It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Sharks


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Game 3.sharks
Rangers at Sharks.

Ya boys, on their one-game winning streak, face Jumbo Soft Shell Shrimp Joe Thornton and Co. They play the third of nine in a row on the road (No. 9 of 15 counting preseason).

Rolling the dice with the same lineup, which means Henrik Lundqvist in goal and Jesper Fast and Justin Falk both prucha’d.

That also means Martin Biron starts in Anaheim Thursday or St. Louis Saturday.


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  1. Doogie, Romeo of the Rink, his old nickname. A wild and crazy guy with a Canadian accent. Saturday Night Dead.

  2. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Not too sure but Clowe may be slower than Voynov who is, remarkably, slower than Pyatt.

  3. While they’re in SJ, Slats should ask the Sharks why they wanted to trade Clowe, an alternate captain, for draft picks while they considered themselves contenders.

  4. eddieIII down in the basement, talkin’ ’bout the government. Board Game Bishops and Beaujolais Nouveau with a bit of spherical trigonometry thrown in.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGERS lets gog gog og gog og og googogog!!!!


    IT IS TIME!!!!!!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I loveeeeeeeee late games!!!!!

    Callahan makes this team go Carp, you were right on that one .

    Nash is going to wanna score so LOOK OUT!!!!!

  6. eddie knocking down the Reisling now, gloating and musing on the standing O he got after his final lecture of last semester.

  7. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Carpy, great comment @10:24. Slats is probably in Banff anyway, why would he go to San Jose???

    Hey, we don’t need no stinkin’ draft picks, anyway. Let’s see how he throws away this years, too.

  8. hagerstown maryland rangers fan on

    Had Clowe not gotten his bell rung twice that trade in the short run might have been beneficial. Of course in the final analysis it was a brutal trade. I guess this comment is my best John Kerry imitation “I was for the war before I was against it”

  9. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Low budget tv coverage. Must be the impact of Richie Rockets salary

  10. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    And, what’s the reason we dont draft players like Hertl? Size, speed, talent? Hmmmmm….

  11. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Richards first shot was wide but it was a good shot, too. Niemii was fooled.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WE benched this guy in the playoffs!!!?????


  13. What’s with all this open space by sharks. Close gaps. Running around.

    Our def is going to take a beating tonight

  14. Stranger Nation on

    MDZ and Richards on ice at same time is dangerous unless we are on a 5v3, and then only slightly dangerous

  15. Hey Jay Gee! Question for Duguay: Have you ever seen a hockey game in which you were not also on the ice? #nyr

  16. Sharks are clearly the better team. Forecheck well, passes are crisp, fluid motion.Add Your Comment

  17. Hey John Gee! Question for Zucc: do you prefer Hagelin’s eyes or his Lustrious blonde hair? #nyr

  18. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    come on, Sam…Girardi gives the puck away, and McDonagh makes the save, and you give the credit to Girardi

  19. Quick question for Zucc: When’s your Bar Mitzvah coming up and what Torah portion are you chanting? #nyr

  20. Unlike yesterday, today is disastrous opposite so far – Debbies leading 2:0 and Rangers losing…

  21. Boyle gets a goal. Sorry Manny only one behind you now. You think Nash could get me one?

  22. Carp

    I wasn’t joking the last month. How many wins we getting in first 9. Maybe 3.

    I would sign for 3 of 6 pts in these 3 games sharks ducks blues.

  23. Is anyone else watching this “Consolidated credit” commercial? Every time this guy starts talking I think it’s one of those anti-smoking commercials.

  24. What really bothers me more then mistakes in defense, is inability to organize any sustainable offence.Besides the skills level, Why?

  25. This season will get real ugly before it gets started if Nash is out long term.

    I was so pessimistic over this 9 game trip now Nash we could be buried by November.

  26. does anybody think Brendan Shanahan’s wheel of random justice spins on this one? blow to the head, called by the refs. How does he not?

    But experience tells us he’ll jump through hoops to not suspend Stuart.

    This is where you really miss Torts’ postgame.

  27. No Nash? No Gaborik?

    Could someone tell Brassard & Zuc to start scoring!

    Who thought Richards was going to be our leading scorer?

  28. What in the world is Stralman doing out there!?!?!? He’s the one with the concussion I guess.

  29. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Uh….can we just stop this? Our high skilled team is getting mauled.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    you got to mix up the lines to put some grit with some skill for some defensive balance and O zone time

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Hank pulled –

    something you rarely see, a pass going through Girardi – yeah right sam

  32. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Sather: “Uh…Hank, my boy, let’s talk contract”

    Sather: “Please??”

  33. Where’s the compete level. If this is the best you got don’t waste my freaking time. Freaking skate. Yes there better this is a freaking embarrassment. I hate this freaking team. Pisses me off I root hard for ths team. What a moron I am.

  34. This is what happens when you mix Alain Vigneault with a team built for John Tortorella.


  35. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    This is about the most embarrassing 10 minutes I can remember as a 30 plus year fan.

    “Hey, Ulfie, put on a jersey. Get out there and show them how to fight!!!”

  36. Where was the timeout from av . Didn’t use it at all. Slow the game down. This coach sucks too.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    if Ex3 is there he will soon be reenacting the scene from Sideways when Paul Giamatti chugs the wine ‘bucket’

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    I watched Matt Nieto play at BU the last two years. Glad I got to see him score his first NHL goal against the Rangers

  39. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Well, this team isn’t built for fighting, but it is for a big comeback.


  40. Stranger Nation on

    Someone has to introduce the 19 yr old to the NHL game. Mr. Dorsett, please take your liberties

  41. Wonder if Kreider would get the call from Hartford to fill that need for a big fast forward w/ Nash seeing stars…

  42. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Hey, Joe. It may have hit a stick, but wasn’t MacD there to stop the puck from getting to the kid?????

    Geez, you suck.

  43. Get on the plane and get to Anaheim.

    Midnight in the east and this is what we have to put up with.

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Seriously though , Biron as a back up is really really bad.

    He looks so weak, we need to go find a goalie . Hank need real help.

  45. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Larry Robinson: “Pour it on boys. Pour it on. I hate them New York Rangers”.

  46. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    This is THE moment AV should send his fighters on to initiate and change the momentum.

    Oops, he has no fighters.

  47. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Lol, Papa.

    After last night I was actually thinking there might not be any “Fire Sather” chants this year. Man, was I wrong.

  48. Miami could relax in total satisfaction – game is literally his best(worse?) scenario and even better…
    Honduras league is calling…

  49. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    There had to be a let down after Torts leaving. Not so sure that’s the whole picture here.

    And, sadly, Richards looks better than he did last year.

  50. I’m here … relaxed as can be.

    What have I been saying for literally years now?

    This is the culmination of all my comments.

    The climax of their amateur-hour, bush-league, no-talent circus act.

  51. Torts would have ripped team a new one in halfway through 1st and used his timeout.

    Down 6-1 AV didn’t even use it. Would have mattered no but still how is that possible.

    What I find funny is when they introduce team on October 28th how am I suppose to act in my seat at 1-7-1.

  52. Is Zucc simply too weak to score in the NHL? Skate like h–l, kid, but you gotta put the puck in the net.

    Rangers look bad. Hank looks bad.

    Where’s Quick when you need him? x7.

  53. If I were Callahan (since our sucking candy fiend of a coach won’t) id absolutely blast these a-holes inbetween periods… What a bunch of lethargic pansies.

  54. When are fans going to realize it’s not about coaching, it’s about a team without enough talent? So, ya know, management.

  55. doesn’t it seem like they rarely show AV’s reaction to the play? The camera seemed to be always on Torts. Is AV going around trying to get the momentum changed by talking to the players or doesn’t he coach like that?

  56. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Well, the only thing I look forward to is Carpy’s review tomorrow.

  57. Shut Sam up please …. The words “nice play by brad richards” should NEVER leave his mouth when down 6-1….

  58. Man I feel bad for the team , soon as they get home they should come to my place for pizza and beer , well I’m glad this cant be blamed on me

  59. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    This SJ is a very, very, very good team. Well put together, too. They could, however, use the speed of Clowe.

  60. Rangers Report ?@rangersreport 18s

    Can’t wait for Doogs to start rolling out the two in two nights excuse … among others.

  61. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    AV: “Listen, guys, we’re only down by 5, got one period to go. Lost our star. He’ll be out for weeks. But the season just began. Let’s go out there and outmuscle, I mean, out skate, I mean, out skill, …uh…let’s just go out there…”

  62. Carp

    Maybe a point vs Phil or devs. Def not both.

    Game freaking 3 and my blood pressure at freaking midnight is through the roof.

  63. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    AV: “Uh, do you guys know how to drop down on the ice and block shot?? Just asking. Just asking.”

  64. Besides Edmonton / Phoenix / Carolina…. We’re the softest team in the league. Jumbo joe was right… Just off by a few years. Oof… What a bunch of cream puffs.

  65. this is how I expected them to look playing LA since how they looked playing them in pre-season. had hoped they had turned a corner. talk about jekyll and hyde team in two games

  66. eric, I agree about time out. I said to my brother, jpg why doesn’t AV call a time out to stop the momentum?

  67. Maybe they’ll score 150 on us so bill pee-dough can show all 150 goals in 150 seconds.

  68. “When are fans going to realize it’s not about coaching, it’s about a team without enough talent? So, ya know, management.”

    Yeah, right? Tortorella coaching obviously had nothing to do with this teams successes.

    NYR Country Club has opened it’s doors once again.

    and Vancouver will make it to the Conference Finals.

  69. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    While we looked inept against Phoenix, the Isles score six.

    Gonna be a long year.

  70. Nash sticks up for Stepan. Who sticks up for Nash? I knew this would happen. Every team knows if you remove Nash, you’re playing the Sisters of Charity.

  71. I agree. I think this year is going to be a disaster.

    And don’t give me the “they need to learn the system” BS.

    There is no system that fixes lack of talent.

    Call back THE Kreider and Miller Time ASAP before this sinking ship hits the Mariana’s Trench.

  72. but but but but but Tortorella was mean….and we’re going to score *more goals* under this new system

  73. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    We can agree to disagree. Torts got a ton out of this team 2 years ago, and it was a crappy roster then, too. He rode them well last year. He is a solid coach. It wasn’t gonna work another year.

    Not saying he didn’t do a good job. But, look at the roster and tell me there’s a coach to win the cup with this crew. That’s all.

  74. The timeout wouldn’t have mattered I just can’t fathom and you don’t use it.

    More nights like this hank extension seems further away.

    Brassard Moore Dorset for gaborik.

    No thanks. Torts didn’t want gaborik yet torts ain’t here.

    Everything about MSG and how they run things from top on down sucks.

  75. Stranger Nation on

    you cant roll out Pullout and MZA and expect to compete in this league…you just cannot do that

  76. Evrocks in the Rangers Socks on

    This is flat out pathetic. At least try and hit someone and fake like you care.

  77. The Dominican Sisters of Charity were more than capable. In fact they put many a good whoopin on young Papa Bear during my formative years.

  78. “How long before Hank gets this coach fired?”

    How long before we start thinking about what kind of return we could get on Lundqvist in his final contract year, instead of paying him $8M for the next 8 years until he’s 40?

  79. Sam: “what’s the coach looking for in this period, joe?”

    Joe M. “An out in his contract, Sam.”

  80. If we’re out of playoff contention by the trade deadline, move Hank for as many picks and prospects as possible. Rebuild.Add Your Comment

  81. AV: “Ash, go out there and make a statement.”

    Ash: “Screw you. You go out there and make a statement.”

  82. This might be the worst team we’ve seen in these parts in quite some time. Quite some time.

  83. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Clowe get hurt tonight? He went to the bench in pain in the second.

  84. LOL After Biron ices the puck from his crease, 200 feet down the ice, Micheletti says: “He makes subtle plays out there to help his defensemen clear the zone.”

  85. Matty… Look at this Roster… Soft Serve. Only way we improve is to make a significant trade or two and we don’t have the assets to do it.

  86. “But, look at the roster and tell me there’s a coach to win the cup with this crew.”

    Missing the point, as usual. I’m not even really sure what you’re trying to say with that post.

    Giving up 6 goals in 2 periods under Tortorella is nearly unthinkable.

    It doesn’t happen. Get a clue if you’re going to respond.

    You’re clearly the type of guy who wanted Tortorella gone, so I hope you’re enjoying the game tonight and getting used to the new guy. You deserve it.

    And I don’t think this is “just a bad game”…I think this is a real disaster, the culmination of several very, very bad management decisions. The next of which will be paying Lundqvist big money and big years to stay here.

  87. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Craig, we have been down traded by a GM that has been taken advantage of repeatedly, Two years ago a great coaching job got us close with crap. Since then, our roster has been decimated.

  88. Finally someone doing something when the game is out of reach. Garbage time, Boyle TimeAdd Your Comment

  89. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Salty, learn to read. I know you’re upset, but if you are going to communicate, that’s the first step.

    There is no one here that has lauded Torts or condemned Slather more than I. Take a look at my name.

    I will not be offended. I understand a loss like this is painful. I, too, agree, it it the culmination of years of dreadful management. I just disagree that Torts is THE only answer here. It is way deeper. It is the process of talent selection which has been flawed for years.

    Do you know who is in charge of that?

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Between his legs!!???? Wow can Nash do that????

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hertl gets four. If only his name was Jessiman. Almost time to put Lundqvist back in. 8-2. It wasn’t that close…

  92. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    I do think we all need to understand this is a really fine team, SJ. They pretty much have it all.

    When looking back at this score, let us all remember these guys let up big time in the 3rd. This could be 12, 13, whatever.

  93. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    OLGGGGAAAAA??????????? Thou hast arrived….

    DO YOU HEAR THE CHANTS AT MSG?????? Let me hear it……….

  94. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Olga, do you think the coaching change is THE reason this team lost like this? Is it all coach, or is there a little more to it??

    Just curious.

  95. Matty the roster construction is horrific. there is no top line talent, weak top 6, only a couple reliable D, very weak bottom 6Add Your Comment

  96. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Asham slashes Stuart because he can’t beat him up. It gets better.

    Good luck, AV. Good luck.

    Just like the last 12 years. Here’s a pile of crap, go out and coach. If you lose, you’re fired. But I stay.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers haven’t loss this bad ever…Our Coach looks puzzled.

    Sorry Manny , its the coach and probally the GM.

  98. Olga Folkyerself on

    No Matty, it a culmination of bad drafting, bad coaching picks, bad UFA signings, bad player development, bad trades, bad ownership, and most of all bad management.

    Otherwise, OK…

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yo , ORR Asham is useless..hes was never Colton Orr.

  100. “do you think the coaching change is THE reason this team lost like this?”

    There is no other reason to lose like that. GET A CLUE.

  101. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Anyone wonder if Stuart’s hit gets reviewed by the wheel of justice? Seems like head hunting to me.

  102. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    There most certainly is moron. How about not having enough talent? How about not having any usable size? How about not having anyone that can clear the crease? Shoot from the point? Control the PP? Put the puck in the net? Fight? Protect your finesse players? Have finesse players?

    Look, if you are saying Torts doesn’t lose this 9-2? Maybe. But the problems, as I have been saying for years, go much deeper.

    Grow up. Learn how to read.

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    You can’t lay this solely on the coach. It takes a multi-year screw-up to accomplish this.

  104. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Thank you, Olga, for your 1:01 AM comment.

    I agree. Apparently someone here thinks it’s all because of AV. Imagine.

  105. That kid’s girlfriend is looking down at the ice and realizing her relationship is about to implode as he becomes an NHL star and leaves her in the dust.

  106. we had a lead in this game, let’s not forget. that must count for somethingAdd Your Comment

  107. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    As I said here earlier this morning, even if we beat a team like LA as we did in a regular season game, given our lack of size and team toughness, there’s no way we can win a series or two in the playoffs against that kind of size. Even if we were to get there, a Boston would manhandle us as they did last year.

    What’s management thinking? Ill planned. Ill conceived. Poor management. Dreadful

  108. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Carps review should be interesting. Wonder if he’ll blame the sticks lying on the ice and the puck hitting the ref.

  109. Matty size has nothing to do with it. lack of skill is why we can’t beat good teams in a playoff series.Add Your Comment

  110. “But the problems, as I have been saying for years, go much deeper.”

    oh yeah, you’re a real hockey wiz huh?

    Tortorella got the most out of this team, for better or worse. He works well with limited rosters, especially ones that fit his style. You’re just a fool if you think this embarrassment would have happened with Tortorella behind the bench, and you’re a DAMN fool if you think this team is better off with Alain Vigneault coaching, of all people.

    and just to *stuff it a little deeper,* I have been saying this was coming since AV was hired…pretty obvious his style was not going to work with this roster.

    You don’t craft your team to appease a coach and then fire him 2 months later. You just don’t do that.

    I hope Lundqvist is proud of himself.

  111. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Olga, I honestly think this is the year the cigar chomper goes. If this road trip goes as Eric forecasts, there could be ‘Fire Sather’ chants opening night, which would be unheard of. Dolan will have to listen in time. That’s my end of year, we don’t make the playoffs prediction. Heard it here first.

  112. Evrocks in the Rangers Socks on

    This team was built for Torts not Vigneault. That’s a huge problem. Nobody cares in this game. Did they throw a single hit in this game? It was all about the poke check.
    You’re best player gets an elbow to the head and nobody makes that guy pay; and I’m including Boyle’s 4 mins for yapping and grabbing.
    The Florida Panthers lost 7-0 to the Blues the other night and there were almost 100 penalty minutes. That’s a team that did something about their embarrassment. St. Louis will remember that when they meet again. All San Jose’s going to remember about this one is a walkover.
    Tonight, the best part about being a Ranger fan is living in Florida. It’ll be easier to forget this one. But it won’t be that easy.

  113. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Tomas Hertl was a 17 pick in 1st round. He looks to be a good player.

    How many picks around that number have we had last 10 years? Where are they?

  114. Olga Folkyerself on

    I sure hope so Matty. The “Fire Sather” movement of a few years ago never hit the critical mass needed to force the change. Maybe now, the time has come.

    Salty is missing the bigger picture. Torts might have only lost 7-2, and Lundqvist is just about the only thing Sather got right in 14 years.

  115. Olga Folkyerself on

    Evrocks- so how does a GM build a team for a particular coach, and then fire THAT coach and hire one that doesn’t fit the personnel he just acquired? Who’s fault is that?

  116. Interesting to conjure that kid skating around smiling after his fourth ice circus goal against the ’75 Flyers. His girlfriend would be visiting him in traction.

  117. “First and foremost, the Rangers sure look like a better team when Ryan Callahan is out there. And there’s hardly ever a game when you say, did Callahan do anything?”


  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I’d be chanting ” FIRE AV ” , Sathers going no where you knuckleheads

  119. “I hope Lundqvist is proud of himself.”

    If your post had any legitimacy before this phrase, it’s gone.

  120. Cally gets his teeth knocked out, Nash goes off with another elbowed headache and it’s not only la-di-da, they lose by 7. Banff trip really brought these guys together.

  121. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE AV solves nothing, dopamine. Whether Sather is going anywhere or not, HE’S the one that NEEDS to go…

  122. Matty, I second all of your motions, the Rangers’ scouting personnel has been terrible for decades, Mr Clark is highly overrated and possibly stuck in the old hockey, pre no redline…
    But no matter how hard we fret, someone has more staying power than any amount of common sense.

  123. For all those wondering, this all started with the Nash trade. Gut a team for overpaid top players and the rest of the roster gets real thin.

    Forget about Torts’ team, Renney trotting out Brad Isbister and Marcel Hossa on the first line was better than this team.

  124. Rangers didn’t look like they gave a crap after the first period and may well have forgotten Rick Nash was even on the team

  125. no, this started with Glenn Sather being an abysmal GM and having an utterly inept owner holding the line for him

  126. It’s not about going after Stuart, it’s about going after the Sharks in general. Nobody can figure out what hapenned tonight, a coach’s nightmare.

  127. I’ve heard a lot of dual Knicks and Rangers fans complain that Dolan gets too involved in Knicks business and fortunately lets the Rangers be. When Uncle Glen is running the show, it doesn’t quite work out that way. Gorton needs to take over real soon.

  128. Evrocks in the Rangers Socks on

    Even Biron looked like he didn’t give a rat’s on a bunch of the goals. The only person that looked pissed on the Rangers was Henrik.

  129. Ash did go after Stuart, slashing him and challenging him, but Stuart demurred. But newbear is correct, it’s about us going after their team in general that will produce wins.

  130. You give me eight million dollars and you want a wheelbarrow full of goals, you had better put someone on the ice who will see to it that I’m not concussed every six games.

  131. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    on from a Vancouver fan:

    I’d like to give an educated perspective to Ranger fans who might be in disbelief right now.

    I’ll admit I was skeptical of Torts being hired at first, but I was never skeptical about the fact that AV needed to go. I’m going to say something that a lot of people might disagree with: In my opinion, AV is not a very good coach. After the first season he coached for the Canucks, I really believe that it was the team’s skill and natural chemistry that took them to the lofty highs, and had very little to do with AV pushing buttons behind the bench. He’s terrible at adjustments, (IE Chicago meltdowns) he’s a very poor motivator, he’s absolutely awful with young talent, (especially in terms of putting them in situations to succeed) and he lets his team go through long stretches of incredible complacency/nonchalance on the ice, WAY too often.
    Yes, some of the onus is on the players, but I’d be very worried if I was a Ranger fan. AV isn’t the offensive juggernaut some misinformed people thought they were getting, and as I said before, I really believe that after his first great season with a retooling Canucks roster in 06, it was the player’s natural ability that made him look good for so many years in Vancouver, not the other way around.

    Also, congrats to Hertl on an excellent performance.

  132. Evrocks in the Rangers Socks on

    Of course NHL Network doesn’t stay up late enough to care about last night’s ranger game but can’t stop showing highlights from tonight’s embarrassment.

  133. Lloyd – yes, but Torts was 3 periods away from a cup final with a rag tag team of grinders that no team looked forward to playing. In order to beat the Rangers, you had to earn your 2 points every night, and if you weren’t ready to do that then you were going to suffer the consequences.

    Then because the team had some slight problems scoring, Slats changes the whole look of the team to be more offensive. Problem is the blocking shots helped out Girardi/McD/etc so much that when you lost that, the defense looks like crap.

    It was just like when Renney managed to be 4 periods away from beating a completely superior Buffalo team in 07, only to blow it up to waste $7 mil on two above average centers in Drury and Gomez. He ditched Cullen, Nylander, and a few other guys that made it work under Renney instead of trying to keep it together.

    And the problem is that Rangers fans fall for it every time. “Omg we have Gomez. Omg we have Richards! Omg we have Nash!” And it goes all the way back to “omg we have Messier back!” Even though he was at the end of his career and should’ve been a 3rd line player.

    Sather needs to go, but Rangers fans need to stop putting star names over the team. If Henke is traded, so many would cry about it when in reality with where this team is, it makes hockey sense to spread that 8 mil over a few quality young players. Don’t tell a Rangers fan that though because salary cap management and picking players based on the style of the team matter way less than having big names on the roster…

  134. Anyone notice that no one’s touched Richards in three years except the one time he was pushed from behind? – And that he, himself, has touched no one in three years? The ice cream float.

  135. Evrocks in the Rangers Socks on

    Fine. Torts isn’t coaching the team anymore so the lack of defense isn’t that surprising….but NINE goals? And where’s the offense we were promised? The penalty kill has been pathetic and tonight’s power play (save for the 5 on 3) was just as embarrassing as the defense.

  136. “For all those wondering, this all started with the Nash trade.”

    Have to agree to an extent.

    Still wish we included Kreider at the deadline for Nash. Would have been our chance to win.

  137. To that Vancouver Fan :

    Darling, this is New York City and our “shelf life” is shorter than elsewhere in Asia. So watch AV steam his own dumplings in good time. After all, LaViolette is now available.

  138. I think AV didn’t call a time out because he doesn’t know most of his players’ names.

  139. Evrocks – the defense was made to look better by Torts’ system. All 5 guys on the ice were inside the circles and they blocked everything.

    Whenever they’d give up a bad goal, you’d see all 6 D except maybe Staal just puck watching and swinging around. With the forward help in the slot, it didn’t happen much and shots were from 100 feet out.

    AV has then chasing the points so the slot is wide open. Torts knew something that was blatantly obvious but most didn’t see. In order to win, they needed everyone playing D in tight, not chasing because the D-men aren’t fast enough, tough enough, or smart enough to be shutdown pairings by themselves.

  140. “on from a Vancouver fan:”

    sad that you needed someone to spell that all out for you

    I’ve been saying those exact things ALL SUMMER. He is a BAD CHOICE.

  141. And playing an “offensive” system doesn’t mean more goals. If it did, every coach would play it. It’s the personnel on your roster that creates goals. Even if they did get more, they wouldn’t be good enough defensively to make up for it. Going to be a long year and an even longer offseason when you realize this team has absolutely no direction.

  142. Ranbgers wn next game. NYR fans all over the globe:
    ‘This tea,m is awesome!’

    ‘AV really got them playing well!’

    ‘Torts who?!’

    ‘Glad we got Nash! He’s a beast!’

    ‘Hank in mid-season form! Gotta love him!’

    ‘They’re moving in the right system seems to get the best outta them’

    ‘Told you guys! It’s not about the talent! It’s about playing the system right!’

    ‘Add Your Comment’

  143. Lol CCCP. It’s true.

    I didn’t like last years team and I hate this one outside of the Moore and Pouliot signings. So while I hope they do well and prove me wrong, I’m going to be down on this team all year even if they make the playoffs.

    I said Columbus and the Fish Sticks would have better seasons coming up than the Rangers and I’m sticking to that.

  144. I’ll re-post this observation of mine some time later again :
    The Ice Hockey has increasingly become a head game, the more speed and player mass had been added, plus some unfortunate rule tampering.
    This situation makes for some uncertain times for the coaches who, in addition, are given no choice as to what is their roster.
    The only alternative for YOU is to remain a bitching fan, calling for anyone’s head, whatever the occasion.

  145. Evrocks in the Rangers Socks on

    I haven’t gotten it yet either, but because I’m still playing the last one……..and fatty’s on the cover. Hehe

  146. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So I’m not reading all the old comments, but only way this could have been better is if Richards got hurt with a season ending injury!!

    And btw that vanilla D some of you guys love so much sure is soft and was pretty bad tonight.

    If Nash is out for a while, how long before latendresse is signed or we trade all our “garbage” for vanek?

    80-2 is still a good season record.

  147. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Reminds me of the Dallas debacle a few years back that ended up as the end for valequette.

  148. Yeah Latendresse is what we need… another stiff to complete the set.

    and let’s face it… most of the goals that went in (didnt see the game but saw the highlights) were from some broken plays and Biron was awful!

    I will give this team 10 more games… if nothing changes then i’ll begin to panic

  149. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Nash is dizzy from the hit from Stuart CCCP. Hes done like dinner . Biron has more holes then swiss chesse and our defense got “owned ” tonight. On the bright side Nash could be back in a month and its only our second loss of the season. AV look puzzled and I think if this keeps up him and Hank will be gone.

  150. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    When the Sharks fans started chanting ” we want 10 ” it was a sad time to be a Ranger fan. Our team did hold the puck and staop that from happening. The one goal bounced off the glass and in front of a spratic Biron and got tapped in easy .
    If Biron is in net against ST.L we are in for some big trouble…

  151. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I didn’t say that is what I wanted re latendresse, just seems like a sather move.

    I agree re not panicking at this point.

  152. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I thought the elbow was way up Wickey .Didn’t see if he left his feet ..

    Carp you prob could of put ;

    It’s Go-nzo Time!

  153. I love this team….when they show up. Just looks like they binned it after the 1st period.
    As for those Vancouver fan comments, every team has fans with differing opinions, for every guy like that there will be one thinking AV is a coaching genius.

    We lost. We’re 1 game below .500. Step back from the cliff guys.
    Roll on the next game.

  154. Evrocks in the Rangers Socks on

    One bad thing about being in Florida is having to watch the San Jose feed on left-of-center ice. They didn’t even show the Stuart elbow or any replays of it. Just all of a sudden there was a power play. Horrible announcers and video feed.

  155. Stranger Nation on

    Wasnt an elbow, it was a shoulder to the head and Nash has to do a better job ptotecting himself.

    the whole team was flat like 3 month old soda on the counter and the Sharks chewed us up and spit us out.

    A tale of two games; it was the best of times and the worst of times.


  156. Due to some big-mouth at work this morning, today’s BANJing has been cancelled. Hope we’ll have more Rangers than Wolfpack for the home opener.

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