It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Blues


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Game 5.blues
Rangers at Blues.

Happy Columbus Day (kinda fitting considering all the Blue Jackets here and all the Rangers there)!

The Rangers (1-3) play their fourth game in six nights (Yay, an 8 p.m. start!) and the fourth of nine on the road to start the season.

They come home for some cookin’ and training center practices after tonight’s game, then go to Washington Wednesday and Newark Saturday. Then it’s four days off and the finish of the road stretch in Philly and Detroit (and, all told, 15 in a row on the road including preseason) before the home opener Oct. 28 against Montreal.

Maybe they’ll still be mathematically alive by them (sarcasm).

Ya boys have been a tad “off” in losing the last two by a combined 15-2.

Martin Biron gets the start in goal, his first of the season and Alain Vigneault continues to spin the wheel trying to find line combos that might, you know, work offensively and defensively. Or anywhere. And minus Rick Nash. Vigneault will dress seven defensemen, including Justin Falk, making his Rangers debut tonight.  Arron Asham is expected to be prucha’d.

As somebody pointed out today, the Rangers have been pushed around by the Blues, including a lopsided bullying in 2011-12, when few teams did that to the Rangers.


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  1. This is going to be another massacre. Rangers will get the carcillo beat out of them physically. I feel bad for Biron. Rangers lose 5-0.

  2. First game thread for a new user here! Is it worrying that only 4 Rangers (including Lundqvist) were on the ice for the optional? Based on the last two games, and factoring in that mandatory off-day, couldn’t they use all the practice they can get?

  3. I’m in a wait and see mode tonight…and have to work this weekend to prepare two courses I’m teaching out in Colorado in 10 days. Will be watching, though…more if our “team” plays well.

  4. Cally, no, that’s normal. Morning skate optionals are usually not much more than a reason to get out of bed in the morning and go stretch, and skate and shoot a couple of pucks.

    Some guys hate them. Some (like Leetch, for example) felt they had to take part, even if only for a quick twirl on the ice. They practiced yesterday.

  5. Colorado!!!!, now there’s a team to watch. If you want to watch a real hockey team go catch a avalanche game when your in Colorado.

  6. Hello one, hello a11!

    Welcome to the big top, where your favorite no-talents take the ice to show off all the top-notch moves they picked up in the French Guianean “Rocket Launch League” (so named after your hero, Brad Richards).

    Enjoy tonight’s beat-down.

  7. ThisYearsModel on

    Who will be concussed tonight? That is the question. The Blues play it physically and mean.

  8. On HNIC,
    Glenn Healy: “They shouldn’t have gone out West during the preseason, Glen Sather used the team like a little toy almost.

  9. Until they win another one, CCCP :).

    And I still don’t think they played so great in that game. I mean, they’re still saying Nash was dominant. He was good, but please.

  10. Half hour pregame show, and I literally haven’t heard anything that I didn’t already know. Thanks Bill and Ron!

  11. The Kreider is dominant.

    But we have too many quality players here to bring him up.

    Much better chance to score when Pyatt and Asham are patrolling the ice.

  12. These MSGHeads are unwatchable, unlistenable, and unbearable, especially when the Rangers are bad.

  13. “Alex Steen has a wonderful family, John. His famous father of course, Martin, along with his brother, Charlie.”

  14. Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    First time long time boneheader here. The hired a frog to coach, and now thusly seeing the fruits of such seeding. Now for first time in 41 years rooting for deficits larger than 5+ goals to expediate or shall we say expedite the ouster of The King of the Frankfurters aka Chef Alain ‘Prost’ ‘soon-to-be’ C’est La Vie-gneault. Bon soir.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, those are the Blues’ thirds. Dark Navy. I think they’re pretty sharp as far as a third jersey goes.

  16. that was a classic Rangers PP

    classic in that
    1) they did not score
    2) they did not manage to set up
    3) they hardly managed to get into the zone

  17. well, you can bring in the best power play coach in the business and the rangers would still stink on the power play. The first thing to a good power play is actual good players.

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    Can’t even look forward to the Olympics, aren’t all the games going to be at like 10 am?

  19. Carp, that’s funny you mentioned the honeymooners and that reference @8:18pm because that day we were talking about the honeymooners I actually watched a bunch of those episodes on youtube and one of them was that episode with the funny money Ralf ended up with in the suitcase.

  20. Alain 'Prost" C'est La Vie-gneault on

    Did they try to find the coach that was most similar to flotsam and jetsam?

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dorsett was a different player when a blue jacket…I don’t understand what’s happened.

  22. The Plan said Zucc was a Shootout insurance policy.

    Problem is the Plan also says we will never get to a Shootout.

    Obviously, Somebody didn’t read the Plan.

  23. Good evening all! Finally, a decent start time! Been distracted from here by a surprise fireworks show out my window…better than what’s been on ice so far….

    I miss Prust….Prust saying….

  24. “Peter Angelo is from a tremendously talented family, John. His brother Michael is a famous artist in Italy…”

  25. I’m glad the captain scored. I almost blew a vessel when Stepan had a wide open net and shanked it.

  26. Could’ve scored goals 2 or 3 times there on that PP. But important thing is we eventually scored. Baby steps

  27. WHAT are these CLOWNS smokiing?

    That this team “got their game going”.

    We still sucked amater-hour style.

    The Blues just weren’t that good.

    Otherwise it wouldn have been 5-0 Blues.

  28. If somehow the rangers could learn on how to play in there own zone they might actually be in these games.

  29. Last year’s Rangers never looked this bad on their worst day. None of the passes are clicking, not the breakouts, not the offensive zone passes. Not a good feeling about this game. Our Blueshirts look lost…AV is telling them just “relax, let your talents and instincts take over” is not working wonders. Any bets when Ulfie will be named interim coach?

  30. eric, did you accept my bet?

    I want to amend the stakes. If I win, you owe me 10 dogs. If you win, you owe me one. I can’t lose all my dogs.

  31. When whistle blows during hectic action, player getting penalty looks at big screen – MSG gives us player looking at screen. Very exciting. Fight starts on ice, MSG gives us close up of goalie watching fight. Brutal.

  32. Carp wins ten dogs from Torts. Kennel cage arrives at Carp house with 8 Pits, 2 Dachshunds. Hey!!!!!

  33. An epic has to have a bigger-than-life protagonist…I don’t see that in this article, Miami…sorry. Just whining about the center of a presser being annoyed by inconsiderate behavior by the press. Obviously don’t have the discipline of street-wise New Yorkers…

  34. WHY is AV confusing Dmen with all these D pair changings? They have enough problems when they know each other.

  35. duckbillplatypus on

    LOL at the Mocking Torts article..I will say that Torts was the only coach aside from Parcells that I always tried to find his postgame conference. Honestly, I didn’t even know of the new coach until he was named the coach. Didn’t seem like a tremendously deep vetting process?

  36. boxcareddiehospodar on


    the rangers are like the dallas cowboys. They over estimate their own talent. We could have let stephan and zuccs walk and we lose absolutely nothing.

    we are a team made up of the same type of players:

    csllahan/stephan/d moore/zuccs/haeglin/.

    you cannot give up these many roster spots for the same type of player; unless they are scorers.

    Outside of callahan they can all walk.

  37. Well, I was off a little. I predicted rangers would lose 5-0, instead 5-1 looks more like it.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What is it with Hockey and mesothelioma? I never see this commercial unless I’m watching a hockey game.

  39. I may bang my head against the wall till I pass out tonight.

    Looks like a hockey game and that puts biron gives u nothing

  40. Another triumph!

    2 does next year’s draft class look? and did we give up 1st rounder to Columbus?

  41. rangers have there #1 pick next year. The #1 pick they gave up for Nash was this past years draft.

  42. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    I’m sure Marty Biron is a nice man and a great teammate (that’s what they said about Stephen Valiquette, who stunk), but can we bear 20 games of this?

  43. duckbillplatypus on

    Marty Biron enjoys himself at Overtime Farm when not allowing a cornucopia of goals.

  44. BRAD.

    I was just thinking that we need one this period and we aren’t looking outmatched at all.

  45. “The play of this team is always secondary to the wonderment that is the Latona.”

    Which is secondary to you, ducky!

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    High picks, low picks, Stevie Nicks, ny Knicks, nose picks, candle wicks, games are fixed, reviews are mixed, 86’ed, fort Dix, in the mix, ice cream licks, all for kicks, Sidney Wicks, tocks and ticks, Eli throws picks, carps and ricks


  47. OY!

    Despite the score, they’ve been playing well. Imagine if this team had some finishers? They could actually be good.

  48. Boyle can’t score in fron they come down fast and steal are lost puts biron never makes a stop.

  49. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp – but Staal started to raise his arms like it was someone else’s fault?

    I agree with you. Staal is waaaay past the young D-man with promise stage, and it’s time to start playing like it.

  50. I accidentally listened to the MSG broad cast for the end of that period. what a mistake.

    I feel sorry for those with no choice…..
    but least its “affordable”.(us)

  51. Rob in Beantown on

    I did the smart thing and sat Ryan Miller against the hawks in Chicago, so of course he is playing lights out

  52. Just our luck. Our best period in a long time and we’re down by 2. A few pucks in the net really changes things

  53. I can tell you as a hockey player of 20 years, there is nothing more demoralizing than when your keeper gives up a softie after you cut the lead to 1. nothing.

  54. Staal lost biron sucks never gives a chance yet we look like a hockey team yet Boyle can’t finish to tie it at 3 prior to 4th goal.

  55. Played OK in that period, but when you load the barrels marked bad goaltending and horrid defensive mistakes and aim the shotgun at your feet…

  56. That’s the second time lost a man in front of the net. Twice. Both led to deflected goals.

    But overall they look MUCH better in both zones. Fast especially.

  57. That’s the second time Staal lost a man in front of the net. Twice. Both led to deflected goals.

    But overall they look MUCH better in both zones. Fast especially.

  58. Staal keeps losing men to his left back side. They get around him while he’s floating back towards the Crease.

  59. I am enjoying this game so far…

    too bad I missed the first period.

    I hate those early starts……

  60. Stepan is not bad…he is terrible so far. Don’t know his agent’s IQ, but his value drops faster than ink on his contract.

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    Manny, now I’m rooting for him to give 4 goals in the third so I don’t feel like an idiot.

  62. Henry Bumkissed on

    Horrible goaltending each game this season, sans LA.

    At least Biron has kept us in the game.

  63. MSG150: Repeating yesterday’s news twice. From the. National. Hockey. League. Hashtag Knickerbockers. [Wag finger. Exit stage right.]

  64. Why the opposition doesn’t just put one reliable man on Richie game long baffles me. He’s the only 0 threat without Nasher.

  65. If our best (in the League) D men – Staal, Girardi and McBeast will keep loosing their men, be out of position and make blind passes out of zone, we can easily have 5 goals in 5 shots with 2 Dridens/Haseks in net

  66. Henry Bumkissed on

    Poor Biron. Deserved better than to be pulled for the goalie that gae up 6 in 2 periods last time out.

  67. Hey! Don’t criticize AV.. he’s still “getting to know” the players! Surely that’s more important than winning..

    Pär Mårts!

  68. 5 on 3 and a half with the broken stick. Would’ve been embarrassing not to score. Fluky, but counts! Tie it up, boys!

  69. The PP looks much, much better. That’s a real positive. Feet moving. Creating chances. Holding the zone.

  70. We definitely have a chance with Hank in net. Tie it up in regulation, wait them out in OT, hopefully steal this in a shootout. With Biron, best we could’ve hoped for was a OT/SO loss. With Hank…we have a chance!

  71. #30 in net. Did Coos call it or what? Birdbrains on radio still saying, nice save by Biron! Have on radio and TV. Radio is 15 second delay.

  72. If you tracked Pouliot’s movement on the ice, it would look like sorority girl penmanship. Everything is big, floaty loops. Never quick stops and cuts.

  73. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Some good signs here, fellers.

    Hank looking more like Hank.

    Richards (I may eat crow) looks much better than last year, offensively, that is.

    PP looks better than last year.

    Better forechecking.

    So, Biron let in some softies. They may lose. But some better take home. Somewhat better compete level, too.

    There, finally some positive!!!

  74. Henry Bumkissed on

    Hankie Hole gives up the goal. Nothing worse than being within 1 goal and your goalie gives up a softie.

  75. I am not that mad at this loss. Wish we Lost more games like this if that makes sense.

    Prust never takes three in one game. Never

  76. Hank standing on his head. Obvious unfair second guess, but if he’s out there now, why couldnt he have started?

  77. Hah Mister, was going to say that it’s sad we have to be happy they gave up “only” five goals.

  78. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    no matter what anyone says, there were a few positive signs tonight. It’s a loss, but not as dreary, season’s-over, hideous, as the last 2. These were some very tough teams to play early on and away.

  79. i actually thought they could come back but how are you supposed to come back when you take dumb a$$ penalties?

    Good effort, tho…MUCH better than in the last two games…

  80. We never touched the puck again after 5-3 .

    I go to bed more frustrated with this loss then the two debacles.

  81. “Should have started a top 3 NHL goalie in a non back-to-back” probably doesn’t even qualify as a second guess.

  82. Fitting the loss was sealed by Tarasenko, the guy we should have drafted over McIlWaste.

    This is on Sather. And Dolan.

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    D.Moore, Zucchini, MDZ, Stepan, and Hank FOR Crawford, Sharp, Keith, Seabrook, Bickel, and Shaw

    I’d do that trade

  84. Richards looks great… i thought he was the best player on ice for either team…I mean, he’s always been a good player…looks like last season was just a fluke.

  85. Despite all the mistakes and stupidity they could have gotten a point out of this game if Biron wasn’t giving away soft serve ice cream

  86. Stranger Nation on

    Fast looked OK

    Step is just stepping in doo-doo’ that bacchus goal was his turnover followed by his inability to get back

    MZ – haven’t looked at stats, but got to imagine he wasn’t out there much in 2nd half of game

  87. AV should be in hot seat after this if we had a gm that wasn’t half asleep.

    Hank plays 3rd why not start it.

    Him not holding players accontable after what we saw the last 4 days is a disgrace.

    I always hated this hire.

  88. I wonder what good old Dolan Jr. thinks about this charade. Good organization stay with stability. Darth Sather hires a coach with A complete different system with a team that has know to play a totally different style for many years. It’s obvious to me that these group of players are not talented enough to play this type of hockey. I don’t want to hear it will take some time because it won’t work with these players. The Canucks are allot more talented than the rangers so it worked for the Canucks. This system will not work for this ranger team. This season is going to be a joke.

  89. Did someone call my name? Please come by the club. We are playing a rocking set of oldies; Little Feat, Allman Brothers and other bands with histories of chemical dependence I can relate to.

  90. ThisYearsModel on

    Clutch performances by Biron and Dorsett tonight. Pouliot, Brassard on a milk carton again.

  91. How do they sign this poo-poo head AV to a 5 year deal?

    Did they not review his résumé of recent 1st round playoff exits? Did they watch the tape?

  92. leetchhalloffame on

    Who is the top pick in the draft this year or has Slats already traded our #1 pick away?

  93. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    leetch, with all due respect, you can bet he’s here for a while.

    Five year contract to start. Second, Sather would never fire him that quickly. If he did, then he, himself, looks like he made the wrong move when he hired him. The best thing Sather has done in his 13 years of no cup is protect his job. Firing AV would not be good job protection.

    I am sure he already has Dolan convinced that this early 1-4 record is because of the players, but not his brand new coach or his own putrid selection of talent.

    Thus, not happening, my friend.

  94. Professional level analysis from me, Jeff, coming your way:

    “If you give up 5 goals in a game, you’re going to lose more often than not.”
    – Jeff

  95. Did Du Gay misspeak himself post-game by saying: “Hopefully they’ll be a lot better next season?” I think he meant next game.

  96. Stranger Nation on

    Brass – you mean the guy with the 2 primary assists?

    with Hank and Nash, they get a point off that game

  97. leetchhalloffame on

    Matt – with all due respect do you really think Dolan is going to eat a 5yr contract after a handful of games, albeit really crappy, non-competitive ones?

  98. I learned something about this coach tonight…I don’t like him. How he let Dorsett continue to play after his 2nd penalty, which was completely undisciplined, I will never understand, nor respect. Oh yeah, then he goes and takes a 3rd, and the nail in the coffin!

  99. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    E3, the difference between east and west is stark. West, really strong. East, not so much

  100. the ranger defensemen look lost. They went from good to bad. The only explanation is the system. Sather is the biggest moron on the planet. The rangers were headed in the right direction and it took a year or so for Sather to blow it all up.

  101. These Rangers had a system under Torts, they need a system under AV…not freedom to do what the spirit tells them…

  102. Brassard should have turned in his brass after the first penalty…agreed, 3 strikes and you’re out! Guess AV won’t do this during a game, and Derek sits next game or two.

  103. Calls tonight a lost opportunity for rangers. Keep losing track of top team players and Dorset needs to sit

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – why the change re: Avery? If I had a nickel every time you typed “delusional Avery lovers” I’d have billions

  105. Forwards recommendations:

    Exit: Dorsett,
    D. Moore,

    closer to Exit: Brassard

  106. Hate to pile on AV, but why all the D line shuffling and why is Henrik watching when there are 4 off days coming up?

  107. E cubed, share the wealth….I love that you all still debate my Sweet 16 when we have way bigger problems!!!

  108. AV is acting like it’s still preseason with these moves of shuffling goaltenders and defensemen in and out during the games.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Orr – I think Avery was shafted. Not sure what was going on behind the scenes but on the ice he was all right ….

  110. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Duguay is stuck in the early 80’s with the sport coat and the blow dried hair. He leaves show tonight and goes right back to cast of Saturday Nite Fever.

  111. Papa Bear, with severe post game Ranger Anxiety Attack, turns and heads straight for the Bushmills.

    Book It.

  112. I really don’t think they looked all that bad tonight. Mind you the second half of the 3rd period was bad, but they played a much better game for the first 50. Biron doesn’t let up a few easy ones and it’s a different game.

    D zone still needs work but they moved their feet and pressured the Blues fairly well consider St Louis is a much more talented team. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

  113. Quite obvious that Ash and Haley are much more disciplined than Dorsett. Guess he’s in there for the goals, lol. However, if his aggressiveness is stymied, he’s a non-factor, though he does punish on the forecheck.

  114. Rob in Beantown on

    If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the east. But that don’t mean a fella can’t rest in the west. Smoke some nice sess in the west. You fellas are a mess thinkin I’ma stop givin LA props.

  115. Papa, you’ll probably need one for each Dorsett penalty. Heck that could be a good drinking game.

  116. McD and Steps were much better when they roomed together. Did Mac bring his new wife? If he did, it ain’t workin’. With that said, he’s still our best Dman by yards. Put him back with Girardi for Christmas’ sake!

  117. Sad to say, but little Zucc, for all his enthusiasm, cannot prosper here unless we go into 30 shootouts.

  118. First game I’ve been able to watch this year (way too late with the west coast starts considering my work hours) and I see very VERY little to be hopeful about.

    A.V. to me looks like a pretty clueless coach. He doesn’t have the skill he had in Vancouver. Any moron could have told him that the first day he got here. Does he still need time to figure it out?

    The Rangers’ defense and goaltending was supposed to be the easy strength of this team…it’s now off the charts horrific. They look like they’ve never played hockey before. Is this the new “system”? 20 goals allowed in three games???

    Atrocious in every sense of the word. This team is gonna fall flat on it’s face and bottom out this year and it just might be because these whiny players didn’t want to be yelled at anymore.

    Well, hope they’re happy. I really do. Because by the time they get to MSG the crowd is gonna wanna boo them off the ice.

    Oh, never mind…it’s the NEW MSG. Which means they’ll be, at best, 10% fans who actually give a crap. Can’t wait to see how quiet the place is.

  119. Papa, visited the Bushmills factory in Northern Ireland few years back. Free samples. Was told the next week by an Irishman in Dublin that Bushmills was for “left footers” and that they drank Jameson down there. :)

  120. Stranger Nation on

    Zucc is done once Hags comes back, if not sooner. Pullout is another one. The Kreider keeps playing his size in the CT Capital then he may be on the Black Aces as well.

  121. #17 Moore played like crap. Like Fast can he make some moves. Our goaltending really needs to improve. Dorsett got to go. Need a replacement for Biron. When Haglan, Miller & Kreider join the new system starts getting some traction we’ll be fine. We still have to keep on hitting, checking and the forwards need to get back to help the D Men. Saw a different team & game tonite and if Ray Charle were in net instead of steady eddie Biron we may have been more competitive.

  122. I have a Ray Charle autograph on a cocktail napkin. The ‘s’ I had to leave on the tablecloth.

  123. Stranger Nation on

    The irony is now Richards is a goal scorer because he cannot posses the puck and create any more. He is getting his goals off the efforts of others and the PP.
    The reason he scored tonight was because he was caught deep when Cally and Brass forechecked a turnover and he came and finished the play. We needed it, but the lack of 3 zone play, let alone 2 zones is a killer.
    This new ‘system’ is perfect for Richards; all O and no D; that is his game.

  124. You said it, Strange. The euphoria is misplaced. He does nothing on D and he can’t wait to give up the puck anywhere, immediately, and to whomever, whichever team. He has very obviously been told to shoot more, which he’s doing, and which can work, ironically because the puck is a hot potato to him.

  125. Stranger Nation on

    coos – all the fantasy players will ‘love’ his turnaround as we finish in 10th place

  126. Rob in Beantown on

    I have to admit it’s getting better. Getting better all the time.

    (Can’t get much worse)

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