Official announcement of Asham and Biron being sent to Hartford (AHL)


Bear in mind that the Rangers are allowing Martin Biron some time to weigh his options (retirement).

From the Rangers:


NEW YORK, October 15, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has assigned forward Arron Asham and goaltender Martin Biron to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Asham, 35, has skated in three contests with the Rangers this season. He registered his 1,000th career penalty minute on Thursday at Anaheim. In two seasons as a Blueshirt, Asham has tallied two goals and 64 penalty minutes in 30 regular season games. He made his Rangers debut on January 20 against Pittsburgh, and notched his first point as a Ranger with a goal on February 10 against Tampa Bay. Asham also tallied two goals in 10 playoff contests with the Rangers last season, including the game-winning goal in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals on May 13 at Washington.

The Portage La Prairie, Manitoba native signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 1, 2012. He was originally selected by Montreal as a third round choice, 71st overall, in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft.

Biron, 36, is 0-1-0 with a 7.61 goals against average and .763 save percentage in two appearances this season. He has posted a 22-15-3 record with a 2.47 goals against average, .908 save percentage, and two shutouts in 46 regular season appearances over four seasons with the Rangers. In 2011-12, Biron posted his personal single-season highs as a Ranger with 12 wins and two shutouts in 21 appearances. That season, he became the 60th goaltender in NHL history to appear in 500 career regular season games. Biron made his Rangers debut on October 21, 2010, stopping 24 shots in a 2-1 at Toronto.

The Lac St. Charles, Quebec native signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 1, 2010. He was originally selected by Buffalo as a first round choice, 16th overall, in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft.

 Photo by the Associated Press.

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  1. Poor Marty Beer-On. I hope he sticks it out and plays some in Hartford for conditioning. But the likelihood of him coming back to the NHL for the Rangers is slim to none I guess.

  2. I could see Biron on TV vs. riding the bus in Hartford.

    Can’t say that I blame him. Unless he would get a shot at Edmonton. They need help between the pipes.

  3. “If you win one more friggin’ game before we get back to MSG, I’ll tell you how I got my scar.”

  4. Manny I’m thinking the Monster Mash. Just for the sake of hitting something…….and he would fit the Halloween theme.

  5. You almost wonder if Asham had his eye on the 1,000 penalty minute goal.

    Mission accomplished ….. I’m otta here.

  6. Oh man, this move really fixes all of the other underlying problems. They are guaranteed to win a cup now!

    Manny – if it’s to watch the Rangers? Yes. Otherwise, it’s pretty awesome to see all the feeds from the other teams. STAY AWAY FROM THE ROOT SPORTS PITTSBURGH GUYS (you know that already). The Avs guys are pretty terrible too.

  7. Thanks, Jonny. I basically did it because I got AppleTV recently and I know that I can watch all out of market games on my tv. That’s pretty cool, right?

    This may destroy my marriage though…..

  8. Manny – I’ve had Center Ice for over 10 years now and I loved it once they made it more like Gamecenter and offered both feeds. I feel in love with the Kings and Canucks games just because of the Miller/Fox combo and Jim Hughson (reminded me of the EA games).

    Mister D – I live in Boston now and I have to say, I’m a huge fan of Edwards now. Hated the guy when I got the Bruins broadcast once every now and then when I was in NY, but living up here and listening to his interview about why he calls games in favor of the Bruins when he’s on NESN vs when he calls national broadcasts makes me realize why he is such a homer for B’s games.

    He’s actually pretty good at not being that way when he calls national games (mind you he hasn’t called one in awhile), but he knows what he’s doing and some of his over the top comments and calls are at least funny. And when things get serious, he shows he can be objective, unlike those clowns Steegy and Errey.

  9. Also, no rips of management over why Pyatt and Boyle weren’t sent down for Kreider and Kristo yet? I was sure we’d see that by now since both of those guys are the worst hockey players every to lace em up in the NHL.

  10. I just moved out of Boston (Davis Square, actually) in the beginning of the year and Jack Edwards was like 10% of the reason.

  11. That’s great. I actually do really, really want to watch Canucks games. I have this theory that watching how Tortarella handles his group in Vancouver will really reveal what this roster, the Rangers roster, is lacking in terms of ability and talent.

  12. Apple TV is great. If you get Extra Innings and Center Ice that way versus cable, your Apple TV is essentially free.

  13. If you have Center Ice through direct, you can watch it on the IPad for free. Correct?

  14. I have no idea what that is. I loved it up there, but its not a city to raise a kid if you’re not making a lot of money.

  15. I’m in Southie, but I haven’t been to Davis/Porter in a long time.

    And which BBQ place are you talking about? Redbones?

  16. Got a new book out of the library today, “Don’t Call Me Goon,” Hockey’s Greatest Enforcers, Gunslingers, and Bad Boys. Haven’t started it, but it goes from 1906 to present. I see that Ash and Dorsett are included. Can’t wait to finish ‘War and Peace’ and give this a go.

  17. We’re suburban NJ now. Berkeley Heights. #6 place in all the world to live according to Money Magazine. More affordable rather than affordable, but in the right direction. Its an adjustment coming from a city.

    Redbones indeed. I think the only times I was in southie was for softball games at Evans Field. Insanely distracting if you’re the type to stare at planes overhead.

  18. Berkeley Heights is a nice area. I am in NJ as well. Grew up in Scotch Plains. An ex of mine lived in Berkeley Heights so I was there a lot. Delicious Heights is a great place to grab some food.

  19. We’re about 1/4 mile from Delicious Heights. Bad name, strong food and beer. The adjustment is that when we want to grab something out, the decision is “Delicious Heights or something else” versus having like 100 choices inside of walking distance.

  20. Not far from Chatham, Madison, Short Hills, Millburn, Livingston, MisterD. There are some good choices. You are driving anyway. Lived in the area for 8 years.

  21. It was actually ranked #6 a month after we bought so there wasn’t research. We just thought it had a cool name or something.

  22. Good afternoon all! I guess you’ve moved on from the waiver chat, but I for one am very sad about good Marty. And from what I’ve read about his last interviews in the locker room after practice, I would have cried had I been there…..

    What else is happening?

  23. I like(d) Marty too. It has to be irritating getting sent to the minors knowing you’re easily in the top 60 or so at your position.

  24. Mister D – I grew up in NJ and played soccer there many times. Nice area. I’m debating making the move back soon, been living up here on and off since college (around 2004) and while I like the city, I’m missing NYC/NJ.

    Then I’ll remember my commutes from Princeton and when I lived in Hoboken for 2 years and I’ll remember why I moved to begin with…lol

  25. I really cannot believe the Oilers didn’t claim Biron. I think he could be very good splitting the starting gig with someone. The Penguins might have claimed him if they had the cap space.

  26. NHL center ice is the best. Without it I may have a better marriage. Unfortunately this year rangers will be out of race by home opener. As long as pens isles and torts don’t win cup I could live with result.

  27. Often. Penzeys is awesome, Food (another poorly named restaurant) is our go to for brunch and the Sunday farmers market is the best in the area. We looked at Summit (and all the places ilb mentioned) but never found a place we liked. Spring market here sucked like Brian Boyle when he’s not scoring 20 goals like that time he did score 20 goals which is the minimum he needs to be helpful to this team.

  28. its great that Miller has been recalled, but I feel like they fell short of what needed to be done.

  29. I said it when he signed, and I still feel that way now. signing Moore made no sense. they already had Boyle to play Moore’s role. and Boyle is a better player. Moore is just in the way of a younger more talented player.

  30. Who wants to pay a back up goalie who plays (1/4 season max) $1.3 million? That’s why he wasn’t claimed. If he took half of that, he’d probably be signed.

  31. Unquestionably the funniest line of the year to anyone living in the N.J. for any length of time.

    “Berkley Heights N.J. #6 best place to live in U.S.”

    Highest real estate taxes in the country, worst place for less than affluent retirees, all manner of taxes up the gazoo,most vehicular and human density in the U.S.,mucho pollution from Midwest sources!

    Too funny,Rascals awaits! ;)

  32. Mr D, did I fail to mention some of the most blighted cities on planet earth and our morbidly overweight,overwrought and self promoting Gov? ;)

  33. Nothing against Berkley Heights, which I know nothing about, but these magazines with their ‘top’ this and ‘top’ that make me want to gag. Without these constant bogus lists, (including colleges) they’d be out of business.

  34. since
    Miller and
    were sent down
    are now back
    does that mean that their
    or are they now Dirty?

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    _worst place for less than affluent retirees, all manner of taxes up the gazoo_

    You missed the part where he said he was looking for a place to raise kids, not retire

  36. I resided in on Massachusetts Ave in Central Square for a few years. Quite an interesting place. Glad I made it out alive and functional.

  37. Papa, stay off the bridge, we had a high flyer last week!

    And now it’s another of Jersey’s restaurants for an overpriced dinner! ;)

  38. When Peter Minuit was about to purchase Manhattan from the indians, he looked over the river and said, “What’s that?”

    Indian Chief: “So, you have a view of Jersey. Whatta you want for $24?”

    No offense, no offense.

  39. They can now recall 2 more players if they want. 21 on the roster, excluding Nash and Hagelin. Also, MDZ doesn’t appear to be joining them on the trip to Washington. Why take chances with only 20 players?

  40. It’s MILLER TIME!!!

    He will out play one of the 3 bubble boys and will stick on this team once Hags comes back.

    We need size, speed, & skill. He will look to finish his checks, and play a simple North/South game, if he scores he stays. I think he knows that.

    Where’s Wicky I haven’t seen the WBM to see who’s on first? Zucc, Pouliot, Pyatt, or Fast.

    Who goes back down first – Fast?

  41. Thanx for the heads up, ilb. Don’t know how I missed that. At least they released a reason.

  42. How does Biron not get claimed? Cap Space?

    Florida – Edmonton – Calgary – Washington

    Is 1.3 too much for a back up?

  43. Miller wearing Gabby’s number.

    Carp I need a couple name plates…..who do I call :)

  44. MDZ is -6,

    Girardi is -7

    Staal is -7

    McDonagh is -5

    Callahan is -6

    Richards is only -3

    its brutal…..

  45. Stranger Nation on

    MEZ brought a note from his mom about having the Irish flu. Too many ‘car bombs’ with the teeny zucchini over the weekend

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Tomb – Richards is -3 but he leads team in Points. AV has the perfect system for no back check Rocket. “We are doomed” to quote Eric

  47. Mister D, I’m in North Jersey, so if you ever venture up here I can recommend some good joints. I did, after all, begin the lunch contest (the only reason I was once of any worth to this place).

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MDZ has a scorching case of herpes? I wonder if any other ranger has matching sores…..

  49. Here’s a positive. I don’t think we’ve taken a too many men penalty through five. I think we had four, through the first five games last year.

  50. Another positive, this one from the broadcast side: Sam hasn’t miss called a “ping” yet…….

  51. Now he just ignores them, wouldn’t want to let the game action get in the way of a good story.

  52. This schedule is awful. Four games in six days and now four games in two weeks. It’s not awful it’s BRUTAL.

  53. I love listening to schmwwerwefasdfa burg and mike the mouth. i listen to their drivel multiple times

  54. CCCP, what’s your problem? Get real. The Soviet Union broke up like almost 25 years ago, dude…

  55. NYR_FAN

    why so serious? i’m just messing with you… relax, bro lol

    my handle has nothing to do with the former greatest country in the world but with the sport of hockey that the former greatest country in the world used to represent…

    but it’s all good, kid… i don’t blame you for not getting it ;)

  56. I have been there.. it wasn’t the greatest country.

    your leaders replaced God with government

    we are now doing that here.

  57. If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

  58. Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out
    They leave the West behind
    And Moscow girls make me sing and shout
    That Georgia’s always on my my my my my my my my my mind
    Oh, come on

    I’m back in the USSR
    You don’t know how lucky you are, boys
    Back in the USSR

  59. You guys have to love the Canucks announcers pointing out that the “Canucks haven’t had many leads but are about to win another one”

  60. He fell down IN the Roastbeef sandwich
    down from the Bridge at MSG
    Sunday’s on the phone to Monday
    Sather’s on the phone with AV

    Fell down on a City broker
    They blamed it all on LSD
    They all said he was a coker
    Who might have chose the Tappan Zee

    But the boys down at the Police Department
    Knew what it was, and they could see
    That he’d had it with the Rangers
    The boy had too much jeu-d’espirit.

  61. _Dan Boyle (no relation to Brian) leaving the ice on a stretcher._

    Did Joe T score 4 goals and Dan Boyle couldn’t handle it? :)

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Making fun of MDZ having syphilis is one thing – but being carried of in a stretcher makes me sad :(

  63. It looks pretty awful but the good news is that Dan Boyle seems to be alert and moving all his extremities.

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The game has really gotten violent – bigger dudes – faster dudes – stronger dudes –

    And then there are the Rangers /

    Kanker sores not withstanding

  65. Kaleta is a criminal on skates. I think ten games is needed for this one too. They will have to think about changing the unishment because it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect as a deterrent.

  66. I like the idea of the team playing short a skater for the length of the suspension. I also think one game of the suspension should be served when you play that team again, regardless of when the two teams meet again.

  67. I don’t like sitting out the first game against that team because that negates the chance for retribution. Hockey should police itself.

  68. SEE, I’ve been barking that a player should be suspended and the team play short a man for the duration of the suspension for a year now. You are the first to go on record in favor.

    It makes a lot of sense.

  69. Punishment should be distributed throughout the organization. That may help to rid the game of some of this crazy stuff.

  70. Manny,I can see that point. I agree about policing itself but think of our team, who would exact the toll ?

    Papa, its your idea and a good one.

  71. I only saw the hit once just as I was leaving, so maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed like Boyle was stumbling just before the hit, which put him in an even worse position. Maybe Shanny will use that in Lapierre’s defense.

    I’d say, maybe he gets a slap on the wrist or a one game suspension.

  72. Contrary to what a poster reported earlier, Yakupov was benched for slumping to 0 points in his first 4 games of the season. His benching had nothing to do with defensive responsibility.

  73. See Dubb

    Are you suggesting that the team whose player suffers the suspension should play short-handed for the duration of the suspension?

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Players need to be uber careful anywhere near the boards…this never used to happen in old school hockey…

  75. When a player is suspended, the player’s team should dress 1 less player for the duration of the suspension. Punishment should be felt by both the player and the players team.


    The league could mandate a team must dress and use Delzotto in place of the suspended player for the duration of the suspension.

  76. lmgo, Papa.

    I like the idea of the suspended player’s team playing a man short … but I think it would make Shanahan even less likely to hand down long suspensions.

  77. e3, this stuff never happened in old-school hockey because they didn’t call these penalties. So guys knew they were going to get drilled and didn’t put themselves into positions to get drilled. In other words, they took care of it themselves, not with the help of the refs and the pansification rules.

  78. Stranger Nation on

    Michael El Zotto has a head cold

    In a related story, MZA has asked to stay back in NY for ‘personal reasons’

  79. I like the idea of the team being unable to call another guy up. As long as you aren’t suggesting that the team go on a 10 game Penalty Kill….

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – so you know, Tiki doesn’t post on this blog using an alias. If and when he does post (and I wish he would more often) he uses Tiki.

    Also, I’m on the can typing this.

  81. chef Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Very hard to listen to rangers’ coach aka the talking croissant in recent interviews. He is as lethargic as a potato. Send him back to the QMJHL.

  82. Atta boy, Carp. Old Time Hockey. Policing themselves was much,much more effective. Unless you’re referring to Raffi Torres policing himself by tearing his own Achilles. That worked.

    Speaking of Old Time Hockey, only ONE remaining player who suited up for the legendary Hartford Whalers left in the NHL.

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – It would seem then, that players in today’s game should worry more about their noodle and less about drawing a penalty. Would you agree? I certainly would never put myself in danger of losing my livelihood for a 2 minute man advantage…

  84. Stranger Nation on

    In Hindsight, not turning into the oncoming check and protecting oneself is a lost art.
    In fact, El Zotto is pretty good at it. He never wants to take the hit from behind and quickly pulls up and surprises his opponent

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – using MDZ, pulls up, and hit from behind in the sane sentence is hardly a lost art.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I met him on Monday, it was my lucky bunday, you know what I mean. I meet him each weekday, each velvety cheek day, you know what I mean..

  87. Man, JT has to feel some pressure. I know that nobody has said this but he has to feel like they’re looking for him to score some goals and play the Superman role. A lot to put on a young’n. Then again they get paid a lot more than I do to play a game. Have at it, young sir.

  88. Stranger Nation on

    R West – he just needs to bang and skate. Last year he didn’t seem like a goal scorer – hopefully that is changing.

  89. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It looked to me like Boyle blew a tire/stumbled as lapierre was going to hit him. I don’t think it was dirty, but in the pansy league I’m sure lapierre will get a few games.

    Here’s hoping the hit is penalized accordingly, not the result.

    I like the old rules and players looking out for themselves. Game was safer then IMHO. New rules make the game more dangerous.

  90. I just watched the video of the hit on Boyle. Seemed to be several unfortunate contributing factors in addition to the check which led to the injury.

    I believe Stuart’s hit on Nash ( several strides, leaving feet, targeting head with shoulder, from behind ) was a dirtier play.

  91. Kaleta’s was awful because you could see he has absolutely no intention of hitting the body, from the minute he cuts across the ice through traffic he is targeting JJ’s head. Kid was lucky he didn’t get a broken jaw.
    The Boyle hit was less of a direct head shot, but it was a dangerous hit from behind and a serious boarding infraction resulting in injury. Not sure if Shanny will go to 10, maybe 6 or 7.

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