Busy day for the Rangers on first day back from trip


Some thoughts:

1) So I guess John Tortorella wasn’t the only coach who thinks Chris Kreider is not yet ready. And by the way, J.T. Miller knew there was a job at stake and played his tail off. I’m not sure Kreider did the same. I still think he’s a can’t-miss very good NHL player for a long time, but a lot of people — especially here, got way too starry-eyed over the kid scoring some amazing and huge goals in that one playoff year, when he was really bad some games in those playoffs. And he was bad last year. I still think he’s got some figuring out to do, and I’m not sure he’s ever going to be the 30+ goal scorer some of you had pegged for him.

2) The Rangers are in under the cap with 23 players once Carl Hagelin goes on LTIR. He can’t play the first 10 games, and that’s about where the doctors have his return penciled anyway. Once he comes back, they will have some maneuvering to do to get back under the cap.

3) Darroll Powe isn’t the only one who has to clear waivers to go to Hartford. Brandon Mashinter and Stu Bickell do too.

4) I know Alain Vigneault doesn’t mean it this way, but Brad Richards ought to take this move to the wing as a shot over the bow. No? I mean, it’s kind of a wakeup call. Right? Or maybe Vigneault, like a lot of folks up North, thinks Richards is still the player the back of his hockey card says he is and wants an eggs-in-one-basket first line. But maybe he should have watched some of those 2013 tapes that showed Richards and Nash just don’t work.

5) The thing about the 1-5 preseason that should scare you, of course, is the number of goals scored (nine in six games). I’d say a lot of that had to do with the fact that most nights, they had only two of their top six forwards in the lineup, and some nights none, unless you think Derick Brassard is one. And the other scary part, maybe, is that the top three highest paid players on the team played horribly. I’m not worried about the goalie. The other two …?

6) So I’m finally becoming convinced that Ryan Callahan will not be able to talk himself into the opening-night lineup. I’m not at all convinced that he’s done trying, though. He will play on the trip, though, I’m sure. Probably Game 2, if I had to guess.

7) Henrik Lundqvist was asked if there was an  update on his contract, since he said he wants it settled before the season opens. He laughed “we still have three more days.” Not sure he thinks it’s funny, though.

8) A somewhat interesting item when we walked into the lockerroom for the first time in the AV Era: The stalls were relocated so that all the defensemen are seated in one area together.

9) AV sort of said that Conor Allen is the organizational seventh D, but that he needs to play … and the seventh D on the NHL roster is not going to play.

10) Arron Asham=necessary piece of the lineup, for what that’s worth. Team needs some muscle badly.

11) Vigneault said he liked Jesper Fast’s “hockey smarts and skill level” and being a right-hander they need helped the decision. Miller “just got better as the camp went on,” he said. “He was able to put a foot in the door.”

Here’s my story from lohud.com and The Journal News, unedited version:

By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH – The Rangers got their roster down to 24 players by making seven cuts Sunday, including the demotion of Chris Kreider to the Hartford Wolfpack of the AHL.

Kreider did not do enough to earn an NHL spot to open this season, and was outplayed by rookies J.T. Miller and Jesper Fast, who both made the roster for the opener in Arizona Thursday.

“I thought Chris had a good camp, but at the end of the day … we came to the conclusion that he’s a really young player and he needs to play,” Rangers coach Alain Vigneault said. “As much as I believe he’s real close and probably could play at our level right now, he needs to play big minutes and good minutes and I felt, with our group right now, he wasn’t going to be able to get those minutes.”

In addition to Kreider, forwards Oscar Lindberg, Marek Hrivik, Brandon Mashinter and Darroll Powe, and defensemen Conor Allen and Stu Bickel, were also assigned to Hartford. Powe, Mashinter and Bickel must clear NHL waivers first.

To get to the maximum 23-man roster and under the salary cap by Monday evening, the Rangers will place Carl Hagelin (shoulder surgery) on long-term injured reserve, meaning he will not be eligible for the first 10 games of the season. When he does return the Rangers will have to make a move to get back under the cap.

Arron Asham, who cleared waivers with Powe in July, made the team, as did seventh defenseman Justin Falk, though Allen, the impressive rookie, might be the the seventh D organizationally.

Captain Ryan Callahan and Vigneault both said that Callahan (shoulder surgery) will not play Thursday, but he could play on the trip that includes three games in California.

Rick Nash sat out practice with a bruised foot, but when he returns, probably Tuesday, he is expected to play on a line with Derek Stepan in the middle and Brad Richards, who played on the left wing in practice, as the Rangers have five centers.

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Photo by The Associated Press.


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  1. boxcareddiehospodar on


    another year of watching zuccarello,hagelin,stephan all go to the corner and lose the battle for the puck.

    another year of watching our better players especially Henrik get run at and no one to protect them.

    another year of people on this blog thinking boyle and pyatt are great and kreider deserves to be sent down.

    One question if kreider / boyle /pyatt all played for edmonton,flyers etc who do you think would be on the starting day roster?

    what did einstein say: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – I agree with your analysis. The Kreider will return better than ever. The rocket will move from center to wing to selling sodas in the lower bowl. JT Miller is for real – let’s hope he stays healthy.

  3. Carp expresses his personal opinions on the blog, but states facts in his articles. Too bad so few of the current crop of “journalists” in all fields no longer take that course, literally and figuratively.

  4. Fast and Miller were the best youngsters in pre season and they are on the club. Both took the body and both make the team; thank you Vino

    Powe is out, that is huge; somehow they need to make up for his scoring though

    Still need heavyweight. Like Asham, has decent wheels, surprisingly wicked wrister and will throw, but not a heavyweight dancer. May need Mashinter back up here eventually

    “The Kreider” is not officially Kreider until he raises his Hockey IQ.

  5. Pretty sad when a coach has to say to an aspiring young center, ‘Watch Stepan, or Watch Miller,’ instead of ‘Watch Richards.’

  6. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – good point re: replacing Powe’s scoring – nothing from nothing leaves nothing – will it go round in circles?

  7. Hey Carp! Correct me if I’m wrong… But I believe Powe (along with Asham – if he did not make the team) already cleared waivers. Also with Hagelin on the long term IR for at least 10 games, the Rangers should accrue about two million $$$ in cap space for each game Hagelin misses… So when he returns, I don’t think changes to the roster will have to be made for $$$ cap reasons.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards has forgotten more about scoring goals than most players will ever know. But that’s also the problem.

  9. Nice write up Carp.

    For me the Kreider thing is, well, why can’t we ever have a phenom? Other teams get them and for a little while it looked like we had one too.

  10. Ash’s wife: “I wish you didn’t have to fight.”
    Ash: “Me, too, darlin’, but who’s gonna pay the mortgage on this 12 room dump?”

  11. boxcareddiehospodar on

    1st game against the bruins:

    Rangers up 1-0.

    henrik goes behind the net to clear the puck and gets run over by Lucic. Maybe a penalty.

    who steps upto lucic? Boyle,Pyatt,Zuccs,Stephan,Asham, probably Callahan. Case closed. Don’t forget the isles and flyers when it comes to physical play.

  12. Leetch HoF – great pt! – Rocket Richards will cover Powe’s production

    Looking for Miller to put up some pts as well – he was taking body and pissing opponents off – love it!

    Can we put together some season long bets:

    # of goals for Nash, Cally, Richards, etc., etc.,

    # of pts for Step, Brass, Miller,

    # of wins/pts – team

    and so on

  13. ‘Let’s get physical, physical
    I wanna get physical
    Let’s get into physical
    Let me hear your body talk, your body talk
    Let me hear your body talk.’

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards in goal could work too – if ya can’t score ’em, might as well try stoppin ’em

  15. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Gravy just gravyy

    let’s keep boyle,pyatt and zuccs who contribute nothing during theseason and nothing in the payoffs.

  16. Not saying he shouldn’t be sent down, clearly not the best suited for the job. I was saying that based on that one playoff series I thought we really had something … but obviously, not so much.

  17. My prediction: The Kreider called up after an 0-8 road trip in which the clowns score a total of 8 goals.

  18. A lot of teams would love to have Boyle. When he get’s going and plays well he’s a top-rate bottom six forward. Pyatt is filler, they could do worse, they could do a lot better. Zucc is not bad but they don’t need Zucc, Hags and Fast on the same roster. Figure out the opportunity cost and move on with one of the three on the roster.

  19. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I want Kreider to succeed. He just has to earn it at some point. I agree on Pyatt, but, sadly Boyle and MZA are better NHL players right now.

  20. I’m excited to have the Rangers back in action, but not too confident in this team. When Cally, etc get back the boys will get a boost, but I don’t think it will amount to much. Richards is an anchor around their neck and they are soft. A Haley or Mashinter (Bickel?) is sorely needed. We all have high hopes but we gotta keep it real.

  21. MZA is legit Top 6 NHL forward?

    If not, he cannot play on checking line so becomes 4th line/PP/ SO specialist

    Love his hands and spunk, but got pushed around last season

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dirk Diggler – “are you hungry?”

    Jessie St. Vincent – “starving”

    Dirk Diggler – “feast on this”

  23. This team is not bad. They need a solid 7th d-man who can play 8 to 15 minutes a night without killing the team and the d looks pretty good. The forwards are another problem. They lack both toughness and and skill. They are, at least, 3 players away from having a respectable forward group.

  24. With cap issues, what they have in the prospect pool and what they can give up in trade, I’m not really sure how they become an elite team. Probably won’t happen any time soon. But with the D and hank they are capable of being a solid team. Just not a top tier team.

  25. ‘I feel pretty,
    Oh so pretty,
    I feel pretty and witty and bright,
    And I pity
    Any guy who isn’t me tonight’

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – to answer your earlier question – it wont be the Gmen winning first – even if there is a lockout till May.

  27. Actually a move will have to be made regardless of the $$$ cap for Hagelin’s return in order to get from 24 to 23 players. But if that were not the case, now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure nothing accrues $$$ with the cap while on long term IR.

    But I’m sure Powe and Asham cleared waivers soon after last season ended.

  28. Maybe if Hank played in a figure skating costume his beauty would blind opponents and it wouldn’t matter if Richards was triple shifted, the Rangers would still win every game.

  29. MDZ to Zucc: My love is higher than a mission bell
    (How deep?)
    Deeper than a wishing well
    (How strong?)
    Stronger than a magic spell
    My Love for you is:

    Wider than the widest sea
    (How long?)
    Longer than a memory
    (How sweet?)
    Sweeter than a honey tree.

    Hags means nothing to me. He was just a temporary port on a stormy night….

  30. So be my guest, you got nothin’ to lose, won’t you let me take you on a sea cruise?
    Ooowee, ooowee baby, ooowee, ooowee baby,
    Ooowee, ooowee baby! Won’t you let me take you on a sea cruise?

  31. With the Rangers not being able to sign any free agents to long term contracts this offseason, because at years end most of the players on the team become free agents… Who better than Richards could Sather have signed to a one year contract? Besides, he might actually play well with Stepan and Nash? It’s a clean slate!

  32. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad.

    BAD NEWS: we got our Rinaldos crushed in preseason.

    GOOD NEWS: were tied for the Presidents Cup!!

  33. Carp
    in regards to Kreider
    i mentioned this in the past
    watched some of his college games
    and he coasted a lot and hung out
    for moments to pounce on opposing goalie.
    worried that those habits would follow him
    and it’s possible they have.
    he doesn’t show enough consistency or tenacity

  34. Lets hope this is Kreider’s wake up call. JT Miller certainly heard his and at the moment him and Fast have jumped over Kreider in the prospect pecking order.

    So our opening night lines are looking like this :
    Nash, Step, Richards
    Brass, Pouliot, Zucc
    Boyle, Miller, Fast
    Pyatt, Moore, Asham/Dorsett

  35. wow its real negative to start the season. you do realize that this team sent down some players with real futures. Lindberg, Kreider, Kristo, Allen, and maybe Hrivek. they also kept to real promising young forwards, in Miller and Fast. I agree there may be a lack of overall team toughness, but that can be addressed at some point during the season. tough road trip to start the season, but I see this team battling for the top spot in the division.

  36. Yeah, most independent observers still seem to think this is a good team overall, though obviously with some flaws. They can’t _all_ be Brad Richards’ friends in the Canadian media.


    bull dog, I agree……..BUT……

    1. The only of those players that has size is Kreider who doesn’t use it.

    2. Other, smarter teams (and even the 2011 and 1994 Rangers, the best we have had in 20), had size and grit up and down the line up.

    3. A team needs to be tough to play against because of grit AND skill, the former at least of equal weight.

    4. We continue to have no real toughness on defense. True, we do have a couple of guys that can check. But fighting “stay away from my crease” defenseman? Still no, again for years.

    5. We continue to have no PP point man, except for the Rocket, our savior, of course. No booming accurate shots.

    6. As great as Hank is (how stupid, just plain stupid, he is not signed?) he will face more quality shots, has smaller pads, thinner net, in a more offensive minded system and league. Sorry, but he will give up more goals. Where is the offense gonna come from?

    Like all of youse, I wear it on my sleeves. Love this team. Live it every day. But this is a poor excuse for a complete team. I hope we make the playoffs.

    Even with all the ‘talent’ and small guys in the AHL.


    The biggest gamble this year was the continuation of Richards. He may put up adequate numbers, but he doesn’t belong. His stats last year looked ‘good’, including that ridiculous hat trick that padded his numbers in Carolina, but he is awful and his career is over. If we had him for $2M, then fine. Not for the salary cap waste of $6M.

    I would believe the Dolan Dummy’s, after realizing he was so heavily front loaded, insisted he be kept. Even Sather can’t be this awful in his evaluation of the mess this guy’s career has become.

    Another mistake in a long line that just drags your franchise down, down down.

    And if you don’t think that EVERY player in the system sees this silliness and it doesnt’ drag down morale, your missing the boat.

    Mickey Mouse organization in New York City.

  39. I think we’re a lot better team when we get Cally in the lineup, hopefully for game 2 or 3. The questions will be who sits for Cally when he comes back in and who steps up while Hagelin is out and can they force management to make a difficult decision when they are both back from injury.

  40. When you look at the centers we have on the roster now, especially if Miller grows into the role, we would still have had 5 centers had we bought out the Rocket: Step, Brass, Miller, Boyler and Dom Moore. With Lindberg and Powe to call upon.

  41. Independent opinions on the Rangers’ position from a fairly unscientific cross-section of various predictions and power rankings:

    The Hockey News: 2nd in division
    USA Today: 5th in conference, 9th overall
    SI: 3rd in conference
    TSN: 8th in conference, 14th overall
    Toronto Sun: 5th in conference, 9th overall
    Adam Proteau (THN): 5th in conference
    Dave Lozo (The Score): 1st overall
    Rob Vollman (Hockey Abstract, various): 4th in conference
    Jonathan Willis (various): 6th in conference, 11th overall

  42. Good morning, boneheads!

    Wow, LW, none of those experts predicted Rangers winning the number 1 pick next year? They need to read RR more often then :-)

  43. Will be interesting to see who sits after Callahan goes in. Also, who is sent down when Hagelin is ready to play. He will be available October 29th, the earliest.

  44. Interesting detail about Stepan’s deal. He is making $2.3M this year and $3.85M next year. It’s done to help him with his QO in 2 years- in order to retain his rights the Rangers will have to make him a qualifying offer of $3.85M. Which means that if he goes to arbitration, his contract will be, most likely, at a higher number. At least his agent was able to do that much.

  45. I had both feet planted on the ledge ready to go after watching the preseason games but than realized it’s only preseason. I will reserved a space for the ledge and see how the first 2 months go.

  46. Sioux – The Kreider needs to light it up in Hartford big time! If any of the veterans are struggling, AV mentioned its only a short bus ride from Hartford to call up Lindberg, Hrivik or Kreider (or even Conor Allen) – not such an easy ride TO Hartford given that the bus stops at waiverville for 24 hours for most though.

    As for predictions, we could finish anywhere according to the experts!

  47. I do think Sather is going to have to make this team tougher somehow during the season if the rangers want to make the playoffs comfortably, if not, they will be battling for the wild card and probably the last wild card spot.

  48. Someone re *fresh* my memory. Did Chompers get a go on the wing last year? Or play with Stepan? I know he was awful as Nash’s center. That’s ok. I remember they moved Holik to wing with Lindros. That worked out really well..

    Ps- is Nash playing LW or RW?

  49. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Is there that much of a difference in team toughness than that of two years ago? Prust replaced by Dorsett, Fedotenko replaced by Asham. The one loss is probably Dubinsky being replaced in the bottom 6 by Moore, although he’s got some grit. Anisimov wasn’t “tough”, and Brassard is a better player. Otherwise, the rest of the lineup is mostly the same.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Richie Rocket played the point on powerplay, so there is precedent with him playing other positions poorly.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    Gravy – don’t forget the King of the Outdoors; Rupper. A heavyweight who was willing to absorb three punches for every one he threw (and missed)

  52. I was going to watch the finale but then I thought i’d better watch at least some of the other 60-odd episodes before I see how it ends

  53. Spoiler alert: On the season finale, WW puts dirty magazines in his waiting room and converts to Judaism for the jokes

  54. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Manny, I had to look that up because I didn’t watch The Wire, though I heard it was a good show.

  55. Ok, Ok, I have put the preseason shenanigans behind me and I am ready to rock and roll into the new season. Look out Yotes we’re coming to ruin your home opener.

    LGR !!!

  56. The Wire is probably the second best show ever, Sopranos being the best ever hands down without any room for argument or contradiction.

  57. Re: Sopranos: True story told to me by Vinnie Pastore: Galdolfini, years ago, walking in the Village. – Drunk, sitting with back to building, with a bottle inside a paper bag. Drunk points to Gandolfini, hollers “Tony Soprano!” Gandolfini says, “You get HBO?”

  58. LMGO. Great one from Gandolfini.

    Lost? Seriously? That’s an actual opinion!? I guess we will disagree on this just like we disagree on Boyle. Respectfully.

  59. _I guess we will disagree on this just like we disagree on Boyle. Respectfully._

    Ad naus … respectfully. Right, respectfully.

  60. Yes, Sioux. I do think. Sopranos is also responsible for EVERYTHING that came after it the way Seinfeld changed prime time 30 minute comedies. Sopranos revolutionized it’s genre and TV as a whole. The acting is unmatched. It’s all time.

  61. Homeland is spectacular, although I have no idea what they are going to do this season after the way last season ended. I am sure it will be awesome anyway.

    I still love Mad Men too. I’m looking forward to that final season.

  62. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    The Sopranos was great. Lost was great. Batllestar Gallactica (for the SciFi crowd) was great. The Walking Dead is great.

  63. Here is my problem with Homeland: They didn’t know if they were getting a third season and therefore the plot floundered in the second season. I feel like they have not yet written the ending and are just floating around pointing fingers. Also, it gets a bit too dramatic. But I do like their overall message on the show. So Kudos there.

    Game of Thrones is terrific but it’s based on a book. Should it lose points for that?

    Mad Men is also terrific. A very great show but not in any way on the level of Sopranos for me. But Mad Men is probably top 10 of its genre, right?

  64. I liked Lost but that was mostly because it had Evangeline Lilly in it!
    Homeland is awesome. Just catching up on S2 before the start of S3 this week. I need to get it all watched before the season starts this week!

  65. Lets worry about scoring goals first before we worry about getting tougher.

    As Pierre McGuire said this morning on NHL radio.

    You can’t clinch a playoff spot in October but you certainly could lose one.

    These first 9 set the tone for the entire season.

    Must win opening night with la and San Jose looming.

  66. What about MSG Rangers pregame show? One of the most anticipated programs on TV and its on multiple times a week. It also is followed by a different mystery every time, you don’t really know how it will end.

  67. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Lost is right near the top for me because Mrs. Gravy and I marathoned the whole series via Netflix over the course of four weeks (excluding a week in the middle for vacation), sometimes watching 6 episodes a night until 3 in the morning. We literally couldn’t wait to watch the next episode.

    BSG took me a season to really get into, but then had the same effect as it went on.

  68. I’m waiting for Sherlock and need to catcth up with this new thing Peaky Blinders – which is meant to be the UK’s version of Boardwalk Empire set in post WW1 Birmingham about gangsters

  69. Sioux – i’m totally with you on Band of Brothers.
    Gravy – me and the ex-wife used to do the same with Lost, dedicated whole weekends to that and seasons of 24. Poor dog got no walks and lived on popcorn all weekend!

  70. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Boardwalk Empire is a solid show.

    Manny, Game of Thrones is not original, but it is well acted and well told. And I didn’t read the books so…Red Wedding.

  71. Worst case scenario: Rocket Richards looks more like Ragged Richards and is shut down and sent to the golf course by the Olympic Break

  72. Game of Thrones is easily the funnest show on television I think. It has great characters and awesome production value. And T&A. But I don’t know if the writing is as strong as some of the other shows we’re talking about. And you can tell they’re stretching the story out and biding time waiting for more books to be written. It’s annoying.

    Plus My fiancee has read all of the books, so she is insufferable to watch GoT with.

  73. One thing I noticed watching the Caps game highlights the other night was the rebound from the knee pads seems to be much quicker, less chance for the goalie to gather the puck in.
    Not sure which goalie it was but he dropped his knees to the ice, the puck hit the the flappy knee pads and shot out straight to Ovy with an almost wide open net.

  74. Getting proficient on a smaller rink must be challenging for a kid like Fast (and Lindberg.) Hope they prosper. That the Kreider, at this point, can’t outplay Lurch (#14) on the big team seems to speak volumes about his sloooow development.

  75. _That the Kreider, at this point, can’t outplay Lurch (#14) on the big team seems to speak volumes about his sloooow development._

    I’m sure Kreider’s free option played atleast a minor role in his demotion. If you could stash Pyatt, you probably would, unless that’s seen as being mean to a vet.

  76. If you were able to eat one chef that has a show on the Food or Cooking Network, which would it be and why? #AskBrodeur

  77. On that topic, logic says atleast on really good goalie is going to completely fall apart with the new pad rules, right?

  78. Likely that any goalie whose stats fall for any reason at all will have people quick to assign the equipment change narrative to it, Mister D.

  79. I see that veiled prediction. Wow. LW3H predicting Quick will have a bad season and it will be DEFINITELY due to the smaller pads. Wow wow wow. Your rep is on the line.

  80. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Why does everyone keep making excuses for kreider? Maybe he isn’t that good. Maybe pyatt is actually better. The $$$ difference is only a couple hundred thousand, so it’s not contract and if he deserved to be here he would.

  81. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I agree with Mister D regarding Kreider’s option. Plus, you only save $900k by waiving Pyatt. I can see a trade happening when Hagelin comes back. Kreider might even wind up coming back at that point, as well.

  82. Pyatt has a clear assignment on this team- he is a checking winger. 3/4 liner. Kreider is projected by this organization to fill a top 6 scoring winger role. If he isn’t ready to do it, he is better off playing that role in Hartford. Pyatt does what he asked to, Kreider isn’t going to replace him.

  83. I don’t care if the man is mistakenly sent down to the Nicaraguan girl’s sunset league … he deserves to be called by his full name, “The Kreider”.

  84. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Kreider goes all Daniel Goneau in one playoff series and doesn’t do diddly poo after that and most want to anoint him the next Malkin (point production wise) and in reality his production is more like pyatt right now.

  85. Let me correct:

    THE Kreider goes all Daniel Goneau in one playoff series and doesn’t do diddly poo after that and most want to anoint him the next Malkin (point production wise) and in reality his production is more like pyatt right now.

  86. Let me make it simple for everyone:

    Would you call “President Obama” just “Obama” to his face?


  87. One waiver claim = Lame

    Question, does a guy like Powe, now that he has cleared waivers actually play in those Wolfpack games and doesn’t that hamper the development of the “youth” Or is he just a healthy scratch and practices with the team?

  88. I’m wondering what the Captain situation in Hartford is. I don’t really see any standout candidates for that position so maybe Powe can take over. The oldest guy they have is about 25.

  89. Call me crazy, but I was worried about Mash (just turned 25) getting picked up. He makes $75 thou in Hartford, $600 here.

  90. @capgeek 35s

    Nyquist down, Coreau up puts #RedWings at $2,097,045 over the cap; Helm to LTIR makes new upper limit $66,397,045, rather than $64,300,000.

  91. Carp: Why doesn’t this blog have a store associated with it? You could probably make a pretty coin printing Bonehead T-Shirts and Hats and other garbage.

  92. Mash to wife/girlfriend: “You know that new Acura we’ve been looking at? I think I found a better deal. Ash is looking to get rid of a rusted ’88 Toyota that runs.”

  93. Mash makes it to the Pack.

    Lots of talent on the Pack this year, You would think they could start winning some games now that they have some solid PRO players on the team.

    Who leads the Pack in scoring this year?

  94. Miami, 8 goals? Wow, contrary to popular opinion, you are very optimistic…I was thinking 6…but we shall see.

  95. 1994,

    What can I say? I was feeling generous last night.

    But I now tend to agree with you that it’ll be south of 6.


    JamesG@9:53, BB a great show, going to miss it terribly!!!! Glad hockey’s here to fill some of the void.

  97. Kreider is eventually going to be a good NHL player, I see him being a late bloomer though. Decision making needs to improve and thats where he falls behind the rest of the kids. Hands and feet aren’t the problem and you can’t teach size – so hopefully he will get better and smarter at this level with more time in the AHL. I do see him hitting the 30 goal mark someday, but not sure if he will ever be a consistant 30 goal scorer or top line player. With his size and speed and IF he can mature mentally within the game – I see him easily being a legit 20-25 goal scorer within 2-3 years. Will all depend on the growth within his melon. Patience is what this kid really needs. I think he came in with very high expectations put on him, and he in turn is trying too hard to meet them.

  98. Isn’t this what was originally expected with Kreider anyway? He wasn’t exactly a secret at the draft so I thought his longer development curve was the reason he was even available where we picked, no?

  99. 1. Pittsburg
    2. Washington
    3. New York
    4. New Jersey
    5 Columbus
    6. Philadelphia
    7. New York
    8. Carolina

  100. add lundqvist to the list who I think will be affected by smaller pads and possibly have his worst year due to smaller pads and new system.

  101. When Lundqvist predictably declines this season, rather than faulting the smaller pads and the less defensive system with less blocked shots, we should have an investigation that blames Sather.

  102. I think people need to calm down with kreider, first people thought he was going to be this great player because of his showing in the playoffs a few years ago and now people think he is a bust. The Kreider will end up in the middle, good player, not elite, not a bust.

  103. Ranger management will be in full sell mode at the trade deadline, including Nash……………….

    Book It.

  104. personally I always thought lundqvist was a tad overrated. Yes a good goaltender but is horrible at handling the puck with his goalie stick and has benefitted from the rangers system of playing defense first and blocking shots. Maybe I’m wrong about lundqvist, we will see this year, smaller pads, wide open system = ?

  105. Miami
    So when The Kreider comes back as a consistant 50+ goal scorer, does it move them out of bush league status?

  106. Matty "CLEANSLATE/FIRESATHER"boy on

    Tommy, I had not been a Hank believer up until 2 years ago. I now believe him to be one of the top 3 in the game, very possibly the best.

    All goalies that had larger than should be pads, will flounder in the beginning. Hank could have some trouble. He’ll adapt to that. Bigger problem is going to be a different system and more room behind the net.

  107. right now, today, my gut tells me this is how it will end up:

    1. Pittsburg
    2. Washington
    3. New Jersey
    4. Columbus
    5. Rangers
    6. Islanders
    7. Flyers
    8. Carolina

  108. Matty "CLEANSLATE/FIRESATHER"boy on

    Schneider had an amazing pre-season. Interesting how he comes in from being an above average goalie for AV in Vancouve, GA a little above 2.10

    He looks like the second coming of Fatty playing behind the Derbils D.

    (I know, I know it’s only pre-season, I know)

  109. my bad, to lazy, cut and pasted off papa bear’s and than changed position of teams and didn’t realize he spelled Pittsburgh wrong.

  110. Fat Guy
    Can we all just agree that the Rangers suck?
    And then we can go from there

    I thought that went without saying here. Is that not the glue that bonds all Ranger fans together?

  111. when are people going to learn that the devils have played this system forever and they have 3 cups to show for it. it doesn’t matter who plays in a devil jersey, it works, why fix something that isn’t broken, paging sather. Lou goes out and gets himself a top goalie, fills in the missing links and the devils won’t miss a beat.

  112. Rob in Beantown on

    re: Richards being waived

    Even if a team claimed Richards, say to reach the cap floor for example, wouldn’t the Rangers still be on the hook for the cap recapture if he retires? Isn’t that why he needs to be bought out?

  113. Tommy, my brutha, why throw papa under the bus for the spelling error? How about you take the hit and move on?

  114. actually, I was just talking about lundqvist, I’m sure it will affect other goalies. I have a feeling this is going to be a interesting season.

  115. Matty "CLEANSLATE/FIRESATHER"boy on

    Tommy, Pierre was asked, this am on NHL Radio, what the bigger off season developments were. His first comment was the incredible move by Lou, securing himself a great goalie for the next bunch of years. I don’t love Pierre, but agreed there. Speak of a guy that continues to do a great job despite the financial woes (now in the past) and loss of FA’s. I’m pretty jealous of the great GM the Dervils have.

  116. There shouldn’t be an h in Pittsburg. Ridiculous. I say they spelt it wrong the first time and I’m not going to repeat the mistake.

  117. 1. *NY Rangers*
    2. Pittsburgh Penguins
    3. Columbus Blue Jackets
    4. Washington Capitals
    5. NYIslanders
    6. New Jersey Devils
    7. Philadelphia Phlyers
    8. Carolina Hurricanes (ex. Hartford Whalers)

  118. if ranger fans think sather had the heist of the 21st century, lou did one better with getting Schneider with just a #1 pick, franchise goalie.

  119. tommy, I don’t think it’s going to be a “wide open system.” … and I think it gets less wide open once they figure out they don’t have the guns to run.

  120. “And now, your 2013-2014, METRO Champs! The one and only, NEW YORK RANGERS!!!!!!!”

    [silence in the building]

  121. _“And now, your 2013-2014, METRO Champs! The one and only, NEW YORK RANGERS!!!!!!!”

    [silence in the building]_

    silence, except for the cash registers.

  122. carp, I hope your right because what I witness in preseason had me running to the medicine cabinet for the tums.

  123. Right because they would clearly be selling METRO CHAMP merchandise like fanny packs, leather jackets, tight jeans, etc. Metro clothing.

  124. I would prefer Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Bring on the Dancing Horses” while Richards does an interpretive dance at center ice celebrating the victory.

  125. Rob in Beantown on

    Hart: Rick Nash
    Art Ross: Derek Stepan
    Rocket Richard: Rick Nash
    Vezina: Henrik Lundqvist
    Norris: Ryan McDonagh
    Calder: The Kreider
    Adams: Alain Vigneault
    Selke: Ryan Callaghan

  126. Matty "CLEANSLATE/FIRESATHER"boy on

    Carp @ 1:45, idea for a new poll. How long till AV realizes, since we don’t have the guns, our ‘d’ needs to drop down and block shots?

    I say at the end of the season opening road trip. Being overly fair with that, too.

  127. Can’t argue with any of that, Rob. Except…what if….

    Hart: H. Sedin
    Art Ross: D. Sedin
    Rocket Richard: R. Kesler
    Vezina: Roberto Luongo
    Norris: K. Bieksa
    Calder: Bo Horvat
    Adams: Alain Vigneault
    Selke: Brad Richards(on)

  128. Stranger Nation on

    Regarding The Kreider

    the kid came in to a very pressure packed situation and played well, providing a necessary scoring option on a team that needed it.

    He didn’t just deflect goals off his skates, the kid was ripping shots. His line mates during the playoffs – Cally and Step, go figure; playing with a center with vision and a forward willing to go and get the puck out of the corners, the kid did well.

    Yes, he needs to play the game within the game and not just skate around in circles. Yes, he needs to be more responsible in his zone. Yes, he needs to take body and use his size.

    But on a team starved for Left Wing scoring, we are sending him down and moving Richards to wing. Oy vey.
    When they bring him back, would love to see him with Step and Cally again.

    to be continued…

  129. It’s because Whyshynskyiyi hates the Rangers because he’s a stupid Devils fan. He’s also a fat potato blob.

  130. Edmonton needs help a center. We trade al or a mix of the following for Perron or any top six forward –RICHARDS-BOLE-MOORE-LINDBURG

  131. In fairness, and I repeat, they played a brutal preseason schedule in terms of travel, tried a lot of kids, and never had more than two of their top six forwards, at best, in the lineup, none some nights. And the two they had — 19 & 61 — didn’t break a sweat.

  132. RON, they’re not taking Richards, and Boyle is not getting it done. Maybe Moore (assuming you mean John, not Dom) and Lindberg starts the discussion.

  133. Matty "CLEANSLATE/FIRESATHER"boy on

    There is absolutely no question the pre-season should not be a judge of how this season will go for us. AV was using a lot of the kids, feeling them out. While it is hard to separate, the real season starts with a CLEAN SLATE on Thursday.

    That being said, I am shaking in my boots.

  134. I hope RON was just kidding around with that trade proposal, the gm of the oilers would request the rat (Bettman) to have Sather take a drug and alcohol test.

  135. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Boy, they really went out on a limb picking Crosby for the Art Ross. (s)

    As great as he can be (barf), he hasn’t played close to a full season in 4 years.

  136. “Hey, hey people, sisters, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, come-on now! Everybody, just cool out”

    “I mean like people, who’s fighting and what for? Who’s fighting and what for?”

    “Why are we fighting! Why are we fighting! We don’t want to fight, come-on!”

  137. looking at capgeek, they have updated the rangers. The only thing that doesn’t show is Hagelin on LTIR, I’m sure that’s coming next, than it will be accurate.

  138. Carp with a 6 game road trip in preseason, and a 9 game road trip to start off the year, Cally & Hags out rehabbing their shoulders, are we looking realistically at a 4-4-1 start until everyone is back, healthy, sleeping in their own bed, and can finally play a game at home.

    Or is it all about team bonding on the road?

  139. 27nyr94:

    Nothing takes this team out of bush-league status. Ever.

    These clowns are amateur-hour to the core.

  140. This is Boyle’s last year with the rangers. He becomes a ufa, don’t think the rangers would resign him but than again Sather is the GM.

  141. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Also, Miller and Fast(h) are signed. And Lindberg, Hrivik, McIlrath, Allen, and Yogan are the notables signed down on the farm.

  142. The 9 game road trip to the start the season, considering a new coach and system, smaller goalie pads, Hagelin on IR, Cally returning from major surgery…

    AND Brad Richards sleepwalking while counting his millions. While Rich Nash does his best to give the interpretive dance definition of “befuddled”…

    I think, honestly, we’ll be lucky to be .500 by the time we open at home. I wouldn’t be surprised at all with a 2-6-1 record. Just too many things working against them at the start.

    BUT…when they do get to MSG you have to think the Rangers are going to have one of the easiest travel schedules the rest of the way. That counts for something.

    My wife got me tix for my b’day – Dec. 7th against the Debbies. Saturday night. Seats on one of those Chase bridges.

    I did find a site that had supposed views from those seats. Man, if you have Vertigo DO NOT get those seats. I’m looking forward

    Giants are a joke, Yankees are done, I could care less about basketball (although I think the Nets are gonna be better than the Knicks this year)… BRING ON HOCKEY!!!

    And I missed the DVD Box sets discussion earlier, but I grabbed a great one this week:

    Barney Miller. The entire 8 year series for 100 bucks.

    Love that bass line intro theme song…

  143. Sorry I forgot about him, Gravy. And you’re right, we have an entire AHL team we can call up as long as it puts us above the floor.

  144. Not a lot of week teams right out of the gate. Yotes, Sharks, Devils, Flyers are the Wins. Kings, Ducks, Blues, Red Wings, are the losses. Blues are the one on the 4-4-1. Maybe we get a point, but I’ll put it in the Betman point category.

  145. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    What’s the difference between Boyle and Bole?

    Boyle may not be on fire, but you can smoke a Bole.

  146. Hi Carp and all!

    I am still numb over the decision to keep Ritchie Reject around. So, AV thinks it’s a good idea to play him with Nash and for him to move to RW? Bahahaha!! Wait until his first drop pass to noone goes the other way for a goal. Wait until he fans on a pass to the point on the PP that goes the other way for a goal. Sacre Bleu! AV will sound like the un-Pepe LePeu. “Richee, you are not my cherie.” “You will not come to zee Casbah with moi!” “How you say: You steenk!”

  147. At LEAST our expectations are not as high as last year.

    Gabby is gone, Nash will get his points, & Richards is over the hill.

    We could fight .500 all year long.

  148. Nine points out of 18 would make me very happy.

    Home opener against the habs will be miserable as always.

    Book it

  149. Anyone into the blues, listen to Eric Clapton”s rendition of Billie Myles “Have You Loved A Women”. The man can really sing the blues and make that Stratocaster cry.

  150. Hey Everyone,

    I’ve been around this blog for years but have never commented. I’m heading to LA for the Rangers Kings game and my friends backed out. I’ve got 3 extra tickets for $85 a piece and would love to go with some Rangers fans. Let me know if you’re interested!

  151. If the rangers got 9 points on this road trip I might not be able to handle the shock or I might go into shock, either way I will be shocked.

  152. Doodie, you may want to stay away for a while. I’m afraid it may get worse before it gets better.

  153. Anyone notice that when Matt Harvey went on the DL and disappeared, Ranger camp opened and Kreider appeared?

  154. Yea. Like he might win a faceoff in the last second of a game which leads to a tying goal and then the Caps go on to beat us in 3 OT?

  155. Manny, Clark Gillies is in the Hall of Fame. (Sorry, that’s my standard answer whenever anybody discusses whether any player is a HOF).

  156. Well, who are you?
    (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
    I really wanna know
    (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
    Tell me, who are you?
    (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)

  157. Manny, you realize that is a different john Mitchell that the caps have now, same name, different person. Rangers Mitchell is still playing for Colorado.

  158. Actual conversation when Brian Leetch got hurt in Tampa and the Rangers recalled Terry Virtue:

    Me: So what do you hope to see from Virtue?
    Muckler: Who?
    Me: Terry Virtue.
    Muckler: Who?
    Me: The kid you just called up from the minors.
    Muckler: (blank stare).


    when I heard John Mitchell was in Washington, got to say I was thinking attorney general under Nixon, what’s he doing back there??

  160. I don’t mind Richards on the wing. We have a lot of depth at Center. The question is whether he can handle top 6 again. He has to be able to. No one declines that quickly.

  161. The thermos was an incredible invention. If you put hot stuff in it, it stays hot. If you put cold stuff in it, it stays cold. How do it know?

  162. That’s why Navin. R. Johnson only needs the thermos when he leaves Marie….and the lamp and the matchbook and the chair…..

  163. Oh I’m picking out a thermos for you
    not an ordinary thermos for you
    but the extra best thermos you can buy
    with vinyl and stripes and a cup built right in

    I’m picking out a thermos for you
    and maybe a barometer too
    and what else can I buy
    so on me you’ll rely
    a rear end thermometer too


    tomb, thanks for the interview. AV is quite the politician.

    “With the absence of Callie and Hagelin, who are top six players, and because Stepan and Brassard are the 1, 2 centers, Brad is ‘definitely’ a top 6 player, so he moves to wing”

    Translation: He’s really a top 8, but not really good enough to be considered a center anymore. Hence, while Callie and Hags are out, he can be a 2nd line wing.

    AV may not be so dumb after all :)

  165. Manny, Richards decline is not something out of the blue. He has been in a steady decline for the last 3 seasons since he scored 91 points in 2009-20010.

    He didn’t just lose it overnight.

  166. 4 season ago he scored 91 points and was -12.

    He was never strong in the defensive zone.

    Now he’s just as bad in the offensive zone.

  167. I don’t claim Richards was ever a two way guy but he was clutch, a leader and very efficient at one point. Then it just stopped. Entirely.

  168. AV really was saying that “I’m stuck with this pile and I was told to play him so I’ll try to find a place where he can hurt us the least”

  169. His last season in Dallas began the decline.

    He’s done. Some athletes lose it earlier and faster than others.


    SeeDubb, I believe thats what AV was saying. Gotta use the $6m man somewhere, he hurts us less on the wing. Certainly can’t take face offs.


    Does anyone know if smaller players get hurt more often? Interesting to me that our two big summer injuries were small guys.

  172. Hags wasn’t hurt at all. He was out all this time with The Clap. Thankfully we now live in an age where these things can be frankly discussed.

  173. Maybe Richards, great guy that he is, will do the honorable thing and hang up the skates during the season like Phil Esposito did when he realized he could no longer play.

  174. Looking ‘Fast’ forward to the opener – think this kid may turn some heads, can skate lights out and isn’t afraid to take the body albeit at 160 lbs soaking wet.

  175. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I must respectfully disagree with your 9:33 post. If brad has indeed been declining for 18,001 years, it would be at such a micro level we would have never noticed. Not to mention that is on hell of a contract length to the point that we wouldn’t be around at the end so who really cares how he is playing in 20010 besides mr Spock?

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Enough of this Ranger talk. Let’s talk about a real team going places. I refer to the G men.

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Too bad John Boner isn’t Ranger GM…. He’d shut down opposing teams every night.

  178. If Boehner were the GM he would give himself a raise, fire all the coaches, trainers and staff members and tell the players they were lazy moochers who need to get things done themselves. “Book your own flights!” Etc. It’s the way to go. Builds character.

  179. If the Rangers open 0-2, put them on Obamacare Silver and lower the roast beef sandwiches.

  180. “I’m stuck with this pile and I was told to play him so I’ll try to find a place where he can hurt us the least”

    Seedubb hitting the nail on the head. Not defensively sound enough for checking duty and can’t play him on the 4th with guys like Asham, Pyatt and Dorsett (although they may be more his speed now).

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