Lundqvist won’t play in Philly Thursday; Talbot gets first NHL start


By Rick Carpiniello

It just keeps getting worse for the Rangers. As they hobble to Philadelphia Thursday for the eighth of a brutal nine-game season-opening road trip, they will be without goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

Rookie Cam Talbot, who replaced the waived-then-retired Martin Biron as Lundqvist’s backup, will make his first NHL start for the 2-5 Rangers.

Lundqvist has what the team is only calling a minor, though mysterious, “irritation” that he apparently suffered prior to his best game of the season, in Washington (in a 2-0 shutout, ironically).

Rangers coach Alain Vigneault told reporters Wednesday that, if tonight’s game was a playoff game, Lundqvist could play. But Lundqvist, who was annoyed at himself after Saturday’s 4-0 loss in Newark, took Monday off as what the team simply called a “maintenance day.” Then he missed Tuesday’s practice with a “minor issue.” He didn’t skate Wednesday and now he won’t play in Philadelphia.

He made the trip, but there’s no guess whether he will play Saturday in Detroit, the final game of the nine-game odyssey made necessary by the final stages of the Garden’s renovation. The Rangers open at home Monday against Montreal, play the next night on Long Island, then play seven of nine at home.

The Rangers are already without Rick Nash (concussion), Ryan Callahan (broken thumb) and Carl Hagelin (shoulder surgery). Hagelin will be eligible to play Tuesday.

The Rangers have played 237 regular-season games since anybody other than Lundqvist or Biron has started in goal (Alex Auld, 2011).

Lundqvist is 2-4 with a hideous 3.45 goals-against average and .890 save percentage. Jason Missiaen was recalled from Hartford to back up Talbot in Philadelphia.

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  1. I wonder…if he’s been dealing with the “minor” injury for 10 days, should they have held off on waiving Biron (as bad as he was).

  2. Then Hank can sing ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine,’ ‘Where Did Our Love Go,’ ‘I Want You Back,’ and ‘Shop Around’ at the Motortown Hilton.

  3. Like to hear ‘JD Dolan and the Straight Shot’ do a tribute to Mess: “My Ice Adored You.”

  4. Does Stralman chase people down? I thought his arsenal was skating backwards really slowly and then attempting, and missing, a hip check.

  5. Slats: “Branff has brought us together and given us a chance to know one another.”

    Kristo to Fast: “Whose the azzhole in the black hat?”

    Sorry to repeat that, but it makes me lol, still.

  6. on the contrary, a fence post on ice could fall over, skid down the ice rapidly and inadvertently impede an opposing player, unlike Anton Stralman.

  7. Oh, totally. Next time there’s an odd man goal, wait until they show the in net cam. He’s back there. Trailing two forwards, but he’s back there chasing.

  8. Hey Manny, I’m considering buying a new Tablot after watching yesterday’s Apple Event

  9. Rob in Beantown on

    Henrik Lundqvist @HLundqvist30
    Not the start of the season I was looking for. But no looking back.. Trying to stay positive and things will turn around for me/us

  10. Haha. I actually watch a LOT of hockey on an iPad mini now. I highly recommend the experience.

  11. Speaking of irritation, does anybody remember the “gunk” — that’s what they called it — that Richter developed every year? Made his hand (or hands?) get nasty red and raw. Disgusting. He thought it was the equipment.

  12. “Anyone here who likes to use the epithet ‘albatross’ ever read Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ and understand what ‘albatross’ means and represents?”


  13. Rob in Beantown on

    I watch a lot of games on an iPad too, Manny. Its a surprisingly not bad way to watch a game.

  14. Still think we need Beef Bourguignon and Meatballs Marinara as our shutdown D pair. We’ll turn the lights out for ya.

  15. I’m actually shocked, Rob. I think the quality on the iPad is way better than my television. It’s almost 3D

  16. if you have an iPad mini (and I genuinely have no idea why anyone would buy an iPad mini) the quality of the display is almost undoubtedly better than that of your television

  17. Regarding my day to day injury. Been dealing with it for 2 weeks, now was a good time to try and get back to 100%

    Excuses, excuses.

    Has Cally ever discussed an injury with the public?

  18. Lloyd: I thought the same. But then, I got an iPad Mini for my wife (a/k/a Mrs. Manny). I would have gotten her the full size iPad but the size of the iPad effected her ability to choose her purses each morning. The iPad Mini fits in all her bags more comfortable.

  19. Lloyd: Also, I’m really rich. So my TV display is top notch and when purchasing computer equipment and other electronics money is no object to impede my purchase. (S)

  20. I was under the impression that I could post anything I wanted on your blog, and you could post whatever you want on mine.

  21. I still don’t understand why, if your utility is influenced by fitting something in a purse, you wouldn’t just buy an iPhone.

  22. Carp, rumor was that Dan Blackburn was putting kerosine into Richter’s jar of Pond’s Beauty Balm.

  23. They delivered heating oil here today and left the bill in the mailbox. I’m trying to get up the nerve to go out there and read it.

  24. Fighter pilots get a lot of hemorrhoids. They’ll never tell you that. It dilutes the image.

  25. Has Cally ever discussed an injury with the public, alluding to it as an excuse for poor performance?

  26. First, it’s the team can’t score.

    Second, there are too many lapses in the defensive zone.

    Now, it’s a niggling injury.

    Come on, Hank.

    You’re a great goalie.

    Accept responsibility, get it together, and play like a Vezina candidate once again this season.

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    I liked when LGY had “Add Your Comment” appended to the end of all of his posts. It was distinctive and memorableAdd Your Comment

  28. Comn, so it’s shill work because I tried to explain why I don’t think they will or would trade Lundqvist?

    Then I apologize. (s)

  29. I am sure Hank is banged up, but it sure feels like his ego has been bruised, and he may be trying to prove a point.

  30. Congrats to @Bnelson on netting his first NHL goal. Many more to come! #29 #silkymitts

    I Can’t wait till Kristo vs Nelson happens on Garden Ice.

  31. Carp, can we get the IT guys to start counting the number of posts we make?I’d really like to quantify how much of my life is spent here.

  32. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I can’t remember who it was but I posted at the end of the preseason that “I thought hank’s numbers were a bit inflated over the past seasons due to the system that was played in front of him similar to the way fatso’s numbers were inflated by that devils team in front of him for so long” and they posted that was ridiculous etc…

    Care to rethink that?

  33. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not saying hank is terrible, but is he worth 8 years $8 mil per season (or more) if we are going to play a more open system?

    And if he isn’t signed by the deadline and we are a mid pack team, do you risk losing him for nothing as a free agent or trade him?

    Just musing

  34. It was me, Wicky. I hate you. Just kidding.

    The Hank numbers are horrifying. Especially when looking at the list of Cup winning goalies in the past 8 years.

  35. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t think you need to have a top 3 or 5 goalie to win the cup. Top 10 or so IMHO.

    Was richter top 3 or 5 in ’94?

  36. So Wicky, maybe you can answer my question earlier: How can we determine which goalies are great and which goalies are great as a result of their system. I know it’s going to play into every goalie’s rankings. But how can we quantify goalies that play in such different styles. The example I used was this….

    For Example, Josh Harding has played 8 games (4-2-1), and thank to Ryan Suter, has only seen 150 Shots. He saved 143. So his Save Percentage is .953.

    On the other hand, Carey Price, who has also started in 8 games (4-4), has seen 264 shots (114 more!) and saved 246 for a save percentage of .901.

    How can we compare these dudes?

  37. AV says he’s upset with his team’s “effort.” and “compete level.” He’s either delivering pap to the press or he’s delusional. He doesn’t have the horses. The ones he has are giving effort, for what it’s worth, (except Richie, that is, who floats like Ivory soap.)

  38. Coutesy of The Doctor:

    Post lockout cup winning goalies …

    2006: Ward (CAR) $700K
    2007: Giguere (ANA) $6MM
    2008: Osgood (DET) $1.4MM
    2009: MAF $5MM
    2010: Niemi (CHI) $825K
    2011: Thomas (BOS) $5MM
    2012: Quick (LAK) $1.8MM
    2013: Crawford (CHI) $2.7MM


    Vezina Winners:

    2005–06 Miikka Kiprusoff
    2006–07 Martin Brodeur
    2007–08 Martin Brodeur
    2008–09 Tim Thomas
    2009–10 Ryan Miller
    2010–11 Tim Thomas
    2011–12 Henrik Lundqvist
    2012–13 Sergei Bobrovsky

  39. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not sure. I think Roy is thé greatest of all time because he usually played on teams with more open systems

  40. Manny I’ve posted this before but it’s a shame the league doesn’t keep a stat for quality shots. Think about how many saves he makes off quality chances or saves that make opposing players shake their heads as they skate away. If this stat were kept there wouldnt even be a debate about Hank being the best.

    He is a slow starter and all this negative talk about him and the system and his pads is some of the most ridiculous commentary I’ve seen on this site.

    All this being said, if he is not signed soon he must be traded. Yes it is possible to hold two thoughts at once.

  41. It’s easy to forget even with our tight defensive system how many ridiculous breakdowns there would be in the defensive zone, even 2 years ago, and how time after time Hank would bail us out with a big save.

    Manny here’s another way to measure a top goalie- how about that the team is around the top 10 in penalty killing each year for 5 years. (not incl last year). I doubt there’s a team in the league consistently at the top like rangers have been.

  42. Advanced metrics say that shot quality isn’t something that can be repeated.

    There’s no evidence that any one team can maintain a shot quality advantage over the long term.

    To claim that Hank faces more quality shots over the long term than any other goalie is without basis.

  43. Carp, RE: Richter. That was just stigmata. A calling to be a dirty politician.

    Manny- why don’t you stay and the three of you can light dog carcillo on fire on my living room floor

  44. thats twice today Carp.
    kiss Hank good bye.
    you caused the Rangers to fire Torts, keep Richards, got Kreider sent down, and now Hank.

  45. lmgo, the first two weren’t predictions, but organizational plans overruled by a suddenly re-energized GM for Life.

  46. Being New York fans gives us untethered hyperbolic license. Carp’s previous post presupposes that we are bond by such suffocating restraints as logic and thought. Shame on you, Carp.

  47. I wasn’t referring to your remark, Wick … but if he’s not signed by the deadline but they still believe they will sign him … another story, right?

  48. That idea is pretty much perfect Matteau. Stats will never take over for me as a primary means of assessment but I think that stuff has a place. Especially in forums such as this.

  49. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    All these people that want to turn hockey into baseball with stats just slay me. It is ridiculous to even try.

  50. Even strength SV% over a pretty long period (3+ years) is what the geek community would tell you is the most reasonable measure of goalie quality, I think, Månnu. (Wins and GAA, for example, are considered team stats.)

    I personally prefer clutchiness and big saves, ideally over a sample size of at least a week.

  51. Without Kreider and Miller, the Pack are getting hammered. score says 2-0 but it could be a lot worse. wow.

  52. Good evening all!
    That said…

    mother hartneller1

    We better beat Philthy tomorrow.

    Pressure Cam? Yeah…. Oy vey

  53. Just my 2 cents here but I find it kind of hard to characterize the 9 game road trip as ‘brutal’. The 5 game swing from Phoenix to St. Louis over 9 days, that was brutal.

    Lately its been a normal travel schedule. From Oct 13th through the 25th they’ll play three games – Washington, NJ, and Philly – each of which is no more than 1.5 hours from home. It’s not a big deal to fly to Detroit for a day either.

  54. How about this for advance stats: at least 6 out of the last 8 years this team would be exactly where it is now, 4-5 games below .500, if he wasn’t one of the best, if not the best in the league.

  55. Carp, reread it again and every once in awhile put your competitive nature on the back burner.

    Yes, this sorry organization should be open to any and all opportunities to improve the talent base.

    They have not and will not win with Lundqvist so why not entertain offers?

    If you reject that idea you’re simply being argumentative!

  56. You know what “non-nerdy” stat I’d like to see? Goals against broken down by type and distance. Slap, wrist, deflection, rebound, odd man, all that. Prior to this year, I would have guessed Hank’s would have been almost all “no fault” variety. This year, less so.

  57. I agree Henrik doesn’t get dealt, and if he does its at the deadline, but Sather should atleast be listening on him and Girardi right now. Obviously 75 games has more value to a team than 30 so that’s a factor. Too early, unless blown away, but do the due diligence, no?

  58. Comn, who’s being a jackwagon now?

    Yankees didn’t win with Don Mattingly, either. Why didn’t they shop him?

    I’m not saying they wouldn’t be open to listen, or even to trading him for the right player (it would have to be a pretty damn good player). I’m saying that’s not likely to happen. Also saying they won’t just say, well, we haven’t won, so let’s trade our best player. And even if they get Tavares back, they’re hardly Cup favorites.

  59. it’s not brutal to start the season with six road preseason games and nine road regular-season games? on what planet?

  60. The only way they move Hank is if it becomes clear he isn’t re-signing. At which point our leverage is terrible. But we could still get something.

  61. That list, provided by the Doctor, of Cup winners and Vezina winner for 2005 to present is quite remarkable. Really. I mean, look at it.

  62. Hey tomb: are the Pack missing Kreider and Miller in defense as well as offense or are they just not creating a lot of scoring opportunities?

  63. There are definitely arguments against usiing a huge chunk of cap room for the next eight years on a 30+ goalie, as there is plenty to suggest *elite* goalie doesn’t necessarily equal Cup win (shockingly, in what is a team sport…)

    Outside of Detroit though, I’m not convinced at all that you can make much of an argument that successful teams have explicitly had a strategy to “underspend” on goaltending in favour of other positions. (Maybe the Flyers, but I’m equally unconvinced that they have any sort of strategy when it comes to goaltending.) Even harder to make the case that many teams have actively sought to trade away an *elite* goalie as a strategic move, as opposed contractual reasons etc.

    And some of the lower paid goalies on Cup winners (Ward, Quick, Niemi, Crawford) didn’t stay lower paid for much longer.

  64. In other words, short of blowing the team up (which nobody could trust Sather to do well anyway), giving Lundqvist a contract that you know will have a pretty good chance of being an *albatross* in a few years to keep the Rangers a middling-to-mediocre team, might well be the lesser of two evils, compared to the risk of ending up with Mike Dunham and loads of cap space to use (which nobody could trust Sather to do well anyway).

  65. LW: Chicago. They changed course this offseason but they won 2 Cups in 4 (?) years more or less explicitly avoiding committing cap to goaltending.

  66. I don’t know, as long as we’re the buyer I sort of trust Sather to make these deals. That’s sort of the one thing he’s done well recently.

  67. Stranger Nation on

    More important stat which teams keep is scoring chances instead of just shots. So saves on scoring chances would be the most meaningful with the more scoring chances probably leadning to more goals.
    The Debbies limited the number of scoring chances on Uncle Daddy and he is a fat and happy HOFer

  68. Carp, breathe deeply, smile and be happy.

    Do you think employees of Lipton Tea take coffee breaks?

  69. Maybe, Mister D. But they spent a lot on Huet and Khabibulin just prior to that and jettisoned Huet for performance as much as cap reasons. They already had Toews and Kane (from being bad for several years), so I can’t see that they made a choice to acquire talented scorers in favour of spending on goaltending (though it does help them to retain said talented scorers).

  70. Carp, and one for the road.

    Puzzle me this, if one out of five people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean the other four enjoy it?

  71. A NY-Philadelphia “we’re both messes” in-person trade would be pretty awesome, no?

    (If you say no because “Sather sucks”, you’re proving yourself as illogically biased forever. Man, did I pin everyone into a corner.)

  72. Ever notice that when you add up everyone’s TOI it adds up to way more than one hour? How is this possible?

  73. Why do we spend so much time and money on Pan Creatic illness when we have so many nagging illnesses right here in the USA?

  74. [doesn’t know if Coos is joking … debates walking away … can’t …]

    Doesn’t it always (except in the rarest of no penalty, empty net at the end games) add up to less than five hours per game for skaters because of PKs?

  75. I really enjoy watching the Wolfpack, they can score, had good goaltending (Talbot) and can fight. Nice to see old time hockey. Bickel, Mashinter, McIlrath, Haley droppin the mitts.

  76. _It’s more than the minutes in a game because there are five guys on the ice at once._

    Exactly why I said five hours, to cover myself if that was the joke.

  77. You did. You’re face is saved. I thought cops was just being typical cops and saying TOI adds up to more than 60 min

  78. Forget about the hockey side of the game (Dolan has) and think about what Lundqvist means to the Rangers. The face of the franchise. The jersey sales, the most marketable. Whether the Rangers are a good team or not sadly is not the most important thing here, they are always a good ‘business’ and they need Lundqvist to be part of that aspect more than anything.

  79. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Leetch was the face of the franchise, Sather had no problem running him out of town.

  80. And what happens to all the added seconds now missing with hybrid icing? Do they just disappear into the vacuum of a black hole, or are they held somewhere in the bowels of a Zamboni for future use?

  81. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Boo birds are out in Buffalo. Scott will be missing some games. Buffalo will not be missing John Scott.

  82. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Scott cheap-shot elbow to the head of Eriksson. Nothing but noggin. 5 minute major. Game misconduct.

  83. “It’s more than the minutes in a game because there are five guys on the ice at once.”

    Under normal circumstances, 6 players per team + 4 officials = 16 guys on the ice at once. Unless Bran Bole is playing, then there’s 15 guys and one gal.

  84. Is anyone else listening to Milbury and Jones rip John Scott and the Sabres coach?

    Highly entertaining.

    I particularly enjoyed Milbury calling it a “bush league”:)

  85. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Every other team signed John Scott as a free agent. Sather gave up a pick for him. Then let him go for nothing. Another power move by the ol’ perfesser.

  86. Chris from Albany on

    Mike Milbury: “There is nothing more bush league then a meathead hitting a defenseless player in the head. Well, maybe hitting defenseless fans in the stands with a shoe, but that hasn’t happened since….”

  87. I bet Lucic was totally ready to step up for Boston but couldn’t find Gerbe anywhere on the Buffalo bench.

  88. Carp offered Scott 20 grand a year to hand him down cans from the high kitchen shelves, but I guess Buffalo made a better offer. He’ll be back. On his hands and knees.

  89. Between 5:00 – 8:00? If it was “Lundqvist for who cares I’m just a dumbhead who wants more 4th liners” you know I agree with you. Otherwise, stupid idea.

  90. Richie to Steps: “Just tell them you missed training camp and you can take the rest of the season off. Worked for ME.”

  91. I did see that one and I thought I said I’m in. Not ideal, because I don’t think Biggs profiles as a legit Top 6, right? That’s what I’d want back, guys who are even odds to go for 25 in their peak years.

  92. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    If the only thing that comes off the Rangers at playoff time is all four wheels… you have done something wrong.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  93. Sorry, Doctor. May not have noticed. Probably projected as a borderline 2nd liner, but I’ve seen as much of Biggs as I can and think he’s capable of scoring 20 along with smashing bodies to the boards and faces in. Kid’s awesome, IMO.

  94. Then sign me up. If we’re going to be fighting for 7-8 and at risk to miss, I’d rather stack up some assets for the future. Besides, we can always resign my man BB in the offseason.

  95. I told my wife, if we miss the playoffs and Uncle Glennie doesn’t get canned, I’ll get a life and be done with this team once and for all.

  96. Wouldn’t mind keeping him myself, especially if he added some more physicality to his game, but I think he’s one of those trade deadline assets you can’t ignore and hence can extract Biggs + Gardiner from TOR. I’ve read that Gardiner isn’t necessarily in TOR’s plans, but Biggs is such a prototypical Randy Carlyle player that I think he’d be tough to pry.

  97. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I’d written off the Rangers in 2004 until Sather is gone. I’m here for the jokes…

    Let’s Go Black Hawks!

  98. I should mention that Biggs is pretty defensively responsible, Doctor. Not that you’d put him on a checking line, but he’s no Bradley in the defensive zone.

  99. The early season long stretches between games is good prep for April when we miss the playoffs.

    Could you imagine missing the playoffs in this pathetic conference?

  100. Stranger Nation on

    papa – told myself the same thing yesterday. Groundhog Day without Annie MacDowell

    Slatsko, where is Olga?

  101. Stranger Nation on

    Well at least the Olympics will be fun to watch.

    Will Zucchini be playing for Italy or Norway?

    Will Dubi play for US or Alaska?

  102. Stranger Nation on

    Olga – did u see the Sather FB page posted earlier today?

    Had your rallying cry on a Tshirt featuring Ranger logo

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    I had seen a logo like that during the last abortive fan attempt to remove Sather. It never reached a critical mass.

  104. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I look forward to the FIRE SATHER chants at the home opener. Perhaps we could replace “Potvin Sucks” with “Sather Sucks”.

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