Rangers-Sharks in review



1) Yeah, defending is boring. This is much better.

2) The noise is already starting about the Brad Stuart hit on Rick Nash. Oooh, the replay is inconclusive. Oooh, maybe it wasn’t an elbow. Maybe the head wasn’t the initial point of contact. Whatever. This was a head shot, plain and simple, the kind that needs to be eliminated from the game, and the kind the NHL seems disinterested in eliminating. This one, granted, wasn’t as vicious as the one by Milan Lucic that concussed Nash last season. So we’ll see if Shanny’s wheel of random justice lands on Stuart and Suspension. Or if the league jumps through the hoops, again, to not suspend. I’m betting on the latter. And if Nash is done for any length of time, yeesh, this team is thin.

Tomas Hertl, Martin Biron3) How about that Hollerin’ Hertl? Famous for his $50 fines and 50-minute lectures (Honeymooners reference). Kid’s got some onions making a play like that in an NHL game and rubbing it in. Once upon a time, he takes a risk doing that.

4) You guys know how I say things look different when the puck goes in. … well, two things about that. First, I think too much was made about how well the Rangers played in L.A. Yes, they played well, and hard, and tons better than Phoenix. But if the puck doesn’t go in on Brad Richards’ deflected pass to Derek Stepan, and if Jonny Quick doesn’t cough up that hairball, and the Rangers lose that game in OT or a shootout, are we all still praising them to that extent? The puck went in, so it doesn’t matter.

5) Second, on that 5-on-3 in the first period last night, yes, Richards’ shot went in so it’s a good two-man advantage. But I didn’t like the setup at all, with left shots to the left of the net, etc. I didn’t like having three men above the dots. I really didn’t like Richards committing the cardinal sin of missing the net with the first shot. Can’t do that 5-on-3. But the puck went in. So it doesn’t matter.

6) That all said, Richards really does look like a new man so far. He really does. And he could always shoot it.

7) That was a pretty lousy break, that Ryan Callahan puck hitting the ref twice on the short-hander.

8) There are going to be times, during games, during stretches of games, when the Rangers’ skill level looks like it isn’t capable of playing at the pace Alain Vigneault wants to play. Times when the roster and the system don’t seem to match. Just sayin’. They didn’t have the puck a whole lot. And you could see from your couch that it was going to get out of hand soon. Boy did it.

9) To that point, teams really seem do be liking these new shallow nets for plays behind the goal line and wraparounds. The Rangers not so much. Skill level.Henrik Lundqvist

10) I thought, early on anyway, that the Benoit Pouliot-Derick Brassard-Mats Zuccarello line looked better in this game, but still needs to put some points on the board. No?

11) Ah, the lost faceoff instant goal. A classic. This lost draw by Dominic Moore. Not mentioned on TV, of course. Just like Dan Girardi’s hideous giveaway in front of the net, for which he atoned by diving across the crease for a poke check. Great play by Girardi is what was mentioned. Both of those guys had awful nights. A lot of people did.

12) Or, as the NHL has painted on the ice: Face-off.

13) Maybe it gets better when they start facing teams from the Lesstropolitan Division.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brad Richards.
2. John Moore.
3. Anton Stralman.
Mrs. Manny’s Three Rangers Stars:

1. Brad Richards (Obvi.).
2. Derick Brassard (He noticed too many Teal Sweaters on the ice).
3. Carl Hagelin (He’s hot!).
Manny’s Three Stars:

1. Brad Stuart.
2. [Dan Boyle].
3. The Hot Pickle.

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  1. I expected a tough game from the Sharks, but wow!

    They kicked our cans.

    They definitely exposed a few flaws in our current lineup. Namely lack of toughness and lack of skill.

  2. Great write up as usual.Teams will be taking liberties on our players all year.Something Sather should have adressed .Players still need to police the game.Nash needs a McSorley.Not a washed up goon,someone who can play.Costs alot but well worth it.And we need at least one crease clearer.I was hoping we would trade Girardi before his value goes down,he’s been on his way to sucksville since the playoffs.We can’t have six stick-checking Dmen anyway.I believe changes will have to be made by game 20 to have a good year.Time will tell.

  3. Went to bed after the 1st. Not quite what I expected to wake up to. Trade Stralman for E. Kane.

  4. It’s okay, they’re going to open it up and play up tempo.

    Guess I won’t be watching the last two periods on the DVR. Delete.

  5. I wasn’t a fan of Torts’ dismissal….not a fan of AV based on a lackluster pre-season…but I am a fan of my NYRangers….and I am pretty sure…these ain’t them! BTW…..did Ed Norton write Swanee River?

  6. They gave up, stopped competing and SJ just took over.

    We’re 1 game under .500, big deal, its a tough road trip. I had a feeling we wouldn’t win this one but to get stuffed like that was embarrassing.

  7. Gregm-section403 on

    If the rangers play on the west coast and only us boneheads see the game, does it still count?

  8. Embarrassing! I can’t believe nobody at least hit Hertl after that 4th goal making the Rangers look foolish. I am not asking to injure but at least have some heart.

  9. Paul in sunrise on

    That was pretty bad and not worth staying up late for. So my thing is if you are going to lose that way would rather have the kids in the lineup. Losing with kids more palatable. Losing with vets not so much. So far the fourth line looks terrible. I think I saw D. Moore mutter “I came back for this” while on the bench in the third. Where has Brassard the wonderful gone? Where is that depth? How much for that doggie in the window? It was bad. Cannot get worse and maybe they rally around it going forward. Never forget right. Soft shell crabs.

  10. I hate to say it but I think the Stuart isn’t going to be penalised. Shanny will say the initial point of contact was the shoulder and the elbow wasn’t at an unusual angle. Any contact to the noggin was as part of his finishing of the check.

    What I don’t like was how he rose into the check (not sure whether he left his feet) and brought his shoulder and elbow up to catch Nash under the chin.

  11. Admiral Akbar on

    Huge mistake firing Tortorella.

    He had the correct (boring) system for the level of talent on this team…

    Meanwhile, the Islander Juggernaut (“A SHIFT IN POWER”) is beginning to roll with authority.

    This, my friends, may be a very long and painful season. Lets hope for some draft picks, unless they’ve been traded away already…

  12. “Although, the weapon systems on this Death Star or not yet operational, the Death Star does have a strong defense mechanism. It is protected by an energy shield which is generated from the nearby forest moon of Endor. ”

    Did Brad Solo and Princess Marleau deactivate the shield before the game?

  13. Good morning, boneheads!

    Well, Mr. Dolan, do you know where your team is?

    The only good news about this one is that maybe it serves as an early wake up call. I do not recall feeling that embarrassed while watching this team for years.

  14. 3 games in and suprise its all doom and gloom…They were coming off a back to back against a fresh team and it showed. You got a new coach and system that will get better with time. Relax already

  15. Anyone who tries to bring out the positives with this team you are just a complete moron.

    We are a flawed team that can’t compete with High skill level teams.

    How about competing. This was a freaking disgrace and as a season tix holder I’m the moron who spends money on this crap.

  16. I could not watch the third period. How does Brad Stuart escape that game with his teeth? Rangers needed to retaliate ….probably should’ve gone after Hertl.

    When you’re down 9-2, send a message. I did not see that in the first two periods.

  17. I would much rather watch a BORING, shot blocking defensive oriented Torts team WIN games, than watch a wide open, “puck pressure” team get slaughtered.

    I had my issues with Torts.. But… I know it is early… The warning signs are there….

    Worse than that, The icelanders look like a good, young cohesive team. I want to puke…


  18. Sioux-per-man on

    There’s always a handful games during the year that you have to reach around and FLUSH! This was one of those games!

    This wasn’t one of the games we had in the win column when we looked at the 9 game road trip

  19. Stranger Nation on

    The Brass-Pull-out/MZA line looked good? Really? Missed that one.
    Pullout sucks, plain and simple and MZA is a sideshow circus freak

    Slats four moves to improve forwards from last season:
    Resign MZA – sorry, just too small; if you are that small you need to be extra fast and he is not or bury every chance
    Sign Pullout – awful, lame penalties, costly turnovers, cannot finish, waste of space
    Not Amnesty Richards – enjoy the puck luck while you can, but he is NOT a top 6 player in this league
    Sign D Moore – has played OK, horrible FO loss on that goal, how is Boyle not taking that D draw if he is on the ice?

  20. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Its only game 3. We are only 1-2.

    In the regular season we can win some games. Luck happens. The puck bounces the right way sometimes.

    But, anyone who knows the sport, knows what it takes to win in the NHL, knows that the composition of this team, this franchise, is all wrong. You’ve been hearing it from some of us that get it that it ain’t the multitude of coaches brought in for slaughter with a year or three separation. Sure, an offensive philosophy coach that can’t adapt is the silliest to bring in, kind of like a little kid dreaming he can with for everything and it will….well, just…. work. This is a bad match for this group. Torts understood the pile of clay, low grade at that, he was given, and adapted to the most non-finesse, defensive, shot blocking system possible. Lack of talent, size, hands, grit, puck smarts, is all directly related to the GM, and they guy continues to trade down, not up, from where he thought he was 2 years ago. He is fleecing what’s left of this franchise before our very eyes.

    But, fire the coach. Make some trades. Get rid of draft picks (when have we last drafted a player like Hertl? Never? Perhaps, Leetchie? Oops, that was before Slather…..been a looooooooooong time)

    Untile there’s a master plan by a master (and after last nights game, I’ll add Doug Wilson to that list…boy what a team that is!!!!), we ain’t gin’ nowhere.

    Torts did a great job masking it all.

  21. Absolutely disgusting. But a loss is a loss whether you lose 9-2, 3-2, 1-0, “cosmetically acceptable” score or not. It’s not like this game counts
    for 2 losses or something. It was out of conference too.

    The big concern is Nash.

  22. bull dog line on

    9 to 2, or 2 to 1. counts the same. concern has to be with Hank. he has not looked good at all. is time for Nash to learn how to protect himself. he can’t be taking these big hits all the time. go old school and put your stick up when they come to hit you.

  23. bull dog line on

    as far as the Islander love goes. every year they start out strong. I am not convinced they are a playoff team. not very deep, and the goaltending and D is shaky.

  24. Bull dog- Hank kept it 2-1 as long as he could. But yes, he isn’t in his best form yet. I wouldn’t worry about him though. In terms of Nash- I agree. In fact, Mark Messier’s elbow is in the HOF along with him.

  25. First this:
    Vigneault after the game

    I’m going to sleep on it,” Vigneault said. “I think you have to trust your leadership group, and though I don’t know them very well, I have to believe we have strong leaders.
    “They don’t want to see this happen again.”

    Is he saying this is the players fault? This is unreal to me. You lose 9-2 and allow 47 shots to your 20 and you need to sleep on it….

    Now my take:

    Vigneault could be gone by the All Star Break. No joke. At one point last night I saw 2 (yes TWO, BOTH) defensemen in the corner (behind the goal line) chasing the puck and Brian Boyle was sitting in front of Hank. Joe Micheletti said, “This is the system. 2 D-men into the corner and the center covers the front of the net.” That might be the stupidest system I have ever heard of given the plethora of goals that are scored from behind the goal line in the corner of the ice. WTF!

    Have you seen how many goals scored on the NYR from the high slot because the team is watching the puck and not covering the man? And because they are basically leaving the slot wide open in favor of guys in the corner, behind the goal line. Never seen a stupider system than this in my life.

    And he blames the players. Wow. I mean the Canucks at least had the firepower to score goals. The NYR scored 4 goals in the last 2 games. One was a 5 on 3. One was a 180 foot shot off the goalie’s blocker pad. A third was a busted play off the Kings’ defenseman’s stick.

    Going to be a long season boys. Get used to it. Vigneault might be gone in less than 40 games. Paging Peter Laviolette. You heard it here first.

  26. Not for anything, but if Nash stands up and doesn’t admire his pass, he doesn’t end up in the dark room. However according to the new pansified rules (which I do agree with), it should be at least a game or two since contact with the shoulder was made to the head.

    Bull dog – the Isles do need much more time to prove they are good, just like this Rangers team needs at least 20 games to prove how bad they are. But the Isles definitely have more young talent and are more of a threat offensively. They havent even called up Strome or De Haan yet either.

  27. I can’t really pass judgment on this team until Hagelin is back and we’ve played some home games vs our division vs. the Flyers and Devils.

  28. LOL. I just saw the final score. 9-2. LOL. Has a Tort coached team ever given up even 5 goals!?

  29. I’m not sure Vigneault makes it through the season either. Forget Laviolette, I’d like to see Ulfie promoted to head coach.

  30. bull dog line on

    he is saying that instead of overreacting emotionally after the game, he is going to sleep on it. avoid saying something he may regret, trying not to bash his players in the media. letting the players address what happened, and then if he is not satisfied with how they react, go after them. its what any smart coach would do coming off a 9 to 2 loss. don’t overreact.

  31. Somebody said it very well last night and I can’t remember who (it wasn’t a regular): Everyone who wished for Tort to get canned and driven out of town ASAP absolutely, 100% deserves to watch that loss last night and let it sink in. That’s the complete opposite of Tortarella. It’s just scrambling in all zones without direction or rhythm.

  32. And this is what most fans wanted. They wanted Torts fired. Now everyone is saying “we shouldn’t have fired Torts” and seeing what he actually did for this team.

    Hate on Sather (who should be fired), but he made the major moves that fans wanted him to make in bringing in Nash, trading Gaborik, and firing Torts. Now the team looks like Scheifele and everyone is upset.

    My point is that many here wanted all those moves done, so if you are going to blame Sather for doing what you wanted him to do, you have to remember what you asked for. You also have to wonder why a GM seems to make all these big moves that most fans want since that doesn’t seem to be working. If our GM is thinking the same way our fans do, that’s a big problem.

  33. DJK – so Hagelin is the savior? If a 3rd line winger is the savior to this team, that answers all the questions we need to know about if they are good or not.

  34. I remember who said it, Manny. And I didn’t like that comment. I was very vocal about my unhappy feelings after they fired Torts. But sometimes people make comments, and wait to make such comments, just to prove they were right. I do not see the purpose of it at all. What’s done is done, for better or worse. Move forward. We root for this team to succeed. Never understood the purpose of “I told you so” anyway.

  35. So we’re firing the coach already huh?
    Don’t worry, it won’t take long for him to realize he has to implement a more defensive system with this team just like Torts had to do away with “Safe is Death”. And then we will be complaining about them scoring 1 goal per game again. The lack of skill continues to be the real problem.

  36. bull dog line on

    I for one did not think firing Torts was a wise move, but they did, and there is no point in looking back. AV is the coach, and has been a pretty good one over the years. they will be fine.

  37. Johnny D,
    amen brother. Watch what you ask for. I know one thing. I wasn’t one of those fans and now that Sather is back in charge making the moves the rangers are in big trouble. It’s all down hill from here and just when it look like the rangers were headed in the right direction.

  38. Carp, You forgot about Del Zotto missing the net. This guy does that way too much. Effort was non-existent. A real embarrassment. I don’t want to hear any excuses about being tired. The season is 3 games old. Man up already!!

  39. Daily deductions.

    You can not simply blame one individual player for this organization’s woes, nor can you continue to blame the coaching staff.

    I also note many of you are actually discussing the “Three S theory”, size, strength and speed along with the noticeable absence of overall team toughness which has been missing from this franchise throughout most of the last 50 years!

    How then will it ever change, where are the vaunted prospects, do they continue to “back and fill” every year with vets and marginal talents, or do they finally acknowledge that maybe a couple of disastrous seasons and high draft picks is the answer.

    The first offers the opportunity to compete for being an average middle of the pack team with a chance to make the playoffs and continue to fool the ticket holders and fans that the organization is on the cusp of being a perennial contender.

    The second choice is the draconian solution as the “all in” approach of a few years of drafting wisely, obtaining free agents who actually fit, and trades of current vets who have never lived up to their promise. Marc Staal is a prime example of such a player!

    The real issue however is MSG and Junior Dolan , his puzzling loyalty and the placing of entertainment value over success in the MSG sport’s teams.

    How else does one explain the retention of a decades old failure like Sather and his myriad of missteps during his tenure here?

    Interestingly the Ranger/Knick scenario is replicating the current state of the Yankees, who also suffer from a group of management individuals who can only be termed as mediocre.

    The glaring difference of course is the Yankee organization has 27 world championships and 5 in the last 13 years thereby having the luxury of rebuilding for a few years.

    The Rangers have 73&1 and 13&0……and a built in money machine with both TV and season ticket holders who rival Cub fans in their love of mediocrity!

    The more things change, the more they stay the same!

  40. Bull dog – it helps that he had two of the top players in the last 10 years on his team in the Sedins twins…

  41. I should back myself up by saying I do think AV is a good coach though. I just think this roster is a huge pile of elephant dung.

  42. Yergs: I don’t think Lundqvist looked bad at all last night. He got pulled to try to wake up the team that was playing like scrambled eggs and crap in front of him. He actually looked WAY better than I expected last night and kept that game reasonable for at least 30 minutes of play before it got completely out of hand.

    But yea, he kind of deserves this crap.

  43. Has girardi looked any worse then what we have seen here.

    Still can’t fathom how even though it didn’t matter how no timeout was called.

  44. I most certainly am Rob. At one point, I was delirious for SURE. Lets hope this all was a bad dream and we move on Thursday. This ledge is pretty crowded today, however.

  45. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t think Lundqvist looks all the way there yet. He looks like he’s about a quarter second slow and as a result it looks like he’s flailing a bit and fighting the puck. That said he looks light years better than Biron. At this point I don’t think Biron should start Thursday.

  46. iDoodie Machetto on

    Vibin’ with bull dog and ilb.

    Btw, something MUCH worse is happening here: Richards has been playing well. If he continues his “clean slate” season, they won’t amnesty him after the season ends. I don’t care how awesome he is this year. He could win the Hart, Art Ross, Richard, Lindsay, and Selke and it wouldn’t matter. He NEEDS to be bought out after the season or we will be buried under the weight of that contract and cap recapture for the next 6 years. God help us if he decides to retire before the end of his deal!!

  47. I have Roenickly limited vocabulary describing THAT game: – adysmal (abysmal), i.e. disgustingly bad, dreadful, awful, terrible, frightful, atrocious, disgraceful, deplorable, shameful, hopeless, lamentable,…more painful than my last heart attack.

  48. so, ‘heads if the roster is the problem and not the coach. Does it being exposed this way bring about any change? If so, what kind?

  49. Awful night.

    Was listening to Don La Greca with Steve Zipay. La Greca said “we are now deep into the season that’s how quickly things are going.”

    La Greca is clueless and the Rangers look just as clueless on the ice right now.

  50. Rangers gave up 8 goals against the Pens back in 2009, and also 7 goals, coincidentally, against the Sharks that same year. Torts’ first full season with the team the year they missed the playoffs.

    I do remember a few games where they gave up 6 against the Pens and Isles, among others.

  51. No defender looks nearly as bad as Stralman. He was completely lost out there. LOST. Have to get rid of that guy. He will be so exposed in an up tempo system. Even if the system ever works.

  52. Stranger Nation on

    Draxen – somebody said it earlier – you need to play the kids if we are getting spanked. Out second line is a horror show.

    Bring up The Kreider, Miller, Haley (size, speed, tenacity)
    Line-up – Assuming Nash OK (fingers crossed)


    Netral Zone play was absolutely atrocious last night – Sharks skated at will – just like we saw in pre-season. That is where Richards, MZA, and Pullout hurt you – they don’t back check or clog zone so lots of pressure on D all game.

    That and MDZaster is adysmal

  53. Stranger – if that is the direction you go, why not go full HAM with it. Bring up Kristo, play Fast, Bring up Lindberg, and Mcilrath. Trial by fire them. The roster you posted seems like its hedging it’s bets to hard.

    Isn’t that why the Ice-landers are a reasonable team now, they played their kids through the growing pains.

    Now, don’t get me wrong I am not sure I’m on board for this line of thinking, but I don’t like doing it halfway.

    Also, Neutral zone play wasn’t the only thing atrocious last night, SJ was skating circles around us – literally – in our defensive zone last night.

  54. The silver lining is that everything that could go wrong went wrong. Pucks bounced off broken sticks and referees which all led to goals against. Our best player got hurt. Richards was the best player in a Rangers uniform. The team got annihilated. Boyle fought. Vigneault ran out of losenges. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  55. Carp re # 1. You got that right. San Jose had the puck the entire game and played in the Rangers zone all night. I only wish we could play with a “defensive” system like that.

  56. For me, the body language during the post game interviews said it all. This team is already on life support.

    This was a major dose of reality and it was sobering for the players, the coach, and the goaltender.

    I wonder how Sather is feeling this morning.

    I wonder if Dolan watched the game or even knows what happened. I doubt it.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    Vino looked liked he was sucking on sour fruits balls last night

    Draxen – I would go HAM – definitely bring up Wrath of Mac for Stralman – Kristo for Moore, etc, etc. But it would never happen.

  58. Not a regular on here, But I have posted before, not since last season tho.
    Everyone who is saying that torts should’ve stayed is forgetting that the reason he got canned is because he lost the team.
    Imagine getting screamed at by your boss constantly and for every little mishap. Nobody would be able to handle that for long.
    So, that being said we have Alain at 1 – 2, with a pretty awful schedule to start the season. I remember something similar 2 years ago except we were in Europe, thrashed by sharks no response from team, jumbo Joe calling us soft, I see it as a wake up call.

  59. Here’s hoping we can bounce back against the Ducks!!!

    9 points on this road trip is still possible, even after last night.

    Who gets called up if Nash has to sit a week?

  60. Bulldog hate to disagree with you on the Isles, but they are not the same team anymore. They are a far deeper team than us, as much as it pains me to say. Tavares has the potential to be the best player in the league and his supporting cast is very strong. I would takr their top teo lines over ours in a heartbeat. Just wait…

  61. Watching the game last night, I remembered all the noise coming from every direction about how the Rangers were a “fast” team with elite skaters last year.

    Fools gold. Sure, they may have some skaters who can win a race, but are those players capable of having success during a fast, crisp game?

    I standby what I said last year, IMO, while “on the fly”, this team doesn’t pass, receive the pass or shoot the puck well enough to play successfully in a speed game against a credible opponent.

  62. Anyone who still believes the Rangers are a better team the Islanders…..you probably have not watched an Islander game yet.

    It pains me to say this…..


  63. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    “We have to catch up in how we prepare to play.” — Brad Richards.

    Wow. After three games.

    “…they exposed us.” — Henrik Lundqvist


  64. I think bull dog brings up a fair enough point, Isles have been known to have hot starts and fade as the season goes along. I’m not convinced Nabby is the answer for a team that wants to make a playoff run. He ran out of gas in the playoffs and Poulin is relatively untested.

  65. A classic demonstration of why stick-checking in your defensive zone never works against a skating, hustling team. PLAY THE MAN!!

    Last night was no heart, no hustle, no grit, no pride, low effort performance by the Rangers.

    The Sharks fans loved it, but if they paid their money to see a well played, competitive game, they were cheated.

  66. sioux

    9 pts of 18. are you on drugs. they will be lucky to get 5 at this rate.

    you could try and construct line all you want people. zucc pouliot pyatt boyle are dead weight. asham moore and dorsett are what they are.

    short term last year gabby trade looked good. over 82 games this year it was a mistake.

    i expect a better effort in a loss tomorrow probably 4-2. then saturday our doors will be blown off again against a good blues team.

    then off to washington where ken dryden(holtby) makes every save possible against us but no one else.

    could see it now here is joe tolleson pa announcer at msg. lets welcome your 2013-14 ny rangers and blue man group and ron duguay on ice before home opener.

    problem is they will be 1-8 maybe 2-7.

    i know i know i am pessimistic all the time but last night to be me was about competing and then was no fight or push back. its embarrassing. could you imagine if last night was a home game

  67. Not positive it is going to be as long a season as some of you fine folks are saying, but sure as hell is going to be a long road trip. Is it November yet?

  68. We need a shake up and soon , needto trade Girardi while everyone thinks he is elite same for MDZ and maybe even Staal before he leaves for the Canes . Up front D Moore Asham Pyatt Pouliot ,Boyle are all replaceable . We need to get some one that will drop the gloves and make us harder to play against . Not just Goons , players like hendricks , Chimera, Phaneauf,. It would help if Henrik would start to play a little better also . We will be there in the end but it will be closer to the bottom 4 then the top4 LGR

  69. Nabby is a career choker in all things hockey. Definitely not the guy that gets them to the next level. Don’t know if they tried to get Cory Schneider, but maybe Neiderreiter and a first round pick would have done it.

  70. Hertl scored 4 goals in a 11 minutes of ice time. pretty impressive. Stepan managed to win 2 lousy face offs all night. he’s never been good on them, but even by his standards, this was bad.
    guessing that Nash may be out for a bit. do they call somebody up? or just play Fast.

  71. Stralman and J Moore were the only players not on the ice for a goal against last nite . Hard to believe , with 9 going in to the back of the net

  72. Sather Must Go! on

    Im a Girardi fan, but this is not a good system for him, if you can get some value..trade away.. No one wants MDZ.

    Also , a Gabby fan, but tght it was time for a trade, except I alwys wants a #1 for him, Dorestt and one of the three first rders CBJ had would have been great..Brass will never be consistent, Moore=MEH

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Ranger 17 – great stat on J Moore and Stralman

    Sharks Power-play looked good last night.
    Oh, we were at even strength? Never mind…

  74. how the islanders didnt go hard after jonathan bernier to me is a shock. young goalie with young upcoming team.

    if the isles get a goalie watch out in a few years when they go to brooklyn. our farm system not like there kids. to be expected when we finish middle of the pack and draft 17-20 every year.

  75. im bringing a brown bag to the home opener look for me carp. see u there

    its getting real late early around ranger land

  76. Strength of the Islander tesm is young forward group for sure.

    If they are capable of 4-6 goals a night, they can survive with average goaltending.

    Anyway, 1 more year of Nabby the they can sign Hank ( if he is still alive)

  77. Stranger Nation on

    Staal: 18:57 TOI (-4), 0 shots, 1 hit , 0 blocks, 4 give aways

    MDZ: 19:24 TOI; (-3) 1 shot, 0 hits, 2 blocks, 2 giveaways

  78. I agree might not be built for this new run & gun style.

    If Torts was here his post game were have been interesting….
    We stunk, next….as he walks off.

    Did not get any good looks last night!

  79. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.

  80. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Granted, we stunk, but Hertl’s “highlight reel” goal with eight minutes left of a 7-2 game was like stealing second base in the ninth inning when you’re up by five.

    He should have been picking a few of his teeth off the ice after his next shift.

  81. Retire Brad, I remember Prospal doing one of his big celebrations with Tampa in a rout of the Rangers and the Rangers spending the rest of the night going after him and anybody who got in their way. The old days.


    1. I wonder if Del Zotto ever hit a fairway all summer, any summer.

    2. I think AV didn’t call a time out because he doesn’t know most of his players’ names.

    3. Anyone notice that no one’s touched Richards in three years except the one time he was pushed from behind? – And that he, himself, has touched no one in three years? The ice cream float.

    4. You give me eight million dollars and you want a wheelbarrow full of goals, you had better put someone on the ice who will see to it that I’m not concussed every six games.

    5. Cally gets his teeth knocked out, Nash goes off with another elbowed headache and it’s not only la-di-da, they lose by 7. Banff trip really brought these guys together.

    6. Interesting to conjure that kid skating around smiling after his fourth ice circus goal against the ‘75 Flyers. His girlfriend would be visiting him in traction.

  83. I would be in favor of 10-20 consecutive games with results just like last night if it resulted in Sather getting the Heave Ho.

    Forget about CLEAN SLATE.

    Lets try CLEAN HOUSE.

  84. Rob in Beantown on

    _2. I think AV didn’t call a time out because he doesn’t know most of his players’ names._

    That’s what all those assistants are for

  85. CTB – Nabby didn’t run out of gas last year, they just ran into the Penguins. He is a career choker, but you can’t use last years loss as an example. They have the Penguins everything they could handle as a team and Nabby stepped up when he had to.

  86. Can’t he just txt Sully a picture of the guy and Sully can reply with some stupid nickname that he has for the guy?

  87. why did SJ traded Slow Clowe last year for mere draft picks?

    Maybe the Shark management knows how to scout, draft and stockpile prospects?

  88. Remember, the Sharks are a disappointment because they haven’t won it all yet. But they’re actually competitive every year and put an entertaining product on the ice that is a threat every night. Man, I wish the Rangers could disappoint like that…

  89. Playing 41 of 48 at age 37 and then putting up a sub 85% and nearly 4.50 GAA in the playoffs indicates Nabby might have been a wee bit tired.

  90. Sioux-per-man on

    Clowe was to old and slow for that team, and he didn’t score for them, why not take the 2 – second round picks when you KNOW you’re not resigning him. Last years draft was very deep in talent.

    Good thing we have Kristo, Kreider, & Miller in the cupboard.

    We will have to tank a couple of seasons if we want to get a “Hertl” or “Skinners” in the draft. Unless we’ve traded those picks already. Give the Kid some credit, that was some game he had last night. His forth goal could cost him some teeth in March, but I guess we don’t play like that anymore.

  91. AV: “The leaders in the locker room will take care of this amongst themselves. Our C, the guy with his teeth knocked out can’t really talk yet, but we get a needed day off.”

  92. Fair enough. I’d just argue that it was hard for that team with such a young defense to stop Pittsburgh’s stacked offense from scoring.

    As for all the Biron haters, are you really trying to assign blame to him for last nights loss? The team in front of him was absolutely terrible, the 1st goal was a freak bounce, and two others were breakaways. The guy is here to play 10-15 games a season and proved two years ago that he’s very good at it.

    If you are going to say he was terrible because he was in for 5 goals in a game where the team gave up 9, you don’t know anything about hockey.

  93. Sioux – last years draft was so deep that we traded our first THREE picks. Everyone knew it was a deep draft, except Sather of course…

  94. Admiral Akbar on

    It was G-d-damn trap allright…

    I like Vignault – but not for this team.

    John Tortorella made chicken salad out of chicken feathers with this team for years.

    I would take Laviolette in a heart beat.

    What, they fired Tortorella because he made the “poor” millionaire athletes work too hard???

    Slather fired Tortorella to keep Lundqvist happy?? Like he’s really gonna stay now???

    Get Peter Laviolette (the next best thing to Tortorella) here immediately !!!

    This team BLOWS.

    Small, slow, short on talent…

    Meanwhile the Islander Juggernaut gathers steam… “A NEW SHIFT IN POWER.”

    I’m so sick….

  95. Jonny, I am not a Biron hater or lover. And I don’t envy his being put in the line of fire last night.

    But how does he sit back in the net and not try to poke check that kid hertz on his last goal?

  96. Sioux-per-man on

    Where’s the Pimp when you need him to lighten the room.

    That was some dog-breakfast of an effort last night.

  97. Sioux-per-man on

    Torts gets home from the win last night, watches the highlights on Center Ice, and laughs himself to sleep!!!!

    Book It!!!

  98. 99% of the people in the world are waiting around for someone to tell them what to do. Hockey players are no different.

  99. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny I have Nash on my fantasy team – as you know, do you think I should send him a bottle of Tylenol for the headache???

  100. Considering the team is short on young cap friendly high end prospects (like Hertl) who are ready to play legitimate top 6 on the big leagues team, IMO it would be another mistake to sign Hank for a max contract at $8.5M for 8 years.

  101. “That’s a dirty play,” Boyle told the Daily News of Stuart’s elbow to Nash. “(Stuart) hits hard. It’s usually clean, but that was … I don’t know. I get four (minutes), and he gets two for his elbow. I don’t know.”

  102. Stranger Nation on

    Amen Papa, Amen

    BTW – Hertl the turtle was picked #17, not top 10

    Rangers drafted Dman Brady Skjei (U Minn) who shoots left – we love lefties

  103. Sioux-per-man on

    Admiral – the Islanders looked good last night. Wow what a power play, crazy how they can score at will.

  104. Please, stop comparing Torts vs. AV in terms of win/lose. It’s like comparing Mr. Johnson to Mr. Finger.
    Torts inherited probably, not the most expensive, but mansion, when AV got just infested rental apartment in Corona, Queens. Not fair.

  105. Food for thought: Supposedly, over 80% of the world is right-handed. Why are well over 60% of the NHL left-handed?

  106. Sioux-per-man on

    Hertl’s 19 give him a break. He’s just a kid having fun playing hockey. He doesn’t even own a car yet. Doesn’t know if he has a full time job yet…..

  107. If I’m 22 years old and leaning on the boards in a enemy arena, and hats are flying all over the ice, somebody better be ready for trouble.

  108. Veen-Yo to agent after last nights debacle:

    “Are you saying I could have stayed home for 2 years and collected the remainder of my contract from Vancouver? Why didn’t you tell me that in June?”

  109. Papa – because nobody thought the kid would have the stones to pull that move. That was ridiculous how quick he pulled that and asking why he didn’t poke check is just nitpicking. And at that time in the game, it’s up to some else on the ice to handle that.

  110. Did the SJ coach let Hertl back on the ice after his last goal? I don’t recall seeing him out there.

  111. Rob in Beantown on

    For what it is worth, I am left handed, bat left handed, play golf left handed, but have only ever held a hockey stick right handed

  112. Admiral Akbar on

    Outdoor games??

    It’s gonna be Islander ice-capades at the Ranger’s expense.

    Dirty Rags!!

  113. What if we end up having to use the remaining Compliance Buyout on Nash instead of Richards?

  114. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Left handed @ baseball, football, hockey, right handed (eyed) in shooting/hunting, golf, bowling.

  115. No one asked me…but….I am naturally Lefthanded but:

    I play Golf Righty
    Guitar Righty
    Drums Righty in the hands and Lefty in the feet
    Baseball Switch Hit
    Hockey Right
    Throw Right
    Bowl Left

  116. Yea I shoot guns and bows and arrows Left Handed although I hate guns and love bow and arrow.

  117. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s weird that you throw righty, Manny. I think that would be the hardest one to do with your opposite hand

  118. I was assuming that Nash has head injuries that make him able to play hockey but a shadow of his former self forcing the team to buy out Nash instead of Richards.

  119. I shoot rubber bands left handed I guess. The rubber band is on my right index finger and I pull back with my left hand. It’s like shooting a bow and arrow if you shoot at an angle which I tend to do sometimes if I’m shooting at a low target.

  120. Rob in Beantown on

    I was going to say, it would be pretty impressive if you could. If I threw right handed it would be like that Carly Rae Jepson first pitch

  121. Sioux-per-man on

    Just think if that was Kreider, Kristo, or Miller at MSG scoring 4 goals, with the Marcel Hossa between the leg goal.

    We would all be in Heaven……. but we’re not!!!

  122. Oh so my buddy works for this media company in NYC and his office buddy made a bet with him on how many points Richards would score this season. They set the over/under at 50 and bet a lunch. My friend (Caps fan) took the OVER. The Rangers fan took the under.

    I don’t know if all of you can see through your haze of hate at how bad taking the under is. Since Richards has only failed to reach 50 once (in a season where he got concussed) and he got 48 that season. Even last season, when he was miserable, he was on pace for 65ish.

  123. LMGO, Rob. That’s pretty much what me throwing right handed looks like. Actually though, I go to Prospect Park with Mrs. Manny pretty frequently for picnics and it looks like most men in the park are throwing opposite handed. Who were these people raised by?

  124. Sioux-per-man on

    Sure glad I got some sleep last night, and missed the final 2 periods.

    Just couldn’t keep my eyes open after 3 hours the night before.

  125. Interesting article, Rob, 1:44. I can see natural lefties playing golf rightie because it’s hard to cum-shaw any leftie clubs as a kid.

  126. That’s what happened to me. I was born left handed but my dad said “well we actually own right handed clubs so you will learn.” Same with guitar. His cheapness saved me from looking like a freak.

  127. Strange, the old Latin word ‘sinister’ means left handed. Then, for some reason, it became used as ‘evil’ or ‘dastardly.’

  128. Rob in Beantown on

    I’ve never actually seen a left handed guitar. Learning to play a left handed one would be dumb, because then you couldn’t play your friend’s guitar or any guitar you find in the real world.

  129. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Started recording the game at 1-1 to watch some shows with Mrs. Gravy. Thankfully, I fell asleep before I got back to the game. I feel like Rip Van Winkle…went to sleep, work up, season over.

  130. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    So, what did I miss? What’s all the hubbub about -Hartnell- Hertl? Is Nash Sauered?

  131. There was a comment above on why Sather fired Torts. He did so because he was not going to fire himself. He is and has been the problem. But as you all knok, being Dolan’s friend is job security regardless of your record. See Isiah Ths. And Dolan just rehired the GM that presided over the Thomas era. Sather’s report card”
    Free agents F- Drafts D Trades C Average D-

  132. Stranger Nation on

    Rob – have you ever heard of Sir Paul McCartney of the Wings fame?

    Me thinks he played in another band before that…

  133. ‘He fell asleep in the woods one day,
    Spent twenty years of his life that way
    Rip Van Winkle, Rip Van Winkle, sleep, sleep sleep.’

  134. “Went to bed after the 1st. Not quite what I expected to wake up to. Trade Stralman for E. Kane.”

    Go Mister D! I’ve been advocating for that for at least two seasons!

  135. Rob in Beantown on

    Well, I was talking from the perspective of myself, a lazy person who doesn’t play guitar well. I guess I shouldn’t try to speak for everyone saying left handed guitars are dumb.

  136. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on


    I’m not sold on the islanders 3 games in (not that I really care about them, because I don’t) and I’m not giving up on the rangers 3 games in.

    I agree with those of you who feel like hertl and Stuart should have been looking for body parts by the end of the game, absolute lack of pride/onions by this current roster.

    John Moops was the ONLY d man who played with any grit in front of the net at all (which isn’t saying much).

    Pretty sure this team gave up 10 goals in Dallas, I think under torts.

    Stuart left his feet.

    I wish AV had called a time out at some point, I don’t think it would have done a bit of good tho.

    Been saying for quite a while, this team is too small and too soft!

    Kreider is not the answer, not even close!

  137. Sioux-per-man on

    Youtube Hertl’s 4th goal. It has a feel like Hossa’s shootout goal between the legs.

    Kids never scored more than 2 goals a game, in the Czech republic league, at 19, he scores 4. Poor guy’s English isn’t all that great, but He is VERY HAPPY!

    Crazy stuff. By the looks of it he’s never played in the states or Canada league before. Never played in front of more than 3,000 people.

    No wonder he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. The kid was in AWWWW of the Shark Tank last night.

  138. Ad the difference between me and you carp, is that if this team came out and looked great, i would be the first one to eat my words and say i was wrong about -turderella- vagineault, and be happy i was wrong. You,n the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potential Ranger disaster here, and that the clueless coach “in charge” might be implicit in what is happening, or more accurately what is not happening.

  139. Sioux-per-man on

    Spot on Wicki.

    FYI – you have to pick your players everyweek on the ESPN league. you registered but didn’t pick your roster for the the week.

  140. I’m right handed but play hockey lefty. My dominant (right) hand controls most of the motion of the stick, which is why it works so well. My husband taught both our kids to bat lefty (they are both righty, as he is as well). This way, when they’re batting, he can bat righty and they can mirror him.

    Not sure if it makes sense, but both are good at batting, and my son has a great lefty shot for a righty.

  141. Coaches always rail on a team that has talent, but puts in a piss poor performance. When the coach thinks they’re hopeless, he cheers them on.

  142. Strange that in baseball, most righties have a problem driving a low fastball, but lefties feast on them.

  143. Pretty sure there’s a relatively high proportion of right-shooting British hockey players either because people associate it with field hockey or because there is an (incorrect) assumption that it is more natural for right-handed people to play that way.

  144. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    No streaming video of any kind at work, so I’ll have to wait until I get home.

    I think the reason no one defended Nash is because he’s the team’s enforcer now.

  145. Re: Righty vs Lefty

    If you are a righty in baseball, your power hand is actually your left one. Your right arm directs where the bat is going. So when you flip it over to hockey, you’re better off as a lefty shot because your power hand is on the bottom of the stick (left hand).

  146. What do dogs have for breakfast? I had a Border Collie once who was so smart, he ate Cheerios with a spoon for breakfast while reading the NY Times. (He was left pawed.)

  147. Stranger Nation on

    from Urbin Dikshunery

    “dog’s breakfast,” which has been British slang for “a complete mess” since at least the 1930s. While no one took the time to write down the exact origin of the phrase, the allusion involved seems to be to a failed culinary effort, perhaps a burned or botched omelet, fit only for consumption by the mouth of last resort, Fido. As a vivid figure of speech meaning something so fouled up as to be utterly useless, “dog’s breakfast” can cover anything from a play plagued by collapsing scenery to a space mission ruined by a mathematical error. “Dog’s dinner,” which seems to have appeared around the same time, means exactly the same sort of disaster, but has the advantage of being attractively alliterative. Both phrases are heard occasionally in the U.S., but are more common in the U.K. and Commonwealth countries.

  148. Baseball and golf power usually comes from the hip turn, and bat/club speed, generally making the lower hand the power hand. The other hand comes in late. Hockey, with less hip turn, power still comes from the hand for different reasons.

  149. I can’t believe you people .

    It was Malik with the shot in the shoutout against the Caps. Hossa the Lesser never did bupkis.

  150. Papa, both powerful swings start with a hip turn and a pull from the left shoulder, with a strong but late right hand. (for righties,) perhaps moreso in golf than in bb.

  151. There were some moments last night where Stralman looked like Ovechkin on defense. Just floating aimlessly in the dead center of the zone confused.

  152. My ex-wife was on the rhythm method. She wouldn’t get in the mood unless there was a drummer in the room. :)

  153. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    He played like he does every other night. Like an overpaid 6/7 d man.

  154. I have found it therapeutic when a team I root for gets completely blasted in every conceivable way by the opponent that its best to Identify for criticism one individual.

    This way, i kind of fool myself into thinking that the whole team doesn’t suck, so I feel better about the future.

  155. Stranger Nation on

    I thought all the Dmen tied for the most suckiest save for J Moore and he just somewhat stunk.

  156. The new rules implemented in ’06 or so are super demanding on Dmen, as are the NFL’s demands on defensive backs. 7 years is long enough, however, for NHL coaches to incorporate new and effective methodology.

  157. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Can’t say that the WBM (c) will be accurate, due to my slumber, however, I’ll take a stab at it:

    0) Boyle
    1) Everyone Else

  158. And, when in good conscience, I am unable to select or distinguish one individual for the brunt of my criticism, I will usually go for the coach, manager and/or ownership.

  159. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If Stralman played like an overpaid 6th/7th defenseman, then I hate to think about how all of the defenseman making more money than him played.

  160. Papa, when most of us are on the horns of that dilemma, we go directly to the Blog and see who posted something that we can twerk. :) Does no one any good, but assuages feelings of confused frustration.

  161. hey guys, hope your afternoons are going well

    I’ve been listening to The Sports Blimp this afternoon and had to jump on here after he equated himself to Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning.

    The crux of it: He was pontificating in his usual saliva-ridden manner and talked about how guys like Coughlin and Manning don’t have the same pressure to succeed now because they’ve already succeeded at the highest level. Tubbo then added that it’s the same for him because he’s been working for a long time and he’s already had a lot of success so if he’s not great going forward, it doesn’t matter because he’s already been great.

  162. With all these growing and deliberate elbows and shoulders to the head, one night we are going to start to see the beginnings of some vicious stickwork in self defense, damn the fines.

  163. You lose 9-2. From the goaltenders out, it looks as if the team would have had a tough time competing against an ECHL team. Your super-star player gets freight-trained on a questionable hit in the 1st period and the best response mustered is a roughing / name calling double minor. You allow a 19 year old to skate circles around and through you all night long while scoring 4 goals, the last with the flair and celebration usually reserved for pond hockey. Your newly hired coach, with the 5 year contract neglects to call a time out during a 3 goal barrage that occurred within an 80 second piece of the 2nd period and broke a 2-1 game wide open……….

    But, Stralman really sucked.

    See, now I feel better.

  164. Slats to AV: “So what do you need?”

    AV: “Well, if you’re near a Duane Reade, I could use some more Rolaids.”

  165. Dear Madam,

    I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant-General of Massachusetts, that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle.

    I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.

    I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.

    Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,
    Abraham Lincoln

  166. Assuage is a great word, and in large part due to the number of people who mispronounce it.

  167. Rob in Beantown on

    The thing that always bugged me about that letter was the word “gloriously” in the first paragraph. The tone seems really inappropriate to my modern sensibilities.

  168. Wow. And this was before Presidents had Vassar girls and Harvard frat boys writing their speeches and letters.

  169. “Ah, love, let us be true
    To one another! for the world, which seems
    To lie before us like a land of dreams,
    So various, so beautiful, so new,
    Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
    Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night.”

    Matthew Arnold

  170. It was later determined that of the he 5 Bixbys, only two were killed in battle. 1 deserted, 1 was discharged, 1 died as a POW.

  171. luckily
    i dropped out
    midway through the 2nd period

    sad to say it but in some ways
    this current Rangers squad
    (so far)
    isn’t worth my total emotional investment

    just disheartening

  172. Robby Bonfire on

    The Yankees have won ONE WS in the last 13 years, 2009, not “Five, as someone stats, above.” Wishful thinking does not negate correct information.

  173. and btw
    i KNOW
    that it’s early in the season
    and i KNOW
    that they’re still (somehow) learning
    the new system
    and i KNOW
    that it was the second game of a back-to-back
    and i KNOW
    that sometimes carcillo happens
    after the sharks 2nd goal
    they pretty much took over
    and shoved every single one of our
    negatives in the entire hockey world’s face
    when though we did score on the pp
    all the others looked like less than crap
    with SJ having better chances and dictating play

    whatta mess!

  174. Who said Nash was out for the season? They would never release a statement like this, even if it might be true, three games into the season…. would they?

  175. The nadir is not a night of sloppy play, it is having your Capt. with no teeth, and your major scorer concussed and precious little reaction.

  176. Appears Nash suffered a concussion. That is 2 in less than a year, not good. Nash will probably be out for a while so things are going to get worse before they get better and hopefully the rangers won’t fall to far behind the teams that the rangers will be battling for the last 2 spots to make the playoffs.

  177. Rob in Beantown on

    “22. New York Rangers (1-2-0)
    It’s not that the Rangers are playing like this season is their rumspringa, with all defensive responsibility abandoned in search for wild, hedonistic offense now that they’re free of John Tortorella, but they’re clearly struggling to make Alain Vigneault’s system work. They’ve looked bad now in two of three starts and are allowing 36 shots per game — only Buffalo and Ottawa ranked lower.”



  178. I mean…. Nash said he had a headache that got worse and he’s concerned. That isn’t good. It doesn’t sound like what you want to hear. Thank God they don’t need a plane to get to Anaheim.

  179. Stranger Nation on

    Their taking the bus back down to LA?
    Figured Nash would be riding down in the stretch limo with some wanna be actresses, lighting cigars with fifty dollar bills while he swills bourbon on the rocks.

  180. Stranger Nation on

    Rammer: Rick, how does your head feel?

    Nash: Not good.

    Rammer: How did it feel last night?

    Nash: Not very good.

    Rammer: Sounds like you are getting better to me.

  181. Stranger Nation on

    We should bring back Bickel and sit Stralman (as we all agree he is obviously the problem.)
    Seriously, Bicks would have gone HAM on Stewie and not started a slap fight like Boyle.
    need a dman who can throw, don’t care if he plays 6 mins a game.

  182. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I was mistaken in my preseason assessment. I was predicting that all the guys who underachieved under the Tortorella regime would flourish under AV. I was wrong. They for worse.

    However I was correct in that those who flourished under the Tortorella regime would regress. So I was accurate in that part. Which leaves is with NOBODY playing well.

    It’s time to fire the this clown. I liked the old clown better.

  183. coos, that excerpt of Dover Beach perfectly describes being an NYR fan. Just have to change darkling plain to ice surface and armies to teams..

  184. ‘Do they know
    In San Jose?
    LA is a great big freeway,
    Put a hundred down and buy a car,
    In a week, maybe two, they’ll make you a star
    Weeks turn into years. how quck they pass,
    And all the stars that never were
    Are parking cars and pumping gas.
    Do they know
    In San Jose?’

  185. Za’rat you’re wrong on one player who is doing better-Richie Rich. He seems like he is back to a small degree. Other than that-110% spot on.

  186. AV to Rammer: “How’s the big guy?”

    Ram: “Who”
    AV: “The big guy, the tall guy, the, uh, guy with the beard thing going.”

    Ram: “Nash?”

    AV: Not sure of his name, number 61.”

  187. Francesa is such a wind bag that Ulysses squeezed him on his voyage from Troy to Ithaca

  188. Nash drew double coverage and beatings all playoffs while Richie stood unchecked and motionless, out of harm’s way, his skates melting into the pond, IMHO.

  189. AV: “How’s Nash Ramses?”

    Rammer: “He’s Good. Nash Good.”

    AV: “what do you mean by that Ramses?”

    Rammer: “you’ll see him after the Olympics”

  190. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Agree re Bickel in this case.

    When hags comes back, hobbit needs to sit.

    D Moops is a great story but needs a seat.

    Haley needs to have a spot.

    Contrary to what bettman and some people want, this league is not soft (yet) you have to have grit and size and toughness and it is every bit as important as scoring.

    Like someone said in a previous thread, it is no coincidence that the two most successful seasons in recent ranger history were the two that had playable toughness throughout the lineup!!

  191. If you consider the inability to score, a good goalie with players blocking shots in front of him, and reaching the EC Finals successfulAdd Your Comment

  192. It’s the misbelief that toughness, by itself, wins. Toughness doesn’t win without skill and adequate goaltendingAdd Your Comment

  193. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Slats: “Hey, Jimmy. What you been up to?”
    Dolan: “Singing, Slats. Lot’s of singing.”
    Slats: “Have you been watching our games?”
    Dolan: “Haven’t had the time”.
    Slats: “Oh, no problem. I have some tapes (hehe) for you to watch. We beat the 2012 champs the other night in their arena. I’m quite proud of our boys. Everything is fine. Just fine”.
    Dolan: “Nice job, Slats!! You’re the best!!”

  194. They were 11th in the league in scoring two years ago. That’s why I don’t get why people think there was an inability to score…

  195. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    When Hags comes back, he can play with Fast(h) and MZA. Leagues only line under 5’10” and combined 520 lbs.

    Let me ask, how do they play against the Devils line of Zubrus-Jagr-Clowe, at an average size of 6’3′ and combined 720 lbs.??????

    Like leading lambs to slaughter.

  196. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Johnny, to be fair, their PP had no direction under Sully and Torts. If they did everything the same and he fixed the PP, the team might have scored more and won more games. Who knows if that would have been enough.

  197. Hilarious how so many here are so deeply invested in Richards-as-scapegoat. Alternate captain on a team we allegedly root for, and you can still feel the desire for him to fail. Weird.

  198. Matty – they were 1st in the East that year. How many more games did you want them to win?

  199. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Whazzzz n that a party!! Coulda been the twp games in two night I dunno but look at the shape were in ,Nash’s head like a football..I think hes gonna die…

    Whazzz n that a partay!!

  200. Worst forwards we seen in 20 yrs as a group. 10th place sounds about right now. As far as Torts when have the broadway fat cats led the league in hits and blocked shots and were a royal pain in the butt to play? But lets fire Torts and not cut Richie. This organization makes me ill. Thank God I’ll only go to a couple of road games all yr. Bonus points for boring and not tough. If I was Hank I would walk. BTW I’m in a good mood today.

  201. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I was wondering … Did Av pull Hank or did Hank pull himself?

    If Hank would have stayed in …

    1)The score would have been closer and a few saves by Hank we could of had a little bit momentum?

    2) The Patrick Roy fiasco were the Habs let in 10 goals and Roy told management he played his last game , Hank could of freaked out and let in 10 and that could have been a turning point in Ranger history.

  202. Not to say he is our major prob, but Richards can complement a well put together, tough team with a center and another wing who hustle incessantly and a good D. The puck will bounce his way 180 times and he might net 20-25 and he can float all night like a turd in a punchbowl. Not here.

  203. Stranger Nation on

    Fan #1: Can’t wait for the kids to make the big club. That will get us going to make the playoffs.
    Fan #2: What Kids? It’s 2018, Kreider’s 30 and Miller’s 28.
    Fan #1: Can’t wait for the vets from Hartford to give veteran leadership.
    Fan #2: Oy

  204. Kreider’s a RFA after this season and we’ve hardly seen him up here. He’s still eligible for rookie of the yr.

  205. Stranger Nation on

    Why was cally playing on 3rd line last night again?

    What is Vino drinking? Please put his with Brass so at least they can play together and maybe some toughness with Dorsett on the wing.
    Lost in the wreckage, Dorsett had a beaut of a goal last night and is not afraid to scrape the boards.

  206. iWicky “Frag Out!!!”

    “Like someone said in a previous thread, it is no coincidence that the two most successful seasons in recent ranger history were the two that had playable toughness throughout the lineup!!’

    I made that comment that the 94 team and the 2011-12 team had one thing in common, they had toughness and one won the cup and the other came 6 games short. I don’t think that is a coincident.

  207. Heard that Slats was in the room after game, for whatever that’s worth. He has a house out there, might be as simple as that.

  208. Sather is a moron, plain and simple, no other way to spin it. The rangers are doomed. Torts convinced sather to draft and develop and not try to build a team by free agency. The Rangers were headed in the right path. It appeared sather was battling health issues the past few years and wasn’t running the organization until last year when he got past his cancer and than he started to run things again and pretty much ruined whatever stability the rangers had going in the organization. It’s all downhill now that sather is back in charge.

  209. What a yuck fest. Watched the game but was on a complete media blackout, other than reading the blog.

    Who wants to watch us getting a nine spot dropped on us.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  210. This Blues team is one a fan could really like. We used to have that feeling a few years ago, I want that back.

  211. AV, at beginning of 2014-5 season. ‘I and the staff spent most of our time last year looking for apartments, settling in, getting to know the area and the players. This year, we start out with a clean slate.’

  212. Just tuning in – the most captivating discussion of the “shooting hand” (aka “dominant”). The mythical god Onan had his theory on switching hands from the dominant to the other occasionally, merely to experience pleasure from a “stranger”.
    Just saying…

  213. This is ridiculous. When Torts was fired, I was one of the few Ranger fans online who protested mightily and warned of dire days ahead. Now, ever since the preseason and especially after the loss against the Sharks, there are suddenly all these other fans online who are saying “I miss Torts” and “Firing Torts was a mistake”.

    Where were all you guys back when Torts was stabbed in the back? Oh yeah, you were all flying high on the AV bandwagon.

    As it stands now, you had better hope that our Rangers don’t get a royal butt-spanking on Nov. 30th when the Canucks come to MSG.

    I told you so!

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