Guest blogger: Eddie, Eddie, Eddie … Rangers-Kings in review


There are positives. The exhibition games are over. The boys will get off the road. No one was hurt. They are tied for first place going into the regular season. And there are more than a few young players that will have an impact on this team. It might not be this year. But next year could be different. Much better. Players like Lindberg, Miller, Hrivik, Fast, Allen, and Kristo are going to be impressive someday. There are, however, going to be growing pains.

Record-wise, the NY Rangers have not had a terrific 2013 preseason. But these games are meaningless in the grand scheme. They don’t count. Of course, there are plenty of excuses. There is always an excuse. Stepan and Callahan, two of their better players, have missed every game. AV has been more concerned assembling his team than trying to win games. He has given the young kids a chance to play. It makes sense. He is new to the team and he is trying to learn who he has and what they can do. That said, there is plenty to be worried about this year. These include but are not limited to: scoring, playing defense, goaltending (who knew?) the penalty kill, the power play, taking really stupid penalties, team toughness and team speed. Gasp, is there anything left? They are also tied for last place. It’s a long way till May. Let’s hope for the best.


1) Richards is a very good player. Great vision, soft hands, good shot, fast skater, excellent passer….Unfortunately for us, his name is Mike not Brad. Torts, even though he waited too long, made the correct decision by benching Ritchie Rocket last year. It was all but certain that the Rocket would be bought out this summer, wasn’t it? How did this not happen?

New York Rangers v Los Angeles Kings2) More Rocket. To his credit, Brad is improved over last year. For one, this preseason he didn’t fall down twice each shift. Last year, he couldn’t stay upright. But there are glaring chinks in his game. The play is much faster than Richards sees it. He makes poor decisions, bad passes, and is slow.

3) Yet more Rocket. It’s not the money (well, yes it is), it’s not his diminished skill (well, yes it is), it’s that his presence takes up a valuable spot on the team and in the lineup. He cannot play top six, he doesn’t hit, and can’t play defense. Where do you put him? Fourth line? Yikes! One of the kids that will be demoted shouldn’t be sent down. The Rocket does not belong on this team. What is AV going to do?

4) Hank is not ready yet. World class goalie for sure. But he hasn’t look sharp this preseason. Is it the new system? His smaller pads? Rust that will wear off? Clearly, the King’s play is not the Rangers biggest problem going into the season but his extension, years/money, is a dilemma.

5) Miller, Lindberg, and Hrivik looked really good. At times AV double shifted this line. They are quick, good passers, and pay with passion. They showed on ice chemistry. Soon enough.

New York Rangers v Los Angeles Kings6) The Kreider. An enigma wrapped in doubt, mystery, and uncertainty. He had a couple of good shifts last night but did he do enough to stay? What is his ceiling? Does he still have trade value?

7) Joe M said that Powe had a tremendous camp and that he was the best looking Ranger this preseason. I guess there is no accounting for taste as he isn’t anywhere as pretty as Duguay. Seriously though, how can Powe, brown cow, even make this team? He didn’t show me much.

8) Stralman. Top 3 pair? Not many teams could make that boast. Kopitar went around Stralman like a practice pylon. Too much money for too little ability, I’d argue.

9) Mashinter. A big tough dude. Did he take a stupid penalty? Yes! It sure was nice, however, watching him toss Nolan around like a rag doll. We haven’t had that kind of big, mean, nasty in a long, long time. He won’t make the big club but I wish there was a way to keep him.

10) The Ranger D are stepping up into the play and MDZ was off on a 2-1 and hit the net. He had the Rocket to his right. But Richards shoots left and MDZ made the right play. We should expect more scoring from the blue line than we had with Torts as coach…..and this is important because…

11) Scoring goals was a problem last night. Scoring goals was a problem all preseason long. Scoring goals might be a problem all season long. Safe is death? Unsafe hasn’t translated yet.New York Rangers v Los Angeles Kings

12) Nash is lazy, takes stupid penalties, and tries to do too much. How many times did Nash go one on four last night? Is it because no other Ranger can join him and find space? Or is he a puck hog? He has more skill than anyone on the team and if the Rangers are to do anything this year, Nash must have a big year.

13) Did you see Coach Sutter’s post game interview…I caught this Daryl comment “whabba tubba dubba wubba hubba gobba dobba” Not sure what the question was and I definitely didn’t understand the answer.

14) Lets hope we have a great season. See you on the blog. Ricardo, thanks for letting me….and here’s to Guest Blogger’s Stink getting all excited reading this :)

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. J.T. Miller.
2. Marek Hrivik.
3. Oscar Lindberg.

Photos by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.


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  1. If I was the rangers I would hold off on opening up wells fargo for lundqvist. I’m starting to think the combination of the so called “new system” and smaller pads/equipment might turn lundqvist into a average goalie. I need to see lundqvist play more, or maybe not.

  2. Don’t get me started on Nash. I never wanted him when rumors were flying around the league. There was a reason why Columbus never went anywhere. That contract is going to be a anchor with time, it’s not going to get better, can only get worse. I hate fugging sather.

  3. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    One of my biggest fears was realized last night. Worse than anything else you can imagine. Brad Richards on the PK

  4. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    You can’t blame all Columbus’ failures on Nash. That team was atrocious. From top to bottom.

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My other favorite team, The NY Giants, ended last season in a way that up you just this year was going to be bad. Going into this year, I predicted 3-13. That now seems optimistic. Regarding the rangers, once Richards wasn’t bought out, I got the same sinking feeling about our broadway blues. This year might be several steps back but next year the Rangers’ lineup will be younger, fresher, and faster. We then find out what we are in for… This year is about finishing the season before it starts….. Hope I’m wrong bout that..

  6. E3 you RULE! Nice job indeed.

    Nash is quickly becoming as maddening to watch as Richards.
    Hank hasn’t even been average this preseason.
    Stralman was a pylon and I’m starting to think Wickster is right if that continues.
    The kids were good. Miller was the nicest surprise.
    Kreider loves Hartford

    I hate that I love this team!!!

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The last two exhibition games were really hard to watch. And for me it wasn’t because of the late (east coast) start.

  8. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    Hey may not be upper echelon but he is a damn good player who probably will net 35-40. Also remember who he was playing with last night.

  9. 35-40?, nash did that 3 times in his career, the last time in the 2008-9 season. I be happy if he scores 30, 35-40 is wishful thinking.

  10. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    So in essence in 6 preseason games, without their leading scorer and number 1 center, their captain and tone center, and hags, their fastest player, and with AV not anytime playing a full roster, you have given up already?

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Well I’m afraid for one that cally, albeit cleared for contact, will rush back in and re injure that shoulder. His style of play doesn’t know any other way. Players like Powe, Boyle, Pyatt, and Richards can’t score and are offensively challenged. Other teams are going to push us around while skating circles around us. I’m not giving up on the season. Merely toning down my expectations for THIS season. I do think next year will be better once the deadwood is gone and fresher legs arrive…

  12. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    Also don’t forget Nash was almost a point a game player last year. Small sample size, but I don’t think it would surprise anyone if he scored 35

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thx rob – as you know, that wasn’t an easy game to watch and digest….kings are a real good team.

  14. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    I would just like to say our top 4 D is pretty darn good and still have an all-world goalie.

  15. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    So….. Anyone else have a Plan B? I’m learning about the English Premier League? Which teams are good, who sucks, who the stars are, what’s offsides, who’s the hated guys etc…

  16. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Brace for a rough 1st half. AV seems to gave implemented a complete new overhauled system. It’s gonna take a few games, but it’ll click in eventually. At least done prospects look good. Hrivik looks best in my opinion

  17. If they had just given me something, a glimmer of what could be, I wouldn’t be so down on these CLOWNS!

  18. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    AV played the kids. Did you see any thing resembling a full roster in any game?

  19. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    They struggles mightily in the preseason with the kids and 40% of a roster. Kind of silly to jump ship already.

  20. Brad, you’re right, pre season is just for that exact thing, playing the kids, evaluation, etc. I do think we started our top six D and Hank against the Nucks though? That wasn’t so much fun to watch either. Can’t jump ship, I’m a Ranger fan. But I will wheeze about a lousy performance no matter who is on the roster.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some of those kids are going to be very good players. Major minutes in the AHL will help tremendously. The distant future looks more optimistic to me than the near. We have no choice but to sit back and watch it unfold…

  22. I say to those who continually put forth that most teams would be overjoyed to have our Defensemen, Open Your Eyes.

  23. I think Kreider will be sent down to Hartford. JT Miller is the real deal, kid is going to be good. Kreider has no hockey sense, hopefully he will learn it somehow.

  24. Ex3 – great review, horrible game

    Moving Richards to wing may alleviate the defensive hole he causes. He cannot play center, let alone wing, but definitely not center.

    MZA, Powe, Pyatt, Allen, Lindberg, Fast, Hrvlik, Poillout should not be on roster now. Maybe Fast stays until his Hags is back
    Keep Kreider, Miller, Mashinter; size, skating with some upside


  25. I ask this question to all.

    Is there a legitimate and bonafide top 6 NHL forward in the group of kids we watched during pre-season?

    Not saying for sure, but based upon this small sample, I have serious, serious doubts.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tommyg – Agrred. JT is the real deal. The Kreider has the physical assets, size, speed, good shot… But his brain seems to be missing more than a few hockey IQ Pts.

  27. I am tiring of the organization hyping prospects and when they arrive it becomes painfully obvious they can’t put the puck in the ocean.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – by next year, lindberg, Hrivik, and miller could be a good line for many years to come..

  29. From my living room, I thought the kid who showed the most grit, energy and effort was Monte Kristo. And he didn’t even make it to the final cut!!!

  30. Stranger, that line up seems bigger and tougher for sure. It doesn’t have powe or pyatt which is a good thing. Unfortunately I think our starting line up will include Powe and Pyatt. And I’m not so sure about Dorsett, is he good? maybe

  31. Brad don't call me Mike Richards on

    Don’t think you can leave MZA off the roster. Much rather have him then Mashinter. Pouliot has been pretty good as well.

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thx Rman.

    I sense the team that starts the season won’t look the same by April 2014. Times they are a changing…

  33. I said Kreider has no hockey sense last week. Been thinking it for a while, but thought Torts was too much pressure for him. I spoke with a long time NHL official n friend of Slats n he says he will never get it. Ugh don’t be surprised if they get his value up some how n dump him.

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The capitals look real impressive this preseason. They found some big nasty mean players. And OV is one timing goals off the left circle like nobody’s business.

  35. caps will come in second place, no doubt, obviously Pittsburgh will come in first and at this time nobody wants to read where I think the rangers will end up.

  36. With the current cast of characters, tough to see the Rangers finishing within the top 3 in their division.

  37. The team will look different after the trade deadline but will we be relevant going into the deadline?

  38. Joey Kocur could take a man out with just one punch
    But he never did like to talk about it all that much
    It’s my work he’d say and I do it for pay
    And when it’s over I’d just as soon go on my way

  39. I haven’t really been reading the blog lately but have Carp or any of the other beat writers ferreted out the organization’s logic for not buying out Richards? Or what the expectations are for him this year in order not to get bought out next year, or is that a foregone conclusion barring injury?

  40. Joey, Joey
    King of the streets child of clay
    Joey, Joey
    What made them want to come and trade you away?

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Judge asked Joey what time it was. Joey said it’s 5 to 10, judge said that’s exactly what you get..

    Joey, Joey what made them want to come and blow you away…

  42. with his lack of speed and history, my guess is Richards will be concussed by the holidays and in a twisted way that may help the team by limiting FA activity.

    yes, his salary will be on the books, but it will prevent any more ‘big’ UFA signings.

  43. we should get a meter going on how many games Richards plays until management realizes they made a huge mistake and redden him.

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Joey held up his hand and said we’re not those kind of men. It’s peace and quiet that we need to go back to work again…

  45. Sounds like Krys Barch is headed to Florida. Guess he’s their downgrade from the immortal George Parros. Panthers will still be tougher than the Rangers (unless Bickel makes the team)

  46. Great write-up E3 especially when you get a thumbs-up from no-account Pimp.
    My only issue is Kreider. A lot of people among them Hedberg in this thread question his hockey sense. Last night I thought he stated to ‘get it’. Last night he started to use his size. If he is not smart enough (to me jury is still out) he can still be dominant along the boards and in front out the net. This will take a little time (both physical and mental maturation) but that’s where I think he can make his mark on a team that desperately needs that type of player THIS YEAR.

  47. I really wanted to believe but I’m losing hope the The Krieder will ever become a top 6 forward. The kid hasn’t shown anything in 2 training camps

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think The Kreiser needs an injection of confidence more than anything. He still plays a bit tentative and nervous. I like the kid. A good shrink must be found – then it’s 40 goals a year ad infinitum.

  49. Agree E3, his biggest problem is between his ears. Remember when he decked Seidenberg three times in one shift last year? That’s who he needs to be.

    I think he got the OT winner in that same game. Its probably from watching Richards, the stink is rubbing off on him.

  50. eddie eddie eddie on

    Seedub – great point…too much size and speed….a gentle, inspiring hand is what The Kreider needs….let’s hope AV has that kind of touch within him…

  51. eddie eddie eddie on

    The Kreider should be told “kid just play balls out…dont worry about making mistakes…just hustle, hit, move your feet, and give every shift your all” Then we will see The Kreider circa spring 2012….

  52. Nice job, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. I couldn’t make it to the end, but it was nice to see this A.M. they came up with two more goals than they had when I took my nap.
    Again, real nice job!

  53. Eddie@12:48.

    Exactly, kid needs to get an attitude. He was to worried about keeping Torts happy with his D play. He read Torts comments in the paper, saw him on interviews. Torts harped on it. Kreider was paralyzed with fear. Every once in a while he would throw caution to the wind and we would get a glimpse of what he could be.

    Eye of the tiger, to hell with everybody else, I have the size, strength, speed and body to wreak havoc. Let my line mates worry about Defense while I become a forechecking / scoring machine.

  54. PennStateRangerFan on

    I’m on here all the time reading all your guys comments and usually keep what I’m thinking to myself, but I have to comment here–The game analysis was really well done and I just want to add on to the Richards comments. The man has just become a terrible player, and when he does something remotely good he gets praise for it but frankly the majority of the players this preseason and certainly the youngsters trying to make roster spots are a lot better than he is. He is absolutely taking a spot that should be filled by a Lindberg or Miller for example. I almost broke my TV/computer watching him on the powerplay last year, slow decision making, cross ice passing being picked off, inability to finish. His career is over and it is a joke they didn’t buy him out.

    My serious question is: Are we stuck with this pantload for the entire season again? Is there any chance Vig dumps him in the minors? I love the guys character but he really hurts this team.

  55. eddie eddie eddie on

    My brutha – THX… your FLA move permanent? job related? I bet you love the weather, eh?…..miss the city?,…

    itsabouthockey – i love taking naps…..

    papa – werd on your 1:04

  56. The thing about Rocket Richards is that he isn’t going anywhere in the near future…can’t trade him, can’t demote him. All we can do is pray that he doesn’t get hurt so that we can use the amnesty buyout in 2014…

    We seem to have less skill and I’m sure any change to a more run & gun style will translate into a wider loses and more goals against for Hank…AV has his work cut out for him…

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    penn state fan – I must have channeled you as i wrote my analysis…..that is what is most troubling….he is taking up a spot that belongs to a kid….and if the rocket is on the team….you sense he HAS to play…but where? and with who?

  58. eddie eddie eddie on

    Grischuk and Nakamura played to a draw in the 5th round of the Paris Gran Prix….very exciting game …naka had chances…

  59. PennStateRangerFan on


    Do you think there is any way Vig will just say screw it this guy is terrible and dump his ass on the fourth line? I LOVED what I saw out of the kid line last night, even watching it on some bootleg stream because i dont get MSG in Pennsylvania and havent bought the gamecenter yet.

    I really think RIchards brings down Nash’s productivity and they should be kept far apart. I am just really still so confused about why they didn’t buy him out. He barely can skate. It is SO painful to watch.

  60. Tomorrow, I forget the pre-season and commence the process of building positive karma for the season opener.

    Pre-Season Rangers Suck. But they are gone now.

  61. eddie eddie eddie on

    penn state fan – good question….Coaches usually dont ever want to embarrass a player…but at some point, AV’s future will be more of a concern to him than his feelings towards hurting the rocket’s ego. Add to the mix, Sather kept Richards….how do you bench a 7 million dollar man who is far from bionic…..

  62. Two weeks into the season, we add Cally, Step and Hags and call up the Kid line from Hartford…..different team, different story.

  63. eddie eddie eddie on

    johnson, ironically, will perform better once the weather turns cold…i don’t see him shrinking or shrivelling up….

  64. Me too, re: Asham. Thats the problem, I thought we moved past the likes of Powe, Pyatt and Asham and now all three might/will be on the roster to start it off.

  65. eddie eddie eddie on

    If johnson can get bigger and play stiff in the AHL, he’ll grow on AV and be on top soon enough…

  66. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dan – i meant to say is *Nash is lazy on the backcheck* how many hooking penalties does he need to take? Total laziness….how bout moving your feet rick?

  67. I think lazy in the sense that he doesn’t compete for loose pucks, muck it up in the corner, crash the net, go to the slot without the puck, back check hard, take the body, etc.

  68. eddie eddie eddie on

    I’ve heard, *Ranger penalty, number 62, Rick Nash, 2 minutes Hooking* ….far more than I care to…..

  69. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – when do they pull up Johnson for the team’s sake?

    Suurised no Johnson in review. you should always have Johnson in your thoughts.

    This team needs something big and Johnson can fill that big hole

  70. Stranger Nation on

    Nash slammed someone into boards last night. It was the first time he hit someone all preseason. If he and Kreider just start slamming Dmen, the goals will follow.

    If things get rough, Johnson can be brought up for support

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    And while he isnt lazy when taking the puck and going 1 on 4, he is either too confident in his abilities, or other rangers are jumping into open space to help him….

  72. The guy has all the tools to be a ferocious back checker and fore checker. Size, speed he just doesn’t use them, he puts the stick out instead. The dangling is not heroic or even the right play most times and 99% just flat out, don’t work.

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    SNation – agreed…..nash had 2 good hits last night…..I really thought we’d see more from him last spring…..not so clutch I fear…

  74. During a scrimmage, VeenYo yelled to Nash “would you please take Johnson!”

    Nashyelled back : ” where would like me take him?”

  75. Eddie3- I think you’ve compensated the lack of Johnson in you post by Johnsoning a few times already.

    Can I ask you, folks, because I’m really starting to doubt it- are you serious about writing this team completely off based on 5 preseason games? Let me put it this way- had they won, say, last 2 games 5-0 and 6-0, it would have the same implications on the outlook of regular as it is now.

  76. There always seems to be two guys around Nash. Shouldn’t someone be open? Is there a mystery linemate somewhere on the payroll who can make this line shine?

    Stralman is definitely a #7 (defensively) at best. However, he just turned 27, (why do I think of him as 35?) is right handed, and this year is shooting the puck.

    Keep Ash around.

    well done, E3.

  77. With our top 4 D playing a lot of minutes, with Steps and Cally, we should see a different team to open the season from what we’ve seen so far. Henrik is bound to get sharper.

  78. Good news- AV has a great idea what he has now.

    Papa said it well about our defense. I’ll go further. Our 1 through 3 would be playing first pair on most teams in NHL.

  79. 4generations 4 cups on

    i really dont post in here often because all you people do is act like the world is ending when the rangers dont do every single possible positive thing. its insulting to come in here and watch a bunch of rangers fans be what they think is being “realistic” and its mostly just ragging on your own team. sure, there are some insights that are true but if youre a fan of this team you at least try to hope for the best, which most of you do not.

    this place is hilarious.

  80. By the way, the Rangers 2011 preseason was far from stellar. They lost 2 and won 1 in North America before moving to Europe. They played against mostly inferior teams there, and lost their last game 8-4 in Switzerland. That team did OK, IIRC :-)

  81. Go easy, 4generations. Those are passionate fans, and everyone is allowed to express their opinion. That doesn’t mean people do not hope for the best.

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ilb – I think the rangers are capable of being a good team….I sure hope so….next year will be better….back to the future…

    kooz, thx …

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    Hope is a good think….maybe the best of things….and some things never die…

    johnson may come or go….but he’ll surge if given the proper handling…

  84. Come here Uncle John’s band, by the riverside,
    got some things to talk about here beside the rising tide.

    Come here Uncle John’s band playing to the tide,
    Come on along or go alone, he’s come to take his children home.

  85. I think Bickel stays as #7. They need his toughness and ability to play wing. Coupled with his $750K cap hit, shouldn’t be difficult to make that decision. I think Miller stays too.

  86. eddie eddie eddie on

    Good morning Mr. Johnson, I see your doing well
    If I had me a shotgun, I’d blow you straight to hell….

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    who wants a taste of Johnson?…can’t see anyone going with that big fella…too much size and stamina

  88. There are a lot of players asking for Johnson; Nash, Richards, Kreider, Hank. Seems he made a very big impression while he was playing with them. They’d like to see him come back again.

  89. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Substitute Pouliot in for kreider on your 11:08 post and that is the set of forwards I would roll with.

    Dom Moore would be my 13th.

  90. During drills, Veen-yo told DelZotto “go give Johnson a blow”

    DelZotta responded, “Again?”

  91. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Cally, step, and Hagar coming back will NOT solve either one of the two major problems with this roster…it’s small and soft (not how you want your Johnson, I mean roster) and the D has no pop!!

  92. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m certainly not giving up on the team or season. The most frustrating part to me is reading about how everyone wants smallish players added to an already small line up.

    Then take it a bit further and everyone thinks a 1.7 million dollar D man than continually gets out muscled and out battled down low is a must have (don’t get me started on the mad bomber and his salary and lack of production/crappy play) on this roster. It just baffles me.

    It isn’t rocket science to figure out that the most success this team has had recently was when it had its most physical and larger roster a couple of years ago.

    Hockey is a physical sport (not even taking into account the fighting factor) and size matters (any Johnson will tell you that).

    You can teach puck handling and offencive and defencive systems. You can even teach skating and speed, but you cannot teach size, nastyness, or a hostile and uncooperative nature.

  93. I am about to go to a family wedding on my wife’s side. There will be many Johnson’s in attendance.

    My wife already told me, no blogging at the weddong. I said of course not what do you think I’m a stupid Johnson?

    I’ll pass on repeating her reply.

  94. As predicted in the past the Isles will be a playoff team before the Rangers.

    Neither this roster nor this organization has improved one whit since last season.

    Two #1 draft picks Mc Illrath and Krieder are arguably busts and Miller is no lock.

    The issue here is Sather and his group of usual suspects starting with Gordie Clark.

    Perhaps a failure to make the playoffs this year will motivate the Dwarf to actually appear as if he and the organization care!

  95. You guys are brilliant. All your double entendres can be easily interpreted as single entendres, so only those with deviant minds dare complain, and we will know them by their complaints. :-)

  96. Call me crazy, but I feel that once the season starts and some of these offensively talented Dmen join the rushes, and we have a stud in front of the net, we’ll put up some numbers. Wings have to be prepared to get back – When Richie’s on the ice especially.

  97. Yuk Yuk. The Kreider may still be considered a rookie after this season and also be an RFA concomitantly

  98. Well done thrice Edward. Methinks you’ll have a fine future guest blogging on this fine site…unless you get sent down due to limited Carp space…

  99. Papa at wedding bar: “You don’t have Tallamore Dew or Bushmills? That’s it! I’m trashing this place!”

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Thx headzo….

    Wicky – werd on your 4:18. Spot on

    Johnson needs to put the biscuit in the basket —if he can, he’ll come soon enough to ny

  101. Jees, watching old films, even Davidson (forget 5’8 Van Biesbrouck) looks smallish in net. How much equipment do these guys actually wear today?

  102. “Uncooperative nature.” lol Dorsett, Ash, Haley, Bick, Mash, Undertaker. Who, among these uncooperatives will stick?

  103. eddie eddie eddie on

    thx tomb……kooz, i will take a No Bell, errr liberty bell, any day…..AV had to think long and hard on sending Johnson down, i imagine…

  104. Lets face it guys sometimes Johnson as he gets older doesn’t always rise to the occasion.Good job e3 thanks for the effort.

  105. eddie eddie eddie on

    NYR ’79 thx…..No doubt a younger Johnson is harder on the puck…..with age, johnson won’t be able to bust into the lineup as seamlessly….

  106. Stranger Nation on

    Coos – per my earlier lineup; I would prefer all the size stay up with the big club.

    If Johnson wants to throw his head in the mix, all the better

  107. eddie eddie eddie on

    in one of the preseason games, an opposing player was holding johnson and wouldn’t let go until the whistle blew…

  108. eddie eddie eddie on

    Can Johnson blast from the point?….how is his slapper?…obviously he has a great wrist shot…

  109. Stranger Nation on

    Pulling Johnson up too early could be a stretch. he will need to get some action in Hartford first

  110. eddie eddie eddie on

    by holding his head high and continuing to grow as a player, Johnson’s stock will rise…

  111. Jeremiah Johnson has found the frozen body of Hatchet Jack

    Jeremiah Johnson: [reading the note pinned to Hatchet Jack’s shirt] I, Hatchet Jack, being of sound mind and broke legs, do leaveth my rifle to the next thing who finds it, Lord hope he be a white man. It is a good rifle, and kilt the bear that kilt me. Anyway, I am dead. Sincerely, Hatchet Jack.

  112. eddie eddie eddie on

    I cannot believe how much milage we’ve gotten out of Johnson…its getting harder to get a rise of youse

  113. eddie eddie eddie on

    weez gots peeps coming over soon…i be checkin out for a while on the nile looking for crocodile….

  114. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I assessed the preseason as I always do. Our jobs as fans requires it. So with that being said, I’d like to continue with how my assessment is calculated. But prior to that, there is something that needs to be added. It is that, preseason is more about the system being implemented. Another section is that teams can’t play bad. Just like regular season to playoffs, you can’t just “turn it on”.

    I’ve simplified things in to three simple stages.

    Stage one: Stink
    Stage two: Stank
    And finally
    Stage three: Stunk

    Anyone else agree or disagree?

  115. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Avery having problems in Newark? Nothing new.

    Avery isn’t welcome in
    Toronto any longer either. There’s a new sherif in town, and his name is David Clarkson.

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Happppy Birthday to meee , Haaapppy birthdayyyy too meeeee!!!! wohooooooooooooo I 26 today!!!

    Today is my day bro…

    Bang up job E3 , nice.

  117. Great review, Eddie x3! It’s hard to judge this team so far… hard to predict anything… i fully expect them to struggle the first 10-15 games while they get used to AV’s ‘system’.

  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    tyty SeeeDubbb !!!

    Getting used to a new system is quite different from what im used too. Torts has been ramming this system in my brain for years!!! HELPPP!!!

  119. Good evening all! E cubed….brilliant!

    I would post more but, 1) you probably don’t care and 2 ) gotta get up early to help Fozzy get her son to school..

    Yes, it’s officially season all! Fire everyone!LGR!!!!!

  120. SeeDubb . I may have but truthfully, I wouldn’t know PitBull from Snoop Dog. I think I danced to Neil Diamond.

    I did have about 7 Irish Whiskeys on the rocks and that was pretty cool.


    E3, even Miami has gotten soft on us. Just got back to my computer and read your review.

    I have NO idea why all the raves.

    It was low class, dog food for breakfast, minor league caliber, moronic, poorly articulated, incomprehensible trash!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe you didn’t go anonymous, as opposed to letting others here that used to respect you, see who wrote it.

  122. If you don’t give the Professor a good grade, you won’t get one. When gets standing 0’s at the end of a semester, he’s a much more generous grader.

  123. Why do you go to so many funerals”

    Yogi Berra: “If you don’t go to theirs, they won’t come to yours.”


    I do find your comments about Richie Rocket to be disappointing. In interviews he has told the world, implied or otherwise, that it was HIS coach that caused his problems last year. He admits to not having prepared well for last season being only part of the problem. Of course, he was busy negotiating for ALL the league’s players, accepting his second $15M summer bonus, and eating. Far too busy to uphold his contract and actually prepare to play.

    Now, laugh as we all may, you have to believe the guy. Just because Torts did everything to find one player on the team, last year, that would WAKE RICHARDS UP, playing him on all 4 lines, switching lines, only to find that, alas, his legs were gone, so he benched him probably two months after he should have. Torts SHOULD have gotten all that heat from up north because he COULD have done more.

    Perhaps, for example, he could have dressed up a speedy skater like Hagelin and put a latex-Brad Richards mask on his face, #19 on his jersey back and had him masquerade while putting the real Brad Richards, pillow over head, in a closet!!

    Just one example, but I rest my case that our old coach just didn’t do enough for his buddy, Bradley. Torts could have done more!!

    I blame Torts, too. The new nickname, Richie Rocket, attests to the fact his speed is more than back in this pre-season. Look for a 79-90-169 type season. People will rhetorically be asking who is this ‘Mike Richards’ guy???? Brad IS the real deal again.

    All of us will see, in time, that $6M is a bargain!!! I wholeheartedly disagree with your comments.

  125. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I feel the keys to winning this season, is to start 6-2-2. A slow start gets players to doubt the system. Another issue I have is Lundqvist. The shot blocking got us to first place in ’12. In ’13 the blocking was eased up on and we struggled. This year it’s erased. Lundqvist will face a lot more shots. He’ll also see them, which helps, but he’ll also see a lot more quality shots than he’s used to.

    Then we have Nash. Under Torts’ system, we had no clue what he was capable of. Im starting to think Nash will have a very good season.

    Now, this is where I get worried. All those guys who did well under Tortorella might very well not adapt to AV’s system. Callahan. Stepan. McDonough. Hagelin. All may regress.

    Staal will have to get in front of more shots since nobody else will. That might shake him up since his injury. So far in preseason he’s looked like basura! Girardi I’m not sure.

    AV had teams that were stacked to the max. Teams that were good enough to make cup runs year after year. But they only made it there once. The coaching swap helps Vancouver more than we do. The Sedin twins are the key to Tortsy’s success.

    Richards and Nash will be the key for AV. They’re gonna try to move Richards. They couldn’t buy him out because there was no reason to do lock in to that money when the FA market was thin. This year has the biggest one I can remember.

    In 2012 Zach Parise was the top FA. In 2013 David Clarkson (haha) was in the top 5 dawgz. Why buy out Richards when you can trade him for free. Dolan would not accept another blunder in front of shareholders like he did with Gomez. Timing just wasn’t right. Next year there is the chance Sather buys out someone else.

  126. I am curious to see what happens tomorrow. Doubt there will be a big surprise like Richards being sent home? But Kreider may go back to Hartford. Interesting to see what, if any, surprises come up.

  127. eddie eddie eddie on

    what up y’all…rodney strong, reserve chardonnay, 2007 and 2011…chilled……as barry white said, “oh yeah”

  128. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Happy happy joy joy !!! Yeah tanks freddy (cccp) and E3 .

    Wickyyyy hows it goin wayy over thereee ..overrr tthere over thereee…

    Now will the real Brad Richards stand up ?

    Will Nash puck hog the team to death?

    Can our team win a few games while adjusting to the new system?

    Will Hank Tank ?

    Now all there questions look like the Rangers are in big trouble . In reality ( my) the team plays super solid , guys like Girardi ,Staal ,McD and MDZ scores tons of goals while Hank stands on hid head again. It can happen.


  129. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I may wanna look back when I type cuz some sentences did have mistakes .my bad . move along.

    The Rangers need to trade Hank , Fire AV , get Nigel Dawes back in his old number 10 and get Sather coaching again. Slats is top 10 in all time coaching so I think we need some experience behind that bench. Trade Nash and bring in the Staal bros. Ice girls are a must and im thinking we need more free fan stuff to give out. Callahan should move up to assistant coach . Oh what the heck , throw in Jarda via trade and make him Cpt again. Worse come to worse we will be very entertaining and the press wont miss a beat with Torts gone.

  130. Interesting to see which two young guys make the team.

    I would think you have to go with Kreider despite his continued inconsistent play, although at some point we are going to have resign ourselves to the fact that he’s probably not going to be anything special.

    JT Miller probably has the other spot because his physical play allows him to play in a bottom 6 role, compared to someone like Hrivik. He’s also had a good camp from what I’ve seen. EIther way its probably between Hrivik and Kreider for the other spot. Hrivik probably deserves it, but Kreider has all this potential.

    Then you have Asham or Powe for the 13th forward, and I’d go with Asham since he’s a tough guy who can fight (which we don’t have) and, as we’ve seen before, he can actually score some goals

    As for defense, Bickel is the obvious choice. Having a 5th LH d-man makes no sense. Plus Bickel is about 200K less of a cap hit.

  131. Known facts about pre season (some I’m just restating from above)

    1- Lundqvist never looks dominant..he’s the last one I’m going to worry about. Especially in a contract year.

    2- there’s always a fourth liner or spare part that stands out. Always a broadcaster or writer pointing it out. “Powe has been the best Ranger….Boy Betts is skating really well for pre season…Sam, Jason Krog is playing like it’s the middle of February”…always happens. Never matters. And if AVs first move as coach is to think that career 4th liners deserve spots that younger guys should have, I weep for the future.

    3- I didnt seen a second of a pre season game but I’m going to guess that they look a little better and still can’t score goals. Gotta save that worry for October/November. For now I’ll assume that Nash is gonna score and having Stepan and a healthy Callahan will help whatever you Guys have seen.

    4- Kreider needs to stop being analyzed and be allowed to just play. “Should he or shouldn’t he go to Hartford?” Needs to be taken off the question board, growing pains should be allowed and endured and some confidence in him displayed. Ill bet you’ll see more of the kid who scored that OT goal against Boston than the one who sat in Tortorella’s dog house last season.

  132. JamesG re: #2, players need to be placed on waivers at noon today. I like and agree with your comment regarding AV first move as coach but until Powe’s name is on that waiver wire I’ll keep my kleenex close by.

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    White wine, is divine, top line, will be fine, rain or shine, secant cosine, rope and twine, tears I’m cryin, incas and mayans, livin and dyin ….


  134. Cuts coming at noon, hopefully. That’s when those on who will be waived need to be placed on waivers, I think.

  135. Family’s niece hooked a computer geek who’s probably good for 7 figures a year. He’s a little strange, but no one seems to notice but me.

    The wife’s driving home now. I’m hearing it. Oh well.

    Gotta get the papers, get the papers

  136. PS. I’m hung over and she hasn’t missed a pot hole. Other than that, things be good. Thanks for asking Eddie 3 times.

  137. Rangers Report @rangersreport
    Cuts include Marek Hrivik, Chris Kreider, Oscar Lindberg, Brandon Mashinter, Darroll Powe, Stu Bickel, Conor Allen

  138. Rangers Report @rangersreport
    So Justin Falk, Jesper Fast, J.T. Miller and Arron Asham are on the opening roster


    Sorry, but I thought my post at 10:43PM merited some comments. Thought it was funny. Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

  140. The stench of pessimism is overpowering here. I come here
    for entertainment, good analysis and good hockey conversation. None of which were evident in this blog
    except for E3,Greg, Ilb & Wicky the rest of you are toxic. Glad we have no games for a while so we can be less depressing.

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