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  1. My pick to the final is the same pick I had last yr…..Boston this time with a win over Chicago. Sort of like a couple yrs ago with the pens/wings. Rangers 10 th sadly.

  2. I like that those Sweaters are entirely people that are on other teams now, retired players and BRAD RICHARDS.

    Happy that Vigneault thinks that Del Zaster has a lot of offensive upside. I agree Mr. Vigneault.

    Sounds like it’s going to be a progression with the players learning Vigneault and vice versa. Great. I love buildup.

    I like that “Nash” doesn’t like getting hit so he gets a non-contact. Nice joke, Vigneault!

    He didn’t say, “The Right Way” once! Fire him.

    Not a fan of the word pr *O* gress

  3. If your true love is 5’5, 285, can you get her an MZA length, Brodeur width intersex sweater?

  4. Did Vinegar say “I don’t ask,” when discussing Richie’s opinion on moving to wing, or did I imagine that?

  5. Pretty sure I thought I heard something like that. “I don’t ask.” Or maybe, “I didn’t ask.” Something like that. Sounds like Richie is really garnering that respect Veteran’s are so deserving of.

  6. Pr O gress is part of the Pr O cess.

    I do like the game planning for the opposition, it just makes sense. I also like his explanations, you don’t get a lot of “next question” or “we don’t discuss that”

    Must be a pleasure, or at least a nice change for Carp and others.

  7. you know…that candy sucking business by our new coach is getting a little bit annoying now.

    Brush your teeth, Frenchie!

  8. Thought so, Manny. Sounds very much like Richie’s not that interested in playing the walls. But, nothing new there.

  9. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I think I like the idea of the coach making up pairs, instead of lines, then rotating in and out the spare parts. Horse face, the spare part…

  10. There are no two really good players I’d want to build a team on less than Kessel and Phaneuf.

  11. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    This ‘Fresh Post’ sure seems like a ‘Clean Slate’ to me.

  12. Since people, CCCP, are bringing up Bole right off the bat…let’s all go around and say which two players, One Off. and One Defensive, we would want to build our team around.


  13. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    Manny, I’m thinking you could announce that you are cleaning the slate and we would know that it’s a new post. Prust saying.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    The only reason these bums won’t be bottom feeding in the NHL is because the rest of the division is so overhyped and bad. Pennsylvania is without goaltending, Caps can’t beat up on Southleast, Carolina WAS the southleast, the Islanders suck, the Devils suck, and Columbus is Columbus.

    They are a bunch of no-talent, hack, bottom-feeding CLOWNS.

  15. Good One, Doodie. I was between Toews and Bergeron. Bergeron won because of his toughness and *jam*. Tavares is unreal though. Good call.

  16. I am going to place a bet on Bovada taking the over on Loui Eriksson’s points 62.5.

    Does anyone else see this as a solid gamble?

  17. I would take the over for Eriksson at 62.5. He is a very, very solid 70 point player. I don’t know what a Bovada is though.

  18. Veen-Yo on the WFAN:

    “there are 10-15 teams in the league that can compete for the Stanley Cup this year and we’re certainly one of them”


  19. Here’s something to ponder. Thinking long view, what if you had to start with an F and D who are current teammates? Our boys Step and McD would have to atleast be in the running.

  20. AV on WFAN “It will take a little time and patience for my genius to envelop the ice.” Translation: ‘I haven’t seens tape or met most of these guys yet.’ Not getting on the coach, just a bit puzzled so far. Just coachspeak, I guess.

  21. “I haven’t seen that little center around lately, the blondie guy.”

    “You sent him down, coach.”

    Oh, right.”

  22. “I don’t ask, I tell.” Sounds like someone who just won a cantankerous fight. Hmmm.

  23. Or someone in charge of making decisions that might not always be popular with the people he manages.

  24. Good point. Its fun to picture Boyle and MDZ quietly snickering and high-fiving behind Richards when the announcement was made.

  25. Hmmm, didn’t hear the WFAN interview.

    ” I don’t ask, I tell”

    Was that about moving #19 to wing?

  26. Yes, See but it was from Carp’s presser above, not WFAN. I believe he said, “I don’t ask” (in reference to the Richie move.) I filled in the blanks

  27. I heard part of the WFAN interview, spin, spin and triple spin.

    He said he has no concerns or worries. This is a new season!

  28. ‘The problem now of course is
    To simply hold your horses,
    To rush would be a crime
    ‘Cause nice and easy does it every time.’

  29. The Yankees are going to offer Girardi a contract? I had no idea he played baseball too.

  30. I think the job calls for that Papa and maybe a smidgen of cockiness. Not that I’m capable but I sure wouldn’t want his job.

  31. CDUBB, I agree and have no problem with him being confident.

    But, the true test for him will be how he reacts if the team fails to meet expectations, especially if disaster occurs right out of the gate.

  32. It will certainly hold his feet to the fire.
    Can’t wait till Thursday !

    We win 3 – 1

    Book it

  33. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    Papa, I couldn’t decide if AV’s a slick talking guy that may have snowed everyone under or he really is a good coach and is just confident. I guess we will see.

    He certainly is a good talker. The contrast to Torts is monumental.

  34. Matty "RichieRocketOurSavior"boy on

    We continue in first place for the next few hours. Way to be Rangers!!!!!

  35. There’s a group that lives a life of Rangers
    To everyone they meet, they still stay strangers
    With every move they make,
    With every chance they take,
    Odds are they won’t live to see tomorrow.

  36. ‘I’m a Rangerous man from a dangerous city
    and I lead a dangerous life
    I’ve got a Rangerous car. it goes dangerous speeds and a very Rangerous wife;
    I got 16 Rangerous girlfriends, not counting one or two
    So, look out kid you don’t want to get hit
    I’m too dangerous for you.’

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  38. You’re a rich dude, and you’ve gone too far
    ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    You can rely on the Dolans’ money
    You can rely on the Dolans’ money
    It’s a bitch, dude, and it’s gone too far

  39. And you cannot touch certain parts of your body while you are out there on the Garden Ice.

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    LET”S GO BLACK HAWKS!!!!!!!!

    RAISE THE BANNER!!!!!!!!

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!! The Useless Folk.

  41. is anyone watching the blackhawks banner raising? can you imagine if we ever won the cup and dolan and sather spoke at the garden? what do you think would happen? they’d probably just let sam run the show and never show up right?

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