It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Islanders


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Game 11.fishsticks
Rangers at Islanders.

Right back to the road again. Nine of the first 10. Then it’s a four-game homestand starting on Halloween against the Buffalo Baby Buffaloes.

Carl Hagelin makes his season debut, coming off LTIR after summer shoulder surgery.

Cam Talbot starts in goal after Henrik Lundqvist played the first of the back-to-backs.

Justin Falk and Brandon Mashinter are expected to be prucha’d.

Thomas Vanek makes his Islanders debut.


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  1. Could AV possibly come up with a replacement phrase for the hackneyed “We have to find the back of the net?”

  2. It has nothing to do with the line combos AV has been teeing up game after game or that Pyatt continues to receive major minutes while 6 goal Kristo “learns the defensive side of the game in Hartford”

    It’s Stralman. He stinks.

  3. its the 4 and 7 Islanders vs the 3 and 7 Rangers.
    good to see that Richards, Stepan, and Brassard are all playing center tonight. it balances things, and should give an advantage to whomever may be the 3rd line center.

  4. There are so many ways they can score: find the back of the net, tickle the twine, or hit the old onion bag.

  5. Shouldn’t the NHL schedule the rangers on Halloween?

    I mean just to see what costumes the hockey imposters wear?

    Commit Dolan ,fire Sather and let’s begin anew!

    Maybe we won’t have to wait another 40 years!

  6. Joe M: “Ken Gernander is doing a wonderful job getting the kids ready down at Hartford”

    Sam: “yes joe. he has them learning the Ranger system while they get their first taste of professional hockey”

    So that’s why the don’t score when they get here. They’re adept at the Ranger system when they arrive.

  7. Who’s doing the Anthem in LI? An old Harry Chapin tape that’s fallen into the public domain?

  8. leetchhalloffame on

    Dear God – Please let me wake up one day soon to hear the news that Sather has been fired. Thank you.

  9. One refreshing thing about having to watch the Islanders broadcast is having less discussion about the Islanders throughout the game.

  10. Good to know that Vanek will consider staying and field an offer from the Islander and if the numbers are right (a/k/a highest paid guy in the league) the. He might think about it.

    What an unselfish guy!

  11. LW

    what’s that?
    i have the game on MUTE

    thanks Center Ice package.
    haven’t had a Rangers broadcast team once this year
    (and if they did appear i couldn’t watch)

  12. Good point by Joe. That scoring rush by the snake bitten Stepan totally shows that the NYIslanders goaltending issues are *solved*

  13. Nice to hear the Ref say “gloves off and you’re outta here”

    I love that stuff. The microphones on the ice.

  14. Hey! The Tree that Falls in the Forest and the Wednesday Camel have the same voice. I want veracity with my Camels!

  15. Was about to say, would love a goal out of all this pressure. It’s only a one goal game.

  16. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m at work and dvring the game, has Norris Stralman scored a gat trick already?

  17. Kreider is amazing these last two. If this keeps up I can’t imagine how high everyone’s expectations will go….

  18. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Stralman isn’t the problem, he is a symptom. A roster of vanilla players that don’t excel at anything is doomed to be mediocre. The players that are vanilla should fill a few roster spots, not make up the majority of the roster.

    Our D men are all vanilla and most of our forwards as well!!

  19. This goal totally changed momentum…Fishies without chances, believe now in miracles (like Rangers mistakes)

  20. Just imagine if Boyle actually knew how big he is! Dorsett wouldn’t have to protect him….

  21. I think it was Staal, Papa. Or did Stralman throw it in a bad spot?

    Could see Dorsett-Martin coming since, oh, the schedule came out.

  22. really?!?!?!
    after the 2 trips that
    weren’t called
    during the Rangers
    offensive zone
    earlier in the period?!?!?!?

  23. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I won’t have to wTch the game later tonight when I get home based on the comments, Norris Stralman was the only guy we had playing and the fishies were no match for him

  24. is it me
    or did Rangers
    2nd power play
    revert to
    the other side of the
    ice and doing things
    that weren’t working again and again?

  25. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Norris and Stralman go together like salt and pepper, crimson and clover, Monique and unique, run and coke

  26. Will be fascinating to see if the ratings for The Game 365: Jack Capuano surpass the network records achieved by the highly popular The Game 365: Steve Stirling and The Game 365: Scott Gordon.

  27. Stepan getting the puck (right now) is the equivalent of this team hitting into a double play.

  28. I’ll cross sports with you, Manny: Stepan is refusing to dribble, he’s just holding the ball and passing around the perimeter.

  29. sam “Stepan and Kreider go back and forth with the puck looking for Zuccarello in front”

    What’s wrong with that picture?

  30. i think
    DZ may need to be
    sent down to Hartford
    to get his
    head on straight

    way to go
    to ruin a 3 on 2
    and other bonehead moves

  31. fugging girardi, Talbot standing on his head and girardi standing in front of net like a big dope knocks it in his own net. That pretty much sums up the rangers season so far. This is going to be a very long season. If the rangers are going to stink badly they better be drafting in the top 3.

  32. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Just checked the Islanders’ website. They show Girardi as a +1 on their roster.

  33. We need to score 1/2 a goal in the 3rd to maintain our average of 1.5 goals per game!

    It’s Stralman. He stinks.

  34. Anybody have anything? There isn’t really a good name at the top of the 2014 draft that lends itself to Rhyming.

    The days of “Fail for Nail” are loooong gone…

  35. If Rangers actually announced D. Moore with an upper body injury, it’s a lower body injury.

  36. still not impressed with the islanders, rangers stink, can’t score, terrible in there own zone and yet before Girardi scored it felt like it was a even match. Where’s Vanek, haven’t noticed him getting scoring chances playing with traveras.

  37. Agree, Tommy. The NYIslanders are only getting any “good” chances when the game becomes up and down the ice trading chances scrabble hockey (that’s what I’m calling it because I don’t like it).

  38. I’ve not been told anything about the Rangers players’ families so far. Extremely unprofessional stuff from Rose and Goring.

  39. Richie the Frog. He loves ponds! He hops from lily pad to lily pad. Ribbit, Ribbit says Richie the Frog. I have huge teeth. Frogs don’t have teeth!

  40. I hate back and forth, on the fly, off the rush, good scoring chance, press, forecheck and counter type hockey.

    I prefer the style and action of last nights game any day. (S)

  41. NYR take low quality shots. Understandable, as it comes from desperation. -Great- Good goal scores have patience.

  42. “Wonderful family, Sam, the Tavareses.”

    “Have you met them, Joe?”

    “No, but you can tell.”

  43. Point play seems better.

    Maybe cause the Man Beast The Kreider is planting himself in front?

  44. Welcome to this edition of Match Game P.M.!!!

    I’m Gene Raburn and let’s pull the first card!

    “This Ranger season is absolutely awful”
    (Audience) HOW AWFUL IS IT?
    “This Ranger season is so awful that Glen Sather has been sleeping in his car waiting for a BLANK”


  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    “This Ranger season is so awful that Glen Sather has been sleeping in his car waiting for a Jessiman.

  46. Every time there’s a scrum in front of the net, the cameraman, like a demure schoolgirl, directs our attention elsewhere. Brutal.

  47. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “This Ranger season is so awful that Glen Sather has been sleeping in his car waiting for a lobotomy.

  48. There can’t be another coaching staff that looks more their location than the Islanders coaching staff just “looks Long Island”, right?

  49. Ironically, McD is on the PP because SOMEONE has to be prepared to retreat, and it ain’t gonna be Richie Rich..

  50. Has anyone, playing hockey, been raised to understand that if you go into the corner to play the puck you ARE GOING TO GET HIT. So you have to absorb the hit BEFORE you move the puck! Come on. We have to stop this bull of people turning into hits.

  51. Agreed, Sioux. Watching Boyle point that he’s got the “point” on the Diamond PK and then blocking the puck. Wow. I guess it’s guys like him that allow us to play that system. Still don’t think we have the D to handle it but we haven’t been burned………yet.

  52. I’m on board with that, The Doctor.

    Re: Zucc Boarding call: There is no way to avoid that hit, and if you let the guy just move the puck because “oh no” his back is suddenly in your face, then you are at a huge disadvantage because any guy, with a tiny bit of space, can play the puck unimpeded in one, specific part of the ice. I hate it.

    It’s hockey, Dangerous and Stupid are the first two elements of the sport!

  53. _Would you say Berube “looks Philly”, Mister D?_

    Put him in a Duce Staley jersey and I’ll let you know. Probably.

  54. Mister D, not a big MDZ hater, but that was just a pass off the boards. Well-executed, but still just a pass off the boards.

  55. NYR still clear the puck unnecessarily. Bole had time there, could have left the puck for the nearby Blueshirt instead of throwing it into the bench. I noticed MDZ do something similar before as well.

  56. Dorsett should have played the puck to the Blueshirt there to create a 2-on-1, but he too unnecessarily dumped in. What’s with that? Pouliot just did it too! WTB!

  57. _I haven’t even noticed Bole once this game, Latona._

    Nor I. And I have noticed Vanek and Tavares all that much either. Would love to see if that’s coincidence.

  58. Probably because they put Vanek and Tavares on the same line and I told them, repeatedly, that it was a HORRIBLE idea to put TWO playmakers on the same line. They end up negating each other.

  59. >>…Vanek and Tavares all that much either.

    I keep hearing how great Tavares is, but I’ve yet to see anything special from him.

  60. Richards should have gotten down on all fours and kicked out with his rear -hooves- feet like a Horse would.

  61. Ok, so, where is this islander team that’s on the rise and is going to be this power house. Vanek was a ghost tonight, meanwhile Moulson scored 2 goals last night for a bad buffalo team. Still think that trade made no sense. Unless the islanders are going to spend money and be at the max cap like the big boys they won’t be much of anything. Yea, they have traveras, some good young forwards but there blue line and goaltending is weak.

  62. Hags starts it again. Not so sure he had to run Okposo over on his knees.

    Hags is easily in the top 3 players tonight, Poulie gets game winner, with Kreider finishing out the top 3.

  63. Hags could save this team.

    He makes people around him better. Nice give and Go with Poilie.

    Kreider hanging out in front of the net. Using his big body, he should hang out there more often.

  64. now lets get the captain back, bench Dom Moore, have Boyle be the 4th center and then we are in business.

  65. The Kreider, made a difference tonight. Big effort, I’m going to be expecting the same from here on out.

  66. I know a lot of guys here are closet Islander fans, but me, I hate them more than ever. beating them anytime is great. I hate those bastards.

  67. CK looked like Kessler in his prime tonight. Good to have hags back. Shows how much he’s meant to this team. Once we get both cally and Nash back we will be much more competitive.

    Damn talbots making a lundqvist trade look good.

  68. I am not all that anxious to get Nash back. let the team roll for a while without him. maybe he gets healthy after the new year. it would be like adding a player at the trade deadline.

  69. Bull Dog, I knew Pyatt would be the answer and tonight is precisely why I don’t think he should be. On the 4th, he’s a really strong player.

    If it’s Miller, I make throw up.

  70. Way to go Blueshirts…it was the Islanders, but they found a way to win, finally! I’m stirring in my cave…familiar nastiness through 2-3. Great game for THE Kreider, Miami, yeah! Cam Talbot was respectable, nice work!

  71. Just caught up. Nice game. The Kreider. PP goals. Calbot. Hags.

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Stralman
    2) MDZ
    3) Pouliot
    4) Richards
    5) Girardi

  72. Bull Dog, I think Pyatt is a familiar face to AV…will be interesting to see if he is AV’s Richards.

  73. That’s who I pick, Bull Dog. Not right now when he’s playing like this, but soon. Probably Pouliot right now if there’s no one I need to give a game off to. Not Miller. He’s earned his top 12 spot.

  74. Asham (Cousin Itt): I coulda been a scorer, but I got typecast early on, so it wasn’t to be.”

    Richie: “I coulda been an enforcer, but I got typecast early on, so it wasn’t to be.”

  75. iDoodie Machetto on

    MZA has been good. So has Pouliot. Pie hat is definitely the worst but if he is AV’s boy, I think Brassard should be next off.

  76. Richards played center tonight Doodie, but I get what you are saying about Brassard. I think as they get healthy you are going to see Brassard emerge. Stepan was good tonight. only the 2nd game this season. if I recall correctly, it took him about 10 games to get going last year.

  77. DelZaster had himself a nice calm game.

    Hagelin’s 17 minutes are important as much as the dont go to Pyatt, Dorsett or Fast.

  78. Kreider is skating with power and speed, finishes checks, goes to the net. They’ll be targeting him more soon. Better skate with that head up, boy!

  79. Coos, The Kreider playing and not thinking. Nice to see. The kid has the size, wheels, and strength to be a legit power forward.

  80. I disagree that Pouliot has been good. He’s been in position to be good often and has come through far less often.

  81. there should not be a goalie controversy. if they are going anywhere Hank needs to be Hank. its nice that Talbot has done a good job, but Hank is where the bread is buttered.

  82. iDoodie Machetto on

    Mister, Pouliot crashes the net hard. I like that a lot. I said earlier in the season that I liked how he attacked the net and that the goals should have followed. Well now he has goals in consecutive games. I like what he’s done.

  83. iDoodie Machetto on

    Just turned on tv and see Anson Carter. I like him so far. He’s already better than Duguay.

  84. Richie at Center ice with Hags and Pullout looked good tonight.

    So did Stepan, Kreider and Zucc.

    Brassard needs better wingers.

  85. duckbillplatypus on

    A NY rangers’ win is always a good excuse to praise the incredible Latona and Carpfather.

    That is all!™

    Le Duck

  86. holy hartnel1!! thank you for no OT Pouliot!!!! Skating in late here….but saw the third…..PHEW!!!!!!!

  87. “I disagree that Pouliot has been good”

    mother hartnell, at this point I’ll take anyone who can score and win….yeeesh!!!

  88. We win we win. 60 percent ranger fans tonite. Back to back nights at games I’m exhausted. Lucky for next game I go is two weeks.

    Type my thoughts Tom. And they wil be somewhat POSITIVE.

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