Rangers recall Cam Talbot and J.T. Miller from Hartford


From the Rangers:


NEW YORK, October 15, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward J.T. Miller and goaltender Cam Talbot from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Miller, 20, is currently tied for second in the AHL in goal scoring with four goals in three games for the Wolf Pack. He has notched at least one goal in each of his three contests in Hartford, including a two-goal performance on October 6 against Albany. Miller leads the team in goals, ranks second in points (four), and third in shots (11).

The East Palestine, Ohio native returns to the Rangers where he has recorded two goals and two assists in 27 career regular season contests over the last two seasons. He registered one shot in 11:58 of ice time in the Rangers’ season opener on Oct. 3 at Phoenix. Miller was originally selected by the Rangers as a first round choice, 15th overall, in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

Talbot, 26, has won each of his last two contests, stopping 64 of 70 shots faced in a home-and-home set against Adirondack on October 11-12. He is 2-0-1 with a 2.54 goals against average and .918 save percentage in three games with Hartford this season. Talbot is currently tied for fourth in the AHL with two wins and ranks sixth with 89 saves, while he leads the Wolf Pack in goals against average and save percentage.

The Caledonia, Ontario native has posted a 52-52-5 record with a 2.68 goals against average, .913 save percentage, and eight shutouts in 114 career regular season appearances with Hartford/Connecticut over five seasons. He posted a 41-save shutout while making his first professional start on October 17, 2010 at Providence, becoming the first goaltender in franchise history to record a shutout in their first professional start and tying the franchise record for most saves in a shutout. Talbot was originally signed by the Rangers as an undrafted free agent on March 30, 2010.


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  1. Russia or Playing in New York?

    Russia would pay him more money, and less taxes. You might be right Rob.

  2. Manny nice comeback by the way on Sunday, sneaking to scalps away from me :(

    I have made some changes so that doesn’t happen again.

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  4. Manny it has the “NO TRADE” deal on him, because he was in the top 50. How do you trade him with that on?

  5. Carp why only 1 forward brought up? Do you think Nash will be ready by Saturday for the Debbies?

  6. Stranger Nation on

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  7. They were only one forward short. No sense calling up another to sit, right?

    also they can’t make another move until Asham/Biron clear or are claimed.

    No on Nash.

  8. Stranger Nation on

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  9. Ha hahahaha! I laughed so much last night, I have to reread yesterday’s thread! And a nice start to the day. (smiles).

  10. They are going to trade Marc Staal, Carp. Straight to Carolina. For Faulk and Westgarth. Or Ruutu and Westgarth. Or Tlusty and Westgarth.

  11. We lose again... on

    Carp, this is a good start, but it doesn’t go far enough. This team will be manhandled by most of the NHL. I’m not saying waiving Asham was a bad move, but you need someone to keep the other team honest and I’m not sure Dorsett is enough. I still think Moore and Pyatt also need to go and I also think MDZ should be traded while he has value. When the MSG boo birds zero in on him his confidence will sink even further. I’m not sure about MZA either. If he can’t score, I’m not sure how much value he adds to this team. Finally, is Talbot really the answer or a stopgap until we sign Bryz? Your thoughts?

  12. Stranger Nation on

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  13. Time to consider Staal to Carolina and DelZ anywhere, if we can replace them with reliable youth. DelZ making 3 mil now and will be asking for considerably more, or another hold-out.

  14. Well, while I don’t think they’re tough enough (team tough, not goon tough) they haven’t been manhandled yet. Disagree about Moore, Pyatt and Del Zotto to a large degree. Least of their problems. And why not Talbot?

    They don’t seem the least bit interested in Bryzgalov.

  15. We lose again... on

    Manny there is not much on the Cane’s roster that excites me. Any trade of Staal must include Faulk coming back to the NYR. So, maybe Staal to the Canes for Faulk and a 3rd round pick?

  16. del zaster not at practice please tell me hes traded. lets go slats dismantle half the dead weight here.

  17. We lose again... on

    Thanks Carp, Moore just isn’t showing anything in my view. I’d much rather have Boyle centering the 4th line with Dorsett and Mashinter or Haley. Give JT a chance at 3rd line center.

  18. Daily depressions.

    Is it in the realm of possibility that the “Boob from Banff” can package something to pry Yakupov from the Oilers?

    Perhaps a visit from the ” Brighton Beach business association” could persuade the Oiler GM?

  19. I’m fine with that trade. Staal is going to abandon us at the end of his contract so we might as well get a good Defenseman back in the deal. Faulk is that. I would like to get Westgarth because he’s a legit, heavyweight, playable enforcer.

    If we get a pick we would just end up trading it away for a rental.

  20. another probelm i have is they recall miller yet they play him on a line with moore and dorsett. how in hell is the kid going to succeed playing with 2 guys who have zero talent. god almighty this coaching staff gm and upper management needs to get a clue

  21. Stranger Nation on

    We all ‘carp’ on team toughness, but when you look at 2011-12 squad, other than Dubi who ended up playing some 3rd line minutes due to ineffectiveness, who is missing from *Top 6* that represents playable toughness – Erica, Woofski, Gabby, Artie??

  22. I suppose Haley can replace Itt; don’t know about his offense, but Ash had a shot rarely used. Haley so far has proven disciplined, moreso than Dorsett, but I’m sure Dors has the message to play tough but a little smarter. In the end, they’re both grizzly, but middleweights.

  23. I agree with you on some of that, eric. I don’t think of the 4th line as inferior to the top line. It just has a different job. But Miller is very good along the walls and he might be able to add some puck handling and puck holding ability to that line. We hope.

  24. We lose again... on

    If the NYR come finish the road trip at 1 – 8, does MSG have the guts to do an elaborate home season opening celebration?? Could be very ugly. Only possible win I see before the home opener is in Philly.

  25. Coos re: Staal, I have been repeating same for years.

    The guy is over rated and was over drafted due to the name by the no brain trust of the organization.

    My point being don’t other teams know this as well and what would be the return besides the family reunion?

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Eric – While I would put Miller on Top 6 for some jam, my guess is he will be on third line which is a checking line, not a scoring line.
    Miller-Boyle-Dorsett could bang some bodies – leave Pie-hat on 4th line with Moore and Haley

  27. stop with the toughnes. can we get more skill and play guys with guys who have skill. we didnt lose three straight because of toughness we lost because we have defensive breakdowns, didnt get enough puck possesion and have no clue about this system yet. throw in the fact our backup goalie had a meltdown and dorsett is a loose cannon who should have been becnhed by the coach who is lost.

  28. Miller time?

    Miller is not a proven scorer at any level, is basically a third line grinder who also happens to be undersized and more suited at best to a future second line center.

    What’s that, we already have several second line centers!

    Guaranteed if he tries to play big he gets hurt!

  29. The problem in a nutshell:

    “It’s more man-on-man feel in the [defensive] zone,” Girardi told NHL.com of the Vigneault system. “We’re trying to outnumber them in the corner if we can.”

    My 2c: How can you play man on man AND outnumber them in the corner at the same time…..

    Keep it simple stupid. They are not doing that.

  30. We lose again... on

    Beantown, Ovi is probably drooling. I predict at least a hat trick, Holtby is always tough against the NYR – Craps 6 – NYR 2.

  31. That’s one of the best fights ever. I love when Westgarth’s face is against the glass and he’s just covered in blood. But that’s against John Scott. Who we let go, of course.

  32. I’ve decided to be more like Latona and complain about the coach we got when we should have hired someone else. Instead of Pär Mårts though I would rather have hired GUY BOUCHER.

  33. I don’t understand why everyone is SOOOOOO sure that Stall bolts for the Canes after this contract. I sure as heck am not. Sure, it would be nice because “Staals are brothers”, but I am not sold on it. Unless the Canes become a great team and have the potential to win a cup, I don’t think Staal will go there. He will want to be where the money is, but also where he has the best chance to win a cup. I don’t think Carolina is that place.

  34. Leslie Treff ?@HFNYRangers
    Cam Talbot and JT Miller called up this morning, but rumblings of more moves are being heard.

    Any idea Carp?

  35. cant wait to see ken dryden ( i mean braden holtby against rangers tom). only team he plays well against consistently.


    memo to vigneault sit dorsett

  36. This outnumbering thing is only a problem when both defensemen try to do it together, it should always be a defenseman and a forward leaving the other D to guard the net and the opposite winger or center to guard the slot. If for any reason the outnumbering fails it shouldn’t give up an easy scoring opportunity, only an outside shot or a puck back along the boards.

    I happen to agree that the system is not at fault, its guys missing their assignments or not back-checking hard enough

  37. I think it’s BS that Del Zotto has the flu. Total BS. Something is happening with him. Maybe he got sent down?

  38. lindy ruff would have been better this nonsense.

    like i said we come home 1-8 i go to opening night at home with a brown bag over my head. then i will find the new bridge and jump from it hopefully on top of vigneault

  39. Lindy Ruff would at least have been a 30 degree shift rather than the 180 we did. Practice will make them better though. Don’t worry guys.

    Guy Boucher!

  40. Jumpers: Avoid Roast Beef sandwiches when jumping down on suits. They never did anything to you!

  41. We lose again... on

    Nasty 1, your comment about winning the Cup guarantees he leaves the Rangers! Don’t know if he’ll go the the Canes, but he ain’t winning a Cup with the NYR…

    Tyutin in the Staal…

  42. We lose again... on

    I don’t know if AV is the problem, he has had a very good track record. I think he has to adjust to coaching a team with much less talent and less internal leadership than we all assumed. These guys seem very fragile…

  43. We lose again... on

    Lindy Ruff would not have been the right coach either. I think AV will figure it out, but the roster will be very different this time next year…or sooner!

  44. Yes, and my argument wasn’t that he would stay with the Rangers. It was only that I don’t think he will take the first flight to Carolina.

  45. my first game of the season in person though is saturday at the rock. first time there. taking the wife sister in law and brother in law.

    carp you going

  46. Don’t think AV is the problem. Not much has changed except he’s given the D a bit more freedom which I thought would be good, but maybe too soon in the season to implement that. And also, why change D pairs from day one? Just adds more confusion. That I don’t see.

  47. i wanted a 4-5 roadtrip before season started. if they somehow won 3 of 4 this roadtrip would be a mjaor success.

  48. It’s not Vigneault as in Vigneault is a bad coach. It’s Vigneault in that Sather and Co. are trying to force a system and pace on a roster that was built for the exact opposite style of play. The team was built to STOP teams from being able to play Vigneault style hockey.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Coos – AV is testing D’s ability to adapt to a constantly changing world driven by advancing technology and rapid globalization. These are ‘life’ skills that transcend this game of shinny.

  50. Morning all,

    Common Sense,

    If Marc Staal is as “overrated” as you claim him to be, why was he invited to Team Canada’s Olympic Camp this past Summer? They don’t take just anybody on that crew.

    You’re a Ranger fan? Come one, man. Give it up.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  51. I have not completely given up on Dorsett, but if he has another game like St. Louis, he needs to have a seat up high. He tries to do way too much instead of just playing the game. I don’t like when our team tries to retaliate well after something worth retaliating against happens. If someone takes liberties on your star player/s you go right after them when it happens or on the next shift. You get tosses from game, you get tossed from game. Don’t wait until the game is out of reach or when it doesn’t matter anymore. That is something I just can’t stand.

  52. I agree on Staal as well. The guy is one of the better Dmen in the league. Easily. When he was one of the better players this pre season everyone was all over his jock, and now he is trade bait?! Get out of here with all that.

  53. Staal isn’t overrated. Most people here just ignore Mr. NonSnse whenever he throws something out there.

  54. Thanks Manny!

    I wanted him for my team from the start!!!

    Fighting Sioux player, and one of my top Sioux players of all time, and he camped next to us at WeFest this summer. So we had a chance to have a beer around the same camp fire.

    It’s a win/win trade don’t you think?

  55. 24. If the Rangers miss the playoffs, their exhibition schedule may go down as the reason. By going to Banff even before their long season-opening trip, they’ve spent more than three weeks away from home in 10 hotels over four different time zones. A heavy schedule forced them to carry 39 players, which prevented their best lineup from getting much action together before opening night.

    25. That’s a nightmare for practice time, especially under a new coach and system. Now, they have three road games in 12 days, two of them involving ground travel (Philadelphia and New Jersey). This will be a crucial time in their season.

    this is from elliot friedman 30 thoughts at cbc

  56. Jeff in South Dakota on

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  57. We lose again... on

    I agree Staal is not overrated, but if it looks like we will not be able to sign him when his current contract is up, we should explore trades…same with Lundqvist. It could be interesting a the trade deadline if we’re out of the playoffs by then…

  58. Slats: ‘Our trip to Banff served for all of us to get to know one another and to promote team unity.’

    Kristo to Fast: “Who’s the old joker in the black hat?”

  59. You will end up with more points and goals, but I need more grit on my team and Oshie hits like a freight train, so I may come out ahead on PPP, hits, PIM, Face off wins.

  60. damn was hoping marty 1.3 mil come off the books. i suspect another forward kreider or kristo now comes up for nash

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    Interesting thing about Cam Talbot is he played college hockey at Alabama-Huntsville, one of the weirder NCAA hockey programs. (Thanks Pierre)

  62. Totally off topic. Anyone good with cars? I need to replace the rear differential fluid in my 2013 Acura MDX. How hard would that be to do by myself?

  63. Manfred, I have treated most of your posts with respect although you sometimes make some truly silly comments. However iff you persist with the attempts to be a funny fellow at my expense you will find a willing partner to implement your apparent masochistic desire to be abused.

    Then I will have Carp on my case for heaping witty but well deserved sarcastic abuse on your person.

    So let’s just disagree on hockey matters since they’re all opinions anyway.

    As for your idiotic comments about Staal, this is a player who is not even rated as the number 1 D on his own team, nor is he considered the number 2! If he were the “stud” you and anyone else thinks he is, then Sather should offer him to the Oilers for Yakupov! LOL

    Yet you and some other “expert” have the temerity to suggest “he is one of the best in the NHL”!

    Astounding lack of judgment, stick to those banal quips and the occasional recipe!

  64. Miller and Talbot? Better they should be Anne Miller and Lyle Talbot.

    Lyle could have played Sappy as GM and Anne at least had great legs! ;)

  65. lol Cmsnse! “Let’s just agree to disagree, idiot!” You almost had me thinking you were mellowing there for a bit. :)

  66. _As for your idiotic comments about Staal, this is a player who is not even rated as the number 1 D on his own team, nor is he considered the number 2!_

    Malkin isn’t even the #1 forward on his own team!

  67. Just got tix today for Nov. 30th against Vancouver and March 9th against the Wings. I have another game at some point against Columbus. Should be good games if we can get our act together.

  68. Raise your mouse if you think we should bring Asham back and dump Boyle.

    Out with Brutus Lundqvist,Staal, Boyle and a few smurfs and return at least several top current players and a few ready prospects. Perhaps a Klinkhammer or two!

    No draft picks since our stiffs wouldn’t recognize talent if it fell on them!

  69. Coos, I am a mellow fellow when like most of humanity I am treated with respect and perhaps a little adulation by lesser beings.;)

    My reputation like Cyrano’s nose precedes me when I am put upon……………..and my Sicilian bad angel appears! lmao!

  70. So Biron is probably going to retire (it sounds like) which means Humungaloid Jason Missiaen will be the starter in Hartford and…..Clemensen? will replace him? Who can be the backup in Hartford?

  71. Coos, who are you kidding, unless you mean real estate taxes.

    I’m under the impression you’re a trust fund baby and a tax free muni aficionado! ;)

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    Does that mean Biron is leaving more than a million dollars on the table by not playing?

  73. Rob in Beantown on

    Katie Strang @KatieStrangESPN
    #NYR Michael Del Zotto is not making trip to DC with team today; possible he could re-join them tmrw, but doesn’t sound likely

    Add Your Conspiracy Theories

  74. Not traveling with the team? So he just wants to stay home and snuggle with his XBox I guess…….

  75. Manfred, great report on “the backup goalie” in Hartford.

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve been anticipating this news.

    Perhaps you might incorporate the answer into your personal Whale trivia archives? (S)

  76. If we’re going to go out an lay an egg every time, let’s at least do it in style by having Kristo, Miller, The Kreider, etc. out there.

  77. Over/under on how many new models, beauty queens, sideline reporters and adult entertainers MDZ follows on Twitter during his 48 hours in seclusion?

  78. I think the Wolfpack will have Scott Stajcer as their backup. Anybody know anything about this Canadian?

  79. LW the Fighting Sioux just got tougher today.

    THE OSHIE has signed on with his alma mater!

  80. @Eklund 8s In my opinion oilers missed a trick by not claiming Marty Biron. I have seen the guy come into a lockeroom and help calm things down.

  81. Sioux is referring to the fact that he just traded me Nail Yakupov for TJ Oshie. He rejected my offer of Ribeiro for Yakupov.

  82. I told you Yakupov would be traded today :)

    Christmas time for the Sioux!!!! TJ’s coming home.

    Look out LW!

  83. Carp “they haven’t been manhandled yet”.

    When you lose games by such a wide margin, there is no need for the opponent to physically abuse you. Who responded to the Stuart head bash of Nash?

    This team is not capable of responding to a physical game in kind. IMO, through the first 5 games, collectively and individually, this is the softest group of players they have had on the roster in many years.

    If Rick Nash felt it was necessary to avenge the clean hit on Stepan by Hanzal in the opener, that tells me all I need to know ability to respond in a physical game.

  84. Manny I know how much you like Ribeiro :)

    Oshie’s a fair trade, you got the higher stat player.

    I get my beer drinking, WEFEST’N, Hard Hitt’n, Fighting Sioux …. Teeeeeeeee Jaaaaaaaaay Oooooooooooshie!

  85. They just don’t love each other, PBear. There is no love. The room was lost before Tort lost it.

  86. Hanzel’s a good player. He fits the Fighting Sioux Style.

    He can score, win faceoffs, and has 21 hits already.

    What more could you ask for in a player? PIM? he’s got that too 15.

  87. Edmonton reporter: “So why did you decide to claim Marty Biron, despite his recent struggles?”

    Craig MacTavish: “Well, I heard Eklund had seen him calm down a dressing room…”

  88. Papa, I don’t disagree … but say they had a Prust and he challenged Stuart and Stuart didn’t want to fight, what is accomplished? Maybe a Blues PP?

    And if Stuart did want to fight, how does that change the outcome? And if Stuart beat Prust in the fight, what then?

    Point is, they haven’t been manhandled, and responding to the Stuart thing or not has zero bearing on their being outscored 20-5 in the last three games.

    Will they need to be more rugged up front eventually? Yup.

  89. _MR.D. what has one of the top players in the NHL have to do with Stiffo Staal?

    Surely you are not drawing an analogy?_

    I was underlined the dumbest of the “not even the best _______ on his team” declaration. Its useless.

  90. LW – no Nash to play against, YAK won’t be back, but you will have OSHIE to line up against.

    If only the Rangers could trade for Oshie :)

  91. Guys like Stuart don’t necessarily have to be jumped. They should be banged and banged again, and banged harder until they can’t take it anymore and THEY initiate and take the extra two.

  92. Carp what happened to our Defense? Goals Against? Goaltending?

    This was suppose to be our strength this year?

    And have the 2nd worse numbers in the league right now.

    I’m “dazed”

  93. LW – we should know how we sit after tonight :)

    Lots of players playing on both sides tonight.

  94. Coos – I sat Nash, and still won against Manny the Murders……. does that count :)

  95. Sather to AV: “You wanted elite scoring. Well, I just traded McDonagh, Lundqvist and Stepan to Tampa for that kid, Kudos.”

  96. Carp – If Biron retires, does he still get paid? What is the cap hit against the Rangers if he “quits”, and can’t be recalled?

    How does that work out?

  97. Guess I’m beating a dead horse, but what is all this switching of D pairs accomplishing other than added chaos?
    I’m all ears. I must be missing something.

  98. Sather trades for Yak. A Russian that only plays one way hockey, doesn’t like to hit, or play defense. He reminds me of Zherdev, what ever happened to that guy?

  99. I think he forfeits, Sioux. And his dollars are erased from Cap. Can’t see him walking away from his last big payday, but stranger things have happened.

  100. Coos – I’m curious HOW our D got so back out of the gates. Lundqvist is still one of the best right? Someone explain to me how we give up 5 goals a game. The never use to let 3 in.

    Can you really blame in on the coaches new “system” so soon?

  101. Francesa waxing poetic on Rangers. “If they go 2-10, it’s time to worry.” He thinks the Red line is Russian troops on the Kazakhstan border.

  102. Comparing Staal against his teammates to Malkin against Crosby is a fallacy.

    Malkin is not the best forward on his team because the best forward on his team happens to be the best player in the NHL.

  103. Right now you want to play all your players against the Oilers, Rangers, Calgary, Florida, Buffalo, Washington, & Vancouver.

  104. _Malkin is not the best forward on his team because the best forward on his team happens to be the best player in the NHL._

    … and Staal is no longer the #1 on his team because one of the top young D in all of the league happens to be on his team.

  105. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s okay. Somebody who has admitted to not watching, caring about, or knowing anything about hockey says not to worry yet!

  106. Plenty of time to correct our game. 4 games closer to home in the Leastern conference, and then some home games, should help in the win column.

  107. Girardi is the #2 D ahead of Staal.

    McDonagh, as good defensively as he may be, is not in the same Bryzgalov as Crosby.

  108. Scarsdale matron to neighbor: ‘What do you think of Red China?’

    “Well, on a white tablecloth, it could work.’

  109. Rangers d-pairs

    McD – Girardi
    Staal – Stralman
    *Falk – Moore * (AV did that for e3)

    Anyone going to see NIN at The Rock tonight?

  110. As we speak, Shanahan is listing the reasons that Kaleta will not be suspended as long as he should be.

  111. Graves that guy should start with 20 games OFF. But it will be only 5, maybe 10 with his history.

  112. Agree, SPM. With his history, it should be 20, although they apparently only look at the last 18 months now. As a repeat offender, even in that timeframe, I’d hope he’d get 8-10 minimum.

  113. You guys are in midseason form! Traded and acquired half of the league!

    Let’s trade our crappy 1985 Lincoln towncar for a brand new Rolls Royce!

  114. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman’s the best, but has highest TOI the last three games of all D with Girardi a very close second

    15 goals against………

  115. Ouch 28th team in the league in the Power Rankings.

    I don’t ever recall being THAT low. ooof.

  116. Carp, respong to 1:18……sorry for beating a dead richie, but Here are my thoughts on the response and related issues re. the Stuart hit on Nash.

    first, it happened on Nash’s 3rd or 4th shift of the game. Stuart needs to answer for the dirty, leaving his feet, targeted head shot that resulted in a concussion to the teams star player. Shanahan justice doesn’t cut it. After his 2 minutes, Stuart was able to skate freely and without concern for basically the rest of the game until Boyle, a non-combatant non-fighter by nature, got in his grill and shoved him. At the time, did Stuart feel threatened by Boyle? I doubt it.

    Second, I blame Sather and AV. Do you think a Messier led team would have let Stuart’s b/s go unanswered? Or an Adam Graves, Joey Kocur, Brandon Prust etc would have let Stuart play the rest of the game without the worry of having to look over his shoulder and be aware who was on the ice for the rest of the game? The fault is to be passed and shared equally among Sather ( horrible roster) AV ( lack of leadership) and the players ( lack of onions)

    Third, what about other teams? I ask, how would the Bruins, Blackhawks, Penguins, Sharks, Leafs, etc reacted? How would the Ranger team of 2011/2012 have reacted? wouldnt an appropriate response also serve to foster team chemistry, help establish a unity of purpose and present a clear statement about the team’s willingness to battle and protect each other? Two years ago, the Rangers had the type of team that responded. It was in their DNA. Sather gets most of the blame for the roster, but the players and coaches can’t skate away on there responsibility to each other.

    Fifth, how a team responds in real time to an incident like the Stuart hit on Nash travels like a bullet throughout the league and resonates a clear and loud message with every team and and every headhunter. Unmistakably in this instance the message screamed *THE RANGERS ARE SOFT. TAKE LIBERTIES AT EVERY OPPURTUNITY*

    Sixth, it’s only my opinion.

  117. As I said, Papa. I don’t disagree … a huge part of the identity of the ’11-12 team was how it stuck up for one another, and how it played better when the game got nastier. How it dictated the nastiness of a game most nights.

    I just don’t think having one legit tough guy would have changed a thing in San Jose unless he was on the ice at the time of the incident.

    And I don’t think having a goon makes the Rangers any less soft. They are built soft.

    in ’11-12, they had so many guys who would fight for a teammate. Remember how many different guys fought Tostitos? They had Prust, Rupp, Boyle (yes, he fought Tostitos), Dubinsky, Bickel, even Avery. I feel like I’m missing somebody.

    That team also could play a mean, nasty game against the wall and could make you pay for every inch of ice.

    This team can’t, and having a goon won’t change that. Also, some of those guys could be on the ice against opponents’ top players. Dorsett can’t and Asham couldn’t and if they had a goon, he couldn’t either.

  118. The beer hall humor is always great, but needs perhaps a bit of the Irish touch….
    A local beer hall found the bartender in conversation with a few drinkers at the far end of the bar when suddenly the barman noticed a little guy at the opposite end, with his elbows propped on the bar and staring straight ahead. The barman walked down and asked, “what’ll ya have? The little guy said, “make it a Hennesseys”

    Bartender finds the drink and puts it on the little guy’s section of the bar and says, ” “That’s a buck fifty”.

    Little guy says ” fer what?”

    “For that drink you just ordered:”
    Little guy ” I ordered nothing!” You offered it to me.it was a gift”

    Bartender getting riled, “OK wise guy” but now get outta here and don’t let me see you here again.”
    Several weeks go by and the same crowd in the bar…including the little guy. The bartender looks down and the guy looks familiar to him, so he saunters over and says ” You’ve been here before, I’m tryin to figure out why I think I’ve seen you before.” Then the scene is recalled, “OK wise guy
    I remember you now, you pulled a fast one on me, and ordered a drink and got away with out paying for it. “I did nothing of the sort,” says the little guy, You asked me what I’d have and I said “A Hennesseys .. a gift.” The bartender responded, “So now I’m in the business of giving away free
    Henneseys?” LIttle guy “by all the saints above you’ll go to Heaven ……………….and make that Hernnessey’s a double!”

  119. Contrary to what a poster reported earlier, Yakupov was benched for slumping to 0 points in his first 4 games of the season. His benching had nothing to do with defensive responsibility.

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