Ryan Callahan out 3-4 weeks with a broken thumb; Missiaen and Powe recalled from Hartford; Talbot sent down


The second part of this announcement, I’m guessing, is to get Cam Talbot some games in the AHL instead of sitting behind Henrik Lundqvist while the schedule is light.

Official announcement from the Rangers:


 Will Be Sidelined 3-4 Weeks

NEW YORK, October 17, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that Ryan Callahan suffered a broken thumb in last night’s 2-0 win at Washington, and will be sidelined three to four weeks.

Callahan has tallied three goals in the last two games. He currently leads the Blueshirts with two power play goals, and ranks second on the team with three goals overall. He also ranks third on the team with 15 hits, and leads all team forwards with eight blocked shots this season. The Rangers’ captain missed the first game of the season while recovering from off-season shoulder surgery.



Cam Talbot Assigned To Hartford

NEW YORK, October 17, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward Darroll Powe and goaltender Jason Missiaen from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL), while goaltender Cam Talbot has been assigned to Hartford.

Powe, 28, has notched one goal in four contests with Hartford this season. He tallied the game-tying goal with one second remaining in regulation of the Wolf Pack’s season opener, a 3-2 shootout loss on October 5 against Norfolk. Powe returns to the Rangers where he skated in 34 contests last season in his debut with the team.

The Saskatoon, Saskatchewan native was acquired by the Rangers, along with Nick Palmieri, from Minnesota in exchange for Mike Rupp on February 4, 2013. He was originally signed by Philadelphia as an undrafted free agent on March 24, 2007.

Missiaen, 23, posted a win in his only appearance with Hartford this season, stopping 23 of 26 shots in a 4-3 victory on October 6 against Albany. Last season, he tied for the team lead with two shutouts, and posted a 10-8-2 record with a 3.07 goals against average and .906 save percentage in 25 appearances with Connecticut. He made his AHL debut on October 12, 2012 against Bridgeport. Missiaen also posted a 4-1-0 record with a 2.75 goals against average and .922 save percentage in five games with Greenville of the ECHL.

The Chatham, Ontario native signed with the Rangers as a free agent on March 24, 2011. He was originally selected by Montreal as a fourth round choice, 116th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

Talbot, 26, dressed as Henrik Lundqvist’s backup in the Rangers’ 2-0 win yesterday at Washington, following his recall from Hartford on Tuesday. He returns to Hartford where he is 2-0-1 with a 2.54 goals against average and .918 save percentage in three games this season. He is currently tied for fourth in the AHL with two wins and ranks seventh with 89 saves, while he leads the Wolf Pack in goals against average and save percentage.

The Caledonia, Ontario native originally signed with the Rangers as an undrafted free agent on Marc 30, 2010.

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  1. Stranger Nation on

    April fools?

    At least they are up against Leastern teams and have the scoring machine Kung Power back in the fold

  2. According to LeBrun, on the last shift of the game, blocking a shot — what else? — probably Ovechkin. And Between the Benches Pierre missed it.

  3. Holy crap! Anthony from AZ just gave me the bad news…hartnell!!

    Anthony says hi and refresh!!!

  4. I thought it was on the unpenalized slash he took in the 3rd period…he was shaking his hand after that one. Not good news…hey, if the Pens can play the way they did last year with half their team on IR, the Rangers can do it!

  5. Does Hartford need there #1 back for the weekend games?

    Bring Kristo up for goals. We Need them!!

  6. Are u freaking kidding me. Wife working late at school and I come with my son from diner to this. How why and what do we as fans do to deserve this. I thought we were buyers earlier today SELL starting now. We’re done without cally and Nash.

    2-7 road trip and then 6-1 home opener loss to slew foot subban.

    No joking we can’t survive this.

  7. Just watched the last half of the third period … with 2:01 left Callahan committed that giveaway in front then dived down in front of a John Carlson shot. Not sure if that was it.

  8. Since we are loaded with proven non-scorers, when Nash and Cally are back, you can bet this team to a man would appreciate a playable veteran tough guy who would whisper sweet nothings in agitators’ ears and take care of business when required.

  9. Hey smart azzes, let me light your candle
    ‘Cause mama I’m sure hard to handle now
    Yes, I am

  10. The Clowe thing turned into an unmitigated disaster, but Slats was, for once, on the right track.

  11. I’m not big on social graces,
    think I’ll slip on down
    to the Oasis
    Oh, I’ve got friends
    in low places

  12. Agree with you Coos regarding the leadership. It seems Richie has everyone’s respect but he’s not a rally the troops guy. Seems like an opportunity for someone to emerge. McD??

  13. Well, long tall Sally he’s
    Built for speed, he got
    Everything that AV need
    Oh baby,
    Ye-e-e-eh baby,
    Woo-o-o-oh baby,
    Havin’ me some fun tonight.

  14. Love it when Richie, playing wing, is on the D boards and the guy with the puck checks HIM.

  15. Carp… any trade rumblings? Is Lord Sather stirring in his crypt? Our boys need help!

  16. Matty"GetBetterNasherandCally"Boy on

    Sad news. We will overcome. We will overcome. Powe to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Powe up with big club for locker room presence, scoring and help with crossword puzes
    Hmmm. five letter word, begins with goa_ _
    Clue – What Powe did not have last season

  18. manny, had just checked it out of the library. Not really a recommendation since I had yet to get into it albeit briefly. Current players don’t really want to talk about current players, but some of the old stories are interesting, (so far), as with some of the rookie fighters – after the fight, thanking the name veteran goons for the opportunity. lol

  19. Sorry coos. How about we agree that if I love it I will thank and praise you and if I dislike the book I will not blame you or mention that I heard about it from you.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Powe and Parros were philosophy majors at Princeton. George like pawn on game of life

  21. Let’s just agree that you’ll both love the book. I haven’t read it but what’s not to like.

  22. Repost: from *Fran*

    Well Carp. it has come to this. Seeing this discussion and opinion page growing in leaps and bounds over the years, and I’ve been a contributor when I had something I felt like saying.. not particularly anything that others were frothing at the ears to read. As you know I’ve always made a point of picking out the “olden days” of the NHL with some of the greats of the past as for incidents of praise for the league back then. yES I ADMIRED “B0NNIE pRINCE cHARLEY” Chuck
    Rayner, and TUrk Broda of the Leafs and his stacked pad slides to break up plays, and when a hit of a guy into the boards regardless of the violence factor was a foul and was penalized with a trip to the penalty box. Yes I saw the greats of those days, Rocket Richard, Boom Boom Geoffrion, the Bentley brothers Max and Doug,and many others. I admit that the players today are bigger, faster, and afr better paid than then, but it was still a wounderous period’

    My personal opinion of the modern boarding incidents whether players are injured or not, and endangered unnessesarilly, should have no place in this game. The league could put a stop to it, and I believe it would make for a better game in the long run. I did not know of Boyle going from
    Rangers…\How did that happen?

    Just recently I saw the name of Kaleta show up in the TV comments and wonder it was part of the Kaleta who played year ago for the Black Hawks, and that name was either Max or Henrik if memory serves me right…they also called him
    (“Killer) Kaleta. He may have also played for Rangers…this I am not certain of. In final….it’s a great game and league…..but it could be better.

  23. Prust with an unreal one man PK against Anisimov and Co. Then the assist (and possible deflection) on Aaron shortie.

  24. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Oh, seriously? Callahan? Come on.

    Mother Byfuglien! And Carcillo Hartnall to you too!

  25. I always give the coaches the benefit of the doubt, but we can keep replacing top 6 with 4th liners.

  26. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Papa bear,

    Last night’s win gives the laduree Macaron a longer lifeline. We will need larger losses as you say. I agree with that. I really don’t like rooting against Rangers, but really at wit’s end with following this team. Certain tragedy on homefront may lend itself to this thinking, but, in general, tired of management’s chicanery. Even hearing the macaron talk enrages. The man is a human pomme frite.

  27. Are the Oilers really going to trade Yakupov for a goalie? I read some twitter rumor about Vanek and Miller going to Edmonton in a package for Yakupov.

    Good side note: Auto correct wanted me to change Yakupov to “Yak Upon”

  28. Taylor Hall just broke Gretzky’s record by scoring fastest two goals in Oilers history. 2 G in 9 Seconds.

  29. Sorry. 2 Goals in 9 seconds was the previous record held by Gretzky. Hall broke it by scoring 2 G in 8 Seconds.

  30. I’m not really that concerned about, or obsessed with, goal scoring. As you guys know. It’s like 10% of hockey.

    But the Hobbit Wizard has not looked good. He’s still lord of the rink. But it’s not going well. And I think he has a one way contract.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – I have to disagree. Powe is one of the purest goal scorers in the league. Consider last season as an example….do you know how many he potted?

  32. wow!!! come on here to see if anything was new and find out Callahan has a broken thumb. The ranger season so far has been nothing but negativity after negativity. The rangers finally do something positive and they lose there captain. It’s bad enough Nash is out but the rangers as a team seem to not play well when Callahan is out. It looks like now my 2-7 start is looking a lot better than 12 hours ago. I hope this isn’t how this season is going to go because if this is any indication on how this season is going to be the rangers are in trouble. Kreider must have really falling off the depth chart that Powe is the guy called up, really, unless ranger brass feels kreider needs to play in the ahl and learn the fundamentals of pro hockey.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Powe does a lot of things well…just not many for the team that he plays for is all…

  34. He does have a one way contract. It’s not just his size, Cory Conacor (sp) is the same size or smaller but you notice him on the ice. Zucc not so much.
    I thought he added a bit of skill to last years team but haven’t seen any sign of it so far this year.


  36. Olga Folkyerself on

    Just keep on blocking those point shots with your hands. Their hands are not protected for that, and besides that’s what you have goalies for. I hope the 3-4 weeks off is worth it just for preventing that one shot on goal.

  37. actually wasn’t a point shot. it was in close after Callahan coughed it up … not that he wouldn’t have dived in front of a point shot just the same.

  38. Last night, two games on the schedule, tonight a dozen or so. How do they make schedule and why do they do it this way?

  39. I will never criticize Callahan. I’m actually shocked that he’s not going to play through it. Guys a beast.

  40. If your child’s identity is to be a dork but it gets him picked on you don’t tell your child to change. You support him.

    This is supposedly our team identity and definitely the identity of our fearless Capt.

  41. Plekanec scores. Habs will win. Prust on the ice for the goal. Pretty much on the ice for the final 3 minutes.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Leetch – actually, powe replaces Nash – both are goal scorers. Miller replaces cally.

  43. Holy smokes!!! I can’t believe the extreme softy Bravoski just gave up. Bravoski at times is good but gives up some head scratching goals. 4-3 Canadiens with 1 minute left in game.

  44. Rangers only chance top 3 in div is everyone keep losing till Nash and cally come back.

    Pitt a lock for number one.

    Looks like 5 teams in other div and three from ours

  45. Well boys, here’s the plan. We suck for a while(or continue to ) and then when we get Hags, Nasher and Cally back, we sneek in around the 5th/6th seed. And we kick ass in the playoffs. I hope?

  46. Manny did you catch TJ’s shoot out winner?

    Nice little interview on NHL network after the game

  47. Seriously…we are gonna suck no matter what. But now apparently Vigneault wants to grind now…so we call up Powe instead of Kreider or Kristo. Sit Pyatt, waive Powe and get Kreider and Kristo up immediately…what is this malarkey?!

  48. I once had my entire left arm severed in a thresher accident, still played that night, still scored. It’s different these days.

  49. I feel like there’s a trade happening any moment here. If Sather doesn’t trade Zuccanator for Erik Johnson, Jamie McGinn and Varlamov. Maybe make them throw in O’Reilly. Since we’d be trading Zucc, afterall.

  50. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Mr Olga. Agree with you 100% on the fire Sather. Wish you would say that more often! Good nite all!

  51. MZA – Wanted to give this guy a chance to wheel and deal with Brassard but…results speak for themselves. Callahan made his presence felt eventually as a captain should and he isn’t the biggest dude by far(that’s not what she said). But seriously, Callahan is a clutch 30 goal dude if he can just stay healthy. Well, we won’t have to worry about that for a while.

    Pyatt, Boyle- I love their “responsibility” factor and the fact that they’re big bodies with some battle, but there’s one problem; actually two…they don’t fight or score!!! WTF??? They’re oversized wussies! MZA kicks their ass in practice when he rages, even! Sorry Carp, the love affair is over. Bring in Kreider and Kristo now and a goon like Haley. Then…sit these goalless bums!

    Brassard: Don’t suck and ruin the trade moreso than it already has been.

    Powe: Thank god you’re back…

  52. I don’t get it? We lose our top line RW so we bring up a 4th line C?
    Are they expecting Miller or Boyler to replace Callahan?
    Seriously – Kristo or Kreider or Lindberg or Hrivik would be better suited to that role.

  53. they killed some penalties and won last game.

    Callahan leaves a big hole on penalty kill. Maybe the mgmt team feels that Powe helps that much more than Kreider…

    We must be planning to win this game 1-0.

  54. tomb – that is the only way it makes sense. But Miller is more of a 2nd/3rd liner – are we asking too much of him? Or will they try moving Zucc or Fast up and put Miller on the 2nd or 3rd in their place?

    Either way, this team without Cally, Nash (and somewhat Hags) is very very short on scoring.

  55. It might be time for Step to step up. Hasnt been awful but certainly hasn’t been noticeable. Now more than ever, earn that raise.

  56. Maybe it is time to trade Kreider while he still has value. The organization clearly does not like him if Powe is their call-up.

  57. We lose again... on

    I’m very puzzled by the Powe call up. Nothing against Powe, but we basically have him on the roster already – i.e., Dom Moore. I’d still like to see Moore, Zucc and Pyatt out and Kreider, Kristo and Lindberg up. Let’s see what these guys can do…we already know what Moore, Zucc and Pyatt can do and one thing it isn’t is to score goals.

  58. Ever since the talk of Pow(e) Sioux-per-man has not commented…leads me to believe one of us is really Clark Kent with a virtual name…

  59. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    It’s a long season. Ups and downs. Got a long way to go.

    Cally will heal. Nasher will heal. Hags will heal. The Kreider will be here at some point with the Count of Kristy. Hopefully someone with some size grows up on defense. Sprinkle in some toughness and…

    WE WIN THE CUP!!!!

  60. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    One has to be very impressed with the GM jobs done by Ottowa, Chicago, St. Louis, San Jose, Detroit, Boston, LA. At some point might even add Carolina and Tampa (huh?).

    Point is, there IS a way to grow with draft picks, smart trades, and sprinkle in some buyouts and FA’s a la the first names. There is a way to stay atop the mix, once you are there, a la Detroit.

    Let’s watch JD and what he ultimately does in Columbus.

    Some GM’s have a real nack for talent.

    Some GM’s don’t have a clue.

    EXTEND SATHER!!!!! TILL HE’S 80!!!!

  61. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    could the Powe over THE KReider call up be because of any of the following, Carpy????

    1. salary cap issue
    2. not wanting to make him the yo-yo he was last year?
    3. feeling he still has to become more responsible and he’s not yet ready?
    4. feeling they need help with the PK, and Powe can help with that while The Kreider doesn’t have that experience? (actually, he has the skills to be a good PK person if he’s got the will and brains)

    Obviously on talent alone, this makes no sense. Organizationally, there must be a reason.

  62. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    How many guys do we have on our roster that could clear waivers??? Let’s remember the first 3. What a bunch of……

  63. I am not Glen Sather (thank goodness) nor do I play him on TV, but I came up with two possibilities as to why Powe was recalled and not Kreider and Kristo – and both have something to do with the schedule easing up (game Saturday and then next Thursday).

    1. Salary cap implications. I am not sure how tight things are, but calling up Powe saves a little cap space given the team has some time off.
    2. With the Wolf Pack playing two games this weekend, the Rangers might let that serve as a “tryout” for Kreider/Kristo/Fill-in-the-blank. For one game they can try and get by with Powe.
    3. I did come up with one more thought – Pierre McGuire’s BFF, AV, doesnt like to play rookies.

  64. You sissies are the softest, I mean the weakest, the dumbest group of namby pamby hoodlums that I ever seen! Seems like I’m gonna have you to teach you boys and girls a little lesson about grit and toughness. Well, I am the baddest, I mean the strongest, the fearsomest, the darndest tootin’ shooter this side o’ the globe! Now get ready to learn a few lessons in toughness!

  65. Bottom line is that The Kreider is a superlative specimen who should be crafting his trade on our first line and not in the A(mateur)H(our)L …

  66. or maybe Kreider is nowhere near ready and is just really not that good as most people here thought he was after those 2-3 weeks in the playoffs 2 years ago.

    and the fact that that he doesnt kill penalties.

  67. I will skip my obligatory “First?” post and just say this:

    The Kreider was not called up because someone IN the lineup, probably JT Miller, will be taking Captain Callahan’s minutes. Therefore, if Kreider was called up he would be relegated to 9-13 minutes on the 4th line which isn’t helpful to Kreider’s development. Thus, Powe was called up. (tomb said this before)

    I apologize to Pimp for the previous paragraph. No hard feelings buddy.

  68. Maybe, in terms of fans, the worst thing THE Kreider did was to come up and score all those goals in the playoffs and set unrealistic expectations on a kid that was really raw and not ready to play in the NHL.

    He’s young. It’s way too early to call him a bust. It’s way crazy to think that anybody in the organization dislikes him, much less hates him. And it’s absurd to think they’ve given up on him or should trade him.

  69. 1st time offender maybe?

    he ‘s lucky Bedbug Eddy didnt cut his thumb off like he had done to Paulie in the Pope of Greenwich Village.

  70. Kreider dominates at every level, mite, squirt, high school, college, world juniors, what’s wrong with playing pro in the AHL for a full season? If you are ready for the NHL you should be in the top three in points or stats at the AHL.

    He bounced back and forth last year, but really didn’t dominate in either. Let him get top minutes, and earn his points, then when he’s ready pull him up.

    I’m not 100% sure Miller, Kristo, Kreider, or Fast are ready for full time NHL minutes either. Are any of them a top 3 pick? NO.

    Now they will get a chance. Here’s hoping they make the Hertl, and make a name for themselves.

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    We had another number one pick last year. The Roman Hammer. Why did we get rid of him?

  72. Yea I can’t think of another, Rob. I can think of some high draft picks that are busts and I can think of this guy named Datsyuk that was drafted in the 6th round….

  73. Just when things are looking up with Hags getting back, now we lose Cally for a whole fuggin month? Unreal! And Powe is his replacement. Poor Kreider. So much for that clean slate.

    And why did they send Talbot back down? What’s the point behind that?

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MZA with zero points in 6 games. He’s on the second PP rotation and getting top 6 minutes. I have a feeling that it wont be long before the little fella is sent packing.

  75. Maybe Kreider is trade bait and they figure its better to keep him in the minors, keeps his value up?

  76. Manny –

    Pouliot was 4th in ’05
    Brassard was 6th in ’06

    So we have that working for us.

  77. Papa – I think Kreider has to play top line minutes, and prove that he can score in all situations, and learn to play away from the puck.

    When he can do that in Hartford they will pull him up.

    Same goes for Kristo & Lindberg. The games faster than what they were playing last year. Let them adjust, and get a comfort level, build some confidence scoring. Isn’t that the PRO-cess that they all have to go through?

  78. Rob – because he had a one way contract and more money at the KHL level. If they don’t offer him at least $1M, 1-way, he plays elsewhere.

    I think he took a discount to play in the NHL.

    Now it would be nice if he started to PLAY and SCORE in the NHL.

    If not I put Kristo in his place in 10 games.

  79. Rob in Beantown on

    Should I go to the BU vs Wisconsin game tomorrow night or stay home and watch the Rangers on TV? First chance to see a Big Ten team and they’re ranked number 2 right now.

  80. Rob

    Go to game Tom night we lose 2-0 . Schneider makes 17 saves and the worst thing is I am going to rock to witness this in person.

    This long season will only get longer with his depleted roster.

    Go eagles beat the cowboys. They may be all I got.

  81. Rob go to the game. College hockey is more fun than Pro Hockey. Sit close to the student section, and get into the game.

    I have seats 4 rows behind the goalie and watch the Sioux every week. It just doesn’t get much better that. But our house holds 12,000 fans, and it’s always full. Lots of tradition in the land of the Sioux.

    BC always has a solid team. Who’s the once to watch?

  82. Rob – DVR the Rangers game you won’t miss a thing. Hockey live is 10x better than on TV.

  83. Rob in Beantown on

    I usually go to the BU games because that’s where I’m doing my masters program. Plus I like their arena better than BC’s and I get a student discount. And they serve beer at the BU games (BC is a dry campus).

  84. Rob in Beantown on

    There are a few rookie BU players who are lighting it up in the NHL this season. Chiasson on Dallas (3 goals and 6 pts) and Nieto (2 goals and 5 pts) on San Jose.

  85. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s fun to go to games at Harvard too. The arena is smaller and way more intimate. You’re right on top of the game there no matter where you sit.

  86. Our Boy Tambellini is off to a good start. He has a 2 pts in his first two games. Puts him in the top 3 for the Sioux.

    This week will be a real test for the Sioux. Playing 9 freshman against the #1 team at Miami of Ohio.

    The last time I went to Ohio for a game the Sioux won 3-0. The goal scores were Jonathan Toews, T.J. Oshie and Drew Stafford. That game was played in Dayton Ohio, and was in the Lefty McFadden tournament, in 2005.

    Rob – did you catch any games when Kreider played for the Eagles?

  87. Does this mean Cas Marques is going to put extra padding on every players thumb pad now like they did 2 years ago when Cally broke his hand and they put that red padding over the front of the glove (which they still have)?

  88. Gotta love the $25 ticket to RALPH, to watch NHL drafted talent. Prime Rib Sangwiches for $9 (Carp would LOVE) and a tall $6 beer.

    The Ralph is hands down, the best place to watch hockey. Even better than MSG, I’m not kidding.

  89. I’ve had 2 GREAT experiences at MSG. Had a TON of fun, and still have facebook friends from our weekends in New York. But as far as the building goes, and the hockey crowd, the RALPH wins.

    Let me know if you ever get close to ND.

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    I saw Kreider play with BC three times (against BU all of them). He scored in two of those games.

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    The problem with BU games is the tickets are way overpriced. They’re in the realm of $40 a pop when you include service fees, which I think starts to put them above the price range of family entertainment. I get them for $20 though because I’m a student which is not a bad deal.

  92. BC came to town Kreider’s last year, when they won their last NCAA Championship. They had one of the fastest teams on the ice. Kreider was a beast, but the best player on the ice was Johnny Gaudreau. BC always puts a smaller faster team on the ice. Our Defense had it’s hands full, and took WAY to many penalties. BC cashed in on every one of them.

  93. Students at UND get the tickest for $5.

    Ralph made sure of that when he donated the funds for the $100M building.

  94. People will pay $100 to sit in the lower level, when the Gophers come to town. But they don’t want to lose to the Sioux, so they don’t come any more. HA. City of 50,000 beating up on “BIG” school of the BIG 10. Nothing is better than beating up on your #1 Rival.

  95. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m pretty sure I could actually get into the building for free or close to it, but I’d have to sit in the student section with undergrads and I wouldn’t be able to buy alcohol from the concessions. So I just buy regular tickets with a discount.

  96. Man, what the hell. I was jammed up with work this morning and just popped over. This is the worst.

  97. My only “Minor in Possession” in my life was at a hockey game, against the gophers. Had I not put a frozen gopher in my boot I would have gotten by. Whoops, we use to spike the coke with Rum. Had our own section. We got in for free back in my day at the old Ralph. That was probably the loudest building EVER, to play hockey in. When is got loud you couldn’t hear the person next to you.

  98. Rob, I went to a BU game when my alma was playing a basketball game there and I was shocked. Had no idea they’d have a real real arena. Not sure why, just didn’t expect it.

  99. LW kicking my butt on fantasy as well. With Boyle carted off the ice, Nash on IR, Gabby with the flu, Yak SUCKS early I had to trade him to Manny.

    Not a good week for me.

  100. Rob in Beantown on

    Agganis Arena is pretty nice. It’d be nicer if they could fill the place against an opponent that isn’t BC, but its not a bad place to watch a game.

  101. Yeah, but I liked how Falk filled in.

    We will need Del Zotto to start scoring when he is back to 100%.

  102. Rob – We are pretty spoiled when it comes to watching hockey at the New RALPH. It seats 12,000, with Luxury Suites in the Middle of the upper and lower level. 2 Full Service Bars on each end of the arena. Packed with food all around the concourse on both levels. Seriously, you can get a bucket of nachos for $10, Prime Rib, Pig on a Stick. Beer they have everything from Labatt’s & Molson to the Leinie’s Lodge.

    Everyone comes to the arena that night, if you didn’t plan ahead and book a room, you won’t get one – unless you drive up to an hour away.

    The arena every seat is leather, the floors are granite and marble, polished brass is everywhere. Pictures of EVERY player that went Pro, everyone one of them that brought the Stanley Cup back. The top 100 alumi have their own flag and Sioux number on them, refers to the section you walk into. Gold medals from the Olympics, and world championships are on display, as well as the 7 National Championships, & Hobey Baker winners.

    As a hockey fan, everyone should see it just once.

    The one game I went to last year, Craig MacTavish was standing right as I walked in. I’m thinking do I stop and ask for a picture? I should have, but didn’t.

    I wanted to say “What is Craig MacTavish – The 1994 Stanley Cup Ranger Champion doing in Grand Forks?” I’m guessing they came down with Adam Tambellini to check out the Arena and Campus. Who know they could be scouting other players as well.

    If I didn’t have my hands full of a bucket of nacho’s and a beer – I would have :)

  103. You should set your DVR tonight to see our Prospect Tambellinni play. It will be on CBS Sports UND vs Miami of Ohio. #6 vs #1. It should be a good game.

    I’ll be happy if the Sioux get a split this weekend.

  104. I’ve been a little busy personally, but maybe Rangers fans are feeling a little beat up. It’s been a rough first two weeks.

  105. With Cally out.
    Powe-D. Moore-Fast

    Why not Pouliot with Brassard and Richards?

  106. Kristo, Kreider, Lindberg leading in points in Hartford. At least they are off to a good start this year.

  107. Rob in Beantown on

    Dickie V trolling Sioux fans, bay-beee

    Hockey East retweeted
    Dick Vitale @DickieV
    Best college ice hockey arena in the nation @ NOTRE DAME #BEAUTIFUL pic.twitter.com/o2PmXweOVD

  108. Rob in Beantown on

    Dickie V trolling Sioux fans, baybeee

    Hockey East retweeted
    Dick Vitale @DickieV
    Best college ice hockey arena in the nation NOTRE DAME #BEAUTIFUL pic.twitter.com/o2PmXweOVD

  109. At least the Devils are coming up. They have a great roster. They completely replaced Kovalchuk, Clarkson and Parise.

  110. Top power play will be Moore-Richards, w Pyatt, Brassard and Stepan

    2nd unit: Girardi-Stralman, Pouliot-Miller-Zuccarello

    Is Pyatt the big guy in front of the goalie in this sceme?

  111. Since you asked ORR:

    ?@AGrossRecord 1m

    Vigneault says Cam Talbot will play Friday, Saturday and likely Wednesday for Hartford (AHL), allowing him to join #NYR for Philly/Det trip.

  112. And it sounds like Pyatt is getting moved up. I would prefer JT Miller but whatever…

    @AGrossRecord 59s

    Vigneault said he thought Pyatt’s ability to forecheck/create a cycle would work best as a substitute for Callahan with Brassard-Richards

  113. Manny at least the Devils are 0-4 with 26 goals against. 1 pt behind us with 3 ties.

    So does that make this an overtime game :)

  114. Actually, Sioux. The Devils have 24 goals against. Rangers have 25. So we can’t make fun of them for that. Yet.

  115. I have to drive 75 miles each way to catch the Sioux Games. Isn’t Hartford about the same?

  116. I have to find a Job on the EAST coast. I would love to catch the trains to the games.

  117. Bad news, Sioux. You can’t take a train to Hartford, CT. You can fly and then take a cab or you can drive. There might be a bus. I don’t own a car so if you get out here we can carpool in your car.

  118. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I honestly get the powe call up as well as why they sent talbot to ct.

    You realize in 07 we could of had Perron, pk slew foot, Wayne Simmonds, pacioretty to name a few but chose AC instead(no offence to the guy, RIP).

    I’d rather see Haley and mash than fast and mza.

  119. The Goalie Stats must be wrong on the web site it shows Rangers with 25, Devils with 26 GA.

    We are one game ahead of Florida with a 2-4 record on the road. That’s a positive. I think.

  120. PK – would be a god send for this team right now.

    I would rather see Kristo & Kreider playing right now.

  121. Powe was lights out on killing penalties last year.

    Who know’s maybe the strike lighting in a bottle and win a game against the Devils.

  122. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If they beat the devils, Eric is going to need a second mortgage to pay his hot dog debt.

  123. Can you imagine a Subban-McDonagh pairing if Montreal hadn’t coveted Gomez? Those guys would be pretty much a perfect match.

  124. LOL – I fly to New York. So we will have to rent :) which I’ve never done in the state of NY.

    But hey, if you fly over here, you can drive one of mine.

  125. Powe was a solid 4th liner, he just didn’t have any goals. Still an upgrade over Rupper.

  126. The truck cost $85 a tank, it didn’t take the kid long to realize he doesn’t need a truck.

  127. Eh, its pretty obvious why Pyatt is the one getting moved up. He’s responsible in his own zone and he won’t make Richards feel super slow. Makes sense.

  128. Sioux, returning home from game:

    ‘My little horse must think it queer
    To stop without a farmhouse near
    Between the woods and frozen lake
    The darkest evening of the year.

    He gives his harness bells a shake
    To ask if there is some mistake.
    The only other sound’s the sweep
    Of easy wind and downy flake.

  129. I’m thinking Manny might want to go hunting. Give him a shot gun, put him in a blind with a goose call, and have the honkers land on his feet.

  130. Man. It’s really funny that the Devils have not won a game but are not in last place. The Phlyers, who have won 1 game, are in last. That’s funny.

    I’m from the country, Sioux. Don’t mess with me!

  131. Who’s messing, I’m just entertaining you and Mrs Manny :)

    I said nothng of the skinny jeans. but the visual made me laugh.

  132. I don’t want ANY of the “entertainment” that Wicky the Fierce is thinking of planting on Manny the Brave.

  133. So I am going to the rock Tom to see Taylor Pyatt on line 1. God what an utter disgrace. Thank god they serve beer

  134. Bus is cheaper but takes just as long. I think “just don’t go watch minor league hockey” is the right call here.

  135. With Pysie on the line, there will be someone lumbering up ice to accept all the Richie drop passes. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

  136. I was going to drive up to Winnipeg, when Hartford last played the Manitoba Moose. Artie was centering the team back then. But my work schedule flip flopped and I couldn’t go.

  137. ‘Over the river and through the woods,
    To the hockey game we go.
    The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh
    Through white and drifted snow.

    Over the river and through the woods,
    Oh, how the wind does blow.
    It stings the toes and bites the nose
    As over the ground we go.’

  138. Same thing happened last year. I was out west when a buddy calls a tells me they have an extra ticket to the PEG for Rangers/Jets game. And I’m 300 miles away.

  139. Good old pond hockey! No Zamboni and frozen sticks sometimes impeding the puck, but no one left the ice till Mama called with dinner.

  140. Sioux, playing for years on windy, frozen ponds is how Ruslan Fedotenko got his permanent face rash. :)

  141. “Hello, this is Brad Richards and I have to cancel my tanning appointment. I’ve experienced a resurgence, Nash is gone, and the coach is giving me 23 minutes a night.”

  142. At this point, you can’t take MZA out of the lineup on the off chance that he actually scores a goal. Same with Fast.

  143. Gravy, I feel like that’s the argument for bringing Kreider back up more than anything else.

  144. Agree, MD. But, since they didn’t bring him up, you *have* to play the other two.

    AV has used the reasoning that he doesn’t want the kids on the 4th line or the bench, but now would be an opportunity to give them meaningful minutes. Which makes me wonder why Pyatt on the 1st line and not Miller as well.

  145. Perhaps AV will see the light after tonights game if he is really going to Hartford to watch them.

    Here’s hoping Kristo and Kreider get hat tricks, 20 shots on goal, and hit someone on every shift.

    Then….. maybe our boys Kristo and Kreider get a chance to score some goals for the Blueshirts.

  146. Rob in Beantown on

    The likelihood of Powe scoring a point must be approaching 100% because he hasn’t had one for years

  147. Pat Leonard ?@PLeonardNYDN 3h

    Lines Pyatt-Brass-Rich, Miller-Stepan-Zucc, Pouliot-Boyle-Dorsett, Powe-DMoore-Fast. McD-G, Staal-Stral, likely Dz-JMoore, Lundqvist

  148. Richards-Brassard-4th Liner
    4th Liner-4th Liner-4th Liner
    4th Liner-4th Liner-4th Liner
    4th Liner-4th Liner-4th Liner

  149. Fri, Oct 18

    Cory Schneider will start in Saturday’s game against the New York Rangers.

    Advice: The Devils are alternating between Schneider and Martin Brodeur, who started Thursday. Schneider has outplayed Brodeur so far, although neither goaltender has lived up to expectations and their battle for the top spot has been overshadowed by the fact that the team is 0-4-3.

    More: Tom Gulitti on Twitter

  150. Carp

    If you see me snoring Tom night don’t wake me. Based on our lines I should pay half price

  151. Sure took Ulfie long enough to re-unite McD and Girardi. Don’t they have Memorex over there in Sweden?

  152. Eric you might have to go to the Vodka Drip IV just to get your fluids up for the game at the Rock!

  153. Scotty Bowman gave a *great* interview on Hockey Central at Noon Podcast regarding the interference in the game and how the new rules are making hockey _more_ dangerous.

  154. Lurch, Tom Cruise, Richie Rich.
    Miller Light, Stepandfetchit, Mozzarella
    Pullout, Bole, Dennis the Menace
    Tyrone PowerOutage, Moore, Fastish

    Coming to an arena in your town soon

  155. so Taylor Pyatt is your number 1 left wing, and Kreider plays with the Pack. makes sense to me. FREE KREIDER!

  156. I think that doesn’t tell us how good Pysie is, but how disappointing the Kreider remains. How else can one look at it?

  157. _Sure took Ulfie long enough to re-unite McD and Girardi._

    I sort of wish we’d pair like this …


  158. I am just going to go out on a limb and assume the organization knows what their plan is with The Kreider. They already said when they call him up it will be for good.

  159. And if Kreider never comes up again he can never be not disappointing again. At some point, you have to let him really sink or swim and not over a 5 game span. And maybe not just for the playoffs again.

  160. Without Nash, and with little offense even WITH him, AV knows he has to have proven and dedicated people on ice to keep the score down and give Hank a chance to steal points.

  161. Pysie and power, we’re all set. Talk about a couple of guys suited to the wide open, up tempo style. Whats worse is powe might be one of the quicker guys on the club.

    Like Eric said thank god they serve beer.

  162. Coos,
    you are right. that also explains why Jesper Fast is here. you know because of how good he is in his own zone.

  163. He must be adjudged better than Kreider in his own zone, or everyone getting paid the big bucks at MSG are fakers.

  164. Why is Fast on the 4th line.

    Bring the Monster Mash up for that role.

    Send Fast down to work on his Fast game in the offensive roll.

  165. With Pysie on the top line, we are guaranteed to have POWE’r outage.

    Bring your phone, you will need the light.

  166. I’m thinking Gardy wants to keep his undefeated record keep THE Kreider, Kristo, Lindberg line in tack. Bring back his #1 in Cam.

    Hartford sweeps the weekend.

    They won’t miss Powe, down there. Bring him up with the other goalie, he isn’t going to play anyway.

    Powe and Fast get 10 minutes tops.

  167. Sioux, I think we have problems. Fans would love right now to see Mash, Kreider, the Undertaker, Bicks, maybe Conor Allen, Kristo, but the fact that they are not here yet despite our somewhat anemic lineup, well…read the tea leaves.

  168. Boys make sure to Find CBS SPORTS tonight on DVR. Sioux vs Miami.

    Tambellini should be on the 2nd line for the Sioux.

  169. I like what someone you (including CARP) are doing here …

    Actually giving the man his due and referring to him by his proper last name, “The Kreider”.

    Anything other and you may as well be spitting on a grave.

  170. First, the late night starts and finishes on the west coast. Now the sparsity of games…….., it feels like another lockout.

  171. Papa, the pope of Greenwich Village is a classic. Glad you brought it up.

    “you’re mozzarellas tough sometimes”

  172. That is quite the shaky limb.

    This organization has proved inept repeatedly.

    Their handling of Kreider is further proof of their ineptitude.

  173. “Horses ain’t like people, man, they can’t make themselves better than they’re

    born. See, with a horse, it’s all in the gene. It’s the effing gene that does the

    running. The horse has got absolutely nothing to do with it.”

  174. Ah, Stu likes to travel around
    He’ll shove you and he’ll put you down
    But people let me put you wise –
    Stu’s D just terrifies.

  175. #7 horse clops up to the $50 window and tells the teller 20 times on the 7 horse. Then he says to teller: “You’re surprised a horse can talk, aren’t you?”
    Teller: “No, I’m surprised you think you got a shot in this race.”

  176. Richie slows down even more when he passes the Washington bench because he smells the Oates.

  177. Gotta love the NHL..

    Tuesday: 12 games, Wednesday: 2 games, Thursday: 12 games, Friday: 2 games, Saturday: 13 games

    what the hell man? so many good games to watch last night but tonight is garbage. spread the wealth a little bit.

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He speaks tongues in German

    The world revolves around him.

    He can kill a fly by looking at it.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  179. I’m watching the Pack game.

    they are down 3-1. But just killed off a 2 min 5 on 3 to start the third.

    Pack goal a deflection by Kristo.

  180. I watch it on hockeystreams.

    Kristro looks OK. he had a bad giveaway earlier but Talbot stopped it.

    talbot the best player on the ice for the Pack.

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    With Calbot in the system, I’d trade hank for Coulture, Pavelski, and a number 2.

  182. Leslie Treff ?@HFNYRangers 2m
    Kristo very good in offensive zone, but two big giveaways tonight.

  183. I can’t do it tonight Tomb, so I’ll rely on you.

    The Sioux are on so I can’t watch two games at once :)

  184. Sioux still up 3-2 but just gave up its power play.

    Tambellini looks good, but not on the score sheet.

  185. Scary scene in Winnipeg. Trouba did it to himself but it’s always scary to see a player leave on a stretcher. He’s moving tough.

  186. Pack with a few close calls in the last 30. a dump-in from the red-line by Borque bounces over the goal…

    shot from that kid from sweden….. barely saved by the goalies shoulder.

    OT coming up.

  187. That Trouba injury was scary to see. Good to see he seemed to have movement. Was a complete freak accident too.

  188. Manny I almost bought season ticket for the Jets.

    Could have tripled my money. They sold out in 3 minutes.

    I forgot to boot up was 10 minutes late. Wife was charping on me to mow the lawn :(

  189. As a side note: the biggest change I see with hybrid icing is the few seconds it’s going to shave off the clock at the end of a game with an Elroy net and extra man attacking.

  190. Loving C-Dubs. Coming up with excuses for Mrs. Manny to hit the town!

    Trouba was totally an accident. But very scary.

    Could you have re sold, that Sioux?

  191. Manny I could have made $10,000 plus went the the games I wanted to. Keeping 20 games and selling 60.

  192. both goalies stop round 1
    kristo loses puck talbot suffs. 0-0 after 2

    both score next round 1-1. Hrivik quick shot.

    Mashinter scores, Talbot save 2-1.

    Asham stopped. ……monardchs shoot wide.

    pack win.

  193. Tambellini lands spot on the top line with Grimaldi.

    He looks like he’s the real deal.

    The boys are going to win 4-2.

  194. NCHC game is in the books.

    Sioux look solid in the first NCHC game.

    Always nice to beat the #1 team in the first game.

    Sioux freshman / Tambellini looking good!

  195. Tomb, Agree?

    @WolfPackAHL: Three Stars:
    1. Hartford – Aaron Johnson
    2. Manchester – Tyler Toffoli
    3. Hartford – Cam Talbot

  196. I did not, Sioux. I chose Game Center over the AHL subscription. Though I am tempted for both my marriage would collapse.

  197. Hey it’s Comrade Bitters! XO to my favorite Ukranian. Well second favorite. I have another friend.

  198. The Shanahan twitter feed is out if control and making no sense right now. He’s tweeting still frames of legal checks.

  199. Glad Talbot got sent down for the work then. Should be cool to have the humungaloid on the bench.

  200. on offense the Kristo-Kreider-Lindberg line was the only one creating chances most the game.

    most skilled is kristo.

  201. Nice to see Kristo, Kreider, and Lindberg making some noise.

    They could be our 3rd line next year!!!

  202. I counted Blocked shots, hits and face off wins since we are all “experts” or whatever. Not me. But you gals are.

  203. Steen is out of his mind good so far. Right place right time. Always.

    I’m switching to Ducks vs Coyotes with Lisa Hillary.

  204. So while I enjoy watching Blues games, seeing Schwartz and Tarasenko playing big minutes keeps reminding me that we drafted McIlrath before both of them…

  205. That was a joke. I couldn’t care less about Cam Fowler.

    Mcllrath will be here. He will be awesome. Kid has stones, protects his scorers and will clear the crease.

  206. Well my friend Sweet Jay took me to that video arcade in town, right, and they don’t speak English there, so Jay got into a fight and he’s all, “Hey quit hasslin’ me cuz’ I don’t speak French” or whatever! And then the guy said something in Paris talk, and I’m like, “Just back off!” And they’re all, “Get out!” And we’re like, “Make me!” It was cool.

  207. I hope Uncle Glennie retrieved the bonus money back from the parents of the kid who went and died on us.

  208. I love New Yorkers. They say things like “I could care less.” Manny’s not a real NYer. Connecticuters speak gooder.

  209. Rocky was found by police with his shoes on the wrong feet, intimating his accompanying “secretary” wasn’t taking dictation.

  210. CCCP – I just found the sour cream under your bed. I think it might have gone bad. Is green okay?

  211. and my alma mater comes back from down 2-0 to beat Denver University in Overtime…………..

    its even late here, 11 pm.

    lets keep this rolling with a Rangers win tomorrow!!!

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