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1) I really would have felt sorry for the Rangers if they had lost this game and had to go home to what is supposed to be a celebration of the renovated arena and all, only to be greeted by an angry home crowd.

2) I also don’t believe, had they lost this game, that all was lost. I know, ultimately it’s a results-driven business, but the Rangers needed to be a lot better, and for a lot of the Rangers to be a lot better, and in this game, win or lose, a lot of them were a lot better, right from the start, too. Ya gtta start playing better before things turn. It’s not accepting a good effort over a win. It’s that it’s a necessary step toward winning. If they play like this they will win their share. This was their best game of the season.New York Rangers v Detroit Red Wings

3) I kinda wish that the three guys who scored hadn’t scored, because I often scold or mock those who simply think “He scored, he’s great; he didn’t score, he stinks.” But I was typing throughout this game about how many players looked as if something had clicked in their heads, and three of those I about whom I was typing scored.

4) So the trip ends 3-6, which is not good by any stretch, with just 15 goals in the nine games, and all with some very, very, very legitimate reasons/excuses … though nobody better use them as such. And, honestly, nobody did. But 3-6 with a win at the end is a lot better than 2-7 with three straight losses. No?

5) Now some good news: 41 of the next 73 games are at home, including nine of the next 12, and then 11 of 12 from Nov. 30 through Dec. 23 (Festivus). Some potentially bad news: Opening nights are difficult at best; and first game back from a long trip is traditionally difficult, at best.

New York Rangers v Detroit Red Wings6) Cam Talbot. The kid was really strong early, especially on those PPs. Jimmy Howard was fairly amazing throughout. Obviously, that’s a huge win for the rookie goalkeep. No. 1 and a Broadway Borsalino to boot. Meanwhile Henrik Lundqvist is pushing for Monday. I wouldn’t rush him, or let him rush himself, back.

7) OK, so this is what I wrote before I knew the result: There were more than a few guys who I saw moving their feet and going to the net and working a forecheck much better in this game, and that includes Mats Zuccarello, Derek Stepan, Derick Brassard and Benoit Pouliot. Seriously, two of those guys drew penalties, one had a brekaway. Zuccarello and Pouliot scored goals and had other chances. (Then Brassard got his second breakaway and scored the GWG, thus avoiding the dreaded Breakaway Contest After the Hockey Game Ends and the Bettman Bonus Point for losing).

8) That said, Zuccarello commited a dumb turnover inside the blue line that led to the 1-0 goal. I don’t fully blame him, though. Got to be a little confusing when the coach wants guys to try to make plays instead of playing safe. Sometimes there are going to be bad decisions. That was one. I think you have to live with it.

9) I liked the way Marc Staal played the resulting 2-on-1. Instead of the typical Rangers D-man snow angel and failure to block the pass, he took away the pass by staying on his feet. That left the puck-carrier to the goalie, and Talbot simply got beaten short-side. Again, it happens. Maybe if Talbot knew Staal would play it that way he wouldn’t have been off the post? Who knows?New York Rangers v Detroit Red Wings

10) Going back to the point about moving feet, how good was the Derek Dorsett-Brian Boyle-Taylor Pyatt line? Tons of chances, loads of forecheck. Pyatt can’t take that penalty, though. Potentially crushing. And on the PPG at the end of the second, Dan Girardi’s got to do a better job moving that guy out of Talbot’s grill.

11) The first Pouliot penalty=Pansification. The Rangers have been good on the PK. which is good news for Pouliot, who seems to prefer the bench in the penalty box.

12) Brad Richards on the point. And I know he’s scored some goals, and to some of you guys that’s all that measures how a player is playing, but geez, the guy has made some dreadful plays at the blue line and in the defensive zone. And especially on the PP. Of course, the Rangers scored their PPG, by Pouliot, with Ryan McDonagh and John Moore on the points.

13) I think you’re gonna like having Detroit in the East. I am.

14) Wow. Under 4:00 left in a 2-2 game, team desperate for a win or a point, and live action is lost to commercials, one of them, ironically, an Optimum ad! Holy shishkebob. Sam Rosen explained it wasn’t the fault of the televising networks; that somebody forgot to turn on the red light that notifies officials that it’s a TV timeout. So play resumed. Then, next stoppage came the TV timeout. And, only one question in Alain Vigneault’s press conference on the post-game? While they’re doing extensive Devils, Islanders, Buffalo yapping? Really?

15) Chris Kreider and J.T. Miller. Both of them looked very comfortable in this game. Miller, like Pyatt and Pouliot, took a bad penalty. But the two kids looked like they belong and added a lot of energy and effective play in both ends. That’s as well as I’ve seen Kreider play, and that includes when he was Boy Wonder during the ’12 playoffs. Wonder if they’re both here to stay? Wonder what happens when Carl Hagelin comes back Tuesday and Ryan Callahan comes back in another couple of weeks? Me? I’m giving them a long, long leash and a chance to stay permanently.

*************************************New York Rangers v Detroit Red Wings
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Marc Staal.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Chris Kreider.

 Photos by Leon Halip/Getty Images.

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  1. Good write-up Carp.

    Good game, but great to get the win.

    I think Miller and Kreider have to stay. They make good things happen. Miller is good with puck possession, kind of like Dubi. I think others will get sent down… Mashinter, Moore and Fast are probably more at risk.

    Kreider is starting to play more physical and he could be even more physical. If he turned that part of his game up a couple more notches, he could be scary good.

  2. I agree about Kreider. The size, strength and speed is impressive. If the kid puts it together, he will be a VERY good player in this league for a long time. Likewise JT Miller!

    In Gordie we trust?

  3. Nice write-up Carp. Particularly good points: 2, 7, 11, 12, 15.

    I could almost see the goatee and the tight lipped nodding of the head before “This is part of the process they are going through…Expecially the kids….we just want them to be harder to play against.”

  4. Dorsett had his bet game as a ranger by a long shot.

    Team D was pretty darn good. Wings power players were stifled.

    Was on the fence about going Monday. I am in!

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Glass half empty: this team will play well against skill teams that dont hit or rough them up.

    Glass half full: best jump all season. All four lines contributing

    Net-Net: Fire Sather

  6. Missed the game due to business trip…Carp’s write up and the positive cheer on the blog a nice way to start the day! LGR! Some light at thee end of the tunnel!

  7. Stating the obvious, but this has to be the regular level of performance now, not just three in every nine.

    _If_ that can happen, then adding Lundqvist, Nash, Callahan and Hagelin should still leave them in reasonable shape, assuming the defensive screw-ups and bad goals of the first few games have mostly been left behind.

  8. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Let’s see:



    kreider.miller,callahan,hagelin and you probably only have to sit two of the above 6.

    Not that hard!!

  9. Also stating the obvious, but the flip side is that goals will still be scarce all year, nobody knows when Nash might be back and by the time Hagelin is up to speed, Callahan is in the line-up again and Lundqvist has found his -focus- fitness, they might be 5-11 or something like that.

  10. I agree that Krieder looked good last night, but I wouldn’t count on that every night. Tort’s had good reason to not put his trust in him. He’s way too inconsistent.

  11. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice write up, Carp! Stating the obvious.

    SN- Detroit doesn’t fight much but it doesn’t mean they don’t play physical. To me, the most impressive part last night was that the Rangers won most of the battles they usually lose. And Detroit, with exception of Ericsson, had their full line up and played well. Their goaltender made plenty of important saves too. So let’s don’t underestimate that game in general.

    They’ll have a few interesting decisions to make when everyone is healthy. It won’t be easy. While Kreider and Miller should be no-brainer the way they are starting to play, Fast is becoming one of their better penalty killers and defensive players. Surprise to me, I was under the impression that he is more of an offensive player type. And Dorsett showed that he is far from being a goon. He is a hockey player. Along with Boyle a and Kreider, he was their best player last night.
    Pouilot should continue crushing the net, he’ll score more goals similar to the one he did last night.

    Still plenty of defensive lapses, but it’s a great improvement going forward.

  12. Carp – I really want someone to explain to me why Dorset is even playing at this level. I know in the past he has had some good shifts, but I just don’t see the reason to keep him (or Pyatt) on the roster when you have Kreider and Miller. I just don’t – anyone??

  13. Sally!!! Little Hambone says gracias, dat’ ( give me in Russian), and Papa. Anything else I should teach her, or is this plenty?

  14. As much as I’ve ripped on this team this season, they looked much better last night. First period was mostly Detroit, but after that the Rangers went back to board play and took the game over. It’s the way they have to play, low scoring hockey along the boards. When they do that, they can play with most teams.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Chances we win the cup this season, 3%

    That is why you play the kids, inconsistencies and all

    The Kreider is going to the net and playing the body. If he keeps the game simple, he will be wildly successful given the alternatives

  16. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Carpy, nice review!!!

    As I stated during the game, play like this and the fans are ‘in’. Good flow, taking the body, good PK, smart goalie positioning, driving to the net, winning battles.

    Was especially impressed by our new backup goalie (nice coaching there), Kreider (he will have to earn the ‘THE’), Boyle, Miller (despite the dumb penalty). If Dorsett plays smartly, I can take or leave him. Play dumb, get out of here. I feel Pyatt plays a good role on this team. No, he can’t score, but his size on this bunch of midgets is needed.

    These 2 kids must stay. Agreed, no cup this year, let them grow. Kreider had his best game

  17. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I only got to watch the first period closely. Kreider was excellent. So much potential there. So much. Get stronger, smarter, use his size, he’s got everything else. A potential quasi-power forward in the making.

    He looked less tentative and more confident last night than any game since, maybe his first playoff run. If he keeps this up there will be more believers. So great to see!

  18. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    And I don’t even know if he got any assists. Even if he didn’t score (hard to believe, isn’t it) he was really good.

  19. Is Carp permitted to stagger his hot dog consumption courtesy of Eric, or must they be consumed _á la Brodeur_ to count?

  20. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    The happiest person in the WHOLE organization should be 70 year old Sather. If not for that win, we come in with just 2 of 9 wins to opening night, and a very bitter crowd. An early Montreal lead, it could have gotten really ugly.

    Not so sure now, unless the boys get badly outplayed a la San Jose or Ducks.

    Of course, Montreal’s much stronger overall talent and skill level will be on display for everyone to see. Not so sure that’s enough for the ‘Jonny-Come-Lately-Green-Lined-Pockets-Come-To-A-Game-Once-A-Season-Never-Watch-A-Game-On-Tv-Don’t-Know-How-To-Cheer-Give-Me-More-Food’ lower level fans to understand what’s transpired.

  21. The Blogarithm on

    Does anyone else think that Lundqvist manufactured the injury excuse to mitigate his poor performance to start the season? He always manages to escape as the injured party, never to blame. No offense, defensive screw-ups, and injury.


  22. Therealmikeynj on

    I agree carp
    Def sit hank on Monday

    -He SUCKS vs Montreal
    -One more game off won’t kill him and will prob help
    -Gives talbot another start and a sense of belonging on this team

  23. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Against less physical teams we have a shot to win every game, against big physical teams, last nights line up will not get it done.

    Glad they won and like I said yesterday, I see wins against Detroit and Montreal!!!

  24. Coach, because the coach — and most coaches — think completely differently than some fans, you included.

    and boxcar. and others.

  25. No, it’s just you Blogarithm. Suggesting Hank is lying about the injury is ludicrous. I do agree, however, that he always takes on the role of the victim, with his actions never his culpability.

  26. Our #1 goalie should not be kept from facing Montreal. He needs to face his demons now in the ‘regular’ season before the post season and that includes facing them on the road. If he’s healthy, play him, Talbot did his job. Last night they played like there was something a little extra in the water bottles.

  27. I don’t think the Montreal demon should be a factor … but his health absolutely should be. He’s not playing back to backs. So let the kid play the opener and give Lundqvist another day to rest.

  28. Maybe not the Montreal demon, Carp, but what about the other 29 satanic spawns that prance around Henrik’s crease when playing the Canadiens?

  29. That’s a great point, Carp. I didn’t notice it was a back to back. Definitely let Tabby Cat play Monday.

  30. As usual Carp, spot on. I so enjoy reading your articles. All your points were outstanding, but the one that is the most telling was about where the Rangers rank with their TV station – #14. What idiots. They can’t even handle commercials correctly. Probably would never happen with the Knicks!!! LOL

  31. The way it sounds to me, it’ll take handcuffs and general anesthesia to prevent Hank from playing Monday. He wants to play that game.

  32. Let Hank fully rehabilitate his injury, no reason to rush him back. Already has the defensive screw-ups and scarcity of scoring as excuses, don’t give him another one.

  33. Great and insightful review from the blog coach. He sees things that most of us overlook, e.g.: Dorsett, Boyle, Pysie line; young goaltender not yet fully understanding his defensemen’s tendencies in odd man rushes; Richie’s dreadful ‘D’ and power play point deficiencies, despite still having the old pro’s nose for putting pucks on net.

  34. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    How great is it knowing that we have a backup that seemingly can play and possibly improve?

  35. It’s great, Matty. But it’s tempered by the fact that this team will probably lose Hank, getting nothing in return, forget to buyout Richards, Nash will be on LTIR forever and Callahan will immediately break another bone in his first game back.

  36. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I encourage the Boyle haters to record a game like last night’s, then watch every play to see where BB is, how much his effort on the bottom of the scrum, along the boards, on the faceoffs, on the PK, is a help to this team.

    No, he’s not putting points up, but the dirty work he does.

    Glad the guy is here.

  37. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Sell high, trade kreider and mdz NOW!!!

    Send Norris Stralman and the hobbit to the echl!!


  38. As long as the Boyle haters realize that he got a point for an assist they will think he had a productive game. I don’t think those guys care about face off percentage because they are the same crowd that think Boyle should play LW.

  39. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Manny, I recognize those concerns. A few of them are in the hands of the GM, which is scary.

    It may have been with encouragement from others in the organization, but he did trade an expiring contract player like Gaborik for ‘something’, perhaps not the same quality, but ‘something’. If he lets Hank expire and go then he is the biggest moron on earth……(many feel he already is just that).

    The Richards thing….I believe despite the numbers he puts up, a GM of 35 years HAS to see he’s not worth it. Has to. No doubt he is the most stubborn person alive. However, I believe he held onto him to:

    1. prove he could play better than last year (so, fans, this wasn’t such
    a bad signing I made, right?), and

    2. it dilutes he whacky up front bonuses to a lower pay rate per year
    (so I don’t look as bad).

    Going forward (and I know we are dealing with a GM who is just trying to preserve his job), he HAS to cut Richards this year, but at the end of this year, Sather will believe he personally, doesn’t look as bad as he would have.

  40. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    yes, Eric, er…ah…I mean Manny.

    If Sather gets no value for Hank (who should have been signed over the past summer, but of course, like he does with every one, he showed zero concern or love and will stupidly drag this out), then we have the worst calimity in ranger history.

    Either sign him or get value. Don’t just let him run.

    Sather is dumb. He aint that dumb.

  41. Stranger Nation on

    Maybe not the Montreal demon, Carp, but what about the other 29 satanic spawns that prance around Henrik’s crease when playing the Canadiens?
    October 27th, 2013 at 11:30 AM
    It is a spooky time of year. Lets be happy the ghost of recent glory past, Judas Prust, is out with yet another injury so we dont have to hear Tortskiites wax poetic about the time when..

  42. Stranger Nation on

    should we send Staal, cally, and Hank over to BJs to almost finish the roster Freaky Friday moves.

  43. Absolutely solid win. I am not going to start looking in to a mini ticket plan just yet, but I like what I have seen the last two games. Agree with Carp with the fact that Kreider was all over the place tonight. He didn’t score, but he did the things that AV wants him to do and the things that Torts wanted him to do. It will come. He front net presence was definitely the best I’ve seen of him to date. Benoit looked good, and not for nothing, the guy has had some of the teams better scoring chances this year. Nice to see some go in for him. Both his goal, and the assist were pure sticktoitiveness. He wanted to make those plays and nothing was going to stop him from making them. When Hags and Cally come back, to me, the player that has to sit, it Pyatt. He has done absolutely nothing this year to warrant a spot. If you are going to take some penalties that is fine, as long as you are going to contribute in other ways, which he does not. Maybe he is good on the boards, sometimes, but that to me is just not enough. I was having a back and forth with Manny last night, and TR, if you remember him, last night. All in agreement that our bottom six should be filled out with younger players than the likes of Pyatts and Dom Moores. I like both of those guys, and I think they are both great people that have gone through awful things in their lives, but at the end of the day, we’d be be best served with younger,less expensive, and in some cases just as capable players. When Nash, Cally, and Hags are all back and healthy, decisions will need to be made. If the above mentioned players all of a sudden start playing much better than they have, so be it, leave them in. If not, it’s up to management to do the right thing, which they probably won’t.

  44. If Nicks and Big Blue have a large day, Strange, and they think they have an outside chance in their shoddy division, they might keep him. Otherwise, he’s probably gone Monday noon.

  45. ilb, cap question: What has to happen when Hagelin is activated? Do they have to shed some salary in addition to sending somebody down? Can they buy some temporary space by putting Callahan on LTIR?

  46. Carp, according to capgeek they are using only around $680K of his LTIR. But yes, they will have to remove that amount somehow for him to be in the lineup by Tuesday.

  47. They can place either of those players on LTIR retroactively. Callahan for sure seems to be out at least 24 days/10 games. They do not need that much cap space though. Remember, if they keep using LTIR they will not have any cap space accumulated by the end of this season.

  48. AV: “Here’s what I want to do……”

    ilb, Numbers Maven: “You can’t do that.”

    AV: “Oh.”

  49. Lol. Dinners with Eric. I will be sitting with him at the ‘Lumbus game….if he makes it that far

  50. Somebody rang?

    Hello Carp!

    Hello all!

    Very good game last night.
    Happy Talbot picked up the W.

    Hope they can string some wins together soon.

    Although I am all for a 2 year rebuild plan. Seeing Reinhart/Ekblad and then the following draft class has McDavid/Barzal I would love nothing more than to see some of these kids in Ranger blue. More importantly is the salary they would get in the first 5 years (3 yr ELC and 2 yr Bridge). This is something that should have happened in 04 but here we are today.

  51. Suddenly Last Summer, Mrs. Manny lost her fear of Virginia Woolf and headed out To the Lighthouse.

  52. Little late to this party, but there are no Montreal demons at home, it’s on the road. They play the Habs fine at MSG.

    At Bell Center? I believe the last win there was when they were down 4-0 and came back to win 5-4 on a Drury goal assisted by Nigel Dawes. Can’t remember if Henke started or finished that one, but I remember him and Vally both playing.

  53. Cam Talbot made all the clutch saves to allow the Rangers confidence to build during the game. Confidence that is created by a goaltenders in game play is very often overlooked. It’s a huge part of every game Talbot has established that confidence with players Iin front of him I the past 2 games. That’s what was missing prior to Cam Talbot playing.

  54. Mrs. Manny sees Tabby Cat in the Broadway Hat last night and exclaims: “Cam Talbot. You are not ugly!”

  55. Girardi, nice physical game. Especially the play he made behind the net on the game winner.

  56. Great review Carp agree on not rushing Henrik back Pyatt has to be oddman out Kids were great. Loved DCorset. Plays tough need more of that. I’ll be at the game tom nite can t wait

  57. If you’re bored with football, the NHL Network is showing the consolidated version of the Rangers game right now.

  58. Hello sports fans, glad we won last night. Haven’t seen the game yet but want to thank Bonehead Nation for a great go time thread. No tv where I was last night but the blog was like a game cast.

    Everything is just so much better after a win and it was nice to wash that stink of the Philly loss off.

  59. iManny

    Lou Reed’s death

    i was into his music probably starting in 4th or 5th grade
    and due to his albums ending up in the Bargain Bin all the time i was able to pick up one release after another with my saved allowance money.

  60. iManny

    at least the Blueshirts gave Lou a win last night.

    i imagine he was a fan. jpg’s sister and i met him after a show in Cleveland.
    he was signing autographs after the show
    and we had just moved the car from our farway parking space to one closer to the venue. besides, we thought he wasn’t really going to do that and we’re ready to just head home.
    we were able to the FAN scores and heard the Rangers beat the panthers 4-2.
    sis excitedly tells him, “I don’t know if you’d care but the Rangers just beat the Panthers 4 to 2 and now in a playoff spot.”
    he stops what he’s doing and typical dry Lou goes, “What makes you think i wouldn’t care?”
    i was next in line
    after that i barely got out a “nice show” or something boneheaded like that.

  61. just listened to Phish cover Loaded last night…guess I’ll give the original a spin today as a Nod to Lou

    Great game last night, win or lose, looked like a different team.

  62. They practiced the power play? no way.

    McDonagh on the point on the power play? hmmmm.

    I like it.

  63. Stralman and J. Moore should be getting power play time. Pretty sure that Stralman was adequate on the point in the playoffs two seasons ago, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen of J. Moore.

  64. We do have some good d-men. I don’t think putting Brassard or Richards on the point helps at all. I would much rather have a d-man back there.

    Its not like they get all creative and switch positions and skate around like the icecapades.

  65. i also think that Richards and/or Brassard and/or Stepan is really good (yes, I’m complimenting 19) at the half boards or lower, as a passer.

  66. Mrs. Manny is demanding that we watch the Hank crap on MSG tonight in order to enhance our “blogging experience”

  67. So if we ever have a healthy roster will it look like this:

  68. Stranger Nation on

    How does Fran Healy have a job – he goes from C level player to D level media personality. Are there really no other local sports personalities to fit the bill?

    oy vey

  69. What if Mrs. Manny forces you, Carp?

    It’s good to watch it with her because she can identify all the designer crap he’s wearing.

    And they are feeding him garbage ice cream. I found his “injury”. He’s fat.

  70. Just back from the hospital with my little man. Broken clavicle, but he’s tough. Has to stop wresting those bears.

  71. Thanks Manny. He actually fell out of bed last night. In a sling, but it was clean. *NO* dislocation.

  72. Had a couple buddies with broken clavicles as kids, Graves. They came back literally stronger than before. Sad, though, for the little ones to go through it.

  73. Hope he feels better soon, Gravy . . . This interview is so boring, back to listening to Lou Reed

  74. lol, if Mrs. Manny forces me, then I guess I’d watch. Fortunately, she didn’t.

    Sorry to hear, Gravy. Derek Dorsett had that last year.

  75. coos

    weird #1:
    i’m listening to Coney Island Baby
    right now

    weird #2:
    i had been listening to Lou’s Definitive Collection recently in the car and finally put it away last friday.

  76. Carp: Way more, moulsons numbers arent that far off from Vaneks… So is Miller on his way out then too?

  77. Holy tradeola. That’s really interesting.

    I imagine if we were Isles fans we would talk about Tavares losing his best *chemistry* line mate. Does the Tavares line’s production dip without Moulson? Who can step up to fill those skates as a garbage goal genius?

    Will be really interesting to see how Matty Moulson Ice (side note Molson Ice is one of my favorite “cheap” beers) will fare without Tavares and with a bit of responsibility on his shoulders.

    Don’t worry guys. Camel will be in over his head on the Islanders.

    Sabres win by dealing Vanek separately from miller and stocking up on picks.

    That’s my initial gut snap reaction.

  78. What’s the word here on the trade? Snow got fleeced… Two big picks and moulson who is Tavares’ butler. That team needed a goaltender or a couple of d-men and he went and got another scorer… Congratulations

  79. Well.. The Rangers got fairly young ready to play players for always injured soft player… not sure who wins there.

  80. Isles letting there fans and league know when they go to Brooklyn there serious. They would have never done this in past.

  81. Thanks for the well wishes ‘heads

    Manny, maybe Dorsett’s illegitimate father.

    jpg, lmgo @ LTIR. Would be nice to eliminate the forthcoming bills from the cap :)

    And holy cow with the Vanek deal. Moulson probably won’t score many fewer goals, and a 1st to boot. Both UFA at the end of the year, right?

  82. I can’t get over how snow hasn’t gotten a goaltender for that team after the playoffs last year and the start this year… Unbelievable

  83. Snow will get a goaltender at some point. They have the space and kids to give up. Plenty of extra def.

  84. Agree with manny… This is a move you make when you are real close… They aren’t going anywhere with Nabokov no matter how many 40 goal scorers they have

  85. Totally agree, Eric. This is a Brooklyn move. They will never re-sign Vanek at his price.

    Further, this is similar to a package I thought they would get for Vanek AND Miller. Getting it for one player who’s an *albatross* for them. Wow. They’re in business (in a few seasons).

    CCCP – Because Tavares is good enough to have his own line. It’s like the Wings with Datsyuk and Zetterburg. Play together in an emergency desperation situation but Vanek will be their second line rock giving them the depth they desperately need.

  86. Buffalo has done well as sellers for gaustad pominville and vanek.

    Once miller goes he will fetch more.

  87. LongBeard. Since 1994 on

    I’d still like to shave this year, but it’s not looking like I will. BTW: Dubinsky with a big hit on Koivu.

  88. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    How long before Dolan tells sather don’t be out done here, do something in a trade NOW!!!

  89. As I said:

    @KatieStrangESPN: #Isles John Tavares and Matt Moulson both successful in their own right, but duo’s chemistry was undeniable. Two barely ever played apart

  90. Vanek for Molson? Isles win there.

    Add-inn the picks? Depends on the players the buffalos get with those picks.

    Snow got b alls making that trade. (not sure about brains)

  91. LongBeard. Since 1994 on

    Garth Snow can’t come back to the Islanders because he only knows how to play in pads that make him as big as the Michelin Man, and since have been outlawed.

  92. I played “posit” on the first move, my competitor made that “position,” and then I went all “JUXTAPOSITIONAL” on them.

  93. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This deal reminds me of the clowe trade…if the vanek doesn’t re sign with the fishies, horrible deal for them.

  94. Mrs. Manny just triple word scored “Dojo” on my Garbutt. She also Pitlicked me earlier with a triple word score on “Ninja.” What’s her deal!? She’s Puerto Rican. That’s not even close to Asia.

  95. Vanek has home in Minnesota. Heatley money comes off books. His wife is from minny and he’s best friend with pominville.

    Vanek to wild.

  96. Stranger Nation on

    Re Walters – the Pagoda on Palmer across from ‘Murda’ High. You need to get the curly fries and black/white shake.

  97. Stranger Nation on

    the Cardinals are playing a team of ancient mariners or 19th century farmers from the looks of it.

  98. Vanek is a rental, think snow gave up to much, 1 in 2014 and a 2 in 2015. Vanek will not resign with the islanders.

  99. Moulson and Traveras played together all the time and had a special chemistry. Plus the islanders problem isn’t scoring goals, it’s there blue line and Goaltending where they need to improve if they want to make the playoffs. This trade doesn’t make much sense to me.

  100. Tommy

    Isles still have plenty iof time to get goalie or def. have cap space. Lets not act today was deadline. I think this is first of few they make. Who’s to say they don’t get miller later on or another goalie.

  101. Good point, tomg. I think their play on the blue line has been lost in the grey area here. Everyone either loving this deal or saying they should have gotten Miller. But their blue line is atrocious.

    So many teams can score and still can’t win! Toronto, Edmonton,
    Tampa, etc. Balance people. Balance.

  102. Isles gave up a lot for a rental. Vanek will not resign with the isles but like eric said, it’s early, maybe the islanders package vanek and get there goaltender.

  103. The Islanders will never make a long term, expensive move. They will get rentals and attempt to sedate their fanbase as if they are trying to win now. They won’t.

    If they get a goalie it will be a rental or a gamble on a backup like JS Giguere or a goalie from an organization with crazy goalie depth (Anaheim Ducks).

  104. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I agree entirely with Eric. I am a bit surprised Snow didn’t get Miller, too, at the same time. But he likely needs to figure out what to do with Nabokov first. I believe he makes a play for him this or next year.

    Everyone is saying Miller ‘wants’ to go to the west coast. Perhaps. His wife’s family, however, is from NJ. A move to Brooklyn, heck, one of the NY teams, it’s possible.

    Ever since the Lucic hit he has not been the same.

  105. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    TomG, why do you think Vanek won’t re-sign with the Isles? Too expensive?

    I think if Wang is going to make a play his time is before he moves to Brooklyn. If he goes to cap and creates an exciting team, I believe the people will come. it’s yet to be seen what hockey is like there with a sellout. But, if you haven’t been there, it’s easy access, densely populated, and a beautiful place (for a concert, anyway!).

    This is timely. I am not so sure they don’t try to extend for a few years, if he let’s them.

    He’s a terrific offensive player. WIsh we had him.

  106. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    And, agreed, Manny and TomG, their blue line is not so hot. They still have mucho space and prospects.

  107. Matty, when the islanders played at the Barclays in the preseason I read all the post posted by Islander fans and they hated it. The Barclays was designed for Basketball, not hockey. Once the fad where’s off it will be another ghost town. After the trade Vanek’s agent made a statement that Vanek will test the free agency market and will not sign a extension with the islanders. Vanek isn’t going to resign with the islanders. That’s my opinion, will see.

  108. Seriously gross trade by the other NY team. A 1st + a 2nd for a Vanek-over-Moulson upgrade for 70 games? Yuck.

  109. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Huge out for Cards. Is there something wrong with me? I hate ALL Boston teams.

  110. I think Axford forgot which team he was on with that beard.

    What happened to his awesome Rollie Fingers stache?

  111. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    At least Buffalo knows how to break a team apart, get value, start again. We did it half assed.

    Very interesting statement on NHL Radio that rebuilding doesn’t ALWAYS work, your timing has to be good, too. The host was comparing the 1st picks of Pittsburgh and Edmonton. It was timing.

    Buffalo has to hope for some great first rounders this summer. Is there a Crosby or Malkin out there? If there’s a Nugent-Hopkins, they’re in trouble!!!

  112. Red Sox go with their strongest defense in the infield over having better bats in their lineup and they make errors AGAIN.

  113. I feel like even if they were down 1-3 they control the series, Matty. That team is good. They have win a game and beat themselves twice.

  114. I bought a book, ‘Nabokov’s Lolita,” but I’m on page 193 and there’s no hockey whatsoever!”

  115. Will this World Series be over by Christmas? Just brought the snowblower from the shed to the garage.

  116. First time since 1999 MLB’s two best teams have been matched in the former “World Series,” now merely the “Made For TV Revenue”
    frozen tundra escapade.

  117. All this bashing, everywhere I check, of RN-H. Well, the kid is heating up and now has a pile of even-strength primary assists, something our friend in D.C., Ovie, has not registered once, yet this season. yes, Ovie scores goals in bunches and RN-H is not there yet, but they share the ignomy, thus far, of being one-dimensional players, albeit, one hell of one dimension. I really think this kid RN-H is headed for major stardom, just over the horizon.

  118. _First time since 1999 MLB’s two best teams have been matched in the former “World Series,” now merely the “Made For TV Revenue”_

    Yup, and its unsustainable revenue if you look at the ratings trends. Sucks. I remember when I was a kid (which wasn’t crazy long ago), they used to broadcast the announcing of every player as they took the field before the 1st home games and that was always awesome.

  119. Anyone who is/was a Lou Reed fan and able to stream radio, KEXP out of Seattle will likely be playing a lot of his music today. I think they’re on iTunes, if not just use http://www.kexp.org.

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