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  1. I think I asked one stupid question under one of my pseudonyms.. (Mannü)

    How’s it going for you, buddy?

  2. I like to step aside during the Live Chats and allow the people who don’t post 8 Million + times a day to get their voices in there. I think the Live Chat brings out a lot of people who normally don’t post as long as Doodie doesn’t overtake the Chat with his hindsight.

  3. Yea. That’s exactly how I feel. I’m glad the Paul Mara Beard Contest brought us together, Gravy. This is magic.

  4. Sorry (for myself) that I missed the chat, but promise I will read all the bonehead comments at my leisure. In Carp’s recap, nice to see some unheralded players given some kudos. Sometimes I think we focus too much on the three stars and miss some serious and semi-splendid contributions.

  5. NHL announced that the Washington franchise will wear a fourth, alternate jersey in games against the Rangers…the name is changed form “Capitals” to “Generals”
    After all, we stink, so how does a team with all that firepower keep losing to us all the time?

  6. Rob in Beantown on

    Rumor has it Edmonton and Buffalo are working on a trade involving Yakupov. Maybe involving Miller going the other way.

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    Serious question: do hockey goalies have to pay to customize their masks or does the team give them money to do that?

  8. Dolan would pay for artwork if the mask had a sandwich on it and said: Try our roast beef yet?

  9. Rob in Beantown on

    Lundqvist and Sather still far apart on a contract. LQ wants more glitter and sparkles than Slats is willing to give

  10. So the number 1 overall pick (plus more, potentially) for two UFAs? Gross. And double gross for us as it sets them up, capwise, to make a preposterous offer to Callahan.

  11. Was there ever a time when CCCP actually made comments instead of just coming around and hating on all of us? Something has really gotten our bearded Ukranian down. Did a little Philly break your heart?

  12. KNICKS UPDATE: Carmelo Anthony, the consummate teammate, admitted he would certainly opt out of his contract ASAP to explore MORE MONEY.

  13. Always enjoyed a good meal with a diesel bus spewing toxic carbon benzine gases into my fatburger.

  14. CCCP recruited me some time ago from facebook, bro is dating a supermodel, no broken heart thereAdd Your Comment

  15. Hank, consummate teammate, is seeking an 8 year deal for as much money as he can extract from Slats.

  16. If I wore that shirt I’d look like a dummy from the 80s and Hank looks great. Hank forever.

  17. My hair is pretty similar to Hank’s. I’m not going to lie. Except I’m older (sadly) so his hair is like mine.

  18. That is inaccurate. Anthony can make the most dough by re-signing with his team. He is going to opt out because he has never experienced free agency.

  19. Opting out and remaining with the team is how he makes the most money so that’s what he will and should do.

  20. I wonder if marriages should have four year contracts with a period of free agency available. There are buyouts, however you usually pay instead of receiving. :)

  21. You cannot tell me that saying you’re opting out and that you want to stay around is a consistent statement. He should say, “I’m selfish and I want as much money as possible and I don’t care what the fans or city think about me despite the fact that I have let them down season after season…”

  22. Per his own words, he’s interested in testing free agency, not seeking the highest dollar figure. Per the knowledge of well-sourced basketball writers, he’s interested in joining the Lakers. As a C’s fan, anybody but the LakersAdd Your Comment

  23. ““I’m selfish and I want as much money as possible and I don’t care what the fans or city think about me despite the fact that I have let them down season after season”

    You talking about LQ, right?

  24. _You cannot tell me that saying you’re opting out and that you want to stay around is a consistent statement._

    Its consistent enough for me within the confines of an occupation that artificially caps his earnings but not his company’s earnings. There’s literally no reason on earth Anthony shouldn’t opt out and get the most money he can.

  25. Everybody thought LBJ would opt for the highest dollar figure. Way to reach unfounded conclusions.Add Your Comment

  26. Last I checked, this is a Rangers blog.

    The Rangers won, so there mustn’t be anything to complain about.

  27. Good afternoon all! Sigh. This is what I get for passing out right after game (I was just so stunned) and sleeping in on day off. No Charp for me!

    hey Carp, shoot an old 26 year old lady a headzo up will ya? P.S. I like Charps on Thursday or Friday :)

    LGR! Cooke = hartnelling carcillo.

  28. 3C – I won’t bother to defrost the cheese blintzes unless you’re planning to bring home some sour cream.

  29. I’m not into it. There’s something to be said for someone that actually makes a concession. Anthony would be conceding like 8% of his salary for a TON of popularity which would pay off in endorsements.

  30. LQ should concede on his salary demands for a TON of popularity which would pay off in endorsements.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    Weird story about Nick Tahou’s since you mentioned it. A friend of mine from college was there a few months ago around mid-night/early morning (when else do you go to Nick Tahou’s?) and there was a shooting and people were hurt. It was probably good he was there because he has paramedic training, but still pretty awful. He was pretty shaken up.

  32. Pretty sure Mariano will forever be the last athlete that I would be shocked to see involved in a scandal. I’m far to cynical and jaded by now but he got grandfathered in.

  33. Eh, for what, Manny? So they can give some mid-level player money they don’t deserve just because there’s money to give? Anthony’s obligation is to himself and his family first, everything else second. Its not like the fans wouldn’t turn on him if he took 8% less and then tailed off.

  34. If Richards could Opt out that would be great. I guess he could have done so by retiring before the CBA was signed…

  35. Harry: I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this.

    Lloyd: I was thinking the same thing. That John Denver’s full of [Carcillo], man

  36. Rob in Beantown on

    Calling all boneheads:

    Brad Richards @BRichards_1991
    Hang w/me after @NYRangers Home Opener,presented by @Chase RT to enter to win #MSGOpeningWeek

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    Did Richards spend his $12 million on a marketing company robot to run his twitter account?

  38. tommyg–about kaleta,i’m pretty sure he broke mara’a jaw…to show what kind of a dirtbag he is as a person,next time they played he was taunting mara about his jaw….I hate to see anybody get hurt,but if kaleta went down with a big time injury,it couldn’t happen soon enough

  39. Maybe it’s just been too long. So here is the video of Cooke attempting to kill Marc Savard intentionally with a completely purposeful elbow to the head.

    And that’s pretty much what was said about Raffi Torres and it actually happened. Dude injured his own Achilles.

  40. Right. That’s an unforgivable hit by Cooke. You can’t be reformed and just have that wiped off your record because you not only ended Savard’s career, you seriously screwed up the guy’s life. F Cooke.

  41. Not to mention, being reformed and not doing that stuff any more basically admits you did it on purpose before. Hideous. He’s a bad dude.

  42. Was there ever a time when Manny actually made comments instead of just coming around and hating on himself?

    Manny hates himself.

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