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1) The Rangers’ pace was much, much better than in past years, and will be a more enjoyable watch … if and only if it’s successful. And if they can maintain it against more gifted offensive teams. For those keeping score at home, it’s now 10 goals in seven games under Alain Vigneault … and I know, the preseason games don’t and shouldn’t count. But when are the goals going to arrive? I mean, are they coming by boat?

2) The power play bodies and pucks to net philosphy was pretty evident, eh? And the top guys made some pretty good plays on the PPG by Marc Staal and on some of the chances on the other power plays. Very cool pass by Nash to Staal.

3) That first goal, fourth line vs. Your New NYR first line … geez. And Henrik Lundqvist’s got to be better than that with the puck behind the net. But also Derek Stepan — playing his first preseason game — lost the puck in front and Nash had a chance to take the scorer, Chipchura, and didn’t. Despite the assist, Nash — who sleep-walked through the preseason — was god-awful most of the night.New York Rangers v Phoenix Coyotes That lost puck that directly led to the fourth goal … then risking injury in a fight … though he gets points from me for sticking up for Stepan.

4) How often are we going to hear, again this year, how the Rangers lost momentum when they took a penalty? Every time they take a penalty? And, so, is this going to be another year of “we have to stay out of the box.” Because, you know,  you really can’t play that way, not taking penalties ever, and having every one bite you in the butt.

5) Tell me your heart didn’t stop when Ryan McDonagh took that puck to the mug.

6) Gotta say that I didn’t mind Brad Richards game on the wing, for the most part. I thought he did some good things, and we know he can shoot it from the circles. His skating wasn’t noticeably bad. Good signs?

7) But I thought Stepan was way behind the play. As probably should have been expected.

8) Boy, that hybrid icing is an exciting play.New York Rangers v Phoenix Coyotes

9) By the way, this notion that Staal never got PP time … well, he kinda missed a ton of games the last few years. I remember him being really good when he got chances on the power play, and I seem to remember him scoring a huge playoff goal on the power play. The guy made, like, one mistake all game last night, and was pretty sensational.

10) Actually, I thought all six defensemen were pretty darn good … given the new system and all. The second goal, it would be tough to blame them after the long, long shift, and given that Dan Girardi had his man physically tied up.

11) That penalty against Girardi in the third=Pansification.

12) MSG didn’t even wait for the first puck to drop before hitting us with a Knicks promo. Some things don’t change. Then it was a constant assault.

13) It almost seemed as if there were no lockout at all this year.

14) Good gosh, is Phoenix really that much more skilled than the Rangers, too? Is Radim Vrbata that much better than Nash or Richards? And did Derick Brassard play? Mike Smith was the best player in the game, and that pass he made to force Girardi and McDonagh and John Moore to stay on the ice for the second goal was an enormous play in the game.

15) The upcoming three in four nights against the California powerhouses, followed by a fourth in six nights in St. Louis, might be a tad difficult for ya boys.

*************************************New York Rangers v Phoenix Coyotes
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marc Staal.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. J.T. Miller.

The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brad Richards.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Mats Zuccarello.

Gravy’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marc Staal – best of the worst; showed some good offensive instincts,
threw some decent checks, but was a little sloppy on some coverage.
2. Brad Richards – resembled the player from two years ago; had and set
up some good scoring opportunities, plus no blue line drop passes.
3. Rick Nash – bit of a stretch, but defending a teammate always scores
points and he did set up Staal.

Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marc Staal.
2. Brad Richards.
3. tie, Rick Nash and Derek Stepan.


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  1. Sorry for the delayed morning post … I hit the wrong button on the edit page that allows me to schedule the post to show up in the morning. That’s what happens in Game 1 … and at 2:30 a.m.

  2. Man, my first Carping: Repost:

    I thought alot of good happened last night surrounded by some obvious bad.

    The defensive zone coverage was atrocious. It seemed to me at times that the defensemen and forwards were mentally trying to process the new scheme instead of just acting on interest.

    In addition you saw when things got scrambly they sort of reverted to torts style instead of being composed and making short passes to get out of danger.

    That sort of thing takes time to get used to since it has to be 2nd nature and changing it after a few years of doing it one way isn’t easy.

    I think the PK was the thing that concerned me the most. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what the differences scheme wise for the PK were but the slow reaction times of pyatt and boyle were much more readily apparent than they were last year.

    IMHO I thought Richards looked decent much better than he did last year so there is that.

  3. saw the middle of the game only and again, i really hope that it isn’t the case where we’re searching for goals all year long, but at the same time, i can’t see how we’re scoring a bunch with this group. the skill just isn’t there.

    i really hope nash wakes up from his slumber that has now lasted since the beginning of the playoffs… i miss gaborik. he’s due for 40 this year

  4. The only line that showed anything was Zucc-Brass-Pouliot, and even then it wasn’t much. Brutal effort.

  5. I see lundqvist having his worst year as a ranger, least amount of wins and the highest goals against average as a ranger. It’s going to be a long season but things can change during the season like roster spots, call ups, trades. It will be a very interesting season. Right now, today, this team is not very good. The way I see it right now they will be lucky to have 2 wins after the first 9 games. If they do get it together they will be fighting for the last wild card spot.

  6. Smith PP pass was a reminder of something we’ll never see from the Rangers. Hard to believe that can’t be taught to as superb an athlete as Lundqvist. Does he even want to improve that part of his game, I wonder.

  7. Mike Richter was worse, and he’s in the US Hall of Fame, has his number retired and has a major college award named after him.

  8. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Terrible game. I know it’s a new coach and all, but they looked completely disorganized. They had trouble getting out of their zone all night, and there didn’t seem to be much of a battle plan.

    And the talent level is sooooo thin. I can’t think of a decent offensive threat since Jagr-Nylander-Straka (if I forgot a really good line, please don’t pile on).

    Adding Cally and Hagelin don’t make us top-six fearsome.

    Why is this organization so inept at drafting or signing offensive talent? With all the hand-wringing about Hank, maybe we should analyze why we haven’t scored consistently since the ‘04-’05 lockout.

    And as for Nash, at least he showed a pulse in his dancing bear act with Hanzal.

    A crappy morning and three more days to think about it.

  9. I only saw the first period so can’t really comment other than to say can someone tell Lundqvist to just stay in the net. It’s been 8 years and he still can’t handle the puck.

  10. Well What can you say, it
    Doesn’t take 50 games to figure out that this team lacks a bruising damn and anyone with the skill of say oh I don’t know..Marian Gaborik? Would have been interesting to see him in this new system.

    Stepan’s going to need a few weeks and will be fine.

    Nash isnt consistent in being the player he was hyped up to be when he arrived.

    Vignealt the carpathian is gonna feel the pressure quick if this road trip is a disaster. Right??

  11. I watched replay of the coyotes 2nd goal. Can someone please explain to me how that wasn’t goalie interference? The coyotes player was in the crease, made hard contact with lundqvist which spun Lundqvist 180 degrees which than left a wide open net for the other coyote player to score. The NHL at there best.

  12. Carp, not gonna remember or care about this game come January or February so I’m not too bummed about the outcome or the way they played. I believe the team will be right in the middle of things come December/January. Gotta say thank you though (for #12) , because I’ve been screaming (usually to myself) about how MSG promotes the Knicks ad nauseum throughout Ranger games and they started immediately last night!! Arrrghhh!!!

  13. I wonder if this time is going to be like Washington last year, in that it took them about half a season to learn Oates system and then when it clicked they were pretty great. I thought there was a LOT of confusion in the defensive end. Phoenix would have the puck and it seemed to me that a lot of the players stood around unsure whether to stay back in the old Torts style or crash the man with the puck. Instead they just stood there allowing Phoenix to move the puck. The few times they did actually attack the man, they got mostly good results (I didn’t see the third period, so I’m just observing this from the first two).

    Stepan looked rusty, Nash seemed much like the player we saw in the playoffs, very tentative. And he was horrible on that first PHX goal (which was the perfect example of what I said above).

    Staal, if he stays healthy and plays like that, he’s a Norris Trophy candidate and we’ll be just fine.

  14. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Thought maybe nash was a healthy scratch, until I noticed he got in a fight over a hit that was a penalty–when Girardi did it anyway.

  15. On that first goal. Stepan not only lost the puck, he was as close to a goal scorer as was Nash. Both of them were looking behind the net. 75K per year extra that he was able to extract from Sather will delay his adjustment by a couple of more games.

  16. Steve- Coyotes have been playing under Tippett for a few years now, same system, and, in essence, same players. There is something to say about organizational stability. The Rangers will take time to adjust and play that new, exciting system. If it works, everyone will be happy, and they will be very exciting to watch. Do they have the right players? I hope so.

  17. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I think Callahan makes a big difference to the team, but they will still not score a ton.

  18. Hey guys, missed the game last night because I was travelling to Pennsylvania. How much did we win by?

  19. Morning Boys!

    Can’t say they dropped one last night, but there goalie was better than ours last night!

    Road games are always a flip of the coin.

    Dave Tippet out coached us, he was a Great Player for the Sioux back in the day, and his name is on the Stanley Cup Wall. Hat tip to Tipper!!!

    Besides their goalie was better than ours last night!

    Vrbata = Monster with the puck! Yup he’s that good.

    So do you think we can steal one against the Kings or Sharks?

  20. Why would Lundqvist need to practice puckhandling? He’s had Marek Malik, Wade Redden, Bryan McCabe, Michael Del Zotto to move it for him.

  21. Ilb I’m not sure we have the skill to run AV system, and score. But I did like the up tempo style of the game. First Period was fast paced.

    Unfortunately, after a long week out west, I didn’t make it to the end.

  22. Seriously, MSG marketing is awful. They DO realize that there were maybe like 2 or 3 people tops watching the game last night who care a little bit about the Knickerboxers.

    Oh, right, the game. Well, I guess 81-1-0 isn’t bad.

  23. People are realizing Nash isn’t an elite player? They are realizing that maybe Torts played a defensive system because he didn’t have the offensive horses to play more of an open game?

    No way, nobody predicted this last year!!!

  24. Ilb it may take the whole Road Trip before Stepan is up to speed. Joys of sitting out I guess.

    Zucc almost had one last night! Game of inches I tell you.

  25. We were promised that AV’s system would produce more goals…they never said for which team.

  26. Carp – Vrbata is one of the most underrated players in the league. He got a bad deal because of his one year in Tampa (had some family issues and wanted to go back to Phoenix), but his talent level is up there with the 2nd tier of star players. He’s a 50-60 point guy and gets paid a whopping $3 mil to do so. For 25-30 goals every year, I’d say that’s a pretty damn good deal.

    Yergs – a lot of people who watch the Rangers are Knicks fans too. Not everyone obviously, but there are a lot of casual Rangers fans that watch the Knicks.

  27. The day the Rangers announced that they would not buy out Richards is the day I knew this was probably going to be an especially painful season..

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Nash was not to blame on that first goal, that’s really being picky. Hank whiffs again playing the puck, for some reason DelZaster and Moore both try to stop the pass and not take a man, but Step not having the ‘hockey sense’ to know that D is coming down to hem in the zone and Richards not warning him was the ultimate reason.

  29. Stranger – it was really a breakdown of all of them on that shift. DZ and Moore were just spread out and got all screwed up because of Hank’s poor puck play. So they couldn’t even get in position to take the man (if they did they probably would’ve called interference anyway in this pansy league). Was just a brutal play by all 6 guys on the ice.

    I thought Richards played ok in spots, not $7 mil worth, but better than last year. And not that it matters at that point, but what was Nash doing on the last goal? That was brutal.

  30. Until the offense clicks-you got to be better in your own zone…last night looked like another pre-season game…and it only gets tougher over the next week. Hope this all clicks in the near future–or Oct 28th is gonna be an ugly homecoming…but after missing all of LY at the Garden–I will be there..cheering!

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Jonny D – agree Nash was brutal on 4th goal. Let’s also look at common denominator in both goals – D-men out of position, on the first goal rushing up ice to get in play and not seeing man pinching in on the 4th goal, redirecting pass behind net while having a forward open up the boards.

    The common factor in both; MDZ. For all his home run passes (they’re back as we saw last night), he doesn’t make the smart pass in his own zone and too frequently gets the D pinned in.

    Also thought J Moore played like garbage, but he was paired with Stralman so what can we expect…

    just kidding Papa

  32. Preposterous! Can we, please, stop already bury alive child with just growing pain. Wasn’t it totally predictable, considering well known circumstances. What’s more, I have bad news for the most inpatient and disloyal – it will be for a while and probably will get worse before starts GRADUALLY improving. This is a nature of any new system implementation and new coaching stuff casual nexus with the team in any business. It’s particularly right for the (bitterly complained)limited talents team. So, relax and observe. We will survive these growing pain and will enjoy Rangers spurt in the second half of the season in their quest to get in a PO!

  33. so the MSG pr machine is going to try and sell us Richards. Sam, and Joe last night, and the Real Kenny Albert this morning. he made one good pass to Miller. that was it for the night. the rest of the night was his usual assortment of wish passes.

  34. Stranger – agreed completely. I was also going to ask what Staal was doing there too. Looked like Nash tried to pass it to Staal and put it behind him. Should’ve just played it around the boards on that one.

    I disagree on Blue-Eyed Moore. I thought he looked pretty good, only issue was he was skating around more than he should’ve, but to me it seems like he was only doing it because the other guys on the ice had no idea where to be.

    Nobody really looked great. Offensively they looked a little better although the best chances came from the 2nd line, but defensively it was a complete mess back there.

    I think Rangers fans are going to be calling for Torts’ defensive system back in about 3 weeks.

  35. Carp, great review.
    It’s one game so I can’t get too bent about it. Lots of deer in the headlights moment’s for D and Forwards alike. It will get better, hopefully soon.

    Power play was 1-4, 25%, so that’s a step in the right direction. Come on.

  36. Staal wasn’t the best of the bad last night, as someone suggested. Staal may have been the best player on the ice last night. he was that good.
    while the team is figuring out the new system, the goalie is going to have to stand up and steal a few games. Hank was average at best last night.

  37. Sather Must Go! on

    Nice write up…Bad game, Staal and Zucc and that was it (I thgt Zucc’s game was really good)..MDZ is slow – skating and thinking with the puck, he really adds nothing incremental to the “D” or “O..”

    Why don’t we ever have a Vrbata?

  38. Zucc, was the best forward last night, by a wide margin. it was great that Nash stood up for Stepan, but man the rest of the night for him was brutal.

  39. Wow, this team is MILES ahead of where I thought they’d be. They played great. I dont’ even know where to start …

    Brassard is legit. NO question there.

    And Pouliot is pure gold. Pure goal scorer too. He is going to light up this season like electricity lit up a Nicaraguan village during the time of the Aztecs.

  40. so im guessing since Carp did not like the Gabby trade, and will now defend his position by bashing Brassard every chance he gets, that his followers will now follow suit and bash Brassard. sort of like the defense of the indefensible Brian Boyle, and MDZ.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    I had the three stars the same as Kenny but swapped Staal and Richards’ spots on the list.

  42. Listen,

    There are men and there are boys.

    Brassard is pure man.

    Like the man who lets his wife buy a car for him.

  43. Moving Richards to wing is all the more reason this guy should have been bought out. It’s a last ditch effort to try to get some more usable life out of player who’s skating has deteriorated to the point that he can no longer play his position. Add to the fact that he’s making 6.6 mil against the cap… it’s lunacy. Grabovski was available all summer, signed with Washington for 3 mil, and has 3 goals and 5 points already. You mean to tell me nobody thought about getting that guy in place of Richards and getting more production from a younger player for less than half of the money?

    Change the coach, change the goalie, change whatever. This team will not win it all with Sather as the GM. Book it.

  44. hagerstown md rangers fan on

    Carp, to answer your first query in point one “when are the goals going to arrive?” I fear that they will not be arriving with the composition of this team. My question is does Nash like hockey. He looks like he has lost his confidence or something. I think NYR may give up more goals and score about what we are used to. I hope I’m wrong as it’s already tough enough watching the Giants get killed every week.

  45. yeah I saw it Stranger. lets give him a trophy.
    if Gabby ever cruised through games the way Nash cruise through games, be would be destroyed here. Nash cruised through the game, made one pass and he’s a hero. he was brutal last night. just like he was brutal last spring.

  46. You are so negative!

    This is PRIMED to win Lord’s Stanley.

    I can only compare it to how Argentina was also PRIMED to win the ’82 Falklands .

  47. Carp, your charity is commendable if premature.

    When your only proven scorer has to fight as you clearly indicate is crazy, you know this roster is inadequate and already tight re: their scoring issues.

    Lundqvist in his walk year gets a break as long as the “hybrid” icing remains since he is arguably the worst puck handling goalie in the NHL.

    Of course there is the concern with the smaller pads!

    I asked during the off season whether you saw any tangible improvements in this year’s roster edition and may have missed the response.

    If so how say you?

    Having watched some of the early season games in other divisions and our own I would say not.

    73&1 and 13&0 with apparently no discernible help from our alleged prospects, the fish rots from the head!

  48. Great write-up Carp spot on with all points. New system is going to take some time to implement. Trouble with this speed game is the forwards can’t get back in time. Need more checking & hitting in the neutral zone. Also lost the puck constantly in the corners

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not buying the propaganda, I just thought he was better than most of the other skaters last night. It’s not an endorsement of Richards so much as an indictment of the rest of the team. And upon reflection, I had McDonagh ahead of MZA just as a consolation for the puck in the grill. But I thought MZA was ok. Staal was the only guy on the team that I would look at and say “he had a good game.”

    As for your comment re: Gaborik trade/Brassard bashing, I’ve been loud and clear as to which side of the fence I’m on with that trade. Brassard was just terrible last night. I do not like him with Pouliot at all. They both just try and be WAY too cute. Dorsett put in a solid 4th liner game. Moore has been by far my favorite part of that trade, but he was just OK last night.

  50. The tide here is beginning to turn on Nash and that does not bode well for the season. If his position on the WBM remains constant, this team is in big trouble. Just checking, did anyone say buyout or trade yet? ( see my late summer guest blog)

    Conversely and to my surprise, I think we made it through the 1st game w/o the anticipated “why didnt we buy-out Richards? The over and under on that was his 3rd shift, so if you had the over, congrats!

    Staal was in the game and his presence was felt on the ice in all 3 zones.

    Where was the forecheck? Did anyone mention the size of our forwards?

    PK? I agree no business having Pyatt out there. Hopefully we can survive waiting for Haglin / Cally and Stepan to get in game shape. ( and we know from last year that may take 10 games)

    Batten down the hatches and buckle up. With the next 3 opponents, It will likely get worse before it gets better!

    The Kreider should be up before they get back home.

    oh I almost forgot,

    *Wasn’t that a Norris Trophy caliber performance by Stralman? ;))*

  51. It’s just one game, and the first 9 are all on the road, the Rangers weren’t going to win them all. Still a chance to get 9 :)

    Boy did the Kings look good last night. It will be nice to see how we stack up against a top 4 team of the west. Keep an eye on Frattin, Sioux point leader 3 years ago, starting his first full year. We can only hope Kristo turns out as good.

  52. Worth noting that we’ve never really been horrible at scoring goals: Something like 15th, 11th and 16th working backwards over the last three. Its not good, but its hardly disaster level.

  53. Doodie,
    you were not one of the people I was referring to regarding Brassard. you have always had your own strong opinions, and not influenced by who agrees or disagrees.

  54. Papa,
    Kreider should be up before that. the lack of size and speed on the forecheck was evident last night.

  55. Joe – Grabovski was available because he had a horrible season last year. He’s motivated, but he’s around talent in Washington. Talent that we don’t have.

    I’ve been saying it for years, but this team can’t play an up-tempo offensive style because it doesn’t have the horses and hasn’t since the Jagr days. Nash wasn’t that kind of offensive player that can make that much of a difference either.

    Torts coached the way he coached because he knew what he had in front of him (and he said that multiple times). The AV era won’t last too long because he’s going to feel the need to play an open style and the team is going to get lit up because of it. It’s a shame too because he’s a pretty damn good coach as well.

  56. It funny how such a large and diverse group of Hockey Heads as we, who probably devote way too much time to this team and sport, can watch a 60 minute game and come away with such diverse and differing opinions on who played good, who played bad, who played good and bad , what worked well, what didn’t work well, what needs change, what doesn’t need change, etc.

    In comparison, other sports,( i guess because they are less complicated?) opinions on these things are often close to unanimous among the fans.

  57. Papa, its because some have opinions that are formed well before the game is played and, short of a goal, aren’t changing.

  58. Re:Krieder. If the coaching staff valued his size, speed and talent as some on the blog do.

    Why does he have to be “called up”, why isn’t he here now since this roster obviously lacks those ingredients?

    As for those scoring stats, if Nash does not score at least 30 in a full season who will?

    If he is not an elite scorer say 40 gls. you need how many forwards to score at least 25?

    Who are they?

    There is no real offensive D so can you count on any significant goal contribution from a D?

    In the end where does all this needed offense come from?

    When you start a season with Richards as a wing on your top line who is more a feeder than goal scorer, what does it say about your preparation for the season?

    Is this roster a playoff one!

  59. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Bull Dog, Brassard was terrible last night and Kreider has not forechecked consistently.

  60. (I’m not exempt from that comment. If both Stralman and MDZ play a steady game with one glaring mistake, Stralman’s irks me far more.)

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I know you weren’t referring to me with that, but I think Carp has been pretty clearly on the same side as me throughout as well.

    Did you really think Richards was worse than the other Rangers last night?

  62. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _Papa, its because some have opinions that are formed well before the game is played and, short of a goal, aren’t changing._

    And that’s why Boyle will never leave the WBM, and Richards and MDZ will have a tough time not being on it every game.

  63. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    For what it’s worth, I probably would have had MZA as my 3rd star before the Nash fight. But, it’s not like he had a great game, aside from hitting the post.

  64. Also, the Gaby/Brassard trade, I like Brassards game, but he’s proving why Columbus let him up. He has all the skill in the world but he can’t get it together consistently. Gaborik will probably score 40 this year again, because that’s what he does and has done for most of his career. The question with him is can he stay healthy.

    So it’ll still take time to see what happens, but both had huge risks and question marks around them. Just different kinds of questions.

  65. *Glass Half Full:* We are fortunate this isn’t a lockout shortened schedule, because it may take 20 to 30 games for this group of players to shake their old habits and fit into this new type of game. Hopefully, there will still be time and enough games to recover to make the playoffs, which will raise a different set of issues when the style of play reverts to “playoff hockey”.

  66. Mister D, opinions are “formed” by observation and reflection on what you’ve seen.

    I repeat, how is this roster improved or tangibly different from last season’s?

    Consequently you observe( over the last 13 years) and reflect on a management team that is an abject failure and is unlikely to produce a organization that will annually compete with the top franchises.

    Then you form an opinion…………which based on facts and logic and confirmed by the past results indicates management from ownership to the ticket takers are inept!

    Repeat, 73&1 and 13& 0, the numbers tell the story!

  67. Why does Nash get a star for fighting? He’s an $8 million dollar player paid to put up numbers, not spend 5 minutes in the penalty box. I get what he was trying to do by sticking up for his teammate, but that’s what you pay 4th line players pennies for (mind you, I know there were 2 minutes left, but you need him on the ice in that situation, even down by 3).

  68. Papa, how then does a coaching change make this a significantly different team?

    Would you say then that being a roster with little scoring depth they should be a more defensive oriented team relying on the goalie and a finesse but mechanically sound D?

    What coach emphasized D first?

  69. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Jonny, he did put up a point, and the fact that he did it when the game was, essentially, out of reach is important.

  70. _Mister D, opinions are “formed” by observation and reflection on what you’ve seen._

    Observation + reflection + personal biases.

  71. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    The fact that he had the fight when the game was out of reach.

    A lot of people complain about toughness and sticking up for each other with this team. Stepan is their top center, so would it be better if no one did anything? Graves was a 50 goal scorer, but never hesitated to drop the gloves if anyone touched Messier.

  72. That’s fair Gravy. But he shouldn’t get a star for taking himself off the ice for 5 minutes when he’s the most important player. I didn’t think he was horrible, but he wasn’t great either. The one good thing he did was that assist. Last year he would’ve tried to do another move and shoot it instead of using his teammates, but he made a great hesitation move to a pass to give Staal a great look at the net.

    Outside of that, he was pretty average, along with everyone else on the ice.

  73. I kinda like Nash stepping in there. Pretend as you may, down 3 with 2:00 to go is a loss 99% of the time so maybe the most minor of statements was worth it.

  74. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Agreed, Jonny. I just really wasn’t sure who else played well enough for a third star.

  75. Brassard was one of their better forwards after he came over from Columbus, and he was their best forward during the playoffs. It’s a bit premature to suggest that he reversed to his Columbus days after one game, no?

  76. Or you just send out a 4th liner immediately and have him handle business. You can score 3 goals in 2 minutes. It’s not likely, especially with this team, but it possible.

    Also lets remember Cally fighting Talbot last year and destroying his arm so that he wasn’t the same for the rest of the season. Too much risk for a guy you pay $8 million to score goals. If he gets hurt in a fight and is out for weeks, there goes most of our offense.


    Boyle was lost last night. Seemed like he played half the game without a stick in his hands.

    I’m at the point where I’m starting to believe on the PK w/o a stick, the player should take a chance, pick the most opportune spot, put their head down and skate as hard as you can to the bench for a new stick or in Boyle’s case, preferably a change. Especially against a good PP, playing w/o a stick is like playing 5 on 3 anyway, take the 7-10 seconds and get a friggin stick.

  78. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Definitely premature, ilb. But, some people here didn’t even need one game to form their opinions.

  79. ilb – but that’s what he did in Columbus too. He’s go on streaks of playing extremely well, then he’d hit a wall and go missing for weeks at a time. He did really well when he first came up then had a serious wrist/arm injury and has been completely inconsistent since then. It’s a mind game with him. He’ll have signs of greatness down the road, but it’s just a matter of time before he loses it again.

  80. Papa – I’ve thought about that too, but you totally leave yourself open. At least with a body out there, a guy can block a passing lane and block shots. He goes to the bench and comes back and it causes complete disarray in regards to defensive coverage, especially if it’s the 2nd period.

    He needs to get some stronger sticks though. He broke two in a row like toothpicks.

  81. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Papa, I’ve debated that with myself, but I think it makes more sense in the 1st and 3rd periods when you have the short change.

  82. Richards didn’t make we want to remove my eyes with a spork last night, so that’s a positive.

  83. _He’ll have signs of greatness down the road, but it’s just a matter of time before he loses it again._

    I’ll use this as Exhibit A of bias clouding future analysis.

  84. I thought Richards was OK. made a nice pass to Miller, and had a few shots on goal. but OK is not good enough, and I am not buying what they are selling till I actually see it.

  85. Jonny / Gravy

    Great points.

    But, i feel especially with Boyle, he doesn’t seem to skate as well or balance himself properly without his stick. With out stick, he often seems to leave his skates, slide on the ice and take himself out of the play anyway.

  86. Morning all,

    So how can any of you pull the plug on the season after one game?

    The sample size with AV running this crew is still very small – particularly in light of the fact that he dressed 8-10 minor leaguers for every preseason tilt.

    Plus the fact that he’s in the early days of deploying an entirely new system.

    A lot of you preached doom and gloom when the Rangers went 0-2-1 out of the gate a couple of years ago when they finished first overall in the East.

    I’m not equating this team with that one. However, there’s 81 games to go. And probably a few more after that.

  87. Boyle does not fit with what they are trying to do. I did not mind his game last night. he played hard, as always, but accomplished little, as always.

  88. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I’ve probably said it a dozen times, but if you’re biggest problem with last night’s game is a 3rd/4th liner (Boyle), then you’re not seeing the big picture. If the Rangers biggest problem was actually Boyle last night, then we wouldn’t be talking about a loss today.

    The bigger problem was the top 2 centers and, to a lesser extent, their top winger all stunk.

  89. Ben, we can only work with sample we have. :)

    The fact that the new coach had Pyatt and Boyle killing penalties as a tandem is a genuine concern for me.

  90. How is it that Boyle loses his stick or breaks it two shifts in a row to the point where he is just out there skating around doing nothing?

    I would rather he go to the bench and get a new stick.

  91. Carp, I mean Gravy,
    not sure I said Boyle was a problem last night. said Nash was a problem last night. said Hank was a problem last night. did not say Boyle was a problem.

  92. Mister D, you actually think it’s possible to view Sather’s stewardship of this franchise or ownership’s complacency as a biased one?

    So pray tell what does it take to convince you?

    It’s not one game or one season it’s the totality of ineptitude that surrounds this organization.

    And is borne out by the results or lack thereof!

    Simplistic cheer leading does not a better situation make nor does a critical look at the organizations history.

    Perhaps you’d give us your version of 73&1 and 13& 0 and why?

  93. _Mister D, you actually think it’s possible to view Sather’s stewardship of this franchise or ownership’s complacency as a biased one?_

    I said this where?

  94. The floor check will be better with Cally and Hags speed.

    But it was surely missed last night.

    Nash gets a thumbs up for sticking up for Step.

    Too bad this isn’t the team with more snarl, like it was 2 years ago. The Rangers just got better as the game intensified, or was that just Pruster?

  95. Cmnsense, the default position here, in case you’ve missed it, is Sather sucks.

    That’s a given. What’s your point? Everyone agrees.

  96. author ben, please describe the “new system”, how it works both offensively and defensively?

    And do we have the roster to implement this “new system”?

    Are you suggesting then that coaching was the only problem with last year’s team?

    Thank you.

  97. Last night the team looked as if they were trying to play up-tempo Montreal Canadien style hockey.

  98. Mister D, I’m not being biased, I’m just stating what he’s done previously in his career. Brassard is 26 and been in the league for 8 years now, at this point he is what he is.

    Not to mention, he’s probably my favorite player on the team next to DZ and Zucc. I hope he proves that wrong, but after 8 years of essentially the same thing it’s not likely. Same with Nash and this ridiculous claim that he can and will score 45-50 goals even though he’s done that exactly 0 times.

  99. Papa-
    The broken stick thing drives me nuts, as well. The thing is, have you ever noticed how often it happens when the Rangers are a man down? I’ve noticed this even going back to last season.

  100. Papa, my point?

    How many times must it be repeated that Sather who has squandered millions on free agents been an inept drafter with his staff and a questionable trader is the real problem along with an owner who cares only for profit.

    ‘Since this is nothing new with this franchise which I have followed for 65 years and at the risk of redundancy.

    That my friend is why we are 73&1 and 13 and 0! Management!

    All else is hyperbole, minutiae mutterings or cheer leading, so I rest my case.

    Thanks for asking. ;)

  101. _Mister D, I’m not being biased, I’m just stating what he’s done previously in his career. Brassard is 26 and been in the league for 8 years now, at this point he is what he is._

    But I could argue just as faux-definitively that he “proved” last year he could average nearly a point per game outside of Columbus. Give him 20 games this year and see if he’s the same guy everywhere, a much better player outside Columbus or something totally different. Analysis post-Game 1 is silly.

  102. He hasn’t missed it, Papa. I think his view is that if you repeat the phrase “A fish rots from the head down” sufficient amount of times, our GM would just go away

  103. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    No, Papa.

    Bull dog, Boyle not fitting in and accomplishing nothing (as usual), saying there is a blind allegiance to him, when you’re essentially doing the same with Brassard (who was markedly worse considering his status on this team).

  104. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Sather has drafted like crap and generally been on the wrong side of UFA contracts (Gaborik being the exception). He has generally gotten the better end of trades (Korpikoski being an exception).

    Yes, Sather sucks, but he’s here so we have to deal with it.

  105. Part of the Nash problem for me; expectations. I was unfamiliar with him as a player and believed all the hype ( although i do remember there were some “experts” whose opinions were in contrast to the rampant hyperbole being spewed at the time)

    I may have seen him play 10 games over the course of his career and the majority of those were during the Olympics when he was on a top line.

    Watching him the last year, he is a gifted player but not a superstar. An Alex
    Kovalev type, although I would argue that Kovalev ( who was good in the playoffs and big games) had more grit to his game.

  106. Mister D – you could, but you could also say that Marcel Hossa was a point per game player when he played on the 1st line since he was when he did that for the Rangers with Nylander and Jagr.

    Fact is, most guys numbers usually even out no matter where they play after they’ve been in the league for that long. I hope he can improve, but I don’t think he will. And I’m not even saying that because of 1 game, I’m saying it because he slipped up a bit at times last year when he got here, but he was a beast in the playoffs.

  107. EddieJ absolutely. Cally and Boyle at least once a game! Use a heavier stick for the PK. Is it only us fans who notice?

  108. Stahl was awesome. Hell of a shot on that goal. Sure would be nice if he really stepped up his game offensively. Maybe get himself on Canada.

    Curious to see the Blue Jackets tonight. Playing the Flames. I’ll have to check that out later.

  109. ILB , exactly! Should we try to move a mountain or push a bolder up the hill? I’d rather go to the beach.

  110. And Jonny, I’d agree with you if Brassard came to NY via Columbus and Phoenix and Tampa Bay, but he’s an obvious talent who had very obvious problems with management at his only other stop. He’s just starting his age 26 season and has done nothing in NY (except for a bad opening night) to inspire pessimism. Let him atleast earn that if he’s going to.

  111. in order for Brassard to succeed this year he is going to need to put 60pts or so. 1 game where he did not do much is not enough for me to say he won’t. I have seen Boyle long enough to know he fits best in a defensive style team. they may change back, who knows, but right now they are trying to be an up tempo, puck possession team. neither one of these are Boyle strengths.

  112. Papa – Kovalev was twice the player Nash was in regards to skill. Only difference is that Kovalev had his own agenda and when he felt like doing something (or not doing something) then he just went along with it.

    I said it from the day the trade was made, Nash isn’t worth his contract. I laughed when Columbus gave it to him because I knew they had to overpay to keep him. I don’t mind paying money out to guys who produce like they are supposed to, but he isn’t an $8 million player and never has been. He’s a 55-65 point player (similar to what we had in Gomez and even Drury to a certain extent) that is paid like he’s going to put up 90+ points.

    He’s a star player like Gaborik and Hossa, but he’s paid like a superstar and he’s not. I think I said it here last year too, but if it wasn’t a cap system, I would’ve been OK with it. But you need to maximize your value on your investment and Nash does the exact opposite. He’s putting up Justin Williams and Mike Ribeiro numbers for Steven Stamkos money. He’ll never reach any goals people who don’t truly know his game expect him to get.

  113. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I like Brassard, and he was their best player after the trade deadline last year. He just stunk last night (as did others).

  114. _He’s a star player like Gaborik and Hossa, but he’s paid like a superstar and he’s not. I think I said it here last year too, but if it wasn’t a cap system, I would’ve been OK with it._

    No arguments with any of this.

  115. Fair enough Mister D. Just want to point out that I wasn’t really criticizing him. The kid doesn’t make all that much money and if he puts up 40-50 points, I’m fine with that since that’s kind of a expected. I just feel like people think he’s going to come out this year and put up 70+ when I don’t think that’s realistic.

  116. *Can we forecheck effectively?*

    Cally and Haglin will help with that for sure.

    If only Kreider knew how.

  117. _I just feel like people think he’s going to come out this year and put up 70+ when I don’t think that’s realistic._

    Man I hope not. Last full regular season we had only 21 guys reached that mark.

  118. Food for thought:

    It appeared to me last night, on the aggregate, the puck was in our D zone for less time than it was during a normal Torts game. Yet we gave up 4 goals, about 2 more than we did normally under Torts.

  119. @ Papa, seems to me that we still have some work to do on in zone coverage. That is def something that is coachable and fixable and not a talent issue.

    that being said if we have the puck in the O-zone more than we did the last few years that should translate to more goals as well.

  120. After one game it seems some know the following;

    1. Brassard sucks (after one season game?)
    2. Nash sucks (after one season game?)
    3. The PK sucks (after one season game?)
    4. AV’s system will not work with this lack of talent. (after one season game with not yet a full roster?)
    5. Gaborik trade still sucks (after one season game and Columbus hasn’t played yet? I’ll agree Gabby is due for a big year since historically he is on one/off one and last season he was off)

    on the other hand-
    1. Brassard has new linemates and will probably have new ones again once Cally and Hags are back. At 26 (like Josh) he should be heading into his prime and is also playing in a contract year. One game doesn’t set him back to Columbus form. (whatever that is, since not many of us watched a lot of him to know)
    2. Nash is streaky shift to shift/game to game. When he is on, HE’s ON. When he’s off he should not even bother dressing. Not worried, he will get his points and dominate at times. (And I still don’t like this trade compared to the Gaborik deal – but player for player, would rather Gaborik over Nash)
    3. PK will improve, too much defensive talent not to. League leading, no – but better once Cally and Hags are back. On the other hand the PP is looking better already and should produce more.
    4. The new system is going to take time, maybe 20 games or so. Will it result in more wins, not sure. Will it be more entertaining to watch, yes.
    5. Gaborik trade – IF he scores 30 goals this year I’d call it an even trade at best. If he scores 40+ Columbus won, if he scores less then 30 Rangers won. Moore/Brassard/Dorsett are all legit roster players taht each bring something to the game (Good quick young defenseman, a playmaker & some needed toughness) so it’s not like we got garbage back or robbed in the deal.

    Also Staal is finally looking like his old self and has been their best player through preseason and looked real good again last night.

    Geez can we give them 8-10 games before calling players out and saying the season is over.

  121. ilb2001 @12:27, I have to ay Hal you’re a legitimate deep space phenomenon. Since we can do nothing in your opinion about the ONLY reason this franchise sucks i.e inept management.

    We should continue to wallow in the daily grind of minutiae? Does that sound like productive behavior?

    For a computer you rarely use fact or dare I say logic in defining my position let alone yours.

    Maybe you could share your view of why a big picture pov is not the essential and only question?

  122. 27nyr1994,, short answer yes the season is over but we must still play the games!

    Why? Previously asked, what’s improved and why is this team different from any of the previous ones during the Sather reign of error?

    I apologize for being a big picture guy but “dems the facts”!

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, it was the whole team. The nastier the game got, the better the team got.

    Count me as one of the ones who didn’t like Nash going after Hanzal. Putting aside how much I hate when people fight someone after a clean hit, Nash shouldn’t put himself in that situation. He’s too important to the team to risk getting hurt in game 1, sticking up for his teammate or not.

  124. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I have no problem sticking up for a teammate who was hit, clean or dirty, especially when it’s your de facto #1 center.

  125. Cmnsense – can you suggest exactly how we should proceed about removing our GM from his current position? We need a legitimate leader here, it seems.

  126. Common Sense,

    The system that the new coach is implementing relies more on quick d-zone breakouts, quick passes in all three zones and d-men joining the rush on a continual basis. A decidedly more up-tempo pace than last year – and seasons past.

    This varies greatly from the defense-first, back into the goalie, shot-blocking at all costs wall ball that the former coach deployed.

    And no, the former coach was not the only problem with the team last year. However, it become apparent that he lost key guys in the room – and when that happens, sayonara.

  127. Ilb.

    Emailed you.

    No joking around how does this team win more then a game or two on this road trip.

  128. Gravy – what happens if Nash gets hurt and misses 2+ months because he broke his hand or seperated his shoulder like Cally? He’s too important to the team to risk that.

    I’m fine with it too as long as it isn’t your best player. Send Boyle or Pyatt out there. Sure they suck at fighting, but at least we don’t pay them to score 40 goals.

  129. 5) Tell me your heart didn’t stop when Ryan McDonagh took that puck to the mug.

    Sure did, glad he got back on the ice, kid is a gamer. Any update or is he good to go?

  130. authorben – I think he lost key guys in the room because they didn’t want to buy in and sacrifice themselves for the better of the team. Not for anything, but I don’t want those kinds of guys on my team, and that’s essentially what this leadership group is made out of (Callahan and Staal not included).

  131. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Jonny, Nash is definitely not my first choice, but it’s good to see guys sticking up for each other. Callahan has it in his DNA, just like Graves did.

  132. Wait a second! Nash stinks, remember? So who cares if he is out for 2 months? :-)

    Kidding aside, the significance of it was that he was already on the ice, and he showed his emotions. Defend your teammate now, think later kind of mentality. He showed that he cares. This team needs that, it seems. Especially if it comes from a finesse, non- fighter type of player.

  133. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Thanks, ilb. I was thinking of how to incorporate the “in the moment” aspect and couldn’t find the words. :)

  134. By the way, this is what made them a tough team to play against 2 years ago. The personnel hasn’t changed that much last year, but for some reason the mentality has. They got much better after Jumbo Shrimp called them a soft team.

  135. 3CP……..Where do you see all these ‘white flags’ waving?

    I would say “most” are saying it will require a period of 20-30 games before we can accurately evaluate wether this team has or doesn’t have the make-up and collective skill set to play successfully within Veen-Yo’s up-tempo system.

  136. Agree. Nash showed more leadership and awareness of his place on the team in 45 seconds last night than he did all last season!

    Good for him, good for the team!

  137. ilb2001, are you a ticket holder?

    Do you receive MSG broadcasts with the comedy central team?

    Would you be willing to picket the Garden with others whom you know that actually understand and agree with why this organization sucks?

    I will commit to walking with you in our “Occupy MSG” efforts.

    Are you prepared to be laughed at for your efforts and still stand tall and proud?

    “Without a struggle you never move forward, power never gives itself up without demand. Never has never will”!

    Are you in?

    Hurry up I’m leaving for the winter soon! ;)

  138. Coach: “We lost 7-0, but I liked the way we played up the middle; we were aggressive on the forecheck; pretty much controlled center ice, and won the critical faceoffs and mostly bottled them up in their own end. It’s an ongoing process.

  139. Papa, so your diagnosis is that we will know whether or not our “new system” has the players to implement it?

    And if not, rhetorical the organization will still suck and the major culprit will still be ownership and management!

    See you on the picket line! ;)

  140. Jonny,

    Perhaps part of what you wrote is true.

    However, the continual abrasiveness, negativity and calling players out in public wore thin.

    And how do you know for a fact that guys didn’t want to buy in?

  141. Still think Ash and Haley on 4th line, crashing on the forecheck, and let Richie float around with them to his heart’s content.

  142. The Coos, our satirical leader! With your obvious literary talent ,why not write a show we could take off Broadway?

    What more fitting venue! ;)

  143. Leetchhalloffame on

    Should have hired Messier. At least if the team isn’t entertaining he could always fight Patrick Roy.

  144. author ben, why do you think Vancouver hired Torts?

    Could it be that they believe he brings a here to fore missing ingredient?

    If he had Vancouver’s roster do you believe he would still be here?

    How many coaches has Sather thrown under the bus including himself?

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    What if it’s a one goal game? Should Nash fight then and take himself out of the game?

    Or what if that’s not a chump like Hanzal but a guy that could actually do some damage like Lucic? Should Nash get his face broken over a clean hit?

  146. Hags, on knees in parking lot adjacent to team bus.
    MZA: “doin’, Hags?”
    “Just checking.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    Nash is a big kid, but he’s no fighter, not by a long shot. Remember when Gaborik went after Carcillo? Remember the outcry over how it should have been Girardi to be the third man in to make sure nothing happened to Gaborik? Why is there no similar outcry over Nash? He’s playing the same role that Gaborik did.

    I just don’t get the double standard.

  148. _Would you be willing to picket the Garden with others whom you know that actually understand and agree with why this organization sucks?_


    where were you when some of us (me included) were picketing outside the Garden few seasons ago demanding Sathers head? Oh right…you were too busy making sense on hockey boards.

  149. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    It’s part of the point, it being a three goal game and, for all “intensive purposes”, out of reach. That’s when players are more apt to take liberties. Also, that type of hit was a penalty when Girardi did it earlier.

    For your example, I’d prefer if someone else did the fighting, but I do mind that Nash did it in that context.

  150. Cmnsense – if you truly believe this plan will work, then I think you retired a tad too soon. Sounds like right after the elementary school :-)

  151. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Doodie, in your example, Nash was in Girardi’s spot, so it’s like a reverse double standard. Or something.

  152. authorben – Last years team was far different than the year before. We didn’t lose top line guys that were putting up the offense, but we lost guys who did all the battling. Most of them were overpaid, but losing Mitchell, Prust, Fedotenko, Dubinsky, and Anisimov was a bigger deal than people might want to think.

    Those guys jobs are easily replaceable with 3rd/4th line grinders, but that loyalty that they have and the relationship they had with their teammates is not. That isn’t to say I think we should’ve signed Prust to that crazy contract Montreal gave him, but losing all of those guys meant losing that “it’s only pain” mentality that they brought.

    So while I don’t know if guys wanted to buy in or not, it’s just interesting that one year with those tough depth guys, the team had no issue buying in but when those heart and soul guys left and we brought in a bunch of softies they all turned on the coach.

  153. Hanzal is 6’6, 240. Nash always sticks up for linemates, but usually does it verbally or with a passing shoulder or will occasionally line-up a jerk if the opportunity arises. If he played for me, I would tell him to never drop the gloves, but I would have a Bickel type (who could skate) on the ice with him.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    Hanzal is a 6’6″ 240 lbs cream puff. Just like Brian Boyle at 6’7″ 244.

    I’d much rather fight 6’6″ 240 lbs Hanzal than 6’2″ 192 lbs Brandon Prust.

    And Nash definitely played the role of Gaborik. Went out of his way to challenge a guy when he’s a guy that should not be fighting under any circumstances. When they dropped the gloves, somebody else should have raced in to protect our “star.”

    Either that, or everyone is a hypocrite for getting on Girardi when he didn’t do anything to protect Gaborik.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, I think you put it well.

    In a vacuum, I think the Nash trade was a steal. But the results on the ice speak for themselves. The chemistry and camaraderie just seems like it’s gone.

  156. Coos – it’s funny too because Hanzal isn’t much of a fighter either. He plays a tough two-way game, but he’s only been in like 5 fights since entering the NHL (usually against other guys who aren’t huge fighters). I remember him fighting Toews and Setoguchi and I’d assume the others were against similar players.

  157. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Nash was protecting Stepan, now someone needs to protect Nash? There’s only 5 players on the ice :)

  158. I still had a good time, got to watch with family
    2 cousins came in from New York so we all had fun too bad we lost
    This arena sucks
    $25 to park with hardly any handicap spots
    I thought it was a law you had to hace so manyspots
    And the spot we did find was a long ways from the arens
    Shame, shame, shame
    If I knew who to report them to, I would!
    But I still had fun

  159. bull dog line on

    what Nash did at the end of the game, was the best thing he did all night. didn’t matter if he won or lost the fight, it was the act itself that meant something. good for him.

  160. Csense, while I must admit your invitation to participate in the group activity is appreciated, I’ll take a pass for now. Picket lines and bad feet do not mix well.

    However, if I happen to drive by while you are so engaged, I hope it will please you to know I will enthusiastically join in by merrily tooting my horn, showing complete diregard for existing Traffic Rules and Regulations in support of your valiant endeavor.

    Also please permit me to contribute some of my spare change in support of the line. Money which I’m sure will be utilized in the wise purchase of markers, poster boards, Dr Scholls comfort inserts, etc.

  161. Any athlete 6’6, 240, if he doesn’t want to, or is unable to inflict punishment, can easily avoid taking punches.

  162. Now, if Nash goes after Lucic when he blows apart McD behind the net, I’ll be impressed!

  163. Doodie – easily a steal when it comes to pure talent/skill. But when you involve the cap hit and that loss of chemistry, as of now it seems like it wasn’t worth it.

    Pre-Nash we were 1st place in the east and 3 periods away from a Stanley Cup Final (which we would’ve been destroyed by LA in, but still). Post-Nash, we were a 6th place team that barely made the playoffs, miraculously won a 1st round matchup that they should’ve lost (a surprise, but the one time they showed quality effort) and got destroyed by a team that was clearly so much better and more physical. It looked like 1 step forward, but it was more like 2 steps back.

    Now we’re with a new coach, new system, new characters, and hoping for better results. I’m not sure that’s coming and I think we’re back to a fighting for a playoff spot and losing in round 1 or 2 all over again.

  164. Any team we play would be delighted to take Nash off the ice twice a game. Yet another reason his gloves should remain affixed. And yet another example of how this team is under muscled.

  165. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    No one is saying that Nash should be fighting in a one goal game, or in the first period, or against Colton Orr. In the context of the situation, what he did was fine.

  166. Coos, based on last night’s performance, as an opposing coach, I would fine any player who took Nash off the ice for an extended period. :)

  167. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Maybe it was him being frustrated with his game. Maybe he was trying to build some unity in the first game. Maybe he was trying to do what Callahan would have done.

    I’m good with any of those reasons.

  168. Cooscoos – Detroit is technically under muscled since they don’t really have a fighter, but nobody complains since they just beat the hell out of teams with their skill and positioning. It also helps that it’s nearly impossible to knock Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and crew off the puck. Would be nice to have that amount of skill…

  169. Jonny – right, The toughest guys are those who will not relent, despite losing fistfights. In hockey or in life.

  170. 4 days off. AV: “Gentlemen, this is a puck.”
    DELZ: “Could you slow down a bit, coach?”

  171. Agreed 100%. THEY WILL NOT STOP!!!

    Lucic wins his fights all the time. It helps that he is fighting Squirts and Pee-wees, but he wins fights!

  172. 4 days off:

    Zucc: “what do you say we get a little early season alone time”

    mDz: ” you read my mind. Acapulco?”

  173. I couldn’t believe watching Hags, sitting, being interviewed and MZA, strolling behind him, playing with Hag’s locks. Trouble in Paradise?

  174. Joe M. ” ya know Sam, Lucic is just a wonderful guy. The nicest guy you’d ever want to know. Great family too.”

  175. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    D men not taking the body…if I said I was shocked by this I would be lying.

    It’s pretty tough to improve your D though when you have 4.2 mil + tied up in two 6/7 D men.

    If they played the body more and the puck a bit less, it would probably do wonders for the defencive zone.

  176. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Same thing good be said about the teams record/overall standings with and without prust.

  177. Forwards could use the body more on the forecheck too. they put no fear in the opposing DMen.

  178. “You can say that again, Joe. Just a wonderful, wonderful family.”

    Joe: “Last summer I was talking to Pavel Bure, who is also a wonderful, wonderful guy, and he reminded me of the time we were all up in Vancouver for the Olpmpics, and…

    Sam: “Goal! Sorry, Joe, what were you saying?”

  179. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree with doodie that someone should have rushed in instead of Nash (kudos to Nash for doing it and I’m glad he did), but who else was out there? Richards?? One of those big bad tough d men we have lol (that last statement can not drip with enough sarcasm).

  180. Got a surprise especially for you,
    Something that both of us have always wanted to do-
    We’ve waited so long, waited so long.
    We’ve waited so long, waited so long.
    I got two tickets to paradise,
    Won’t you pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight?
    I got two tickets to paradise,
    I got two tickets to paradise.


  181. Lucic breathes heavy skating past the Ranger bench and f seven guys plus Rammer crap themselves.

  182. MZA: “Zotts, don’t wear those tight Madras shorts to the bar again, people are starting to look at us funny.”

  183. rammer to the equipment staff. ” Bruins tomorrow, make sure we have extra underwear available”

  184. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No disrespect intended here for you or cally, but no way is the comparison of cally and graves sticking up for teammates remotely close. I love cally, but he has a looooooong way to go before he gets into the Adam Graves level of teammate protecting.

  185. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My bad!

    Lmao. First guy in line to get more undies is tough guy d man mcdonut.

  186. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Wick, no offense taken. Graves was my favorite (hence my name), and he had the means to protect. But, Cally has the will, regardless of the opponent, and that’s where I think the similarity is.

  187. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Agreed, but graves probably had more fights in one week protecting his teammates than cally has had in his whole career. Cally needs to take it up a notch (no, I’m not saying cally should have 20 fights a season, so don’t go there people)

  188. Lucic pounding on Carps door: “you run this blog. Where the ef can I find Papa Bear?”

  189. ilb2001, Hal, is this the way you address someone with a superior intellect who asks you a civil question?

    You may not stand next to me when CCCP organizes the line…..find a conga line which would fit your personality better!

    CCCP, had I known of your efforts I would have surely joined since I’ve been saying my anti Sather screed for many years.

    Don’t invite illb, the computer is malfunctioning!

  190. Papa, your picket line post very funny.

    Would you mind if we saved the spare change for burgers and beer after the “walk”?


  191. Coos, if its all the same to you, I’d rather join Csense’s picket line with my bad feet.

  192. Lucic has a congenital hunchback which makes him even more imposing, like an Incan Quasimodo. True

  193. Adam, at age 45, visits his parents for Thanksgiving.
    Pops, retired cop: “The invite said 4 o’clock. It’s 4:20. We ate.”

  194. Journal News sues Putnam County for list of gun permit holders. When Phil Reisman and Carp go, I go.

  195. Nash stunk He’s plays lame. What a waste of talent. Henrik MUST stop handling the puck and to some of the earlier comments maybe Kreider is in fact a diva and needs a boot in the ass. In retrospect maybe Torts was right. Never thought I’d say that. Our little smurf played the best; should have been a goal. Fast by the way was supposed to be very good on faceoffs.

  196. I don’t really agree with most of what was written in the summary since: (a) I thought the team to a man looked pretty lousy; (b) not possible to draw any conclusions based on so small a sample; (c) this roster is not materially different from last season (if anything it may be slightly worse due to aging players and other factors) and there’s just not going to be the capability from this group as presently constructed to put up 3 (or more) goals nightly. There’s a sense that the Rangers controlled the play because there were some moments where Micheletti (and Giannone) kept saying how good the pace was but the Rangers barely mattered in this game after the first period. Still, there needs to be time accorded to see if the team can play better under a more offensive system, and while me already know how well that experiment is going to turn out, it’s worth giving it a few weeks to see what happens.

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jonny – and gabby has always been consistent? I guess scoring 40 EVERY OTHER YEAR is the definition of some sort of consistency I suppose….

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And can we stop with the “gabby is a 40 goal scorer” nonsense? In 13 seasons, he scored 40 goals THREE TIMES.

  199. LMGO, Wild Eagle, Papa.

    I was watching back-to-back Hogan’s Heroes and F Troop last week. Were there ever two greater comic supporting actors than Wild Eagle and Sgt. Schultz?

  200. see = say

    also, good job with the schedules (yet again). Islanders, Ottawa, Carolina and Rangers Midwest haven’t even played a game yet.

  201. Does anyone know where and when the Rangers are practicing in LA this weekend and if it is accessible to the public?

  202. Carp, JT Miller – give him credit for being involved…..but by my count he lost every puck battle he was involved in. Not sure if he was being out muscled or out worked, but it wasn’t pretty. Noticed AV put Pyatt out there for him on a couple end of period faceoffs…..your thoughts?

  203. Semantics entirely to me anyway, but Gretzky only averaged 49 goals per 82 games over his career (when his best days were behind him). Would seem a bit churlish to say he wasn’t a “50 goalscorer” on that basis.

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Semantics aside, a 40 goal scorer would suggest you score 40 goals more than 3 times in 13 years. But maybe in the UK, it means something different..

  205. it’s apples and oranges but I have to chime in with this. Gretzky’s average seasonal output for goals is actually closer to 45 but keep in mind that by the time Gretzky had played 13 NHL seasons, he had scored over 400 more goals than Gaborik and was at a roughly 60-goal per year pace. if you compare Gretzky’s best year in that 13-year span to Gaborik’s best year, Gretzky outscores him by 129 points.

    anyway, I stand by my statement that Gaborik is a 30-goal scorer.

  206. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have been to the moon – never. But zero trips is virtually the same as one trip I suppose…I mean one and zero are close enough…

  207. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    It’s nice to see that people here are coming around to the real reason for the stench emanating from our beloved franchise. On a broader scale, fans of our team may be waking up, too. If the lunatic owner senses enough displeasure, at some point, he could wake up. Could it happen this year???

  208. hey, Triple E :-)

    I think this myth about Gaborik being a 40-goal scorer exists solely because 2 of his 3 40+ seasons happened while he was a Ranger. We’re not having this discussion if all three happened while he was on Minnesota. Would anyone here consider Rick Nash a 40-goal scorer?

  209. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    ah…just woke up from a deep sleep….nice dreams…pleasant dreams…..

  210. Pgrant99 @ 5:39 .

    Good observation on Miller.

    in hindsight, i dont recall the team as a whole winning many puck battles last night.

    valiant efforts with poor results?

  211. nice play by Dubi crashing the net, sets up Gaborik for a easy open net goal. Columbus will have more points than the rangers this year.

  212. Looks like Callahan will play Monday against the kings. I’m sorry to say this but it isn’t going to make a difference. The kings will roll through the rangers. I don’t understand why AV has Callahan with the 2 pylons Pyatt and Boyle. I also wish he get Richards away from Stepan and Nash, sigh.

  213. Is Hogan’s Heroes that Mamaroneck sub shop that’s trying to drain business from Walter’s?

  214. The Gretzky and Gaborik situations are entirely different. Boneheaded move comparing the two.

  215. Matt Harvey conveniently hurt just before Hockey camp, disappears. Now announced he will be out all of 2014. Hmm, anyone ever see Kreider and Harvey together?

  216. Refreshing to see Dave Reid on the NHL Network. They’ve finally got someone there who knows what he’s talking about.

  217. wow!!! Brodeur giving up a soft goal, Grabner 2, devils 2. Looks like Brodeur’s thighs have gotten to fat, legs look slow, couldn’t close the gap, must be the smaller pads, right Marty?

  218. “Sam, did you know that Mr and Mrs Staal fed the boys well. There diet consisted mostly of broccoli, spinach and kale with an occasional large serving of Weiner schnitzel. All you up and coming hockey players take note. Tell Mom, heavy on the greens and weiners”

    “Ha ha ha, good advice for the youngsters, Joe. Weiner’s and greens builds character, can’t go wrong there.”


  219. Meanwhile, during menu conversation, twelve shots on net, and three goals have been scored.

  220. “Sam, is that a nose hair or lint?”

    “Sorry Joe, I think I inhaled a French frie.”

  221. “Sam, try moving that raggity thing a little further up on your dome. No play for Mister Hay.”

  222. If you remind me next summer, I’ll throw 1or 2 “morons” at you if it will make you feel better. :)

  223. We don’t need pro’s in the Olympics. If other nations cheat, so be it – let them be known for their ignominy.

  224. I almost referred to Ritchie Rocket as “Horse Teeth” a couple of times last night in honor of Norm’s return. But, it’s a long season, and i figured there will be ample time for that, so I decided to bite my tongue.

  225. What are the Devils paying Marty’s kid I wonder. That was an odd situation with that last minute fortieth round trade and draft.

  226. Isles v NJ tied up, sure to be a three pt game.

    Papa, Coos you guys are awesome.

    “please don’t tell him I said that” @3:38 LOL

  227. Can you have a mullet if you don’t have a pre-mullet? I think what Bradshaw has left is real. Who would buy a stringy mullet?

  228. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    They need to get Nash away from Stepan. At least until he is completely up to speed. I would still use Nash brass Pouliot for a bit.

  229. Military golf courses around DC are kept open, but NFL and baseball playoffs curtailed for overseas troops. We are being led by bozos, left and right.

  230. AV talked about having forward pairs or duos. He seemed quick to pair Richards and Nash and has done so in every game. Haven’t seen much magic so far 5 – 5. It’s early, but is that a pair that works or does it just seem like it should?

  231. It just seems like it should. Opponents collapse on Nash, but Richie, the ultimate floater, who should revel in the situation, disappoints. I’d say give it more time, but they had 40+ games last year and 6 or so already this one. ???

  232. No way we finish higher then 6th in this division.

    Columbus started 5-13-2 last year missed playoffs by a point.

    Rangers go 1-7-1 same will apply this road trip.

  233. Brooksie –

    AV: “We had a challenging training camp schedule.”

    Richie: “The travel has been a challenge.”

  234. Maybe if they call goalie interference on the second goal, different story. Certainly have seen it called for less.

  235. Zucc and DelZaster last seen heading east for a 2 night all inclusive getaway on Brokeback Mountain.

  236. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Interesting note the ducks want a young D man and are willing to part with a forward…hmmm sounds like a match made in logic/need!

  237. iWicky:

    Sounds tempting but this team would be in trouble right now if they traded any of their top six. I was all for trading MDZ and either Hags or MZA for a power forward, before the season starts but now? Allen may be good but neither him nor McIlrath are ready and Falk does not look up to a full season. Trading DelZotto or J. Moore would be hard on this team. With that said Sather has to figure something out. Besides with a new coach and system I was expecting a slow start. But man last night was hard to watch. The Desert Dogs looked like an elite team.

  238. Matty "CleanSlate/FireSather"Boy on

    Hey anyone see the ‘crowd’ at the Devils first home game vs. arch-rival Icelanders? If this is an announced ‘sellout’ crowd, there’s something wrong.

  239. Stranger Nation on

    dont care about a perfect 6th Dman if we get power forward to play in top 6 – Do it!

  240. Call now. This offer will not last forever. Operators are standing by. Don’t be left out.

  241. Mitchell, DParenteau, ubinsky, Anisimov all had good games tonight.

    Don’t blame our scouts, blame the GM.

  242. Second ! I enjoyed reading all the back and forth banter yesterday ..but Sheeesh, it’s one flipping game guys! Going to see the wolfpack tomorrow…see the Kreider and company.

  243. Rob in Beantown on

    I guess somebody had to go down (up?) to make room for Callahan. Better for Miller to play longer minutes in Hartford than waste away with the big team

  244. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    Who would have thought that the lone ‘prospect’ that would stay with the NHL team would be Fast(h)?????

    Miller, THe Kreider, Kristo, they will be back, hopefully.

  245. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    Do we clean the slate between games, too? Is ‘slate cleaning’ something that players are taught to do?

  246. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    Technically speaking, you could, perhaps, clean the slate every day. Wake up in the morning and clean the slate. Each week, Monday morning, a clean slate? Once a year may be too long to wait.

  247. Just saw the Islanders’ goals against the Devils from last night. Marty looks like he’s still shaking off some rust. Either rust or syrup.

  248. Stranger:

    If we lose any of our top six D-men there’s nobody to play there. I would love to get a power forward but that would cost the rangers one of Staal, Girardi, Moore, MDZ or Big Mac. Depending on which one of those defenders the other team wants and what they’re willing to return there could be other roster player(s), prospects and/or draft picks. A trade would be tough for Sather right now. Wish it could happen but more doubtful/hesitant now than I was a few weeks ago.

  249. Rangers West, I would object to trading McD, Staal, or Moore for a power forward, but if we could somehow get Kane out of WPG by trading Girardi or MDZ, I’d be all for it. Even sweeter would be a deal that brings Stuart back as well. But that’s very unrealistic. Although maybe we could throw in Pouliot and Yogan or something.. I’m a bad trade formulator.

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