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1) Martin Biron. I thought early on, when the Blues were on the Rangers a bit, he was pretty good, and he moved the puck, too, which really helps a struggling defensive team. Then, ugh. The second and third goals were all on him. It’s ridiculous to expect him to be perfect playing one out of four or five games, and sometimes that’s what we do expect … and every time he gives up a goal, it’s “why is this guy playing?” Unfair and wrong. That said, he has to be better than that.

2) It was a somewhat gutsy and correct move by Alain Vigneault to yank Biron … Mike Keenan would have done it sooner. That all said about Biron, given that Vigneault and the organization made a big show of that fake backup goalie competition in camp — Johan Hedberg in on a tryout, and Cam Talbot getting preseason games — maybe you wonder what Biron’s future really is here. Especially if he struggles next time out.Ryan Callahan, Vladimir Sobotka, Roman Polak, Jay Bouwmeester, Maxim Lapierre

3) And maybe, in a funny way, getting into a game unexpectedly, without having two days to think about it, without the pressure because his team was already down, will help Henrik Lundqvist.

4) Listen, this wasn’t all on Biron, either. Marc Staal stunk on the first and fourth goals. Absolutely stunk. Left his man wide open on the first, a complete blown coverage; and drifted to the middle of the ice on the fourth. Let’s just say he was expecting Jesper Fast to bust it back and pick up his man on that one, where was Staal going, and what was he going to do when he got there? Staal has had three tough ones in a row.

5) That said, Fast has been overmatched in his own end of the ice so far. Just brutal.

6) Speaking of brutal. My goodness, how does Derek Dorsett keep getting shifts after the first two needless, completely undisciplined offensive-zone penalties? Maybe because Vigneault decided to dress only 11 forwards for the fourth game in six nights on the road? But long before he took the hat trick penalty, Dorsett would have been the doorman on the bench under the previous coach. Guaranteed. Instead, game over. And, by the way, these aren’t the first undisciplined penalties Dorsett has taken through five games.

7) You guys know that I’m not very often a glass-half-full guy. But that I also sometimes discount that pucks happened to go in one way or another and analyze the game otherwise. So, even with the play of Biron, Staal, Dorsett and Fast, I thought the Rangers did a whole bunch right in this game, and if they play this way they won’t be 1-8 when they get to MSG.Jaroslav Halak, Jay Bouwmeester, Brian Boyle

8) For example, Brad Richards has been good so far this season — and most of us thought it wouldn’t be surprising if he was good after what happened last year — but I thought this was his best game in all three zones. By far. And even if he hadn’t scored.

9) There was a Derick Brassard sighting on the 5-on-3 goal, and he played his best of the five games so far. Derek Stepan played his best game of the season. Ryan Callahan was involved with the puck, not just without it. Dan Girardi, getting his usual black and blues and bloodied, looked more like Girardi.

10) And the Rangers had the puck a lot. They had a good forecheck most of the night. They had some offense. They were around the net. Their power play clicked. Most of the defensemen who had struggled were better. They won battles. They weren’t pushed around by a team that pushes opponents around. As I said, they will win games playing that way. And they should get better than that eventually.

11) Now, after 11 cities in 25 days, they come home for a few, and practice in their own facility Monday and Tuesday before heading to Washington for Wednesday’s game. They play just four times in the next two weeks, though all of them are on the road.

12) That 5-on-3 goal. That’s how you make a guy pay for a hit like the one T.J. Oshie put on Anton Stralman. Also, that’s how you run a 5-on-3. Get it down near the goal line and make the goalie and the D go side to side. Three men within four feet of the net. Unlike the previous 5-on-3 when they had three above the dots (and still scored).

13) I see Geico’s ad guys are now using Bryce Harper in not-funny-at-all commercials like the ones with Nick Backstrom. Ugh.

14) David Backes=Beast. Is his dad the guy who played Thurston Howell III and Mr. Magoo?

15) So last three games, 20-5. Hockey coaches think that, at the end of winning streaks you win some where you don’t play so well, and at the end of losing streaks you lose some where do play well. Maybe this is one of the latter. Maybe. Depending on how the Rangers follow it up in D.C.

My Three Rangers Stars:Jaroslav Halak, Jay Bouwmeester, Benoit Pouliot
1. Brad Richards.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Dan Girardi.

cooscoos’ Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cally, of course, full effort win, lose or draw, hurt or healthy.
2. Richards, hard to admit it, but what can you say?  His confidence is swelling.  Will it continue?
3. Pouliot, this choice was the tough one. Could be a good peg if he learns to crash the net like Cally

Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.


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  1. Carp and Boneheads- I’m not a big poster, but an avid reader. Just wanted to thank all of you for your consistently thoughtful analysis of the Rangers (mostly…). Keep it up and let’s hope the trip back home and rest help out the boys a bit!!!!

  2. best thing about last night was Hank in the 3rd. looked sharp. Fast does looked overmatched. I still think he is going to be a player, just not right now.

  3. It will get better. But if Boyle and Dorsett and Pyatt and Moore are on your team and getting reasonably significant minutes? Your team ain’t going nowhere.

    Free Miller and Hrivik today.

  4. Thanks for the review Carp!
    I’m happy to be away on vacation…I don’t have to waste my time watching, as MP puts it…”a bunch of bush leaguers”…

  5. There isn’t much defending of Dorsett that can be made, but if a player under the previous regime had been benched in the first for a bad penalty, there would have been more than a few complaints about how players weren’t being allowed to play aggressively or without fear of making mistakes etc etc. Can’t have it both ways.

  6. 4th goal is on Biron as well. He is very deep in his net and allowed a player to deflect the puck IN HIS CREASE. Unacceptable when a simple poke check breaks up the play

  7. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    A backup can’t be expected to be as good/sharp as the starter, but if Biron plays 20 games (as planned by AV), we’re in trouble.

  8. This team doesn’t have the talent to play this so called AV system and it’s showing, especially with the rangers defensemen. Maybe AV is the reason the Canucks with all that talent over the years never won the Stanely cup when the Canucks were in there prime as a team.

  9. Pouliot,- some of his moves just plainly hypnotizing.If he w0uld add more resolve, using better his body size and scores finally, goals will come in a bulk.
    Door set – no amount of enthusiasm could replace lack of brains. Show him a door set to the locker-room toilet.

  10. You’re right about Biron, Carp. I overreacted last night. But, when he plays like that, the only difference between Biron and Cam Talbot is about $700K in cap space.

    We all want Biron to be the Biron of 3 seasons ago when he won however many games and was lights out. But he hasn’t been that guy in a few seasons now.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    regarding Dorsett penalties – the refs where blowing a whistle every time somone sneezed – probably helped the Rangers in that regards from more physical abuse.
    His first penaltty was pansification – the second was careless and on him and the third was questionable as well. Blaming his for this game is like giving Richards credit for his offensive game.
    When Richards is not scoring 5v3 and or carrying, creating and setting our goal scorers up then we can start the parade. He had two points and was -1, go figure.

  12. Cross Check Charlie on

    Dorsett needs to go. He adds nothing to the team. Asham is a better alternative for what we expected from Dorsett. Pouliot is a tease. Yeah, he’s got some nice moves. Save it for the dance floor and score some freakin goals. Fast looks overmatched. Bring up Kreider or Miller or Kristo or somebody else to see if they can do something. Biron? It must be uncomfortable with the fork stuck in him.

    I did like what I saw from the offense. The power play looks a lot better than last season. They carry the puck into the zone more often. It’s not the constant dump and chase. They carry the puck out of their own zone instead of giving up possession by flinging it out. The team needs a guy that can finish off the rush. You know, maybe a guy like Marion Gaborik.

  13. TommyG- Let’s not forget AV was one game away from the cup. If RL plays anything like himself, they probably win it all.

  14. Gaborik for brassard Dorset and Moore. Enough said.

    Some positives last night but biron Dorset staal and the moronic coach cost you possibly a point.

    I have enough already with Boyle Moore Pyatt Dorset pouliot.

    Only positive over the last 48 hrs the whole division seemed to lose in regulation.

    I don’t count the pens. They win this division in a run away and we might as well hope they beat all other div foes when playing them.

  15. Cross Check Charlie on

    They need to take a long hard look at Zuccarello also. He does nothing. Send him back to the KHL where he can get his 11 goals per season and think he’s accomplished something.

  16. Good morning, boneheads!

    Looks like this year they fixed their PP, thank you! Everything else seems to be going down the drain though :-).

    I, too, thought it was the best game they’ve played so far, including the one in LA. I believe they’ll be fine with scoring this year when Nash is back. The defense may take some time though. It’s not a coincidence that their top 3 look out of position all the time. They are used to eating up major minutes in a dump-and-chase system, whereby the defenseman has to slow down between the red end blue lines in order to asses whether his team was able to retrieve the puck. If not, they had enough time to either pivot or skate backwards. Now, when the puck is carried in, they are required to join the blue line faster. It’ll take time, I’m not worried. This is 82, not 48 game season.
    Dorsett would sit if it were Torts behind the bench. But I agree with LW, you want this team to be meaner and play abrasive hockey, you have to live with some penalties. Dorsett has to play smarter though.

  17. Nice write-up, Carp. Let’s see if DD sits for a few games…each coach has his style of punishment, perhaps AV is to let it play out for a game, then let them sit it out for a few and remember how they let down the team. Long-term, that may be more effective (lose the battle, win the war) and agree letting DD continue on the ice was puzzling

  18. Doc, I’m not sure they’ll be ok on the scoring…for years, Torts instilled a system. Their passes were clicking and they moved the puck crisply out of the defensive zone into the offensive zone. With AV, it is all about getting the puck on net, then banging the rebound. After all this talk about AV puck possession teams, it seems more like chaos and pure roll of the dice tactics

  19. IMHO, if this was their best game, it was below the level of their worst games under Torts…players simply don’t know what to do with the puck when they have it on their stick, they look lost on the ice, they are waiting for a coach to tell them what to do, how to battle for the puck. If AV expects the team leaders to coach the others, he is destined for a quick exit…

  20. Biron is clearly being pushed out the door. He hasn’t been good, going back to last season, but would they replace him with Talbot?
    Dom Moore is a nice story but there’s a reason he’s been with 15 different teams.

  21. No way that Kreider and Miller should not be playing over some of these forwards..Moore, Pyatt Fast, Dorsett etc..Falk looks a bit slow but that was the first time a Ranger D actually hit someone in front of the net in a while

  22. Biggest sin is to spend tons of money for the mediocre players than on a needed diamonds. It’s like in today’s world, we are investing more money in a medicine to improve men erectile dysfunction and silicon technology for breast enlargement for women, than for the cure of Alzheimer disease. So, very soon we will have a bunch of old man with hardest johnsons and old ladies with the huge boobs, but none of them will remember why they would need that.
    In the Rangers case we will have everlasting, mediocre team without real purpose, except being at the middle of NHL bunch.

  23. Sad when Miami Pump’s sarcasm and humour reflect concrete reality for this season.

    Pathetic when measure of success is not whether they win or lose but where they fall on the spectrum of suckiness.

  24. “There isn’t much defending of Dorsett that can be made, but if a player under the previous regime had been benched in the first for a bad penalty, there would have been more than a few complaints about how players weren’t being allowed to play aggressively or without fear of making mistakes etc etc. Can’t have it both ways.”

    That is a fallacy.

    Under the previous regime, this was done repeatedly throughout Tortorella’s tenure.

    Under AV, there has not been a large enough sample size to determine if it will be this way throughout his tenure.

  25. “How is that a fallacy?”

    It is a fallacy because Tortorella benching players throughout his entire tenure as Rangers head coach is not the same as AV benching a player on one occasion.

  26. Same to you, Yergs. I would think Fast is here based on a superior training camp and preseason. … if it really was an open competition, he deserves to be here. Based on how he’s played so far, not so much.

  27. I wouldn’t worry about Richards playing well and that reflecting on his potential buyout. First, it would be good for this team if he is back to his form, they need another first liner bad. Second, it would be much easier to do it without creating an uproar and without embarrassing a player that seems to be well respected around the league as it would be done for cap reasons only. From Richards’ point of view- same story, he will not feel embarrassed. Moreover, from a financial point of view, it benefits Richards. If they buy him out next summer, counting a $2M bonus they will have to pay him before buying him out, he will have collected $51.67M out of his $60M contract with 6 years left on it. If he plays well, he’ll get a contract elsewhere and end making much, much more money at the end.

  28. That’s true. I guess spots need to be earned. Still, I wasn’t even that impressed with Fast in the preseason. I think Miller and Kreider deserve to be here and play for this team, since they’re at least a little bit experienced.

    Carp, don’t forget, Honeymooners are on tonight on CW.

  29. “Should I defend a position that I never held? Let’s hold an investigation.”

    You purported one scenario to be the same as the other scenario and said “can’t have it both ways.”

    That was a fallacy.

  30. Fast has also got three years of pro hockey under his belt, so possibly they are more comfortable keeping him up ahead of those they want to get regular minutes in the AHL.

    Once he learns to point at the man he should be covering in English rather than pointing in Swedish, he might look better.

  31. Having knowledge of Rangers management, what makes anyone certain that Richards will be bought out at season’s end if he’s performed well?

    Richards should have been bought out this past offseason, most Rangers fans across the interweb were sure he was going to be bought out. Understanding the ineptitude of Rangers management, I thought Richards would not be bought out.

    The ineptitude of Rangers management knows no bounds, ladies and gentleman.

  32. I love this comment from the yahoo page:

    “Anyone notice the Canucks and Rangers switched coaches and both went from playoff teams to total incompetence, maybe the should flip back”

    Incompetence?! wait, what?! Torts and incompetence?! NONSENSE!

    I guess it hasn’t been 45 days yet…both clubs still adjusting to new systems, eh…


  33. Probably not in AV’s plans to get poor goaltending to start the season on the road against some of the better NHL teams, each one of which was the favorite (maybe not Phoenix). Next three against mediocre/poor teams will give a more realistic picture of this team’s chances of going anywhere.

  34. jon pettick perez on

    From a poster on hockeysfuture’s forum

    ‘So let me get this straight. The Rangers as a whole, not just defensively, are lost in AVs system.
    The defense used to be playing tight and collapsing, very we’ll structured.
    Now under AV they are asked to be creative and think breakout not block shot, and to skate more.
    Therefore good guys like McDonaugh stink now because they are lost and trying to adjust.

    This is compounded by the Rangers not having the offensive skill to be creative.
    So it seems the Rangers problem is both adjusting and possibly a personnel coaching style misfit?

    You know I never liked the idea of blaming Torts for our poor offense. To me, I think Torts had a great defensive that got the most out of our personnel.
    People say the Rangers got sick of his structure, nah, I think Torts got canned because he was too rigid and inflexible. He would not make some adjustments to adapt to new personnel.
    He got big headed thinking his system as is was best and it had to be 100% pure.
    When the players disagreed he got nasty and it was his rigid ness, arrogance, and rude mean treatment that got him fired.

    The Rangers didn’t need a new system, they needed Torts to be more flexible and humane. Torts needed to be like Coughlin who lightened up after 2006.

    Point is the a Rangers just needed Torts to lighten up, or find a coach who offered the structure Torts has with a less inflexible negative personality.

    Am I right?’

    This man is right on.

    Being said, AV has to adjust the defense to back to what the team is used to and slowly incorporate more and more of how he’d like to play in the D zone. It will be beneficial for the Rangers to know how to play more then one type of D as the season goes on, but everyone involved does not want to try to rebound from a horrid month and half start. Switch back now, add more step by step. I’m on the road, but my father told me Danoyeko said as much last night on the post game.

    Honestly if AV doesnt adjust, its poor coaching and he’s no less stubborn then Torts was at the end. A 5 game clip such as the one we just saw should be enough to tell him he has to adjust it and bring it along slowly.

    Larry Brooks was right when he said the Rangers are at a crossroads. Concede and Adjust or take your medicine and think Game 6 eastern conference finals 2012 OT loss and where they are now. ALL SEASON LONG

  35. jon pettick perez on

    Also another tidbit. Im sure some of you here may find this interesting.

    In following Carp’s link to Mick Becks howling’s wolf pack report of last nights game. I read the box score and was looking at the penalties and Kreider was assessed a misconduct for abuse of officials.

    Anybody who reads this at the game last night? Whats the story

  36. Let’s see the goaltender(s) get above the Mendoza line (.900) before making AV’s system the culprit. Right now Lundqvist ranks #42 – I doubt he thinks that’s the system’s fault.

  37. I love how just because they lose, people are still blaming Boyle when yet again he was one of the better players on the ice.

    The blind hatred here is hilarious sometimes.

    And definitely agree Carp that as a team, they looked much better for 55 minutes, until the Blues went HAM and dominated the last 5 minutes. Much better effort all around though and a step in the right direction.

  38. I think the adjustment will be made by learning how to properly defend within the new system, rather than reverting back to collapse in their zone and trying to introduce AV’s fast transition game that way. I think it’s more difficult to achieve technically. Not to mention, it isn’t AV’s style.

  39. Re. Richards:

    He must continue to score, especially on the PP because he contributes nothing else on the ice.

    He’s a major liability in the defensive zone, he is usually the last forward on the back check, he is not physical and he does not forecheck.

    If there is a fool GM who would like him in a trade, you do that in a heartbeat for a 7th round draft pick.


    Papa Bear

  40. jon pettick perez on

    The players arent exactly suited for the system ILB. I know its early to say, but I see it. Are you willing to cost yourself a playoff berth because of two bad months like the devils in 2010-2011.

    To be honest, I dont know if the Rangers defensive philosophy the last couple of years was a ‘collapsing into the defensive zone’ as many love to call it. I was always alittle peeved at that to begin with. I don’t think so many would have had a problem with the style of defense if Torts didnt insist on moving the puck up the sidewalls as their means of transitioning from D to O.

    Honestly the Rangers have done a pretty good job of stopping the other team from getting deep in the O zone and then quickly transitioning up the ice. And thats what last years team really need to promote was a quick transition.

    Fact of the matter is those, once play is in the defensive zone the rangers are running around trying to play man. Teams are literally scoring at will.

    I dont think its so technically tough to achieve. Once the rangers are comfortable and having some success and feeling better about their game, you incorporate more, tell the team we want to go more aggressive this game or this period.

    Just staying the course as the course is showing itself to be, could land them in a place they will dread to be. Out of a playoff spot on new years, with key free agents to be, A) not having a deal, and B) not playing well because obviously it’s been a horrible two and half months of the season. What happens then how many more players get shipped out bc they dont fit the style the GM would like to play. Im sorry, but we’re on a road, we’ll been on for a year and a half now, and I know some people like to say we’re better then we were in 2011-12, but its bs and this road we’re on is a downslope.

    Personally I think all because one man acts on a whim and wanted a more flashy team.

  41. I guess the bright side is that Biron didn’t embarrass himself in a shoot out again (you know, I mean exposing his fifty hole)

  42. jon pettick perez on

    And also, its not AV’s style? Now we’re gonna throw away 4-5 years of development for a new coach. Get rid of players who are the reason this team is or was considered contenders to try and fit this guy’s style. Hate to say it, but if Torts and that Ranger team didnt win **** while then either has AV and he had a pretty sweet team over in Vancouver.

  43. lmgo, blaming Boyle at this point is blind hatred indeed, Jonny. Del Zotto too. Even Pyatt.

    I think AV’s team will play better defensively than it has … the guy’s Vancouver teams didn’t always win 7-5. And they won a lot.

  44. Re. Richards, Part 2:

    In fairness to the player, he was never a strong defensive player. Never.

    His defense deficiencies were masked by his production in the offensive zone.

    If Rangers brass had expectations otherwise, those expectations were pipe dreams.


    Papa Bear

  45. Exactly, Carp. They’ll adjust. But it will his system eventually.

    Papa- trading Richards is a suicide because of the benefit recapture rule.

  46. My repetitive refrain: If they play the exact same game last night, only Staal doesn’t lose his man twice and Biron stops two long-distance shots and maybe they win 3-2, we’re all saying how great they played. Honestly.

    But God forbid we try to put some perspective in anything other than the number of goals. I know it’s about wins and losses (and Bettman bonus points), but to suggest they played like crap just because they lost to a very good team is short-sighted.

  47. Somewhere in Edmonton, Messier is laughing maniacally. I bet he even “guaranteed” this would happen.

    I’m curious about how the team would be if he was the coach through this first five games. Would it be anything like Roy in Colorado? Doubt it. Roy has coaching experience, unlike Messier, but still, I wonder if it would be the same.

  48. jon pettick perez on


    You think the system doesnt have anything to do with the amount of goals against being scored? Can you honestly say that?

    Use reason. step by step reason. the rangers are on historic losing streak (goal margin). the rangers look completely outclassed and outmatched sometimes. the rangers goaltending has been horrible. the rangers defense has looked lost out there. the rangers are playing an entirely new defensive system.

    now take it the other way

    the rangers are playing an entirely new defensive system. The defense looks lost out there. The goaltending has been horrible. The rangers have looked completely outclassed and outmatched sometimes. They are in the midst of a historically bad losing streak.

    they are three factors, the players, the goaltending, and the system. Each of them are responsible for the result. We’ve seen these players win before, we’ve never seen these players play in this type of run and gun system before. We havent seen results this bad in years, and although the offense is improved, the defense is not improving 4, 1, 9, 6, 5 goal against.

    Bad defense leads to good offense chances against, good looks, rebounds, wide-open players. Which leads to more goals scored against the goaltenders.

  49. Even if the results were similarly poor, ORR, Messier probably would have came down a lot harder on these losers than AV has.

  50. Re. Richards, Part 3:

    ILB, I will always respectfully cede any suggestion I may present regarding a player to your deft understanding of the CBA. So, I’ll scrap the trade wish and hope he scores 40 before he is bought out in June.

    Though, I will continue to maintain my position that he will never contribute to this team on the defensive side of the puck and that his effective forechecking days are over.


    Papa Bear

  51. Latona, Sending you a delayed LOL.

    your reference several threads back to Pete Seeger’s ‘Waist Deep in the Big Muddy’ in describing Sather’s leadership was quite appropriate and somewhat humorous.

  52. True, Latona.

    Serious question!

    If Brad Richards continues to put up the numbers he’s putting up, and NYR are likely out of the playoff scenario, do you think a team would actually trade for him?

    How amazing would that be?

  53. Nice to see some perspective creeping in here on Richards, who has always been a reliable almost-a-point-a-game guy with one relatively poor year of production. His plus-minus has never been good other than in the Cup year and, oddly, last year. Pretty useless stat, that one. So buy him out? Sure, though one shudders to think what Sather will spend that money on.

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – “came down”? In hindsight, not you’re (sic) best effort, mate!!!!!

    But you are one my faves. ..

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Vancouver loses to the Habs 4-1 and are now 3-3 on the year. Fans in nuck land wish AV were back….

  56. Hagerstown MD. Rangers fan on

    Carp, valuing your opinion as I do I was wondering, do you think we are in for a long ugly season in the neighborhood of 1993 or 1998-2004. I sincerely hope not.
    If it turns out that way I fear some of us bloggers will be taking numbers at the Verrazono bridge. Not me however disappointing it would be I’m retired so I won’t be getting on the ledge unless my wife drives me to it.

  57. Carp, from?

    Thanks, Papa. I thought it was pretty good – glad someone picked up on it.

    Eddie, in hindsight, I probably should have double-checked my post for spelling and grammar. In foresight, I will now double-check my posts for spelling and grammar.

  58. Voice, I don’t think the Rangers can trade him because A) no move clause and B) the cap recapture penalty they’d face. No, because of the cap recapture they have to buy him out. Not saying that Sather will, because God only knows what goes on behind that cigar. But they must.

  59. Papa, think of Callahan as the narrator and Jeff Gorton as the sergeant.. unfortunately we’re still waiting for the big fool to let out that gurgling cry..

  60. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Are there still several top level ufa’s available this coming summer or have a lot of them re-signed already?

  61. I wonder if that draft pick who went and died on us knew how to write goodly. The nerve of that kid to leave us all behind wondering how to read and right!

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Writing and talking gooder is what we should spouse. Ain’t nothing more awfuler then pour righting.

  63. The good news, if they plan on resigning Hank, Callahan, and Girardi they will have no choice but to buy Richards out. The bad news- Sather will be making that decision.

  64. I like the Good News, Bad News format because even during the worst of times, it helps to keep things positive.

    I think.

  65. Pretty much every major UFA is locked up next year. The days of getting quality talent as UFAs are over since they changed the age to 27 and have the contract length rule. Max deals for top guys are going to happen when they are in their mid 20s and they won’t be available until their mid 30s.

  66. Let’s play a game… i say “Good news” and what that news is… the next person follows with “But the bad news is…” and says the bad news… then the following person says “but the good news is”… and so on…makes sense?

    ok, i’ll start:

    The good new is – it is still early…

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The good news – Johnson is hard along the boards…

    The bad news – Johnson peters out late after banging along the boards all game..

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wth the wings now in the east, the league is hoping for Blues-wings final….battle of the cocks / Hitch vs Bab

  69. Re-sign Hank and Callahan

    Let Girardi walk.

    Re-sign Boyle if he is willing to take a pay cut for the long-term security of a 3-4 year deal

    Buyout Brad Richards.

  70. Reality Check – Richie has never scored 30. Matter of fact, over his entire NHL career, he averages about 18 and his +/- is abysmal.

  71. This Ranger squad is the little girl with the lemonade stand, and AV is asking them for the ’99 Bordeaux.

  72. Reality Check II — Richards is on a par with Tom Lysiak, though Lysiak scored a little more and got more penalties. Richards will go on to accumulate more points, but that the Rangers and their fans ever considered him to something better than that is hardly Richards’ fault, and, yes, juveniles, I said ‘hardly’.

  73. Montecillo Gran Reserva 1996 is a great wine…have two bottles left…tho, i think the wine is past its prime now…waited too long, unfortunately.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I had an 88 Bordeaux that was exposed to too much heat – I was LIVID. Recently, I put a $90 bottle of champagne in the freezer for extra coldness……forgot about it….frozen explosion…..we were uber pissed…

  75. AV when asked about Richie during post game interview: “Richie is a horse, no doubt about it.”

  76. AV when asked about what the team needs to do next: “we got to ride Ritchie or Johnson. It’s their choice.”

  77. Norm is fine — loves mocking juvenilia. Keep it coming by all means, and you will be hoist on your own petar’.

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I heard Richards pulled Johnson aside and asked if he needed positive strokes after he went down

  79. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Eddie x3
    You have to becareful where you put Johnson, if you insert him in the wrong place, it could go badly.

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The outdoor rink could be rough on Johnson. I see him shrinking if it is really cold….

  81. E-3, that explains so much. Only a 9-year-old would put a $90 bottle of champagne in the freezer.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – it was meant to go in for 5 minutes….it stayed for 7 hours. Believe me – that blew –

  83. Youse comedians are missing out on a fertile line of highbrow humor here: think J&J and its product line. No charge.

  84. Norm Merton

    I used J&J line yesterday… one more time, just for you ;)

    “Johnson & Johnson, Avery’s favorite pastime.”©

  85. CCCP, sorry to miss it. No BENGAY connection, though? I guess you can only lead Brad Richards to water…

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Duguay, Bengay, Faye Wray, all the way, what I say? Green Bay, let’s all pray, sleds will sleigh, go don’t stay, games we play, in the hay, Johnson is grey,…..cause it’s old, being bold, catch a cold, in the fold, eating mold, scream and scold, I’ve been told, goods are sold…..


  87. God to Johnson about his possibilities:

    ‘All the monkeys aren’t in the zoo
    everyday you see quite a few
    so you see it’s all up to you,
    you could be better than you are
    you could be swinging on a star.’

    Which star would you like to swing on?

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ragu, Betty Lou, what I do? False or true? In the loo, see do do, on this I chew, through and thru, cow goes moo, train goes choo, soup and stew, wearing j crew


  89. There is still a lot of character on this team. Guys like Callahan and Boyle will play their hearts out. Hard work is the only way this team will be respectable…not enough offensive talent or grit to play AV’s system..

  90. E3, I have a bit of a beer collection in the cellar and I’m constantly putting beer in the freezer…always set an alarm on my phone to avert disaster.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    2leetch2 – that’s a good idea….we often put beer, champagne, and Chardonnay in the freezer for thar extra chill

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers win the next three – finish 4-5. I think we’d all agree that is a successful road trip….

  93. No need to watch the Cowboys’ game until the final sixty seconds, when Romo throws the exciting INT.

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It seems the problem with the Gmen is that Eli has developed advanced color blindness….knows not what jersey he be throwing too….

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fair question: is anyone bothered by all this Johnson talk? I am laughing my butt off….but I’m also in 4th grade…speak up or forever hold your piece (pun intended)

  96. Richie: “You can’t blame it on the system, you have to blame it on (those guys’) lack of execution.”

  97. “You can call me earl or merl or bill or Sam but ya doesn’t have to call me Johnson. ”

    Miller lite commercial, I think.

  98. 64 Nude Sutters in the woods having a Johnson Jamboree. “We eating-in, or we getting Deliverance?”

  99. Stranger Nation on

    If you listen closely you can hear Richie’s skates slide across the ice as he meanders over to the bench

  100. Few things aggravate me more than seeing Richie, after a 30 second shift, sashay over to the bench during a 3 on 2 against.

  101. I’ll say one thing for Falk – he threw his weight around and banged guys near the crease.

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’d be nice to bring up the kids and get rid go a lot of the deadweight – Pyatt, MZA, Dom Moore, – for starters

  103. ‘That’s fine, I know them all pretty well
    But I know sometimes I must get out in the light
    The kids are alright.’

  104. I expect the Devils to start winning at some point. Lou almost always manages to find a way (except last year due to injuries)…the Blueshirts are a work in progress this year.

  105. These refs are so pink with their cheap interference calls that they negate big tough defensemen like McIlrath and Falk.

  106. Stranger Nation on

    you take care of your job, family, health, relatives, and bicycles and we’ll take care of your car.

  107. Cormac McCarthy might be our best literary writer, along with James Salter. Cormac a bit dark, a bit dark.

  108. “1958. It’s been traveling twenty-two years to get here. And now it’s here. And it’s either heads or tails. And you have to say. Call it.”

  109. Nice review Carp, other than Dorsett’s inability to understand what is and what is not a penalty in this league, I was not as sickened by this game as I was some of the others.

    You’re right Biron has to be better. His numbers are looking Fleury-ish.

    20-5 is pretty bad over the last 3, but 20-5 is also the combined record of the teams the Rangers have faced so far. So they haven’t exactly been facing chopped liver. The next 3 opponents are a combined 2-11-3.

    So I guess that is my glass=half-full moment of the day.

  110. “Hello?”


    “Is uh, Carson Wells there?”

    “Not in the sense that you mean………You need to come see me.”

  111. When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way
    But with Montoya in net,
    You don’t play in May.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – check out the sox tiggers game – the sox look like smith brother cough drops

  113. I like the Amish barn raisings. No insurance. If the thing burns down, 400 people show up at your place on Saturday and re-build it in eight hours, then sit down for a picnic.

  114. Abe: “Grant’s drinking in the field? Find out what Grant is drinking and send a case to all my Generals. He’s the only one who gets anything done.”

  115. You’re helping second grader, Eddie? Pretty impressive for someone who is 4th grader himself :-)

    I can’t believe she in second grade already.

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – as I’ve mentioned to you – mire challenges than one could ever imagine. We’ve made incredible progress and still a ways to go….but she’s trying ;) and that’s what matters most…

  117. And Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

    If there is one sentence from the Bible that carries indisputable truth, it is this.

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not wanting my 10:03 to be so cryptic, our 7 year old has autism…..and my heart goes out to all parents of special needs children!!!!!

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    But what a sweet darling angel she is….

    Kooz : love your 10:09 – beautiful words – thank you for that…

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If Bruce Jenner and Duguay had a baby it would be gorgeous….beautiful hair and plastic skin…

  121. e, I have friends in Rye with a beautiful young autistic daughter. The parents actually feel blessed in that they, themselves, feel they see the world through an entirely different prism than most. But, too, it’s a daily chore. They also have a son about a year older whose goal is to play center field for the Yankees. The Mom is an oriental PhD engineer who gave up a career to raise the kids. She says to the son: “We need back up plan.” Cracks me up.

  122. Du Gay is almost 60. Dorian Gray? One day he’ll show up for a telecast and his head will have melted overnight.

  123. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    always nice to watch the Devils lose….and to see the best humor on he ‘net. You guys are too much.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – it is a blessing. But incredibly exhausting. We’ve had more stress than I’d ever care to share…..24/7

    When I disappear for awhile – that is usually the reason :)

  125. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Thoughts are with you, E3. Quite a daily battle. She’s quite lucky to have another child showing her the way :)

  126. Stranger Nation on

    Richie Rocket cruising to bench after exhausting shift watching his line mates play D as he cautiously waited above the slot for a break out pass that never came.

  127. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Jets move to the west, they now are east beaters. Simple formula. If your team is from west of Mississippi or close to it, you beat the east teams. Move to the west, you beat the east. Simple.

    The league is fixed.

  128. Stranger Nation on

    Bruins can represent well..after that, not to sure of who else could run with these teams

  129. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Perhaps, Stranger, it was because of his blind drop pass that never got there……

  130. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    I think you’ll find Detroit is pretty good. Let’s see if Ottowa stays healthy. They have what it takes to be good, too.

    Don’t let records fool you. I don’t think they’ve played yet at home, either.

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – agree on Boston – but losing Seguin will hurt them – the penguins have lost a lot of their luster….they are nothing special.,,maybe the Habs – they looked good stomping on Torts last night..,,

  132. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Must be a lot of renovating going around. There are a handful of teams that have been home just a bit or not at all. Strange indeed.

  133. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    I do see what Carpy says about the Rangers possibly finishing 2nd in the Met. No reason other than our division is THAT bad.

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – yes on the Wings – superb franchise – always a threat – they gave the hawks as much as they could handle – still strange to link the Det in the east

  135. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    They were awesome in third round. Can’t count them out. Great GM, coach, administration. Can only dream that will be us someday.

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – I thought the wings were getting long in the tooth a few years ago….but I like them – that Abdelkader is a young stud

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – I’m not sure what went on with that. Coupled with my posts that wouldn’t post for a few days – bit bizarro….

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Prince Fielder blew that one – bad play not blocking the throw and then missing that pop up…,you have to be prepared to fight for that ball so close to the crowd…

  139. If Tori Hunter had fallen into an NHL bench like that, they would have beaten him to a pulp, then thrown him back over the wall.

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That ball was really moving —would have been an amazing catch – but yeah – bad angle… Slightly left of where he needed to be…

  141. Roster changes are needed……….

    Pouliot – gone

    D. Moore – gone

    Biron – gone

    Dorsett – one more chance at least, just because we have no other alternative.

    Falk – I’ve seen your youtube video… you can make some hits…. a few more chances.

    these will happen soon.

  142. yep.

    I agree. MZA has been useless.

    we act like its the end of the world…….. those roster changes would make this team so much better.

    callups? you know…..

  143. as I said,

    it must be hard for AV to flush all of Glenn’s awesome signings, it has to be done….

    probably next week

  144. As bad as we think the Rangers are, I take some solace in that we are not as bad as the Debbies right now!

  145. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    I believe it will be a positive for our boys to be home, train at home. The ‘coach’ can reassess his initial thinking. They HAVE to go back to some defensive basics. I believe they will use these extra days to strategize and come out much more rigid, defensively, if nothing else.

    It would be nice for a member of the media to ask and get an answer on Nash.

    Finally, perhaps if we have some better ‘d’ by the entire team, guys like MZA, Pull Out, Fast, whomever, won’t look like they’re struggling so
    much. It all begins there.

    One has to pray that some of the prospects that are so unusually and perhaps unrealistically touted in our organization will pan out.

  146. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    And, on the “Richards-O-Meter”, after 5 games, I admit he is looking better and I eat some crow TO THIS point, meaning he can score about a point a game and play fairly meaningless defense with giveaways sprinkled in. However, compared to last year it is a HUGE improvement. His confidence is clearly growing, a good sign. Let’s see how he does over the course of the year.

    He is our only bright spot. Congrats to him and hope it continues!!

  147. Show them to the Exit:
    D. Moore

    move their lockers closer to Exit:

    Call Up:

  148. Very late to this thread but excellent analysis by Carp.

    Still early but a perusal of the NHL standings I believe indicates that there are approximately 15 teams with stronger rosters, depth and talent than the Rangers even with Nash.

    There are at least 5-6 more who appear at least competitive with them.

    So where does this organization fit, as a middle of the pack, average one and while too soon for all the known reasons to “cash out” the season.

    At some point before the end of the year they should be looking at trades and finding out if some of their alleged prospects can play at the NHL level.

    As Carp and numerous posters have pointed out the size, strength and energy level of the teams we’ve played thus far has the Rangers looking more like an AHL team!

  149. Good morning, boneheads!

    Two slow weeks ahead of us with only 2 games per week scheduled. Let’s hope they use it to their advantage. Nash needs some time to recover, and Stepan may finally get in regular game shape. They need him.

  150. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Can’t lose, much less get blown our, if you don’t play.

    Let’s hope they practice basics with some while others try to get in better shape…

  151. I’m well established on the anti-Richards train and I’ll admit he’s looked really good offensively (ignoring the goals). Tons of shots, almost all getting through and on goal. He still looks slow on defense but if this is the player we have all season, even shooting 10% rather than 18%, he’s a plus and earning that big buyout check.

  152. Stranger Nation on

    Let’s not throw Dorsett under the bus just yet. That game was a shameful display of reffing. We need him running around taking shots at people. The only one which didn’t involved him taking the body with the high stick, which was careless.

  153. Stranger Nation on

    Matty – will take the opposite tack with due respect. Our D will look better once we rid ourselves of weak kneed forwards who refuse to get physical in the neutral zone or scrape boards with effectiveness in the defensive zone.

  154. Stranger Nation on

    While Fast may not be ‘ready’, he has good hands, not afraid to fore-check. Would take him over MZA any day of the week and twice on Monday.

    Take Miller as a forward over both of them. He was very physical during pre-season.

  155. I like Dorsett and that was entirely his fault. You could see the penalties coming before he even took them, especially the second which was essentially pouting over getting physically overmatched and losing the puck. He’s always going to take some, but they have to be smarter and offset by ones he’s drawing. Until then, I’m sticking with the Unhinged Prust moniker.

  156. MZA looks like a 9 year old playing with his 13 year old brother and their friends because they didn’t have enough people. And not just because of his size, he’s just spaz chasing the puck half the time.

  157. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – spot on – it has been painful watching him, he has added very little and is taking time from THE KREIDER

    Thanks again Uncle Glennie!

  158. Once Upon a Ranger on

    Do not let this new coach at all. Part of me enjoys the losses so that this coach can be closer to immediate exit. I guess it becomes a win win situation. Happy if they win, and happy when they lose.

  159. Once Upon a Ranger on

    What is this coach known for besides commandeering a Canucks team loaded with talent? Cancuck fans don’t appear to have liked him much. Even saw one poster refer to a potato having more vigor and personality than the croissant currently coaching the rangers.

  160. SNation, Carp:

    We need a heavyweight or maybe two in the lineup.

    One middleweight would suffice.

    As far as Dorsett, I prefer Asham.

    IMO, One can stay but we don’t need both.

  161. Everyone wants a functional heavyweight and there’s no such thing as a functional heavyweight.

  162. Once Upon a Ranger on

    They created a tough hard working team that was perfect for NY. I realize it wasn’t easy on the players, but that team was immensely enjoyable. So they decided to break it up prolly predicated on the fact that they knew they would run short of talent against the elite teams in playoffs. I don’t disagree with firing Torts, but would have preferred someone like a Larry Robinson. A curmudgeon of hockey of sorts.

  163. No more functionsl HW???

    3 Off the top my head…Lucic, Martin, Neil

    Boston is loaded with them.

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pyatt for evander Kane –

    Lucic and Kane are two de facto heavyweights…I think that’s what papa was getting at

  165. Yeah, not easy to get one of those, Papa. They had one. He became too expensive.

    but he wasn’t a true heavyweight either.

  166. We cant expect Nash to step in and do the dirty work.

    Boyle prefers to yell and rough.

    Carp, Did I suggest Scott? Ridiculous.

    Also, IMO, saying there isn’t a need for an enforcer / policeman / heavy weight in today’s game is ridiculous x 2.

    There is still a need to keep the opposition honest, even in today’s game.

  167. This team is nothing but a shadow to the team it WAS 2 years ago. From one of the hardest teams to play against to one of the easiest.

    19 year olds are making us look Bush League.

    Carp – how does AV stop the bleeding?

  168. How quickly we forget Lucic hovering over a retreating and cowering Nash during last years playoffs.

    Or McDonuts and the Lucic head shot.

    Or Neal running undeterred throwing elbows, shoulders and knees at anyone and everyone.

    Did you watch any of the Montreal – Ottawa playoff series last year?

    Please, the game has changed but it isn’t Baseball just yet.

  169. Did the team have an answer for the Stuart run and head shot on Nash?

    Did You watch the Asham and Dorsett ‘fights’ in Anaheim?

  170. That doesn’t make Lucic a heavyweight, it just makes him a bigger bodied cheapshot artist than most. Same with Neil. Lucic’s fight card is littered with similarly tall non-fighters and guys like Prust who engage him. If you find a Parros or Orr type on there, let me know.

  171. And Lucic the player is vastly overrated. He’d easily be an upgrade on our squad, no doubt, but he’s not a second tier below star or anything like that. When Boston trades him, and its inevitable because he’s already half worn out his welcome, they’ll win that trade. You have a Mister D Guarantee on that one.

  172. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Have I missed anything? In case *youse* missed it after the Blues game:


    0) Boyle
    1) Biron
    2) Dorsett
    3) MDZ
    4) Pouliot
    5) Richards

  173. Papa, that’s exactly why I hate guys like Lucic and Neil; they’re big enough (and skilled enough) to be solid 2nd liners without resorting to the cheap stuff but they can’t resist and then they get away with it because “hey, they’re tall, of course they’re going to contact the head by accident wink, wink”. And then when they do the cheap stuff, there’s no way they’re answering the bell against a dude their size who actually knows how to throw.

  174. Stepan -7 thus far. Was it really a great idea to sit out that long Step?

    Brad Richards is our #1 offensive player? We got problems.

    Pouliot….this guy will be an awesome Ranger. Big enough to be physical but doesn’t get it done, like Pyatt. Decent hands, good in the middle 100 feet of the ice. Get to the final 50 feet, guys hands turn to stone. Perfect for us.

    MDZ….I am going to start a collection. Every time he has a shot and hits the pads of the blocking defender or has an open shot and missed the net by a mile, I will collect $1. I might be able to retire by the All-Star break. Perfect combination of great raw talent and a brain the size of a pea. Maybe the stupidest on ice player on the Rangers (outside of Dorsett) in a long time. Trade this punk while we can still get more than a used puck bag for him.

    The system: In our D-zone we are watching (and chasing) the puck, not playing the body. What is this mites or squirts (where there is no hitting allowed?) Great system you got there AV. Leave the man, just watch and chase the puck, especially into the corners and behind the goal line. So many pucks go in from there.

    I really think if we put all 5 players in a tight group pentagon inside the faceoff dots, in the slot, we’d do better. Period. We’d have better luck than this Keystone Kops BS we are currently seeing.

    Can anyone explain to me why we dressed only 11 forwards and 7 D? Seriously. Give me a legit explanation? And if you are going to say, “To give other guys a look,” then you have to tell me why Falk wasn’t sent down today. He needs to play everyday in the minors.

    If the Rangers have only 1 win by the home opener (probably unlikely since we play the Devils, Caps, and Fly-girls in the next 3) then AV will be on the hot seat. But if first impressions last a lifetime, until we are on track to the conference finals, AV is PNG in my mind. Show me some silver. You have done NOTHING with this team in the first 6 weeks. NOTHING.

    Lastly, does AV system with it’s offense-first bent mean that NO ONE but Cally and Boyle will try to block shots? What is that? No blocked shots means no guts, no intensity, IMHO.

  175. I was thinking MZA might jump over Richie, since he’s done nothing to keep his spot in the line-up.

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mr. D – I strongly disagree with your views in Lucic. He can play. He’s physical – loves to hit – protects his team mates – can score – and he’s one bad mamma Jamma. I’d take him in a heartbeat

  177. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Definitely a combination….there were the usual Richards not backchecking, Richards with horseteeth, etc. :) But, there was a lot of bonehead praise for him as well.

    Biron and Dorsett took the brunt of the criticism. Rightfully so, IMO.

  178. Stranger Nation on

    Step always slow starter. started to play better last season when centering Nash and Hags who are both out.
    Face it, with Nash out we have 1 top 6 winger – Capt Cally.
    Thanks Uncle Glennie!

  179. In denial the long time, I have to admit now, that Carp’s ever affirmative clause that West is by far superior than East, is exposed in the beginning of this season vividly like never before. For me at least. Now I know why…Giving up. Kudos to Blogfather!
    Now a NEW POST!

  180. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I’m a bit surprised about Asham. Biron makes quite a bit of money for a backup and hasn’t looked right these first few games. But, they won’t be saving that much against the cap if they go with a less expensive option…enough to bring back Kreider or Miller though.

  181. SNation.

    Good point on Stepan. Took him about 10 games to get rolling last year.

    Plus, IMO, compounding his slow start: his style is suited more for the eastern conference game and he’ll tend to always look worse ( behind the play, slower ) playing a Western conference up tempo type game.. ( especially early in the season)

    Which begs the question, Will his strengths mesh well with this coach’s “system”?

  182. _Mr. D – I strongly disagree with your views in Lucic. He can play. He’s physical – loves to hit – protects his team mates – can score – and he’s one bad mamma Jamma. I’d take him in a heartbeat_

    Don’t disagree with any of that. The problem is that he far too often resorts to cheapies, can get insanely undisciplined and has a tendency to disappear for stretches. Every team would take him, half the teams in the league would give up way too much to get him.

  183. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Actually, now that I think about it, it likely means that they expect Nash to be out for awhile. So, they need a player who can (hoprfully) contribute on the first two lines. Asham is just the fall-guy.

  184. Wow. No way Biron makes it through, especially with a few goalie injuries in the past few days. That sort of sucks.

  185. Papa, no chance a John Scott or even a Lucic stops the Stuart hit. And if retribution is what you want, Dorsett or Asham are better equipped for that.

  186. Need Cap space for the call ups.

    I’m thinking Kristo or Kreider are coming back up, and have to make room for Hags return.

    We need scoring! Where ever is hot should get the call up.

    Miller has 4 goals.
    Kristo has 5 points.

    Call them both up :)

  187. Biron hasn’t been particularly good for a long time and Asham is a 4th-liner through and through but for as terrible as this team has been (and as bad as Dorsett is) it’s a bit strange to scapegoat these two guys.

  188. I’m afraid Biron won’t make it through. I could see a team like Calgary picking him up.

  189. Stranger Nation on

    not a Pyatt fan, but he has played better. If he would drop the gloves, he could be an asset. Now he skates like Rupp and fights like Hags

  190. I’m thinking it’s MILLER TIME, we need goals.

    Unless Sather thinks it’s time for the MonteKRISTO to get a blue shirt.

    I’m sure Pimp’s pushing the re-release of THE KREIDER!

  191. My guess biron gets claimed by the penguins back up fleury with vokoun out3-6 months and them having no confidence in zatkoff as the rookie goaltender.

  192. Carp re your 12:22 Disagree having a deterrent can work when it doesn’t, retribution is required.

    Carp, When your ‘superstar’ player Nash is run over and knocked out of a game on a dirty head shot do you belive their should be “retribution”?

    I say yes, absolutely, it must happen. ESPECIALLY IN A 9-2 ROUTE!

    Dorsett and Asham both played during this game and nothing happened. Why??? It certainly wasnt due to the score.

    As far as a ‘deterrent’ to runs at your superstar players, the Rangers currently have no such ‘deterrent’ on their roster. Not one. Unless you think Dorsett and Asham are deterrents ( I don’t)

    When the ‘deterrent’ fails or is missing, retribution is necessary. If the ‘deterrent’ is present and works, there probably will be no is no need for ‘retribution’.

    PS…….Carp, you keep mentioning Scott, not me, not once.

  193. _Good Call Eric.

    That way he can shut us out later in the year_

    That is a great call, but even worse (for us, not for him, because he seems cool) than the shutout will be watching him win games in the playoffs for Pittsburgh.

  194. Hey we need scapegoats,I mean you don’t think ownership or the lame brain GM are going to take any responsibility for this ship wreck do you?

    So let’s bring up a couple of our #1 picks right?

    Except they’ve already been up and found wanting!

    Brutus Lundqvist doesn’t regain his mojo and this is a lottery team!

  195. eddie eddie eddie on

    extend sather…we cannot let him get away….Must be a ranger….he can fix this….I BELIEVE

  196. Walk the line. ……picket line………walk the line……..picket line…..fire Sather…….walk the line……..picket line…….sel the team…….fire Sather……..walk the line……..picket line……….Dolan sell………..walk the line……Walk the line. ……picket line………walk the line……..picket line…..fire Sather…….
    walk the line……..picket line…….sel the team…….fire Sather……..walk the line……..picket line……….Dolan sell………..walk the line……Walk the line. ……picket line………walk the line……..picket line…..fire Sather…….walk the line……..picket line…….sel the team…….fire Sather……..walk the line……..picket line……….Dolan sell………..walk the line……

  197. Someone once said that when Sather’s legions won 5 Cups, “the Hockey HOF should pickle his brain for the study of future students of the game”.

    I had no idea this could be done to a living person!

  198. Sorry the difference is about $362,500. But you also have Cam Talbot desperate to focus and impress.

    Light is green. The slate is clean.

  199. eddie eddie eddie on

    don’t be Sather Haters…..poor guy has to pee very other minute….how would any of you be able to concentrate with a prostate the size of a watermelon impeding flow?

  200. Papa, the lamentations of Ranger diehards.

    We live in hope to die in despair!

    From Dolan Sr.’s lips in a moment of despair to God’s ears courtesy of Gleason and Mike Henry, “boy you could not have sprung from my loins”!

  201. I’m all in favor of shaking things up but does anyone who’s watched this team’s first 5 games of the season think the problem is a borderline-healthy scratch and a back-up goaltender?

  202. EdwardIII, does a prostate impediment affect your brain?

    Or maybe his brain is simply impacted and is therefore unable to send the message of when to pee…………….or retire? ;)

  203. Sather, not so dumb after all.

    He reasons that if the “fall guy line” starts at Biron and Asham, he has about 2 years before the line arrives at him.

  204. eddie eddie eddie on

    common sense – all i know is that when i have to pee so bad that my knees are clenched and locked together – it’s virtually impossible to think about anything else…

    EXTEND SATHER (preferably on a table in a dungeon)

  205. When Biron left training camp for “personal issues” I wonder if he was just PO’d that they brought Hedberg in for a try out.

  206. Boneheads lament when Sather gets finally canned: ‘he’ll probably go to the Brooklyn club and win 5 Cups.”

  207. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Asham and Biron weren’t the biggest problems, but what are the other options in order to get some of the kids back up?

  208. Foreign intrigue with Biron situation. When he didn’t show up, words of the prophets were written on the subway walls. Now AV has deflected “system” questions for another ten days.

  209. Tom (don’t be a) Foolery , we all know Biron left camp to tend to a messy
    -au pair- girlfriend situation back home.

  210. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Pyatt could be next on the list because Powe essentially plays the same role and would save about $400k.

  211. Opponents the Rangers have faced so far are combined 21-5. Maybe that, combined with getting used to AV’s system, is the reason why we’re off to a slow start? Wait til the Defensemen stop watching the puck and take their man, the PP looks like it’s starting to click, our offense is coming alive, somewhat easier schedule…potential is there for us to go on a bit of a run soon.

  212. once upon a ranger on

    Mr Carp, I meant someone tough like a Larry Robinson…not the man himself. Someone with a bit more jam as the dearly departed tortellini would say.

  213. Gravy, Just Gravy

    Asham and Biron weren’t the biggest problems, but what are the other options in order to get some of the kids back up?

    Pyatt and Dorsett who are both god awful and account for bigger cap hits

  214. Unconfirmed reports that Yo-Yo Kreider and Just in Time Miller were observed playing Backgammon on a southbound Metro North train due to arrive at Grand Central shortly.


  215. Haley is 8 years younger than Ash, serves a similar 4th line purpose, is a phone call away, and makes 3/5ths of Ash’s nut. Ergo……

  216. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Lloyd, you get the same cap savings of about $900k from any of those guys. Can’t relegate players to the minors for cap relief anymore. The only way they would save the full amount would be if they were claimed.

  217. Ironically, Ash had a better shot than 3/4 of the lineup if there were anyone to get him the puck.

  218. Stranger Nation on

    Presuming Shoney is no longer working with defense so I guess his value has NEVER been higher


  219. Another of my numerous redundancies, but just asking.

    Why would whomever coaches this rag tag assortment of hasbeens, never wasies, over rated (Staal), unfulfilled FA’s and draft picks do any better than anyone else?

    Dig up Toe Blake? I mean Sather won 5 Cups…………..of course he had an all star team and was yet to be pickled!

  220. Coos, very perceptive with the Asham comment and on this team should have been given a regular shift on the third line for a 10-15 game trial!

  221. I’m 23 years old, play at MSG, make 3 million a year, and I’m going to a resort in Spain with MZA? Probably not. :)

  222. Papa, except the “company” hasn’t made any money since it’s inception and the stock is trading at 100x’s any earnings! The Zucchini Stock!

    Moodys, Triple Z!!!

  223. Reading some of the Zucch/MDZ “inferences” I’ve been paying closer attention to their respective styles.

    I’d characterize it as “hockey mincing”! ;)

  224. Matty"GetBetterNasher"Boy on

    There is absolutely no question that the Ranger’s early season malaise is totally attributable to the pathetic play of Biron and Asham. They are also the cause of the lack of size, talent, grit, hockey smarts on the team as well. Waive them. Be gone with them. It’s all on them.

    But don’t blame the guy who put this together. Not his fault. Not at all.

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