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1) That’s two good-looking hockey clubs. Twelve goals in eight games for ya boys. Doesn’t matter what they do well or not, how they compete or not, who’s in goal and who’s not. Twelve goals in eight games isn’t getting it done. They should be sending Thank Yous to Jonathan Quick for one of the two wins, too. Wishing they kept that 40-goal scorer yet?New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers

2) Cam Talbot. Hey, the kid did fine in his NHL debut. But to say he was great would not be accurate. Both goals were stoppable, and he had the two post-clangs. He was good. He was better than OK. For a first time out.

3) The Rangers weren’t going anywhere without Derek Stepan and Derick Brassard playing well, even without all the injuries. Both of those guys have to do a lot more. A lot more. I thought Stepan was really good on the PK. But, man, offensively he looks as if his skates are tied together. Doesn’t move his feet. Glides a lot. Brassard was better in this game, but should not be allowed at the power play point.

4) Speaking of which — the forward, or forwards at the point: Brassard cost them a goal. Not sure if it was a bad pass from Brad Richards, who also struggles at the point. I think every one of the Rangers defensemen could be good enough on the point so that they don’t have to use forwards back there. I think Marc Staal and John Moore and Michael Del Zotto and Ryan McDonagh, and yes even Dan Girardi and Anton Stralman, are better back there than a forward. McDonagh and Moore can also transport the puck, and Staal is really good at knowing when to go deep into the offensive zone. And I think that having a good passer like Brassard and/or  Richards at the point means one fewer good passer down low. Which, to me, makes little sense.New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers

5) And speaking of power plays, the Flyers’ is somehow worse than the Rangers’ … but I’d say with some certainty, the Flyers have a lot better personnel on their power play than the Rangers have. A lot.

6) The Braydon Coburn goal was so typical of goals the Rangers have given up this season. Just a fire drill.  Staal with a chance in the middle of the zone to get the puck out. A man in front not cleaned out in front of the goalie. A long shot that should be A) blocked by Richards and B) stopped by the goalkeep. GWG for the worst team in the league.

7) I’ve said this before, Coburn could play on my team any time. The Rangers are so far superior 1-through-6 on defense, but Coburn might be better than all of them. And I thought that the Rangers’ top three, other than the Staal play on the GWG, were better tonight than they’ve been.

8) Fights? What Derek Dorsett did there was what hockey fights should be about … and frankly, if those were the only fights in hockey, not many people would have a problem with fighting. Philly’s resident clown Zac Rinaldo lined up Ryan McDonagh, Dorsett went after him and made him answer the bell. Players policing the game. Fight for a reason. Not staged. Hockey fight. Good stuff. And good job by Brandon Mashinter against the very tough Wayne Simmonds.New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers

9) That first penalty by Brian Boyle=Pansification. Second penalty=Just undisciplined and dumb.

10) Richards gets another “lucky” goal. Why? Because he puts pucks at or toward the net. Just think of that streak he had at the end of last season, where he was piling up points, where had the hat trick in Buffalo, many of the goals not more than good bounces. Now this season he already has a goal that was a pass that went in off defenseman, and that gift bad-angle goal past Perry Mason. Take note, other forwards.

11) Just some little plays sometimes remind me of the John Muckler and Ron Low days, the way they over-pursue and chase the puck. Both of those guys had similar coaching philosophies as Alain Vigneault. But early in the game, a Flyer pulled up inside the blue line. McDonagh chased the puck right to that spot. Why? What is that guy going to do inside the blue line? The result was that Dan Girardi had to hustle back and barely broke up a really good scoring chance down low.

12) That Benoit Pouliot hit on Max Talbot? That’s a very dangerous play, and the second time he’s done that in two games. The first time he got away with it in New Jersey. This one was far worse because he was closer to the wall, and that was the correct call. Pouliot put the Rangers in a bad spot in a tight game. I imagine Brendan Shanahan might be making a withdrawal from Pouliot’s direct deposit.New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers

13) Another correct call was the disallowed J.T. Miller goal. I doubt he intentionally kicked the puck into the net, or could even think quickly enough to do that purposely. But it was a distinct kicking motion. No goal. Simple as that.

14) Thought Chris Kreider, again, was fine. Nothing spectacular. Didn’t look lost, for sure.

15) When was the last time the Rangers played the Flyers and the Flyers’ goalie outplayed the Rangers’ goalie?

16) Friendly Ghosts? Too many to count on offense.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers
1. Dan Girardi.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Brad Richards.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Brad Richards.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Dan Girardi.

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  1. There were some questionable calls I thought. but, Philly deserved that win.

    Kreider is improving . He has a laser shot. It will come.

    Talbot had a pretty good showing for his first game. I wonder if he starts the nest one, HA.

  2. Don’t despair, NBA gets up and running next Tuesday. Cheap brand of BB with the slimey 3-point shot and foul shots, now called “free throws,” galore, slowing the flow, but, hey, only baseball is the perfect game – when they are playing it in the sunshine in the month of June.

    If that monsoon night game in Philly five years ago didn’ teach them anything, just chalk it up to the irresistable temptation of all that network TV money on the table. Exactly why all sports are so trashy, these days – they sold out to the money lenders in the temple.

  3. Hey Glen….get caller ID…and if ya see JDs # on an incoming call…dont answer ya dont replace 40 goals with 3 yoyos! Worried about the cap hit..think again before ya sign centers entering their mediocre years..even if one or two of those tears are stellar! You better buy him out before he gets injured. If Snider thought his team had a poor training camp…..what would he think of our mess? I will say AV has not lost this team….because you cant lose what u never had!

  4. Nice review Carp. Talbot was pretty good, they made the right move in scratching Zucc. Dorsett may not bring a lot to the table but without him, mcD isn’t the only ranger Rinaldo takes a run at.

    Greatest arena in the world is home to the worst team in the league.

    I’m a little worried about your hotdog bet Carp.

    This is how bad my fandom is, I dreamt Cally was in the line up on Saturday playing with an oversized glove, Sam and joe were gushing. In a dream! I may need help.

  5. Also, it sure seemed AV shortened his bench big time in the third. Going to check ice times now.

  6. gregm_oldsection403 on

    I fell asleep half-way through the second period (joking). This team is tough to watch. No flow, no skill, no goal tending.

  7. Pretty sad game. I thought Talbot was ok. Of course he is going to let in a bad goal or 2 in his first NHL game. I would expect that we could score a few goals for him.

  8. Atta boy, Carp! Both fights were actual hockey fights. I’ve said it before: staged fights are what will get fighting banned in hockey. And the two fights last night are necessary fights.

    There are a few Phlyers I would take. Giroux not being one of them.

    There were a few positives offensively last night. Better forecheck (against a horrid D Corps) and some real opportunities created off the cycle. Other than that……ouch.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider looked better as game went on. Not sure who said it, but given lack of scoring, how is top 6 forward in minors?

    Clean out Slats…Grab him!

  10. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    This game proved beyond a doubt that THE Kreider and JT have a place up here and, especially with the team SO bad, but even if they were better, these two need to stay. Period.

  11. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Kreider is a thoroughbred. We rarely have the opportunity to get a great athlete, so young, on this team. Leave him here. With confidence he will improve. Needs good coaching. Does he have it??

  12. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Carp, you speak of “crease clearing by the defense’????????

    Not too sure the GM or coach understands the concept. But I can’t say it any stronger that the mix of ‘great’ younger defensemen is not a mix and it is not in proportion to hockey reality.

    Bring Falk (not that he’s our savior) in, subtract Stralman or MDZ (really looks like he needs a change) and there’s one for now, anyway.

    There’s no one here that can do that job and it’s one part of the puzzle. Beuke’ saying.

  13. you nailed it on Stephan but most of the forwards are not moving thier feet…basically flatfooted after they make every pass. Defense played better but they cannot make or receive a pass. I’m afraid Detroit may not let Rangers touch the puck Saturday. 8 games in now…we’ve seen enough of Puouliot and Fast …bring Kristo up

  14. Nobody positive on this illustrious list.

    Rick Nash 0
    J.T. Miller 0
    Brandon Mashinter 0
    Brian Boyle -1
    Chris Kreider -1
    Justin Falk -1
    Derick Brassard -2
    Derek Dorsett -2
    Darroll Powe -2
    Brad Richards -3
    John Moore -3
    Mats Zuccarello -3
    Benoit Pouliot -3
    Arron Asham -3
    Ryan McDonagh -4
    Anton Stralman -4
    Ryan Callahan -5
    Dominic Moore -5
    Jesper Fast -5
    Michael Del Zotto -6
    Dan Girardi -7
    Taylor Pyatt -7
    Derek Stepan -8
    Marc Staal -9

  15. Well, when you score 12 goals in eight games total, and some of those are on the PP, and the opponents have scored twice as many, most of those at even strength (or short-handed) … not going to have any plus players.

  16. Blue Seat Horror on

    Not sure if this was said, but that game was the type of game Callahan would have had a hat trick in, especially against Philly.

  17. Couple points on the points …

    7. He’s at best our #3 defenseman, probably more like #4. There’s nooooooo way Coburn is better than McDonagh or healthy Staal. Girardi you can give or take. I’d take but whatever.

    11. + 14. Seems like Kreider was doing a lot of the overpursuing you talked about, or he did it a lot per shift. A couple times he looked intent on taking the body whether or not it was the right play or opened something else up for Philadelphia. There’s a difference between finishing and taking yourself out of position and he risks the latter too often.

    12. Just cut him at this point, I don’t care. I’m sure there wasn’t malice, but it was dangerous as hell and if you’re looking to send a message to the vets, here’s your scapegoat. Good to see Talbot wasn’t seriously hurt, he deserved some good karma against the Rangers for the way he backed off Callahan immediately in the stupid fight last year.

  18. I fear things will get worse over the next three weeks with all the upcoming home games. Our boys are going to hear a loud and growing chorus of boos and chants calling for trades and firings. If they think losing on the road feels bad…

  19. And speaking of Coburn, how does he not get 2:00 for roughing for hitting Dorsett post-fight, which makes it like a full minute past the whistle? Dorsett hits Coburn and its a guaranteed minor.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Amazing that Miller is even, not that stat means anything.

    Agree on the Count of Monte Kristo. Couldn’t be worse than Pullout or Fast and may even score, though in pre-season did not show it.

    Reality is if they had Nash, Cally and Hags all season this is a better than .500 team. They can’t score without them.

    Would take Kreider away from Richards and pair him with Brass. Kreider-Brass-Miller

  21. “Wayne Gretzky said Edmonton Oilers coach and general manager Glen Sather wasn’t afraid to take chances on players who’d been “left for dead.” “Guys most teams were willing to sell for scraps, Sather picked up, polished and set back on the ice, where they played their hearts out,” Gretzky said in _Gretsky: An Autobiography_ “

  22. Vibin’ Matty.

    Stralman was at his absolute Norris Worst last night. Chuck Norris would have been better. Stralman is dead weight. Get Falk in the lineup and can we please CALL UP MCLLRATH already?

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Someone said it earlier – Glen Sather is an analog to Al Davis. Their track records in the salary cap era is a disaster

  24. Cross Check Charlie on

    Good write up as always, Carp. I realize they have the excuse of no Nash, Callahan and Hagelin, but they’ve got to generate more offense than that. Mason didn’t exactly need to stand on his head to preserve the win for the Flyers.

  25. I have no idea how he (Coburn) didn’t get a penalty there, The Doctor. Dorsett said something to the Refs which apparently got him a 10:00 Minute Misconduct and then he was jumped by THREE players with Coburn at the head of the pack. How Dorsett was the only guy off is beyond me.

  26. 4. I love Brassard, but that cannot happen. Especially when its a guy making his debut you’re stringing up. I’m sure its hindsight and he kicks that to his stick 9 times out of 10, but you can’t even risk that 1 out of 10 given the situation and the opponent.

  27. I think Dorsett got the automatic 10 for going to the area of the fight. Players are required to remain away from a fight — you know, to prevent brawls and pileups and third-man-ins.

    and I don’t believe there was a single call either way that could be a reasonable excuse for the result of that game.

  28. Agreed, Carp. The only penalty that may have changed the outcome was us going on the PP in the 1st and giving up a goal. Just hate when the calls are made to the player and not the infraction. If Coburn violates the circle or says something that earns him a misconduct, the refs wouldn’t allow Dorsett to come in and rough him up.

  29. Carp

    Coburn has not played anywhere near the expectations he raised when the Phlyers stole him from ATL. So while he would absolutely make the top six on the NYR, he isn’t close to the player McDonough is most nights and is far more inconsistent than either Staal or Girardi.

    Another excellent write-up, though. I thought Brassard was brutal, and MDZ’s inability to keep the puck in on a PP (he didn’t anticipate a pass from the circle that my three-year-old nephew knew was coming) got me out of my chair for all the wrong reasons.

  30. Yeah, Stemmer, those are two of my guys and I thought both were legitimately bad. Not “of course they’re bad, I knew they’d be bad before the game even started!” bad, but really bad on the ice.

    (On the other hand, Boyle played a really strong game.)

  31. I don’t know why I wastes my time watching these no-talent clowns (hint: NYRangers) … what a bunch of classless, clueless mercenaries … a two-bit, dogs-breakfast troupe of jesters that redefines bush-league, amateur-hour play and oozes weaksauce … a “team” that doesn’t belong in the Calle Ocho Beer League, much less the NHL.

  32. Good morning, boneheads!

    Hard to imagine there could be more unfortunate events to strike this team that early, including playing without their 3 top 6 forwards, number one goaltender, new coach, and blah blah blah. What worries me is that only a handful of the remaining players do what they are paid for. Richards is number one, PPG exactly, can’t ask for more. Dorsett number two, unless he takes penalties. Rinaldo was running around trying to hit everyone a few shifts before he lined up McD. Anyone else?

  33. Beyond the fact that he is more boring than popcorn ceiling, AV is clueless to boot. God knows how he lucked out and got to within a game of Stanley. More like he “lucked in”.

    Get on your knees, bring in Messier and at the very least watch him chew out these jesters.

  34. Talbot will be a good back up, it seems. I thought Fast should go to AHL and gain his offensive confidence, I’m not sure now. His defensive game is good for NHL because of his excellent hockey sense, if he could only finish one or two of his chances.

  35. Funny how the same cast of characters are on the WBM (c). Stepan and Brassard have been invisible, as Carp said. And I feel like Brassard is excused by those who were so intent on getting rid of Gaborik.

    But, Boyle sucks.

  36. I also think that Stralman and MDZ (who are somewhat unfairly blasted at every opportunity) were not good in this game. Although, not many were.

  37. Carp, I know Talbot lucked out with some posts, but he also was pretty poised for his first NHL game. At worst, he played as good as any Ranger goalie this year, aside from Hank’s shutout.

  38. This is looking an awful lot like the type of team that got Renney canned.

    Even at theoretical full health does anyone think they’re anything better than bottom half of the playoff pile squad and a first round appetizer for an actual contender?

  39. CTB, I think the three forwards that are out make a big difference because they all have the ability to control the puck and forecheck.

    They’re not as bad defensively as their first few games, and those guys will help the offense. On the bright side, the division stinks.

  40. #12) are you kidding me Carp. Talbot initiated the hit, and got out muscled. And then lost his skates on the way to the boards.
    You sound like Keith Jones and the other clowns on the Philly feed.

  41. I’d be happy even if one of the younger guys did their best Daniel Goneau imitation for a week or two. So far they’re looking more like Christian Dube.

  42. It’s only October. It’s only October. It’s only October. It’s only October. It’s only October. It’s only October.

  43. I agree that having those 3 make a difference and that they saving grace for the Rangers might be that the Metro division is resembling the old Southeast division more than the old Patrick division.

    Realistically you have to question the health of both Nash and Callahan going forward and Hagelin is fine complimentary player and good in the possesion side of the game but a scorer he is not.

    This team has neither the top end scoring as Pitt, the depth of Boston let alone the quality of many of the teams out West.

  44. Carp, I don’t normally disagree with you, but I saw nothing wrong with Pouliot’s hit. I think it looked worse than it actually was. It was more of Talbot losing his footing than anything IMO. Plus, Talbot came back to play in the 3rd!

    Also, the disallowed goal, I’m not so sure there was a distinct kicking motion. To me, there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the call on the ice.

    Why can’t these guys get it in their heads to put pucks at the net? You make a good point about Richards. Yeah it was a gift goal, but these things can and do happen when you shoot the Bfuglien puck!

    Could you imagine if Messier was this team’s coach? Would we be calling for his head too?

  45. Like they always say: “You can’t win the Stanley Cup in October, and you really can’t lose the Stanley Cup in October, but you can play terrible and hurt your chances at making the playoffs and get all your fans mad and thinking ‘oh my god is this really what my entire winter is going to be like and seriously how is it possible that my formerly awful mid-major college basketball team is now literally the best team I root for and the GD Red Sox are even in the World Series … just … wow … this is the worst'”. Or something like that.

  46. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, or some of the people none of the time, but if you can please half the people one time, then time is on your side.

    Yes it is.

  47. Yergs, the way I saw it- Pouliot hit on Talbot wasn’t an intentional dirty hit but ended up being a dangerous situation and boarding was the right call. On the other hand, from the angles we were allowed to see, I couldn’t say whether it was a distinct kicking or inadvertent play by Miller. Since the call on the ice was a goal, it should’ve been allowed. That said, Toronto may have different shots to look at.

  48. The way I see it, Tortorella convinced Sather to stop trying to build a team through free agency and start to draft and develop your own players. Than Tortorella put a system in place that fit the type of players that were on the team. There now was some stability in the rangers organization. The system was easy, defense first, play hard on the puck. The rangers were starting to show consistency by reaching the playoffs every year except for one year where they missed out on the last game of the year. All along knowing that sooner or later Sather, who can’t help himself, would go after players in free agency again. Sather finally brings in Richards, trades for Nash, trades Gaborik and than fires Tortorella. Brings in a completely new coach that doesn’t work in the rangers organization and who teaches a completely new system. Talk about stability. I don’t think Slatapuss knows what that means. Sather again since he has been GM changes the make up of the rangers. He must sit in his office with a stogie in his mouth and throw darts on a dart board because that sums up how he runs the rangers. The dark ages are coming back. The rangers are doomed and it is only going to get worse in the future unless Dolan Jr. wakes the fugg up and fires this clown named Sather.

  49. ilb2001, I actually saw a different replay on the news this morning and Miller’s skate motion was clearly moving towards the goalie while making direct contact with the puck. It was the correct call IMO.

  50. Well said Gravy!

    Death in the Sioux family today so I won’t have much time today.

    Games are just games. Don’t forget to spend more time with the people you really care about.

    Yes it makes it easier, when you can “brain wash” them into being Ranger fans with you :)

  51. I don’t understand, save Nash who had a concussion last year and should have been asterisked as potentially unavailable, the management of this club thought would score? Cally? He’s 25 goals at best. Hags? Come on, no way.

    There appears to have been zero thought to goal scoring again this year. Lame.

  52. Oy vey. Clearing the crease. Woulda figured they would make a point of it what with a brand-spanking new goalie in net and all.

  53. Carp I agree that Kristo needs more game in the AHL to adapt to the Pro game vs college. His defense and hockey smarts need time to play out what he has learned in the past. So I’m thinking 30-40 games in similar to Hagelin’s time in the AHL, and he should be ready.

    That said. The Kid can score goals. Now he hasn’t “earned” his stripes YET for the blueshirts, I think he will in time. This team NEEDS him, soon.

    I like Kreider, but I don’t feel he is a scoring threat,yet. Kristo plays a lot like Parise, he has a way of getting greasy goals, just as easy as a snap shot 15′ away. I’m just happy he is lighting it up for the Pack, and is making the best of each opportunity he has. I look forward to a Kristo – Stepan – Kreider line. Maybe they can get each other going, and find some gold medal magic.

  54. It’s no excuse to say it’s early. The Avalanche have already all but clinched a playoff spot with their early play. We have almost lost one. Thank God the division is horrible. That’s what we should be saying.

  55. This team needs to work on their Locker Room music selection. Maybe Del Zotto has slacked off or maybe his Keytar just ran out of batteries. But they need some better tunes to get the energy level up.

  56. There is no one that I despise on the current Rangers’ roster because, as individuals, they are bound to have to their ups and downs. I’ve criticized players (Poti, Redden, Drury, Gomez, Richards, etc.) in the past but I’m talking about this year, specifically. Richards is a case in point, as he seems to have found his game, which I’ve never liked but it is the way he plays. Rather, what I’ve come to despise is the Rangers organization itself; they’ve put together this “group of individuals” while destroying a “team”, something that becomes more apparent from game-to-game. As a fan of a team, it becomes difficult to cheer for something that doesn’t exist. FIRE SATHER!!!

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    I couldn’t sleep last night because I was too busy just about having a panic attack about the realization of how dire things are.

    AV is awful and needs to go. He is completely in over his head and not the right kind of coach that can turn this team around. I would fire him right now. Ironically we had the best coach for this team last season. That coach had a system, instilled a positive winning culture on the team, which was huge, because the current coach hasn’t instilled anything. Well, the team so didn’t want to work hard for him that they complained to management and had the old coach fired. Why should I even root for these guys again?

    Nash’s future looks questionable, and he is about signed through the next lockout. If you were asking me today who do we buyout, Nash or Richards, I’d probably choose Nash and that in itself scary as hell. At least Richards is pretty durable and has shown that he has some game left. For the rest of his career Nash may always be one bad check from a darkened room.

    Lundqvist is a great goaltender and I love the guy, but looking at the team as it is now does it even make sense to keep paying him what he is worth and what he is asking for? I don’t know if it does.

    This team is not tough. They don’t stick up for each other. They are going to get pushed around by every team in the league, lose more games 0-6, and not even fight back even a little. If I’m going to watch the team lose, I at least want to watch them compete hard and be tough as nails in a losing effort. There are some guys in Hartford who can start to address this, and considering it is IMPOSSIBLE for the team to get any worse than it already is, I say we give the kids a shot.

    Sather is still the GM, and even if the team tanks, he’s going to be the one drafting and rebuilding it. That’s the worst part.

    Is there any hope at all?

  58. HockeymanRangers on

    In my book these guys look awful. thier tape to tape pass is awful, there hustle is awful. It reminds me of back in the Tom Renney days. We have so far to go to look like anything good is going to happen????? Go ahead and say it’s only October, WE KNOW how tight the divisions are come playoff time. How many times is there 1 point to make or not make into the playoffs????? I was not expecting this kind of start. AV HAS TO GET THESE GUYS PLAYING FOR HIM OR THE NYR’S SOMETHING.

  59. If this was the knicks, Dolan would be firing the GM and making changes. This is the only time I wish Dolan would get involve with the rangers like he gets totally involved with the Knicks.

  60. If you look just at Miller’s leg/skate its a kicking motion. If you look at the the goal area and play in entirety if Miller has the foot eye coordination speed to kick that puck he could walk amongst alligators. Fact is the Flyers are terrible, we matched up fairly evenly with them.

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    I read some transcripts of Dolan talking about the MSG reconstruction (did you guys hear they renovated MSG?) and it was telling that he only ever talked about the “view of the court” and made little if no reference to anything else

  62. Unwatchable with no vet little skilled forwards. Too many 3rd 4th liners.

    When is the brassard era over. Great trade glen.

    Got a special brown bag for the home opener Monday night.

    Told my old man if I am snoring in my seat in 2nd per let me sleep.

  63. I don’t like forwards at the point, but, here’s the problem. Not ONE of our d-men can shoot accurately, and when you miss the net on the PP the puck gets cleared. Not that our forwards are much better, but at least they are SUPPOSED to be better shooters.

    That game, if we had Cally and Hags playing, we might have won. We had a pretty poor forecheck all game and really it’s been missing in most of the games this season. At least those two guys can forecheck. And with the smaller nets, winning the battles behind the net is crucial.

    I agree with the rest of your points. I thought Talbot was fine and I don’t think that’s why we lost the game. We can’t score. Funny, when looked at the Gabby trade, I hated it. But then I saw Moore skate and Brassard’s passing skills and I said, well maybe they can develop. This year Moore makes too many mistakes to compensate with his skating and Brassard just floats. What happened to these guys?

    Doesn’t it seem that “we need scoring” has been a theme of this team since after the days of Leetch, Mess and Gravey?

  64. Only one guy if knows what it takes to win as a NYR…
    Mess your hired. Let him bring in his own people. Have not seen a NYR team this bad since pre Renney days. Going back to Trotts, Ron Low, etc.

    Time to turn the page.

  65. Sather SUCKS. 13+ years of nothing in New York and 20+ years since he’s accomplished anything of note.

    That’s a VERY VERY long time, especially in professional sports where managers and coaches get fired on a routine basis.

    IMO, there’s no reason to expect or anticipate true success as long as this over-the-hill incompetent man remains in charge.

    How sad. How demoralizing. How embarrassing – for Dolans and for Sather.

    Just retire you incompetent piece of dung!

  66. Righty on!!!! The problem lies in the GM and until that old fart is gone nothing is going to change in ranger land. Instead of “Potvin Sucks” chants the garden faithful should be saying “Fire Sather”.

  67. It all starts at the top. Lost count how many coaches he has hired. Lindy Ruff would have been a better choice for this group, similar style to Torts, not as harsh.

    Sioux – also sorry for your loss.

  68. Carp – Spot on #4

    I would like to see more of John Moore & McDonagh on the Power Play Point.

    Why is it commonsense for us, and so difficult for a coach to see????

  69. Everyone in here is always complaining. Need I remind you of 1994? They won the STANLEY CUP in 1994!! What more do you want?

  70. Sorry for your loss Sioux.

    “I actually thought that being pushed around and not sticking up for each other was not a problem last night.” – ilb, I agree. It was a boring NYR/PHL game, but when things did get heated up, we threw some punches and did the right thing. Goal scoring on the other hand… woof!

    Rob in Beantown… spot on dude. It’s scary. I’m not sure anything will change around here until Sather goes… so maybe another 20 years? 30?

    I don’t understand why New York sports teams are so corrupted by poor management and big money players. Other than the Giants (and MAYBE the Yankees), every NY team is a mish mash of superstars: most old and some in their prime. How come other big markets like Boston, Chicago, and LA don’t have this problem? Why is New York such a tough place to play in?

    As Henry Hill says in Goodfellas: this is the bad time.

  71. Moore and/or McDonuts at PP point has been obvious for oh so many reasons going back to Torts who, for some odd reason, didn’t see that either. I can only guess that the only reason would be overbearing TOI, in that they (especially McD) are imperative plugs at even strength.

  72. Not everyone can be Leetch, but an NHL defenseman should be able to move the puck from point to point and shoot it at the net.

  73. Also, I should clarify: the Yankees ARE a mish mash of superstars (with the exception of a few home grown stars whose names end in either “eter” or “ivera”), but they seem to produce year in and year out (well, except this year).

  74. This site is truly amazing. Beyond the irreverant and sometimes bizarre, but almost always witty, non-hockey theads, there is a continuing stream of posters all bleeding Ranger blue, wearing emotions on their sleeve and for the most part trying to add their objective opinions on how to make this experience (rooting and dying with the Rangers) even better.
    I love, even if i don’t always agree with the current negative flow whether it’s FIRE ‘BERNIE’ SATHER, or the bush-league, amateur-hour character of the current roster.

    My only wish is that people can move on and get over the Gabby trade. He is GONE, never to come back. The revisionist history here is amazing. Our spring last year was MADE by that trade. New life was pumped into the team. Those who want to rue that trade cannot have their cake and it eat too. Does anyone remember when this site was blistering Gabby while singing the praises of Moore and Brassard and the potential of Dorsett
    Let’s go ahead and pick what we received for Gabby apart in this miniscule stretch of time but, please, let Gabby and the Rangers make their own way in the world . . . SEPARATELY.

    and, to keep me sane

  75. There has to be a reason the Coaches don’t make the decisions that seem completely obvious to us, right?

  76. Pimp – Glad to see YOUR BOY get off the donut list!

    Now if the Rangers had an answer for the other 10 players

    The DDL (Duncan Donuts List) Similar to the WBM.

    14 L Taylor Pyatt 8 0 0 0
    28 C Dominic Moore 8 0 0 0
    67 L Benoit Pouliot 8 0 0 0
    5 D Dan Girardi 8 0 0 0
    36 L Mats Zuccarello 7
    4 D Michael Del Zotto 6
    12 R Jesper Fast 6
    10 C J.T. Miller 4
    44 D Justin Falk 3
    40 L Brandon Mashinter 1

    How many games until They all get off the list?


  77. I know this, deep down in my nuggets, it wont’ take Kristo 8 games to score a point!

    Now if we make it the

    Duncan Donut Goal List (DDGL)

    We would have to add


    That is sad beyond believe

  78. Regarding the Torts AV Coach swap. Notwithstanding his treatment of the press and the players, maybe he had this team overachieving for a good part of his tenure. Simply stated the Canucks had talent with no structure. Now they have talent with structure. Whereas the Rangers had structure without talent and now they no structure and no talent. But as Boomer says all the the player are much happier. A puzzlement

  79. I remember, Manny. He didn’t know which way he was supposed to skate. His face had an expression of ” WTB is this round black rubber thing on my stick???”

  80. Cam Talbot’s wife is awesome: @JimCerny 33s RT @kellytrain: My amazing husband @ctalbot33 ! Great game!! pic.twitter.com/jOys4pHhEo

  81. Obviously the squad is not at full strenght, but the guys on the ice right now in the system on the ice right now might be the worst Ranger team in over 35 years

    Even the Mickey Mouse clubs of the really early ’80s made the playoffs. And even in the McSorley years, we never finished last in the league

  82. Could you imagine being Michael Leighton? Being known as the only goalie to ever surrender a goal to John Scott?


    Do you think it’s a coincidence that Hank has a “minor issue”?
    Rangers want to sign Hank, Hank wants to sign here for a good sum. Deals are closing in but the fans would cause a backlash and there would be a significant amount of media attention and scrutiny if Rangers sign Hank while he’s stinking.

    This “minor issue” is the Rangers giving Hank some time to get himself together and then hope that this will be a pivoting point for the Rangers and lead all the fans into thinking that was the answer. Then sign Hank. And back to normal where tour PP still sucks.

  84. Hank is gonna sign to play the outfield for the minor league White Sox while he gets his head and gambling losses together

  85. How many times do I have to tell you guys that Hank is gone? He’s going to Detroit. Rip the band-aid off and get the pain out of the way.

  86. _My only wish is that people can move on and get over the Gabby trade. He is GONE, never to come back. The revisionist history here is amazing. Our spring last year was MADE by that trade. New life was pumped into the team. _

    ulfie, this is kinda why it’s still relevant. People were all hopped up on the immediate results. The true outcome will take at least a year to play out. Right now, it doesn’t look good.

  87. No better way to improve a top NHL team then by trading top players for the worst teams best players!

    Even if this team had Nash, Cally, and Hags healthy, they’d only be slightly better. Possibly barely fight for an 8 seed in the old playoff format, but nowhere near a good hockey team. Luckily, we just need to be top 3 and this division is terrible. Will still be a struggle. At least Buffalo has an excuse, they haven’t spent much money. Rangers are almost at the cap and are still terrible.

  88. It’s funny, Gravy. I remember telling everyone to CALM DOWN about Brassard because the guy never lived up to what was expected of him (and how he IS paid at $3.2M).

    I got hyped on John Moore but I expected him to be playing in a defensive Tort system for more than a few weeks.

  89. There’ll be somebody along in a minute to scoff at your entirely serious comparison of #30 to a multiple MVP and championship winning player, Fat Guy.

  90. Manny, I also didn’t like the trade last year, but was obviously happy with the results. I don’t want to be right about it. Some posters take satisfaction out of being right about those types of things. I want to be completely wrong.

  91. I’d like to remind everyone that I DID call for this “team” to go 0-81-1. So they’ve already exceeded my expectations.

  92. Is there an easy way for me to search through previous posts? I’d like to put together some WBM related statistics, but need to go back and check the ratings.

  93. Also I want them to call up McIlrath just so we can see if he can cut it here or not. No need to keep him around if he can’t cut it here, but if he does, then we’ll have a tough d-man for once.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    I had it Talbot-Girardi-Miller.

    Carp, I thought Talbot (I keep accidentally typing Calbot) was better than you’re giving him credit for. He made some really good saves.

  95. CARP,
    Is there any way to build up stats so see who’s posted the most throughout the years?

    It’d be interesting.

    I’d win “most mentions of bush-league” award.

  96. Also Henke is going to the Islanders once they move to Brooklyn. Keeps his Manhattan apartment, is actually closer to Tiny’s (not that it matters since he’ll keep his place there), and plays on a team that scores more.

    I also want to point out that when the Rangers “had no scoring” two years ago, they were 11th in the league in goals. Last year when Nash was the added and neccessary offense, they were 15th. This year they are on pace to be bottom 5 in scoring (mind you there have been injuries to top 6 guys).

    So they went from being perceived as having scoring problems even though they were just in close defensive battles in the playoffs to being perceived as having scoring power and actually scoring less. The difference between the perception and reality has been quite different.

  97. I’m taking ZERO satisfaction. I just know that from Brassard’s history he can disappear for long stretches and he can get very “lazy” (probably not the right word) when things aren’t going his way.

    Thus, I’m worried about him. I want him to take a pay cut and be a second or third line Center. NOT FIRST.

  98. The Blogarithm on

    Did someone seriously compare Michael Jordan to Henrik Lundqvist? Lundqvist has never had the supporting cast that Jordan always had. Lundqvist is nominated annually for the Vezina trophy, competing for the most difficult trophy to attain in sports, while Jordan played pansy ball. Lundqvist leads a star-studded lifestyle, while Jordan was merely living in a gym practicing jump shots.

  99. It’s really unbelievable that we have some of these stiffs on our team.

    You just KNOW that two years from now we’ll be laughing about Chicken Poullet and saying “Can you believe we had that clown on the squad?!”

  100. “But as Boomer says all the the player are much happier. A puzzlement”

    Yeah, they’re happier. Because being losers and complete pushovers is what they always wanted to be.

    Team full of wussies. Such a pain to watch this pathetic team.

    WAAAAAAAHH Torts yells at me! Change my diaper, please!

  101. Rob in Beantown on

    Above, I incorrectly referred to what happened to Madison Square Garden as a “renovation.” It was, in fact, a *transformation*.

    I apologize for the error.

  102. Gravy: Deciding on the outcome of the Gabbie trade after 1 year is too early, too. Gabbie is a pending UFA – if he goes elsewhere next year, it means the BJs gave up 3 players for a dude who played for them for a year and a month.

    And if they fail to make the POs again this year, his acquisition really becomes moot.

    And who knows – maybe the 6th rounder the Rangers got in that deal will turn out to be a star!!!

    In other words, lots of time left before determining who won or lost….

  103. Johnny D, I hope you were joking about Lundqvist going to the islanders because that’s laughable. There is no way that’s happening. First off Wang doesn’t spend any money and is always at the minimum salary cap, 2nd the islanders aren’t going to do better in Brooklyn because there core fan base is on Long Island and already fans that went to see the islanders play there hated it. Brooklyn will be worse than the Nassau Coliseum when the fad runs out.

  104. Rob in Beantown on

    AV doesn’t even like kids. Seriously he is not the guy to develop these young players into a serviceable NHL team

  105. Structure, since Sather has been GM there hasn’t been any structure. When the rangers finally showed structure the past 5 years Sather blew it up.

  106. Avery is hosting some Charity event in Stamford, CT tomorrow. You think that’s step one to him becoming restaurant partners with Drury?

  107. With the new Barclays deal, they’ll have plenty of money. Brooklyn will be much better than Long Island too because most of the people hated going to the Coliseum since it A) sucked and B) was way out of the way. They need a true goaltender to make a run at the cup and Henke fits that bill.

    That being said, it’s great that Henke is a Vezina contender but as Manny showed, Vezina winners don’t usually win cups in today’s NHL. Only one who has was Thomas.

  108. Also I’m fine with letting Lundqvist go via trade for prospects. Paying him $8M sets this franchise back even further due to the position we’re in. He could go down as one of the best of his generation, but it’s not worth it to pay him $8 mil, Nash $7.8 mil (we’re stuck with that unfortunately), and Richards $6.7 mil (which might be off the books next year).

  109. Stop it guys!

    Sather starts with “S” and so does “savior”.

    The man is here to steer the ship clear into Port Stanley.

    Except, of course, he’s coming in on an Argentinean ship that’s about to get lit up by the British.

  110. Shall we face it, folks? If Miller’s goal stood and Brass tipped one in in OT, many would be saying today that we fought hard, stood up for each other, and, despite missing perhaps our top 4 players (including #30), turned the corner by thrashing Philthy in their own building.

  111. I put together a quick analysis of the average WBM (c) ranking thus far. Still working out some of the kinks, but it seems to be right for the most part:

    Boyle 0.0
    Richards 3.2
    MDZ 3.4
    Pouliot 3.7
    Stralman 3.9
    Dorsett 4.6
    Pyatt 4.6
    MZA 5.0

  112. That didn’t quite show up the way I intended. Surprised Richards is still the leader, but he started off the season at #1 for a few games. Also factored in a “pre-season” ranking.

  113. Brass blamed from every corner for erratic, chitty short pass from Richards when he couldn’t keep the puck in.

  114. Can anyone explain, or justify, why Brassard was playing the point on the power play?

    He’s the very last player I would pick to play the point.

  115. If you miss a home run pass in football, it should be called for green icing and the ball returned to the line of scrimmage and thrown up in the air and whomever recovers it gets the ball.

  116. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I thought the Pouliot call was pansificatipn!!!

    I’d have J Moops on one pp point and mcdonut on the other if you are going to use a fwd back there. At least they have the wheels to get back on D.


    I said it last night, the no news on Nash reminds me of sauer.

  117. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I made the al Davis sather comparison!

    Both always seemed to look for speed/physical attributes not football/hockey IQ or sense.

  118. He plays the point because AV likes to have passers up high to find the winger on the far side with a cross ice pass. It worked with the Sedins because he could put Kesler up top and the opponents had to worry about the Sedin’s at all times. This team doesn’t have that kind of talent so they are going to call the bluff and say “go ahead, make that pass” since they know whoever will get the puck can’t finish.

  119. Doodie, I think the thing you said a couple days ago was good. As for the rest of you, go find it and guess which one it was.

  120. Thought that was about me until I realized we have a Johnny Boy around here, not just a Jonny D.

  121. Anyone notice that Richie is now the Golden Boy on SalmonJoe and can do no wrong? Half a dozen or more blatant giveaways a game and his name is never mentioned in relation to any of them.

  122. As I’ve said before and so many others have, that’s what you get with Richards. He’s never been a defensive player and never will be. You pay him to produce a PPG, which he’s done essentially his whole career outside of 1 half of a season last year.

    I’d rather keep a player of his quality than Nash because he gets you more bang for your buck than Rick does and makes the players around him better when he’s on his game. Only issue is Richards is older so he should be the more obvious buyout option. He won’t win a Selke, but he provides your team with offense.

  123. A healthy Nash is 3X the talent that Richie is. Ask any GM or coach in the NHL which one they would prefer.

  124. Rob in Beantown on

    If Nash is healthy its a no-brainer. But it’s tough to know what’s going on with him right now since we get no information

  125. Rangers front office is like the Kremlin. If Sather was doing 5 years in prison, his secretary would visit him and tell him it was becoming difficult telling inquirers: “He’s away from his desk at the moment.”

  126. Johnny D, I don’t disagree with you about signing Lundqvist to a 8+ mil contract. I agree, I rather they trade him and get as much as they can. it won’t be easy though because Lundqvist will be a rental. I don’t see the islanders paying lundqvist 7+ mil per year, not happening. By the way, does anybody realize that when John Spano was scamming the NHL, Banks, etc. and was the so called owner of the Islanders, made a TV deal with Dolan that pays the islanders somewhere between 15-18 million a year. If it wasn’t for that deal the islanders would have been history.

  127. also again, the core of islander fans are from Long Island, not NY city. Trust me, the Barclays will be a ghost town when the fad wears off.

  128. Stranger Nation on

    Richards played center his whole career as a play maker, not a goal scorer. Now he cannot make plays because he does not have the wheels or fortitude/strength to carry and create. He is scoring goals with amazing puck luck – good for him and us, but we brought him in here to be a #1 center and his inability to do so, in a way, forced us to deal Gabby to get a top 6 center.
    You cannot be a center and both ends unless your last name is Gretzky.
    Enjoy the goals now, while you can.

  129. Blasphemy. Richards is the best center in hockey today … even on the wing.

    I bet the Caps would trade Ovechkin straight up for him right now.

  130. _forced us to deal Gabby to get a top 6 center_

    I’m disappointed in Brassard too, but he’s at least a top 4 center on this team :)

  131. folks, it doesn’t matter anymore what moves the rangers make because sather is still in charge and will be the one making the moves. I’m fed up with his crap. It’s now well over do. FIRE SATHER!!!!!

  132. coos – when speaking about Richards, I saw WAS. He’s not the player he used to be, but in his prime he was a more valuable player than Nash was since he added more overall to the offense. That’s why I said just based on age alone, you ditch Richards and keep Nash.

    tommyG – that’s true, but many of them work in NYC. They take the LIRR to work. With how the LIRR has reworked some of the lines so they can come from Atlantic Ave now, it makes it easier to leave work, head to Barclays, and go home after. It’s actually easier than it would be for them if they were going to The Coliseum.

  133. I actually think Sather should be promoted to head of MSG so he can also overlook Knicks operations.

  134. one thing that needs to changed right away is the center situation.they should have an advantage over most teams by having Stepan, Richards, and Brassard as there top 3 centers. by moving one to the wing, you eliminate that advantage. play Boyle, or Moore on the wing. let the other three play there natural positions.

  135. I agree with you bull dog. But you can’t move Boyle to wing. He’s our best face off guy. He at least has to take the face off and the re-shuffle the lines.

    Once Richards looked like he was back in shape he should have been dumped at first line Center immediately.

  136. I think if everyone come back healthy, and Richards continues to play well, he will be back as 1st line C.

  137. Tomorrow:

    Red Wings 6

    Rangers 1

    Woeful, just woeful this team…I am so low on them right now that I really can’t imagine them scoring anymore than two goals – the ENTIRE season

  138. The sad part of all this is the rangers might actually have a chance at the lottery next year but it won’t matter because Sather is the GM.

  139. One advantage the Rangers have over all other teams is that they are managed by a man who previously won Stanley Cups in the 80s.

    Also, they are coached by a man who loves Swiss fondue and toasted marshmallows.

  140. Stranger Nation on

    Problem is Richards is not a center anymore, cannot play in the D half of ice, cannot create, cannot check, cannot play center which is why he is playing wing.

    He needs to play DH – offense only

  141. I hope the Garden faithful pick up on it and instead of Potvin S@@cks!!! chants they replace it with Fire Sather !!! chants.

  142. The old slate may have been filthy but it was filthy because of time tested battle wounds and comradery. The new slate, also known as the *Clean* or *Fresh* slate, has nothing. Not history, no comradery, no memories. Nothing. You can’t build something from nothing.q

  143. I don’t have facebook. I used to when my nieces and nephews were in college and used it to keep in touch. Than everybody wanted to be my friend and the next thing I knew my personal life was being spread all over cyber space, not to mention the government who scans cyber space was watching and who know who/what else was watching so I deleted my account a few years ago.

  144. Rob in Beantown on

    It would be awesome to hear “FIRE SATHER” chants echoiing throughout the *transformed* MSG

  145. NYR 1st and 2nd round draft picks since 2003

    2003 Entry 12 1 Hugh Jessiman
    2003 Entry 50 2 Ivan Baranka

    2004 Entry 6 1 Al Montoya
    2004 Entry 19 1 Lauri Korpikoski

    2005 Entry 12 1 Marc Staal
    2005 Entry 40 2 Mike Sauer

    2006 Entry 21 1 Bob Sanguinetti
    2006 Entry 54 2 Artem Anisimov

    2007 Entry 17 1 Alexei Cherepanov
    2007 Entry 48 2 Antoine Lafleur

    2008 Entry 20 1 Michael Del Zotto
    2008 Entry 51 2 Derek Stepan

    2009 Entry 19 1 Chris Kreider
    2009 Entry 47 2 Ethan Werek

    2010 Entry 10 1 Dylan McIlrath
    2010 Entry 40 2 Christian Thomas

  146. Matt, my point exactly. If Sather is still the GM it doesn’t matter if the rangers get the first over all pick because you know Sather and Clarke will screw it up. That draft board shows you why the rangers have mediocre talent.

  147. Exactly, we can talk about Gaborik trade (which needed to be done assuming Torts was the coach) or injuries, etc. It doesn’t matter in a slaary cap world – you can’t buy a team. This guy Sather had worse teams when there was NO salary cap.

  148. Before the Cap, Sather once was quoted as saying something like, “If I had the Rangers’ money to spend, I’d win the Cup every year.” true. If I ever find that quote again, I’ll post it for everyone’s grin pleasure.

  149. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    No Rob your wrong according to Lagreca its the “refurbished” garden. LOL

  150. not to mention that tortorella convinced sather of that, not buying players through free agency, draft and develop your own, unfortunately Sather’s drafting still stinks not to mention that Sather has changed the direction many times on the style he wants the rangers to play by hiring coaches with totally different systems.

  151. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Also the Rangers had to go on the road for 3 years to start their season & the “thugs ” get to reopen the “refurbished” arena.

  152. “cooscoos
    Before the Cap, Sather once was quoted as saying something like, “If I had the Rangers’ money to spend, I’d win the Cup every year.” true. If I ever find that quote again, I’ll post it for everyone’s grin pleasure.

    Cooscoos, if you find that quote, do me a favor, print it out and place it in a envelope and send it to sather and write on it “I’m still waiting” 13 years later.

  153. Was there really a reason to sign Zuccarello and Poulliot? Our team (and Hartford) is full of 3rd and 4th liners and what does he do? He signs 2 more of them which hamstrings their ability to sign Stepan who is one of their top 3 important players. There is no plan, no direction – just the Island of Misfit Toys. Knicks and Rangers are the same – square pegs for round holes.

  154. 12) Wrong.
    13) Wrong.

    The hit was very little contact and Talbot fell on his own. If he didn’t hit is face because of his own fault, nothing would have happened. Such a bad call.

    The goal, or disallowed goal, was absolutely not a “distinct kicking motion.” He definitely angled his skate so the puck would bounce off of it and go in, but after the contact with the puck, he moves his leg to get back into skating position and continues on skating. It’s as if people have never skated before. There was no kick, definitely not “distinct kicking”. The puck was already off the skate and headed in as the leg starting moving in that direction.

    Regardless, the team played horribly and shouldn’t have won anyway, so whatever. It was a good goal though and not a bad hit.

  155. Chris C, I agree 100% about the hit and even read the flyers coach and players said the same thing. The flyer coach said exactly what I said last night when it happened. They came together shoulder to shoulder and Talbot lost control and fell down and slid into the boards, even talbot said so himself. Mean while to show you how clueless the nhl is, how many times have I actually seen a dirty hit and either there is no call or it’s only 2 minutes. This is the NHL, the mickey mouse league of pro sports.

  156. Incorrect, Chris. Even the team privately thinks the call on Pouliot was correct. And Miller kicked the puck, probably trying to kick it to his stick.

  157. I would like to find out how many times the words “trade” and “fire” have been used on this blog since January of 2013..

  158. Carp, don’t know what players your talking about but I read today quotes from the flyer players, coach and Talbot himself that it wasn’t a dirty hit.

  159. I didn’t know Laviolette was fired until 645pm last night…Hockey Gods: “welcome to married life”.

  160. Carp, actually it was AV who thought it was shoulder to shoulder which I agree but here is the quotes.

    “The Flyers, according to CSN Philly, didn’t view the play as “malicious” and Talbot said that Pouliot isn’t a dirty player.

    Talbot told Sarah Baicker, “I can’t really skate that well, so I may have stumbled on my feet. I didn’t feel like I got pushed or anything.” He added that he felt he may have tripped before he was even touched by Pouliot.

    Flyers coach Craig Berube described it as a an accident and he said that he doesn’t think that Pouliot did more than give Talbot a bit of a bump while he was already off balance.

    After the game, Alain Vigneault said “I just looked at it quickly after the period. The refs thought it was a 5 minutes, I thought Pouliot was trying to go shoulder to shoulder and Talbot lost his step a little bit and fell awkwardly into the boards. They felt he deserved a major and a 5 minute misconduct.”

  161. looks like Cam Talbot in for tomorrows game against Detriot, Lundqvist still not 100% not that it matters either way, rangers will be 2-7 after playing the Red wings even if Lundqvist were to play against the red wings.

  162. Carp, wasn’t warranted a 5 minute major and a misconduct, no way and it appears AV felt the same way.

  163. Easiest way for timid refs to get someone controversial off the ice is a 10 minute misconduct (for everyone to cool off) or a match penalty.

  164. Gretzky (who listed himself as 6’0, 185, was thought by some scouts to be too small, ) and (for admittedly convoluted reasons) was never drafted.

  165. He would definitely have gone No. 1 overall if there had been no WHA … and there would never have been a merger if not for TGO ending up in Edmonton because of the WHA, and because the Indianapolis Racers being so poorly run, poorly financed, and stupid enough to trade him.

  166. I happen to agree with Carp on both the Pouliot hit, and the Miller kick. it took 3 replays for me to see it, but Miller did kick the puck in. Pouliot’s hit was, as Carp said, dangerous. not suspension worthy, but dangerous.

  167. Stranger Nation on

    That whole play which ended with Miller kicking it in was a microcosm of the season with the dynamic duo of Boyle and Pyatt making bad passes after McD made a play to bring the puck in the zone

    Oh death…where is thy sting?

  168. ‘Though lovers be lost, love shall not;
    And death shall have no dominion.’ Dylan Thomas

  169. Strange, I look and look for something from you to disagree with, and it’s never there. :)

  170. Stranger Nation on

    The bestart about the Pullout hit was that he hit someone, in particular Talbot who can seem to only skate forward and cant turn left.
    Did Fast play last night?

  171. I’ve been busy all day and just getting here to my favorite place was a chore. But now that I’m here, I’m not sure if I should start at the last post and work my way back or start at the first post and work my way forward.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  172. How many goals will Richards need to score before Cooscoos dumps Brassard and asks him out?

  173. For most of the Rangers, that Miller goal would stand. Only a very few of them can skate and kick at the same time and if the people in Toronto don’t know that, they haven’t been paying attention.

  174. I thought for a while that Norm was posting under various pseudonyms, but none of them have even a modicum of his humorous bent. Not even close. Norm is Norm and he often makes me smile.

  175. Stop making fun of my horse, coos — he’s tied for 55th in scoring, best we’ve got.

  176. BTW Carp, as usual excellent review. Especially the Muckler / Lowe similarities.

    Carp, do you agree that this team / organization is in serious trouble?

    Prospect cupboard is relatively filled with at best ‘C’ Level prospects.

    Veteran established forwards, all flawed in one way or another, collectively lack the skill to score “sniper” type goals and the onions to score “gritty” type goals.

    And, whats most concerning to me……after “growing up” in Torts conservative defensive zone system, the Defense and goaltending, which were the staple of our team has looked bad on most nights average on the others. ( last night not so bad, but two posts away from a 4 goal game)

  177. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Thinking ahead to Monday night, it’s the first opening night that I have no interest in going to. That’s 27 years of season tickets.

    Each year the players are announced individually opening night when they come onto the ice. The crowd goes wild.

    Aside from Henrik, does anyone matter?

  178. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Yes, CCCP. MAZ was a healthy scratch.

    Even he didn’t feel any different.

  179. The calls, guys, really? On paper this team is about as good as Hartford. Maybe. No amount of calls will make a difference.

  180. Went to the gam
    1. Talbot looked behind himself all night.
    2. Flyers stink
    3. Rangers stink
    4. Zero atmosphere
    5. Our forwards float, no grit, no extra effort
    6. Hank may have the blue flu……can’t blame him

  181. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Coos, been a long time coming. The franchise will endure. Just gonna take time.

    We have always seemed to have a star player or two that the fans could grasp on to even in really down years. With the uncertainty about Nash’s future, there really is no one other than Henrik.

  182. Dear Ledge:

    No need to inch closer, help is on the way. All that needs to happen is, and I promise you this:

    Stepan gets in shape — give it another month or two.
    Hagelin returns and starts popping in those wrap-arounds once a week.
    Nash gets a dark visor and skates decoy wing.
    I prize Clowe away from the Devils and get his monthly assist.
    I get funding to install a Norden bombsight in Pouliot’s helmet.
    Lundqvist notices the name printed on the back of his jersey.
    Kreider and Miller suddenly develop.
    I shrewdly packages our crappy six D for others’ less-crappy six D.
    Boyle and Pyatt, well… Boyle and Pyatt… uh… they’re big and awesome and…

    I’ll get back to you,


    P.S. Fire me.

  183. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I guess you have to go back to something like 1988 to find a team this crappy for us. Offense was lead by Sandstrom, Granato, Guy LaFleur (very, very old, but an ex-star), Marcel Dionne (again, an over the hill ex-star). Beezer and Richter.

    It really was an empty team, but it STILL had some star power with Leetchie.

    The 2013-14 Rangers are empty.

  184. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Torts: “He, AV, got a question for ya…”

    AV: “Sure, Torts, ask away…”

    Torts: “How’s that offensive system working for you?”

  185. ‘Running on – running on empty
    Running on – running blind
    Running on – running into the sun
    But I’m running behind
    Running into the sun but I’m running behind’

  186. BTW, is this the most quiet, soft-spoken, un-energetic group of professional athletes ever assembled?

  187. We need (in addition to talent) some grit! Many fans underestimate what Dorsett brings, but it’s nowhere near enough.

  188. Man, Manshinter was not what I keep hoping for. He is fine for a 4th line but not great. Slow, not a lot of energy and he was handled by Simmons. Simmons is tough hombre but not a heavy weight. Oh well probably being too harsh, but do I wish they could have him and MZA trade skill sets.

  189. Is Hags a center who was switched to wing in the pros? If yes, maybe he could center Kreider and Fast. Fastest line in the NHL? Wasn’t he a center for Michigan?

  190. Somewhat in defense of Mash, he was being held by a third party early, and while being held, Simmonds had Mash’s helmet strap in a vice grip while he threw with the right.

  191. Stranger Nation on

    Think I will go ‘Olga’ and start following another team so I can watch hockey this season.

  192. Sather has reached out to vinny prospal. God shoot me now.

    By the wat gaborik go ahead goal tonite in 3rd per. In slot finishes something brassard has no clue about.

  193. OH Lordy!!!, Anisimov with a breakaway for a short handed goal but the leafs goalie makes a great save.

  194. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Dylan Thomas, one of my 3 favorite poets! Well done!

    I told u guys when mashinter got called up, he is not a heavyweight fighter. He is a bigger guy but more of a middleweight.

  195. HA!!! HA!! the announcer stated, “the jackets doing well with all these ex-ranger players. OH VEY!!!

  196. announcer raving about how good Dubinsky has become with face offs, shooting the puck, blah!! Blah!! Blah!! Lets go Jackets.

  197. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Watch us beat Detroit and Montreal, two teams we normally don’t, but lose to Philly and NJ lol

  198. Great Review Carp, best so far this year. Especially #4: Someone please find me a positive play the Rangers have had by a forward on the point.

    Re #7 I thought the Rangers big 3 on defense have been, as a whole, not very big so far this year. Makes me wonder if the contracts Staal, Girardi and McDonagh have received in the last years were a result of the previous coach’s style or their play. Girardi and Stall have been All-Stars in the past and McDonagh has played like one before, but no all-stars in that group this year.

    Agree with #8 too. Organic fights like those last night are part of the game and should always be.

    Hockey may reside a tier or two below the NFL, MLB and NBA in national ratings but no one sticks up for their teammate like a hockey player.

    Makes me wonder what a staged fight would be like in those other sports and who would be the participants.

  199. I don’t know why everyone is so scared. This team is going to pull it together. Just wait and see!

    We’ve got snipers like Hagelin coming back.

    Plus we’ll likely have the youngster Prospal in hand before the home opener.

    All I see is a bright ray of sunshine.

  200. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Eric, I can’t imagine how your blood pressure is going to be…say, in December? Please make sure to set up an appointment with your cardiologist soon.

  201. HA!! HA!! Islanders score 3 goals late, beat pukesburg 4-3. Take away the sharp objects from Eric.

  202. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Sniper(s) like Hagelin???? Usually the plural is followed by multiples, too. Is there someone else coming back?

    Just blinded by the depth here. In essence, they have evaluated everything in the system and it’s…uh a little barren. AV has to be thinking he got a little caught up in coming to New York and kind of …..whoops!….forgot to check to see if there were some players here.

    He’ll regret this move for the rest of his career.

  203. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    So, I will continue to disagree with Carp on one thing. I have been saying and continue to say the Islanders are better than we are now and for the near future. Yes, their ‘d’ is quite weak, and they lack depth, and no, their goaltending isn’t as good as ours, but they have a true star and he makes players better.

    I am pretty sure we get swept by the Pens this year and get outscored somewhere north of 2.5-1. And I think the Isles make the playoffs before us.

  204. Matty, I agree on Islanders.

    I laughed when some here said about the Islander forwards they would take Tavares and Martin on the Rangers and no one else.

    Ha Ha! I still laugh at that one. Ha Ha!

    But we’ll take pullout and Prospol.

    HA HA! Again I laugh.

  205. That’s not saying much that the islanders are better than the rangers. Right now, today, the rangers are the worst team in the Metropolitan division. I know people think preseason means nothing but I disagree. When I watched the rangers play in preseason I knew they were in trouble. It’s a good possibility the rangers could end up in last place and selecting in the top 5 in next years draft.

  206. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Tommy, I don’t strongly disagree. Remember, however, they will now have 9 more home games than away for the remainder of the season. Perhaps Nash and Cally come back, Hank gets better, etc., There is the chance they improve some.

  207. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    If they do get a high up first round pick, your friendly GM has a better chance at messing it up than any other in the league. Yet, usually the top 5 are so talked about, even he should know who the better talent is.

  208. I’m sure the rangers will improve somewhat because they can’t be this bad, could they be this bad? but I don’t see them making the playoffs. The way I see it the 2 wildcard teams will come from the Atlantic division.

  209. Tommy, some of us were saying it last year when the Islanders were tearing it up during their stretch run.

    And considering and comparing each teams prospect pool, the gap will widen even further.

    Book It.

  210. I’m not convinced that the islanders are going to turn into this elite team. They will have to spend money to get there and wang hasn’t shown that he is willing to spend money. The islanders do have some good young forwards but there back end is weak and they have no goalie in there system that’s worth a penny. But since the rangers will be regressing, yes, they will be better than the rangers but that’s not saying much.

  211. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Papa, their GM has had YEARS of low first round picks. Years. Considering that, they are a poorly managed team, too. They should be much better.

  212. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    They have plenty of room under the cap. We are pressed. Tale of two teams.

  213. After going through the late 70’s and early 80’s, the thought of the Isles being better than the Rangers is quite sickening to me, even if they aren’t necessarily challenging for a Cup.

  214. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Tavares is one of the most underpaid stars in the league. We have 2, soon to be 3 very overpaid players (Richard, Nash, soon to be Hank).

    DISCLAIMER:I was in favor of the Nash trade.

  215. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Let’s make it clear. The Fishsticks are not close to an elite team. But, they are better than the Rangers.

  216. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    According to CapGeek, the Islanders have $14.9M in cap space. The Rangers have none.

    That’s why we brought in such stars this year as MAZ, D. Moore, and Pullout. We got money but no cap space.

  217. Matty, as you know, I was not in favor of Nash trade and when heard the Gaborik trade I almost ran my car off the LI expressway. But than it appeared the trade helped the rangers turn things around so I dealt with it.

  218. Matty, their GM had a minimal budget from which to operate. He’s also made some shrewd moves to acquire young cast-offs like Molson and Grabner, who I would take on the Rangers over most of their forwards.

  219. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    A smart GM swallows his pride and gets rid of Richards before this season starts. No matter how well he plays, his contract is unworkable with the new CBA. Sather had the perfect excuse to get out of this one like the Redden bust.

    But, we are dealing with a GM with the biggest ego this side of the MIssissippi. So, Richards stays. Do we really need his 5 goals (for those keeping statistics to prove a players worth, keep stats on turnovers) and all the mistakes and giveaways for $6M per? No, we don’t.

    But all of the up front bonus money that the moron paid him makes it so that his salary is much more per year. No way he will give up even if it kills the team.

    The move was to get rid of Richards and create cap space. Just one of his recent moronic moves.

  220. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Right, Tommy. I remember your responses to post. That’s why I noted I WAS in favor of the Nash trade, disgusted by the Gabby trade (but had the same reaction). I am terribly disappointed in the Nash deal.

    But it was losing heart and soul players like Prust (who he COULD have negotiated with had he started early and shown him some love…but this GM NEVER does that), Dubie, and Artie. The loss of Prust also tangentially hurt other players and ripped at the teams heart. I read what Carp says, but I heard that Prust could have been kept here.

  221. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Papa, no doubt the Moulson and Grabner deals were great. Grabner makes mistakes, but his speed is blinding. And Tavares makes them better.

    I would argue those guys are nothing without Tavares.

  222. What is the argument re: Cap space and the difference between the teams? It further proves that Snow did a better job at scouting, drafting, developing players than Sather. Sather overpaid and Snow built through the draft. Sather attempt to build a team through the draft , with money ( FA) and through trades has failed.

    As far as being elite, i would say they are closer to elite the Sathers Boys. A few more pieces in the right places and they might surprise some of the ‘elite’ Eastern Conference clubs.

  223. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I believe AV is the wrong coach at the wrong time. However, we all have to give him a chance to play some home games, tweak his ‘system’, get key players back from injury (hopefully) and re-evaluate. It’s only fair.

    If by game 41 we are still stuck in mud, Houston, we have a problem.

  224. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I guess the point, Papa, is that Snow doesn’t have the pressure to make the playoffs that our team has. He went through some very lean times and missed the playoffs for 2 of the past 8 years. They finished low enough to get multiple serious high picks.

    One could argue that the high picks, accumulated, if done correctly (Pittsburgh, Chicago) can be the building blocks to success. On that scale, he has not been flawless. They are lacking serious depth.

  225. So I guess Pyatt and zuccarello, two zeros, playing with Tavares are suddenly weapons?

    Tavares didn’t teach Grabner how to skate like the wind and he didn’t give Molson the great hands gene.

  226. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Any GM in the big city gets pressured to do whatever he can to make the PO’s. Instead of trying to compile a stash of picks you make the FA moves in the off season or at the trade deadline to push your team over the top.

    The Clowe deal (stupid as it was) doesn’t get done on those Islander teams. It does on our team.

  227. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    No, but he’s the catalyst. He’s a special player. Bring Grabner over here, I believe he flounders like most wings. It’s nice playing with a great player.

  228. I’ve already watched the Islanders go from laughing stock to 4 time Cup champion in a mater of 9 seasons. At the time, no one cared how they did it. We only knew they did and the Rangers didn’t.

  229. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Pyatt and MAZ are two very different players, no? It is possible that MAZ looks better with Tavares. Yes. I’m still not so sure MAZ is an NHL player.

  230. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    And their fans did come out of hiding. I remember it well and fear it happening again. It sure feels like we are two teams going in opposite directions.

    Our first step is to batten down the hatches and give this guy a little time. Then re-evaluate.

    One would hope that IF the Rangers don’t adapt and their construction doesn’t work well for this coach, too, then the nose of the gun has to point at Sather.

  231. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    CCCP, that’s the kind of thing that doesn’t go in the stats but means a lot to a team. His heart is sorely missed, even if he didn’t score for us in his last season.

  232. 3CP, that clip breaks my heart and puts a tear in my eye. It says it all about the fall this team has taken in the less than 60 games over parts of 2 seasons.

    What a shame.

  233. Matty,I can’t give Sather anymore time.

    And as for the players, they are professionals making lots of money. Ther is no excuse for there half arse effort.

    As for AV, didn’t like it from the second O heard he was being considered for an interview. I’m one of the few on record here as having been all in on Messier for Coach once Torts was canned.

  234. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Well, Papa, just how much heart can you rip from a team and expect it to not wilt?

  235. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I’m trying to be nice. You know how I feel about Sather and how long I have been saying it.

    Mess, to me, would have been risky. Looking back, it was the better choice. I will agree and give you credit.

    Just love what a fiery Roy is doing in Colorado. His players just love him. No doubt Mess would be same, that way.

  236. Stranger Nation on

    Nash trade looks very bad when he doesn’t play…

    Last year, he outscored Artie, Dubi, Erixon combined.

    Let’s not hand out any awards in OCTOBER

  237. When an owner provides the GM with unlimited resources ($) and unfettered power to build the team, and when he fails build a consistently successful team, the excuse that the failure was due to our draft picks not being high enough to sustain success is lame.

  238. Stranger Nation on

    SeeDubb – you misunderstood me – I am a Gmen fan, but the result and apathy is the same…

  239. Also 3CP, in your clip of Dubi, when he enters the Penaly Box,it was especially sad to see Sauer sitting next to him.

    I thought that kid was going to be a real stud DMan for years to come. What a shame.

  240. Stranger Nation on

    Papa Bear – the Sauer saga is one of sadness for him and fans. He was rock solid, cut from the Buekaboomer cloth. He and McD, Stall and DanG that is a solid top 4 D

  241. “When an owner provides the GM with unlimited resources ($) and unfettered power to build the team, and when he fails build a consistently successful team, the excuse that the failure was due to our draft picks not being high enough to sustain success is lame.”

    At least give Sather an exception in the ’07 draft.. how was he to know that kid would go and die on us?

  242. I would imagine AV’s between period talk to the boys is slightly less motivating than..Henry’s call to arms……

    ‘ we few, we happy few, we band of brothers…………..”

    In a slightly French Canadien accent…….

  243. Wonder what’s Messier’s inflated fee for showing up and delivering three sentences at the newly decorated MSG and smiling.

  244. Slats struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

  245. Slats to Dolan… We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

    Dolan’s response.. You coming to see the Band tonight, Uncle Glennie?

  246. Slats to Boneheads….How poor are they that not have patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?

    Boneheads retort: Thou know’st ’tis common; all that lives must die…..

  247. Dolan in locker room: “My drummer OD’d. Anyone in here know how to stick the skins?”

    MDZ’s response: “no. But I can show you how to grease Zuccarello.”

  248. Maria the Maid to AV : “I found another piece of gum stuck under the table today. You sure you have no children?”

  249. MDZ contribution to Field of Dreams raffle: One pair of too tight Bermuda shorts and a Megadeath tee shirt.

  250. Maria, in the top draw of my nightstand is a .38, loaded. Would you be kind enough to forward to the Detroit Marriot?

  251. Slats to MZA – “Yes I have a large house in California with a pool and a swamp. Swamp would be good for you.”

  252. Ulfie to AV about alleged Laviolette sighting: ” was he buying gum, And if so, what flavor?”

  253. Slats to wife on arriving back in NYC after the road trip with a 2-9 record : “I think we should go see little Jimmy’s Band tonight”

  254. Have to think Glennie will go before AV. Dolan’s not ready for another ten million dollar nut shot from the GM. What’s Glennie’s contract? As mysterious as Henrik’s injury.

  255. Speaking of Messier appearance………..Little Jimmy sounded like he had a mouthful of marbles in the clip I saw.

  256. Glennie paying his kid $850,000 and an American Express Card. “Seen any talent out there, kid?” “No, pop, nothing the last five or six years.”

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