Live Chat starts at noon … or you can replay it later (but it won’t be live)


Here we go, or as my friend Pitbull would say, “Dale’!” First Live Chat of the 2013-14 season. Please remember to use a screen name when you comment. Also be aware that we tend to get backed up, so there could be a considerable lag between the time you comment and the time I reply. I’m not ignoring you. Well, in a few cases, I might be ignoring you.

We’ll go for 90 minutes or so, depending on the volume of comments.

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If you cannot view the chat above, <a href=’’ target=’_blank’ >find it here</a>.

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  1. @KatieStrangESPN 28s
    #NYR According to ESPN’s @Real_ESPNLeBrun, Derek Stepan has agreed to terms on two-year deal with average AAV north of $3m/yr

  2. carp, did I read you comment right on the charp that you were a ranger fan until the cat Emil Francis traded Giacomin and Hatfield?

  3. If Torts were still here, he’d fly Stepan in, play him tonight for 22 minutes and watch him vomit on the ice. Schadenfreude.

  4. I remember reading that Emile Francis got disgusted with Hadfield for not sticking up for Dale Rolfe when he was jumped by Dave Schulz.

  5. carp, common man. I figure we are about the same age. I started following the rangers in the late 60’s couldn’t see them on tv because my father refused to pay for cable so we had the old uhf antenna thing going so I always listened to them on the radio, Marv albert to be exact. It was terrible that that happened but common man. Well, at least you didn’t jump ship like some of my friends did and became islander fans.

  6. Listening to some old Sam Rosen/John Davidson play-by-play, color, and what a pleasure compared to today’s Sam. He actually followed the puck, stick to stick.

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