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1) The hit on Derek Stepan by Troy Brouwer. I thought the one single replay they showed wasn’t convincing that it was a dirty hit. But the Rangers sure thought it was dirty, and intentional, and it happened right in front of the bench, and those guys usually know. I thought Alain Vigneault might go a little more berserk if he was convinced. Let’s see if the new, tougher, Player Safety Dept. takes a look). At minimum, I thought it should have been an interference penalty. It was a center-ice hit on Stepan (by Brooks Orpik) that set off that infamous anti-Penguins rant by John Tortorella, was it not? Imagine if he was seriously hurt?Rangers v Capitals

2) The best things about this game: The Rangers looked much better defensively, obviously, with Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh doing a job on Alex Ovechkin (where have we heard that before?) and Girardi(=Block Ness Monster) playing the way he played under the previous coach. Well, a lot of guys played that way last night. Especially the way they protected the lead and guys who get accused of not doing diddly did so many little things with the lead late in the third — Brian Boyle, Taylor Pyatt, Dominic Moore, Benoit Pouliot. All those guys still need to do more. Everybody does.

3) But the bigger picture, your goaltender, even though he wasn’t crazy busy, looked like himself for the first time this season. Henrik Lundqvist has to be all-world, no matter what system this team plays because it’s never going to score a lot. Maybe he just needed Cam Talbot. As our reader Callyman noted, that’s three straight shutouts of the Caps by Lundqvist, going back to Game 6 and 7 last spring.

4) You guys know that I tend to not simplify that A) he scores, he’s great or B) he doesn’t score, he stinks. But I thought both of the goal scorers last night had really strong games. Really like John Moore’s game, his best of the season by a hug amount. Looked good on the PP, too.

Rangers v Capitals5) And Ryan Callahan had another very strong game, on a line with Derick Brassard, who was very involved (his best of the young season, too), and Brad Richards, who hit a post, ran a pretty decent power play, and was skating again. That’s a lot of very good games for him so far.

6) On NBC, they were touting the decision to keep Richards instead of exercising the buyout, and yes, Richards has been just so much better than last season, and it’s not a total surprise. But I still think it was and is a huge gamble, and I still think they absolutely have to buy him out next summer even if he continues to have a remarkable season. Don’t they?

7) Nice job by NBC completely missing the penalties that caused the first-period 4-on-4, and then the Anton Stralman penalty too. Guess they don’t have enough cameras. Seriously, the people in the truck just don’t pay attention. Too busy going to closeups on the bench or on the ice, or that horrid low-angle shot from the corner. Just a pathetically bad production.

8) The penalty on Pyatt=Pansification. My God, that’s not a hook and it’s barely a tap.Rangers v Capitals

9) Good start for ya boys. Good PKs, with help from Car Seat Ovechkin and his fragile stick, and also his choice of wrist shots from outside the dot during the 5-on-3. And some mess-ups by Nick Backstrom, too. Must have had a splinter. And Joel Ward, too. How often has that guy helped the Rangers?

10) Justin Falk showed some onions throwing hands with Wilson.

11) Thought it was pretty funny yesterday that piece of carcillo Matt Cooke offered to help Patrick Kaleta clean up his game. Because he’s really milking this “I’ve changed” crap. He’s still a dirty, gutless cheap shot artist.

12) The reason I picked the Rangers to finish second in the Lesstropolitan Division was on display last night. The Capitals are one of the best teams in the division, and they’re not very impressive at all.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Washington Capitals
1. Brad Richards.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. they sure looked like a different team tonight.

    I really enjoyed that game.

    Richards play has really surprised me. I thought he was done.

  2. Ok now that they aren’t playing ridiculously awesome teams they don’t look ridiculously bad. I thought to myself oftentimes last night this is a second round playoff team……again. Henrik was solid and their two goals were the result of hard work and forechecking and not a little bit of puck luck. Kinda like last year.

  3. um, have there been any questionable hits by cooke since the one where Mario called him out? sure seems like hes changed to me…

  4. Carp:

    I don’t care if Richards is the MVP of the regular season and Conn Smythe trophy winner. They MUST buy him out this summer. The contract is a ridiculous albatross. Thank goodness they have the opportunity to rectify it.

    That being said, Richards looks like a totally different player from last year. It is puzzling.

    No Soup For You!

  5. Carp in midseason form. Especially with #12. Re #6 & 7: Anything is better than Joe Beninati & Craig Laughlin. How about Pierre running down the list of Staals? Sounded like my mom calling me different brothers’ names until she got the right one. MSG would’ve had 4 different angles of that hit by Brouwer. Also it looks the Rangers will be featured on NBCSN’s “Rivalry Wednesday” five more times: Home & home vs the Penguins, at home against the Snider, on the Island and of course against huge rivals, the Blackhawks.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice win. Glad you mentioned our third and forth liners, there were very good. Dom Moore had his best game of the season. Dorsett was pretty effective too. MZA is yet to find his game.
    But I agree, the most important part of last night was Hank. He was himself, they won’t go too far without him finding his game.
    LMGO @ Backstrom having a splinter!

  7. I watched the game late, and only saw the replay once. My first reaction was that he could’ve avoided hitting Stepan up high, at the least. I won’t be able to see more replays until much later today, so I’m withholding my judgement. All I know is it could’ve been much worse.

  8. Thanks for the nice write-up, Carp. Agree with your observations, and think perhaps the weird opening schedule out West is partly to blame under a new coach…unfamiliar opponents, and that they needed to play some familiar teams in familiar territory to get their bearings. Now we can say LGRs!

  9. LOL Romeo. That was spot on man. Listen to Cangialosi and Resch and the Caps announcers sound like heaven.

  10. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    The sick mind of us Ranger fans:

    Perhaps the reason we lost 4 of 5 was that we had a new coach, system, were away, and some new players.


    The west is tons better than the east. Washington proved part of that.


    LGR!!! LGR!!! We make the playoffs!!!! LGR!!!

  11. Accidental hit on Stepan or not I would have liked to see some emotion from someone. This team has no toughness.

    How many times do you see a clean hard check followed up by someone challenging you. (which is wrong IMO)

  12. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Because of the team size, quasi-toughness that The Craps have, despite the many holes in their line up, they are not an easy out in the playoffs. They are an out, but not easy.

    Those big grinders like Chimera, Brower, Wilson, Ward, they are part of the needed make up of a team. Grabowski is their ONLY forward below 6’0″ and 200 lbs. In a 7 gamer, that grinds a small team like us down. It may not beat us, but it wears you out.

    The balance that Falk added (some size, toughness, fighting ability) was a breath of fresh air. He isn’t a great talent, but his style was desperately needed. Good for AV and his staff for keeping the guy as a 7, realizing a player type that was needed and not supplied by the GM. He played like he needed to last night.

    Before we get too giddy, this needs to be addressed

  13. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Chopper, totally agree. When your team is put together with one, maybe two guys that can fight, and no toughness up and down, you will have a situation where they sit back when physically challenged. This isn’t a first for a Ranger lineup.

    It’s just hard to believe that after 35 years in the business this GM missed it. Oops.

    I am sure he’ll find a way to add a few bodies, but good ones are not easy to find. Certainly 2 years ago with Prust as a team leader in that respect, his energy, mental toughness, what happened to Step and Nash and Step this year is defended with immediate action.

    When your team can’t defend itself it creates a sense of weakness and, trust me, at some point when the going gets tough second half or PO’s it will bite us big time.

  14. This win sure gives us all hope! That the whole season isn’t going to get away from us.

    Richards looks to be his old self. Could he chase 90 pts this year!

    Hank still has the goods!

    Now if Nash can be the player we all thought we traded for…… This team could be scary good

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Matt – agree re “What the” Falk. Getting rid of Assham left only Dorsett as the ONLY other player who will drop the gloves. Pyatt needs to grow a pair and stick up for someone. What a waste of a big body. Can’t skate or play PK limits his effectiveness and utility. Big bodies like Miller help. At one pt after a pk we had Step centering Richards and Teeny Zucchini.
    Beniot balls Pullout is another waste.

    Don’t worry because Hagaloon is coming back!

  16. Off the ledge yet boys? Nice game all around. Great to see Hank find his game. I thought he was fighting the puck a bit early but found it during that 5-3. I thought Dom Moore looked like when he played for the Rangers the first time around. Great PK by him and nice all around game. I thought the forwards played a much better game supporting the D, and McD, Moore and Girardi were especially strong.

    Boy does that PP look so much different than last year? Great puck movement and players moving to try and get open. Eventually the goals will come.

    I agree, watching that game you could see how much better the West is. Luckily, if we play like that, we should have a shot at getting out of the East, and anything goes in a 7 gamer. Even against a better team. On to NJ!

  17. Great result – Leastern and Bestern conferences earning their names I think.

    As for Brouwer, that was deliberate. He is skating towards the bench, looking in that direction all the time if he can’t figure out that skating at that angle and speed he is going to collide with Stepan and most likely his head they should take away his drivers licence because the guy clearly has no judgement or spatial awareness. He may have been just trying to set a “pick” but at minimum that was 2 for interference, for me it should have been 2 for elbowing and a game misconduct.

  18. I’m hearing Shanny’s voice in my head now:
    “So to recap: Brouwer makes no effort to avoid contact, Initial point of contact was the head, No injury on the play. The department of player safety suspends Troy Brouwer for…..”

  19. I eat crow on that whole, “we should replace a bunch of guys with younger, cheaper versions of them” because man did Pouliot, Dom Moore (especially), Pyatt and Co. (especially Boyle who I never, ever like the idea of getting rid of) do a great job of protecting the lead late. That was remarkable. I liked how they went a bit more defensive without completely just collapsing into their zone for the last 12 minutes.

  20. As infuriatingly inconsistent Dubie was, he would’ve challenged Brower after that hit on Step, but, we have big bodies, yet, with little ” cool-yones”

  21. Stepan hit was scary. Don’t know why it wasn’t interference – Brouwer should have seen him.

    Great to see McD and Moore on the power play.

  22. After last night we become buyers not sellers. Go get vanek. Lol

    Nice solid road win. Could relax today for once.

  23. At least Milbury knows how to pronounce our coach’s first name correctly. Now how about we pronounce Poulliot the right way. NOT POOL lee ot. It is pool lee O! Jeezus. Anyone take French in HS?

  24. Last night Pierre McGuire showed what a talented announcer he really is. After all, what other broadcaster would be able to provide his deep and insightful analysis all while engaging in a total slobberfest with AV (wish I could use the crude reference I made last night, but decorum prevents it).

    Can’t wait for the rest of the Ranger games on NBC to hear more of the brofest from Pierre to Alain.

  25. “[Brouwer] is skating towards the bench, looking in that direction all the time.” Uh, no. Watch the replay and he is clearly looking at Green and the pass he’s making. Stepan strides to his right to make a play on that pass and, boom, hockey happens. Tempest in a teapot.

  26. Ok. Here is my take (which matters zilch): I really think Brouwer is headed to the bench. I don’t think he sees Derek Stepan (who is inexplicably floating around in the one part of the ice where you DONT do that and definitely keep your head up). Brouwer sees him at the last second and in an attempt to get out of the way, raises his arms, and his elbow hits Stepan in the head.

    Now, this is interference. It’s not dirty. I’m still sick to my stomach that no one jumped him. To me, it’s like a high stick penalty, even if not on purpose you’re responsible for being aware of your surroundings and NOT hitting players in the head.

  27. Stepan readily admits that Brouwer told him, on the ice, that he didn’t see him and apologized. So, I really don’t think it’s dirty or suspension worthy. Should have been interference but that’s about it.

  28. It doesn’t have to be a 1st degree headshot to get a suspension Manny. He didn’t have to plan it and he can say he’s sorry. He can even mean it. Headshot is headshot is headshot.

  29. Spot on Manny!

    Ref’s should have called interference on Brouwer!

    Rangers should have had more snarl, protecting its #1 Center.

    I personally don’t think he will get any games. I don’t think it was an intentional hit to the head. But he hit him in the head. So now what?

    I’m just thankful Step isn’t hurt. Remember the un-intentional hit that put Crosby out for the rest of the year.

  30. 48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact is not permitted. However, in determining whether such a hit should have been permitted, the circumstances of the hit, including whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit or the head contact on an otherwise legal body check was avoidable, can be considered.

  31. Change the story from Stepan:Brouwer to Backstrom:Boyle and we’d be talking about how they skated into each other, which is what happened here. Anyone who’s played the game has been in many of these types of collisions. Stepan gets it, and so should his fans.

  32. Oh god can we please stop with the appeal to authority garbage. This board is better than that.

  33. #12 They were not last night.

    What was impressive were McD & G! No Car seat sliding across the ice. The Great 8, to date, is the #1 player in the league. Even if it’s is just fantasy stats, YTD.

    This team can be successful if the D works like it did last night.

  34. And we’re not, Norm, atleast on my side. History will show I’ve been anti-Ranger the rare times a Ranger has gone up high.

  35. Norm – it’s just nice to have a day after a win!

    If not….. it would be a dog-eat-dog day.

  36. Siouxper, I will send my dog down for yours to snack on. She’s getting to be kind of a pain, and I think I’ve caught her in front of the TV quietly pulling for the Bruins.

  37. _playing the way he played under the previous coach._

    thanks Torts for last night’s win… geez! AV gets no credit for last night’s game, right?

    …keeping Torts nub warm.

  38. 11 (I think), I agree. In a strictly hockey sense, he’s the equivalent of a convicted murderer bragging about not murdering in like three whole years. I’m sure Savard is thrilled (on days when he’s not suffering from depression) that Cooke is changed and telling everyone just how good at being changed he is.

  39. So my question for the Day. Falk.

    This team needs more “onions”, does he get a few more games?

    Who comes out if he does?

  40. Ah, that game eased my worries. They looked like a team again, and while they’re still going to have growing pains, we at least know what they’re capable of. This game, if anything, proves my theory that these guys just need time to adjust to a new system/coach/players/timezone, etc. Not only that, but those were some filthy teams they played on the west coast! Once they get to full strength again, they’ll be even better.

    I was watching the Icelanders/Baby Buffaloes game the night before, and I kept thinking how good the Isles looked (and how bad the Sabres looked!). Why couldn’t the Rangers play like that, I thought to myself. Well, just one day later, the Rangers proved that they can and more. Step back from that ledge Ranger fans, it’s going to be alright.

    I saw a team last night that looked relaxed, rested, controlled, confident, and ready to play. They needed that win (and that type of win) badly, and they went out and got it. That 2nd period was the most dominating period I’ve seen that team play since 2011-12. Hell, even Richards looked… dare I say… fantastic! Here’s to more games like this one!

  41. This team is only going to get better.

    Hags is going to be licking his chops to fire up the after burners in AV’s “system”.

    Nash rested and healthy, only makes this team better.

    Now if Del Zotto could only hit the “2 flies” in front of the net :)

  42. WBM©

    0) Boyle
    1) Stralman
    2) MZA
    3) Pouliot
    4) Dorsett
    5) MDZ

    Richards finally gets a game off.

  43. Brouwer’s initial reaction was to raise his arms to Stepan’s head…like Messier’s reaction used to be to throw an elbow before a collision. It may not have been intentional, but if they’re serious about eliminating head shots, he should get 3 games. My reasoning…HaGOONlin got 3 playoff games for a less dangerous hit.

  44. And while I may not agree with it, getting less games for there being and injury and not being an injury follows our societal norms (ex. the punishment is less for attempted murder than actual murder).

  45. Manny you are on top of your game today!

    Nice Fight Card!!!

    I was pleasantly surprised with Falk. Someone with size, that can play, punch, & HIT!

  46. For a #7 Defenseman point of view, we are light years ahead of where we were last year. What was the retreads name that the Caps cut last year, that “filled in” for the Rangers.

  47. Ehhh … I don’t think there was any malice in Hagelin’s hit*, but it was worse. I’m not against Brouwer getting 3, but not because of that comp.

    * I imagine he was as surprised as anyone he flashed his elbow, but he did and he connected. AND IT WAS A NAME PLAYER HE HIT!

  48. Graves – I’m sorry officer I didn’t see you sitting there, could I just get a warning this time :)

  49. I’ve seen the words ‘toughness’ and ‘snarl’ (aka ‘jam’ and ‘grit’) used above to describe what the Rangers seem to be lacking. Not sure if we are all on the same page after last night’s game.
    The Rangers finished almost every check in both the offensive and defensive zones without going to the sin bin. Nobody backed down in a road game to the supposedly bigger (in stats only) Cap workmen. It looked to me the Caps wanted no part of our ‘toughness’ and when you’re playing catch-up after a tough season start you don’t have to get ‘stupid tough’ and take an unconscious penalty for an objectionable hit and blow the game when we play these guys a few more times this year.
    I’ll take this kind of ‘tough’ any day. With that said. it is clear there is no place for Pyatt in the new Ranger scheme of things. He is a few steps behind on every play and that piano he wears is only going to get heavier. Kreider can easily replace him, adding, if he listens and learns, some team toughness and speed, and then, fingers crossed, we get back Nash to replace Fasthhhhhhhhh to get a few more goals.

    Let that lineup (charley) simmer for a while and let’s see what happens.

  50. I don’t care if Bickel or Falk can fight, as long as they can throw a decent check or three. I mean, does fighting really matter that much anymore? Nobody actually “wins” or “loses.” It’s about team morale, whether your end up on the ice or not. Who cares? Play well on an energetic 4th line, throw some checks, make the other team tire a little bit, and you’re good by me.

  51. Glad to see that unlike last night, some people actually agree with me on the Stepan/Brouwer collision. Guess I’m not an all-knowing idiot after all!

    Carp – agree with most of what you said. The defense was a bit better towards the end when they had the puck, but Stralman, Brassard, and a few others were still having issues on the man-to-man coverage (a few slip ups by Girardi and McDonagh too at one point). They are definitely getting better at it though.

    And the defense looked better to me because the forwards covering the point seemed to drop back a bit more and they were playing more along the boards with the puck rather than trying to force it to the slot. They were chipping pucks deep and playing a much simpler game. I think AV is seeing that he doesn’t have the talent he thought and is adjusting to have them play a more simplistic game (similar to the last 2 years). They have to play that way to win games and it looks like the adjustment was made.

    Lets just see if it holds up against the better teams in the league.

  52. Matty"GetBetterNasher"Boy on

    SO, as you watch the replay, did Brower jump off the ice before, during or after the hit??

    Because he sure lifted himself off the ice.

  53. So the team gets a “HOME GAME” on Saturday.

    8 Days in your own bed. A game across town, then take the train, and don’t have to fly out till next Friday.

    Seriously, that has to help, after a Hangover of a road trip.

  54. And not for anything, but AV isn’t a coach who wants his guys fighting much. He doesn’t believe in it. He believes in sticking up for your teammates by putting pucks in the net and winning games. Sure, when you have to have a guy go in there and rough someone up, he had his guys in Vancouver do it. But anytime the Sedin’s got run, he wanted his guys to make them pay by scoring on the PP. Not a fighting coach.

  55. JD – that’s what I liked about Falk. Not just a one hit wonder. He didn’t get a lot of time, but I liked what I saw.

    Did NBC have it right a Rangers Power Play in the top 10? or was I dreaming.

  56. _How did Miller do last night?_

    I love new Dubinsky but I can’t remember a thing he did. So lets say he “played a very responsible game”.

  57. You have to take intent out of it. You can have a lesser punishment if you really feel that it was incidental. But, I think 90% of hits that result in injuries weren’t intended to injure.

    The first reaction shouldn’t be to push your arms through someone’s head, and you have to condition players to start thinking that way.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve watched that replay a few times. The thing that gets me about it every time is that before the hit he tucks in his arm. You don’t tuck your arm unless you are setting up for a hit.

    He says he didn’t see Stepan, but he knew enough to jump over Step’s stick?

    I don’t know. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a headshot.

  59. I just don’t remember Fast and Miller playing much.

    Now looking at it they only had 10 minutes each.

    So I’ll just say I was “In a Hand” and missed their ice time.

  60. And I don’t believe, even a little, that Brouwer finishes through a teammate like that. And for it to be a total accident, completely incidental, you’d have to believe he was truly just one of two guys in a blind collision. That’s not what happened. I don’t believe it was with Rinaldoian malice, but it was reckless and you’re accountable for reckless acts. Or should be, atleast.

  61. How many games does the guy get for send Dan Boyle out on a stretcher?

    Any word on that hit?

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    The reason this wont be a suspension is because Stepan came back and played. The NHL suspends to the injury, not to the act. It’s a joke.

    LaPierre is getting a dime because Boyle went off on a stretcher.

  63. Carp, I agree 100% on points 8 and 12. That Pyatt penalty was a complete joke, especially when it placed the rangers 2 men short. This month center ice has been giving free nhl games and I’ve seen all the teams in the metropolitan division play and the rangers should finish 2nd or 3rd, not impressed with any of them and even Pittsburgh doesn’t look as good as they have been in the past. I think the 2 wild card teams will come out of the Atlantic.

  64. I also agree that was a dirty hit. I saw enough to see Brouwer went out of his way to load up and than lunge at Stepan’s head.

  65. _The NHL suspends to the injury, not to the act. It’s a joke._

    That’s the amazing part about the Kaleta suspension, they didn’t wait until he paralyzed a guy to really ding him. Not sure that matters in the long run, because he certainly seems like he has no interest in playing inside the rules, but who knows.

  66. Sometimes players leave their feet as a reflex trying to protect themselves and avoid contact, especially when they were looking the other way and are suprised by the imminent previously unanticipated collision.

  67. Doodie I’m thinking 8-10 for the stretcher.

    LaPierre should get 10 games, then 20 for the next one.

    Those hits break necks, end careers!

  68. Kaleta and Raffi Torres and Todd Bertuzzi should all be out of hockey by this point.


    It’s the NHLPA that defends them. So it’s the other players in the league demanding they stay. So…whatever.

  69. I have a FFF (Flyers Fan Friend) who wishes Rinaldo were gone too because he knows its just imminent. Just a perpetual head hunter. Probably knows he’s not in the league if not for his ability to “intimidate”.

  70. Think about it. Brad Richards, victim of a Kaleta attempted career ending, represents the NHLPA at the CBA lockout. He’s a big voice on the NHLPA. So, if the NHLPA defends Kaleta it’s essentially Brad Richards defending the guy that nearly paralyzed him.

    Thus, why should we care is they don’t?

  71. Its a fair point, Manny. I don’t get it either, you’re defending yourself from yourself when yourself is clearly in the wrong. I don’t know the solution, but there has to be one.

  72. what really burns me up how some of these refs don’t call a penalty. I remember years ago when the rangers were playing buffalo and kaletta skated across the rink in full speed, left his feet and with his elbow as a weapon drilled Paul Mara in the head and Mara didn’t even have the puck anymore and knock Mara out of the game and there was no penalty called. Staal ended up going after Kaletta and fighting him but this league at times is a mickey mouse organization.

  73. Well it’s probably hard to think clearly, The Doctor, after you have been hit in the head by Kaleta time after time.

  74. Carp I can’t believe the amount of “miles” I get out of your baby buffalo bonehead – BISON – skull.

    I threw it up on my wall at work, since you didn’t want to hang it on yours (yet). Just now, someone stops walks in and wants to talk about it.

  75. Nice all-around game. The score doesn’t represent how much better the Rangers really were. The lack of nasty and sticking up for each other is very concerning. I can’t believe a team that has Ulf behind the bench is so soft.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    The NHLPA defends guys like them, not because it loves those particular individuals, but because it needs to limit the authority the NHL can use against its membership.

    Let’s say they gave Cooke or Bert a lifetime ban and the NHLPA said that was OK. That creates a larger scale upon which to penalize players.

    Right now, the largest suspension has been 25 games (not counting Bertuzzi’s BS full year during a lockout). That means, to get more than 25 games you would have to do something INSANE. But if the max suspension was a lifetime ban, 25 games could be considered a routine suspension.

    It’s not to protect the Cookes and the Kaletas. It’s to protect the Stuarts and the Hagelins.

  77. I think playing against OV was exactly what the doctor ordered for both McD and Girardi – they pride themselves on playing against him and sure it brings the best out of them. Too bad we couldn’t play him earlier!

  78. Can we please talk about how unbelievably bad Stralman is please? I would much rather have Del Zaster in the lineup over Stralman and a really tough D-Man as your 6th guy. Especially if that 6th D-Man can kill penalties. Because if we are going to use a Diamond PK we better have a big D-Man back there to clear out the two forwards that will gang up on him.

  79. I’d love to see the NHLPA institute some sort of membership vote for zero-sum events like this one. I totally get avoiding precedent, but maybe only allow appeals with majority consent or something. If a guy like Hagelin gets an obviously gratuitous penalty, the players will know it and rally. With Kaleta, you have to assume the players agree with the suspension, right?

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, it was a great win and all, but anyone else concerned that with as dominant as the Rangers were, they still only scored 2 goals.

  81. There’s a reason we got him as a free agent post-free agency. It was nice for a bit, its not nice any more. Let him be new Eminger or something.

  82. Another one we let get away…

    @goldieonice 4m

    Matt Gilroy playing well on D for #flapanthers looks like he’s in again tonight in place of Ryan Whitney again.


  83. Stranger Nation on

    Impressed by superman-like boneheads who can watch and video and see through a player’s helmet/head and see where their eyes are looking. Absolutely fantastic!
    And Step should not be skating in Neutral zone backwards as well. It’s Step’s Fault!!

  84. I would be concerned but LOLtby usually shuts us out..

    Thanks, The Doctor. He is in between. And that stupid hip check thing all the time with the hip check…

  85. @kcarrera 56s

    No discipline for Troy Brouwer after hit on Stepan. The Department of Player Safety viewed the play as an accidental collision. #Caps #NYR

    That’s not really an OK reason to not suspend…….

  86. “Carp
    tommy, but God forbid you tap somebody on the glove with your stick. That’s a penalty!”

    That’s why I stated this league can be a mickey mouse organization at times, ridiculous.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, on an avg night, I’d agree. But they dominated a large portion of this game. They should have been able to get one more, at least.

  88. Wow, I can’t post links. Horrible at it.

    And Leetch hates Stepan because Leetch likes Torts and Torts hates Stepan. Am I forgetting any links Manny? Anything about Muckler or Ron Low involved? Possibly Mattias Nordstrom?

  89. If The Department of Player Safety viewed the play as an accidental collision, why would they even THINK of suspending anyone?

  90. While you ultimately have to score goals, they did hit two posts and had a far majority of the prime scoring chances. So, I’m less concerned about the 2 goals than I would otherwise be.

  91. There is no rule in the NHL rulebook that says “accidental contact will not be subject to supplemental discipline.” They could at least describe why they are not pursuing supplemental discipline in a way that shows that they understand the rules that they themselves promulgated.

  92. Remember when highsticking was a problem. They started penalizing *every* infraction, intentional or not. You have to be responsible for your actions.

  93. And there’s the point, Gravy. Just like you are responsible for your stick you are responsible for your elbows and person. Irresponsible is still subject to punishment. No one meant to end Pronger’s career with a stick to the eye.

  94. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    #NYR joining @YouCanPlayTeam & @glaad by going purple for #SpiritDay! Take a stand against bullying today & every day youcanplayproject.org

  95. Rob in Beantown on

    How do you reconcile the idea that irresponsible conduct is what’s punished with the actual rule which seems to suggest the opposite:

    48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head *where the head is targeted* and the principal point of contact is not permitted.

    Maybe I am reading that wrong but it seems to suggest that incidental contact won’t be punished, just plays that intentionally targeted the head. I agree that players should be responsible for their actions, but it just doesn’t seem like that’s the rule

  96. But if it’s an accidental collision in their view, shouldn’t both players be suspended, one for not [miraculously] pulling his upper body out of the way, and the other for not [just as presciently] taking better care to move his head into a dangerous position? What is an accident, in other words, if not unintended?

  97. Off topic but…if Dan DeKeyser is in the mix for Team USA Defense (along with Jake Gardiner who I love) then why isn’t Seth Jones?

  98. There is a difference between a high stick and an accidental collision. Your stick is supposed to be on the ice at all times. They don’t call high sticks if someone chops your stick into someones face because it’s “accidental”. But if you are skating around and your stick it up high and you clip someone, sure it was an accident but could’ve easily been prevented if you kept your stick on the ice, where it belongs.

    Accidental collisions are completely different IMO. If two guys run into each other because they don’t see each other and one guy happens to get hit in the head, that shouldn’t be suspendable. If it was, Shanny would’ve been suspended when he and Knuble knocked each other out.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, the rules regarding checking, particularly to the head, have drastically changed since Shanahan was on the Rangers. Hell, they’ve changed drastically since he retired.

  100. Stranger Nation on

    Shanny and Leetch were obviously swayed by Brouwer’s “Wha? Who me?” look of contrition afterwards.

  101. Seth Jones still qualifies for the World Juniors, doesn’t he? So I doubt he’s going to the Olympics this time around.

  102. Rob in Beantown on

    WJC usually happens during the season, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine SJ will miss NHL time for that

  103. I really don’t see a difference between a careless high stick and a careless headshot beyond “only one is really called right now”.

  104. Doodie – I know that. I’m just saying if that were to happen now, according to what people are saying Shanny should’ve been suspended even though he never saw Knuble.

    And I will say, that was scary watching it live at the arena. Haven’t heard the Garden that quiet in a long time (haven’t been there with the new suit…I mean corporate seats).

  105. Is Jack Johnson really going to play on America’s first pair? He’s not that good. Am I wrong? What am I missing here?

  106. And we atleast need to stop acting like this is two guys skating backwards and bumping numbers. There was a hitter and a hittee, regardless of whether anyone assigns culpability.

  107. Yeah they are the week of Christmas and finish up around New Years. But I can’t remember someone playing in both the WJC and Olympics in an Olympic year.

  108. Look again, Mister D. Stepan spins Brouwer around with his shoulder/head. A hittee and a hitter, both of them, one more oblivious than the other, to be sure, Brouwer able to put up his guard more quickly.

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