It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Flyers (the ticket contest is now closed)


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Game 8.flyers3
Rangers at Flyers.

Light up the ESB in orange and black! Ya boys roll onto Broad Street and into the Arena That Changes Names Every Five Minutes minus their goaltender, their captain, their leading scorer, etc.

Cam Talbot makes his NHL debut in place of mysteriously-injured Henrik Lundqvist. The Rangers will also be without Ryan Callahan, Rick Nash and Carl Hagelin (who can return from IR Tuesday). Lundqvist is on the trip, but his status beyond tonight is unknown. Jason Missiaen will back up Talbot.

Mats Zuccarello and Justin Falk are prucha’d, as Michael Del Zotto goes back into the lineup, along with call-ups Chris Kreider and Brandon Mashinter.

They play the eighth of this unending nine-game season-opening road trip (15 if you count the ridiculous preseason odyssey). They begin a stretch of four games in six nights. The Rangers are in Detroit Saturday, then open at home Monday and visit lovely Uniondale Tuesday.

As my late great aunt used to say, “Flyers suck.” They are 1-7, have already had a coaching change, and are in worse shape than the Rangers. Vinny Lecavalier is expected back; Scott Hartnell remains out.

The Rangers have won 11 of the last 13 meetings … but those were all with different coaches, different goalies and much different lineups.


The ticket contest is now closed.

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  1. Repost: I don’t remember how to make the online “heart” Carp, but I heart your comment…(about old faces)

    LGR!! Go Talbot!!!!!

  2. I’ll be back once/if I catch up on the DVR post bedtime routine. Go Rangers especially Boyle.

  3. I got two tickets to paradise,
    Won’t you pack your Avery jersey and we’ll leave tonight?
    I’ve got two tickets to paradise,
    I’ve got two tickets to paradise.

  4. Did you hear Ave’s fashion ad agency collapsed, BM? Get those skates out of the East River! :)

  5. Avery, wandering into Vancouver locker room.
    Torts: “How in hell did YOU get in here?”
    Aves: “I’m with the banned.”

  6. ThisYearsModel on

    So Carp….you get one of the seats on the bridge at the Gahden? Looks like a nice view from there.

  7. That’s what they tell me, ThisYears. Not going to be a lot of fun getting up there, or getting to the lockerrooms as soon as the game ends, I imagine.

  8. My wait for a Rangers game on GCL goes on. Expecting the idiot Philly announcers for this one. Bet they have no anecdotes about the Schenn family.

  9. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Who woulda thunk Flyers v. Rangers would be two of the worst teams in the league?

  10. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Sorry. My 2 cents?

    All the cheap shot artists in the league get one ‘no headshot’ warning, then they’re kicked out with number 2. Period. Kaleta. Gone. Torres. Gone. Stuart. Gone. Hagelin…..just kidding.

    Seriously, think that might stop the bs?

    How many guys have to get permanently hurt before the NHL does something strong enough to stop it?

  11. Eighth game and eight Rangers have zero points so far. If Hank was in goal I would say if one of those eight gets a point tonight, the Rangers win. Probably need 2 or 3 of them.

  12. The suspensions aren’t a deterrent at all. Make the team dress one less player for the length of the suspension. No more head shots.

  13. Holy hartnell…credit to Gabby, but have you all looked at Cole Bardreau …I want a DNA test on McDonagh…..twins!!!

  14. Carp is tonight Brassards night for a goal?

    You would think the guy we traded Gabby for would at least have a couple by now.

  15. “Rangers Report ?@rangersreport 21m
    Here we go. 2-5 vs. 1-7.”

    LOL. No matter the outcome, whichever team loses should probably be embarrassed.

  16. looks like Brassard tripped over the imaginary blue line. It took Sather the off season to turn the rangers into a pathetic team.

  17. my 2-7 start I predicted the rangers would be at after the 9 game road trip looks better and better each day.

  18. that was a stupid play even if it worked Brad.

    at least we can get some kill time for old momentum

  19. I know Papa Bear, I was cringing when the rumors started, than it happened and the circus began.

  20. I never thought I would say this but I would take back the mediocre rangers of many years over this crappy team.

  21. John Moore dashes through center ice with the puck and Stepan stands still in the neutral zone adjacent to the boards and watches him!!! What effort!!!!!

    Oh brutha, this is bad!

  22. What other Rangers forwards have scored so far this season besides Richie, Cally, and Dorsett? Anyone?

  23. As soon as my dinner arrives I’m watching but taking off from here for a bit…starving for food and a win! BRich!!!!

  24. @rangersreport: Get ready for the remarks of how the fight stirred up the Rangers …
    Though you have to like what Dorsett did.

  25. at least the rangers have some excuses, missing probably there 3 top players in Lundqvist, Callahan and Nash. What is the flyers excuse. Philly really blows chunks.

  26. It truly is amazing how bad the rangers look when Callahan isn’t in the lineup. The Rangers are definitely a different team w/o Callahan in the lineup.


  28. Caught up on Dvr. Brassard sucks. Gaborik at 1 yr at 7.5 is better then three they got. Moore can skate and that’s all.

    What a snoozefest.

  29. looks like the clock struck midnight and Brassard turned back into the player (pumpkin) he was with the bluejackets.

  30. I think one of the knocks on Brass when he was in CB was that he always starts slow… not ready to give up on him after seeing what he did last year for this team.

  31. Brassard on the point on the power play reminded me of another guy last year on the power play, you know, Richie Rich. Brassard must have taken lesson from Richie Rich, Brassard looked just like him, falling down, other team has breakaway and scores a short handed goal.

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Pullout has been an absolute waste so far. He is nothing but consistent bad. Always jumps on the guys back late for forecheck.

  33. I wonder if THE KREIDER is going to be Kasper the Ghost this Halloween…… just saying.

  34. The kid (Talbot) actually looking like he belongs here. Maybe unceremoniously forcing Biron to retire wasn’t such a bad move after all.

  35. Richie keeps on passing to non-existent Rangers players in front of the net. I mean, they SHOULD be there but Richie should know his teammates by now

  36. MDZ sure hugged Coburn pretty quickly. Maybe he got him mixed up with MZA?

    Good trade by Mashinter.

  37. What’s it going to take to get the Rangers going?

    We didn’t win the first 10 minutes of this period.

  38. so yeah we get rid of Avery who could actually play a decent hockey and in desperation to find an agitator go on and get Dorsett in a trade… makes total sense.

  39. Rangers have 4-on-3, Bole dumps puck in. Kreider hits McDonagh. Then Pouliot still unscores. Comedy show!

  40. Stranger Nation on

    Talbot has to keep his skates – that is BS – he barely touched him. Defenseless my arse, he saw him coming

  41. _Avery’s gone, C3_

    Yes, Carp…he is gone but i am just pointing out how Sather gets rid of good players so he can replace them with garbage

  42. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider doesn’t look good? Me thinks he played a very solid 2nd period. Scared as heck with him and Richie on the same line defensively but he had some nice plays in period

  43. Not a chance that what Pouliot did is a penalty. Maybe it is in todays #pansified NHL but it’s absolutely absurd that it was called. Pouliot and Talbot are playing the puck and Talbot essentially takes himself down with minimal contact. This isn’t the Chimera hit on Schultz. It was unfortunate. Not a penalty at all.

  44. Carp, I disagree. Puoliot and Talbot came together and tablot fell to ice and slid into boards. It’s not Pouliot’s fault Talbot lost his balance. They came together shoulder to shoulder. That is a horrible call. Saying this I still think pouliot is a wasted roster space and another terrible free agent signing by the all mighty one, slatapuss, what a shock.

  45. Stranger Nation on

    thought Boyle penalty in first was questionable as well. Players are going to take it for the team and be turning their back to play knowing they can get the call.

    Very slippery slope here…

  46. missed 1st period due to work
    watched 2nd and whatta mess
    (wish The Kreider would knock out a couple flyers with hits like that on his own teammates. sheeeeeeeeeeesh!)
    any idea why Dorsett would get a 10?
    did the flyer who launched himself into Girardi at the end of the period get a penalty?

  47. I understand it never looks good when a player receives any sort of shove towards the boards and faceplants into the dasher, but even the Flyers announcers were finding it hard to summon up a huge amount of outrage over that one once they’d seen the replay.

  48. “Nice Kreider takes out McD. Geeeez the kid looks lost.”

    That’s on McD….Kreider was crossing through after a hard move to the net, McD was spectating

    regardless, Kreider is a curse.

  49. leetchhalloffame on

    Tomorrow Slattypuss should send this whole team down and bring up the entire Hartford roster. Can’t be much worse than these imposters wearing the blueshirts.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Dorsett got ten for peeling off from ref at end of fight to go towards Simmons is myguess.

    how come Mash gave up at end of the tussle – disappointing

  51. I suppose after the Callahan/Talbot incident last year, we should at least praise Pouliot for being classy enough not to pummel Talbot while he was down injured.

  52. didn’t see a KICK
    from that long view angle
    but he definitely allowed
    his foot to be angled and
    “guided” the puck towards
    the goal after he missed it
    with his stick

  53. If we can’t beat Flyers, who we dominate, and are just as bad as we are now, I am gonna cry/scream/i dunno…..something

  54. “lottery pick baby!! cant wait”

    You know NYR would never suck enough to allow anything beneficial to become of it. The lottery pick would be a good thing. We are doomed to suffer..

  55. leetchhalloffame on

    Starting a campaign to replace the “Potvin sucks” chant with “Sather sucks” at MSG this year. Whaddaya say Rangers fans?

  56. Is it me or does Stepan appear to be doing the Thorazine shuffle? Can lack of camp really do this?

  57. hey orr, i heard huge’s nephew j.t. jessiman is lookin pretty solid in the el salvadorian league this year. we might have a chance to get him if the colombian cocaino’s let him leave the country

  58. Carp
    heard about the MSG transformation
    too bad it caused
    the venue to miss out on
    sellouts by
    the Rolling Stones
    and Pearl Jam
    among others

    at least Dolan will be
    in all the $$
    from opponents’ fans buying up tickets
    to hockey games

  59. leetchhalloffame on

    Look at it this way. We still have GAG on our team
    1.) GAG – the obvious meaning.
    2.) The Goal A Game team.
    2013-14 NY Rangers – continuing the tradition.

  60. Can anyone tell me why it is the World’s Most Famous Arena and not the World’s Most Cursed Arena? I mean how many titles combined have the tenants won?

  61. i hate to say it, but i wasnt one. im serious. if u wanna look at my past posts, go ahead. there used to be people who did that here. wink wink to u know who!

  62. as soon as we hired
    columbus garbage
    aka R-KNEEL
    i knew
    we were doomed

    the stink from cowtown
    followed him here

  63. iDoodie Machetto on

    Less than 3 mins left against a division rival up 2-1 and I could hear a pin drop. Glad to see its not just MSG.

  64. So does AV actually get to coach a game in the transformed MSG or will he have to pay for admission into the arena?

  65. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Has anybody used Cameltoebot yet?

    SAM: “He’s doing a split out front there, Joe…”
    JOE: “Yes, he is Sam. It’s pretty obvious.”

  66. im just gonna say it now. even if we did somehow win this game, is anybody even happy about the way we played? i’m actually discouraged by our play in all 3 zones besides talbot girardi and boyle. yes boyle. hes a 4th liner playing 2nd line minutes. i know he sucks but he does his job pretty consistently

  67. Every team ends their losing streak against the Rangers. Good grief, this bunch looks very bad.

  68. It’s official!!!! rangers are worse team in the NHL. One more loss and I predicted first nine games correctly, 2-7. I don’t think you want to know what I think there record will be after 20.

  69. AV is an emotionless ghost of a coach. New Yorkers will eat him alive. It would be best if he resigns before Monday.

  70. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    what a terrible, talentless team

    it’s agonizing to watch them roll one offensively-inept line after another.

  71. He scores a goal a game.

    And when he’s on the ice you notice that you have a chance to get a goal.

  72. gaborik has like 4g 5a in 8 games. just worth noting. but yea, that big tough pwr fwd nash cant take a hit wi9thout getting his brain mshed into goop

  73. I had the flyers winning tonight 4-1, if Lundqvist was in net, I probably would have guessed the score correctly.

  74. Will be interested to know your thoughts/perspectives Carp…Higher not always better….curious to know how the new MSG affects coverage….

    as for tonight…Sigh

  75. Didn’t see the game (not available up here in SO) but that’s just fine and dandy. A single positive that I can ascertain?

    That miserable incompetent owner’s son worshipping fool desperately wants to win – to win a cup – and there’s no doubt in my mind he’s squirming like the toad he is over this.

    Looks good on you, you incompetent piece of crap. Retire already will you? Hockey passed you by 20+ years ago…only the owner’s son doesn’t realize that. Everyone else does and they are laughing at you.

  76. Is it too early for the “I told you so’s”? Sure do wish we had sniper somewhere on the wing capable of potting 40 goals per season and able to be a game changer. Oh right…we did…and we traded him for spare parts which was largely celebrated because 2 of those spare parts had a couple of decent games before returning to mediocrity. Never liked that trade and it definitely isn’t looking any better now.

    Gabby would be the team leader in points on NYR…leading or tied in all categories….granted, on this NYR team he’d probably be struggling too because there’s just not enough skill to go around. Frustrating

  77. I’m still ok with the Nash trade, but I don’t think you need half the roster and a coach from a perennial #30 team.

  78. ThisYearsModel on

    Another loss to a horrible team. We get slaughtered by good teams. The talent level is low. Nash is looking like Eric Lindros now. What a mess so far.

  79. Find a Spot for KRISTO.

    Pull McIrath up for Stralman for matches like these.

    We NEED more SNARL.

    These games are getting tough to watch.

    I may have to drive down to St. Paul and catch a WILD game, and watch Parise and Co. play hockey!!!

  80. 4generations 4 cups on

    del zotto looks absolutely retarded. the worst player on the ice beside stralman.

  81. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    i know its fairly early and all, but ive held back on criticising elaine. this may sound like a very bitter reaction but tortarella was way better. wtf is veenyo gonna do next? i dont think he can coach a team and get guys going like torts could. country club time all over again. its bullsnot and everyone here knows it, and smells it.

  82. Olga Folkyerself on

    (Sung to the tune of Abraham ,Martin and John)

    Anybody here seen my old friend Gaborik?
    Can you tell me where he’s gone?
    He scored a lot of goals,
    But it seems the coach didn’t like him.
    You know, I just looked around and he’s gone.

    Anybody here seen my old friend Jagr?
    Can you tell me where he’s gone?
    He scored a lot of goals,,
    But Sather didn’t resign him.
    I just looked around and he’s gone.

    Anybody here seen my old friend Redden?
    Can you tell me where he’s gone?
    He made a lot of money,
    But it seems he’s no longer wanted.
    I just looked ’round and he’s gone.

    Didn’t you love the contracts they were paid for?
    Didn’t they try to score some goals for you and me?
    They certainly weren’t free
    Some day soon, Sather will go away…

    Anybody here seen my old friend Rozsival?
    Can you tell me where he’s gone?
    I thought I saw him in Chicago, laughing at Sather,
    With Gaborik, Redden and Jagr.

  83. Old time New Yorkers…our game tonight plus news of Dave Herman from WNEW makes me so sad….so I bid you a niters…fug….

  84. “Wonderful, wonderful revamped MSG, Joe.”

    “Just fabulous, Sam. From a wonderful, wonderful family of buildings. Just marvelous, marvelous family of buildings.”

  85. There is no one to blame. The roster with the injuries or not has too many guys not skilled enough. Not enough finishers including some if the kids. I would rather play with all kids and lose then this mix of Crowe have.

    Stepan and brassard are lost.

  86. a positive from tonight:

    and the
    (Holy) Post
    only let in 2 goals
    the rookie
    looked like
    the kid in the
    Mighty Ducks film
    that was afraid of
    the puck when it came at him

  87. boyle and pyatt were fine tonight. i dont think pyatt couldve played a better game unless if he scored obviously. boyle took 2 penalties, was ok besides

  88. since the Rangers
    are so good at helping teams
    who have losing streaks
    get a win
    what would happen
    if there was an
    intrasquad scrimmage?

  89. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers sure do corner the market on guys who can’t fight worth a spit, don’t they.

    We had Brashear, Boogaard and Scott. They also cornered the market on fighters who can’t score worth spit.

  90. so ya think
    the isles and devs
    to have ties against
    his team
    and then win it in OT
    just to really stick it to us?

  91. 82 game season or not…. This collection of crap is sinking to the bottom without ANY glimmer of hope unless some big trades are made. Funny thing is…. we don’t have the bargaining chips for such, so…. yeah…. About that crap sinking to the bottom..

  92. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Well, some good things:

    * Talbot wasn’t horrible.
    *Kreider is a good athlete, but he is lost. Perhaps with a confidence boost he can be better
    *MDZ cashed another paycheck…

    and the best thing….
    *Rocket Richards is called the Rangers Player of the Game, with his lucky goal, and multiple defensive lapses and giveaways. Really?

  93. Its very easy to pint fingers at AV and say “oh he sucks…Torts was better” but.. i dont think Torts has ever had as bad of a roster as this one at the moment…so…

  94. eric- i finally agree. stepchild and brass are bad. their reflexes are slow, skating slow, no desperation from either of them it seems, which shows a lack of discipline and leadership since cally is out

  95. Olga

    Brashear, Boogaard and Scott
    didn’t do jack squat
    in the fighting department
    for us
    when they wore a Blueshirt
    what they did in previous seasons

  96. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Best thing for this team is to not recover until they get rid of Vigneault…i won’t be a pest and keep saying but this guy is like a hillbilly in a big city. The faster we get him out of here the better. I agree with the Olga person…sather has to go…really wish JD could come here. Sigh.

  97. I thought the team he inherited from Renney was worse than this, and the one they had the following season, with Christensen and Prospal and Drury and Redden and Gomez all, was worse than this.

    And this roster, before the injuries, is pretty much the same one from last year.

  98. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    At the end of the day, AV says our compete level was better this game.

    No offense to AV, he HAS to say that. Torts would chew their freaking collective heads off.

  99. Stepan has been invisible. Should see some time on the WBM. Don’t know why I was so anxious when he wasn’t signed.

    Get well soon Cally.

  100. Carp

    Key word: before the injuries… that’s what i said… as worse as this one at the moment.

    Not willing to believe that with Nash and Cally and Hangs in the line up this team won’t perform better under the new coach.

  101. theres no comparison to torts ok. i will bet you we dont make the playoffs this year cccp, and i think they wouldve played harder under torts also. sorry buddy. everyone killed torts last year,. i have to call out the replacement now when we have basically the same roster. i know its early, but given the crap ive watched so far i’m not even remotely confident of this team with “elaine” as our coach

  102. Agreed that Tortorella had worse teams.

    Also disagree that there’s no one to blame.

    Yes there is: The incompetent piece of crap GM who’s not won anything of note since 1990. That’s 23+ years folks.

    Why, oh why, does he keep his job????

  103. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Carp, you could make a case that this was a perfect storm of many events (9 game road trip, no pre-season, injuries, new coach, system, and smaller pads, etc. ) that AV really hasn’t had a fair chance.

    Look, bring back a few players. Give him a home stand. Be fair

    Again, just playing devil’s advocate (you know what I think), but if Cally plays tonight, do they win?

    Prust saying.

  104. ThisYearsModel on

    13 years of mismanagement continues to result in mediocrity. Losing to that team after being dominated by NJ is pathetic. Detroit on Saturday? Fugheddaboutit. 2-7 at the home opener against a Montreal team that is pretty good. No worries for Mr. Dolan so long as the seats are sold and the receipts keep coming in.

  105. Miller had a GOOD game, and almost kicked one in :)

    My thoughts, he had a good game.

    Kreider I just can’t put my finger on his game. He did have a nice hit on McD LOL.

  106. fans unite! boycott the rangers this year. show them were not gonna take it, no!! we aint gonna take it!, were not gonna take it anymore!!

  107. Torts had worse than D. Moore, Dorsett, Pyatt, Pullout, Fast, Talbot?!


  108. Stamkos had a 4 pt night. Good night for my team.

    Why can’t we have a player like that. St. Louis buries another one in overtime for the game winner.

  109. kreider doesnt look very good when he has chances. hes fast and big, ok, but his hockey iq is uhh yea i want him to score if hes gonna play on the top line and he doesnt. fast either. had a glorious chance and whiffed. idk, traid everybody now!!!!!!!!!

  110. I’ve said that all along, Matt. Those excuses or reasons are very legit. I think the stupid preseason Western tour and Banff vacation were really unnecessary and harmful to a coach trying to implement a new system at practice. Not much anybody could have done about the other stuff.

    But I will add, and have said this, I have doubts whether the way this coach wants to play fits his personnel whatsoever.

  111. Carp: It’s truly mind-boggling. Look back on his 13 years as Ranger GM and other than a surprising (and it was surprising to virtually EVERYONE) run to the final 4 2 years ago, he’s accomplished nothing beyond mediocrity (and that’s not even getting into the pathetic years before the lockout).

    Now it’s a mess again, and worse, the feeder system has been compromised because the idiot misread (again) the readiness of his team and traded off youth and draft picks.

    This very well could be the start of another dark stretch for this organization (stretch equalling years).

    Surely, if that’s the case, it’ll finally be enough to get his pathetic GM of a man fired.



  112. Stranger Nation on

    MEZ comes back and….

    Kreider looked ok

    Norris was painful

    Brass hard can’t go a Greg Loganus on the PP

    Cam can, can’t he?

  113. “Transforming the World’s Most Famous Arena” is like building a billion dollar home on the Atlantic Ocean and then moving your drunk, druggie brother-in-law in with 22 of his closest friends.

  114. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Credit Eric for predicting a 2-7 start. (As bad as Detroit’s playing on this little streak, they will pick apart this team).

    Despite the ‘muting of the MSG fans’ by the overly high priced tickets (and the smart, loud fans forced either up or out), I believe the fans on Monday night are smart enough to be quite vocal despite ‘the unveiling of the new MSG’.

    New York fans are smart, not stupid. Those who care see what’s happening. If not Monday, they will get vocal soon.

  115. C3, short memory?

    Gomez, Rozsival, Redden, Avery :) , Morris, Dawes, Kalinen, Betts, Fritsche, Reitz in ’09.

    Jokinen, Drury, Higgins, Kotalik, Christensen, Prospal, Gilroy, Lisin, Shelley, Voros, Brashear in ’09-10.

    Christensen, Wolski, Frolov, Eminger, Caber!, Boogaard, White, Newbury, Kolarik, Weise, Grachev in ’10-11.

  116. I was a little depressed about the loss, but then I remembered where MSG ranks against the World in terms of famous arenas. (most)

  117. Fantasy hooker team? Give me any Devil under Jacques Lemaire.. they were so good at it they didn’t even get in trouble.

  118. agree again, Matt. I think the euphoria over the price increases at the renovated MSG will be short-lived. Even the casual rich fans will take a break from texting to boo. Or at lease be ready to boo early.

  119. The Dark Ages are returning to the most famous arena, thanks to the all mighty donkey, Slatapuss. All I can say is enough is enough, Dolan, wake the fugg up, get off your fat pumpkin and fire this clown already. Slatapuss is not a cat with 9 lives.

  120. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    You have, Carp.

    One has to be objective. He doesn’t have much to work with. I agree in everything you say. It is a perfect storm of bad. As much as I believe Torts got a ton more out of this team, I don’t know if he could have lit a fire under this awful a lineup. Cally or no Cally. Nash or no Nash. It’s a freaking GM nightmare.

    We have changed coaches how many times? It may have been Renney (at the end), but it ain’t the coaches (all of them). If Torts did something wrong he MASKED the lack of talent by being such a good motivator (ok, his tactics can be questioned) and using a system that fit our players. Hence we overachieved and the GM’s work looks better than it really was.

    There’s one constant here that is accountable for the sheer decimation of the franchise.

  121. Carp

    At least, as horrible as it might sound, a lot of the guys on your list had some proving scoring ability…


  122. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Carp @ 10:35. OMG, I forgot Lisin and Voros. OMG!!

    How many of those players are too young to retire BUT are not playing organized hockey anymore? 80% of them?????

  123. Matt "We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    The ‘club seaters’ will chant, too, once it’s obvious to them that they are totally wasting their money. I’m not giving up on them.

    4 seats = $1000 + ?????

    They’ll get loud. Mark my words.

  124. I wouldn’t be sure about not getting a low pick this summer…between key injuries and the new coach and how soft they are, I could see this team finishing in the bottom 5 of the whole league!

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