Opening night roster


Stay tuned for “It’s Go Time!” around 9:30 for tonight’s season-opening 10 p.m. start at Phoenix. We’ll do the Three Rangers Stars poll and the whole nine yards.

Here’s the Rangers’ opening night roster (Carl Hagelin begins the season in long-term injured reserve and this can’t play in the first 10 games):

Goalies (2):
30-Henrik Lundqvist
43 Martin Biron.

Defensemen (7):
4-Michael Del Zotto.
5-Dan Girardi
6-Anton Stralman
17-John Moore
18-Marc Staal
27-Ryan McDonagh
44-Justin Falk

Forwards (15):
10-J.T. Miller
12-Jesper Fast
14-Taylor Pyatt
15-Derek Dorsett
16-Derick Brassard
19-Brad Richards
21-Derek Stepan
22-Brian Boyle
24-Ryan Callahan
28-Dominic Moore
36-Mats Zuccarello
45-Arron Asham
61-Rick Nash
62-Carl Hagelin* (LTIR)
67-Benoit Pouliot
Photo by Getty Images.

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  1. Carped! repost…

    I’m surprised at how little mention Nash gets. His preseason has me very interested in what he’ll do this year. He doesn’t strike me as much of a leader, so his numbers are the major gauge of his worth. If he’s average, the Rangers are in big trouble.

  2. that’s enough tc, or Tiki, or whomever you are. I retweeted it, so I’ll take that as another personal comment directed at me.

  3. Excuse me Carp? Your no nonsense attitude is my favourite part of this blog. I follow a friend, Jeff, @theploughboy. He RT it.

    I do not follow you on Twitter, I visit here for your musings.

  4. Did someone say sangwiches?!

    Ps- if the PP could get within the top 15 in the league they’d probably have about 8-10 more point this year than last

  5. “The Edge: There is no honest way to explain it
    because the only people who know where it is are the ones who have gone over, and they’re not available for comment.”

    Hunter Thompson

  6. Manny is Mrs Manny going with?

    Making sure you get the Energizer Bunny Batteries!!!

    I’m with everyone here, I hope everything goes as planned!

    Now about your goalie…… Holy Moly Ole :)

  7. perhaps Manny’s “bounce back” comment referred to Richards hitting the awning on the way to the curb in about 8 months.

  8. he had a shutout for a little over one period of play. may want to lock him up in keeper leagues for the next 16 years.

  9. Our three toughest muckers and bangers by a wide margin: Ash, Dorsett, and (yes) Cally.

  10. Coos I would put Boyler ahead of Cally. He hits hard.

    But we may need the Monster Mash, before the end of the year, if we need more Jam on the 4th line.

  11. Carp, forgot to mention on last thread that you’ve nailed the Ranger issues perfectly.

    Scoring, toughness etc., as I watch some of the opening games I do not believe this roster will compete with the better teams.

  12. Coos, are you suggesting we don’t have a D who will strike fear into opposing forwards! ;)

    Dorsett and Asham middleweights who don’t score and will not get much ice time, and Cally can not continue to absorb the punishment he has taken over the last few seasons.

  13. For the record, I think Boudreu is a good coach. I know it’s going back to the last post…..

  14. iDoodie Machetto on

    Sioux I for to ask you, how did you do in the sitting in a semi circle tournament?

  15. Dorsett wore the A for Columbus, and scored 20pts, just a few more than Powe & Rupper added together.

    Asham still has the skills to stay, if needed. He looked good when he had his chances. Granted you can’t count them on one hand.

  16. Cmnsnse, I think we have a D that is very accomplished as a group, but lacks a bit of the mean gene.

  17. Heave Ho, I have made it a point to lay off of Nash because of CLEAN SLATE. Having done so up until now [ chuckle, chuckle, ] I echo your 8:00 re-post, Nash does not strike me as a leader. But, he doesn’t have to be a leader, though he does need to play like a superstar.

  18. Doodie I played 4 days in the main even outlasted 5,500 players, but needed a 1/2 day more to make the money.

    Took 2 bad beats, and had my chips in good, to get caught on the river river card twice.

    But I won an extra 10K before it started so the trip was ALOT of fun. Thanks for asking.

  19. Papa he doesn’t have to wear a letter to be a leader. He knows the weight that’s on him. He will do just fine he has more in him. If he can get some chemistry with Step he could have the best year in his career.

  20. tc, then you should follow me on twitter too. It’s free! @rangersreport.

    And I understand how you feel about Fleury, but I retweeted because he’s behind a pretty serious cause to stop kids from being abused by adults and, particularly, coaches … which is kinda why he has had all the personal problems in his life.

  21. Ricky Nash,
    Do you think you are what they say you are?
    Don’t get me wrong
    Only wanna know.
    Only want to know, now.

  22. No chance flames hold lead in 3rd period. They will be worst team in league by 8 pts minimum

  23. Now I’m with Carp….. I’m going to miss the other 40 goal scorer that got traded.

    Richie Rich might go 30-30, but that’s walking way out on the edge.

  24. Yes, Ash will probably sit a bit, Carp. But I still feel that on this team he would be an energetic, fearless, valuable fourth liner with a tad of latent offense and would stick up for his line-mates and bring some electricity, especially on nights when it is missing.

  25. Hey boys and girls. Thanks for the well wishes. Should be an easy procedure and I should be able to blog in no time flat. Mrs. Manny will be there and can give you the awful details of me under anesthesia. Plus the new pacemaker will be superior!

  26. Yikes! I must have missed that news, Manny. Good luck. … but you should have had this done in the off-season. Shame on you. :)

  27. You’re right Carp. I should have. But it’s the darn insurance companies. They won’t cover it unless it’s in the last month of reserve battery. It’s called Elective Replacement. It’s pretty stupid and unsafe. Thanks anyways. I’ll do better next time.

  28. Manny, you joke around so much, I thought you were putting us on. Sorry, or I would have before sent very best wishes for a snappy procedure and a speedy return to the blog.

  29. Carp

    I take it AV is more of a 4-line coach that Torts was? If not, seems a bit odd to play Miller over Asham as the tough guy/fighter is more valuable in limited minutes than a skill player

  30. Actually, Miller plays with a bit of a snarl and seldom smiles. Good signs, those, so far.

  31. Haha. It’s fine. Laughter is the best medicine. Just ask “Dr.” ilb. I prefer laughter to fawning. Make fun of me and my robot heart all you want

  32. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Can’t wait to pick the three stars of the game.

    Still in first place….Nash hasn’t taken a lazy penalty or skated one-on-four into Phoenix’ zone…Richie Rich isn’t eight strides behind the action…we haven’t gone oh-fer on the power play.

    But I’m very excited.

    Manny, good luck. I will be thinking positive thoughts for you.

  33. Boston looking good as usual, announcer mentioning Lucic punishing people. What else is new.

  34. oleo, plus until Callahan returns, Miller’s going to be on the PP some. But, yes, I think he’d like to play the fourth line more. (at least until he sees it).

  35. Listening to Derbils/Pitt on WFAN. The woman should be doing the Yankee games with Sterling. -Waldman- yuck. (Actually, Sterling yuck also.)

  36. cooscoos, I have a better word for those 2 but it would only get filtered and than I get reprimanded by carp.

  37. I watched all of the post activity ( yeah even the bash in Chicago..I know Chi town pretty good ( drove a taxi there for both Yellow Cab and Checker Cab ( and those checkers were made right there in the factory just south of Milwaukee, and were a lot different from modern day cabs. ( No radios for one, and non of that driving into the cab garage at the end of a shift and standing around and bs.. ing with the deck guy and all that other nonsense, it was they yanked up the hood of the cab, you brought in your gauge ( totals of your fares)
    and went home. Next day…same thing. I saw every Hawks home game that season at the old Civic Center on Madison, and at times I was one of only two or three fans in the entire arena;
    And they had a mounted pipe organ at the visitor’s goal side,
    (not like the way the Garden does it)…..As I recall, Brimsek and Lumley were the two goalies they had and the team only won about20 games all season long. ( If that). I’m really looking forward to this coming season at the garden.

  38. Just in passing….I noticed a statement on
    TV a little while ago and it indicated that
    Doane had apparently found someone to accept his ( what I considered) to be somewhat above his actual value, and I was encouraged by the fact that the Rangers were not one of his pursuers.

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