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  1. Any news on the Lucic front? Are we trying to trade for him? Will the bRuins take Powe and Richards?

  2. Powe and Pyatt for Lucic and Bergeron? I don’t like the financial commitment of that. Hope Sather rejects it

  3. so I guess AV really didn’t watch video from last year. why else would he do something as stupid as Richards, Nash, and Stepan on the same line. maybe the thought is, eh never mind, I have no idea what he could be thinking.

  4. When I’m at work I do. Not usually when the wife is around. Don’t want to ruin her life any more than I already am. But also, these guys are pretty predictable in what they say.

  5. bull dog, maybe like the Canadian media, he still thinks Richards is an elite player just because of the back of his hockey card.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Rocket Richards…leader in the locker room…leader -on the ice-

    They should encase him in bubble wrap and play him as much as Bi kel when he dressed

  7. Stranger Nation on

    like Fast up with big club waiting for his body double to return

    The Kreider and The Wrath of Mac can bond in Ho-ford with Johnson

    worried that Poillout is a waste of a roster spot, would like to see him throw a check, at least one a period

  8. *October 19 at Prudential Center* Perhaps subliminally inspired by seeing the word FAST on an opponent’s jersey during the first period, Marty Brodeur sets a new franchise record by not eating anything for three and a half minutes.

  9. What yr was more depressing forwards starting off a yr? Wow no skill, no toughness, and costly ….. Great combination

  10. Nilan’s got my Tommy Bahama swimsuit, singing ‘Two Tickets to Paradise.’ “Just tryin’ to save a couple bucks.”

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Atlanta Braves, making waves, fan favs, free the slaves, living in caves…


  12. Henrik to Avery: “How we doin’ with our restaurant?”
    “You didn’t hear? We’re bankrupt.”

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not sure “who’ll stop the rain”, but it’s readily apparent who will stop the Gmen…..every team on their schedule…

  14. One Jesuit to another at BC: ‘What grade did you give Kreider in Thermodynamics?’
    ‘The hockey coach said he had to get an A.’

  15. I once ordered a Caesar Salad at Jean-Georges, thinking it might be tasty. Would that be called an Augustinian Assumption?

  16. I know.

    ‘Jesus was a Capricorn
    He ate organic food.
    He believed in brotherhood
    And never wore no shoes.
    Long hair, beard, and sandals
    And a funky bunch of friends –
    Recon he come back today
    We just nail him up again.’

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Monk Fish is delish, make a wish, side dish, nixon trish, bro and sis, pee or …….


  18. Hey 19!
    No we can’t dance together
    No we can’t talk at all
    Please take me along
    When you slide on down.

  19. @LisaHillaryTV: NHL management source tells me Pittsburgh has interest in Bryzgalov #humongousBig2ndchance

  20. Lurch, #14 to Nasher, ‘Could you teach me that thing where you stickhandle through three people and do that spinorama move?’

  21. So these amateur-hour no-talents actually pulled of the most bush-league of moves and sent down their savior, THE Kreider.

    Good luck, clowns.

  22. No Sally. Life is about winning as defined by the powers that be. If you don’t conform you wilt under the pressure and spotlight.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – The return of the Kreider will be one for the ages….it’s coming and ye right soon

  24. They got to me Sally. I want to poison the well, deforest the hillsides, exterminate the animals and genetically modify my foodstuffs.


  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Two things happened after The Kreider was called up:

    The sisters never bothered Andy again

    And Boz never walked again.

  26. See, See Kreider –
    So I’m goin’ away now baby
    And I won’t be back till fall
    I’m goin’ away now baby
    And I won’t be back till fall
    Find me a condo in Hartford,
    Might not be comin’ back at all.

    Might not be comin’ back at all

  27. Avery had immigration problems, landing in Newark. His passport scrutinized, taken to a private room. Seems he shoved a cop in LA, and though he got off, some people never forget.

  28. ‘What did you think of my new work, sire?’
    ‘Well, Wolfgang, a little long, too many notes, perhaps.’
    “Which notes would you suggest I remove, sire?’

  29. Great choice Eddie. Love Mr. Strong! You really are feeling the whites.

    Had a great bottle of Cava with dinner. That was a white….

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    With Scallops, brown rice, green beans sauteed in olive oil with a pinch of garlic salt and dill weed…

    I be in heaven

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s funny as I went YEARS without drinking whites…even when a meal called for it… But lately it’s all white. My cellar is runneth over with reds…

  32. Yum. I had my Cava with an Indian inspired meal of dal, rice, pakoras, mango ice cream, pappadom and chicken. Delicious.

    The Lite Syrah is being consumed over a game of Scrabble with the Mrs. who promises to join the blog soon.

  33. Then I want to live in your cellar!

    I find it pricey to be a guy that likes whites. I prefer Alsace far too much.

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