Rangers-Kings in review


So Alain Vigneault has a win! And the Rangers won’t come home from this trip winless.


1) First and foremost, the Rangers sure look like a better team when Ryan Callahan is out there. And there’s hardly ever a game when you say, did Callahan do anything? Because he sure did a whole bunch right away. I still think he has to play top six. Maybe it was because it was his first game and they didn’t want to overload his minutes. But he’s so much better than some of the top six wingers right now. And, boy, were you relieved to see that his injury was “only” a cut and some dental work? Anybody surprised he came back?

New York Rangers v Los Angeles Kings2) Brad Richards. Never mind the first goal, which was a pretty cool piece of skill and hand-eye coordination, or the second, which was a pass that somehow went in. I thought he was decent in Game 1. I thought he was really darn good in Game 2. Still not drawing conclusions, but so far it sure could have been a lot worse, no? Maybe he really will bounce back. I still do not like him at all on the point on the power play. Think he’s good on the half wall. But then which forward comes off the PP or moves to the point?

3) Rick Nash looked like he came to play in this one, too. Like the early-season Nash last season, firing quick shots, using his size, forcing turnovers, tracking the puck in the offensive zone. Good stuff. Got extra shifts when Taylor Pyatt went for repairs, and again when Callahan did. Made the steal that directly led to Richards’ second goal

4) And finally, on that line, how good are Derek Stepan’s hockey instincts? He is so good defensively and so good without the puck. Stole the puck on the first goal, drew a penalty, did a lot of terrific stuff.

5) I thought Mats Zuccarello did a lot of good things, too, but that guy has to create some offense, right. Ditto Derick Brassard. If they’re going to get that kind of ice time, and it’s mostly because of their offensive skill, then they have to produce some.

6) While the Rangers were physical and energetic at the start, until the goal I sure didn’t think they had the puck enough. I did think they defended better, though. Until — as Joe Micheletti was pointing out  that their defensemen were playing flawlessly — Dan Girardi’s cough-up for the Kings’ goal. I think it was Girardi.

7) Henrik Lundqvist … that Brown shot off the crossbar was scary. Thought it might be an omen. Got another crossbar break in the second. But he was pretty strong with the lead.New York Rangers v Los Angeles Kings

8) Thought the new fourth line, with Arron Asham on it, gave them some positive minutes, too. As long as Alain Vigneault kept them away from the Kings’ first line after that one frightening shift. Let’s face it, Asham fits the fourth-line role better than one of the rookies. Derek Dorsett drew a penalty. Dominic Moore had a steal and a near goal and killed penalties well. And, while we’re at it, Taylor Pyatt had a really strong game … though most of you would rather eat raw lobster than admit it.

9) Happy Birthday Ryan McDonagh. Or Merry Christmas. Or Happy Halloween. Or something. (click here to see it again).

10) I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. The game looks a whole lot different when the puck goes in.

11) The Kings are loaded for bear.New York Rangers v Los Angeles Kings

12) Man, the rest of the NHL doesn’t seem to be having a lot of trouble scoring.

13) Rammer’s going to run out of suture.

14) WFAN update man Harris Allen is the only radio/TV guy I’ve heard correctly pronounce Alain Vigneault’s first name. Bill Pidto is the funniest, when he calls him “Elaine.” A lot of writers get it wrong, too, but we just have to know how to spell it.

15) Devils at Vancouver tonight. Wonder if Torts and DeBoer will start with synchronized fighting. Meanwhile, ya boys at the Jumbo Soft Shell Shrimp Thorntons tonight.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Los Angeles Kings
1. Brad Richards.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Derek Stepan.
John Milewski’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brian Boyle – He set the tone early and was relentless on the forecheck throughout the night.
2. Benoit Pouliot – Like Boyle, he started early and never let up showing impressive speed and quickness as well.
3. Marc Staal – Sure is great to have him back making one solid play after another.
Honorable Mention to McMonster (it wasn’t always pretty but he managed to break up quite a few plays while scrambling to do so) and The Beaver (two goals and could have had a third late… again not pretty, but after last season’s disastrous ending, anything that finds the back of the net is a thing of beauty).
Sioux-per-man’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Richie Rich – 2 goals
2. Callahan – guts, grit, & hits
3. McDonagh  – bank shot off the boards, off Quick, and in the goal!!!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brad Richards.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. I missed most of the first period.

    When I saw Callahan throw a check with his bad shoulder and leave the ice, I thought season over.

    I agree, Brad looked pretty good again…

    Nash had a good game.

    We dominated the LA Kings ….. that was a good game.

    Brassard had some chances, I am not too worried. He should have scored few tonight. He is still young, he needs to realize that chance to score will never come again, and don’t shoot it wide.

    Boyle looked good tonight too.

    Time to watch the first period.

  2. When I watched the reply it sure looked like Pyatt put the crappy pass to Danny G and hung him out to dry on that giveaway there was a King player right there

  3. Good morning all! And a glorious happy 26th birthday to Sally!!!

    I’ll sure be happy when games start at a normal time.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    it is amazing how good they look when they hustle and forecheck and backcheck and do the important things every winning team does.

    Pyatt looked good playing with Cally and was skating. Still need him to drop the gloves.

    when hags comes back, Pullout must go, giving you nothing right mow

    Brassard had a great game, all over the ice, but he didnt score so he didnt contribute as much as Richards…

  5. I thought the boys looked pretty stiff last night, especially against a “heavy” opponent. Kudos to Ash for dropping the gloves w/o hurting the team.

  6. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    A nice win. Rocket had the nice goal, the lucky goal, and many giveaways and still stinks on PP point and shouldn’t be there. If he plays like this all year, he is worthwhile to have, but way overpriced. Two games do not make a season. Would be great if he improves some.

  7. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Pretty solid game for our d. Girardi was ok, Staal continues, with MacD to impress. Strahlman is easy to get around.

  8. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    If AV can figure out what to do with the PP, which was as bad as it was for Torts last night, he’d really have something. But, really, we were peppering Quick with quality shots, shots he had to move for, most of the night. He was the harder working goalie, for sure.

    When Hank needed to, he made the save, didn’t let in the 100 footer off the boards, and used the post and crossbar twice. It all comes out in the wash.

  9. The skill from Richards to use the dive from Voynov and cleverly hit his stick to 5-hole Quick was incredible! I don’t care what anyone says, he was not passing to Brassard, it was just sheer coincidence that the LA defenseman managed to catch the speedy Richards and break up an easy 2-on-1 and put it in his own net.

  10. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Why didn’t Nash play like this in the PO’s???? He was a freaking tiger, with great offensive plays, his usual lack of defense, but was SO noticeable on the ice. Keep doing it this was all year and it will help the team. Doesn’t matter who scores.

  11. I love how Hank uses his crossbar and posts, he has such incredible judgement to know not to bother to flash the glove or pad and that the ricochet won’t end up anywhere dangerous either.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    step benefitted from more practice time and seemed to be in the play

    Cally is the man; hitting, generating scoring chances. If he was 2 in and 30 lbs bigger, he would be lethal.

    Love to see Brass, Cally and the Kreider as a line

  13. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    UK, agreed totally. We got one there. But he was in the right spot to do something. Very lucky!!

    His first goal was a talented goal, using his skate, right to left and roof while going by the net. Credit where credit is due.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Marty/Fatso in shootout last night was one for the ages. In fact, the whole 3rd period/OT/SO was evidence of the last days of Uncle Daddy. They must have put out the spread in the locker room between periods because he looked slower than usual.

  15. Fair play Matty – first goal was a beauty. That’s what he and Nash have to do together to work. The defense will always focus on Nash and Richards must be there to pounce on the rebounds or receive the pass.

    The 2nd goal was pure luck, Quick and Voynov were playing the pass and there was a big hole top left to shoot at.

    Seems like he is getting better though and we need him to if we’re to win this year.

  16. I thought their PP looked better, actually. They didn’t score, but they had a lot of movement.

    Dorsett was quietly effective. Do not expect him to score goals. But he was very effective on forecheck, tenacious in his own end, abrasive. I thought he drew 2 penalties last night, one of those was very close to a dive though.

    I think AV has to have a good talk with Pouliot. In French. He has speed and skills, but he tends to float on backcheck, and he takes lazy penalties, 2 games in a row. Had he scored on each glorious opportunities in both games, you could forgive that, I suppose.

  17. I thought the Rangers looked real good pressuring the puck last night. In addition, they looked SLIGHTLY better at defensive zone coverage though the first period they were running around a bit

  18. By the way, which team looked bigger last night?

    On #8- yes, it was a frightening shift in their zone, similar to one they had last year against SJ(?). Except this time it wasn’t Woywitka/Eminger pair on defense.


    See now THAT is what I’m talking about … we need The Kreider back ASAP.

  20. Sioux-per-man on

    Puck luck is a wonderful thing when it’s on your side!!!

    The Quick stick blocker goal. . . Did you jump out of your seat? Make a loud noise? Do a victory dance in your living room / bed :)

    Win & Grin. Steal 2 points. Back on track. 2 down – 7 to go!

  21. Lots of near misses on their side. In a slightly altered universe, this is a game where we outplay them and can’t figure out how we lost 3-2. Therefore, its a really nice win to get.

    (I’ve got Nash as 1st star and by a margin. Neither goal happens without him and he made a ton of other plays.)

    (I missed the first game, but I’m already kind of bored of Pouliot. Dummy penalty and a couple chances unfinished. He’s my forward version of Stralman this year I think.)

  22. I haven’t had any issues with Ben-oit yet. And that penalty seemed like pansification to me considering they had hauled him down in a much more egregious manner about 25 seconds earlier with no call

  23. Eric must be in SHOCK!! I thought we created a ton of chances ..and our boys actually outworked the big bad kings – kudos to them!

  24. Cross Check Charlie on

    Good write up, Carp. Nice to see the Rangers get the first win for AV and that Richards may not be brain dead after all.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Eric is confused. Not sure what to do with this new emotion he has experienced which some call elation or joy. He quickly sets his sights on tonight’s match up and feels better knowing the Blueshirts will be up against it and will struggle. All is well again.

  26. CARP,

    Could you do me a favor?

    On tonight’s review, could you please include “The Kreider” in some fashion?

    I’m going to NY and my colleague doesn’t believe me that even you refer to him as “The Kreider”.


  27. Real good effort by the boys! Thankfully the beav coughed up that puck leading to the LA goal, or I would have been so disoriented. Who is this man?!

  28. All around great game. Yeah there were a few bad giveaways but all in all the boys had real jump the whole game . They were quick to the puck and fun to watch. Big test tonight to see if they can still have that jump. And what a relief so see Cally get back in there. Nice non-call refs!

  29. At least we will come home with 2 of 18 pts. No way we win a back to back in San Jose right.

  30. Nice win. Team played like they wanted to win.

    Zuccarello was noticeable on almost every shift. Very nifty with the puck. But like Carp says, I’d like to see something come of it.

  31. I really thought the offense was clicking on a better rhythm last night. Much more coordinated effort in the ballet that is crashing the net and hoping for rebounds. The first game was all 3 forwards behind the net by the time the rebound was popping directly into the slot.

    PP: Seriously? So, against the Coyotes passive box PP the NY Rangers PP looked good. Even great at times. Even scored a goal. The Kings play a Tort style aggressive box and clog the blue line and the Rangers can’t get the darn puck into the zone. Not one puck carrier realized that you DUMP THE PUCK in that situation. Boyle goes straight to the crease and other guys overload a forecheck and try to pop the puck out to a D-Man for a screened shot or walk it to the slot and let one rip.

  32. Rob in Beantown on

    Awesome win last night. It feels so good waking up after a game like that where I didn’t think they had a chance.

  33. Let’s not let this game get to our heads … this team is still a dogs-breakfast-style, Honduran-league-level, amateur-hour-mess of no-talent hockey.

  34. Sioux: When that ridiculous flukey goal was scored off of Quick’s own blocker after he dropped his stick, I did my superstitious wall tap post goal but the reaction in the Manny household was mostly just a “grooooaaaaan.” You have to feel badly for him on that.

    But am I wrong or did I see him do that once before in the playoffs?

  35. And just for fun, here is last night’s beauty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3twjQ-_0Fvw

    Team USA is in trouble with this non focused, enigmatic goalie. Check his papers, this guy is probably Russian and can’t even play for Team USA.

    Honestly, though, how many times did the announcers (Sam & Joe) talk about his stick handling ability and how it was “not Mike Smith” good but way above average. Well, these three goals prove blatantly otherwise.

  36. Rob in Beantown on

    Things like that are why I don’t really mind when goaltenders stay in the net. Things like that happen all the time. It seems like really high risk for modest reward

  37. Every single time Hank is out playing the puck I start screaming, “WHAT IS HE DOING!?” and Mrs. Manny starts screaming, “GET IN YOUR NET YOU IDIOT!”

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    Haha yeah I do that too. NO HANK GET BACK IN THE NET

    Oddly enough I cant really remember any high profile Lundqvist mistakes like that leading to a goal. I’m sure they exist but I can’t think of any

  39. Ash banged all over the ice and jacked up that jerk who was running amok without taking additional minutes. Well done.

  40. Eric: no chance for the boys in San Jose? Didn’t you say the same thing about beating the Kings?

  41. Stranger Nation on

    Ash played his game, Dorset drew 2 penalties, Moore played smart; 4th line was trapped twice in own zone trying clear puck but Stralman was on ice soooooo…..

  42. Dorsett looked good, but its easy to envision him looking bad. Like “he’s out of control, he can’t be on the ice any more” bad. He’s like a seemingly unhinged version of Prust.

  43. Could just be the eyes, coos, but Prust always seemed under control, even when doing out of control things. Dorsett has those crazy eyes.

  44. :) Can’t disagree, Mister D. You kinda put your finger on something that seems (to me) to be true.

  45. Some of the niftiest, valuable plays on the ice go unmentioned because Micheletti is yakking about old war stories.

  46. “He comes from a terrible, terrible family, Sam. It’s a wonder he’s alive, let alone playing in the NHL.”

  47. Prust never crossed the line. Good point. He didn’t take ridiculous penalties. Dorsett gets excited and will probably end up taking some pretty bad penalties in the middle of the season.

  48. Stranger Nation on

    and such small thighs? I thought a player of his size would have strong thick thighs.

  49. I’ll admit I had a huge sigh of relief when I saw the blood spill out of Callahan’s mouth, and not grabbing his shoulder.

    Great game…hockey gods definitely called in a favor, but NYR looked like they belonged there.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Dosett is a guy you want on your team. Is he semi-crazy? Probably, but we need a little color on a team with little personality save for MZA/MDZ bachelor exploits and Johnson making an appearance when needed.

    Have you ever heard Richards talk? zzzzzzz

  51. I didn’t mean to disparage Mr. Dorsett. I enjoy him very much. Really happy to have him around.

  52. “The Sutters go off into the woods every summer, Sam. All of them. Darryl even had a hernia. Burt Reynolds came downstream in a canoe and hasn’t been seen since.”

  53. “Incredible family, Joe. And now they’re having children and their children are having children. Incredible.”

  54. your point number 5 Carp is the point a lot of us have been making about Boyle. if you are going to get that kind of ice time you have to produce. I thought Brassards line was much better last night. just need to finish. and since I mentioned Boyle, I thought he had a strong game.

  55. Oh yeah, I’m totally on board with DD. If you check the archives, during my incessant whining about losing Prust, Dorsett was the only real comp in the league in terms of regularly dropping the gloves while still having a tangible skill like playing the PK.

  56. “You know, I visited them up in the woods one year, Sam, and the most wonderful thing to see is that they all share one set of teeth that they keep outside on a small log, so whichever one of them needs to eat, teeth are always available. They’d give you the shirts off their backs if they had shirts.”

  57. _your point number 5 Carp is the point a lot of us have been making about Boyle. if you are going to get that kind of ice time you have to produce._

    But that’s not why he’s on the ice. He’s there to prevent production from the opponent, not to produce for the Rangers. Even at an overall minus, if its less of a minus than expected against top lines, its valuable.

  58. “They’re even having children with their children. They call it “power breeding” and let me tell you about the thighs on their new line of Sutters….”

  59. “You know, Sam, once I was out there in Viking, Alberta and my car broke down. Well I had nothing. No spare, no jack. You know. So I picked up my phone and I call Mr. Darryl Sutter and you know what, Sam? He picked up! 2:30 A.M. and he drives on out in his pickup truck and helps me change my tire. Well we just had a grand old time reminiscing while changing my tire and getting me back on the road. Sutters are top notch folks. Top Notch. No other person would have helped. I always make sure to break down in Viking so I can stop in on the Sutters.”

  60. Mister D,
    Boyle played close to 18 minutes last night, and was on the number 1 power play. Brassard played just over 15 minutes last night. I thought both had strong games. if you play those type of minutes you need to produce.

  61. “You know, Sam, once I shared a sleeping bag with the entire Sutter family. Well we just couldn’t tell whose thigh’s were which. Even the lady Sutters have legs like tree trunks. Muscles on top of muscles.

  62. Dorsett had 20 points and 235 penalty minutes for Columbus in ’11-’12. Maybe 5’10, 190, but always game.

  63. Boyle did produce. He produced a win. He was out there killing penalties, playing on the PP and playing even strength and you know what? The Kings didn’t score when he was on the ice! Production.

  64. _Boyle played close to 18 minutes last night, and was on the number 1 power play. Brassard played just over 15 minutes last night. I thought both had strong games. if you play those type of minutes you need to produce._

    But he didn’t play 18 minutes to score, he played 18 minutes to mitigate LA scoring. Until we’re allowed to dictate how much ice time other teams’ top 6 forwards get, Boyle’s minutes will look high to you.

  65. Thank you Carp for saying what I posted here a week ago. Didn’t anyone take French in high school? I remember when Jean Ratelle first came up they called him “gene” Our coach’s name is NOT A LANE. Pronounce it right! Shame on Boomer Essiason for not knowing it too.

  66. Two minor points. First, We now have 3 of the last 4 #1 draft picks in Hartford, is this a reflection of our “depth”, draft mistakes or our “talent” laden roster? (S)

    Second,anyone notice the Kings played down to the perceived opponent’s level?

  67. I don’t think it is a bad thing that 3 of the last 4 number 1 picks are in Hartford. I think it speaks of depth. add Kristo, and Lindberg to that mix. as far as LA playing down. every team that has the Rangers come into there building bring there A game. I have watched LA play quite a bit in the last couple of years, and I thought there pace was quicker than they normally play. they are always physical like they were last night.

  68. I agree bulldog. It’s a PROOOcess. Look at all our “home grown” players. They should be playing top minutes, and getting use to scoring on a PRO level.

    Just because you are a #1 pick, doesn’t mean you don’t have to PROVE yourself at the next level.

    Kristo, Kreider, Miller, & McIlrath should all dominate there first. Then earn their blueshirt stripes!!!

  69. 109 minor points in 2011-2012 season. 51 wins, every single time the opposition was playing down to their level. What a charitable year that was!

  70. 13) Time to bring out the staple gun.

    14) I flinch every time I hear an anglophone pronounce “Alain”.

  71. Stranger Nation on

    We also picked up 3 former #1 picks over the last year:
    Moore, Brass, Pullout
    2 are contributing…

  72. Stranger Nation on

    FWIW – start Moore and Stralment on the PP please. don’t get the Richie at point or Girardi getting major minutes.
    Both can handle the puck, get shots through and are less likely to give up a break away

  73. I would like to see Moore on the point, and Richie Rich on the half boards. Stat!

    How long until AV corrects this mistake of a power play he had on the ice last night?

  74. Rob in Beantown on

    I guess it’s either Biron tonight or Thursday. I think I might play him tonight so Lundqvist doesn’t have to go back to back, but I guess we’ll see.

  75. “Two minor points. First, We now have 3 of the last 4 #1 draft picks in Hartford, is this a reflection of our “depth”, draft mistakes or our “talent” laden roster? (S)”

    Courtesy of a friend of mine on another board. I think this shows that it is more a reflection of our depth and the talent on the roster than the latter. While it often seems (and I used to believe) that loads of first round draft picks make the jump, it is not so. Also, in each of these years, barely any of the following players were still available when the Rangers picked:

    Starting in 2007 and ending with 2010, I’ll give you the first rounder with the most NHL games, the list of players with at least 50% of that benchmark, and the Rangers pick:

    2007: Patrick Kane (448); Sam Gagner (414), Jakub Voracek (369), David Perron (342), Brandon Sutter (336), Karl Alzner (266), James Van Riemsdyk (247), Max Pacioretty (247), Kyle Turris (236). Rangers pick: Alexei Cherepanov (0).

    2008: Steven Stamkos (375); Drew Doughty (366), Luke Schenn (359), Joshua Bailey (331), Zach Bogosian (299), Tyler Myers (259), Mikkel Boedker (258), Michael Del Zotto (251), John Carlson (237), Luca Sbisa (236), Erik Karlsson (235), Alex Pietrangelo (226), Colin Wilson, (212), Jordan Eberle (197), Tyler Ennis (190). Rangers pick: Michael Del Zotto (251).

    2009: John Tavares (293); Matt Duchene (268), Evander Kane (263), Victor Hedman (260), Dmitri Kulikov (234), Marcus Johansson (186), Oliver Ekman-Larsson (180), Nick Leddy (178), Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson (163). Rangers pick: Chris Kreider (23).

    2010: Tyler Seguin (205); Cam Fowler (197), Alexander Burmistrov (194), Jeff Skinner (189), Taylor Hall (173), Ryan Johansen (109), Erik Gudbranson (106). Rangers pick: Dylan McIlrath (0).

  76. _FWIW – start Moore and Stralment on the PP please. don’t get the Richie at point_

    Agreed. He doesn’t add a lot and was mad slow on the SH breakaway.

  77. Great game -worth staying up for.

    That captain…He’s gotta have bunions on his onions.

    BOYle looked like a MANle out there.

    Richie Rich, 80 goal pace. Great story, let’s hope it’s true. And Sam n joe need to apologize, that was Pyatts hot potato that Girardi gave away, not 19.

    No one looked bad, except the refs. And no-stick quick.

  78. Aside from the goal, I thought Pyatt looked really strong, even skating semi-ok. And thank god that puck hit his lip given that no one is looking down from his eyes anyway.

  79. Stranger Nation on

    I’d go Hank tonite – he hasn’t looked sharp yet (his standard of sharpness, that is)

  80. Stranger Nation on

    Mr. D – agree on Pyatt – I am among the bashers (and deservedly so), but more than happy to be wrong. Could Vino know how to motivate him more than Tortles? Only time will tell.
    Still hate him on PK, especially with Bole

  81. If I’m playing Biron I would do it tonight. I would get him in the mix and give Hank the rest until the Ducks and Blues coming up. Both games are tougher than the Sharks.

  82. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards – two goals apparently not good enough
    2) Pouliot
    3) Pyatt
    4) Nash – apparently no goals = stunk
    5) D. Moore

  83. Aside from the fluke goal off Quick’s blocker, Nash has an assist on every single goal scored this season.

  84. ORR – the new Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Brittle ice cream with Caramel swirl is really, really exceptional. It hasn’t displaced Coffee Heath Bar as my favorite but it’s very, very close.

  85. SIOUX the correct pronounciation is Ah LAN. Alan with a bit of French nasal tone Ah Lan…not Ah Lane.

  86. I think it’s been around for a while. It’s pretty good. The Heath Bar flavors are good, but they’re wimpy with those Heath Bars. Sometimes you buy them and there’s scrapings.

    B&J’s has been disappointing. They need to step up their game. They haven’t been doing much lately.

  87. The cool thing about that place is they make EVERYTHING in house. Down to the minutia of the fillings. So they make their own caramel and roll it in chocolate before bashing it up for heath bar type filling. They also make Bourbon soft serve and Beer ice cream.

  88. I was surprised you didn’t turn that one into a Butt Man Magazine joke…otherwise known as my life.

  89. 0) Boyle
    1) Richards – two goals apparently should be good enough to get you off 1’st base. (ESPN) – C’MON MAN!!!

    2) Pouliot Not sure how he made it ahead of Pie-hat

    3) Pyatt – should have moved up the list, just because the others are moving down.

    4) Nash – apparently no goals – the pass that sets up the goal – should get him off the list on a WIN!

    5) D. Moore – nobody else to put on the list?????

  90. Stranger Nation on


    0 – No Bole
    1 – Pull-out
    2 – Stralsie
    3 – MDZ
    4 – Bucky
    5 – OPG

  91. Rangers good. Fun. (You’re allowed to play in opponents end last five minutes?)

    Blog bad. Getting worse. Trade everyone.

  92. Cooscoos…Basically. I cringe when I hear A Lane from people that should know better. We can say Jose correctly. We don’t say gose. We learned how to say Henri as “en ree” Not Hen Ree. We learned how to say Rod Gilbert properly. He’s our coach for crissake.

  93. I remember when Belmont had a jockey named Jorge Velasquez and everyone called him Georgie. :)

  94. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    I am glad to see no one is giddy after last night’s win. It was comforting, for sure, that we can stay with a team like that. A good 2 points.

    Don’t want to be a downer but this is regular season. I realize changes can be made. That said, I can’t see us being competitive in a long playoff series (or a few) against a team that big with the amount of players less than average size we have. LA, Boston, Chicago, etc., is tough and would grind us down in 7, Prust saying.

    It may work for the regular season (first half, especially), but when the going gets tough, will it?

  95. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    That said, for one night, there were a number of positives. Let’s see if the new ‘positive’ atmosphere stemming from the loss of Torts and the addition of AV has a positive emotional effect as well.

  96. 4generations 4 cups on

    wow acknowledgement of taylor pyatt. i though the played a fantastic game and cared about his shift every time he jumped over the boards. lets hope we can keep it up! LGR!

  97. All our scrappers are short and cruiserweights, but tough. We’ll need them. Guys like Boyle, Pysie, Cally, etc. will bang. Would be nice to have a dependable Undertaker on D, though, if he ever arrives, (literally and figuratively.)

  98. Americans can handle a correct pronunciation. I am sure that Ah Lan will not want to insult anyone and will live with his name being mangled. It just shows ignorance. We can handle Renee. We do not say re-knee.

  99. Isn’t Gravy the sole owner and operator of the WBM? Why is everyone getting all over him on this one? He’s Doing his best.

  100. They are all offended because Kevin Allen won this YSA hockey writer award. Great effort, Carp.

  101. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    4Generations, don’t know if you saw it, but AV leaned over to Pyatt to pat him on the back after one shift. A beautiful thing. Positive reinforcement, as much as I did like Torts, can go a long way.

    Let’s see if this can propel the boys forward!!! LGR!!!

  102. What’s mash potatoes without Gravy????

    Everything should be up for discussion.

    Yes it may be as futile as kicking dirt on the umpires shoes….. buy hey someone has to do it!!!

  103. Rob in Beantown on

    This is America! If you don’t like the WBM© you can create a competitor and let the free market decide which is better. Just don’t infringe on the copyright. That legal protection around that name is airtight.

  104. My thoughts on Pie-hat & Asham, vs the youth that is sent to Hartford.

    Miller, Kreider, & Kristo don’t have to pass waivers, and can’t be claimed, they are all easy to move back and forth.

    I’m thinking Pyatt and or Asham would have been picked up. Then there is the thought of we do need some solid size and grit on this team. It will be needed with the “Heavy” teams out west.

  105. I though in America we had the illusion of a free market but when the companies that fund the elected officials and their campaigns begin to flounder the government steps in and controls the “free” market. That’s not entirely Capitalism. Pure Laissez Faire Capitalism would probably horrify us and ruin our economy in about an hour.

  106. Rob in Beantown on

    I know Sioux. I’m just talking gibberish because I’m bored. I like your annotations to the WBM©

  107. Manny – it gets worse for the Air Force Hockey team.

    No game for them this weekend in Alaska. They are grounded. No Gas for the Plane :( No check for the Pilot :(

    Now that’s Obama’s Boys in control for you.

  108. Gravy – just think if they play more like last night.

    “We” can’t whip boys for the sake of whipping them can we?

    After a Win?

    I could see a couple of lashes for giving up the Puck and ruining Hank’s shutout. So would you whip all five that were on the ice?

    It’s not like they set the barn on fire!!!

  109. Same Line Up tonight!

    I guess Ah-LAN will keep the winning recipe on ice tonight!

    All systems go!

    Manny is you boy going to get a shutout tonight. It seems neither one of us can win that point this week?

  110. Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!!! Let keep the politics out of this. Until it effects the hockey, as it will in the WCHA this weekend.

    Has anyone been effected by the Gov. being “closed” this week?

  111. Just watched a replay of the ’76 Philthies/Red Army game and the Philthies ran them out of the building. That entire filthy Philthy team should be locked up.

  112. Rob in Beantown on

    Army was supposed to play Penn State in the first game at Pegula Arena this weekend, but now it looks like it will be cancelled. Funny that they let the service academies play football last weekend but won’t fly them out to play hockey this weekend.

  113. Army would have lost 57-6, so it’s best that the nation’s honor is upheld via non-funding. :)

  114. Rob in Beantown on

    They do. I remember going to a few games when I was a kid. There’s been talk for awhile about Navy starting a team and playing in Atlantic Hockey as a natural rival for Army. I don’t know if it will ever get off the ground, but apparently Navy already has a competitive club team and a rink.

  115. Health Clubs and Health Care.

    I’m thinking all of Congress, the Senate, and the President should have to pay for their health care and health clubs like we have to.

    You would think Obama would have his family on Obama care? Nope. Not a chance.

  116. Bear Bryant, old Crimson Tide football coach in reply to sportswriter who said to him that folks in Alabama thought he was born in a log cabin. “Not true, my first recollections are of a Manger.”

  117. Just watched the last two periods on DVR. I read the go time post this early am and was delighted to know we won.

    Who were those guys?

  118. How about #19 ? He was really back checking and going hard. So far, way better than I expected him to be.

  119. Good review Carp. Your right about that first line, and the time together looks like its helping.

    Got to say, last night was a pretty good 60 minute effort. Wonder if they can bring that same level tonight?

  120. Avs are going to be very good! Agree, they are fun to watch..

    NO! Orr, that IS a very scary thought! If Sather doesn’t pull the trigger on the buyout in the summer, the next GM and a new generation of fans will be stuck with him!

  121. Watching the game Jotes vs. Fishes (2:0 Isles), one can hardly comprehend how it was possible for us,(or any team at this matter),to lose to them.

  122. I hate realignment. 3 year minimum hopefully they change the playoff structure in few years. Playing 1st 2 rounds insid your division sucks.

  123. Panthers are an embarrassment. Their team motto is “We Will Fight” which is plastered on billboards down here in South Florida…They want people to think it’s UFC on ice…

  124. Flyers versus Tim Thomas is my own personal “I cannot bear to root for either” nightmare.

  125. I thought this team looked really good last night, for the most part. Did they really play that much better in game two or is it simply that 3-1 looks that much better?

  126. I think they really did play better Rangers West. They played with more effort for sure. Hope they can bring that tonight.

  127. Been a big Carp fan for too many years to mention! That’s why I’m a little surprised that after the 2nd game of the year you are calling out MZA for not creating offense. As you are well aware, in the short term you have to judge players (and lines, and teams) on chances not production. As the theory goes, if you are getting chances the production will come. Plus, MZA proved down the stretch and in the playoffs last year that he brings more to the table as a fore checker and defender earning ice time from Torts. The player on the 2nd line who I’m concerned about is Pouilot. Normally if a guy is that young and that skilled and has moved around that much … there is a problem somewhere. Jury is out on him but you should give MZA and Brass at least 10-15 games before judging them on point production!

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