Live Chat today at noon … first of the season


We can discuss the new coach, the new system, the old GM, the old players, the new players, Derek Stepan, Brad Richards, yesterday’s demotions, the demotions yet to come, the opening-night lineup, the 15-game road trip (six preseason, nine regular-season), tonight’s Alain Vigneault-John Tortorella faceoff in Vancouver, and of course have plenty of room left for Seinfeld references and/or g(j)ibberish.

So be there. Or else.


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  1. That’s 8 AM ADT. I guess I’ll submit a question early.

    “Are you worried that Kreider is not going to be the player we were all told? ”

    I really have not been impressed with him as much as I hoped. He kills rushes, floats around. My hopes are getting dimmer. I would rather still have Dubinsky over him if we did that Nash trade again.

    This will be a key year. If he doesn’t make significant progress, do you call that first round pick another bust?

  2. Here is a question for our resident capologists:

    Assuming the Rangers sign Stepan to a cap hit of 3.2 mil before the opener, the Rangers will be roughly 200-500K OVER the cap.

    Now that’s not a problem as long as Callahan and/or Hagelin start the season on LTIR. LTIR means the player has to miss 10 games or 24 days whichever comes first (In our case 24 days means 8 games missed). But what happens, when both are ready to play?

    Will the pro-rated salaries of Hagelin and/or Callahan be small enough to get the Rangers under the cap? Will it be that tight, where the Rangers will have to send down guys with higher cap hits like Powe and Asham and replace them with cheaper guys like Hrivik and Lindberg?

  3. Preparing a class for next week, in addition to the usual work day, no go for anything else. Darth Sather will obviously be creating an unhappy prince in Derek Stepan..setting the stage for his exit after any contract ends. Some would blame the collective bargaining agreement…not I. It’s an easy excuse.

  4. Can’t make the chat – clashes with my commute home

    I’m thinking Hags is going on LTIR, but not Cally.
    I’m guessing Conor Allen goes down and plays top pair in Hartford rather than ride pine at the big club.
    I also think Miller, Kreider and probably Fast will stick when the final cuts are made

    At the end of the day its all guess work. Only AV knows who he wants and Jeff Gorton knows who he can have from a cap perspective.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Love to see The Kreider score a hat trick against Nuck-Nucks

    Bickel will have a monster game

    Pyatt should be flying around rink

    Powe will also have a hat trick

  6. UK Ranger

    The thing is the roster composition now is probably going to be much different than it will be by the end of the month.

    JT Miller, Marek Hrivik, Jesper Fast. Those guys are top 9 only players. One of them might have that role for the opener (my money is on Hrivik btw), but unless they have a great start, they will be bumped out when Callahan and Hagelin return.

    Our “best” lineup probably looks like this:


    Although Kreider has been so wildly inconsistent that he could very well be sent to HFD if he doesn’t show anything early on and someone like Hrivik can emerge as a top 9 player or they just bump one of the vets (Boyle, Moore, Dorsett, Pyatt) up to the 3rd line and move Zucc, Brassard or Pouliot to the top 6.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    That may be the softest Ranger line-up since the 80’s smurfs

    we are going to get our assens pushed around

    Why does Sather hate us so much?

  8. It does feel like we at least have some options this year . I like what I’ve seen from hrivic, Allen,and I thought kristo showed promise…


    Kreider has only had jump when playing with JT. Almost seeming like a spoiled brat, but AV has to see that and comply. Try them for a bit. See if he wakes up.

    These next few games, it’d be nice to see the ‘improved Rocket Richards’ that Sather was talking about. After all, he did make training camp this year, how kind of him. So far, not so sure I see it.

    Perhaps you guys do.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Matty – understand The Kreider has looked bad playing with Richards. He has looked better playing with other centers. 1+1 =3

  11. Kreider is hesitant and doesn’t look comfortable when playing with Richards.

    Coach should keep Kreider with Miller.

    Coach should try Nash with Miller and Kreider.

    When Callaghan returns, Miller, Kreider, Callaghan.

  12. Agreed Papa. I think Kreider needs to play with peers or veterans who aren’t “stars” (Nash, richie) I think it helps his confidence and allows his talent to come out. He needs to be “the man” like he has been on every line, on every team, he was on growing up.
    It shouldn’t matter but IMO, it does.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    I just looked it up: AHL Kristo vs. AHL Thomas. I took Thomas, you took Kristo. Whoever loses has to change their gravatar for all of next year. You have to have a Gophers, I’ll have to have the Fighting Sioux.

  14. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If they waive Asham and Powe, keep Miller and Hrivik, they can sign Stepan to $3.5M without any LTIR, give or take a few thousand. Of course, that puts them right up against the cap.

  15. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I had asked about Stepan perhaps signing a one year deal yesterday, Apparently, Franson wound up doing it with Toronto, and he gets arbitration rights next year. That could be a compromise since Stepan would then only have to wait one year to get his bigger contract.

  16. In reference to Oleo’s question about the cap and LTIR, I think the Rangers have to wait a game before they can place Hags and Cally on LTIR.

    The only reason I say that is I remember reading something about the Flyers having to shuffle their roster before they could get cap relief from Pronger’s contract. Among the solutions was to send a Brayden Schenn or Sean Couturier to the AHL for a game. There is also a chance they might have to move one of their veteran d-men because they have something like 9 blueliners on one-way contracts.

  17. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Oh, and in my scenario above, they’d have to also waive Pyatt to keep Hrivik. If they were able to trade Pyatt, they could go to $4M for Stepan. If they keep Pyatt, then they can give about $3.25M.

  18. Is it true that Pyatt was wearing an “A” during the preseason? I never saw it. But that would be pretty telling.

  19. Honestly, I haven’t seen a minute of the preseason or camp. What have I missed?

    And can we FINALLY all agree? McIlrath=BUST.

  20. Doodie Machetto
    I just looked it up: AHL Kristo vs. AHL Thomas. I took Thomas, you took Kristo. Whoever loses has to change their gravatar for all of next year. You have to have a Gophers, I’ll have to have the Fighting Sioux.

    Doodie I can send you the Avitar now if you wish :)

    The Sioux is WAY cooler than the Gopher. That’s like a Win/Win for you.


    Kristo will be back. He showed some hands, smarts, confidence with the puck. He needs some seasoning and defensive assignment work.


    McIlrath does look like a good shot at being a waste of a 1st rounder. Another waste of a 1st rounder.

    Of course, he could be a stay at home defenseman, if told to stay within 20 feet of net. He is THAT slow.

    I am SURE Sather is saying he made it to training camp, so he’ll be fine.

  23. Wow. Too bad that A probably stands for Alternate and we are screwed with Pyatt on the 1st line for life. He’s going to get extended immediately. 8 Years, All the money.


    I guess my problem:

    1. our forwards are very repetitive, with few exceptions, 190-195 lbs, average to above average speed and really, 3rd through 5th liners.

    2. our defense continues not to have a crease clearing guy (just one even), or a booming point shot, or a point man. How long does this go on for?

    3. we have 1 player that is supposed to be ‘world class’. Good teams have more.

    4. we have little, if any, grit.

    This is not a good formula for winning. Good luck, AV!

  25. McIlrath is a bust period. He will never make it to the nhl, the dude cannot skate and can’t shoot. I’m surprised and disappointed on that selection by Gordie Clarke.

  26. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    One thing to look at is it took Sauer five years after being drafted to make the team. He and McIlrath were both 18 when drafted. Granted Sauer was a 2nd round pick, but it’s too early to give up on McIlrath.


    We have taken 3 giant steps backwards as an organization over the last 2 years.

    But, I know, we are building with youth.

    Just not well drafted, trained, fast, talented, or big enough. However, there is some youth.

  28. not to mention the rangers will be playing a more wide open system which means more goals given up but unfortunately this team still struggles to score, not a good combination at all. I got a bad feeling the rangers will fight for that wild card playoff spot and probably won’t make the playoffs and than it will really be interesting to see how it all pans out with the ufa’s and rfa’s next year on this team and how high the cap goes to. It’s possible the past 2 years is as good as it is going to get.

  29. Doodie Thomas had a solid season with 35 points last year playing for the Whale.

    Nelson our point leader (’12) had 52 for Bridgeport Sound Tigers and was the scoring leader.

    Kristo had 45 pts to Nelson’s 47 that year. Followed up with 26-26 for 52 last year with the Sioux. He averages a point per game. I would think he would have similar stats if he is on the power play for Hartford.

  30. I still choose Kristo over Thomas as a better Pro prospect. Both can score. Hard to judge when you only look at a stat sheet. I’ve never seen Thomas play a game, except for the one he played with the Rangers last year.

  31. if you go the canadiens fan base they didn’t like that trade at all. They seem to think Kristo is going to be good.

  32. The A on Pyatt’s sweater was during the split squad games when Staal and Richie were not playing. Its not permanent, I think.

  33. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If that’s correct, then they can keep Miller and Kreider without using the LTIR for Callahan and Hagelin. However, I don’t know if they’re going to want them to be spare forwards when the other two return.

  34. Who replaces D. Moore? Miller? Boyle? I’ve only seen about 3 periods of the preseason so I don’t have any strong sense of it myself

  35. The “A” on Pyatt’s Sweater doesn’t have to be permanent. Him wearing it _at all_ means that he’s not being waived. It means he’s sticking around. So fine. He’s here to stay. Sign Stepan, extend Hank and extend other people so we have more than 6 players (including Stepan) signed for 2014-2015.

  36. I just assume Stepan, Brassard and Richards are the top three Centers. D. Moore, Boyle and Miller could all be in the mix along with a few other Centers. So…..unless some of those guys move to the wing or D. Moore is sick at face offs….


    Thanks, Rob. The way things are going, I could see Pyatt being given the ‘A’. Not blaming AV, but, who knows? He made training camp, and I guess, from the BS we hear, he could improve, also. So, why not reward him with the ‘A’??

  38. Sather wanted $3M, Stepan wanted $3.5M, couldn’t they have just compromised on $3.25 two weeks ago so Stepan could get to camp?


    Well, it took way too long, and Henrik’s will, too. But, it would be awesome to have Step signed and back.

  40. All 3 are flexable, so that is a plus, they can play either position on the 3rd – 4th line.

    We are deeper at Defense with Allen & Falk.

    More talent in the Prospect Pool that could play NHL if needed.

    Who they cut …….

  41. Johnson has been a bubble boy for 10 years.

    Allen needs to grow in the AHL. He could be a solid DMan for many years down the road. McBust keeps falling down the list.

  42. I still think sather needs to trade some of these players but it probably won’t happen now, probably during the season when injuries occur.

  43. I don’t think the two are related, Sioux. I mean, if you assume Richards will be bought out then you don’t worry about him past this season. And as all people who like to spend money they don’t yet have assume, the cap is going up.

  44. That’s what I’ve been saying, Rob. Even as Sather was playing negotiator bully on TV. It’s exactly where everybody knew it would be.

  45. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Does anyone remember when a contract extension does or doesn’t impact the current year cap?

    I know there has been talk about working on Hank’s contract, but would an extension would change the AAV of his current deal? Would it be a considered a separate contract?

  46. Sometimes you just have to teach a child a lesson. Like you know you’re giving the child desert whether he finishes his peas or not. But you put on a big show. That’s important.


    Manny, if you’re talking of giving Step a lesson, I very much disagree. Sather’s statement was political and disgraceful. The kid’s worked his butt off and achieved extremely well since here. Handle the contract internally and quickly and DON’T let it get to this point. Period.

    This guy is notorious for squeezing blood from a stone and then wondering why his players don’t feel the need to be loyal.

    He’ll do the same with Hank, too.

  48. You might say that a ‘C’ is a team leader, a separate thing altogether. The ‘A’s handed out by coaches are usually given to heady, not too argumentative guys who can discuss rule interpretations with officials.

  49. Hartford is going to be stacked with talent this year.

    It will be interesting to follow – to see how Kristo- Lindberg- Fast, St Criox, & McBust do down there.

    Will Miller or Kreider play the whole season or will they bounce back and forth?

  50. yea, this is the same dope (sather) who will throw stupid money at players like gomez, drury, Richards, on and on and on.

  51. boy, they just don’t make music like the old days. In fact, the music industry today is complete garbage.

  52. @TheBroadwayHat 1m
    Yay! “@TheNYRBlog: Rumors of a Rangers/Stepan deal in the 2-year, $6.5M range. If true “Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!”:

  53. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Like it or not, there is a big difference dealing with RFA and UFA. Blame the system, but hard to fault Sather from holding the line a bit on this one.


    TommyG, sometimes you have to lure FA’s with ridiculous wads of cash. I get that. Of course, his selection of FA’s is my issue.

    BUT, when you FINALLY do draft well, don’t destroy the guys feelings about his team. Step has done everything anyone could have expected and more. He has been weak in the PO’s. He’s a little slow. BUT he’s two way and a GREAT guy to have on our team. He could be a future ‘C’.

    So, this is the type of guy you stick it to? Brilliant.

  55. hey in the world can sather and oates step agent basically meet in the middle today but couldnt do this 2 weeks ago. we all knew this would occur. save everyone the media circus and get in done so the kid could not play catch up.

    how this situation was handled was an utter embarrassment.

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