It’s Go Time! … Canadiens at Rangers


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Game 10.habs
Canadiens at Rangers.

Finally, a home game! After 15 in a row on the road. The renovated arena opens to a team that desperately needs to string together some good performances.

Alain Vigneault, after six preseason and nine regular-season games on the road, makes his home debut as Rangers coach, as the organization unveils the final stage of it’s “transformation” complete with bridges and a new giant scoreboard, etc.

Henrik Lundqvist returns after missing two games with a mysterious injury. He will start in goal.

Ryan Callahan (broken thumb), Rick Nash (concussion) and Carl Hagelin (shoulder surgery) remain out. Hagelin is eligible to come off IR tomorrow at Long Island.

Same lineup as Detroit, which means Justin Falk and Brandon Mashinter are prucha’d.


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGERS LETS gog gog gog og go go gog og og goo!!



  2. Carp, I don’t care what anyone thinks, you look like a cute chubby guy who is somewhat hair challenged!

    Not many people would post their real picture.

    My Mom used to say, “only a Mother could love that face”!

    Maybe a little Danny DeVito resemblance? ;)

  3. MSG claims the ice is better. (brings the total renovated price to 1 billion, five thousand dollars.)

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BETTER ICE!!!!!!


    IVE been screaming for that for years!!!!!

    HAHA Peeps want Sather fired and I wanted good ice…I won!!!!!


    LETS gogo gog og og go gog oogo!!!


  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    LETS GO BOys , lets make some NOISE!!!!!!

    LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO!!!!!!!!!

  7. Scary moment: After dozens and dozens and dozens of interviews, realized that Cousin Itt came across as the most intelligent.

  8. Bad ice has always helped the Rangers, because we are usually the less talented teamAdd Your Comment

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Mrs. Manny thinks he sounds like Napoleon Dynamite


    love it – most of them sound that way, eh?

  10. Trautwig looks like the type that would hit someone crossing the street with his sportscar and keep driving.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    could have spent an extra $10G to transform the wardrobe of Mr. Hot Tub Time Machine meets Studio 54

  12. Mrs. Manny made us Kale on the side of a lovely vegetable soup tonight. I followed up that healthy dinner with a few slices of good ole pizza.

  13. State of the art ice? Seems like the better teams will just pwn us from now on. I want the crappy ice back!

  14. I had a drink at a bar in California that had state of the art ice. It was really cool. It didn’t melt at all.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I just rented the French Channel!!!!!!! How bad is that…LEBEAAAAAA!!!!

  16. The Globe and Mail @globeandmail
    Asian carp have reproduced in Great Lakes watershed, researchers find
    Retweeted by Rangers Report


    Carp is now reproducing in Asia! way to go, Carpy!

  17. Boyle, Pyatt and Dorsett.

    Like to see them follow-up the Detroit game with another hard forechecking game.

  18. I wonder how many times this season we’ll hear “Fully Transformed Madison Square Garden”.

  19. And by so worried I mean that I wondered whether or not he would be singing when they announced it was time for the national anthems.

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    First face off win at the *transformed* garden too. Memories that will last a lifetime

  21. ugh!
    the first Potvin Sucks

    can’t we move beyond that.
    there’s tradition and then there’s

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Hank, El Zotto and Pullout all within 4 ft of puck with one Had and they almost score –


  23. so Carp
    did you check out the
    Blueseats and see
    if that section
    still smells like urine
    or a fresh clean
    new car smell?

  24. Will there ever be anything more pointless or uncomfortable than an on-bench, head coach interview?

  25. Bad news: we got a penalty.

    Good news: Pyatts in the box, therefore he will not be available for the PK.

  26. I hate the lazy flip by Richards from the point to no one i particular resulting in a turnover.

  27. If this were the Canadiens’ home opener, they would be around 25% through the player introductions by this point.

  28. please Carp
    ask and then ask again
    Richards is on the point
    when history
    shows he makes
    better plays and shots
    around the dots
    rather than at the blueline?

  29. Great period of hockey both in action and the Rangers played well and played the way they have to play under Piss and Vinegar.

  30. Al: “What kind of things did you think about during the first 20 minutes?”
    Girardi: “Uh..”

  31. How often do I have to bring that up, jpg? I mean, Arniel claims to have watched tape of every single PP last season. … so …

  32. Carp
    another possible question
    Why in holy hades is Arniel here?

    whatta putz and a half!!

  33. Arnel is the oddest choice ever. I mean, he and brassard do not get along, a team that didn’t change coaches let him walk.


  34. How about we totally confuse McDonuts by putting Richie out there with him. He’s expected to do everything, play the PK, create offense on the PP, and to get back and stop the inevitable two on ones against.

  35. Funny they don’t show the scene of the parents wincing when the kid breaks the $230 stick from that hockey store commercial.

  36. That Dubi ejection was another example of referee overreacting because a guy stayed down after a hit.

  37. moulson 2 goals so far tonight
    if we would have got him
    he would have been out
    with a knee injury
    by now

  38. When MSG announced a new bridge, I thought they meant Duguay’s dentures.

    When he visits Key West, the banana hammock definitely makes an appearance as the pool boy rubs sun tail oil into his grey chest hair

  39. Anyone think of reminding Sam and Joe that they will have lots of time to talk about the Islanders in tomorrow’s game featuring the Islanders?

  40. Can whoever realizes that Richards is useful down by the half boards
    on the PP be the new PP coah?

  41. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    NO way the human croissant and mousse brain is rooting for the rangers against his beloved Cesspool Canadiens of Monreal.

  42. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Vign-feaux is watching Ratatouille on his iphone on the bench.

  43. Chase couldn’t convince MSG to change its name to Chase Garden. They had to settle for a bridge, the Chase Bridge.

  44. Carp – what slows this sight down so much?

    Too much traffic in front of the screen?????

  45. boyle is no sniper, and he slows down the fast break.

    he is playing well otherwise, using his big body, winning some key face offs. he will carry us close to the top of the mighty Metropppoppopopoplotovich division.

    when he isn’t taking penalties.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Sam has an egg timer in front of him. Every time it runs out he must say, beautifully transformed arena and then flip it over

  47. not even an elbow
    had a sense that they’d score
    on this
    just made way too much sense

  48. I didn’t know Bettman and his cronies came up with a new penalty when playing the canadiens 2:00 minutes for check to the head. What nonsense, NHL is a joke.

  49. A few sloppy plays for sure but this is a tense, good World Series between two teams not intimidated by each other

  50. Really great to have all these inconsequential close ups of nothing. Why even zoom in if you’re going to miss all the action!?

  51. so, what, canadiens can go for the head but if rangers do it’s a penalty. These refs are probably canadiens from montreal. NHL the mickey mouse corrupt league.

  52. Maybe one of the construction workers buried a Gomez jersey in the cement of the new MSG concourse

  53. This league is so paranoid about getting caught up in an NFL similar concussion suit that it has ordered the officials to turn the game into tiddlywinks.

  54. Pretty sick of the Habs pushing us around. Even when their two tough guys are out and they are the shrimpiest team in the east (after us).

  55. I thought that part of Stepan’s new contract says that he has to start burying those point blank chances that he seems to get so many of

  56. I think Boyle will be a better coach than Wiggy is an interviewer.

    Wiggy, what kind of interview was that?????

  57. leetchhalloffame on

    Looks like NYR will set a modern day record for least goals in season by team. FIRE SATHER!!

  58. In the new MSG, did Carp finally get walls to his office, or is he still using tape on the floor like Les Nesman?

  59. Can i sue budweiser for their false advertising?

    “The world’s most refreshing beer” – clearly, this isn’t true!

  60. Thanks, Olga. You know how much we all care about the Hawks (S) who are completely irrelevant to us until the Stanley Cup Final.

  61. The one thing they left out of that Jamaice commercial is the scared look on tourists’ faces when they think about walking out thru the gate of their resort and into the real part of town

  62. I have heard ‘transformed’ and ‘transformation’ so many dozens of times, everyone either has been obviously ordered to do so or they have all become unimaginative magpies.

  63. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hawks are relevant as soon as the Rangers are out of contention.
    They are almost there…

  64. High school students can’t wait to get away to a college somewhere where they can say “Gimme a Bud.” That’s why the college bars stock 500 cases of this pisswater.

  65. With Nash and calmly we win this game
    If we also had Lou Cheech, Simmons, Crosby and Tavares

  66. all that’s left tonight
    is the upcoming
    empty net goal

  67. Anytime Zuccarello elects to shoot over doing anything else with the puck, you know he made the wrong decision.

  68. it’s going to be a long season. On another note, so much for Moulson needing Traveras, has 2 goals tonight.

  69. Terrible shot selection by Brassard ended the only extended possession we had on that power play.

  70. Someone Call up KRISTO.

    There is NOT one person on the ice that I feel can get us a goal.

    Not one!!!

  71. well
    John Moore
    capped off a horrible horrible

    well, Carp
    you get to wee on the Nash trade once more

  72. well, so much for torts system being boring hockey. It wasn’t the system. It’s the talent on the rangers built by the old has been himself, Sather.

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!

  73. How’s this for an idea – let the officials play and decide the game for themselves and see how many tickets are sold.

  74. Good thing we got rid of the Gabby the Goal scorer.

    Call up Kristo or we may never win a 1 goal game.

  75. Maybe Richards should have bee training last year not CBA negotiating at least they might still be on lockout.

  76. It’s not just the early season record that doesn’t bode well for making the playoffs

    It’s that historivcally, teams just don’t come back from sucking

  77. ThisYearsModel on

    Well that sort of killed the buzz, eh? Makes the whole big blue carpet BS pretty embarrassing. AT least CAPRP had a good seat.

  78. At least the Red Sox are ahead!!!

    See you in the morning boys.

    Carp I have no idea how you are going to spin this game.

    This team is going to get killed by the Islanders tomorrow, if they don’t change something.

  79. seriously.
    it was a Special Night
    did you really really
    think that the Rangers
    would actually win?

    we have such a history of crapping on specials
    i.e. TGO’s last game comes to mind
    as well as making
    backups look like
    that i have no idea
    why i wasted
    several hours of my life
    on this pile

  80. The NHL is really becoming a total joke. The officiating is horrid. Terrible calls in this game and my goodness!!!…. How is that goal allowed?

    I’m finding myself losing interest as there are so many inconsistencies in the game…
    The headshots are pathetic…
    Hey at least the all wear their sweaters out of their hockey pants…sheesh.

  81. No one is getting fired
    It’s like the Yankees – the injuries excuse gives everyone carte Blanche to keep the status quo

  82. Terrible. AV is not doing a good job. This was a cakewalk for the Canadian’s.
    The rangers are extremely predictable, slow, and have no creativity. Zero hockey sense going on.

  83. ThisYearsModel on

    You didn’t really think the Rangers would get the call on a review against a Canadian team, did you?

  84. Whenever you are not accosted by the opposition after a whistle in front of the enemy’s net, you aren’t trying hard enough.

  85. I keep my interest in hockey watching teams that actually know how to play the game. If I was stuck just watching rangers. Yea I would lose interest too.

  86. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Another crappy ending, although I loved how Krieder looked, and Frodo made some good plays.

    Hank shouldn’t have rushed back. He still can’t stop breakaways.

    Remind me what Dorsett is doing in the NHL?

    Gonna be a long damned winter.

  87. Bad enough I had to listen to the French feed of this stinker from a hotel in Montreal, but watching the way this team is imploding is horrible. There is no chemistry with this team at all. Grant it the officiating absolutely sucked but thats been the norm for awhile, and other teams play through it so that’s as lame an excuse as I’ve heard. The good news is we’ll have a good shot at the #1 pick the way things are going, but I hope Hugh Jessiman has no relatives in this years draft…

  88. What is Dorsett doing? What is Richards doing in NHL? I haven’t seen him come out of the corner with a puck in three years. Floats like a dead Seal. And he hinders Kreider, who is finishing checks and playing with zeal.

  89. There was a couple of bad calls both ways I might add, but really it seems so much worse when you can’t generate anything.

  90. Guess different crew was working video room in Toronto tonight…or maybe they called Montreal instead

  91. Seems we have a team of pretty much nice guys, which is sweet for the mothers out there. I want to see some healthy nasty.

  92. Oh, btw. Hank is good friends with Gabby. Do you think it sits well with him that we can’t score now, without he who would’ve surely helped us score???

    Another thing, a true point of how we are a cursed franchise. Imagine if we had a healthy, 100% Gabby with more than 1 shoulder come playoff time 2 years ago. We would’ve at least made it to the cup final. Nevermind if we traded for Nash…we might’ve actually won.

  93. Really just need to end some experiments like Boyle, del zotto, pyatt, pouliot, Richards and put in some young guys. The playing time could be great for development even with mistakes. Though really some of these guys are dead ends.

  94. Don’t think that Gabby being gone doesn’t have something to do with Hank not agreeing to a new contract already. Why not let Boston win the world series already…this is the worst season for NY sports in recent memory.

  95. On a positive note, Kreider is here to stay. Dude could’ve easily had 1g/1a if the post clanged the other way and Stepan figured out how to finish again.

  96. Kreider needs to take just one 81mg nasty pill before each game and he could graduate to become a major force.

  97. Ha…the best is how Chico talks to himself for 3 minutes while Doc, being a true professional, remains silent…

  98. Lats….. Chico….”What an emotionally wrecking of the stomach goal if it counts.”

    That is priceless.

  99. ORR, that’s usually where I go next, but I prefer the one I posted because there’s more Chico whining and visible Fatso anger.

  100. My favorite Chico segment is from Game 5 in 2008 where NYR knocked the Swamp Rats out at the Rock. I was at the game live, but recorded it and watched the next day. Chico was so upset that the NYR fans had flooded the building and that the Rangers were celebrating on the ice.

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