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  1. What’s the story on Biron’s cap hit if he goes to Hartford? Conflicting stories about whether it’s 375 or a million three.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Who would have guessed that playing in only 6 professional games in the past 18 months would have affected his performance this year.

    That’s exactly 6 more games than Tim Thomas played. How did things work out for Timmy?

  3. So who’s coming up? Miller, Kristo, or Kreider?

    Has Fast done enough to stay up? Will he go back before Hags is back?

  4. Carp – Talbot has to come up. If you look at Goals scored you would have to pick Miller as well correct?

  5. Why are both Pyatt and Boyle on the team? Neither can skate I dont see the point of one let alone two.

  6. Cool link, Latona…this is what Sather did to Biron and Ash

    PS, Carp, can’t you post all of the audio in one post?

  7. Repost

    I’m 23 years old, play at MSG, make 3 million a year, and I’m going to a resort in Spain with MZA? Probably not. :)

  8. Clean the slate – check
    Clean the house – check
    Take out the garbage – check
    Who you going to call – ???

  9. Stranger Nation on

    AV says we need more skill so we get rid of Ashram. Even if we bring up the kids, now we are really in a world of hurt if another team takes liberties.
    Dorsett is a middleweight, we have no one else.
    Bring up Bickel!! Bring up Mash!! Bring up the Miller and Kreider

  10. The Flyers will continue to pay him $1.67 million until 2027. LOL. That’s just plain funny.

    He is in the ECHL playing in Las Vagas. So he should be available for the league minimum.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Beer-on was rusty..go figure

    In a related story, Biron was almost hit by a bus when leaving practice, but escaped unharmed as the vehicle easily slid through his legs

  12. If bryzgalov came here for 700k. I would jump off bridge. That’s the last thing this team needs.

  13. Stranger

    Please enough with stu Bickel. The man is utterly useless. He can’t skate has zero hockey iq. How he is still apart of this organization I can’t fathom.

  14. Why would AV say to Ash two weeks ago, “No one wants you?” Seems out of order unless Ash jacked him up. Did Ash ask to move up to the third line?

  15. Who would have thought MR. UNIVERSE could be a Rangers after watching 24/7 a couple of years ago????

    Who’s going to sit with him at lunch.

    We don’t have 1 Russian on the Team Roster.

  16. Bryz didn’t really have much of a defense in front of him in Philly. How could his numbers be any worse than what we’ve got out of the last 5 games?

  17. Would think the starting job in Edmonton looks more attractive to Bryzgalov than being backup in NY.

    Biron’s contract isn’t a 35+ deal by the looks of it, so they save more if he retires.

  18. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Coos, the max savings for a player that clears waivers and is assigned to the AHL is about $900k (which I think is the average NHL salary). So, they are hit with any amount over that.

    Hypothetically, if they bring up Talbot ($562,500 hit), they’d save about $362.5k in cap space.

  19. While we don’t have even one Russian Dressing, we do have Vinegar behind the bench and Caesar as GM, and a Zesty Italian.

  20. Bryz did win 2 out 3 games played in 2012. Had 6 shut outs. He might not be such a bad option. He went 42-20 with a .920 in Pheonix in 2010.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a call.

  21. Bryz gets 1.67 from the Flyers until 2027.

    Sather will offer him 900K just so he can beat the Flyers. It could happen.

  22. We need some size.

    Dorsett can’t hit (land a punch) on anyone 6′ or more because he can’t reach.

  23. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Papa, the questions is, who? I think we all agree an “enforcer” is not the answer, and it’s not like anyone is handing out Luciches.

  24. I guess I’m missing everything, dammit!

    Gravy, the formula is actually works this way: minimum NHL salary ( $550K for this and next year) plus $375K. So they save $925K per each player sent down. Unless, of course either Biron on Asham gets claimed. Then the full cap hit is off the books.

  25. Jersey will grab Asham.
    Islanders will claim Biron.
    Gabby will score 100pts for CBJ.

    And they will all beat us like a rented mule.

  26. Who has done a better job, Sather or Don Maloney?

    Junior, Sather, Thomas, make the connection!

    The holy trinity of failure, there must be photographic evidence! ;)

  27. If Zucc doesn’t score soon. I’ afraid he is going to be riding the pine before he knows it.

  28. This season I think will get worse before it gets better. After the first 5 how much worse can it get. At this rate lose to caps beat devs beat flyers lose in Detroit is best case scenario. More likely 1-7-1 road trip.

  29. Well I can mash potato (I can mash potato)
    Well I can do the fist (And I can do the fist)
    Whoa, tell me baby (Tell me baby)
    Do you like it like this?
    (Do you like it like this?)

  30. Zucc should be the next one riding the Amtrak to Hartford. The kid sucks. Will he ever finish and score.

    Zucc in a nutshell scores to make 5-0 with 7 mins to go in game 7 last year vs caps. That’s when he may get one.

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers could go 1-81…gmen 0-16…..winter not looking good….spring training soon enough

  32. I think there will be some other moves. I really think you call up Miller and Kreider and just let them play. You see what this kid is all about and just let him stay up. If anything, he brings speed which this team is seriously lacking without Hags in the lineup. If the organization determines he is not what they want or need, so be it, and trade him, but at least get a real good look at him. Personally I thought this entire camp and pre season was a joke. Put them in games and see what happens. Anything is better than what we have seen thus far.

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    Pyatt, dom moore, zucchini, mdz, and hank for Sharp, Seabrook, Keith, Crawford, and Bickel

  34. I don’t want to part ways with Kreider yet, I really think he can be a solid player, but I would trade he and DelZ for Evander Kane in a heartbeat.

  35. Sather should trade for Yakupov, he is riding the pine in Edmonton already. Maybe we should send them Del Zotto for an “elite” scorer, that doesn’t want to play both ways.

  36. Gravy, responding to your 3:53……

    After watching the first 5 games and the liberties that were taken with our ‘skill’ (perhaps tongue in cheek?) players, don’t count me as a member of the ‘we dont need an enforcer’ group.

    Sans inside knowledge of whom may be available outside the organization in a trade or waiver transaction and…….

    Understanding of course, we are not replacing a Guy Lafluer or a Teemu Selanne from our 3rd or 4th line which our choice………..

    Best guess, internally the options would be Bickel or Mashinter for starters. We know Bickel is a willing combatant and we think Mashinter is as well. I have no particular preference one or the other, , but we’ve seen Bickel throw them against legit opponents and he acquitted himself well.

  37. Need more speed. Hags will be back. Plug Miller & Kreider. Who ever plays their way off the team can sit.

  38. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – Bickel-berry can also play forward, D and even faceoff in a punch, I mean, pinch

  39. Kristo is not that far off either. If Zucc isn’t going to score Kristo could take that spot.

    Bigger, Faster, Stronger Slate.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    rumor MZA was lost in the foam in Ibiza for 20 minutes while El Zotto searched frantically

  41. Edmonton needs a Goalie bad. I wonder if they will grab Biron, before Pittsburgh picks him up.

  42. I would like to see them call up Kristo, Miller and Kreider and say “go get em boys, have fun. 3rd man high on the forecheck, back check hard, go to the net hard.”

  43. logic tells you Miller and Kreider are on there way. just remember though how fond of Powe AV is.

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    i don’t think mza and mdz can be moved separately…..NHL rule on spouses & same team

  45. Pyatt, Pouliout, Moore, Zucc, Fast, Asham – not 1 point in 5 games.

    Time to play Kristo, Kreider, & Miller. If they don’t start to score the young guns should get their chances if it’s going to be that kind of year.

  46. Carp

    Pyatt is a waste despite what you say about coaches thinking otherwise. Did we really need Domonic Moore ? How about Kelly Kisio too.

  47. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I know everyone likes to Pilon MDZ, but truth is that McD has probably been the biggest disappointment thus far, taking salary and expectations into account.

  48. none of the Dmen have been good. Staal started the season with 2 good games, otherwise he has been as bad as the rest.

  49. If it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck and if its dancing with Zuccarello ????

  50. Put the original D pairs back together. At least they know each other’s tendencies, speed, and positioning. Crackpot move to experiment with switching D pairs early in the season.

  51. If it was purely performance based the whole team aside from Richards should’ve been waived. Always liked Biron, classy guy, but the truth is, he hasn’t been very good since the middle of last season. My guess is they will use $1.85M coupled with sending Fast down ( he’s been ok, but smallish and hasn’t scored) to bring up JT and Kreider along with Talbot. They need size and scoring.

  52. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Girardi and Staal played together for 2 years, and they all stunk before the switch anyway.

    And now we all know you can’t play Falk without Johnson.

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    s.nation – johnson’s eye is usually closed….doesnt open it until he’s ready to bang home a rebound

  54. Nash to IR and Stuart back in the line-up for the Sharks next game.

    But we don’t need no stinkin enforcer.

  55. when Carp says all the coaches in the NHL love guys like Boyle and Pyatt, he leaves off the half of the sentence that goes, “as long as the Rangers are dumb enough to have them under contract.”

  56. Dr to Nash: “how are you feeling?”

    Nash: “Good”

    Dr. to Nash: “I was afraid of that. 10 games.”

  57. Carp

    I haven’t missed too many games since I became a diehard in mid 70’s. I have seen too many Pyatts and Moores over the years. I’m not saying I know more than the coaches but their judgement isn’t always correct. True Ranger fans cant be fooled…

  58. I didn’t know that was an option.

    So Kristo & Miller to the resque? They have the most point scored.

  59. Gravy, Just Gravy on


    3. A player placed on Injured Reserve is ineligible to compete in NHL games for a period of not less than seven days.

  60. LW you are going to kick my Assassin this week. Yak on the pine, Nasher in a dark room.

  61. 2 Games possibly 3.

    Capitals, Devils, Flyers.

    Miller for sure
    Flip a coin Kristo or Kreider.

  62. Gravy,

    When you say Boyle may “finally get his shot,” are you pretending the last 4 years didn’t happen or copy-pasting a post from 4 years ago?

  63. Carp busy cleaning the slate again.

    Who do you want to see slated for the back up goalie?

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