It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Mighty Ducks


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Game 4.ducks
Rangers at Mighty Ducks.

ICYMI: Rick Nash was sent back to New York by the team and thus will not play tonight or Saturday in St. Louis with what is almost certainly another concussion.

Jesper Fast takes his place in the lineup. Brad Richards switches back to center, from left wing, to play with Benoit Pouliot and Ryan Callahan. Brian Boyle moves to the wing with Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello, while Derek Stepan drops down to a line with Taylor Pyatt and Fast.

Alain Vigneault also scrambled his D pairs, with Marc Staal reuniting with Dan Girardi, Anton Stralman with Ryan McDonagh and John Moore with Michael Del Zotto. Justin Falk is prucha’d.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal vs. Jonas Hiller as ya boys play No. 4 of nine on the road, and the third in four nights.


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  1. another tough road game tonight.

    The boys are sure gonna miss The World’s Most Remodeled Arena!

  2. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Glad we gave stephan all that money to whiff on a back check.

    zuccarello/stephan/d.moore/hagelin all the same type of players.

    no room for kreider and miller.

    AV regrets signing here!

  3. you’re right Carp
    i just have nothing but sarcasm
    flowing through me

    just kinda shellshocked
    by how awful
    they are so far this season.

  4. If you take your helmet off and are going to get a extra two, you might as well just throw it at your opponent as a distraction and follow it with a straight right cross.

  5. What a stupid dog and pony show this league has become.
    Players take each other’s helmets off…how ridiculous!
    What a joke!

    And what happened to my Rangers?
    What happened to the team that finished first? What has Sather done?

  6. wow!! rangers give Mcdonuts long term contract and he becomes a bad defensemen. Perry skated right around him to set up a open net goal.

  7. it’s as if the ducks are toying with us.
    think they practiced shots from between the legs
    for tonight’s game?

  8. Rangers Report ?@rangersreport 2m

    Fighters need to adopt a new code: Both take the helmets off, both accept the additional minor penalty. This rule is embarrassing.

  9. It’s like last season in that the puck is in our own end most of the game.

    It’s unlike last season in that the opposing teams score a lot.

  10. Way to protect your goaltender pansy waists. Great job. Really skill player going down there. Come on

  11. This has the potential to be SJ all over again!

    Look on the bright side. 10 more like this and maybe Dolan cleans house :)

  12. Beginning to think our coach doesn’t have a sack. Dude, call a timeout and light a fire under them….

  13. Ok, so we’ve changed the players, the coach, and the system, and we suck more than ever. What haven’t we changed?

  14. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    This isn’t a system change problem. This is just boneheaded play. Actually, that’s offensive to us.

  15. Rangers were headed in the right direction while Sather was Battling health issues and gave the reigns to the assistant GM. Than Sather comes back and starts making trades and than fires the one guy who convince sather to draft and develop own players and now it’s all crap. Thanks allot Sather, I wish you go jump off the Brooklyn bridge.

  16. Lundqvist wanted Torts gone and more offensive. Funny how he looks human now that the team isn’t playing any defense at all.

    Karma is such a wonderful thing.

  17. This is going to be a long season and it will be interesting to see what the rangers brass will do when the rangers are one of the worse teams in hockey by the end of this year.

  18. This road trip is starting to resemble a bad stomach virus. The diarrhea gets worse and worse, and there isn’t much you can do about it but wait until it passes.

  19. so basically we can’t score, try to start some sh*t and get our arses kicked. rangers hockey friends

  20. That Gaborik trade is looking really bad tonight … even the Hall of Famer Moore is looking like a Wolfpacker tonight.

  21. this is what happens when you draft and trade
    for players that are BIG and have some degree of talent
    and skating ability.
    it’s really quite simple.
    we should start talking about
    whether or not Gordie Clark is actually an Island double agent due to our wonderful lineup and future prospects

  22. so far my prediction before season started is looking good. Lundqvist will have his worse season as a ranger goals against and wins.

  23. I am about to hang from the chandelier in my apt. This is an utter disgrace. I told you all 1-8.

    Season over game over.

  24. An goalie will look human if the team in front plays no D at all…even Tretiak ;)

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY know how this season would start even under Torts…so, please…

    Let’s start directing blame to where it belongs – Sather

  25. Eddie I’m thinking of getting a place out there, near the Shark tank. I’m ready to walk from this crap. I’ve had it.

  26. Correct, Carp! Tort got the most and more Out of these guys. This is a confusion casserole out there.

  27. Carp

    Again…who knows how they would play under old coach this year…

    Season is still young…not giving the new coach a chance is redicilous

  28. This all world D we have, the one that every other team would be happy to have …can’t carry the mail. They look like they are all 38 and washed up.

    Can you say over-rated?

  29. Worst Ranger team since I don’t know when. It’s not some slump. This is what they really are.

    AV out by Christmas time

  30. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    They’re trending in the right direction. Gave up four goals in the second against the Sharks, but only three in each period since.

  31. And let’s remember all those fall behind early and push hard to comeback in the third by lose the game seasons under Torts…and let’s also remember Torts’ first full season here when we missed playoffs.

  32. The Rangers (whining): ” but we don’t LiKE playing defense for Torts!!!!”

    Us: “ok, how do you like getting completely obliviated every single night instead? Careful what you wish for, boys!!”

    Obviously they did have to play that way.

  33. Outscored 10-1 the last 3 periods….17-6 on the season, and 2 of the goals scored by the Rangers were knocked in off the stick of an opposing Dman on a Richards goal and the McDonough freebie vs. Quick. When we do we play a bad team? Not even sure what qualifies as a bad team when compared to the Rangers….Florida? Buffalo?

  34. That Nash trade was really worth it, right Carp?

    Notice that the issues with Torts didn’t happen until he and his Columbus bros got here. No better way to improve a first place team than adding a bunch of guys from a last place team that all have bad attitudes. Real genius GMing.

  35. If they don’t change the management this year, I’m done with this team. I’m too old and cranky.

  36. And of course they played hard for the old coach…he coached them for almost 5 years! This new guy has been here for how long?

  37. Esposito was a man of honor. When he couldn’t play no more, he quit.

    Sather is not a man of honor.

  38. MickeyM absolutely-good job, Lundqvist got what he deserves…at least Torts knew what a scrap heap of a team he was handed and did the best he could with them. At least Lundqvist talks will go easier, we could get him off the dollar menu…..

  39. Sather Must Go! on

    we have 5 players that played 50+ games with a horrible out of the playoffs CBJ team from two years ago…PLUS THE COACH!

    CBJ have three core players plus OUR FIRST ROUNDER (and tim erixson, meh) from a team that was one game from the stanley cup finals two yrs ago..

    whats wrong here?

  40. CCCP – they missed the playoffs his first year because they started with crap that year like Kotalik and Higgins. Once they made the deadline moves, they set the stage for the next year of “it’s only pain”.

  41. Jonny, then it’s a good idea to hire the former coach of that last place team as an associate coach, even though the key player in the second Columbus trade publicly fought with him.

  42. Salty
    If you wanted Tortorella gone, you deserve this. That goes for fans, AND players.

    + 1 million

  43. Oh so if team has crap players nobody talks about the coach but once you get good players suddenly coach becomes part of the conversation as “he’s a great coach”…got it.

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – rangers dominated the sharks….should have been 9-2 rangers….NYR completely controlled the play…

  45. ESPO ruined the rangers, had a promising team and than he traded miller and ridley to the caps for there craps and it was all down hill.

  46. Sam: “Nice play by Richards coming back.” Problem is, he came back ten minutes after everyone else and happened to have the puck hit his stick.

  47. @Carp

    Actually only 8 of the current players were on the 2011-12 team, arguably the only decent season we really had during Tort’s tenure. Thus, not the same team. We don’t have any idea what resulta he would be getting with this current roster. Maybe better, maybe worse. Comparing between NY and Tampa or NY and Vancouver is pointless. Those teams were/are stacked with skill. We’ve been lacking in that for a while now.

  48. Dorsett is an absolute JOKE. I can’t believe people were saying he would be the “gem” of the trade.

  49. The funny part about all of this to me is that THIS IS WHAT MOST FANS WANTED. Here are the 4 major things fans have said since the 2011-12 ECF run.

    1) trade for Rick Nash because we need goals – DONE
    2) trade Marian Gaborik because he’s terrible – DONE
    3) fire John Tortorella because he’s lost the team and his system sucks -DONE
    4) sign a coach that will play a more offensive system – DONE

    THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED!!! (most of you at least). So blame Sather, ask for him to be fired, but he listened to everything you (yet again not all, just most) wanted him to do.

  50. Not only are the RAngers getting outshot by a wide margin, they’re giving up high-quality chances. Not just sharp-angle perimeter shots, shots in the slot. Bad news.

  51. I know. We talked about that all season last year. But this roster is almost the same as the one that played the end of last season and the playoffs.

  52. I could never like the Gaborik trade, for the strict fact that 40 goal scorers are rare to find and we didn’t get one back…This team needs as many as they could get. Wasn’t that idea behind the Nash deal? It’s not that I don’t like Brassard or Moore or Dorsett…they are fine players…but wait…we had Dubi and Artie and Prust? Huh?

    and that’s why I’ll admit that the Nash trade was a mistake..we gave up key guys and didn’t sign others…and, the fact that Nash sucked in the playoffs and is having concussion syndrome symptoms again this year…

    Gaby will outscore Nash this year…you can only pray that I’m wrong…

  53. Ooo ooo the second period is starting….gotta go to bed before I get to witness any more of this homicide…..dammit Lundqvist couldn’t let me shut it off!

  54. Normally at the beginning of every season I convince myself the first ten or so games don’t matter.. but I can’t shake this loathsome feeling.. something is not right..

  55. IMO, the Nash trade became bad only when the Rangers failed to adequately replace the players they lost in the deal, sans Erixon. Dubinsky and Anisimov were warriors for this club, filled important roles, and I liked them both, but there are more players of their ilk in the league than of Nash’s. NYR failed to acquire any of them, however, and that’s when the slide down the slippery slope begsn..

  56. Latona – agree completely, but you don’t get that chemistry by picking up depth players like that as free agents. They were the identity of the team and they’d go to war for all of their teammates. If someone got run, you never had to worry about if they were going to retaliate.

    Renney gets credit for that since he brought those guys up. Torts just kept riding that.

    So while you can replace Dubi, Arty, and the rest of the crew skill wise, you can’t replace that loyalty since these guys barely know each other.

  57. say goodbye to lundqvist, he would be a retard to sign with the rangers after this season is over.

  58. Look, Lundqvist doesn’t look good this season so far. But, these goals, seriously? He doesn’t stand a chance on plays like that. It’s like men’s league open hockey levels of defense played right now.

  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather has done nothing that I wanted him to do. All I wanted since 2004 is to Fire Sather.
    He’s still here…

  60. Wow was just looking at the playing time. Zuccarello Boyle and brassard all have 18-20 mins each while cally and Richards are well below 10. Interesting

  61. thanks Carp… I was looking at the other screen….

    but Pouliot has such a nice youtube video……

    I wonder if that was all made up for a certain GM.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The all important 6th goal of any game is the most important – like the 7th game in a tennis set

  63. I just have to know what that out-of-touch doofus Sather & Co think about this horrendous start. Laviolette would at least hold these gutless pukes accountable…

  64. boxcareddiehospodar on

    do joe and sam watch the same game as us? down 5-0 and they say the effort is better.

    Painful to watch.

    tough to win when you can’t win a puck along the boards.

    If I’m lundquist and the rangers D I stay in the dressing room for the third period.

  65. And Nash should’ve been a complimentary piece, not something you give up key pieces for. The Hawks signed Hossa as a UFA, the Bruins traded picks for Jagr, the Penguins gave up prospects for Iginla (and Hossa many years back).

    They wanted more scoring so they barely gave up much actual roster spots to get it. That is how you add to a contender, not blow up a championship contending team just to get a big name that can score more than all but 1 of your players.

  66. No need to panic — Rangers will be fine once they get better players. They might package up, I dunno, Dorsett, Brassard and Moore, try to prize a proven goalscorer loose from, I dunno, Columbus? Or would they not want NY’s dreck for an all-star?

  67. My Internet problems are over lucky for u all. I hate this team. I hate sather. I hate av. I hate the renovations.

    I hate my life of misery watching this team. I hate I spend money every year on this team.

  68. They should trade Vigneault for Eakins. Two guys whose systems don’t fit their personnel. Eakins, a Roger Neilson disciple, would be better for this group.

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There’s only one man that can lead this team out of the abyss. And that is Muckler’s corpse.

  70. Jonny D, I agree with what you said – in essence I was implying that the Rangers went and picked up the depth players which doesn’t have the same effect. Maybe getting a higher-caliber role player would have assuaged the drop off? You can’t replace chemistry, but the Rangers didn’t replace the players themselves either – that was more of the point I was attempting to make.

  71. Who are these azzholes? Seriously….. I can’t do it anymore. This isn’t a fluke… This is what we have.

  72. You all owe me an apology. I told ya for weeks this road trip was a del zaster. It will only get worse.

    This roster with this coach equals del zaster.

    I am accepting apologies now.

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So I’m behind watching the dvr’d game…

    All mcdonut had to do was take the body on perry and no first goal

    Mad bomber with no hockey sense on second goal

    Soft as hell team with no response not only when hank is run (nice skirt Norris winner Stralman) but that next tv timeout a duck pushes hank on the way by and no one does a thing.

    Good fight by asham against a much bigger guy. Stupid rule about helmets.

  74. Whew.. Living in LA, I’m glad that I didn’t drop $12.50 on StubHub to go to tonight’s game.

  75. boxcareddiehospodar on

    outside of our D and Henrik, brassard/richards/callahan only ones worth anything and are at best a 3rd line on any other team.

    kreider and miller are probably laughing their a$$e$ off!

    They can’t play over:
    boyle/d moore/pyatt/dorsett/asham/stephan etc etc etc.

  76. John Gianone’s “wounded animal”‘ angle ain’t working for me. how about ‘dead men skating?’

  77. Sather Must Go! on

    This is awful… Just wait til Philly when we go down 3-0 in the first AND get bullied around … If asham knocks Renaldo out cold, I will feel a litte better

  78. Rangers West – because the Wolfpack actually have a better chance of winning than the Rangers do. It’s like the Ducks against Varsity and Kreider is Dean Portman.

  79. Jeff, only one person could tell me that, and he doesn’t talk to the press … nor does he have an inclination to fire his friends.

  80. Paging Peter laviolette. Are you around sat night. Can we go back go shot blocking an boring hockey.

  81. consecutive seal clubbings almost always result in someone being fed to the wolves, especially this early in a season. be nice to think Dolan would finally realize Sather is inept and send him packing but it seems like the guy has a lifetime contract.

  82. boxcareddiehospodar on

    for those of religious persuasion you could get God to coach this team and he could not win with these forwards/centers.

  83. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Duguay: “That’s what big guys do. They overpower the little guys.”

    Sather: ” Really?”

  84. Carp

    Who are they beating. How this has to be rock bottom know.

    Lindy ruff was a better hire then this up tempo mess without any direction.

    Dan Girardi looks like the guy who was undrafted not guy we could count on.

    How am I still watching this.

  85. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Carp, as to your prediction that this team makes the playoffs and finishes second, I’ll bet some hot dogs on that. I realize they are going to improve some, make some trades, possibly (it would amaze me, but…) a new coach, whatever. And this is only game 4. But I didn’t see it over the summer, and I don’t see it now.

    How many hot dogs?

  86. Jay Riemenscheider on

    Well, the good news is that Del Zotto got a shot past a defending forwards shin guards for the first time this season. So maybe that will be the start of trend in the right direction.

    Otherwise, does it look as bad on TV as it is in person? Kinda wishing they’d have let the HS team that helped introduce the Ducks play instead. They might have scored a goal at least.

  87. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    AV: “So, you guys know how to block shots? Can anyone show me the positioning and system Torts used?”

  88. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Carp, another mistake by the man upstairs. Know your coach before you hire. He DID interview him, didn’t he? Apparently Glen thinks this is a finesse team. Hence, the addition of Zucc’s and Fast(h), despite the fact they look like marionettes out there tonight. Flop city.

  89. One more shellacking in St. Louis, and then we find out just how mediocre this team is against the other softies, go from there.

  90. That’s what Slats said when he made the change. That he wanted to play an up-tempo game. Despite a roster loaded with third liners.

  91. Ha!!! One of my friends just pointed out that this lke when you’re watching the Olympics and Greece or Kazhakstan is playing Canada. Makes me think we should just start calling ten Rangers Kazhakstan.

  92. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    That was some ok movement on the PP. Gotta find a way to build on something. Gain confidence.

  93. Ken Hitchcock after watching Ranger game tonight told his Assistant Coach, call off tomorrow’s practice. We’ll bank it and use it later in the season.

  94. This system can work but it will be a prOHcess as our coach says. Also we need Nash back. And a trade for a big D Man that can handle the responsibility and not just pull a Stralman and mindlessly float to the center of the defensive zone.

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things they aren’t and ask why not.

  96. Carp is right. They are third liners. We don’t have the size or grit to call them fourth liners. They aren’t good enough to be top six either. This, third line.

  97. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Well, perhaps that will come in time. Maybe as their confidence in the system increases they will learn to play better.

  98. The PP looked good because they had 6 guys on the ice. What’s worse, the fact that they couldn’t score when they cheated or the fact the refs didn’t notice it and call a penalty.

  99. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Really, this ‘effort’ after the coach blasts the team. Tells it’s ‘leaders’ they have to lead.

    What does AV say now? Will Uncle Glen be in the room as he was after the last game?

  100. Brassard really excelled in that Tort system. Not so much in the system he’s supposed to be made for.

  101. Brad Richards has been their best player 4 games in. Imagine what this team would look like if they bought him out? Sather is a genius :-)

  102. Jonny D

    Also add in that Anaheim is also either too stupid to count to 5 (like this Ranger team for the past 2 seasons) or, like the officials, just didn’t give a crap.

  103. problem is that this team has been pretty much the group for quite a while and it should have been evident for just as long as there’s just not that much there. I mean, I didn’t think it was a revelation that when you’re hoping for guys like Brian Boyle and Brandon Prust to be impact players, you’re probably strapped for talent.

  104. Sather's Wrap-up on

    (No sense waiting any longer)
    Hello again Ranger Fans! Welcome to the World’s Most Blameless Arena. Where it’s no one’s fault… especially mine.

    During the pre-season Jimmy Dolan and I were standing, way up in the owners box, watching a Rangers practice. Here’s how it went…

    Dolan says: I gotta admit Slats, I don’t watch a lot of hockey, but the fans think I should know something about the players. Everyone is wearing a practice jersey; there aren’t any names on them. You know the names of the players don’t you?

    Slats,: Well what kind of GM do you think I would be if I didn’t know everything about the- OUR, players.

    Dolan: OK, then down there on the ice, that guy right there! What’s his name?
    Slats: Oh, the right winger.? He’s Fast.
    Dolan: Yes, he is certainly moving along there pretty good, but what’s his name?
    Slats: Fast…
    Dolan: Well speed is no good if you aren’t that tough. Are you going to tell me his name or not?
    S: He’s Fast.
    D: Don’t tell me then…

    Dolan: Ok, Who’s that guy in front of the goalie?
    Slats: Staal on defense.
    D: Well you’re the manager of this team, right?
    S: Yes, of course.
    D: Well then, what’s his name?
    S: Staal, on defense.
    Dolan: If the defense stalls, is that when we get 5 in the picture? Renney told me that.
    Slats: Yeah, and 1 in the net.

    D: Why is that player sitting in the stands, just watching everyone else?
    S: He’s Hagelin.
    D: Haggling, eh? Well, don’t give him an extra dime. Daddy doesn’t know that you’ve spent almost a billion dollars on salaries over the years. I’ve been able to cover most of it.
    S: How did you “Cover” a billion dollars?
    D: Well, the Rockettes have been working nights.
    S: They made a billion dollars by dancing?
    D: Well it’s a kind of a “dance” isn’t it?

    D: Did you see that guy skate right over the Rangers logo?
    S: Stepan.
    D: No he was definitely skating. Even I know better than to step on the logo. The first time I did it, Torts cuffed me right in the back of the head. And the second time. And the third.

    D: Oooooh… Nice goal. You told me Richards could do it all, but that defenseman and forward passed it to him. How would you describe that play?
    S: The announcer would say “Moore, and Moore to Richards…”
    D: Jesus, he’s getting 12 million a year now. How much more do I have to pay for that Cup in ‘94?

    D: What about the backup goalie Where is he?
    S: There’s Biron.
    D: Beer on? Beer on what? My suit? I must have spilled some on myself at last night’s Knicks game. It’s either that or urine. Here, smell this…

    D: Who’s that defenseman that just lost the puck, and let in a goal?
    S: Falk!
    D: SLATS! LANGUAGE! Daddy Dolan wouldn’t let me say that word until I was 35.
    D: But really, what’s his name?
    S: Falk!
    D: You have to put a nickel in the swear jar. You’re not going to tell me ANY of their names, are you?

    Wish us luck, Ranger fans. We’re going to need it.
    Uncle Glennie

  105. Hey Carp,
    How does one go about getting a job where all you do is fail for 13 years and still have NO chance of getting fired? Being Ranger GM is better than being a bad teacher in NYC!

  106. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    You know, I hate the fact i sound so negative on here this year. I am a positive person and am very passionate about this team.

    What’s going on here has been pretty darn obvious for quite a while, unfortunately. It is very sad.

    We need a new GM before the summer so we have a shot at the draft. In a perverse way, it is a positive that so many on this blog are waking up to that fact.

  107. Sather Must Go! on

    First rounders the rangers acquired: poulliot, brassard, Boyle, strahlman, nash (i understand Nash).

  108. How does our King look now that the coach he hated so much isn’t around to make him look good? Do we really think he’s going to be so great without the defense first philosophy? Just asking…..

  109. Nighters all.

    LGR! FIRE SATHER! Hindsight!

    From the way, Carp, how far are the new press boxes by the ice?

  110. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Nice seeing a finesse player having to defend himself. Just the way hockey is meant to be played.

  111. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Real shifty play by Moore there. Who was it that was saying he was a ‘responsible’ player?????

  112. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    So, let’s get this straight. Anaheim has a 6’3″ 195 lb 19 year old?????

    What kind of stupid GM do they have. Wayyyyyyy tooooooo tall!!

  113. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Well, Carpy, I kind of look forward to your review. Should be interesting.

    Here’s one positive:

    Henrik got a lot of good practice in.

  114. Sather Must Go! on

    Papa b, so true..not that I love it, but this is exactly a game that would get out of hand and(maybe) unite a team , but we just don’t have th guys here… If we did it would not be pretty… I again, reference the flyers game coming up… It will not be pretty…

  115. NYR_FAN
    Good effort tonight. At least you could say they never gave up…seven…

    October 11th, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    LMFAOAdd Your Comment

  116. Olga Folkyerself on

    Even Slats can’t f up the first overall pick. Right?

    “Always with the negative waves. Have a little faith, baby..”

  117. Olga Folkyerself on

    I bet Sather is in his MSG office right now, with Rock and Roll Part 2 blasting out, doing the five knuckle shuffle.

  118. Hearing Vigneault post-game, it sure sounds like he knows people think it’s the new system, and he sounds like he’s already a little sensitive about that. Am I right?

  119. Unless Henrik is under contract to speak after games, I give him kudos for standing up on nights like this.

  120. Olga Folkyerself on

    Looks like the Rangers bus is all over the road. The wheels are just about ready to fall off. I just hope Sather gets thrown under it and gets dragged along as it leaves the road, drops into the ravine and explodes in a ball of flames.


  121. Cally never seems to duck, either. Admirable under the circumstances. Matter of fact, most hockey players, when compared to other sports, seem to understand that the Press has a job to do. Am I imagining that?

  122. Sather’s contribution is burning the enemy’s crops to the ground by snorting Cuban cigars.

  123. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I still think Nash messed his melon up in the fight with Hanzal…the fight had an abrupt and weird ending to me.

    Man, this team could use clowe and some other players not currently in our employ

  124. iDoodie Machetto on

    Boy, you know what would really help the team score some goals? A three time forty goal scorer. Where could we find one of those? They must grow on trees since we just gave one away last year.

  125. Sinking Like An Evrock on

    My comments are not with regard to the Rangers but rather to me for watching this drek. I’m going to become a cutter. It’s a lot less painful and uncomfortable than tuning in to watch these ECHL-caliber players take their high school coaching to the ice.
    Nothing like a New York Ranger game to take away your passion for hockey.

  126. Looks like Marty Biron won the #1 star in the poll with the 28 Days Later stare on the bench.

  127. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    To use a college football analogy…it’s kind of like a team that ran the wishbone for a few years then fired their wishbone coach and brought in a west coast offence coach to run his west coast offence but only has wishbone players to do it.

  128. Ok, here we go. My last DVR’d game of the year. (Hopefully). I’m sure all of the meetings and line changes will make all the difference. Oh God, SHUDDER!

  129. After we get kicked out of Penn Plaza, how many years will we have to endure 9 game road trips to start the seasons while they build another Garden?

  130. Tomorrow night I bet Hagelin and Mark Sanchez hang out together watching the game and talking about their shoulder surgeries.

    The next time we see Hagelin he’ll be wearing one of those euro-pansy football headbands.

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