Rangers recall Chris Kreider, Brandon Mashinter, Cam Talbot; send Powe, Missiaen to Hartford (AHL)


From the NYR:


Darroll Powe and Jason Missiaen Assigned To Hartford

NEW YORK, October 20, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forwards Chris Kreider and Brandon Mashinter, and goaltender Cam Talbot from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL), while forward Darroll Powe and goaltender Jason Missiaen have been assigned to Hartford.

Kreider, 22, has tallied a point in four of six games with Hartford this season. He is tied for the Wolf Pack lead with two power play goals, ranks second on the team with 16 shots, is tied for third with two goals, and fourth with four points. Kreider began the season with a three-game point streak from October 5 against Norfolk to October 11 against Adirondack, registering two goals and one assist over the span.

The Boxford, Massachusetts native was originally selected by the Rangers as a first round choice, 19th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

Mashinter, 25, is currently on a three-game assist streak with Hartford, and has tallied an assist in five of six contests this season. He ranks second on the team and is tied for seventh in the AHL with five assists. He also ranks second on the Wolf Pack with a plus-three rating and third with five points.

The Bradford, Ontario native was acquired by the Rangers from San Jose in exchange for Tommy Grant and a conditional draft pick on January 16, 2013. He was originally signed by the Sharks as an undrafted free agent on March 3, 2009.

Talbot, 26, swept a back-to-back set on Friday against Manchester and yesterday at Portland, stopping a combined 69 of 74 shots faced (.932 save percentage) in the two wins. He has won each of his last four AHL contests, and is 4-0-1 with a 2.49 goals against average and .924 save percentage in five games this season. Talbot is currently tied for the league lead with four wins and ranks third in the AHL with 158 saves, while he leads the Wolf Pack in goals against average and save percentage. Talbot dressed as Henrik Lundqvist’s backup in the Rangers’ 2-0 win on Wednesday at Washington.

The Caledonia, Ontario native originally signed with the Rangers as an undrafted free agent on March 30, 2010.

Powe, 28, was credited with one hit in 8:33 of ice time in the Rangers’ 4-0 loss yesterday at New Jersey. He returns to Hartford where he has notched one goal in four contests this season. Powe tallied the game-tying goal with one second remaining in regulation of the Wolf Pack’s season opener, a 3-2 shootout loss on October 5 against Norfolk.

The Saskatoon, Saskatchewan native was acquired by the Rangers, along with Nick Palmieri, from Minnesota in exchange for Mike Rupp on February 4, 2013. He was originally signed by Philadelphia as an undrafted free agent on March 24, 2007.

Missiaen, 23, dressed as Henrik Lundqvist’s backup in the Rangers’ 4-0 loss yesterday at New Jersey, following his recall from Hartford on Thursday. He returns to Hartford where he has posted a win in his only appearance this season, stopping 23 of 26 shots in a 4-3 victory on October 6 against Albany.

The Chatham, Ontario native signed with the Rangers as a free agent on March 24, 2011. He was originally selected by Montreal as a fourth round choice, 116th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.


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  1. re-post.
    yes, tommy, in theory. … but they won’t be out of the playoff picture at the deadline. If they’re sure they won’t re-sign him, they would still only trade him for a big return, I think.

  2. Finally upper management opens its eye and brings up the big boy.

    My goodness, what took so long to bring back The Kreider?!

  3. Does this mean The Kreider is here to stay? I thought they weren’t going to you with his emotions anymore?

  4. Frankly, I’m surprised Miami Pimp has only 3 comments, or as they should be called Kriments. Having sad that, I have to add: It’s about time.

  5. repost:

    the rangers would be fools not to call up a young promising scorer and a hard working player who can fight when needed. That’s what they are lacking. I’ve said it before and will say it all season. sather won’t sit back, he will try whatever it takes to get the rangers going.
    October 20th, 2013 at 5:41 PM

  6. Hallelujah! The Rangers are saved! Miami is saved! The Metropolitan Division is saved!;>))

  7. A step in the right direction.

    Monster Mash needed for the Flyers.

    Kreider needs to be in the top 6, here’s hoping he can hit the ground running.

    I’m thinking he comes in for Fast.

  8. We all sing glory, glory hallelujah to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner! Bring out the trumpets and trombones! Il Jubile…Il jubile…all rejoice!

  9. Hold up a minute. This call-up has not been approved by eddie3X. Rumors that one of the call-ups may be a Republican. :)

  10. I’m not getting my hopes up at this point…so many changes and players who haven’t played much together…this is one big challenge, in my view. Let’s hope AV can work some magic (last game would seem a little more like black magic that backfired).

  11. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Did not watch the game last night. And, I am pleased to report so.

    Pleased to hear THE Kreider is back up. He, Miller, and Kristo may be our only young players that can play at some level in the NHL. From what coach said 6 days ago, The Kreider must have learned a lot very quickly because just 6 days ago he wasn’t ready and that’s one reason why they brought up Powe. Hmmm……. The lack of NHL depth is showing throughout this well run organization.

    I see many negative comments here about our GM, so I won’t pile on. Youse all know how I have felt for quite a while.

  12. Cleaned the gutters, cleaned the gutters. Some broken slats on my old ladder. Did I say broken Slats?

  13. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    It’s been proven over and over again in this league. We have seen it here in New York before. If your team cannot defend itself, it affects the spine, the core, of the team. It’s a plague. The team’s psyche spirals downward. We are in the midst of that.

    Whatever ‘toughness’ is left organizationally, at the risk of poor quality, some must be brought up. Players like Haley, Bickel, Mashinter or McIlrath (am I missing any one of our stud ‘tough’ players? Zucc? Fast(h)? (S)?).

    Keep an average but rigid defenseman like Falk and get rid of Stralman. Get tougher to play against.

    It is deflating for guys like Step and Nash to have to defend themselves.

    (no, this is not our only problem. it is one of so many. this would only be a band aid)

  14. Coos, you’re just bangin out the to do list. Good man.

    This was a bit of good news to hear this afternoon. It’s a POSITIVE step, so at least we got that going for us…

  15. Just wondering, when Hagelin comes back in nine days, if Mashinter or Kreider or Miller or Fast goes back, or this time will they really get rid of somebody else who’s not playing well?

    And who comes out Thursday if those two recalls play. One forward too many. And one D.

  16. Stranger Nation on

    MZA would be my guess and Stralsie if MEZ is over his head cold.


  17. ‘Just finish cleanin’ out that room –
    Let’s see that dust fly with that broom –
    Get all that garbage out of sight –
    Or you don’t go out Friday night.’

  18. Hank throws old coach under bus…….

    New coach throws Hank under bus………

    What goes around……

  19. Kreider has to make the most of this opportunity. We know he can play at a high level (playoffs 2012)now he has to prove it.

  20. I’m happy until they roll out Mashinter-Moore-Kreider for 7:00 on Thursday night. Then I’m not happy.

  21. This is interesting

    @esbbob: Chris Kreider, called up by #NYR, has played in more Stanley Cup playoff games (26) than NHL regular-season games (23).

  22. Never seen an organization treat its talented, developing young players like journeymen, so that, in effect, they become journeymen, as does Sather’s Rangers. Forget Edmonton’s current W-L record, there is an organization which will be winning a Cup or three light years before the Rangers get beyond the divisional playoff level, if they even reach it anytime soon.

    Of course Kreider will have a couple poor/tentative performance games and get bounced right back to Hartford. It’s the Sather way – no patience and no foresight. Just bring in overpriced FA trash every year and treat you own kids like crap.

  23. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    Dom “what do you mean I can’t use my glove” Moops needs to be gone and we need Haley in his place. I don’t understand why he is not up here yet.

    I would rather see kristo (easy sioux) than kreider.

    I know I’m going to get heat for this one, but I’d like to see a Dorsett on the second line.

  24. Tabot should play and get few wins Might strengthen Henrik ‘s head Man he s been god awful

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – would go with Dorsett on Line 2 in a second *and* Haley on line 3 or 4 – dude can motor and is playing responsibly. He may have been unfairly tainted as a wild child in his Icelander stint given association with Trevor (not HOF Clark) Gilles

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Carpy diem – got to think Gabby is extra motivated tonite against his ‘buddy’ Tortles

  27. how about Dorsett on no line I would consider Haley We’re playing like freeken pansies No swagger hitting, checking. we re playing a system betweenrt Torts s and AV s. The Mashdman may help He was playing well in Hartford

  28. About time someone called out Hank.

    Hank should learn from Callahan to be a better teammate.

    In postgame interviews, Cally takes responsibility for team shortcomings, even if he deserves little blame.

    Hank always talks about the team’s defensive lapses, scoring issues, with the occasional “I need to step up and play better” sprinkled in.

    As the best player on the team, it’s Hank’s job to shoulder the responsibility and take the pressure off his teammates.

  29. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I can absolutely see hank having a Roy esqe melt down this season and going all slap shot on the rangers “trade me right Falking now”

  30. and if you guys think what AV said last night was “calling out” Lundqvist, you really need to reassess your definition of “calling out.”

  31. Did I win.

    I think I was closest to 4-0 by having 3-0 and nailing the ranger shots identically at 22

  32. I really hope Kreider and Mashinter are ready to play NHL minutes could use their size and Kreider’s speed and shot and Mashinter’s toughness. Hope they don’t deserve to be sent back down and earn permanent spots on the team.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Gabby was a great goal scorer, not just good to very good when healthy according to Corsi

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Mashinter was lost in the ozone in preseason with pace of play. Looked like traffic cop in neutral zone.
    Would rather have Haley, but Mash is a heavyweight and we need that. heck , we need both of them and no more Gomer Pyatt.

  35. Would love to see AV have sather go after one or some combination of Kassian, Kessler or Bieksa. However, I don’t any of the following players bringing any of those players East: Hag, MZA, MDZ, D. Moore, Fast or Kristo. Would hate to see Mac, Staal, Girardi, Stepan or Cally go in a trade. So maybe no trade but it would be nice if they traded Bieksa and Kessler for Fast and MDZ. Maybe somebody could dose Gillis’ tea before Sather calls?

  36. Mashinter is actually good in the AHL. He’s one of the Wolfpack’s better scorers and better PP forwards. He’s young. He can learn hopefully.

  37. What AV should have done was tell sather to bring in Mason Raymond on tryout before leafs did. Blazing speed. Easy top 6 player with rangers.

  38. I remember asking for Mason Raymond, Eric and being roundly laughed at around here. I love his speed and his ability to start odd man rushes. But we got Dom Moore….

  39. eric, final score must be exact in the contest. no winner. do-over.

    Sioux, depends if Mashinter goes in too. If only one goes in, nobody comes out because Powe is gone.

  40. I would think, though, that they will both play in Philly (unless Kreider somehow gets himself demoted during practice this week).

  41. Fast should be in Hartford playing on Lindberg’s wing, developing a Swedish connection which in a year’s time with the addition of Carl Hagelin will form a super awesome third line!

  42. Just let the Swedes dominate the NHL with their goon style of play. We could three HaGOONlins

  43. Remember when we were worried about how many guys on this team could end up playing in the Olympics?


  44. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mashinter is not a heavyweight fighter, a light heavyweight perhaps. A heavy middleweight is his proper “class” when you evaluate his ability.

  45. @helenenothelen: Dustin Penner was knocked out briefly after hit to jaw, according to Ducks. Now said to have full mobility, walking under own power.

    @helenenothelen: But Penner is still under evaluation, per Ducks.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Mashinter is listed at 6’4″ 235 lbs – I believe that is heavy weight size. Whether he can throw with the titans is another question.
    BTW – he is also a lefty…

  47. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    I am not surprised that Clowe is out with a ‘head injury’.

    I am pissed we wasted a 2013 2nd and 3rd round pick (in a good draft, not to say we would know what to do with them, anyway) and were so off base as to think we would get to the finals (why? we were so close he would put us over the top? we were that close last year?? are we a bit delusional?) or re-sign him and give up a 2014 2nd rounder, too.

    Whew!! Speak of fleeced!!

  48. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Leetchie, we lose vs. Philly, and opening night the following Monday should be quite interesting.

  49. I don’t think Mashinter is up here specifically for toughness. He’s not a very skilled fighter. He’s got some size and some pop. He’s more of a Boyle type but, although smaller, plays larger.

  50. I’m really interested to see him under a new coach. He looked very timid and scared under Tort. I wonder if he looks more like Mashinter under Vigneault.

  51. here’s to hoping that Kreider gets a
    REAL chance
    rather than on 3rd or 4th line
    and here’s to hoping
    that he plays in such a way
    that he doesn’t give AV any
    reason to send him back down.

  52. Jpg: would you rather see a Rangers game with the Grateful Dead or would you rather see a Grateful Dead concert with some Rangers players?

    Meaning you are attending the event with the band or players as friends. Watching together.

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think mashinter is a bit better than voros.

    Every player looks “bad” when they fight out of their “class”. Voros was a middleweight fighter IMHO. When he fought other guys his class he did fine, when he would fight heavyweight class guys he was just over matched.

    Dorsett fights out of his class a lot..A LOT. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much choice!

  54. iManny

    i’m a music junkie above all else
    go see Grateful Dead
    with Ranger players

    i’ll always remember seeing Bill Waltons’s
    outstretched arms as he enjoyed Furthur
    at MSG back in 2010

  55. I watched Voros at UAF.

    his leg thing was pretty sad.

    I thought he may have NHL potential……

    he made it for a while…pretty good for the CCHA.

    I think 3% of them play in even one NHL game. for UAF its probably less than 1%.

  56. Lets hope THE Kreider gets a chance on one of the top 2 lines. Its clear that Pyatt and Pouliot can’t seem to raise their games above the 3rd line level.
    Time to see if Kreider and Miller can hack the extra pressure for a couple of games and then Hagelin should be ready to go next week.

  57. Remember when a few people here were comparing Voros to Adam Graves? LOL! That was so funny!

    They thought it would be just like when NYR got graves. He went from a 10 goal scorer to a 20-30 goal scorer.

    Then the whole Dan Fritsche thing, etc. What a funny year that was on RR.

  58. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    well, I guess Voros wasn’t the next Adam Gravey after all.

    However, we DO have some rockin’ hot prospects on our team that WILL become who they should:

    Fast (h) —– Gretzky (undoubtedly, showing some signs already)
    Zucc’s —– Marty St. Louis (well, he is about his size, isn’t he?)
    Miller, JT —– Messier (he centers and wears a number close to 11)
    McIlrath —- Beuke (he is the next coming of)

    So, as you can see, the drafting has been excellent. We just have to wait for these guys to ‘bloom’.

  59. Good morning, boneheads!

    Late to the party, I guess. But glad to see Kreider back. Mashinter, from what I understand, has been playing well in Hartford. As long as we do not expect Mashinter to replace Nash, and as long as we decide to live with Kreider’s mistakes, we’ll be ok.

    I believe it’s time to send Fast back to AHL once Hagelin returns. No, Fast doesn’t look out of place, and he is responsible defensively. But this isn’t his game. He needs to be an offensive player, and he needs to create. He needs to play top line minutes in AHL and get his offensive confidence back.

  60. Cannot wait for The Kreider to tear-it-up. He’ll be leading the league in scoring within a month. Beast amongst men (or in the case of NYR, boys)

  61. The Kreider will show these quail-egg-eating pansies (aka the Rangers squad) why he’s the real deal.

  62. Jeezus – still 2 more away games to go!
    Not looking forwards to the Detroit game unless we get Nash back and THE Kreider starts scoring – it could be a very muted homecoming otherwise.

  63. I bet we get dumped by Philadelphia then play a near flawless game against Detroit. We’ll win in a shootout so Carp can ask how we’d sound if they’d lost the shootout. All will be right but very wrong.

  64. Can we go with Stepan centering Miller and Kreider? Just seems like a good blend of size, speed, hands and scoring to me.

    Pyatt/Moore/Mashinter or DD

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Buck Richards/Step On it NOW/Pullout
    The Kreider/Brass Hard/Mr Dorsett
    Miller Time/Bole/Fast-n-Faster
    Gomer Pyatt/Not Moore/Monster Mash

    sit MZA, make sure to get a booster seat

  66. I’d love to see Brassard in between the kids but I don’t think I could handle the meltdown if Philadelphia scored against them.

  67. I think they would react more like the Big Lebowski after a terrible loss in Philly. “[Byfuglien] it Dude, Let’s go Bowling”

  68. Let me tell you, when even Larry Brooks is talking about the loss of Carl Hagelin as something that’s a problem, your team has a real problem. Absence makes the player grow better, huh? Hagelin isn’t about to carry anything upon his return.

  69. I think from a medical point of view, the best way to approach the Nash situation is to let him sit a couple of months or so *after* he is fully free of symptoms. Disregard the routine testing, ImPACT program ( which has been significantly questioned by many, and for a reason), and have him sit it out. There is too much invested in him to let it become recurrent problem.

  70. By the way, if Clowe indeed sustained another concussion, you can say that Lou’s gamble didn’t work out. This could be it, especially with his style of play.

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    You know the Rangers are in trouble when it is starting to be a question of whether Richards’ or Nash’s contract is more of an albatross

  72. Yea. Good point, ilb. We could just LTIR Nash forever.

    And you’re right. It’s Curling: ”[Byfuglien] it Dude, Let’s go [Curling]”

  73. Carp, Rangers finally called up Kreider.

    Now the coach needs to give Kreider and Miller plenty of minutes and let them learn and grow. My Dad who is 82 watched some of the Devils debacle and said the guys they miss is Dubinsky. He cracks the corners and is a great forechecker. I agree even though he never scored enough for my liking I whish they could get him back. or a player like him or Prust.

  74. The neanderthal thinking is unattractive.

    Instead of referring to rules as pansification, appreciate that they are designed for protection.

    Protection > Pansification

  75. Would it be crazy to predict a Henrik for Luongo trade at the deadline?
    If Rangers can’t sign him before then?

  76. This roster is already comprised of too many dispensable players like Prust and DubinskyAdd Your Comment

  77. There isn’t enough words to describe fans that disagree with player safety. Neanderthal, nitwit, numskullAdd Your Comment

  78. Everyone’s too serious these days. No one here wants players to get injured. Except Carcillo, Cooke, and Rinaldo.

  79. Lol, Gravy. Man. Some of you guys just don’t really understand Hockey. I don’t understand why the people that come around here don’t just buy a season pass to the Swedish Elite League and watch some “all skill” hockey games on larger ice.

  80. Yes, once Sather is eventually fired, then we can all dust off and proudly display our old 1994 banners that read “NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE”

  81. The Swedish League is a great league for FAST skaters that don’t check.

    I hear Zucc & Fast type players do really well over there!

  82. _“Except Carcillo, Cooke, and Rinaldo.” Stay classy…_

    Somebody turned their sarcasm radar off.

  83. @AlexRosenPOTP 35s

    Prust is out 4 weeks with a right shoulder injury. Another tough blow for the depleted Habs.

  84. Ever notice throughout NHL hockey history that a lot of young, mediocre offensive players, by playing with an edge, a bit nasty, and willing to drop gloves in a second, often become mature players who become large or large-ish scorers? They get a little more ice-room and lighter checking.

  85. I got a cute pumpkin and I’m turning it into a jack- o-lantern. Anybody got a problem with that? :)

  86. LGY, I am talking about players with jam and passion. Rangers have too many passengers who won’t go into the corner or stand in front of the net to make a play.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    This NHL schedule is awful. 3 games tonight, 8 games tomorrow, 2 games Wednesday, 10 games Thursday? Who planned it that way?

  88. Was just there on Saturday, Manny, actively not watching the game against the Devils. Great place.

  89. Henry Bumkissed on

    Let’s pretend that premise as true, that mediocre players become nasty, then become better players over time.

    Do you really think that correlation implies causation?

    It’s not that the players matured and developed skills in time, it’s that they became nasty which caused their better play. What kind of idiocy is that?

    I said abra cadabra, and it just started raining. Therefore, it must mean that it will rain every time I say abra cadabra.

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Henrik Lundqvist given today off from #NYR practice.


  91. I was with a lawyer friend. Was afraid you two might start talking and I’d feel left out and sad.

  92. Henry Bumkissed on

    Do you think that by increasing the nasty in your comments, you might become more successful?

    Not working.

  93. I’m really sorry, The Doctor. You’re right. I would totally do that. I am a horrible, horrible person.

  94. See. So I saved both my college friendship with him and my internet friendship with you by maintaining separation. Foresight.

    (The beer list there is just wonderful. We did Barcade, Union Hall and some other place a block from Barclays as well and the best of those 3 couldn’t beat Bierkraft’s.)

  95. Henry, what if nastiness is a trait of a good player? If that’s a positive and un-nastiness is a negative, then becoming nastier would, by definition, make you a better player.

    (It probably just makes you more popular with the fans, if anything. But still, worth considering. Since its Monday and we don’t have a game until Thursday, not because its really worth considering.)

  96. Those are some really great digs. I live near Prospect Park. I have a great beer list in my apartment as well as a nicely stocked wine rack. I mean, if you’re ever in the area and your jeans tear because they’re too tight and you’re embarrassed to stay out and you need a friend who understands “skinny jean problems” etc…..

    We can ride my single speed bike, sew patches onto stuff and wear clear eyeglasses.

  97. I was actually told by him “you have the uniform down except your jeans aren’t tight enough”. Like I said, I’m too old to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

    Emailing in 2 unless you post here “NO DON’T THAT’S A SPAM ACCOUNT I THOUGHT YOU’D GET THE JOKE”

  98. It’s not Spam! It’s my “anonymous” e-mail that I use for fantasy sports. It began when I named my baseball team “The Black Crackers” after the Atlanta Black Crackers which was the Negro League version of the Atlanta Crackers. Its was my ode to the Negro League because of the people I am in a league with.

  99. CTR, that’s a nice idea, but if he plays them and loses again and again, do you really think fans are going to be happy that they are learning and growing?

  100. @AGrossRecord 1m

    Other lines: Miller-Brassard-Pouliot, Pyatt-Boyle-Zuccarello, Mashinter-D. Moore-Dorsett

    I would move Dorsett up over Pyatt and I might even move Richards back to Center to get a little more depth there….but….

  101. @PLeonardNYDN 2m

    Mashinter working his way into forward rushes. Del Zotto back with JMoore, McD & Girardi, Staal & Stralman. Falk and Hagelin extras

  102. Manny, happy to hear that, like me, you’re a beer lover. I’m very particular to stouts and while in Italy this summer I discovered an Italian brew called Gairloch. Absolutely de-lish. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere here. Ever heard of it or, more importantly, know where I can get it? I would be indebted to you for life.

  103. @PLeonardNYDN 2m

    Hamr Time stops @PeterBotte RT @bartic63: Roman Hamrlik announces retirement after 20 NHl seasons today. http://bit.ly/1b7uELt

    @PLeonardNYDN 2m

    Hamr Time stops @PeterBotte RT @bartic63: Roman Hamrlik announces retirement after 20 NHl seasons today. http://bit.ly/1b7uELt

    @PLeonardNYDN 2m

    Hamr Time stops @PeterBotte RT @bartic63: Roman Hamrlik announces retirement after 20 NHl seasons today. http://bit.ly/1b7uELt

    @PLeonardNYDN 2m

    Hamr Time stops @PeterBotte RT @bartic63: Roman Hamrlik announces retirement after 20 NHl seasons today. http://bit.ly/1b7uELt

    @PLeonardNYDN 2m

    Hamr Time stops @PeterBotte RT @bartic63: Roman Hamrlik announces retirement after 20 NHl seasons today. http://bit.ly/1b7uELt

  104. I made the move back to “straight leg” a few years back, but I think that’s as far as I can go.

  105. Totally agree, The Doctor. Totally. I don’t get how it’s 1st line NHL and then AHL and then back and forth and back and forth. Savior, Whipping Boy, Savior, Whipping Boy…over and over. That’s how I treated a lot of my girlfriends growing up and it didn’t end well.

    Re: BEER. Sounds awesome Heave. I have recently discovered that Italian wines are not horrible. That’s been fun. I’m a huge fan of alcohol in general (not like I get wasted I mean it’s delicious and very fun).

  106. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a contract this season and it was just a foregone conclusion he would retire

  107. Gravy: Straight leg (being the Levi’s 514, still slim but straight) is a brutal change. Maybe you’re just getting fat? Maybe you have just done too many calf exercises, I don’t know the particulars. All I’m saying is, the switch can get brutal.

    I will never, ever switch from 511 and other SLIM jeans. Lord help me if I cannot fit in them because I WILL NEVER SAY DIE!

  108. Seriously, though. Am I the only one thinking that moving Richards back to Center might be a good idea so that we get a little Depth?

  109. Manny, I think we’re talking about opposite directions (although the waist has increased an inch or two as well). I moved from “loose” or “boot cut”, to straight leg. I’m not hip-ster- enough to pull off slim.

  110. Manny, I think their is more of a depth problem on the wings, and Richards has simplified his game there.

  111. THE KREIDER is a top 6 forward. He is useless as a checking forward, he has the speed, he just doesn’t hit or play defense away from the puck.

    To bad he doesn’t have more “Cally” in him.

  112. Do you have anything left in the Tank after Manny’s Manitoba Murder’s KILLED you last week?

  113. I got killed in the Goalie department. LW’s got the cream puffs, I got killed by the top teams.

  114. Stranger Nation on

    The Kreider was playing the body more in pre-season. His challenges are mostly mental. Chris, dont’ think…just skate

    That third line is a freak show:
    Gomer Pyatt – Olive (B)oyle – Fried Zucchini

  115. Nash out, Boyle injured, Gabby Flu, Yak nothing gave him to Manny – at least he got a game out of him.

    It has to be a better week for BOTH of us :)

  116. put miller with brasard and fast behind the top line of stepan kreider richards.

    pyatt boyle pouliot
    zuccarello moore dorsett/mashinter

  117. Stranger Nation on

    To repeat – sit MZA (remembering booster seat)

    Move Dorsett up to line 3 (at least, maybe 2)

    Bring up the ‘Comet’ to play 4th line

  118. i would have signed back in july and the last few weeks with a 4-5 roadtrip. 8 of 18 pts. lets be honest they arent beating detroit. get a split 3-6 and live with it and then get booed by me and about 18,200 on monday night.

  119. Then Hags will be back, hopefully Nash in a week, then 10 games at home. Cally healthy sooner than later.

    Kreider has a real chance to stake his claim on this team.

    If Kristo keeps scoring goals down below, he will get his chance soon enough.

  120. “I just don’t see how Kreider can go AHL to 1st line without one of those being incorrect.”

    what a remarkable observation (no sarcasm whatsoever). Great point, Mister.

  121. been going to games for 35 yrs. I’m going to Philly Thrus. don’t remember any less hype for a game between these two. Lucky the ticket is free. Hard to watch.

  122. I only use Levi’s style numbers because this is USA and that’s what we do here in the good ole USA. We make our American products in China and charge exorbitant prices for them in Times Square.


  123. Carp, Fans will not be happy.

    Fans what will be fans. But it is time to find out what these guys can do instead of yo-yoing them back and forth to Hartford. No 4th lines let them play. What are the options? Powe? Haley? Asham? We know what we getting with these guys. This might just be a year the Rangers take a step back, but we have to find out if these “prospects” have a place in NYR future.

  124. Putting Kreider on the 1st line makes sense when your other options are along the lines of Pouliot and Pyatt.

  125. Prust out a month for Montreal injured shoulder.

    I rather Kristo and hrivik come up and lose with them then pyatt zucc Boyle Moore pouliot. We know what these guys are by now which is not much of anything. I can’t bear to watch zucc and pyatt any longer.

  126. Eminger Update!

    @JimCerny 1m Now official…good luck to a good guy #Emmy RT @IgorEronko: Steve Eminger signed 1-year deal with #CSKA of #KHL

  127. You might be new to the blog if you wonder…

    1) why -Carp- everyone is 26
    2) why someone keeps posting here if the team is so bush-league
    3) what WBM (c) stands for
    4) if CCCP is from Mother Russia
    5) if Manny, Mannu, Nanny, etc. the same person
    6) what coos and e3 are talking about at 2AM
    7) how Nasty winds *everything*
    8) who’s this “Sally” that Carp always says good morning to


  128. @KatieStrangESPN 1m

    #NYR Vigneault said that Chris Kreider will play a top-six role. His speed and skill are an asset right now, especially considering injuries

  129. _Today is a big day for people not understanding the intricacies of this blog._

    Manny, *vibin*

  130. Vibin’

    Great list. Very Jeff Foxworthy…maybe we should make up some of those like…

    “You might be a Bonehead if, your dog tears up your couch and you yell at him, “You Byfuglien piece of Carcillo! Holy Silfverberg!”

  131. “You might be a bonehead, if you can find Avery’s skates in the Hudson, just so you can get them Bronzed”

  132. You might be a Bonehead if….you vote for the backup goalie who didn’t play in the game as a Star of the game.

  133. You might be a bonehead, if you find a Buffalo Baby Buffalo Bonehead for the BlogFather, and hang it on your wall until it’s time to be Charped.

  134. Is it fair to say “Kreider belongs on *our* first line but doesn’t belong on *a* first line”?

  135. AV says of retired @martybiron43: “he’s the ultimate team guy…he was really respected and loved by his peers… just not by me.”

  136. _Is it fair to say “Kreider belongs on our first line but doesn’t belong on a first line”?_


    You might be a Bonehead, if you’ve been Carped.

  137. “You might be a Bonehead if….you vote for the backup goalie who didn’t play in the game as a Star of the game.”

    This is me.

  138. You might be a bonehead if you understand the comment “I’ve been hearing the Rangers are about to make a HUGE trade and I’ll fill you in with all the details as soon as its announced – Rod”

  139. “I had chances on this road trip. I need to put em in. It’s really that simple.” said by everyone on this team

  140. You might be a bonehead if…..you have heard of the Mayan Astronomers in the Mexican Women’s League and you think they are probably better than the NY Rangers.

  141. With The Kreider now on the first line, this team is primed to take over the division lead. It’s inevitable.

    The missing piece is (well, one was The Kreider, of course) Eric Christensen. We need to get that horse back in the stable and this team becomes unstoppable.

  142. Manny!

    Excellent reference, particularly since I also just referred to Erica Christensen (who we all remember played for the Mayan Astronomers)

  143. I’m going to now post something optimistic about our forwards. Once everyone is healthy, we could have a best case like this …


    If you ignore Pouliot as LW2, its potentially really solid. And if you like Kreider at LW2 and Kristo at LW3, even better. And even more ridiculously rose colored glasses, but something has to give in terms of offensively talented kids playing over proven-but-proven-to-be-4th-line vets.

  144. Manny, I was shocked at how good that Italian beer was. Got any suggestions where I might procure some of this “nectar of the Gods”?

    How is it that fashion is being discussed w/o Avery’s name coming up?

    I’m voting that you take your questions and turn it into a Bonehead FAQ.

  145. Stranger Nation on

    If Pyatt sits we give up more goals?
    Not sure on that one
    Kristo can outscore Pyatt, Fast and Zucchini? Well yes, but… to quote Billy Preston., “Let it Be”. I mean, “nothing from nothing means nothing” Or as JR would say, “infinity is just another number”

  146. Stranger, I know its deferential of me, but if AV didn’t think Pyatt were key to goal prevention, do you think he’d even be on the roster? Granted, it still might not be worth it, but his zone start and QoC numbers say he’s being entrusted with a major defensive role.

  147. I only know of a few beer outlets in NYC. There is one in the Bronx: http://www.yelp.com/biz/eagle-provisions-brooklyn

    And this one in Brooklyn: http://www.americanbeerbuzz.com/?

    They might be helpful. Sorry I can’t do any better Heave!

    If youse guyses are ever in Tribeca, this bar is awesome: http://www.distilledny.com/ They focus on American Spirits and they have everything from Pabst to Tippy Top shelf Bourbons. Terrific stuff. Great Wings too. And free popped corn!

  148. Also, while we are discussing liquor, If youse guyses are ever in Tribeca, this bar is awesome: http://www.distilledny.com/

    They focus on American Spirits and they have everything from Pabst to Tippy Top shelf Bourbons. Terrific stuff. Great Wings too. And free popped corn!

  149. Pyatt-Boyle-Dorsett now that’s a fourth line!!!

    Who drops out if the Monster Mash shows up and dominates?

  150. Actually, Heave. That distributor, Eagle Provisions, is in South Slope, BK. I would give them a call.

  151. Stranger Nation on

    Mr. D – Agree Pyatt has been entrusted with a “major” defensive role. Our team has given up the most goals/game in the NHL.

    Not saying he is to blame, but his inability to back check or clog neutral zone or forecheck or have any offensive game or drop the gloves or, etc.,etc etc

    We have seen enough of this tomato can.
    Ranger Career: 55 games; 11 pts, -2; 8 PIM

    Case dismissed!

  152. @coreypronman 3m

    With the Kreider call-up, NYR assigned Michael St. Croix to their AHL team in Hartford up from the ECHL.

  153. Does anyone else have a problem with the Phylers being allowed to hide Pronger’s salary on LTIR? That’s a huge bit of Cap circumvention.

  154. The only place I’ve gone near the garden that I’ve really liked (as a beer guy) is Ginger Man. Maybe a 10 minute walk?

  155. “Consistency is such a big thing in this league & it kind of has alluded us thus far”- @JohnMoore_4

    Firstly, it’s “eluded.” Secondly, kind of?!?!?

  156. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    “Consistency is such a big thing in this league & it kind of has alluded us thus far”- @JohnMoore_4 in #NYR Quotebook nyrange.rs/16qJ9au

    JR running the Rangers twitter now?

  157. Hamrlik actually had a very respectable NHL career. Played in almost 1400 games, and scored over 600 points. He should’ve retired 3 years ago, though. Sometimes you need to know when to say “I’m done”.

  158. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Chef VIgneault is looking like he has more l’oeuf in the face by the day. His lack of a pulse approach may be good for a simpleton french canadian town, but not for a cosmopolitan place and greatest city on the face of the planet…aka Brooklyn. Jettison this guy back to QJMHL.

  159. Usually agree with Stranger’s points, but Pysie, for what he is asked to do, might have been the best NY player on the ice Sat. night. Heresy?

  160. I think Du Gay just shows up, extemporizes. Biron, however, is too friendly with the players to effectively take his place.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    Coos – thankfully missed Sat night’s debacle – looking over the course of his stay here –
    love to see him chew on some glass before the games and down a couple of 2 hour energy drinks.

    at 6’4″ 230, he should be leveling people every night and occassionally dropping the mitts to ensure liberties are not taken with the new Smurfs

  162. yes ilb
    Hamr did have a pretty good career
    that went on a bit too long
    and ended with another
    round of Blueshirt Desperation

  163. If Hamrlik had done 20 years with the NYPD, he’d be banking 75 grand for life. What a jerk.

  164. Coos – Pysie being the best player we had, explains why he was on the top line……oy vay!

  165. SN – Good Game for me I have 4 players on the ice tonight!!! I might as well through Rob a shovel, and see if he can dig himself out of a hole :)

  166. Now if the GIANTS can hold off Adrian Peterson for say 1 touchdown and 140 yards I could go 7-0 in football.

    What’s the over and under for how many fantasy point AP puts up tonight?

  167. Call me crazy, but I think an Ash or a Haley could help that first line with forechecking, grit, and protection. Guess that was the plan with Clowe.

  168. LOL CLOWE, he’s good for every other month….right?

    roll the dice if you make the playoffs

  169. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m not going to knock the flyers for what they do with donger, when we might be doing that with gnash soon.

  170. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d rather have brass on the first line and step on the second.

    Put Kristo in the hobbit’s spot and Haley up for D Moops.

    If kreider can be called up why the hell not give mcilrath some games instead of the mad bomber or Norris Stralman

  171. Would there be contract issues with bringing McIlrath up then deciding he isn’t ready and returning him? Probably, right?

  172. Simmonds gives you 30. I like Kreider because he’s ours, but the numbers are the numbers. Is the Kreider REALLY 50 lbs. heavier than Simmonds? Gees.

  173. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If we trade kreider to the flys, we all know he all of a sudden hits like kronwall and fights like Kocur.

    I trade him for Simmonds in a heartbeat tho

  174. AV loves Stralman. I don’t get it. DelZ for Simmonds would be a steal, but can’t see that ever happening without much more thrown in. Simms is now making less than DZ, and is locked in relatively cheaply ’til ’18-’19. Next season, DZ wants a substantial raise.

  175. One correction, Simmonds is just under $4MM and DZ is at $2.5MM. Next contract may jump, but for right now its a big difference.

  176. Oh, gotcha Coos, but does it matter? We’re the same org willing to pay Redden $6MM to not play and the Flyers aren’t cash crunched either so its not like they’re going to bail on his full cap or plus cap years.

  177. Carp – if you had your magic ball, what it going to take THE KREIDER to play to what the scouts see.


  178. Remember: We don’t want to trade Kreider he is NASH as a rookie.

    Just imagine when this team has BOTH of the playing AND scoring.

  179. Wayne Simmonds is a Hockey God. He’s Evander Kane level of an elite, two way forward in my mind. Not exactly Bergeron but definitely bigger and bit more snarl backed up with size. Love those guys.

  180. Re: Carp’s 4:00, funny how the Big K doesn’t seem that large on ice. It must be psychological because he drifts so much side to side you think he’s a center. Last time up, he was banging a bit, so maybe it’s coming. I think he’s confused. They want goals from him, but they stress his D and mid-zone play. Any night we could see something interesting. Or not. :)

  181. Also, Kreider has the snarl. We have seen it. Guy took out Craig Anderson in the midst of his probably Vezina Season. We also know that Kreider has a knack for scoring. The only issue has been his defense, which, at his size should be worlds better than it is. He cannot afford to play like Ovechkin because he isn’t scoring 50+. But the kid is large, fast, has good hands and can hit. If he can do all that and net 25 he’s going to be a very, very good NHL player for a long time provided he can put it all together while remembering his defensive responsibilities.

  182. Stranger, we all know you can’t split up brothers once those brothers have been united. Its a rule, like in Little League.

  183. Torts: “Who’s the strongest guy in this room?”
    Kreider: “I am, coach.”
    Torts: “Okay, help me move this desk.”

  184. Kreider went from the AHL to the 1st line because you need to put him in a position to succeed. calling him up and putting him in a non scoring role makes no sense.

  185. Manny THE KRIEDER will put it together, as soon as he is Parenteau’d to another team.

  186. McIlrath isn’t ready for what? Isn’t ready to be big and tough, physically? Isn’t ready to protect teammates? Isn’t ready to be a crease-clearing defensive defenseman? Isn’t ready to kick butt and keep opposing goons off Cally’s butt?

    What is MAC not ready for. Oh, right, he’s not ready to score as many goals as Staal, yet, 3-6.

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