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Click here for my story on Derek Stepan signing a new two-year contract, from The Journal News and lohud.com.


1) Huge day for the Rangers Thursday. Not only did they re-sign Derek Stepan — Glen Sather, tough negotiator, wins again — but just as critical is that Ryan Callahan was cleared for contact. And to me that pretty much ensures that he will be in the opening-night lineup too, regardless of what Alain Vigneault said post-game. The Rangers desperately need both of those guys. As for the game, well, I put zero stock in the outcome of a preseason game. Does anybody remember what their preseason record was in 2011-12? Or in 1993-94? Or ever?

2) Hey, Torts and Sully figured out the power play!! Seriously, though, the Canucks clearly looked like they’re buying into the wall-ball game that John Tortorella employed last year. Only it had a chance to succeed because the Canucks have a ton more skill than last year’s Rangers had.

Henrik Lundqvist3) One thing I’ve noticed, in addition to remaining on their feet, is that the Rangers defensemen are engaging their man in front and around the net. On each of the first two goals, Dan Girardi was physically battling his man instead of trying to do too much and chasing the puck. I like it. And if you like it, I’m guessing you can, in part, thank Ulf Samuelsson.

4) Brad Richards. What if he is not one of the top two centers this season? And if Rick Nash really is most comfortable with Derick Brassard, is Brassard then the first-line center?

5) I’m thinking Chris Kreider makes the team out of camp and gets a chance to stay or lose his job early in the season. But I don’t know that for sure, and so I’m thinking the final game of the preseason tonight is kind of a big one for Kreider … if he gets that chance to play.

6) Another good outing for J.T. Miller, I thought.

7) Good to see Tom “Fantasy Camp” Tostitos last night.Henrik Lundqvist

8) Not sure it’s a good thing for the Rangers to have all this time off, from Friday night until Thursday, before their opener, and that it will be a full week between games for Henrik Lundqvist. It most certainly isn’t a good thing for him to have to sit on that performance for a week, and so he’ll probably play tonight too. The King was in character last night, ticked off that he was bumped on the first goal. He was bumped. But he hates giving up goals, any time, anywhere. And he did give up a few too many, didn’t he? Holy shishkebob.

9) With Callahan and Stepan (and without Carl Hagelin) the Rangers still have to clip eight or nine players off the roster by Monday afternoon. Yikes.

10) Nice touch by MSG Network leading into the game with the 1994 Stanley Cup finals Game 7 between the same two teams.

11) Was wondering, as the Sedins celebrated their birthday and head into the walk year of their contracts, if in a salary cap world it will actually be possible for a team other than the Canucks to sign both of them as UFAs. I imagine it wouldn’t be possible for them to remain together if they actually hit the market, though the Canucks might get a discount to keep them together.

12) Next up: Los Angeles in Las Vegas tonight.

**********************************************Henrik Lundqvist

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. John Moore.
2. Derek Dorsett.
3. Martin Biron.


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  1. Kreider or Miller will start the season in Hartford. the other will join the loser of the battle when Hagelin gets back. the knock on AV in Vancouver was he did not play the kids. your left wingers will be,
    Hagelin, Pouliot, Pyatt, and Boyle. exciting eh.

  2. Happy Friday Boneheads, Sally!

    Good write up, as always good Mr. Carp. I too, do not put much stock into preseason games. Preseason means less than nothing. Our coach keeps stating we’re rolling 4 lines trying out combos (mmmm combos), while our opponents are dressing established lines that want to start the season off rolling with preseason wins. You can see the difference in mentality on the ice. Best to mess up now, it’s a long season.

  3. I think the D joining the rush is starting to look like it will create some offense.

    Nash is coasting through pre-season.

    Richards looks a little better but I am still in last year mode and cringe whenever he touches the puck.

    Canucks got a few bounces but they needed this game I guess?

  4. I don’t think Torts and Sully could figure out any powerplay, they’ve just inherited a team that have great powerplay players.
    This team is definitely missing its #1 center and the captain.

  5. Morning all, let’s stick with OPTIMISM here today as Stepan and the captain are back! No preseason ledge


    Right on, Carp. It is pre-season and meaningless. There are times when good teams try but still come up short and the disappointment carries over, but with what they’re missing and with AV’s attitude expressed prior to the game, agreed. Move on.

    Now, when the grittiest and best leading player on their team got hurt, had his surgery, and it was said he wouldn’t be back till October, did anyone really think he wouldn’t find a way to be here for the opener??????

    Captain, oh Captain!!!


    I thought (and I don’t like the guy) Richards looked a good deal better than last year last night. He has always been an assist man and he put his players in position more last night than he did previously. Had some good passes that could have been goals, had he been on another team.

    I like the line of Pyatt-Zuccs-RichieRocket. They are 3 guys I never thought would contribute anyway. Put them together so they don’t affect anyone else’s game and hope and pray they can get lucky.

  8. A typical Rangers night, outhit, out scored and out fought, sigh.

    Torts must be happy as a pig in you know what with some of the talent on VC.

    Of course the first VC goal on the pp was a phantom call, Nash’s penalty was phantom and VC got all the bounces.

    But the Rangers should probably try and put one in the net every now and then, just for giggles.


  9. Top six defensemen played..top goalie….and top two paid forwards…I didnt expect much…but I did expect more….and that reminds me of LYs team!

  10. To even suggest that The Kreider will be sent down is blasphemy.

    If my some act of lunacy he is … Immediately say “goodbye” to the season.

  11. 19-1 looks about

    This team isn’t any closer than it was last year.

    Unless AV is going to pull some blue magic out of tha hat.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Torts basically played his starting line-up

    This game meant much more to Torts than to AV who is trying to figure out how to make four productive lines from these forwards…thanks Glen

    Fast has looked the best of the youngsters IMHO- great hands, tremendous speed, willingness to take the body, defensively responsible. Too bad we have his body double coming back – Hags.

    richards/MZA/Pie-hat is the line from the Land of Misfit Toys. Pyatt had some jump which leads one to ask…why is that NOT there every night? Why does he not use his size more? Why does he play with the intensity of a Girl Scout?

    Clean slate starts next week…moving on

  13. These cookie-cutter, girl-scout-intensity, amateur-hour, no-talent clowns are all on their way to 0-82.

  14. It looks to me that not only have the Canucks bought into it but Tort has bought into the Canucks. And the way he deploys them strategically makes me think that he trusts this new squad of his more than he did the Rangers.

    Which creates this dichotomy: Tort was largely responsible for the youth movement here. Yet he seems more comfortable with an entirely veteran squad in Vancouver.

  15. Good morning, boneheads!

    LMGO, Miami!

    I only saw the first period. I guess I can safely delete the rest of it from my DVR. I saw a few new things- D-men initiating the attack, and people go to the net hard. I like it.

  16. Youth movement, Carp? You mean he is getting rid of McD, J. Moore, Hagelin, MDZ etc.? :-)

    Powe may be on his way soon. They only need to waive one contract to be under the cap without placing Hagelin on waivers. My guess is Bickel remains number 7 because of his toughness and ability to play forward. Asham stays too, Dorsett can’t be the only one to do the heavy lifting.

  17. I read from Vancouver fans that AV didn’t like playing the young players and stuck with the veterans so there is a good chance AV will abandon the youth movement. Looks like Sather is going back to his old tricks and just when it look like the rangers organization was headed on the rack track, it gets derailed by Sather.

  18. I still refuse to put any stock in preseason results…nobody ever won a Cup in September.

    But one thing that someone mentioned to me about the preseason so far has me thinking they’re not far off –

    The Rangers appear to be a team that’s going to give up more goals and yet still can’t put the puck in the net. Which is a recipe for disaster.

    But, WAY too early to panic.

    I’ll do that when Richards is sleepwalking across the ice and Nash plays like a guy who’s managed to go his entire career playing on talent and skill alone – because there’s not alot of heart in that big body.

  19. CJP,
    I have mentioned that several times how AV’s wide open system will yield more goals against, lundqvist will have his highest goals against in his career this year and the rangers will still struggle to score goals. That is not a good recipe in my books to be a playoff team.

  20. Because of sather’s track record and it was sather who made the decision to keep Richards, we all know that will turn out to be a disaster.

  21. Would you believe that The K is still a Rookie, as per NHL statute? Seems like he’s about to turn 30.

  22. I want Richards to prove us all wrong but I fear he’s not going to. I also want Kreider to play top 6 and get 50 points this year and Miller to cement his place.
    As Mr Jagger once sang, you can’t always get what you want…..

  23. Urine test Lurch, #14. His skates were like wild birds last night. Well, maybe not birds, but like energetic turtles at least.

  24. Every time someone in an opposing sweater comes near him, Richie gives up the puck to whomever, wherever. Once in a great while, it somehow slides to one of our guys, and Micheletti says, “nice pass by Richards.” Piling on, I know. Sorry, 19.

  25. I do like some of our speedy D joining the play, but the forwards have to be more alert. I think they’ll pick it up.

  26. Interesting top two stars by Carp, as usual. He sees things, even from 2000 miles away that most of us miss or dismiss. That’s why he gets the big bucks. :)

  27. If you showed someone a first line of Pouliot-Brassard-Nash and they don’t say “huh, when did the Jackets get Pouliot and why is he on their first line” … I don’t know. There’s a punchline there somewhere.

  28. the only saving grace from last night is that it didnt count. however lets be honest here this team is going to struggle to score goals regardless if AV system is more up tempo wide open. they dont have enough finishers. its why the gaborik trade which looked good early will be a mistake as brassard over 82 games wont be enough. the hagelin and the zuccarello of the world have all speed but ZERO FINISH.


    throw in the fact that realignment new playoff setup will not help the rangers.

    that said i am the most pessimistic ranger fan on here and whats scary to me is this is the worst I felt about this team heading into a season in last 5 years.

    2-7 put a fork in them they suck

  29. Kreider has to make the roster. I don’t care if lesser talents are outplaying him or whatever, keeping Powe for an extra week or two isn’t going to give the team a better chance to win. They’re thin on talent at the wing even with Callahan and Hagelin around so they simply can’t afford to send down their second best talent. Live with the mistakes, for once.

  30. I also can’t wait for a much more talented team in Vancouver to roll through the regular season and be a contender for the cup under Torts.

    Last nights game did mean nothing, but watching how the players are playing together, they are getting dominated in every game. They look a bit confused to me.

  31. I can see kreider being sent down to Hartford, he hasn’t shown much of anything. I think Fast and Hrivik have shown more.

  32. _I can see kreider being sent down to Hartford, he hasn’t shown much of anything. I think Fast and Hrivik have shown more._

    Its not that I disagree, but at some point you take talent over a 6 game sample. Nash hasn’t shown much at all and he’s locked in on the first line. Kreider, on skill alone, should be a roster lock on a team lacking top 6 skill.

  33. The Kreider is playing top line LW to open the season and will have to play his way off that line. That’s my opinion obviously, not fact, but he has to be there given the system and the coach.

  34. the top 6 in vancouver blows top 6 of rangers away. if torts had the sedins here he would be like a kid in a candy store.

  35. Great point, The Doctor. Nash has looked worse than Kreider. Maybe we should send him down and keep Mashinter up here to play Nash’s role. Also, Richards sucks. Send him down. And that Hank guy has been downright awful (along with Biron) so get them out of here. Too bad we traded Ocho Cinco.

  36. I mean, the great thing about Youth is that they have endurance, imagination and chutzpah. The bad thing about youth is that they can’t think their way out of a paper bag during a hockey game. So it’s really a trade off.

  37. Haley, Syvret, Talbot waived in order to be assigned to Hartford. Hope Haley doesn’t go anywhere and isn’t Talbot on their radar for future? Haley and Talbot making about $600 grand apiece. Let’s hope they clear.

  38. If Step is really working with a tutor dude I might know the tutor dude and that’s pretty cool. Yay tutors!

  39. This is from Yahoo! Fantasy site re: The Kreider

    Fri, Sep 27
    Chris [The] Kreider might fall short of making the Rangers’ opening game lineup.
    *Advice:* That would obviously be a blow after [The] Kreider struggled to get playing time under former coach John Tortorella and was given a fresh start with the coaching change. [The] Kreider will get one more chance to show what he can do on Friday.
    More: NY Post

  40. Since Powe scored the other night, didn’t we already get all the production we can hope for? How is this guy still on the team? What am I missing?

  41. Powe will be on the team until he suffers yet another brutal concussion and spends the rest of his career/life in a quiet room.

  42. While a good story, was it necessary to sign D Moore? An older, very mediocre offensive player and not that tough to fill that role.

  43. The Kreider/Brassard/Nash (all enigma line)
    Fast/Step/Cally (the guts line)
    Pyatt/Richards/MZA (Misfit toys line)
    Asham/Moore/Dorsett (lock down line)

    Black Aces: Asham/Bicks/Falk
    Trade Boyle
    Release Powe
    Miller down to Hartford

  44. Moore is a defensive center – not an offensive forward. He makes Boyle redundant – good checker, plays body but can’t skate, no hands and won’t fight

  45. Good point, Stranger. Bieksa = Beast. He’s a terrific hockey player. Would have loved to have him on the Rangers. Tort must be in heaven.

  46. What a great signing Pouliot is going to be. Perfect NY Rangers player. Good enough to make any NHL team and mediocre enough to be traded away by every single NHL team.

  47. I don’t think Moore makes Boyle redundant. Boyle has size and will fight, albeit poorly. He’s one of the biggest guys in the NHL. You can’t teach size.

  48. No prob with D Moore it’s just he is on a one way contract and he is redundant – takes up a spot of a young guy and/or tougher guy..maybe he will eat up some of Richie’s ice time

  49. We do have a lot of size without a lot of toughness, huh? (BB, Nash, Pyatt, Pouliot, even Staal and McD are pretty big)

  50. I liked Miller’s play last night. I like how he protects the puck, makes smart plays along the boards, scored a goal.

    What you seen in pre season games is he ahead of Kreider?

    Miller can’t win the Calder do to his 26 games last year.

    Kreider can.

    Both didn’t put up 5 points last year…… youth movement???????

  51. Pouliot has been the one player I’ve noticed that will help this team. Good signing.

    Dom Moore will get the Center for the 4th line, I think.

    Who are the 9 that get cut?
    Do all the youth get shipped to Hartford because it’s “easier”?????

  52. Assuming Miller isn’t playing C this season, do you look at him possibly w/ Brassard and Nash to add a little physicality to that line? More of a 2 and 2A than a 1 and 2 up top with the other one being (hopefully) Kreider-Stepan-Callahan?

  53. I like Fast, Lindber, Kristo. Nothing wrong with them getting seasoning in Hartford. All can play at this level, and will in time.

    That said neither Miller nor Kreider tore it up in the AHL last year. Both are very high up on the Prospect List, have they really “EARNED” the NHL spot?

    Or is it being given to them to see if they can score at this level?????

  54. Powe is gone. That is over. There is really no reason for him to stay.

    I agree with Sioux, I like JT (or TJ as Micheletti would say) Miller. I think he belongs up here. Kid has great instincts and is very good along the boards.

  55. Sioux, I think its probably being given to them, but I don’t really take issue with that. Like I said above, no vet is losing his spot because of 6 games so maybe you shouldn’t change your opinion of your top prospects based on the same sample.

  56. I think we really need Kreider and Miller to be ready to make this team if we hope the Rangers are going to make a splash this season. As I just said, I think Miller is ready and I love the idea of a *20* year old kid on the roster even if he does already have wrist issues. Play him on wing if he can’t win enough faceoffs. He has proven that he’s good along the boards on the forecheck so play him on Wing and take him out of the slot.

  57. _Like I said above, no vet is losing his spot because of 6 games so maybe you shouldn’t change your opinion of your top prospects based on the same sample._

    That is dangerously wise thinking. You shouldn’t say things like that, wouldn’t want such prudence to rub off on others

  58. Yup. At some point its about optimal scenarios and you’re best case is going to be higher trusting Miller and Kreider top 6 than it is trusting Pouliot and MZA. Two might pan out, two are very obvious 3rd liners just being forced to play higher because they’ve proven more to date.

  59. Mister I’m just being objective.

    Looking at the points they scored last year on the NHL level, over 20 games. How they scored at the AHL level, neither dominated the AHL level.

    Have we seen enough from them,to give both a start on game 1 with Cally & Hags out? That said, when both come back, do we then send them to Hartford to get top line minutes??? or keep them for 3rd line minutes.

    What do the rest of you think?

  60. Well, Sioux, in Miller’s defense he spent a TON of time in the NHL and then was injured for the rest of the season.

  61. Thanks Rob! And before Doodie or someone else kills me, that goes for prospects who have shown something, not a guy like McIlrath who was drafted high and is still a major work in progress at best.

    (Have you gone to Tony Maws’ new place in Somerville? I’m insanely jealous that was announced right after we left.)

  62. What exactly is Kreider going to learn in the AHL? Newbury is gone. They will have a new Captain in Hartford. It’s probably time for him to just learn as he goes in the NHL. Kid has one thick set of stems so just let him use his legs to fly and make a difference. Even Tarasenko and Yakupov had scoring droughts.

  63. The Kreider has shown little. Getting a bit tired of his “size, speed, shot.” He’s been living on an old rep. Pick it up, kid.

  64. I agree Manny. Nothing would make me happier than watching him score with Nash, and stick. So I think they will get a chance. But will Richards “stink” it up in between them?

    What if Kreider doesn’t score or play good tonight? Even Brooks thinks he’s on the bubble.

  65. If I remember correctly, Mashinter real problem was his skating. I haven’t been able to watch a single preseason game, but if that’s improved he should make the team. I still think they need a trade for a shutdown d-man and/or a power forward. If they cut richards or had bought him out this team would be much better off.

  66. Hank needs to stop taking faceloads of Head & Shoulders in Swedish ads and get his head in the game. Enough already.

  67. That’s another drawback to signing Pouliot, he doesn’t do much for our overall attractiveness. If he doesn’t score 15-18, he’s a loss.

  68. AV doesn’t like playing young kids according to cannuck fans so don’t be surprised it all the kids are sent down but than again I don’t think that’s possible because of cap problems.

  69. West – Pyatt out scored them both last year, and he played all 48 games.

    Objectively….. is Pyatt ahead of Miller and/or Kreider today. If you had to make the cut right now?

  70. Wouldn’t Kreider actually help the cap if he were sent down? I imagine he carries a higher cost than a lot of potentially rostered players.

  71. in addition to signing over the hill free agents who won’t hit anyone, we now collect top draft picks who haven’t done anything. The under-the-radar/over-the-hill gang

    Like Miller but he needs some seasoning, doesn’t have great hands and this team needs finishers. Like him next year, hopefully he proves me wrong.

  72. kreider carries 1.3 mil and yes it would help the cap so there is a good chance kreider will be sent to Hartford.

  73. I can’t believe I’m going to watch another 82 stupid games with stupid Brad Richards and spending the entire time thinking “don’t get hurt don’t get hurt don’t get hurt”.

  74. There are essentially two spots on the squad for kids to get a shot before Hagar the HaGOONlin and Capt. Callahan come back. So it’s got to be some mix of Miller, Fast, Lindberg, Kreider, Mashinter, Hrivik or Kristo making the squad.

  75. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Gotta save some goals for the regular season.

    Where are all the people saying Torts should have opened it up with all the “skill” players they have?

  76. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Not necessarily, Manny. They can keep Powe and Asham and send Miller and Kreider down. Saves them cap space too.

  77. Left Wing Options:

    Hags – has great balance and puck possession but horrible hands. Needs to gain 20 lbs and work on his shooting.

    The Kreider – Size, Speed, Shot; Can win the Calder or wind up in a psych ward in Hartford – not sure which yet

    Boyle – will play the body with gusto, forecheck with reckless abandon, can play center/ faceoff; can’t skate or fight and has hands of stone. Spends more time on knees than skates

    Pyatt – slower than the Bruckner when Metro North are out of service; big guy who will check if he can get there. does he not try or can he not skate? Is he a pacifist? how bout throwing down once every 10 games!

    Pouliot – decent size but no desire to hit, can skate, but not a big scorer at this level; career high 16 Gs

    Miller – young buck who has the size and motor. board work improved, needs to work on hands. One year away

  78. forgot
    Fast – as in fast, very; takes body, back-checks, needs to gain 20 lbs and work on shot ;-)

  79. If we had more cap space, I could see a Hagelin trade with seemingly similar players coming up behind him.

  80. Mister D –
    I can’t believe I’m going to watch another 82 stupid games with stupid Brad Richards and spending the entire time thinking “don’t get hurt don’t get hurt don’t get hurt”.

    September 27th, 2013 at 12:46 PM

    – WOW! You nailed it on the head. That means this season is going to be as exciting as ’97-’98 when we kept wincing every time LaFontaine got hit.
    Knowing our luck, and the fact that Sather would be DUMB enough to hinge the future on this team on Richie Rich playing well and staying healthy this year…I expect us to miss the playoffs and then Richard$ falls and busts his teeth on the ice the last game of the season.

    His teeth being what they are, they drive into his brain and come out 2 feet from his skull and leave him babbling like Daffy Duck after he hit the bomb with the hammer.

    All he can say is “How rich am I?”

  81. I can see sather making a big trade at the trade deadline this year, maybe two, why? because the rangers will be struggling to keep in the playoff race.

  82. I can also see the rangers deciding to keep Richards in the press box the remaining 2 months of the season.

  83. I like the horn thing. As long as Whitewalker means that Richards got injured. Three Blasts means our next 6 seasons are over.

  84. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    At the deadline, the Rangers will trade 3 players and their 1st for a 40 goal scorer, then trade Nash for 3 players and a 6th.

  85. Can we take a minute to understand how absolutely insane it is for the Florida Panthers to pay $3.75M for Tim Thomas and name him their STARTER after he took a season off and at age 39 (turning 40 mid season). Why would they not just ride Markstrom with Clemmensen as their backup? So much money tied up in goal now.

  86. Rob in Beantown on

    Totally, Manny. It’s not like the team is good and a good goalie is the missing piece. The team is young and probably won’t be good this year anyway. They should have named Markstrom, who is 23, the starter so he could make mistakes and develop along with the rest of his teammates.

  87. doesn’t nash have a no trade clause or a limited amount of teams he would go to or did he lose that in the trade from Columbus?

  88. Rob in Beantown on

    You are right Coos. I should have said racist and anti-government types. Did not mean offense to any in either group.

  89. @PLeonardNYDN 5m
    #NYR lineup 2nite: Poul-Rich-Nash, Miller-Lindbrg-Hriv, Kreid-Boyle-Fast, Mash-Powe-Ash. DZ-Bick, Moore-Stral, Falk-Allen. Lundqvist

  90. He’s PRETTY anti-government. I mean, he’s pretty and anti-government. He’s a type, as it were.

  91. I’m just glad the Yankees got eliminated so now I can focus on the Rangers getting eliminated

    They look like Steve Martin’s rubber dog doo-doo

  92. The difference between you and me, Shelly, is you have a license to drill and bill and I have a license to kill. Not that there’s anything wrong with billing.

  93. Hank probably is anti-government. He probably complains about his Maseratti. You know, if only there wasn’t such a lag in the pickup on it. Poor Hank. Poor, poor Hank.

  94. “My Maserati does 185
    I lost my license now I don’t drive
    I have a limo ride in the back
    I lock the doors in case I’m attacked.”

  95. After watching every minute of the 5 preseason games, I can’t find one reason to feel positive about this team going into the season.

    Management, Coaching Staff, veteran players, and prospects have not provided me with one speck of optimism.

    Perhaps the only silver lining in this dark cloud is the prospect that a complete disaster coupled with a strong showing in Vancouver by Torts might finally result in Sather’s well deserved “retirement”. However that optimism quickly disappears knowing that Dolan owns the team and will hire Sathers replacement.

    As for our young prospects, IMO not one is a top six forward on a Cup contending team. Fools Gold.

  96. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Love the way our rugged D man took on the opposing forward in the 3rd period after doing a good job of keeping the crease clear and helping us get a shut out…oh, wait our “tough” shut down D pair was a -3.

  97. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Can’t wait to see mcdonut wet himself at the first sight of lucic or Hartnell. Maybe henrique can beat him up again. Or maybe Staal will be happy to have semin kick his aasen again.

    Our D is soft as puddin’, hank is going to have a very long season.

  98. *Note: Carl Hagelin and Ryan Callahan Timetables*

    September 27th, 2013 2:41 pm
    On Leafs Lunch today on TSN, Ray Ferraro said that the Rangers think they are about two-and-a-half weeks away from Ryan Callahan returning to the lineup and about three-and-a-half-weeks away from Carl Hagelin returning.

    Callahan has been cleared for contact bu Alain Vigneault ruled out Callahan playing in the Rangers opener in six days.

    Hagelin is skating with Derek Stepan in New York and has not been cleared for contact yet.


  99. Here is a solution, Wicky. One I think we have both tried to put forth before, get Bickel on this squad as a 6th D-Man and have him chained to the goalpost. Have him never ever look at the puck but annihilate anyone that gets within 7ft of the crease.

  100. Both guys are terrific. I’m just hoping that we can have a balanced D-Corps that can protect McBust and Staal so that they have their freedom on the ice and especially that freedom to join the rush.

    Del Zaster? He can get physical.

  101. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Do those two have the partners to “protect” them both figuratively and literally when they are on the ice IE leetch with a beukeboom?

  102. Mashinter? Well he’s a big kid that has average skating ability, can play the boards and has been effective on the PP in the AHL. He’s actually been somewhat of a leader in Hartford and has been really helpful in creating offensive opportunities for his linemates. He can drop the gloves and he is versatile and CHEAP.

  103. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    He’s not 5’10 and 176 lbs and is lighting the lamp with the same frequency as all the smurfs

  104. This is a bit dated but it is what Hockey’s Future has compiled on Monster Mash.

    *Talent Analysis*

    Mashinter plays with physicality and grit while working the boards well down low but has to drive the front of the opposition’s net more often. The hulking winger needs improvement in his skating stride and defensive game to develop into a power forward but needs to get in the high traffic areas to score not trying to be a shooter or a sniper. He projects as a third or fourth line checking forward if he gets to the NHL.

  105. LMGO, Wick. I love the harping on size. It’s a huge deal with this squad. Which is why the whole “Get rid of Boyle at all costs” thing is brutally frustrating.

  106. Veen-Yo’s body language on the bench further feeds my pessimism.

    He looked like he didn’t haves clue last night.

    Can anybody explain his system to me? It’s seems like simple river hockey.

  107. Stranger Nation on

    Mashinter has looked lost the last games he has played – game is too fast for him at this level right now.

    That being said, he will throw and go to the net.

    He is just what we needed, another bottom 6 player who can’t score or skate.

    This team is on shaky ground.

  108. I will let Wicky handle the on ice stuff like breakouts (which look a LOT better than last season), PP positioning, Defensive Positioning (Wicky’s Specialty) and his forecheck which employs a less aggressive stack unlike the straight forward “two guys on the puck” that Tort had.

    Regarding the non x’s and o’s of the game, Vigneault is a huge fan of zone deployment strategy and he keeps extensive notes on zone starts for each player and their successes and failures in different situations. I would assume this means that the team improves over time. Further, he doesn’t line juggle so he’s going to ride things out to allow these guys to gel together and really work out some *chemistry*. He’s a big fan of sleep science, social and sports therapies and other scientific mumbo jumbo.

    Sadly, he hasn’t changed his system, theories and strategies since his run to the Cup Final despite diminishing returns on what he puts in. Hopefully his change to NY will give him the opportunity to revise his strategies.

  109. I don’t see AV’s stamp on this team other than he’s obviously removed the -Leetch- leash from McDonuts, Moore, Staal, etc., which is a good start – but other than that…?

  110. Vigneault employs a scientist type trainer dork that actually uses science to help the players learn when they should go to sleep and when they should wake up including a napping schedule. This includes flying through different time zones and garbage like that.

    His goal is to get his players in optimal mental and physical state for each and every game.

  111. Against either Calgary or Edmonton, there was one point were we had 4 players behind the goal line on the same side of the ice in our defensive zone…..and Calgary won possession and just missed a goal mouth stuff in on a cross crease pass. I almost puked.

    Veen-Yo was a bad choice. His tenure in NY will be disastrous, on par with Jean-Guy Talbot, the sweat suit coached the 70’s. Book It.

  112. Glad you enjoyed. It was written by someone who isn’t me so you can actually trust the information in it.

  113. doesn’t this team have enough 3rd and 4th line checking forwards?

    would you like an entire team of 3rd and 4th line checking forwards?

    this team needs more skill. more kreider, less mashinter.

  114. Richards slept through science, woke up an found NO chemistry with Nash, while he was day dreaming of getting hurt and getting a check until 2019!!!

    It’s on in the sleep science!

  115. When I think about it, maybe sleep science makes some sense when you’re flying out of Vancouver all over the globe.

  116. Have we started an official list of things not buying Richards out has “messed” up?

    1. Stepan got a bridge deal, not a long term deal, missed some of camp

    2. A presumed reduction in Brassard’s minutes meaning centers aren’t being utilized based on talent

    3. Miller will have to move to a less valuable position if he makes the team

    4. Far less room to maneuver in terms of a trading a cheap, redundant youngster and taking back salary in a deadline deal

  117. I guess, like Torts, AV has to see Richards for a whole season before he realizes…..deja vu (all over again)

  118. Any one who wasn’t around for the Stewart, Ferguson, Talbot years, well you’re lucky. I am having weird flashbacks of Talbot whenever the camera pans to Veen-Yo behind the bench, chewing his gum, looking clueless.

  119. Rangers better hope hank signs before he sees bad this team will be in front of him.

    The boring rangers winning games 2-1 are better then this so far. They don’t have enough snipers to play more uptempo system.

  120. Miller certainly cannot hurt us any more than Richards will on ice, and at least he has upside. At least when Miller’s on the ice, the opposing team knows it.

  121. papa bear, those were some lean years. I remember those stupid jersey the rangers wore also when Ferguson was the coach, ouch.

  122. Would it not be ironic if, after Henrik is left defenseless for half a season, management decides it doesn’t want HIM, as opposed to him not wanting us?

  123. ‘I know (I know)
    You don’t love me, no mo
    No mo (no mo)
    No, no mo (no mo)
    And I, don’t wanna be hurted
    Any mo (no mo)
    Any mo (no mo)’

  124. Is Sleep Science like Weird Science?

    I’d like to pull Kelly LeBrock’s jersey over her head. Even now I probably would

  125. Torts sometime before season ends: “I somehow put up with all the smartazz Press in NY, I can sure put up with outback hillbilly dirtbags like you.”

  126. Nice pic
    zucchini makes Hagar look like he’s 6’2″, 220

    Lake Louise and emerald lake are must sees up there, tho

  127. I’m just surprised that Zucc would date someone taller than him. But good for him. Who are we to judge young love?

  128. Wow, 250 comments, I missed out on a lot. I know everyone is a little miffed about last nights performance. Don’t worry gang, you may not have heard, we’re going to open it up and play an up tempo style. We’ll be fine.

  129. Players to AV after they return home – Hey coach are we going to work on joining the rush?

    AV – I don’t know about that guys, I thought we might practice doing snow angels for a day or two.

  130. Unspoken reality: When a team hires a Tortorella, a certain part of it is an admission that there are discipline/effort/softy problems.

  131. Stranger Nation on

    How many tip ins in these games. If we are not going to go with Snow Angel strategy, can we at least tie the man up. These games look like tip drill practice.

    Now I know why Torts wanted his forwards blocking shots…his D cannot play the man…

  132. Good evening all! Before I comment on Carp’s post…LMAO Manny!!! Get out!!!

    1. Like
    2. Dislike/Like
    3. Oy, yes
    4. like.
    5. Yes
    6.I had no dip
    7. like
    8. Yikes!
    10. LGR!!!!!!

    Looking forward to season all!

  133. Zucc and Hags favorite ballplayer was Ron Darling but the other night they stayed in and ordered a large Piazza.

  134. Nicholson, pointing: “If you’re looking for someone who gives a chit, they’re right over there…”

  135. Tonight last chance for Richie to get hurt, put on long term injury list and free up 6 and a half or so million. Ain’t gonna happen, but pretty sure if they’re overcap, we won’t see Hags for 10 games, because he’s worth 2+ mil and the Rangers’ cap seems a bit tight, unless Slats and his Pinky the Brain boys figured it all out already, which they probably have since what else do they have to do?

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Just shot 34-32 at Venerable St. Andrews which included a 6 on the par 4, 17th. My approaches to the green were insane….several tap in birds.

    Kooz – Uma is delish.

  137. e3 – when I first saw, way back, that you posted a nifty St. Andrews score, I said to myself, ‘If he’s being truthful, this guy is some serious golfer.’ That’s before I figured out you were on the West Coast playing video games. :)

  138. I think Uma’s dad is either the first or the only legitimate Anglo Monk and that the Dalai Lama personally handled the ceremony. But, who cares about HIM? It’s Uma we like to see.

  139. The Rangers’ roster and a golf bag have at least two things in common – a Mashie and a Brassie. Oh, and the occasional sandwedge. And don’t forget J Tee Miller.

  140. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I guess at this point my forwards would be

    nash, brass, richards (bleh), step, mashinter, pouliot, boyle, dorsett, miller, ash, pyatt, moore, mza, fast…(hags when he comes back and mza or fast must go…when cally comes back, moore or pyatt must go)

    On D, mcdonut, mad bomber, bickel, OPG, staal, moore, falk

    I doubt I’m any where close to what will actually happen, but that is what I would do

  141. Could that happen Coos? #19 on LTIR? What’s Galoolly up to ?

    These late games are indeed brutal. Going to be a tough road trip for team and fans.

  142. LOL @ Coos’ 8:27! You are a student of the game, my friend…

    Here’s hoping we score a goal tonight!

    Wicky? You have Mashinter as a lock to make the team?

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawks scouts in Vegas : I’m hearing Richards, Pyatt, Powe, and MDZ for Sharp, Bickel, Seabrook, and Keith

    Book it

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We don’t need no stinkin Kreider – too many highly skilled, highly motivated veterans on this team…

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