128. What The Doctor said @ 1:36

    Jonny: Speak for yourself! Some of us have Tenure (eddie eddie eddie)

  129. What about without Callahan?

    Can FALK please replace Stralman? How many times do I have to watch him get his brain stuck on “Man or Puck?” and then just kind of slide out of the way?

  130. Anyone playing on a line with Richards, even if he is Wayne Gretzky, is condemned to an evening of fighting the boards all over the ice.

  131. If we are replacing Stralman I want Aaron “Show me your Johnson” Johnson. The kid is lighting it up down below. 3 goals, 8 assist, 11pts in 9 games.

    Who has 3 goals that’s playing here??????

  132. Best part of the Game Tonight:
    A) HaGOONalin is back
    B) Nelson playing against the Rangers
    C) Team Fighting Sioux scores ALOT of points
    D) The Hot Dogs on the grill

  133. By that metric Sioux, we should’ve brought up Jason Krog, Alex Giroux, and Corey Locke. We’d be guaranteed 100 points out of each of them every year!

  134. When the Rangers win tonight with the backstopping of Talbot, how long until the booing of Henke happens. Next week? Next month? Next year (when he’s wearing an Islanders jersey)? Never? Only when he retires early to focus on his music and restaurant career with Drury, Avery, and Voros on drums?

  135. We occasionally had as a guest a secret agent in camouflage who crawled through the jungles and stabbed the Ambassador from Pago Pago with a fork!

  136. Restaurant career? I would imagine he’s been cured of that expensive frivolity. Nice, though, to have tax-loss carryforwards.

  137. Is Anyone watching the game in the city? Is anyone interested in watching the game in the city with me? I prefer Warren77 but am FLEXIBLE both physically and emotionally on the location.

    I promise you will get hit on (not by me) if you join me.

  138. Stranger Nation on

    those lines without trade had trouble scoring

    Is Stralman related to Hank? Kissing cousins or something?

    Again, that was a horrible product last night. People payong top dollar for that horror show of a hockey game will be jumping from the ledge/bridge in no time.

  139. More than hoping for three goals, we should see how many three game suspension worthy hits HaGOONlin can dish out.

  140. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Anyone ever wonder why we make other teams backup goalies look like vezina winners or why other teams 4th lines (not last night) usually score on us…??

    It’s because we have no one that plays with malicious intent going to the opponents crease or protecting ours!!!

  141. Falk n’ Johnson are both lefties, I believe, so it would be difficult to take Stralman out. McIlrath is a righty.

  142. Manny I’m thinking my time would be better spent cleaning out the gutters on my house.

  143. Stepan can’t win a face-off to save his life. Last night I noticed why: at almost every faceoff he put his stick on the ice first. Doesn’t he know that at home, it’s the other team that is supposed to put their stick down first? Or, has he been playing on the road for so long that he forgot? How come the coaches didn’t notice this and correct it?

    It’s the little things that become important when they are overlooked.

  144. Hag’s will GOON it up and throw out his duct taped shoulder before the end of the night!

    Get your HOT DOGS READY!

  145. AV’s answer to the recent woes is a team building exercise – guys have to take the LIRR to Hempstead and find their way to the rink without getting shot, mugged or impregnated

  146. Rob in Beantown on

    Remember when we used to rate people’s optimism on a scale of Eric (0) to Sioux (10)? I think the gap has narrowed considerably since then

  147. Stranger Nation on

    Love to see Cam Can get the win tonight.

    How many more penaties does Pullout have in him? Has he drawn a penalty yet?

    Is Fied Zucchini on menu at Warren 77?

    The Kreider has arrived

  148. Sioux-per-NELSON on

    I’m all for our boys beating up on the better team tonight.

    That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nelson gets the game winning goal.

  149. Kreider-Stepan-Callahan

    Imagine if NYR could have added Parise to that lineup? That would have been awesome.

    Also, I’d actually take John Mitchell over D-Moore.

  150. Someone told the team to “shoot the puck” and Stralman is the only one who listened, and the only one who shouldn’t have listened.

  151. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Is the Garden transformed yet? No, not totally. You see there’s this General Manager that needs to be transformed right out the door……………

  152. BTW, Cam looks just like Patrick Roy out there. I mean that in the sense of his stance and his number. Does he play like Roy? Eh, not so much. But when he stands at an opposing shooter, he does. That’s about all they have in common.

  153. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Is it possible that Talbot is starting tonight because Hank’s groin isn’t perfect or was aggravated?

    If not, it is a silly move. Both AV and Talbot have NO idea what awaits them in the Mausoleum. Those fans are sharks with bloody fish in the water. They are circled and smelling blood. The balance of power is shifting in the wrong direction.

  154. Rob in Beantown on

    Katie Strang @KatieStrangESPN
    As @CraigCustance notes in that piece, #NYR have lowest PDO in league with .926. Means they are likely due for some more goals, sucess soon


  155. Tony Hrkac nothing like watching a guy put up 116 points in 48 games in college. Still a record today.

    Favorie Sioux Players:

    Zack Parise
    Johnny Toews
    TJ Oshie

    New Hope for the next three:

    Matt Frattin
    Brock Nelson
    Danny Kristo – Still has a chance to make some noise.

  156. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Eric, I gotta say, I agree with a great percentage of your posts this year. I may be willing to give this a little more time than you are, but this is a non-season.

  157. Stranger Nation on

    Tonight would be the night you would call in the Undertaker or are they saving that ‘trick’ for Thursday night?

  158. “The Scolari brothers! I tried them for murder, gave ’em the chair! You’ve got to do something!”

  159. Matty – I feel your pain.

    That’s why I like to fish!

    I’ve read the book, “How to sleep with the sharks”, and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    So we should be good to go….

  160. We have 10 games to get ALOT of points.

    If not, play the kids, and get on with the future!!!

    The hole is getting pretty deep. If it gets to deep Cally & Nash won’t be able to save it.

  161. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Talbot was well positioned and he made good saves in Detroit. And, as a fan, I hope he will do well.

    I don’t like the decision because if he fails he is exposed. A heated climate like this could be his worst enemy.

    If you want to ‘try’ him, do so with a non-rival.

  162. It does feel like there is blood in the water tonight.

    I can’t imagine what this blog will be like tomorrow if the boys get spanked.

  163. I don’t think anyone is trying anything. Lundqvist is coming off an injury, and games are back-to-back.

  164. In state we are in, it is a waste of time and emotion to try dissect and emphasize separate problems here. The worse and bitter truth is, that Team is in total chaos by design. Their action on the ice reminiscent that of non-sensical(?), chaotic Brownian movement.
    All I know, – Rangers value as a team worth to die for, asymptotically approaches zero abscissa line.

  165. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Great Richards quote on the composition of this team:

    This game …”was pretty much dead, neither team could get much going, there were whistles all over, and we just couldn’t get anything going other than a couple of opportunities. That’s not good enough for us. We have to manufacture chances, we have to work for them, we have to get to the front of the net and sustain some pressure. WITH THE PERSONNEL WE HAVE, WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE,EXCEPT TO PLAY THAT WAY.”


    Talented team, huh, Brad?

  166. Once hockey was called ” the world’s fastest sport”- last night the baseball game had more juice. Saw the “lets look at this replay until we can find a reason to allow the goal” coming a mile away. While Sam and Joe M. were convinced it would be disallowed, I knew the mitigating factor was what country you collect your paycheck in. Guys who made the decision should be forced to explain the difference between that play and the Miller non-goal in Philly- remember both were ruled good goals on the ice- and so the difference can’t be too minor- it had to be irrefutable. Rule should be simple- if it doesn’t go in off your stick, it doesn’t count. (That’s the way it used to be, kiddies.) Back before they dumbed the game down-so it looks like one of our old street hockey half court practices where guys had to “touch up” at the blue line- what’s next putting the nets face down?

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