It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Devils … Ticket contest is now closed


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Game 7.devils-logo
Rangers at Devils.

Just typing Game 7, Rangers at Devils sure made tonight’s game seem insignificant.

Alain Vigneault gets his first taste of the rivalry at the Rock.

Ya boys look to extend their winning streak to two, minus the captain, Ryan Callahan (broken thumb), and Rick Nash (concussion) and Carl Hagelin (shoulder).

Michael Del Zotto, who missed Wednesday’s game with the flu, will not play because Vigneault thought the six defensemen in that game played well together. So he’s prucha’d for Justin Falk.

The Rangers play the seventh of a season-opening nine-game road trip (13th of 15 counting the ridiculous preseason). After tonight, the Rangers get a four-day break before going to Mr. Snider’s Happy Palace of Blame and Finger Pointing that changes names every five minutes on Thursday. That’s Philadelphia, for the uninitiated.

Henrik Lundqvist against … against … not Martin Brodeur!! Cory Schneider gets the start in goal. Lundqvist will be backed up by 6-foot-8 Jason Missiaen. The Devils will be without ex-Ranger Ryane Clowe, who is out with a concussion. Didn’t see that coming.


I’m expecting jumping on the radio pre-game, on ESPN-98.7 in a few minutes.

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  1. Don’t remember you asking, Latona.

    I don’t follow it as closely as I used to, since there isn’t a team where I live. Used to attend quite a lot, but only get to see one or two games a year now.

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – your chance to go to tonight’s game died like our former first round pick…

  3. I have nothing against “Ah-lane” Vigneault, but I don’t think I like him as Rangers coach.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    LETS go gog gog og gog gogogo!!!


  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  6. Staal!

    They just showed the synchronized opening faceoff fights from the Torts-DeBoer game on the big screen. I loved that game. No idea who won or what happened, but i loved that game. Bickel won the faceoff.

  7. eddie, I don’t like much about the Pebble. The drive/parking is annoying, the few Swamp Rats fans that are there are annoying, food isn’t that great, and the slope of the upper level is nearly 90 degrees. Yuck. Plus I had a traumatic experience with the Gerbils mascot as a child.

  8. So the Senators “just couldn’t handle” the Bernier-Gionta-Carter line last time out, apparently. Maybe they wouldn’t have lost 5-2 if they’d played more.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  10. I guess I will have to watch the Pack on the other monitor….

    that will keep me from posting innocuous things…………

  11. Seeing games at Brendan Byrne Arena/Continental Airlines Arena/Izod Center was a much less stressful journey.

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    PJ stock – “the Montreal coach has made some good moves and deserves a ton of success”

    Where is JR???

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the stupidest of them all? Is it Engbloom, pj stock, or My reflection that’s looking back at the image in the mirror?

  14. if you had hockeystreams you could watch both in HD at the same time like me….

    you can buy a day pass…..

    no I am not am employee.

  15. pack on the powerplay.

    that goal on Hank was a combination of a few things…

    not a bad goal . little bit of luck

  16. that was a good shot, but Hank needs to come out more on that.

    he had lots of net to pick from.

  17. LOL at that Devil who threw his stick in the air like he got sniped!

    I hope someone punches that sell-out Jagr in the face.

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Devils 11, rangers 0

    GWG: the who’s name starts with L

    SOG: Devils 43, Rangers 7

  19. What a shame – when team at least plays resolute and grit, the “best, franchise player” just deflated it with 2 unforgivable…

  20. Really great ability to get the puck deep by the Rangers. Way to notice that the lanes are clogged.

  21. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Good thing they had all that quality practice and video time at their own rink. It’s done winders.

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If Chad’s Johnson was in goal for the rangers, I’d be screaming pull Johnson about now.

  23. We should start having ticket contests for Islander games

    Our team right now is the 2013 Yankees on ice

  24. no surprise here, rangers w/o Callahan have always been a different team and not in a good way. W/o Callahan and nash the rangers will be deep on the bottom of there division and might not be good enough to rebound once Nash and Callahan come back.

  25. Today Hank would be scratched from being back-up goalie for Honduran girls lacrosse team.

  26. I’m probably the first person in the world to make this observation: Brad Richards playing the point on the power play is terrible.

  27. we look like crap. is this coach a pushover? idk how he lets them keep kreider down after watching some other slugs on this team

  28. Finally realized exactly what the difference was between the 93-94 Rangers and the recent squads: those players were good and these are not.

    Think MSG has a tough time selling sponsorship of the Rangers PP? Volkswagen is probably getting paid.

  29. poor Eric, in Jersey while the rangers stink. The one time I was there was 2 years ago when the rangers won the eastern conference and they won the game and fights.

  30. You people are too demanding. When they play this many games in such a short time period, of course they’re going to get tired.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Whatever team scores the next goal will be the winner except if it’s the Rangers…

  32. Think I just saw a typo on MSG. It said “Taylor Pyatt career vs. Devils: 3 goals, 3 assists” I think they were supposed to leave out “vs. Devils”.

  33. Pretty poor defensive zone coverage combined with a horrendous ability to actually get the puck deep made that a rough period.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – Pyatt will put the team on his shoulders and score zero goals this season…

  35. Jeff

    You people are too demanding. When they play this many games in such a short time period, of course they’re going to get tired.

    yes jeff, exactly!! i mean, its been a grind for sure! lol

  36. Henry Bumkissed on

    I’ll be in bed after the game, my love.

    The 2nd goal was all Martin Biron’s fault. Waive Biron.

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Why not try a Pyatt MZA Boyle line? If you need goal scoring might as well give them a go…

  38. hey, its gonna be philthy, buffalo and us in top 3 picks this year! lets get us a stud physical d man this draft!! we havent drafted one in like 20 years right?

  39. I think it’s about time Drury stepped up and started producing. Seriously, we’ve waited long enough. DO SOMETHING!

  40. Checking in from the rock. I switched from beer to vodka. I hate this team I hate my passion for hockey. I hate spending money to watch this poor excuse of a franchise.

  41. Carp, that’s a lot of cramps and bad moods ahead…oy vey. Bring on the motrin and heating pads….

  42. anyway you look at it the rangers are in trouble. Callahan is not worth a lot of years and more than 5.5 mil a year but he will get it either with the rangers or someone else. Lundqviat isn’t worth 8+ mil a year for a lot of years but he will get it either with the rangers or someone else. If the rangers sign these 2 players for that kind of money it will hamper the rangers from signing other players and the rangers won’t win a cup. The most negative thing out of all this is Sather will still be the GM and as ORR would say, boom!!!!! Either way us ranger fans are screwed.

  43. I wonder if Bud Selig scared Henrik off of steroids this Summer?

    Zero takeaways and six SOG? Oh jeez

  44. When Del Zaster comes back he better take the place of Stralman and not Falk. We need a guy like Falk who is a poor man’s Mcllrath.

  45. Drury would be an upgrade on any center in the lineup tonight.

    Seriously, Eddie, they didn’t want to mess with the six D who threw the shutout … and Falk’s been OK. Better than most of them.

  46. if im gonna be smashed, i might as well do it while hangin with you mamalukes! the boneheads are back in towwwnn heads ae back, the heads are back baby. wheres greg n olga? greg unleash the mating call

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m smelling a monster trade coming up….

    MDZ, MZA, Hank, and Pyatt for Crawford, Sharp, Seabrook, Shaw, and Bickel

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rich – interesting message being sent in any case….Do you forecast a trade on the horizon?

  49. Rangers haven’t had a guy who could almost score as well as Pyatt in the longest time. Looking forward to lots of near misses and almosts this season! :)

  50. The defenders have got to make it more difficult for the Devils to break out of their own zone.

  51. Should have been an interference penalty on Zajac in the slot, but the Devils have been allowed to do that for 20 years.

  52. Pretty glad I dropped 150 for NHL gamecenter to watch our beloved AHL team… Not only does the team suck, but gamecenter doesn’t even work on the PS3. good times. beer me now

  53. Way to go yacht boy in the linen shirt. You’re rich. now try and not get scored on. . . And I too am up all night to get lucky!

  54. So bad.

    What has to happen for this team to get back to having a solid top six without journeymen or borderline talent rookies?

  55. If we are going to play like this all year. We might as well play the kids that have a future here.

  56. The suckiest bunch of sucks to ever suck! This is like late 90s early 2000s ineptness all over again.

  57. Is it just me or does Joe M think every shot is a deflection/redirection? I’m pretty sure Hank just got beat clean there.

  58. ORR!!! not at all, I had the devils winning tonight’s game 3-1. I’m pissed I didn’t give more goals to the devils.

  59. I know I talk a lot of “funny” here, but this is serious:

    WTF are we doing with stiffs like Pyatt and Zucc when we have Thr Kreider and Kristo at bay.

    F this BS.

  60. Haley scores. Crashing the net…

    apparently I missed a few in my absence…

    score is 2-2, 10:?? second period

  61. N.Country_NYRFan on

    We all knew scoring was or weak spot, but what happened to our great defense and goaltending?? I think the defensive system shouldn’t have changed under AV; but he just should have concentrated on just fixing the offensive woes. Now both suck!!!

  62. Teams “give the kids a chance” when those kids show any signs of being above average talents with futures. Our are almost always mediocre to begin with. Give ’em a chance: to show they’re future fourth liners (with no toughness).

  63. Fast needs to go the AHL.

    Kristo/Kreider or both need to get a call after tonight.

    We would have more than 9 shots – that’s for sure.

  64. It’s like we’re looking at the NY Rangers
    That’s not the NY Rangers

    Garth..I think that was a haiku

  65. It’s just weak plays on the puck, total confusion on breakouts, unable to get the puck deep with numbers or do anything with it.

    Can’t blame a player. It’s team wide tonight.

    Oddly enough this is a good team for last years Rangers to play against.

  66. Well friends, looks like this incarnation peaked in 2011-12 with the ECC run..

    Blow it up, tear it down. Trade/give away everybody. give me beer. damn it all

  67. I read that AV does not like playing kids when the Sather signed him this year. I read this from Vancouver fans and it looks early in the season that this is the case. I predicted before the season started the rangers would go 2-7 in there first 9 games, looking pretty good.

  68. 10 guys lying in front of the net…

    assists to McIlrath, Lindberg

    Pack leads 3-2…

    PP pack coming up…….

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tommy – you don’t play the kids when you have a Pyatt, Powe, Dom Moore, Zucchini, and Boyle on your team.

  70. nah Manny- i’m not talking Prust and Gaborik here.. I’m talking full reconstruction. trade hank before he walks, get what you can for half decent players like Callahan and Staal, give away the rest. Stockpile picks, damn it all

  71. Get Hank out of there and let the kid get some time. Write this game off.

    Bottom line is this team is just really light on talent. Just weak.

  72. N.Country_NYRFan on

    Hank looks less than average this year. Even during his shutout win he looked shaky on most saves.

  73. Tomb keep them coming.

    We don’t need scoring here, lets Keep him down there. They haven’t lost yet.

  74. Richards last year, Lundqvist this year? I sure hope he finds his game soon, and not only in Washington.

  75. ED3, get use to it, AV does not like playing the kids. This I got from Vancouver fans on there blogs.

  76. Mrs. Manny just told me to calm down because she thought I might spray my pacemaker across the room.

  77. Not content to let this year’s title of “most embarrassing game” live in the Pacific time zone.

  78. N.Country_NYRFan on

    what happened to Hvirik, I thought he was one of the best players in preseason, he has to be better than at least Boyle, Pyatt, Powe, and Moore.

  79. Is Derek “Big Money” Stepan a healthy scratch too? I haven’t heard his name mentioned at all.

  80. Rangers better plan to hand out Molly at every home game

    Maybe the trails will fool us into thinking the team doesn’t suck again

  81. Take out the papers and the trash, cos you ain’t go not no spending cashAdd Your CommentAdd Your Comment

  82. Bring back Prucha on

    Thank god they didn’t bring up Kreider and Hrivik, they would be such a liability to this team.

  83. It’s all downhill from here, future (in years) not looking good. Dolan is a ex-druggie moron and Sather will still be GM. That’s not a combination of a organization that will have a chance at winning a Stanely Cup.

  84. Talbot with another great save….

    3-2 Pack after 2 periods.

    Pack leads 33-31 in shots. pretty wide open game.

  85. Think he’s been the Friendly Ghost tonight, JBytes. Maybe have to start giving out a Friendly Ghost award nightly.

  86. Man. Bad defensive coverage in all the important areas. Combined with absolutely no ability to fight back.

    Although that was a nice step up by Falk there to protect the crease.

  87. MZA is good.
    unfortunately everyone in the NHL is almost as good…..

    and bigger.

    I don’t expect MZA to finish the year in NY

  88. The only way Sather gets canned is if the fans start cancelling their season tickets and demand that he gets axed. Sadly, I do not see that happening.

  89. Yea, let’s open it up.
    What a bunch of crap.
    One coach in the past 15 years who actually showed results got canned cause he was not nice enough.
    New system is working just fine.

  90. the funny thing is even though the rangers stink, so does the rest of the Atlantic Division not counting the penguins.

  91. Expected more from Nash tonight. Only time I’ve even heard his name mentioned is when they’re pointing out he’s out of the lineup.

  92. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Love how Mr Carp referred to D-men bungling the system of the croissant!! This coach is trying to fit a square peg into a circle. No longer even watching the games. Just following and reading here until this coach given the boot or Sather the boot.

  93. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I chose to watch the movie Freaks on TCM 1932 rather than the freaks on ice 2013.
    Reminds me of a Ted Sator coached team … good job Jim (Lohan )Dolan..
    and never mind the half full thinking of “well its only october” its gonna be a loong year

  94. Embarrassing.

    But the good news? Taylor Pyatt is definitely a HUGE discovery as a first
    line left wing.



  95. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    If LQ has a competitive bone in his body I can’t see him resigning with this team. if he does he’s a greedy schmuck..

  96. In theory it’s a “man to man” system but they keep losing coverage and having breakdowns because the Devils have too much ease breaking out of their own zone and gaining the Rangers zone.

  97. iDoodie Machetto on

    I think it’s safe to say that the MZA experiment, now closing in on four years, is a failure. Stop wasting time and resources on him.

  98. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I’m losing count.. a cup in 1940 and another in 1994 is what? Onecup in 73 or 74 years?

  99. I thought AV had this whole theory about wingers not playing on off sides? Are the players putting themselves in These awful backhand positions?

  100. iDoodie Machetto on

    Maybe Lundqvist should spend less time on his boat and more time working on his concentration.

    Maybe he’s daydreaming of being on his boat

  101. Boyle blows —- a Primeau frame with no talent.

    Pyatt blows —- anyone remember Greg Polis?

    Zucc —– I like him but he has been horrid-aasen

    Brassard —- He bought mucho meth from me, so his decline I get

    Stepan —– His hair loss is clearly getting to him

    Pouliot —– Anyone remember Chris Kontos?

    AV —– Anyone remember Larry Popein?

  102. Caly-Han: I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky but why why why can’t it be mine

  103. I guess this start pretty much guarantees that Torts gets a standing O when his face is shown on the big board on Nov. 30

    MSG show show a highlight reel of his pressers

  104. iDoodie Machetto on

    Remember when they went to the conference final? Seems so long ago. I miss that team.

  105. have you ever been on a hockey bench and look at a line mate and think…..

    you suck, how am, I gonna cover for you?

    I have… I bet there are a few Rangers thinking thoughts similar to that.

  106. I will give some credit to Falk for playing a nice, gritty game and making some nice step up plays in Defence. He would have fit in 2011-2012.

  107. It really feels like 2012 was a dream. Such a fun team to watch. I remember games they were down 2-0, and stormed back in it, some 3-0. Never gave up.

    Then Slats trades for Nash

    Then Slats trades Gaborik

    Then Slats fires Torts

    Now we have such a great fuggin team, don’t we?

  108. Can’t live in the past. Management had the opportunity to build upon 2012. They chose not to do so.

  109. Doodie is missing that team in ’11-’12? While at the same tine doomsday-saying every step of the way that year? Gimme a break.

  110. We could really use a kid with lots of skill on this team, if only he hadn’t went and died on us.

  111. How can they not fight right now? The fact that anyone in the NHL feels comfortable slapping Benoit Balls Pouliot with a stick while Boyle is on the ice. I mean. Says a lot about Boyle. Who I still like a lot.

  112. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    ranger can’t draft squat so sather tries to get as many bodies in return for gaborik , who wasn’t a fan favorite or a torts favorite .. so this is what you have a schmuck for a gm.. stay home don’t go to the games.

  113. The skill had been lacking for the past couple of years, Carp; but they used to play like junkyard dogs.

  114. The day The Arrogant One let Prust walk over a few hundred grand was the beginning of the end of the team we all loved.

  115. What did you guys expect from a team full of 4th-liners? Get real…This will get even uglier once we play teams like Habs and Wing and even the freaking Flys who at least have some decent NHL players

  116. The whole team needs a team building excersize. Maybe a trip to Banfffff or maybe they can just all grow mustaches together?

  117. Chico emulating that the Devils might stop platooning the goalies and go with Schneider now he has the hot hand.

    Marty’s hand only cold, of course, because it spends 20 hours a day inside a refrigerator.

  118. iDoodie Machetto on

    If the rangers score once, I might win the contest. I don’t know if anyone had devils 4-1, but I had henrique with the winner.

  119. This team is a complete-disgrace, dogs-breakfast, bush-league, no-talent, two-bit, Mickey-Mouse …

    It’s basically a Motel-6 on ice.

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Amish runners on first and second no outs. One of the Amish just missed a 3 run shot – barely foul

  121. If only they had a disciplinarian coach who would forcefully right the ship by preaching solid defense and Jam.

  122. Pyatt was ranked in the Top 589 players in the league, at the start of the year. Now he’s slipped to 1564, let’s put him on the top line and see if he can get some scoring.

    It’s going to be a long year, unless Cally, Nash, & Hags can get healthy.

  123. It’s tough playing against these Fighting Sioux Alums.

    Schnieder is the player of the Game.

    Hank looks better on his boat!

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s how you play, in the month of May, hear what I say, today is the day, Robert Cray, anyway, bobby flay, wolves are grey, frisco bay, straight or gay…..


  125. There’s just not much hope for this season, is there?

    This team actually has me yawning not even caring that they lost 4-0 to the Devils.

    Oh, well.

  126. I want those couple hrs of my life back. Been lol at Carp with his 2nd place and been saying 10th place since preseason. Now it’s time to laugh at 10th. Add no size to all the complaints except Boyle n Pyatt and they play like bad NBA ers just awful. So boring I watched the Isle for awhile. Btw they are better too.

  127. ‘Does AV’s chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?
    If his mother says don’t chew it, does he swallow it in spite?
    Can hecatch it on his tonsils, can he heave it left & right?
    Does his chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?’

  128. Bus Driver, hollering into dressing room: “Loser Cruiser leaving for Manhattan 2230 hours.”

  129. AV: “Uh, we need, uh, to find a way to, uh, score a little bit more than what we, uh, have shown so far.”

  130. Where’s Ash, where’s Haley? Where’s the energy? Dorsett, though energetic, very obviously reined-in. Pathetic. This is all on Sather and AV for sending this impotent circus onto the ice.

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Why did the brutha wear a tux to his vasectomy?

    “if I’m gonna be impotent, might as well dress impotent”

  132. :) yes Jimmy Carter used to say ‘impotent.’ As in, ‘this is an impotent moment in our history.’

  133. “Way to go yacht boy in the linen shirt. ”
    Lmao, Mrs. Manny

    Ouch, huh? That was a tough one. Fortunate in a way to have to watch it on dvr. Read through all your comments, you’re all correct.

    Poor Eric. He called it all, sorry bro.

  134. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    ROFL @ AV speaking prowess…I was previously annoyed at hearing him speak at first…now hilarious to see what an idiot he is!! ..excuse me: Le Idiot…HAHAHAHH!!

  135. That was BRUTAL.

    Coos said it best. This team is rudderless without its Captain. Where is the heart? Give me a little effort, come on.

    Glad there is a five day layoff.


  136. Please please please get rid of Pyatt and Boyle. Del Zotto needs to go too while we are at it.

    We need grinders who can actually play…….

  137. @DaveLozo: Vigneault was not happy with Lundqvist: “I’m not quite sure how much better we can be than giving the other team eight scoring chances.”

    Wow Vinegar! All piss, no vinegar. Right in Hank’s kisser.

  138. I did ORR. Seth Jones is awesome. And really killing it paired with WWEber. That’s a heck of an opportunity for a rookie. They even work well together playing a low shift on the strong side because WWEber can cover so much ice.

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