Rangers-Devils in review


Caption above should be: “Boy was that easy?”


1) Was it just me, or did this look like a preseason game? I mean, missing were Ryan Callahan, Rick Nash, Carl Hagelin, Michael Del Zotto, Marian Gabo … oh, wait, forget that one; Martin Brodeur, Patrik Elias, Ryane Clowe (shocker), Ilya Koval … oh, wait, forget that one too.

2) I thought it was a tad pollyanish that the Rangers and Alain Vigneault thought they played so well defensively. Eight chances allowed is, indeed, a good number, but there was a complete mess-up with two defensemen behind the icing line in the opening minutes, and two of the goals were horrible defensive lapses. Granted, the goalie could stop one or two of the four, and maybe they lose 2-0 and today we’re all talking, as usual around these parts, about how the Rangers have no offensive skill. And they showed that, too.New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils

3) Henrik Lundqvist was pretty good after the game, taking a heap of the blame, before Vigneault added his own. And he should have. I think two of those goals should have been stopped. That’s been the case in far too many games already this season, both by Lundqvist and the departed Martin Biron. Listen to the audio if you haven’t already done so. Maybe Lundqvist thinks you’re not allowed to make a good pass from the trapezoid?

4) The Devils also, still, no matter what “interchangeable flock of forwards” they throw out there, limit your offense, sit and wait for your mistakes, then pounce. And their six D-men, who really shouldn’t be as good as the Rangers’ six, were better in this game. Usually part of the problem against the Devils is Brodeur sending dump-ins right back out. That problem was removed last night. And still …

5) The Del Zotto decision. I like the little bit of bite in Justin Falk’s game, and the way he plays around the front of the net … I’m not sure he’s better defensively than Del Zotto, but so far he hasn’t been worse. Falk was easily the best of the Rangers’ six around the net at the Rock. I know, that’s not saying much either.

6) I usually have a Monster or Beast of the game. I’m going to start, periodically, naming the Friendly Ghost of the Game. Been singling out Derick Brassard too much in that regard, and Mats Zuccarello probably not enough. Lot of supposed top-six forwards from which to pick last night. I’ll go with the first-line center. No. 21=Friendly Ghost.New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils

7) The Benoit Pouliot hit on Bryce Salvador was certainly legal. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t dangerous.

8) How about Zuccarello getting pancaked right before that?

9) Fortunately for the Rangers, they play in the equivalent of the NFC East. Minus the good name. Metropolitan. Oy.

10) How did all these NHL teams with goaltending issues let the Devils beat them to Cory Schneider?

11) The best thing about Newark? It’s not Uniondale.

12) Mr. Snider’s House next. Somebody go light up the Empire State Building in Orange Crud.

****************************************New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brian Boyle.
2. Justin Falk.
3. Benoit Pouliot.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Jason Missiaen.
2. tie, Ryan McDonagh.
2. tie, Benoit Pouliot.

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  1. “Oy” is the best word to describe this game, Carp…the Blueshirts are not making it easy to find a silver lining in the cloud. Wake me up when they start putting several good games together…in March? I’m headed into my cave for the winter. This did not look like a Rangers-Devils game.

  2. Why are all the other teams in the league finding impact rookies, while ours always need development down in Hartford? Even the first-rounders.

  3. Why are the Rangers draft picks always in Hartford “developing?”
    1. Sather draft record is poor at best
    2. Gernander is as good a coach as he was a player
    3. Dolan wants names he’s heard of in the lineup

  4. Complete disgrace from the king on down. You’re right carp,it looked ,and sounded,like preseason . Miami’s comments today will be perfectly appropriate.

  5. Pouliot…my patience is running thin.

    We have no offense.

    Why isn’t Kreider here? Even the vets are sucking on defense, Kreider can’t be worse. We need scoring.

    Still not convices vigneault system works in east.

    Nothing like giving the devs their first win.

    Are we really THAT different a team w/o Cally?

  6. The team was so much better with Prust, Dubi, Anisimov, Gaborik etc…then Sather blew everything up…man do they look bad.

  7. The Rangers have at least a half dozen forwards who even with adequate ice time do not and probably cannot make a consistent impact in a game – whether it be scoring, solid defensive play, scrappiness, throwing hands, tough physical play. Bottom line – this team needs a real kick in the ass and some guys should not be in the lineup.

  8. This team is Mexican Elite League level.

    An atrocious-calamity of a squad devoid of anyone with something I like to call “balls”.

    Time to take these no-talents out back (aka Hartford) and bring in players that at least resemble something similarly to skill (aka The Kreider).

  9. Well said Carp. The reason the Devils only had 8 chances is because they are awful.

    Falk should stay in the lineup over Stralman. But they need Del Zaster back. They probably need Mcllrath also.

    Probably could use Haley as well. Don’t get why that guy doesn’t get a look.

    But yea. The Rangers were awful last night AND soft. Not a good combo.

  10. And now they face another team desperately looking for a win. Anyone really doubt the outcome? Giroux hat trick, Mason shutout…pick your poison.

    The warranty is expiring on those Columbus players,and the seams are showing. JD knew what he was doing…

  11. Staal Wart@7:47am,

    agree 100% and was against all of it. Rangers were a good team and of course sather comes back from his health issues, gets involved and ruins everything Torts convinced him of building. Sorry folks but it’s all downhill from here, it’s over. Back to the dark ages. The only thing I have left for the rangers is to hear sather has been fired, that’s it.

  12. clearly the rangers need to call up another penalty killer. anyone down there score less than powe?

  13. Manny, I’m starting to believe you’re right re Stralsie for Falk swap and I’m on the Stralman for Norris committee.

    I would have said our D was a strong part of this team but maybe they’re only as good as the weakest back checking forward.

    1-6 have been awful at times, most times actually.

  14. Stralman has really been struggling this season so far hasn’t he? Too many times I’ve seen him chasing after an opponent who zipped past him.

    Any update on Sauer?

  15. Good morning, boneheads?

    Aside from this still being early in the season, can’t find any positives whatsoever. And I’m a glass half full person. AV needs to look at how little they were able to generate offensively, not at how little they gave up. And that includes not only simple scoring chances, but also any type of energy. Pouliot was the only one with any hint of energy. Having said that, if Hank doesn’t find his game, nothing else will matter. I believe he will.

  16. Perhaps we should all look at ourselves in the mirror. I’ll start with myself. I used to spend much more time watching the games live and posting on RR simultaneously. This baby stuff is getting on the way, and it’s starting to interfere with a successful hockey season. I need to get my carcillo together, and I will. :-)

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    From their best game of the year to their worst. And yes, I think this was worse than both the Sharks and Ducks.

  18. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    If Hank truly wants to win a Stanley cup , I don’t believe he’ll achieve it here with the average talent in front of him.
    The problem is organizational as well as on ice for the rangers ,
    and with the exception of 94 always has been.

  19. TommyG, I too was against the movement of those players and for paying Prust. We had a team of hardworking, team oriented players who had bought into Tort’s system and could play it well. We needed more scoring but that was totally within reach considering the depth the team had. Then Prust walks, Anisimov, Dubi and Erixon go for Nash…BTW why is it that this team never gets a first round stud?…we get other teams first round studs after they lose there “stud-li-ness”. I watch Nash play, and I don’t see the same player who played for Columbus.
    Then last season, Sather dumps Gaborik, the guy who was scoring goals…for Brassard…a stud, who never reached his stud-ly projections, Dorsett…a bad version of Prust, and Moore, the only guy in the deal who may be a good find. Why? Because Gaborik supposedly didn’t see eye to eye with Torts…who Sather then fired!
    Outside of the 2011-2012 this team is back to it’s mediocre self.

    I like AV…I really do! But my goodness…Sather has left him nothing to work with!
    From the beginning of preseason I kept getting this feeling this is going to be one of those disaster seasons…Stepan signs late, Cally and Hag’s start injured…then Nash gets a concussion, now Cally out again…so far…so good.

  20. I feel badly for Mrs. Manny who, after all these years, finally joined the blog. And this is how the team repays her.

  21. Ha Manny,
    My wife won’t join the blog and can’t figure out how I can sit and watch this.
    I think I need a back up team to follow…

  22. In defense of the Gaborik move, he was NOT re signing here and he is very, very often injured. That stuff has to factor in and mediate your criticism of that specific move.

    The Nash move is made 100/100 times. Dubinsky was making $4M+ Think about that for a minute. We moved a contract for a top flight scorer with size.

    The major issue is not valuing, and thus quantifying monetarily, the heart and attitude of guys like The Prust (my single favorite player in the NHL) Fedotenko, Mitchell, Weise (who was waived rather than traded to the team he is now producing for) and the likes. Those guys were VERY valuable. Their replacements have been totally sub par in every way.

  23. And again, in defense of the organization, it’s almost impossible to justify giving Brandon Prust 4 years. That’s a lot of time at $2.5M for a guy playing his style. And he would have played that style even more here than in Canada.

  24. Doubt the coach really believes what he was saying about the number of scoring chances given up anyway, but a Devils team (however mediocre) with an early two-goal lead against a non-scoring team ain’t really going to go all out to create a huge number of chances.

    Much like how the Devils outshooting Ottawa by so much can probably be attributed to having been on the other end of an early deficit, as the over-impressed Chico will discover when he gets to page 2 of My First Book on Score Effects.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby has what 2 goals? He’s missed a game already (flu) and will probably injure a shoulder or pull his groin any game now. That trade wasn’t the worst ever made..

    The Nash trade and Clowe trades were adysmal however. Nash played terrific hockey early last season and just disappeared during the playoffs. And poor clowe – his noodle is scrambled. Rangers haven’t drafted as well as they could have and their FA signings have been garbage. Too many players that belong on the black aces or AHL. Pyatt, D. Moore, MZA, Powe, are stiffs….I’m ready to bring all the kids up and let them learn on the job. At least they’ll try and play with passion. Asham, Haley, and Dorsett would be one line that would bring energy…..

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    If the Kreider trade rumors are true, it will just continue to demonstrate that Sather has no plan, no clue. He REFUSED to give up Kreider, sight unseen in the NHL, as part of the Nash trade. Instead, we lost a great depth forward in Anisimov and a good defensive prospect in Erixon (Dubi was gone either way to make the dollars work). We probably could have kept the first round draft pick if Kreider was part of the package.

    Now we will sell him for pennies on the dollar in a panic trade to attempt to save a poorly constructed roster. Sathernomics 101.

  27. The other thing with Gaborik too, Manny, is that he is not a “winning player.” He was basically the Slovakian Mike Gartner, who was also traded because the GM and coach felt he’d never win them anything.

  28. I think Brassard, Krieder, and Del Zotto are all available right now, and the Rangers are going to try to get Alex Edler or Dustin Byfuglien.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is a void of chemistry on this team. They aren’t standing up for one another and by allowing other teams to bully them – the word is out around the league – smack the rangers in the mouth and worry not about payback….not good.

  30. Out of that list I move brassard because of his stupid contract. He’s making $3.7M and is a FA at the end of the season. He will of course want an undeserved raise.

  31. Why do people always say not to worry in the early season? Do they not remember us missing the playoffs by 1 point to the Flyers? Seasons are won and lost ALL season long. If the early games don’t matter, then why bother? Also, baseball has a 162 game season, yet we will see teams tied at the end! All games matter and the professionals need to act like it!

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Gabby 7pts in 6 games (2 G)
    Artie 3 pts in 7 games (2G)
    Dubi 3 pts in 7 games (1G)
    Erixon DNP

    Brassard 4pts 7 games (0 G)
    Nash 3pts 3 Games (0G)
    Dorsett 1 pt 7 games (1G)
    Moore 1pt in 7 Games (1G)

  33. I don’t even know what players other teams currently have available that would help this team in any way.

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Why beat up on a passing center (Brass) who plays with no scoring wingers?

    Time to Pullout of this Zucchini fantasy

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    MZA has to go.

    Brassard cannot be with Pouliot, ever. They both get WAY too cute.

    I wish Boyle had even a smidgen of talent or muscle. He works so hard but it’s all for nothing because a mouse could push him off the puck, or in the event that he goes in unimpeded, he will shoot it right into the goaltender’s gut.

    We have no role players. We have no skill players. We have no identity, whatsoever.

  36. eddie eddie eddie on

    snation – not sure on your brassard comment…playing with wingers mza, pouliot, pyatt…..i’m surprised Brassard doesnt have 20 assists this season. Who possible finishes better in this league than mza and pyatt….the roberto durans of hockey players

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Our team toughness 2 years ago was more about eating pucks. we started playing PO hockey in the first half and when everyone realized it was Feb and started doing the same we were a .500 team.
    Team toughness? Ottawa and Neil beat us up.
    Yes, we led in fighting majors, but we also led in fighting losses (Rupp, Prust, et al)

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    Nation – But at least those rangers were far more engaged (and we won the Senators’ series btw)….they were willing to stand up for each other….and sometimes that in itself curbs the bullying…these rangers arent close to anything like that….they run and hide…

  39. Kreider can be traded for any player currently on the Rangers squad and holding a two way contract.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    there’s definitely something to what Stranger said about the playoff time. The lines that consistently gave us trouble in that playoffs were the 3rd and 4th lines. The Devils’ 4th line singlehandedly won that series for them.

  41. Are you ever going to get over the Empire State Building thing? It’s run it’s course already.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    iManny- the type of contract the player has is irrelevant. All that matters is whether they have a NMC and/or whether they would have to clear waivers to go down (please note: this is not the same as oneway/twoway contracts).

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    doodie – by the time we faced the devils in the ECF, the rangers were burnt…..they looked exhausted….not sure McD and Girard ever recovered from that triple OT game…there were lingering effects…

  44. I know this Doodie. I was merely making a joke about Kreider’s value. The contract part was a reference to Hobbit Wizard having a one way.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Their fourth line had 5 goals. The Devils had 15 goals in the entire season. A fourth line scored 1/3 of their goals. That’s absurd.

  46. Just awful being at rock to watch. I left with me 10 mins to go. It was unwatchable.

    Prob trade Kreider for some 37 yr old washed up player. God this season is so disgraceful.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    E3, Agreed on Bruins, but also was Rangers’ refusal to challenge shots from point. Krug, Boynton, etc. were allowed to pick us apart.

  48. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-O-Clowe-Oh No! on

    I said this on twitter last night… @bleedblueshirts

    Pyatt on the 1st line. Fast on the 4th line. Kreider in CT.
    I cannot say what I had after that on the twitter post…

    but I will say this. How the byfuglien does that make sense?
    With all the injuries and people missing, what does Kreider have to do to crack this lineup?

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers are proud for limiting Devils’ chances? Then their plan of going down 4-0 so the Devils would stop playing offense was a success!

  50. Been telling you guys for awhile zucc is a waste. So is half the forwards who have zero finishing ability. Nash and cally being out and these no skill forwards like Pyatt zucc Boyle Moore powe Dorset is not getting us anywhere.

    Like lib said if hank isn’t perfect it doesn’t matter.

    2-7 road trip just wonderful. Are we eliminated yet. Already 7 pts back of Carolina in div.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Kreider can’t be any worse in his own zone than Brassard, Pouliot, MZA, Fast, or Dorsett. And I’m confident in saying that because I don’t think it is possible for someone to play worse in their own zone than those guys.

    And really, isn’t that the big argument against putting him in the lineup? Can’t Vigneault just watch his zone starts like he did with Hodgson?

  52. have to be concerned with Hank. is he being exposed as a system goalie who relied on his oversized equipment?

  53. I agree with Manny. McIlrath, and Haley need to be here. the Rangers D is way to easy to play against. playing Falk is a start. bringing up McIlrath would make them a lot tougher to play against on D.

  54. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-O-Clowe-Oh No! on

    IMO, Hank seems off his game and a bit distracted. Maybe it’s the contract, maybe it’s the pads… maybe both.

    I know he can’t be happy stinking up the joint early in the season, it’s certainly not going to help his contract talks.

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    gab – how is pyatt, mza, dom moore, boyle, and powe even on this team? Stepan has been brutal. The top 6 D? more brutal!!!

  56. I want to root for AV and his system in the worst way, but right now Av seems to be making poor personal decisions, and his system is non existent.

  57. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-O-Clowe-Oh No! on

    Agreed Bulldog.

    We need the edge and fiestyness of The Undertaker and Haley on the squad.

    Stepan got leveled and nobody did anything. Nash got hit high, nobody did anything.

    This is not the Rangers team i’m used to seeing.

  58. eddie eddie eddie on

    and hank wont be stealing games at this rate…you can only hope we arent down 3-0 after one

  59. it’s only going to get worse because Sather is in charge. Rumor has it that Sather is shopping kreider and are interested in Vanek, really. Rumor is rangers will buy out Richards and sign vanek. Sather goes from one drek and bad contract to another. You can’t make this stuff up. I hate Dolan that piece of Carcillo.

  60. the Dom Moore signing was a mistake. did not need him. already had Boyle to play that role. now they have 5 centers, and every game one plays out of position.

  61. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-O-Clowe-Oh No! on


    there has certainly been no shining star (other than Cally) to start the season.

    We have a glut of forwards that are at present, unspectacular, and indistinguishable.

    Brassard lost whatever flair he had at the end of last season. Zuc has been a ghost. D Moore has been solid, but we have no 4th line ‘banger’ line. The toughness is lacking on this team big time.

    Fast is not a 4th line player. Pyatt is not a 1st line player. Period.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, the equipment isn’t the issue. He’s not getting beat badly through his five hole, which is where the equipment would have been made smaller. Yes, Loktionov was five hole but it was on a short rebound.

    He just doesn’t look focused.

  63. Come on guys, what team is knocking on sathers door to make a trade?
    Hey maybe we can trade one of our “top six” for a few more third/fourth liners…anyone for another Dorsett or two?

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    “bringing up McIlrath would make them a lot tougher to play against on D.”

    I disagree. I think it would make them much easier to play against because McIlrath sucks. Big and tough, sure. But he’s an out of position statue.

  65. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-O-Clowe-Oh No! on

    I get that AV’s new system is supposed to allow offensive creativity and freedom.

    But someone tell me how the entire Rangers team just forgets how to play Defense??

    That is the most alarming part to me.

  66. Doodie,
    you may be right, he may suck, but right now they are just to easy to play against. taking Stralman and MDZ out of the lineup is not going to hurt. I guess I am saying, lets find out if he sucks right now. we already no Stralman, and MDZ suck.

  67. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-O-Clowe-Oh No! on

    At least the move from Buffalo to NYC will be easy for Ryan Miller next season…

    i keed i keed.

  68. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-O-Clowe-Oh No! on

    Torts had his flaws. But he got results.
    I was never a fan of his spin the wheel approach to putting lines together… but he had them playing hard, and afraid to make mistakes.

    Now when the D blows coverage, or a forward badly turns the puck over… they go back to the bench and get their bottle warmed up for them.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Miller is moving west to be closer to his wife. He probably takes a discount to do so, as well.

  70. Firing Tortorella (the second time) was the biggest mistake this franchise has made in the last 15 years.

  71. Fast & MZA, need to go down. for 7 games.

    Lets see what Kristo & Kreider can do, because MZA hasn’t set the bar to high for either one of them to jump over.

    Fast 0 pts -5 in 5 games
    MZA 0 pts -3 in 7 games
    Pyatt 0 pts -7 in 7 games – Let’s put him on the 1st line

    The list goes on but the coaching decisions NEED to CHANGE.

  72. It’s easy to pick on Zucc since he hasn’t scored or made plays. But, who has? Is he supposed to be our leading scorer? If that’s the case, this team will be racing for the bottom of the conference…

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    MZA is also dreadful in the defensive zone, has no size, and adds nothing to the team, whatsoever. He wasn’t exactly great in any of his previous seasons, either.

    I just think we’ve seen the best he has to offer and it wasn’t very good then, either.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    “Firing Tortorella (the second time) was the biggest mistake this franchise has made in the last 15 years.”

    No, hiring Sather easily trumps both.

    And it hasn’t even been a 10th of the season. Let’s not sing Torts’ praises too highly just yet. I was against the firing, but I’m willing to give AV a little more than 7 games before deciding that Torts was better.

    That’s also why I hate more on a guy like MZA than a guy like Pouliot. I’ve only seen a handful of Pouliot while I’ve seen every NHL contribution (minimal as they are) of MZA.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, series.

    And again, kudos on adding something to the conversation besides just picking through my posts for inane crap to post about.

  76. I always thought the Hobbit Wizards passing skill would be greatly valuable with this roster of inept passers. Has not proven to be the case.

  77. @JimCerny: After 16 years in the NHL, one of the all-time Good Guys @martybiron43 has just announced his retirement

  78. Maybe we should stop piling on our crappy team to remember Mr. Biron and what a likable fellow he is.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    No real surprise there. Sometimes, it’s not just the money. It’s pride. Good for him for not fading away in the AHL.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Après plusieurs jours de réflexion, j’ai décidé de prendre ma retraite et passer à un autre chapitre. Merci à tous pour votre support.

    After thinking about it it with my family, I’ve decided to retire as a player and move on to a new chapter. Thank you all for your support.

    In French, Biron didn’t mention his family. Yet another example of the French being selfish jerks.

  81. Rangers are already at the bottom of the conference.

    Good Luck getting Hank back if they continue to play like this in front of him.

  82. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    Ok, Brassard has the 2nd highest +/- on the team (if you like that stat, I don’t) and is 3rd in points (not saying much). He, like most other highly gifted offencive players is streaky. I’d take him over stepan in a heartbeat. How many times have you seen him get his clock cleaned like step or mza did last night? He is under performing like the rest of this team, but bad move dumping him.

  83. I’d rather the Rangers play the likes of Kreider, Miller, Fast, Mashinter, etc etc. I mean if they are going to play like this, at least the kids would gain lots of experience…I’m up for another youth…”yoot” movement if youse are.

  84. I have been following the Rangers for a long time. As most of you. I see it different . I blame Glen Sather. But not for the same reasons as are written day in and day out. I blame Sather for allowing himself to drop his guard and hire John Tortarella. Hiring Tortarella has put this franchise on the wrong path 4 years ago. By appeasing the likes of Jim Schoenfeld and Tortarella, Sather acqired players who were mostly discarded high draft picks from other teams. I’m talking about Emminger, Boyle, Powe, Prust to name a few. Sather then made a few trades that had Tortarella and Schoenfeld finger prints all over it. Clowe for 2nd rounder, 3 guys from Columbus for a proven 40 goal scorer. Ryan Higgins for Prust . The promotions during the last 3 years of Newberry, Haley, Bickell instead of Krieder,Bourque, and Thomas.
    All of these moves are what I call the Tortarella Project. Problem is..the Rangers have never gained on the skill side in 4 years! Now I am fully aware that Tortarella was able to strong arm these guys into a 2 round winning playoff team . And THAT’S ALL!
    Now AV is here and is amazed and surprised at how this franchise has been fooling the NHL into thinking that there was skill behind this 2 round
    team. AV has to dump 1/2 of these guys and he cannot because of cap space.
    I know a lot of Ranger fans would be happy watching the Tortarella system of “dumbing down hockey” just for a chance to get to the playoffs. But this is where I am pissed at Sather the most. Since the Oilers dynasty, Glen has always said we are playing each year to Win the Cup. NOT compete to try to win the cup. But plain and simple, TO WIN THE CUP!. All else is a failure. Well , Sather allowed Tortarella to dumb down the game in Ranger Hockey to be able to just get there. He is guilty of that. Tortarella should have been fired prior to the lock out. Sather didn’t pull the trigger. Or today we may already be on our way to 3 line skill team trying to win it all. Instead a couple of moves last year has put us back 3 years. Only Sather can be blamed for keeping Tortarella too long.

  85. Worst game I’ve seen the rangers team play in years. They looked better when they gave up on torts.

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