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  1. Such a shame. Someone at a Red Sox game this past week stole a ball from a female fan, got ejected, and racially abused a black Tigers fan as he was being escorted out of the stadium. What has this world come to? These are sports, for Kreider’s sakeAdd Your Comment

  2. Sioux – The Kreider says he roomed with Danny Kristo, and said, “so, that’s always interesting.” Hmmm. ‘Splain, Lucy.

  3. Madame reporter: “Are you learning from Richards?”
    ‘Um, yeah. The coaches say don’t play like him, but score, so yeah, I guess.”

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider sounded ‘good’. LIfting with Richie this summer must have been motivating. wonder if he showed Richie his pool jump

  5. I still say Kristo & Kreider with Step in the middle.

    Give it a Game Coach.

    Let the magic begin!!!

  6. Richie Rich could make a good Mentor for the Kreider. Put them together in hopes of producing a few more Broadway Hat appearances.

    We shall see.

  7. richie to the K: “You’re expending way too much energy with that pool jump. Just float to the other end of the pool and ask someone in a beach chair to give you a hand.”

  8. TC, I’m not a doctor but as I’m also the parent of a 2 year old, I can give you a little advice on that topic: Don’t take medical advice from online doctors, even if they say they’re real doctors

  9. Rangers get into the playoff the last week of the year.

    The Whale get out of the playoffs the last week of the year.

    Both are bubble teams.

  10. Kristo leading the Pack.

    Funny, we don’t read much about Thomas doing much for the Bulldogs…..hmmmmm…… Doodie you’re going to need a new Logo.

  11. Stranger, why do I have the feeling that Chris K won’t be helping much with the crosswords?

  12. “Hey someone wearing a JETS Jersey punched a woman in the face at the JETS game. Stay Classy!”

    Why would he do that when his cheating team won? Strange! Jets still suck though. Aha, Aha, Pats!

    Aha, Aha, Red Socks! Weeeee!

  13. No guilt here … only the glory of knowing that The Kreider is coming to take care of business.

  14. I need my Johnson to keep up with all the late night Johnson talk around here. Oh and the call girls in Hartford.

  15. ‘Well east coast girls are hip
    I really dig those styles they wear –
    And the Hartford girls with the way they talk
    They knock me out when I’m up there…’

  16. Rob in Beantown on

    Rangers are looking for more to fill out their book club. Powe got sent down before he and Dom Moore could finish discussing _White Teeth_

  17. Rob….so now we have The Kreider coming up to keep things simple.

    Reading “Everything I learned, I learned in kindergarten”.

  18. Sioux, I recommended North and South for the Kreider, then someone here explained to me that MSG runs East/West. So now I have that knowledge going for me.

  19. Maybe that’s been the K’s problemo. He’s going North/South like they tell him, but the rink is East/West, so that when he thinks he is going Northwest, he’s really going Southeast, or…we need to hire Lewis and Clark.

  20. That’s all I got PIMP!!!

    Let me read the Bush League – Amateur Hour – Rules of Kreider Conundrum:

  21. ORR it’s referred to as the: Vigneault Pinot!

    If you drink more than 2 glasses an hour …. you shouldn’t drive, hit, or score.

  22. Coming off a bad week playing with LW.

    Time to go beat up on Rob.

    Have a Sioux-per-night boys.

    Anyone want to trade for Nash….


  23. If you guys don’t follow Dustin Penner in Twitter you should. He’s going through the trolls who tweeted him after he got knocked out and responding. Hysterical.

  24. Any opinions in the McLeod hit on Kronwall? Kronwall got totally Kronwall’d.

    In my opinion he, much like Dan Boyle, put himself in a very dangerous position. Not saying the hit was “legal” but I think Kronwall contributed.

    When will players learn that if you’re playing the puck in the corner you’re going to get drilled! Be ready for it and stay upright.


  25. Rob in Beantown on

    Hahaha my favorite is the guy who said he plays in the NLHL (whatever that is) and says its better than the NHL.

  26. “When will players learn that if you’re playing the puck in the corner you’re going to get drilled! Be ready for it and stay upright. ”

    Unless Bran Bole is coming after you.

  27. yeah, but also the season that started in Europe and the ledge was overbooked by Game 3, and the Avery chants started in the home opener.

  28. Berube to AV ” hey, I see your using the same no offense, no defense system I’m using. See you Thursday, should be a great shoot out”.

  29. I see a lot of Rangers fans on facebook want to replace AV with Peter Laviolette… “Glen Sather has the proof in the pudding right in front of him” they say…whatever that means… ignorance rules the Rangers fandom.

  30. No Cally,bridgeman,domi,brown,bueke,moose,sandstorm,macleash,vickers, Clarke,leetch,barber,mess,Schultz,Nicky,Howe,zubie,Cochran,kocur,linesman,johnstone,propp,Hedberg,Bernie or Eddie……so boring this Thursday. What happened to my game?

  31. After 65 minutes of scoreless hockey, in “Hockeytown”, the Wings and Sharks are going to have a breakaway contest that has nothing to do with hockey to decide the winner of the hockey game.

  32. Avalanche looked good too.

    Now interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast with a Knicks update:

    @nyknicks: #Knicks fall in double OT to the Raptors, 123-120. Udrih finished w/ a team-high 19 pts. Postgame analysis on @MSGNetworks NOW!

  33. The best period of hockey I’ve ever seen played, coincidentally, was by DET a few seasons ago when they failed just short of overcoming an 0-3 deficit to SJS in the playoffs. It was Game 4, Darren Helm scored the winner with under two minutes to play.

  34. Rob in Beantown on

    I remembered Richards and Callahan but I couldn’t even remember who the third one was until I looked it up

  35. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    AP WIre — October 21, 2013 — The New York Giants have released information relating to a management change which occurred and has not been reported until today. Glen Sather assumed the position of General Manager of the football club owned by the Mara Family on June 14, 2013.

    Steve Tisch, chairman and executive VP, said “He is a hockey god, so we knew we wanted a piece of him. When Jimmy called me and offered him on a part time basis, we had to make the move. Half of Glen is better than 100% of Jerry (Reese). Glen has been making the calls for the better part of 4 months now, and while we are off to a rough start, we are expecting big things”. The Giants are 0-6.

    “I am hoping to build with the kids. Rebuild the entire organization from within”, said Sather.

    Eli Manning was unavailable for comment.

  36. Pretty unwatchable football game. Giants wanted to lose slightly less than the Vikes.
    Imagine being a Ranger and Viking fan? Wow that would suck, oh wait, it does.

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    The Giants will probably win enough games to get a middling draft pick, thus making this season a total waste

  38. Stranger Nation on

    Pens Avs game very fast paced not a lot of hitting. Refs gave Pissburg a ton of PP time but they could not get a flow going. They miss (Bob) Johnson

  39. Hate having to wait until Thursday. It will take a few more games to get a good sense of who this team is. The 9-2 loss team in SJ or the team in LA and Washington. Or even worse both.

    Also, with call-ups it’s always fun. Will one or both of them show this is their time to take the next step or will they leave us all bitter saying, “I told you so.”? Is it Thursday?

  40. I actually think the caliber in the Nicaraguan Late Night League is too high for these no-talents …

    No, the weaksauces belong in something more akin to the Western Paraguayan Early Morning Spring Slush League.

  41. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    This is the worst football game I have watched in decades. Reminiscent of the Rangers game Saturday night.

    Stinks when you have no talent. Worse when you don’t try.

  42. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    The Kreider will be our savior. He will jump onto the ice like he jumps out of a pool. Vigor. Strength. Motivation. Fortitude.

  43. Mrs. Coughlin hopes ole Tom keeps coaching, because when he’s home, he says things like – “No, I don’t want any more goddmned soup! I spoke to that in the first half of this conversation!”

  44. The Kreider could just leap up and hit down, then crash on Chara and John Scott before they knew what hit them.

  45. No movement anywhere to just get rid of Bettman’s dumpy,trashy, disgusting Sh*tout. A coin flip would be just as valid a decision, except the coin would have one face on two sides, as we know.

    A thought came to me recently re Der Bingle Crosby winding up in Pittsburgh. David Stern did not want him winding up in a major hockey market like NY, Chi, Det, Boston, etc. and stealing a local NBA team’s P.R. thunder. Rangers being number one winter sports team in New York would not sit well with the NBA or the TV ratings junkies over at the network who control the entertainment fare for the entire human race.

    Remember how Stern is alleged to have fixed the draft drawing so that the Knicks could get Patrick Ewing? Made the Knicks envelope he drew extra sticky. The NBA badly wanted a contending team in New York.

    Also, no one really knows how the hell Pittsburgh actually got the pick they used on Crosby? Seems to me that the Rangers got screwed out of Lindros, too, such is the NBA and TV’s panic about the Knicks being upstaged locally and nationally by the Rangers. Hmmmm.

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I like the Vikings because they use the The Horn of Helm Hammerhand when they score.

  47. Sports writer opinion seems to be split between 2 camps at the moment this morning:
    1. The Kreider is here to provide goals
    2. The Kreider is here as a showcase to assess his trade value as they have grown impatient with him.

    Personally I think its #1, I bet Carp does too.

  48. Watched Colorado-Pittsburgh last night. Apparently 1-0 games can be very exciting to watch. High pace, high skill level. Funny thing, neither team is the best in the league at the moment.

  49. If the Rangers are beating Philadelphia 3-0, I promise I’ll find it more exciting if we get to 4-0.

  50. That will never happen. This team hasn’t scored ENG’s since 2011-2012. When Dubinsky and Prust racked them up.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    What are odds Richards gets the ENG if we ever get in that position?

    I remember Nash looking for him at the end of the LA game trying to get him the Hattie

  52. Hands down the worst Monday Night Football game I’ve EVER watched.

    That said I have to tip my hat to the GMen Defense for my FF Win. Holding AP to 5 points.

  53. Ranger slip to 28th in the power ranking, one behind Florida. This has to be a new “low”.

    One win over Philly and Tatonka Town.

    Could Thursdays game set up like another MNF game?

    A clash of two 30 handicappers to see who sucks more???

  54. @BMonzoWFAN 6m

    *Bobby Orr in studio w- Mike at 2P today* . Eli Manning joins at 5P ET on @WFAN660 and @YESNetwork ..

  55. Eli is a tremendous Quarterback. I have no complaints about him. There are not enough QB’s to go around in the NFL and I think about 18+ teams would be licking their chops to have the chance to sign him.

  56. @AGrossRecord 1m

    From #NYR practice: Henrik Lundqvist skated on own without pads but will not practice today due to *minor issue* per team.

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    Eli won the franchise two Super Bowls and will almost certainly retire the greatest QB in franchise history. They should pay him whatever he wants for as long as he wants as far as I am concerned.

  58. More than anything, didn’t the defense holding the high scoring Patriots to 31 points over 2 Super Bowls win those games? I’m neither pro- or con- Eli, nor am I a football fan, but it seems like he gets a weird singular credit for “winning” games where he put up 17 and 21.

    (Same with Flacco. His game was better, but does that make him a guy worth like 17% of an entire cap?)

  59. Stranger Nation on

    Hank had his hair styled in the salon yesterday and cannot put on his helmet and mess it up.

  60. But who you thought was the MVP wasn’t awarded the trophy.

    I thought Santonio Holmes deserved the MVP in Super Bowl XLIII for the amazing game winning catch but they gave it to Big Ben.

    Potatoes, Potatoes

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    Eli orchestrated both of those Super Bowl victories in improbable come from behind no-huddle 4th quarter drives. I think the MVPs were well deserved. I was exaggerating a little when I say pay him whatever he wants, but I do think he’s earned some slack.

  62. Giants need a running back without a broken leg.

    Do you feel they should play the youth, and go after a high draft pick?

  63. So the Quarterback has earned some slack. I agree.

    Now how about the coach? Is it time for a change there?

  64. They were only come from behind drives because of his lack of “middle of the game” drives in the first 55:00.

  65. Whatever shortcomings Manning has displayed, however few points he put up in Super Bowls, are solely the cause of his OC Kevin Gilbride. Every magnificent performance of Manning has been in spite of his OC. Can you imagine if he had an offensive genius such as Saints’ Payton at the helm?Add Your Comment

  66. “Baseball is played on a diamond, in a park. The baseball park!
    Football is played on a gridiron, in a stadium, sometimes called Soldier Field or War Memorial Stadium.

    Baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life.
    Football begins in the fall, when everything’s dying.

    In football you wear a helmet.
    In baseball you wear a cap.

    Football is concerned with downs – what down is it?
    Baseball is concerned with ups – who’s up?

    In football you receive a penalty.
    In baseball you make an error.

    In football the specialist comes in to kick.
    In baseball the specialist comes in to relieve somebody.

    Football has hitting, clipping, spearing, piling on, personal fouls, late hitting and unnecessary roughness.
    Baseball has the sacrifice.

    Football is played in any kind of weather: rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog…
    In baseball, if it rains, we don’t go out to play.

    Baseball has the seventh inning stretch.
    Football has the two minute warning.

    Baseball has no time limit: we don’t know when it’s gonna end – might have extra innings.
    Football is rigidly timed, and it will end even if we’ve got to go to sudden death.

    And finally, the objectives of the two games are completely different:

    In football the object is for the quarterback, also known as the field general, to be on target with his aerial assault, riddling the defense by hitting his receivers with deadly accuracy in spite of the blitz, even if he has to use shotgun. With short bullet passes and long bombs, he marches his troops into enemy territory, balancing this aerial assault with a sustained ground attack that punches holes in the forward wall of the enemy’s defensive line.

    In baseball the object is to go home! And to be safe! – I hope.” George Carlin, of course.

  67. Eli Manning is, and will forever be, a HERO. So let’s get off his back. He’s awesome. He can scramble, he’s intelligent, he makes smart decisions and he usually has next to NOTHING in his receiving corps.

  68. It’s not his receivers that are the problem. It’s OC Gilbride’s predictability, commitment to a balanced offense, and this season an old and broken down offensive line with no halfbacksAdd Your Comment

  69. It’s not his receivers that are the problem. It’s OC Gilbride’s predictability, commitment to a balanced offense, and this season a broken down offensive line with no backsAdd Your Comment

  70. Doofus Fran Healy axed Henrik about the spotlight playing in the Big Apple and axed him the difference, say, between Dallas and NYC. Henrik said, “I think I’d spend a lot more time in Sweden.”

  71. A lot, Sioux. But you would also get a completely unsure situation in your net so you would be the Phlyers.

  72. I didn’t want to be the one who asked, Sioux. Out of the 3 major UFAs, Hank isn’t the one I’d trade last.


  73. I’m not sure we get as much as we think, especially at the deadline. You need a perfect storm of a team with great skaters and no goalie / injured goalie, strong prospects and a win-now attitude. Goalies don’t really fetch insane packages, I imagine rentals even less. Even gorgeous rentals.

  74. Stranger Nation on

    would trade him today – cannot have $8MM tied up in your goalie

    Hank, MEZ, MZA, MIA, M&M, & MOU for

    Top flight righty D man – crease clearer and PP canon

    Young LW 2 way player

  75. I don’t even want to go down that road…..

    I would rather think if Kristo keeps lighting the lamp for the Pack, how long until he gets a game in a Blueshirt? With 8 forwards are now without a goal, 11 players without a point.

    Miller gets a shot,
    THE KREIDER gets his first game this year,
    How long until we light the MonteKRISTO?

  76. I have no logical basis for this, but I feel like if Callahan isn’t signed pre-UFA period, he’s gone.

  77. I would trade Girardi. We are in serious, serious trouble right now. So what would we need? We obviously need a BIG TIME Defenseman so maybe we look at moving Hank and Del Zaster to Toronto for like….Kadri, Lupul and Phaneuf or something.

  78. Beside Miller will be the first Goalie rental that goes out to a team that has a shot at the playoffs, #1 pick & a prospect would probably get him.

  79. DelZ, Girardi, Stral, MZA, Pysie, Boyler, Pouliot, D. Moore, Miller, Fast, and etc., etc. would all be available for the right package, IMO.

  80. Del Zaster probably has the highest trade value, in our defense – that would be the easiest to replace. That won’t get resigned for the money he wants.

    I can see him getting shopped.

  81. on Eli,
    if Eli just has average years (3000 yards passing, and 20 touchdown passes) over the next 3 to 5 years. he will be one of a hand full of QB’s in history to have 40,000 yards passing, and 300 hundred touchdown passes. toss in 2 super bowl wins, and you have a HOFer.

  82. Sioux, I think Staal goes to like five and a half mil next year. He’s pretty pricey and not irreplaceable.

  83. In that his pads have been reduced, maybe Hank should go on the Brodeur diet to take up more room in net.

  84. Carp, Do you see Rangers trading Del Zotto for a forward? Also some reports say they are showcasing Kreider to trade him? Any truth to that?

  85. Who knows how the cards will fall at the end of the year.

    Hank’s contract, Richie Rich’s buyout, Cally, Girardi, Del Zotto.

    Something will be done before the trade deadline.

  86. Skinner is obviously a huge talent, but at $5.75MM and a concussion history, he’s a decent sized risk too.

  87. Trading Kreider (or any kid) would be a mess. This could be a completely rebuilding team in 14-15.

  88. Said the same myself, Mister D.

    Giguere is another goalie who’s had a rep of benefiting from large equipment and he’s started off the complete opposite to Lundqvist (over a _massive_ sample size too).

  89. you could, in theory, change over the team on the go and not have to rebuild. they have 4 UFA’s that do have some value they could move. Hank, Girardi, Cally, and Boyle. it would take guts, but I would see what the market is for Hank and Girardi.

  90. CTR, I don’t have knowledge of either answer … but what kind of forward do you want for a third-pair D? It would be another forward exactly like the plethora the Rangers have … a Pouliot maybe? A Zuccarello?

    And, while I think Kreider has fallen off the “untouchable” perch, I don’t believe for a moment that they’ve given up on him, or that they “want” to trade him; and also don’t believe he would fetch a huge return after the way last season and this season, so far, have gone.

  91. LW3H,
    all the goalies benefitted from oversized equipment, not just Hank and JSG. some play styles that it does not matter, others are just more athletic. Hank style is hurt by the smaller pads, and I don’t think he is a very athletic goalie.

  92. JS Giguere, the NHL star of the week and the last remaining NHL player to have suited up for the Hartford Whalers, is having a GREAT start.

  93. I suggested moving Staal for Westgarth and Faulk. It was just a suggestion. But I assume he ends up there anyways so why not get something for him. Those two guys could actually help the Rangers and I don’t think they would see losing Westgarth as losing much.

  94. Not saying he is or isn’t hurt by the equipment changes, bull dog. Point is, any goalie who struggled early was going to have that thrown at them. And Giguere isn’t an athletic-type goalie by any means.

  95. There are no untouchables in this organization.

    I will trade anyone and everyone if it will improve the team.

    Glen is taking a nap.

  96. @AGrossRecord 1m Ranger Rants: Henrik Lundqvist questionable for #NYR game Thursday at Philly…

  97. Also, hope everyone is sitting because I’m about to let you know how to turn a UFA into a legit top 6 forward we badly need.


    Carl Hagelin.

    Wow. Right?

  98. Hobbit, floating, might prosper on fourth line with diggers Dorsett and D Moore. He’s one-way, I think, so he’s here no matter.

  99. (6) For any Player on a One-Way NHL SPC who is [sent to the minors], the [cap hit] [is reduced by] the sum of the Minimum Paragraph 1 NHL Salary and $375,000 for that League Year […] [$925K in 2013-14].

  100. 11.12 Minimum Paragraph 1 Salary. […]

    2012-13 – $525,000

    2013-14 — $550,000

    2014-15 – same

    2015-16 – $575,000

    2016-17 – same

    2017-18 – $650,000

    2018-19 – same

    2019-20 – $700,000

    2020-21 – same

    2021-22 – $750,000

  101. Henry Bumkissed on

    Hank’s struggles have less to do with smaller pads and more to do with his flaws being masked under the defensie systems of Renney and Tortorella.

    I believe that’s the same logic used to undermine Brodeur’s accomplishment of 3 Stanley Cups.

  102. Carolina wouldn’t deal Faulk in a package for staal any day. Faulk will be a beast.

    Watch hank be out a month. Can we just end this miserable season already and get to trade deadline day or free agent frenzy.

    We still haven’t played a home game. Great job msg hope the renovations were worth it. Surprised team didn’t go back to
    Alberta in Btwn jersey and Phil game.

  103. Don’t speak definitely, Eric.

    “No team would ever take on Gomez’s contract, let alone give up a top prospect for him …”

  104. Henry Bumkissed on

    Mattingly has not been fired yet.

    He wants a contract extension so that he’s not a lame duck manager again next season.

  105. You’re right, Henry, I read it wrong. But if you fire a guy’s right hand man, you’re basically pushing him out too, right? Especially after a successful season.

  106. Wow, it’s like last season just rolled over into this one on this blog. Panic strickened/fed up. understandable.

  107. Stranger Nation on

    Hank posturing with AV, refusing to get back into net unless he brings back the puck eating ways of yore. He was much better when his D were preventing shots and he was saving pucks that were traveling 2 feet wide.
    Sorry – but enough of this diva. Signing him to a long term deal would be a mistake IMHO

    and bring up Johnson

  108. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If you move Staal to the canes, the return should be along the lines of ruutu and westgarth or Gleason and westgarth IMHO. Not Faulk.

  109. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Move hank and kreider to buffalo for miller and vanek.

    OPG and hobbit to the leafs for phanuef

    Since we are musing here

  110. I agree, if the rangers are going to make a trade it should be staal because you know he is leaving when his contract is up and they should be able to get a decent return. I also agree that I would not give Lundqvist many years and more than 7.25 mil per year and if the rangers can’t come that agreement they should trade him also. I think Lundqvist has been expose, always thought he was slightly overrated. That seems to happen in New York, overrate players.

  111. Back to the Million dollare -question- musing. Would you move Hank for *one* super star. Like Stamkos or Tavares or Toews or….

  112. This is why sather should now be definitely fired. He decides to bring in a new head coach with a completely different system. That’s the same as blowing it up and starting over again. How many lives does this cat have I ask, ridiculous. If your going to bring in a new coach with new system than you will have to bring in the type of players that will thrive in that system. That means start your engines and start trading players because the ones we have now don’t fit this system.

  113. yes, I would trade hank for that type of quality player and sather can always trade other player/s for a young promising goalie/prospect. How many more times are we going to see the rangers start again and rebuild under Sather is the question of the day?

  114. Henrik Sedin told the Post that one difference between John Tortorella and Alain Vigneault is that Tortorella is in the locker room more after Vigneault let the players manage things.

    Sedin said that Tortorella is in the locker room after every period telling players how they played, what they did well and what they can do better.

    Sedin said, “that’s how you want it to be.”

  115. WFAN interview with Bobby Orr was not bad. Not a lot of direct hockey stuff. Lots of old timers calling in to chat about Orr now.

    Also, Orr told Mike that he does *not* believe in +/- as a stat at all (despite leading everyone at +124).

  116. Tomb – Makes you think what is missing in out locker room, after so many games have slipped away…

  117. Agreed Manny.

    Torts was Taylor Made for a New York State of Mind.

    Sharp, Tough, Spoke his mind, & a little rought around the edges. But he called a spade a spade, never one to sugar coat anything. Gave the best post game interviews.

    The list goes on.

  118. It’s definitely scary though, Sioux. Considering that if the Aves play .500 hockey from here on out they will end up with 89 points and probably clinch a playoff spot. So I assume since we can’t win much of anything, we are in the opposite spot.

    It got late early.

  119. Orr thinks nothing of +/- unless he’s representing a player with platinum +/- figures. :)

  120. I can’t put my finger on the start of the season

    New Coach
    Road Games
    Late Starts
    Cally & Hags injured
    Nash concussed
    NO Kristo or Kreider to start
    Stepan is late to the show
    Rangers getting blown out more than once
    Marty kicked out the door

    I’m really not sure the which way the coach is taking this ship…..

  121. this is not AV’s team. its Torts, and Sather’s team. every coach wants the team built around what he likes to do, with the players he wants. I expect there will be a lot of changes over the next 20 to 25 games. players that fit AV will be brought in. everybody is available for trade

  122. Is this system lost on the players?

    What has Ulf done to our Defense. We were suppose to be one of the “best” “youngest” “top 6 all around”, and now we are in the bottom 3 in points.

    It makes you “feel” like we are rebuilding, but we are not. So you pass the blame on NO Nash, No Cally, No Step, No Home Games, No……

  123. I would move Hank for a young potential star. one of Edmonton’s guys. RNH, Yakapov, or Hall.

  124. Funny how we fans all wanted Torts fired (remember, he “lost” the team and all that) and now we want him back. Let’s see where we are at the midpoint. If we win the next two games we’ll be 4-5 on the road trip. Really that’s not that horrible. Then we got the majority of the schedule at home. And that’s without 3 of our top 6 forwards for a good part of the road trip. I really think this team is more suited to AV’s style than Torts. They just have to learn the system. Remember Washington was pretty awful the first 1/3 of the season last year, until they learned Oates’ system. It takes time.

  125. Bull Dog Not Yak.

    He doesn’t play D at all. Doesn’t hit. and off to a terrible start to the year. Even the coaches in Edmonton benched him for 2 games already.

  126. Wow. I have to agree with “tomg” (not “tomb” although I probably agree with “tomb” as well) that a new coach and new playing style is the exact same as a rebuild. Lindy Ruff would have been less of a rebuild. Gernander would be less.

  127. Next on the concern list is Nash.

    Still nothing. No news. No progress.

    When you look at the hit, and he played another shift after it, it really didn’t look like some of the ones we’ve seen after, now out all these games, and yet to return to the ice.

  128. also as soon as Nash is healthy, and plays a few strong games in a row, I move his ass too.

  129. We’re in *so* much trouble. It’s unconscionable that the team would actually be _this_ bad and _this_ injury ravaged.

  130. Can’t pick. I can’t type today.

    Out of the 15 forwards that have played 7 games.

    Have two of them looked good playing together.

    You would think after a full preseason, and three weeks into the season. We would have two guys with some type of chemistry together.

  131. Doc Talbot’s busy with his part time job in Hartford. So that doesn’t work.

    Or is his part time job, backing up Hank? Since he really hasn’t worked on varsity yet.

  132. If we had a finisher, I’d say “Brassard and _______” because he’s been passing nicely. Maybe THE KREIDER.

  133. Rob in Beantown on

    Missaieieen on pace to set a record for most number one stars on this blog without playing a single NHL game.

  134. funny but I don’t remember ever making a comment that I wanted torts fired. I will admit at one point I did mention it looked like torts lost the team but as soon as Gaborik was traded the team turned it around so I never made another comment about it again and I never complained about torts just like I never complain about Boyle. The funny thing is the one guy on here who wanted torts fired and who complained about Boyle relentlessly all season long has been AWOL this whole season so far. I won’t mention his name. I’m sure carp knows who I’m talking about.

  135. I believe you are speaking of czech. and he has been here. and I doubt his opinion has changed.

  136. “I would move Hank for a young potential star. one of Edmonton’s guys. RNH, Yakapov, or Hall.”

    Yakupov – Euronigma
    Hall – Injury prone
    RNH – looks like an ugly girl, too many names, probably a bust.

    You move Lundqvist, you better get an established STAR in return.

    Lundqvist = Penqueen.

    Malkin = Slewshirt.

  137. Why would anyone give an established star for a goalie with less than a full season left under contract?

  138. Mister D, that’s a good point and the answer is nobody unless part of the deal was that the other team had a window to negotiate a new contract extension before deal was completed which will never happen so the rangers are screwed either way.

  139. “Anybody got any great suggestions on HOCKEY books?”

    Fleury’s book is a wild ride. Not for the faint of heart.

  140. _If we trade for Faulk, would we be able to give two Fa(u)lks with Johnson?_

    I couldn’t give two Fa(u)lks.

  141. “Why would anyone give an established star for a goalie with less than a full season left under contract?”

    For a shot at a cup? Think Lundqvist wouldn’t resign in PIT for Malkin’s money? I could see it happening.

    Won’t happen…but I can think of worse things than Malkin as a Ranger at the cost of Lundqvist.

  142. Manny, Fleury was sexually abused by his hockey coach when he was young, hence the wild ride and probably what the book is about.

  143. IMO Malkin is the best player in the NHL. The dude can even fight even though he rarely will fight but the few I saw him in he won by a land slide. That guy is a monster.

  144. Yeah, that’s sort of the point. A contender can’t trade a legit star for a pending UFA goalie without standing still or stepping back. If we dealt Lundqvist, it would be for a rising star that the other team deems expendable (Jordan Staal from the Pens 2 years ago or someone like that) or a top prospect. Or a Gaborik package. Or this is all a Day 3 off of 4 pointless hypothetical.

  145. “Theo Fleury – Playing With Fire”

    It’s not great literature or anything, but a lot of very crazy stories with an incredible career as the backdrop. I like Fluery a lot but I didn’t really recognize how successful or tough he was in the earlier days, and I didn’t know he had a Sheldon Kennedy thing going on either. It gets pretty detailed on how badly he goes off the rails, how teams tried to track his every move and how he’d get away pure insanity while still performing at an elite level.

    There’s also a documentary that you can find online that kind of follows up on it a little bit…it’s all pretty heavy on the molesting support stuff, but a lot of stuff where he goes back to bad areas where he’d score drugs, goes back to his old NHL rinks and I think I remember they won’t let him inside MSG.

  146. It will be interesting to see what happens with Lundqvist. If the rangers haven’t signed Lundqvist by the trading deadline and it’s obvious there not making the playoffs and will Darth Sather trade him because if he doesn’t trade Lundqvist he will lose him for nothing.

  147. it’s always possible sather can still sign Lundqvist after the season is over but that’s risky.

  148. Thanks tomg.

    But the Penguins still have Crosby and Kunitz and Neal and all those other guys. They are super good. They might be able to afford to lose Malkin since scoring isn’t their issue.

    But would we really want him? Injury history. Despite being the second best player in the NHL. I just get scared of moves.

  149. So wait, while we all know Lundqvist for Malkin is unrealistic…who would be on board for that move?

    Straight up, Lundqvist a Penguin, Malkin a Ranger for the rest of his contract.

  150. And if you wouldn’t swap LQ for Malkin…would you do it for Crosby…rest of the contract…no buyout.

  151. “Anyone who wouldn’t be on board should be kicked off (the message) board. Wow!”

    I’m sure if you asked most Ranger fans, most would say No Trade, keep the “king”.

  152. Given his age and contract status and position and this current roster, there are probably like 100 players in the league I’d take straight up, if not more.

  153. Salty/Manny Read Herb Brooks


    I met John Gilbert at a Wild Game bought the book for my Kid as a Birthday Gift. He was signing them, so I bought it. It’s told from the reporters point of view, as if Carp was hired to follow Herb around as document the miracle team for the Olympics.

    So I tape a $20 bill very carefully to the last page. A year goes by and I ask my son…..
    Dad: Hey can I read this book
    Kid: Sure I’m done with it
    Dad: What did you like best about it?
    Kid: Oh…..maybe The game stories.
    Dad: So you finished it?
    Kid: Yup.
    Dad: So…..you didn’t want the twenty?
    Kid: (Mouth wide open)
    Dad: Hahahahahahaha…….. twenty bucks richer.

    True Story.

  154. before season started I had the rangers going 2-7 on this trip, haven’t changed my mind and that was with Nash and Callahan. I’m confident that 2-7 will be achieved and I would be shocked if it wasn’t achieved.

  155. “100 players in the league I’d take straight up, if not more.”

    That’s pretty heavy…I’d like to know the LAST 25 players of the 100 you’d take straight up

  156. Rangers will be 4-5. Even though I thought they might squeak 1 point out of a tie, or overtime/shootout lose.

    Now not so sure. Cally out, Nash out, Hags out.

    Team doesn’t seem to have a leader that can take over a game.

    Hank had on shutout. So it gives you hope that he still has it.

  157. “100 players in the league I’d take straight up, if not more.”

    That’s pretty heavy…I’d like to know the LAST 25 players of the 100 you’d take straight up if you have the time…you’d probably have to write out the first 75 to get there though.

  158. I don’t see us as a top 8 or so contender for the Cup so the longview makes more sense to me than the short view. Figure on every team there’s 3 or more guys who are better long term roster fits and go from there.

    But I’ll start my own list anyway …

    1. Brandon Prust

    2. Brandon Dubinsky

  159. (Which doesn’t mean I think there are 100 players better than Lundqvist. Far from it. But there are a lot of players I’d rather get 400 games from versus 75 from Lundqvist.)

  160. Rangers hierarchy are having internal discussions about either moving their bowels or moving Hank.

    I suggest they do both, wipe hard then flush this mess before the stink is allowed to fill the freshly renovated Garden.

  161. Lundqvist isn’t going anywhere. This team would be lost in the abyss without him, and Sather knows THAT.

    He will get his contract.

  162. I thought of a few I would trade Hank straight up for.
    Crosby, Malkin, Towes, Kane, Stamkos, Giroux, Ovechkin? Taveras? Karlsen, Lucic? Backes?

  163. to sweeten the pot to move Hank, I would throw Nash in. can’t wait for him to be an ex Ranger.

  164. Bull Dog Line, don’t get me started with Nash. I never wanted him and posted a bunch of times not to trade for him. Unfortunately we are stuck with Nash and that contract.

  165. Until that hobbit looking pug face owner Dolan wakes up and fires that old Yoda looking GM Sather, nothing is going to change. The rangers will never sniff a cup finals.

  166. Not sure the Hobbit is going to get us to the promise land…… now if we put in Kristo for him …… we might have a chance.

  167. Yikes! the #1 problem with this team is turnover, new coach, new players, new system…we need stability!! I’m not ready to throw anyone under the bus…er, blueberries, anyone?

  168. The Doctor is getting bold. Any of those 100 players you would move Hank for a goalie? Serious question.

  169. I would trade Hank for Stamkos, Toews, Malkin, Perry, or Tavares. That’s probably about it…

  170. Manny, c’mon. We own Hank for 75 more games, after that we could always try to sign him again. Or decide 6-8 years on a 32 year old goalie isn’t smart. You *have* to trade that for Backes. Backes is awesome.

  171. Look. I don’t want to trade Hank for ANYTHING. But in a perfect world, and in these musings, I don’t know if Backes would be enough. I love him. He’s like a big, not injured Callahan. He’s just a tiny tier below for me. Tiny.

  172. But I guess if I’m ok with Kopitar I have to be ok with Backes, right? But we need Elliott in return also.

  173. Contract matters, Man(ny). Backes is signed (insanely cheap at $4.5MM) for two more years after this.

    (I don’t want to lose Hank either, I love him. But he’s 32 before this season ends which means the first year of his long term deal is the one where he turns 33. The 4th he turns 36. The 7th (which is assumed) he turns 39. That’s scary. And like Branch Rickey (I think) said, better to trade a player a year too early than a year too late. (Not that it matters because St. Louis, even with a Halak-Elliott murder-suicide, wouldn’t deal Backes for Henrik.))

  174. That’s a great point, The Doctor. I’m very scared of the next Hank contract but I’m just looking for one measly cup. If we get one before Hank turns 40 I will be content. But we are in trouble here. Big trouble.

  175. as far as trade rumors are concerned
    is Sather allowed
    to include in a trade
    a free catered party on the
    MSG Bridge
    as part of a deal?

  176. If Hank doesn’t want to remain a Ranger then he definitely goes to Chicago or Detroit to win. Or….dare I say it…….Pittsburgh.

    I know some of those teams would have to move some players to make it work. But they would.

  177. Alfredsson, Bertuzzi, Eaves, Cleary (All UFa’s for a combined roughly $7.5M) and Weiss ($4.5M) would do it.

  178. Combine that with Quincey and Ericsson (currently injured) also being UFA’s, and if DeKeyser pans out. They are in good shape shedding about $15M in UFA’s alone.

  179. Also Gustavsson comes off the book. So about $16M in UFA money to spend if they re-sign none of them. They can obviously bring up Nyquist to replace someone.

  180. Cool 30 for 30 on Espn right now about John Spano and the islanders. I know it’s the islanders but Its pretty interesting and well done

  181. Matty, I would put Sather on the rack…but that kind of extension is not included in the CBA, and we do have to play by the rules. And his stoogie would smell up the mechanism…the golf balls falling out of his pocket might cause a malfunction right in the middle of it, and then we’re cooked if it fails and he fires me. Sather is not stability…I’m not sure how to characterize it, but not “sthability”

  182. Matty, stability is a nice cool cave for the winter, ’round 58 degrees F until the warm rays of April and May melt the ice. You should try it…

  183. Nash brassard Moore Dorset for gaborik dubi arty erixon and number one.

    How bad does it look more and more each day.

  184. The Nash part looks bad, not the rest. I’m pretty happy having Brassard and Moore on the roster.

  185. I wonder what Sather & Torts would have done after 2012 if they didn’t go for Nash and trade Gaborik.

    That 2012 team really got dismantled. Can’t believe how different they are now. Normally when you’re only two games from the Cup finals, you try and build on that, not change your entire team. Horrible managing.

  186. Brassard is more of the inconsistent guy Columbus hated then the guy who played well in playoffs

  187. Stranger Nation on

    2 games from Cup with Boston knocked out and Pissburg hurting

    Debbies made the playoffs – look at them – nuff said

  188. So that reverse Nash made me curious and the resulting exercise just made me really, really sad. Like sit-in-the-dark-and-listen-to-Elliott-Smith level sad …


    Hell, add back Prust in D. Moore’s spot and I could burst into tears at any second. Each of the top 3 lines has a passser, a creativity guy and a guy not shy with the body. There’s atleast seven who could go for 20 without it being a major outlier. Ugh. I’m sick. I’m going to go do sick stuff. Bye.

  189. _Brassard is more of the inconsistent guy Columbus hated then the guy who played well in playoffs_

    Brassard is two Pouliot finishes away from being an assist per game player on a pretty terrible offensive team. He’s not your problem.

  190. That team should have never been fugged with. Huge mistake. Build from it through FA and/or prospects.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m being a negative nancy, but I don’t see this team getting back to that any time soon, until some big changes are made.

  191. That’s why I’m hoping we’re either great or sellers. You keep Callahan to lead, but move King and Girardi for legit top 9 / top 4 kids who can be here for a while. The Gaborik trade, while weird, was exactly the type of long-run move we needed.

  192. The only move that should be made is to completely clean house. Fire Sather and all management. Start over. Hire consultants. 13 years of mediocrity without a Cup (with only one very good season and a laundry list of errors) should be enough to get them all canned…

  193. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I still say Nash got his squash squashed in the fight with hanzal, it just ended so abruptly.

  194. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – you think that was the play – didn’t think he got tagged in that tilt with his “hug and hope” strategy

  195. Does it bother anyone else watching Artie and Gaby on a line together on the Blue Jackets? Wouldn’t they fit better in AV’s ‘system’? LOL…do we have guys that can skate like that?

    I don’t know…I don’t really feel the same about missing Dubinsky…probably because he was almost a complete “non-factor” and had one of his worst seasons in 2012.

  196. _I don’t really feel the same about missing Dubinsky…probably because he was almost a complete “non-factor” and had one of his worst seasons in 2012._

    Stats wise – yes…but the kid was heart and soul of the team and played hard through injuries that haunted him for the past few seasons before he got traded.

  197. HA!!! HA!!! Islanders tie game with less than a minute to play. Jackets islanders could be 2 and 3 in the division this year and make the playoffs.

  198. I missed Dubinsky before he was gone and now I miss him more. Rangers fan as a kid who you couldn’t question the care level of? C’mon. The Dubinsky hate was more shameful than the current Boyle hate.

  199. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think it did happen then. I think he tried to play through it and next game the hit solidified it

  200. Mister D, what would you think of trying to trade Boyle & Girardi as a package at the trade deadline? I think that could net some nice returns. My preferred situation would be TOR being in serious contention and sending us Biggs and Gardiner. Pipe dream, maybe, but that’s all us Rangers fans can do.

  201. MDZ, Zucc, Dorsett, Biron, Pullout , Pyatt and a 7th rounder for Malkin, Crosby, Neal, LeTang and Scuderi.

    If neccessary, I’ll even throw in Strallsie, but then I’ll have too pull back MDZ or the deal is off.

  202. I worry about Nash. Some people become concussion prone. If he goes on IR, look out. Hope he’s not walking down Savard or Sauer lane.

    Cleaning house. It’s always an interesting idea. I bet Mac, Staal, Girardi, Cally, Step and the King for sure could all bring some big time returns. But those are always risky. You trade Henry for potential and that’s it. A waiting game. This team is just so challenged up front. Can they fix that and keep the back end together to create a real team? Dunno.

  203. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather shouldn’t be cleaning house unless you give him a toilet brush and a bottle of Lysol.

  204. “It’s easy to grin
    when your ship comes in
    and you’ve got the stock market beat.
    But the man worthwhile
    is the man who can smile
    when his shorts are too tight in the seat.”

    “Ok Pookie. Do the honors”

  205. Stranger Nation on

    If Nash is done it may be time to walk the Trail of Tears and rip this thing up
    If Darth Savior is the GM next season I will go AWOL

    Goodnight Irene, turn out the lights because the Fat Lady is singing and Elvis has left the building

  206. Latona: If you’re out or a longshot at the deadline, you trade the UFAs and build for the future. Even my man Boyle.

  207. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “When the tides of life turn against you, and the current upsets your boat. Don’t waste those tears on what might have been, just lay on your back and float.”

  208. duckbillplatypus on

    The duckbill was a big fan of Dubi….but the best Ranger of all is still here: Latona…that is all!™

    Good night, olde sports!

    Kindly regarding,
    Le Duck

  209. Been thinking about it a little… If at next years draft day for example, Slats decides to offer Nash to the rest of the league for draft picks… I’m fairly confident that there would be teams under the $$$cap that would trade at least two number one draft picks for Nash. Conversely, I don’t see any teams giving away even one number one draft pick for the players Sather traded in the Nash deal.

    As for Lundqvist, Sather is in an interesting situation… The Rangers can sign their own UFA Lundqvist for eight years, while all other teams can only sign him for seven years max. So if Sather cant sign Hank to a five or six year contract (like he’d prefer to do) before this years trade deadline, does Slats then sign The King for seven or eight years or does he trade his UFA rights to a team that will?

  210. I learned from – Miss McGill many things, but for some reason I remember her telling me once that the duck billed platypus was a mammal even though it was an egg layer.

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