Rangers cut Kreider, keep Miller, Fast, Falk and Asham on opening roster


I’m headed to Rangers practice this afternoon. I will have some updates via twitter, hopefully video and audio later, and news about today’s final roster, which is below:

From the Rangers:


24 Players Remain with the Club

NEW YORK, September 29, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has assigned forwards Marek Hrivik, Chris Kreider, Oscar Lindberg, Brandon Mashinter, and Darroll Powe, and defensemen Conor Allen and Stu Bickel to Hartford of the American Hockey League (AHL).

The Rangers now have 24 players remaining on their active roster, including two goaltenders, seven defensemen, and 15 forwards. The Blueshirts will begin their 2013-14 regular season campaign against the Phoenix Coyotes on Thursday, October 3, at Jobing.com Arena (10:00 p.m.).


Defense (2): Conor Allen, Stu Bickel

Forward (5): Marek Hrivik, Chris Kreider, Oscar Lindberg, Brandon Mashinter, Darroll Powe


Goal (2): Martin Biron, Henrik Lundqvist

Defense (7): Michael Del Zotto, Justin Falk, Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh, John Moore, Marc Staal, Anton Stralman

Forward (15): Arron Asham, Brian Boyle, Derick Brassard, Ryan Callahan, Derek Dorsett, Jesper Fast, Carl Hagelin, J.T. Miller, Dominic Moore, Rick Nash, Benoit Pouliot, Taylor Pyatt, Brad Richards, Derek Stepan, Mats Zuccarello


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  1. Wow. Fast and Miller absolutely deserve this. Absolutely. No Bickel and No Mashinter is a problem. TOO SOFT.


    Bottom line is this is what fits in under the cap. Not to say game 2 guys are moved.

    IMHO, Fast has great hands, presence, skill, but at 165 lbs, how long will it be till he gets hurt.

    Sadly, Kreider better get his act together or he and other overhypes are just that. I really want the kid to succeed. Will not forget his first games in the PO”s and how things just clicked. Maybe it was dumb luck. He sure seems lost right now, or just doesn’t have the skill or drive. Hopes abound.

  3. N.Country_NYRFan on

    Surprised Fast made it over Hrivik, I thought Hrivik was one of the best youngsters besides for JT Miller


    Manny, it is pretty clear the league wants no fighting with the new rules. But, our GM is mistaken if he thinks no deterrents are needed. Asham and John Moore are our only ones??????

  5. Disclaimer: this is my twitter. Not the twitter of an expert.

    @MrManager5: Tortarella was fired because he mishandled Kreider and upset Hank. Lundqvist is still not extended and Kreider was just sent to the AHL.

  6. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Glad the kreider is gone, sad to see that Stralman and the mad bomber are still here (not that I expected them to go anywhere this morning).

    Also sad Bickel and mashinter didn’t make it.

    This team is small and soft…we’re going to get pushed around a lot.

  7. At this point how much trade value can The Kreider have? You’re probably trading him at his lowest possible value. I think it makes more sense to roll the dice and hope he turns into a serviceable NHL player some day.

  8. of course it does, Rob. Kid will be an NHL player. People here way overvalued him this early in his career, but he’s not a bust.

  9. eddie eddie eddie on

    The Kreider will be back. Regaining his confidence priority one. This team might win the cup this year, but they are positioned well going forward.

  10. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Valid point, personally I’m just tired of the kreider this kreider that all the time. Trade him for the ghost of Joey Kocur or the ghost of brad brown (not that they have passed or anything).

  11. Can someone explain to me the love affair with Boyle and Pyatt? To big guys that don’t/can’t use their size

  12. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I don’t see a huge problem with this roster. Fast probably goes down when Hagelin comes back. Haley is still in the minors if Asham gets hurt, and Dorsett isn’t the only tough guy on the team. It’s about as balanced as they can get with the current makeup.

  13. AV is ruining Kreider’s career just like Torts. (s)

    Suprised Powe got cut. He was skating well in camp. Guess it’s a cap move.

    I like that Asham is sticking around…

  14. We desperately need a physical presence on Defense. We cannot continue to lose playoff series to other teams’ fourth lines.

  15. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t think Boyle “fails to use his size”. He is not a good fighter, but does throw hits (I’d like to see him play with that must noogie karlsson attitude more), and contrary to what most of you say, he is a pretty good skater for a big guy. He is slow compared to Hagar, but who isn’t? He has average nhl speed for a very large man, which is quite honestly due to his hard work!

  16. Lot’s of misguided complaints about not keeping Bickel and Mashinter. Like seriously?

    Personally I thought Bickel should have kept instead of Falk, but only for cap reasons and the fact that we are a bit LH d-man heavy. However, our top 6 d-men are pretty much entrenched, so the 7th d-man is only here as a backup.

    Asham and Dorsett are more than enough although I suspect Asham will be in Prucha land for the opener as it would be silly to keep Fast here and not play him. He’ll be sent down when Callahan is ready to go I’m sure though.

    Speaking of Fast, I barely watched the preseason, but I take it he played well since he made the team. Interesting to see the line combos though…

  17. I don’t get why Falk is here over Bickel. They do the same thing but Bickel does it well. Vigneault used Sestito. So……..

  18. I agree with Wicky about Boyle but you all know I’m a big Boyle fan.

    Don’t think Del Zaster is physical enough. At least not the type of physical I’m referring to.

    This team is always pushed around by opposing teams fourth lines and guys like Chris Neil (who I would LOVE to have here). We need something to counter that. Callahan can’t just get injured all the time being the only person standing up for anyone.

  19. @TSNBobMcKenzie: OK, those were some notables on waivers. Here’s the complete list: Finley BUF, Jones CGY, Smith CGY, Bickel NYR, Mashinter NYR, Powe NYR…@TSNBobMcKenzie: T Smith TOR, Bodie TOR, Holzer TOR, *MacIntyre* TOR, Brennan TOR, Stanton CHI, Rechlicz WSH, Crabb FLA, Robak FLA, Yonkman ANA, Kearns SJ…@TSNBobMcKenzie: McCarthy SJ, Pelech SJ, Tyrell TB, Angelidis TB, Taormina TB, Janssen NJ, R Hamilton EDM, Larsen EDM, N Johnson BOS, Terry CAR, Emmerton DET…@TSNBobMcKenzie: Ebbett PIT, Connor PIT, Street CGY, Liles TOR, Cormier WPG, Pardy WPG, Schultz LA, Desbiens COL, Sulzer BUF. That’s all, folks.

  20. Bust/draft confirms McIllrath&Krieder to Whale!

    When does someone pay for these mistakes?

    Last year I said the Islanders were about to surpass the Rangers in every area except goalie and would finish with a better record.

    I believe there were numerous naysayers, what say you about this season, including Carp?

  21. Makes no sense to have 6.6 mil of cap space wrapped up in a 3rd line center. Seriously. The same production or more could have been had with a player making 1/3 of that. Or give the spot to a kid in the system. Richards doesn’t kill penalties, and on the 3rd line he’s going to be forced into a defensive forward position, which is as much a square peg into a round hole as I’ve ever heard. The guy should have been bought out. Even if he’s good this season, his deal has to be eliminated, so we’re just delaying the inevitable.

  22. AV, went with who deserved to make the team with the young players. Fast and Miller both outplayed Kreider. Kreider will be back when the goal scoring slumps. I don’t think Fast or Miller are going anywhere when the team is healthy. both are here to stay. Fast is going to score some goals. I like him a lot.

  23. Interesting moves. Gotta love it that AV preferred to give young player a chance ahead of Powe ( who admittedly looked ok in preseason). Fast earned it, sling with Miller. I thought Hrivik looked good too, at least for a few games at the beginning. Hagelin goes on LTIR tomorrow before 3 pm- they can submit a roster of 23 players.

  24. PennStateRangerFan on


    I have the same opinion on Pyatt. I know he is a big body come playoff time and a vet. But I am really not high on guys who just can’t freakin skate i.e. Pyatt and Richards “The Pantload”. I thought Hrivik looked awesome against LA, same with Lindberg. I know it would have been tough to keep both of those guys, a lot of inexperience and not much grit, but if Boyle and Pyatt are ineffective in the early bit of the season, I would love to see those two guys brought up because IMO I think they can definitely create more offense than Pyatt (for sure) and Boyle if he plays like he did last year. (Dont even get me started on Richards, I think my 14 year old brother could be more effective than he is)

  25. It seems to me that the Richards situation was responsible for Torts’ demise as NYR head coach. Torts pushed to get him and they signed him to a huge deal. He didn’t live up to expectations and has failed miserably in NY. Yes, that was a mistake by Tortorella. But, it should not have been enough for him to lose his job.
    I guess Slats felt that a new coach would be able to get more out of Richie. It’s clear to anyone that has watched this team over the last 2.5 years that Richards is finished as a 1st line player. What an utter mistake it was to keep Richards and fire Torts…ridiculous.

  26. I think Hrivek is a call up, but not a regular. seems to be a tweener to me. not big enough to be a checker, not skilled enough to be a scorer. personally I though Falk over Bickel was a no brainer.

  27. flash bulletin!!!! Rangers ended up in front of the islanders. The islanders were starting to fall in the standings and got bailed out by a shortened season, try again the same crap you seem to keep spewing over and over again.

  28. 14 forwards left (not including Hagelin), wonder who besides Asham is going to be the healthy scratch. guessing Miller or Fast. wonder if they kept Asham because they felt he may get claimed within conference. maybe you move him out west for a 7th rounder.

  29. eddie eddie eddie on

    NYR fan – interesting take…..some validity to that me thinks….torts urged slats to sign the rocket…the rocket disappoints…..torts’ head goes on the guillotine….

  30. pretty much what I thought would happen regarding the cuts. If you watched the games it makes sense. I understand Bickell can fight with the heavy weights if needed but lets be serious here, that’s all he can really do is fight. I understand the rangers are soft but the rangers have a history of being soft. The funny thing is the 2 teams that weren’t soft were, the 94 team who won the cup and the 2011-2012 team who made it to the conference final. That is a telling stat.

  31. Really? You guys still stuck on Bickel? The guy can’t play. He has no speed, he is a terrible positional defenseman and he’s constantly out of position. I’m not sure what good he is? To win the odd fight? He doesn’t even do a great job of clearing the crease. We still have Asham and Dorsett for fighting and they can play a little. Would I like a big tough defenseman? Sure, but Bickel is a liability more than he’s an asset.

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    i would hate to see cally rush back…re-injure the shoulder ending his season and possible his career…..no reason to hurry

  33. Good point, NYR. I forgot. Tortarella was fired for upsetting Hank (who hasn’t signed an extension), mishandling The Kreider (currently sent to AHL by second NHL coach) and for not benching Richards (who was not bought out for some inexplicable reason).

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    JPG – it seemed that every PK powe was on during preseason…the opposing team scored….that said, Pyatt is horrid.

  35. Probably because Vigneault’s PK is not geared for the lineup that was playing it. Should get better with Stepan, Hagelin’s speed and Callahan.

  36. Manny,
    my only comment on Kreider being sent down by a 2nd NHL coach is, he was sent down for the right reasons this time. last year there was something more going on. a bit of a power struggle between Torts and Sather. he was sent down this time because he was outplayed by Miller and Fast. you have to earn it.

  37. Sending Powe down gives them $925K cap relieve which allows them to keep Fast ($900K). They’re still a few 100K over. Will use Hagelin’s LTIR.

  38. eddie eddie eddie on

    earn and churn, burn the fern, twirl and turn, read and learn, laura dern, tommy hearn(s)….


  39. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    For those in my fantasy league, draft is 01 October.

    On that note, yard work to do on my only day off, so later all.

    Hopefully, it is an interesting next 24 hrs with waivers and such.

  40. Pyatt did surprisingly better in the playoffs
    but it’s a salary cap world
    and we can’t make him a
    Super Black Ace and
    keep him off the ice
    til april

  41. I’m here to tell you all that the Islanders will finish ahead of the Rangers and I’ll be back to remind you all every year until it actually happens.


    Torts did everything to find one player on the team, last year, just one, that would wake Richards up, playing him on all 4 lines, switching lines, only to find that, alas, his legs were gone, so he benched him probably two months after he should have.

    Short of what he actually did to save Richards career Torts could have dressed up a speedy skater like Hagelin and put a latex-Brad Richards mask on his face, #19 on his jersey back, and had him masquerade as The Rocket while putting the real Brad Richards, pillow over head, in a closet!!

    Just one example, but I rest my case that our old coach just didn’t do enough for his buddy, Brad. Torts could have done more!!

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    whirling, twirling, Rod Sterling, pitchers are hurling, ice and curling, flags unfurling….


  44. Jeff Schultz a former winner of the Plus-Minus award, joining a notable list of defensemen, including Marek Malik, Wade Redden and Michal Rozsival. What could go wrong?

  45. eddie eddie eddie on

    ritchie the Rocket, don’t mock it, in the eye socket, my watch I’ll hock it, remember rick tocchet, my boat let’s dock it..



    I see the comments above about Pyatt.

    Not a fan of his, but I think there was a line in one of the pre-season games, that worked some with him, Richards, and MZA. I could be wrong, but I think AV could be thinking that way. If that line works, it takes at least 2 wastes of roster space (Pyatt and Richards) and makes something out of them.

    Worth a try.

  47. season hasn’t even started and Nash is resting. I am really growing to dislike his game, and attitude.

  48. Honestly, nobody’s ruining Kreider’s career but Kreider himself. He was given a chance and showed absolutely nothing either here or in Harrford. For the second year in a row everybody’s trying to find excuses for his lack of production and sadly determination. And at this point I’m not sure anymore he will be an NHL player, as sad as it is…

  49. Watch Nash be out awhile with foot. Could see it now.

    How much more time does Kreider need in Hartford.

    Get me 8 of 18 pts first 9 games I will sing a diff tune.

  50. New York Rangers ?@NYRangers 3m
    AV says at the next practice he will try Nash, Stepan and Richards together. #NYR

    AV Hates Stepan

    Book It

  51. Rob in Beantown on

    Maybe Richards can play defense next? Or goalie? I’m sure if we keep trying him different places we’ll find some place he fits

  52. Richards was god awful at face offs last year. And he cannot QB the PP anymore. So why not move him to Wing? Take some pressure off. Just scary to throw him on the top line. But, hey, he’s been working out hard. He’s a veteran. What could go wrong?

  53. eddie eddie eddie on

    King Richards the third, looking like a turd, I am a nerd, cattle in the herd, ways and curd, you inferred, i said werd…


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