NHL suspends Sharks’ Stuart three games for head shot against Rick Nash


From the NHL:

NEW YORK (October 9, 2013) — San Jose Sharks defenseman Brad Stuart has been suspended for three games, without pay, for an illegal check to the head of New York Rangers forward Rick Nash during NHL Game No. 44 in San Jose on Tuesday, October 8, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.
Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and based on his average annual salary, Stuart will forfeit $55,384.62. The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.
The incident occurred at 2:32 of the first period. Stuart was assessed a minor penalty for elbowing.
For a full explanation of the Department of Player Safety’s decision, complete with video, please click here.

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  1. I always thought suspensions should be served when you play that opponent again. For example when the sharks play at MSG.

  2. AV, at beginning of 2014-5 season. ‘I and the staff spent most of our time last year looking for apartments, settling in, getting to know the area and the players. This year, we start out with a clean slate.’

  3. wasn’t that stuart’s first game back?
    didn’t he get suspended for some other
    bit of carcillo?
    took liberties with the Rangers
    in a past game?

  4. Playing the Blues will be like that scene in Animal House, “Do you mind if we dance with your dates”

  5. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    I would expect this means Shanahahahahahahahan spoke to Ranger management to see if Nash was truly hurt. I’d rather have a healthy Nash and no suspension. This injury, probable second (‘upper body’) in 6 months, puts his durability into question just a bit, too.

  6. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    would be interesting, Draxen. If you look at the tape there’s no reason for the hit by Stuart to be so high. It’s crap like that that has to go. Fighting doesn’t bother me as much as these high intent to injure head shots. It’s a lack of respect for your fellow player. What’s the point?

  7. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Thanks, JPG. Article from Post is that he’s out Thursday and likely will not be back through next week. Sounds like either the same ‘upper body’ injury he had in February from Lucic hit or a very cautious approach.

    Either way, Eric’s forecast for this road trip is looking more and more possible.

  8. O see the fleet-foot host of men,
    Who march with faces drawn,
    From farmstead and from fishers’ cot,
    Along the banks of Ban;
    They come with vengeance in their eyes.
    Too late! Too late are they,
    For young Roddy McCorley goes to die
    On the bridge of Toome today

    There’s never a one of all your dead
    More bravely died in fray
    Than he who marches to his fate
    In Toomebridge town today;
    True to the last! True to the last,
    He treads the upwards way,
    And young Roddy McCorley goes to die
    On the bridge of Toome today.

  9. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    No, I don’t always agree with everything he says, but this Brooks article is pretty good. He, who hated the way Torts treated him, admits to the vacuum left by his departure and alludes to the only one left to blame isn’t AV, at this point, it is the GM. It seems the media is afraid to come out and blame Slather, for some reason, but this is a pretty big step by a fairly well red media outlet:


  10. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    A great Brooks quote:

    “You want to say they’re neither big enough nor fast enough to contend for a Stanley Cup? Fair enough. They aren’t. But that’s no excuse for a deficient work ethic”

    Hmmmmmmm…….he likes the way this ‘championship caliber’ team is slapped together by ‘The Master’, too.

  11. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Another Brooks quote:

    “If the team fails to respond, well, they’re not firing another coach, that’s for sure.”

    Hmmmmm………they won’t hold anyone accountable or will they??….who then would be fired? Gord Clarke? Shoenfeld? Gorton? Anyone……..?????

  12. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Well, let’s hope that Fast (h) is just that and he can finish with all of his 165 pounds that Torts laughed at. And perhaps the lack of any true first liners now, with Nash out, will baffle our opponents or put them to defensive sleep!!!

    Ya gotta believe!

  13. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    The NHL video said Stuart had not been suspended previously. It did say he targeted Nasher’s head. Yea, 3 games.

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great game last night. Not sure how it looked on TV, but the rangers are as good as any team in the league. Shark fans everywhere were saying that they were lucky to only play the NYR twice in a season. Rangers D will be top 6 in the Norris vote. Staal could score 60 goals this year….might not be ranger goals but a goal is a goal…. Stepan definitely did not need preseason. MDZ couldn’t hit a barn door if he was hanging on the barn door….

  15. I didn’t get to see the Phoenix game or the San Jose game. They looked so good in LA. I don’t know what they can do here. Call up Hartford? Don’t see how they can make a trade for a player of value without gutting the team. Maybe it will take more up and downs before they can play AV’s game. Scary if Nash is done. Hope this is not the beginning of a Lindros story ending for Nash. Sad to see any player go through that.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers were the better team last night. Scoreboard did tell the whole story. From the opening drop, rangers controlled the play. Close game. Score could have 9-2 rangers.

  17. Just tuning in – the most captivating discussion of the “shooting hand” (aka “dominant”). The mythical god Onan had his theory on switching hands from the dominant to the other occasionally, merely to experience pleasure from a “stranger”.
    Just saying…

  18. Matt "GetWellNasher"Boy on

    Rangers West, they can’t be as bad as they were game 3 and 1. Some of it HAS to be (please dear lord) learning the new system, coach, players, etc. Step and Callie not yet ready, Hank not on his game yet(although, one could argue he made many huge saves while he was in last night, too), etc.

    They were as bad as any ‘worst team in the league’ last night PLUS they pitched a tent and gave up in the middle of the second. The first game, not much better.

    They played better in LA. But LA is just waking up and the Rangers got a lot of bounces. Got none last night (but certainly no excuse).

  19. I love hockey, I *hate* the NHL.

    If they could find a way to hype their super star players without actually playing hockey, Bettman would do it. Maybe have them run all-star game drills scored by celebrities and viewers tweets.

    The Rangers still wouldn’t win of course, but at least it would be a literal representation of the carcillo that passes for professional hockey these days.


  21. I just watched the “highlights” from last night’s game.

    Are you F’ING KIDDING ME?!

    What a joke.

    This team is absolute trash.

  22. If the league is looking to eliminate head shots from the game, then why don’t they 1. Tie a players suspension to the length of time that the injured player is out 2. If the injury is that significant, meaning 10+ games, a half/full season/career ending injury, then the team of the penalized player would have to forfeit a draft pick to the team of the player injured. Just my opinion. Will probably never happen.

  23. I’m with Draxen: levy suspensions for the length of the injury they cause. So Stuart out for the three games plus each game Nash loses.

  24. Carp: Pay attention, dammit!

    He gets the three games as a base for the foul, regardless of injury.

    Then he gets additional days (my choice would be two for one) for every day the injured guy is out.

    I like madcat’s idea of a lost draft pick for serious injuries.

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