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1) Boy, Slats with that Borsalino was awfully tough on Derek Stepan in the taped interview on MSG. “He’s going to get paid, just not today.” Suggested he was “a fool” for listening to his agent. Classic old-school stuff. And I get it, that it’s playing the CBA and being the hard negotiator. What bugs me is that the sides will compromise, most likely, by opening night. Too bad they can’t do it without that Oct. 3 deadline. And where’s that tough negotiator when an unrestricted guy like, oh, Donald Brashear, is available? Or Chris Drury? Or Brad Richards?

2) John Moore. We saw it once last year, too. And I just love it when a guy who can play, who can skate, throws hands like that. It’s also the kind of hockey fight I like, not staged, between two hockey players, not hired thugs.

3) That Curtis Glencross goal, there were more than a few mess-ups on that play, including Michael Del Zotto being a quarter mile out of position. But ultimately, Rick Nash had a chance to prevent it, and didn’t. They were saying on MSG that he was unhappy with that play, so I guess his self-assessment was more harsh than that of his playoff performance.

4) Chris Kreider was partly responsible on that play, too. But overall, I like the way he played and used his big body.Chris Kreider, Mikael Backlund

5) Am I imagining things, or didn’t Del Zotto almost lose an ear to a skate earlier in his NHL career? I know a lot of you guys would sooner have grubs and puddle water for dinner than admit Del Zotto played well, but I thought he played well after the 1-0 goal, before and after the ear injury.

6) Not going to make a big deal out of Danny Kristo’s failure to recognize the big foul-up by Justin Falk and Stu Bickel on the second goal. Overall, I thought the kid looked fine. But I think he’s behind Marek Hrivik, Oscar Lindberg and Jesper Fast so far, and there’s not much chance three of those kids make it to opening night, either, unless there’s a trade, or Ryan Callahan really isn’t ready and Derek Stepan is still unsigned. And I’m not sure Brandon Mashinter is out of that contest, either.

7) Bickel cannot take soft penalties like the one he took early, but geez, is that a call they really have to make? And then when the same play is made against Hrivik on a breakaway, it’s not a penalty?

8) PS, Hrivik — a big kid — would have been on the team last year at some point. John Tortorella loved him while scouting during the lockout. Only problem was he was concussed by that fine player and human being Zac Rinaldo before he could get the call-up.

9) How’s that puck-possession, up-tempo game working out so far? That’s supposed to create offense, no? Even if it works, can they do that and defend enough?

10) That was some silly skate save by  Henrik Lundqvist, on his belly, kicking the skate upward.

11) I sure need to see Brad Richards skate better than that before I’m ready to declare him better than last year.

12) Hey, was that a power-play goal? I always liked Marc Staal’s instincts to go to scoring areas on the power play. … when he’s healthy and playing. I don’t think what he did there was any different than what he’s always done when he’s been able to get on the ice during a power play. Scott Arniel=genius.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marc Staal.
2. John Moore.
3. Jesper Fast.

Photos by the Associated Press.

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  1. So that “team toughness” problem is a real issue isn’t it? Moore looks better each time I see him and thats 2 fights where he’s dropped the gloves and just pounded the guy for what seemed a fairly routine hit against the boards. Maybe he’s sending a message to forecheckers around the league?

    And yes Carp, we all love those impromptu fights rather than watching the predictable goons-at-a-face-off staged rubbish. The Bickel one was so unexpected he’d dropped the guy before the cameras knew what was going on!

  2. Shame they dont have two Brad Richards…they tried everybody on that wing last night….but maybe he should play both positions and take some pressure off people trying to make the team! I didnt see much new from him…and if this continues…the crowd is gonna turm real fast on him..h e benefits from the road schedule.

    I feel for those Calgary folk….but we here in Brooklyn-aka Flood Zone A….have been screwed by our insurance companies…could sure use a few golf tournaments! Thanks Glen….maybe u should spend more time at the beach here..and not Banff..and how do you allow you star goaltender to get so close to that Moose? Lucky for u he passed on the musk that morning!

  3. Btw….Glen….is it true u offered Herr Moose a tryout contract to play on Richard’s wing…and he turned you down? Also we needed a Russian player to make a comment like “Natascha…look…it be Moose…Squirrel must be nearby, nyet?

  4. Brad’s on the phone to Stepan today: “Derek don’t sign just yet, i’m just winning everyone over. Give me a few more days”.
    Step’s reading the game reviews and thinking: “No need to rush yet Glen, that 1st line is still mine”
    Nash is probably texting him and offering to fly him West personally!

  5. As much as I want Stepan back, I was so nauseated by Slats’ interview that I’m practically rooting for the Isles or someone to offer sheet him. I think a big part of the reason camp is so crowded this year at forward is to provide Sather enough leverage in negotiations with Stepan. Judging from the on-ice product so far and the desperate tone Sather struck in that interview, it may be backfiring; it’s clear they need Steps back as much as Callahan.

  6. AV is certainly giving him a shot to prove he deserves a top 6 spot. To be honest I hope he does get “it” back, we are a much deeper team with an in-form Richie. But that should not deter from the fact his contract needs removing from the books next summer without fail.

  7. was hoping Richards would be able to prove us all wrong, and comeback with something to prove. if possible, he looks slower than last year. and I get it is only pre season, but can Nash at least put in a little effort? what has he proven as a Ranger that he can take the pre season games off.

  8. 1. ALL the kids are faster, grittier, and more enthused than Richards.
    2. Asham MUST be kept with the ‘big’ team.
    3. McIlrath won’t play again tonight. Guess what that means.
    4. Though with the usual few glaring errors, DelZ, with half an ear, played with zest and is obviously in good shape.
    5. Hrivik impressed.
    6. Get Kreider away, far away, from Richards.

  9. 7. Looks like our attacking D will be doing in- game windsprints this year, so quick and crisp bench changes will be mandatory.

  10. Good morning, boneheads!
    Manny is in preseason form, coos. He’ll get better. I heard he’s been training with Martin St. Louis in CT this summer. Or was it with Charles Atlas in the 50s?

  11. ilb, Manny will try to use the excuse that the New Post appeared at 4 AM. But, I don’t care. If he can’t do the job, there’s some kid struggling in Hartford who would jump at it. :)

  12. Hrivik may be ready for NHL. He has some size and better speed than I thought. Kristo, Fast, and Lindberg would benefit from playing in the AHL, imo. Kristo and Fast have good hockey sense and go to the net. The size could be an issue, considering the rest of the team isn’t big either. Lindberg is very positionally sound and could become a good two-way center. All 4 look like they may turn into NHLers.

  13. Richie spent the summer working out with PeeWee Herman and watching TV re-runs of ‘Sweating to the Oldies’ with Richard Simmons.

  14. Coos, Manny also needs to realize that he will eventually get paid, just not now. :-)

    One more thing about Hrivik. He is a R shooting L winger. A position that isn’t very crowded on the team, especially with Hagelin out. Plus, he carries the smallest cap hit out of them all- $685K

  15. where’s miami to tell us what a dogs breakfast team this years squad is?

    not good, the ‘top’ two lines are horrifying.

    in worse news, i’m not at all happy with the team i drafted last night… patrick marleau as my top center, not good.

  16. I think it’s time for AV to watch the tapes from last year. The Nash and BRich on the same line didn’t work then and from what I’ve seen isn’t working this year.

    Same Slate – Hate It

  17. I don’t put much weight in the pre-season results, line combos etc..
    Especially with a new coach on board, he’s just trying a few things and evaluating younger players by putting them where they might be comfortable to see if they can help cover for Cally or Hags absence or beat out a veteran to a 4th line spot (which might mean more than the 5 minutes a game Torts used to dish out).
    So far it seems the 3rd line is set (Brass, Pouliot, Zucc) and the top 2 lines are centered by Richie and Step with combinations of Kreider, Nash, Cally and Hags when they are all fit.

    I would say that leaves Boyle, Pyatt, Moore, Dorsett, Powe and Asham competing for 4 spots and Lindberg, Fast, Hrivik, Kristo and Miller competing to sub in for injuries to start the season or push out one of the 4th liners.

  18. The reason I get paid and you guys don’t is that It’s no longer “New Post” we changed that to the far superior -New Post- *FRESH POST*

  19. Am I the only one that loved the Sather interview? Dude just beat cancer and is going all old school hockey calling out his best Center and his best Center’s advisers in an interview at what I can only assume was Hitler’s Eagle’s nest fortress in Austria. Good for Glen. Have to get these guys in under the cap. Have to.

  20. If he REALLY wanted to punish Stepan, Slats would have flown him to Banff and made him play 18 with him. After 9 holes and four hours, as Sather heads to clubhouse, Steps says “you’re only playing 9?” Sather: “No, I’ll be right back, I need more balls. Don’t let anyone cut-in.”

  21. Looks like most of the BBB’s are here to start off the day :)

    The Fighting Sioux team is Stacked – pretty solid top to bottom. I think I can run with the Nasty’s of the league.

  22. Coos he SHOULD have flown him there…..talk some common sense into him.

    But it’s not like we need him now anyways. Preseason is for the bubble boys. That said it would have been nice to see the Golden Boys play a game together when it doesn’t count. Kristo-Stepan-Kreider for a game or two. I would fly to Vegas for that.

  23. _And where’s that tough negotiator when an unrestricted guy like, oh, Donald Brashear, is available? Or Chris Drury? Or Brad Richards?_

    x one billion.

  24. Can’t watch the game until I get home and watch the replay. Still in the Black hole in the wild wild west.

    Not a lot of replay on the NHL network.

    How did Kristo and Knight from the Flames look?

  25. How excited were you by Kristo, Sioux? I agree with carp that he’s behind a few guys but if Hagelin is out for a bit then Kristo would be a nice addition in his place (assuming Lindberg and Fast are already on the team)

    Mashinter rules. Love the kid. Seriously. He was also a PP guy in Hartford.

  26. Excited that he’s on the team!!!

    I did not say he wouldn’t need a year in Hartford, to get use to the next level.

    Nelson was the point leader by a few points for the Sioux the year before. He jumped early and lead the AHL team in scoring. (Kreider did not do that for us)

    I see Kristo leading the Hartford Wolfpack if he starts off there. But if given the chance with the Rangers, he will GROW into a leading scorer down the road. Parise, Zajak, Oshie, Toews, & Staford didn’t light it up their first year in either. It took 3-4 years until they started making a name and putting up SOLID points in the NHL.

    That’s why I’m excited about Kristo.

  27. Manny $50 for the BBB league.

    Can we put it up for to a vote Mr. Manager?????

    I think we should take a Straw Pole.

    or different amount.

    We did $75 for our fantasy football league.

  28. Who was the best Penguin…Meredith, DeVito or Slats? Meredith was kind of a jovial villain. DeVito seemed to be formed from neglect. Slats seems to be evil like a Bond Villain. A lot of ultimatums.

    “If Stepan listens to his agent and doesn’t sign the offer, I will continue to insult him in public on the MSG netowrk”

    Cue the Bond music…

  29. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Kristo’s problem is that he has one of the biggest cap hits of the players battling. I think it’s likely that Hrivik (as ilb mentioned lowest cap hit) and Powe/Asham are the extra two forwards until Callahan and Hagelin return.

  30. Slats is being more than fair with Stepan.

    He is right that saying he will get paid, just not today.

    The money he wants is at the end of this 2 year contract.

    And if he is the number 1 Center, he will get paid 4-5 mil per year.

    Just not today.

    Step is out of bounds on this one.

  31. Tyler Bozak just got $5MM to be whatever number center he is. The only way Step isn’t getting more than that if he takes a bridge is if he suffers some serious injury … which is likely part of the reason Step doesn’t want a bridge.

  32. Tyler Bozak isn’t playing with a dead contract like Richards on the team, a Nash, or a Lundqvist to sign either.

    Stepan isn’t getting shafted. He’s being offered $3M to play hockey at 23. That’s a nice raise from $800K. That’s a nice bridge to walk over.

    This isn’t food stamps.

  33. Best part of that Sather interview was the back drop. Those Canadian Rockies are so beautiful, they look fake, even when you’re standing right in front of them.

  34. Yes the Rangers need him. But when it gets to a point, you can always trade him for an equal asset to another team.

    Dubi – comes to mind. They paid him $4M – then he stunk up the rink with no points.

  35. _Tyler Bozak isn’t playing with a dead contract like Richards on the team, a Nash, or a Lundqvist to sign either._

    Because the Leafs aren’t the other team with a major unsigned RFA?

  36. Dubinsky is also the exception to how well long term deals have worked out with homegrown players. Almost by rule, the outside FAs have flopped and the resigned Rangers have panned out.

  37. And we did get Nash in the deal.

    I’m thinking Nash will deliver this year.

    Gaborik – will keep pace with Nash on the CBJ team.


    Yes all early hype ….. just like last year :)

  38. Sioux loves to gamble. You want to make a bet on how many games Hank starts this season? How many games Kristo plays?

  39. I’ll put money in if other people do, but I’m also okay with just playing for bragging rights

  40. Stepan has accepted its a bridge contract he’s getting, he just thinks its going to be at the same rate as some of these other youngsters new longer-term contracts where the owner has paid extra to compensate for potential arbitration rights and a year or two of unrestricted free agency.

  41. Agreed, UK, and that’s why Sather is being such a dummy about this. Tack on like $1.5MM this year and next to what you’re going to give him and get cost certainty (and a discount) for the next 4 after that.

  42. I say we all put 20 in.

    but those who do not, just can’t win the pot at the end.

    IF say “Nasty” is the only one that does NOT put in, and he wins, (like he always does) the money goes to the next person that did.

    No harm, No foul.

    It’s like a last longer. But it also has Bragging rights …. with smoke rolling out of the cigar :)

  43. I know its early and that pre season doesn’t mean very much but BR hasn’t shown me anything to think that he’s turned his game around. I’ve been hating on him since last January and I want to stop, I really do.

  44. reference to #7, carp, that’s what I was thinking myself last night when it happened and was going to post about it but since it was a preseason game I just shrugged it off but like one poster stated, the refs were in mid season form, nhl at it’s best.

  45. this brad Richards thing is going to be a disaster but what did ranger fans expect, this was a Glenn Sather decision. We as ranger fans should know when Sather is the one calling the shots it will turn to crap.

  46. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I don’t know about sending money. I’m still waiting for my consolation Paul Mara beard prize for grossest pic. ;)

    Stepan is third on my depth chart, so I’m not breaking the bank for him :)

  47. I liked when Glen Sather talked about Brad Richards and basically just sent another message to Stepan about the importance of being in camp.

  48. I will have to get in touch with that guy who was supposed to send out your prize, Gravy. (It wasn’t me)

  49. 1) There is no tough negotiator with UFAs because a GM has much less, if any, leverage over a UFA than a RFA.

  50. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Manny, no worries…it can be donated to charity…or Ritchie. He can add whatever it is to his mountains of cash.

  51. IMO, It won’t be long before Nash is a permanent resident of the WBM.

    We’ve seen this show before. Alleged superstar savior comes in, great expectations, mediocre performance, poor playoff, mediocre to below average team, poor results – all leading to cries of “Get him out of here.”

    I said it in my guest blog, the worst nightmare come June is that half of Bonehead Nation is screaming for Nash buyout over Richards.

    Why was he traded for a return package of what amounts to second tier players? Why did his team, with him as Captain, only make the playoffs once in 10 season?

  52. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I think this is a daily lineup league. If so, need some flexibility on the bench to move guys in and out on off days.

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    As this team is currently constructed, I’d sure as hell have a Pouliot brassard Nash line!!

  54. Besides Gravy there are at least 15-20 good players that were not drafted. You can still go out and draft the guy that beat the rangers last night.

    It’s hard to judge the players that play on the lower teams. someone has to score on them. Look at PA Parenteau – I had to pick up the old Ranger Prospect. He simply puts up too many points not to.

  55. You make Nash dollars $ against the cap, I need more thank “Nash good” in return.

    Nash Good = no good

  56. That Lucic fight proves he is susceptible to the Left overhand.

    Can’t wait for John Moore to light him up

  57. Rocket Richards is just getting started…you all have to relax. This is only pre-season. When he gets those jets going…WATCH OUT!!

  58. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    For those of you that missed the WBM (c) last night:

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards
    2) MDZ
    3) Bickel
    4) Falk
    5) Stralman

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    John Moore should not be fighting lucic!!

    Mcilrath not playing tonight apparently…bad sign.

    Sign the purse snatcher NOW!!

    Have we signed latendresse yet?

  60. Is there a positive version of the WBM? For players who rationally or not never get blamed for anything?

  61. Tonight’s Roster ? Only saw this on FB, might be right, it may not be. I am a bit more excited to see this group play for some reason. Maybe its the the NO Rocket in the line up.

    Roster for Edmonton:


    Biron, Talbot

  62. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Rob, only the negative version is copyrighted, so it’s all yours if you want. However, I think it would be a very short list. I think McD might be the only player that wasn’t on it last year.

  63. Gravy, Stralman on the WBM??????

    That’s just anti-Papa propaganda.

    What happened to Pyatt and Powe? We’re they cut from the team?

  64. Wick “Mcilrath not playing tonight apparently…bad sign.”

    McIlrath making this team would be a bad sign.

  65. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Papa, I just calls ’em as I sees ’em. It’s not arbitrary, nor my opinion. Just the volume of negative comments directed at players at a given point in time.

  66. Moore would take out Lucic and then smack thorton around like a rented mule

    With Moore, they don’t need Wrath of Mac.

  67. Asham can be the perfect complement if he has his wheels going. Toward the end of last night’s game, he looked gassed. He also looked like he swallowed gas. That hombre is one fugly mucker.

  68. this team is so anemic preseason or not to watch. richy and nash cant score in preseason together. not a good sign.

    2-7 when montreal and slewfoot walk in for the home opener.

    we could be mathematically eliminated by olympic break in early feb

  69. Stepan is really hurting himself not getting acclimated to the new style. He also knew how much the Rangers had spend on him long ago and waited much too long to have any leverage at all now he has none what so ever. I have
    to agree with Slats he’s being totally unrealistic.

  70. Nice to see Connor Allen paired with Staal tonight. Kid has impressed big time and this could cement his stature on the team.

    Also looking forward to watching Lindburg and Kristo aeay from the anchor that is Pyatt. Should be fun.

  71. Why is Stepan being unrealistic to expect better than a bridge deal when the Rangers just gave better than a bridge deal to McDonagh?

  72. Just for comparison purposes and recognizing that, while UFA and RFA aren’t the same, there’s still an obligation to pay for production versus mere age: The Rangers are offering Stepan the same AAV they gave Ales Freaking Kotalik.

  73. Because McD was eligible for player-triggered arbitration, MisterD. Had he used it, he would’ve most likely been awarded a 2 year deal with upward of $4M per year contract ( very similar to what he signed long-term), and the Rangers would not buy any years of his UFA.

  74. While it may sound like a minor difference, arbitration is a big bargaining tool for players. There is a reason why NHL wanted to get rid of it while negotiating the new CBA.

  75. Right, and that’s Stepan’s leverage that people ignore. He won’t play if his salary isn’t in line with his production.

  76. It’s not a realistic threat that he won’t play, though. Not playing hockey for a year and making $0 doesn’t benefit him at all.

  77. While I understand both Stepan and the Rangers, I think it’s getting silly. It’s more posturing than anything else at the moment. Stepan isn’t getting $3.5M, and the Rangers certainly have much more cap maneuverability than $3M. It’s not benefiting anyone. Time to make a deal

  78. In addition to the player-triggered arbitration, McDonagh is more valuable as a 1st pair D than Stepan is as a 1st line C.

  79. Sather made the point in his interview when talking about Brad Richards: not being in camp hurts you in the long haul. If Stepan holds out, doesn’t get what he wants and comes back not in shape, well he’s now a 3rd line Center with Barssard and Richards above him.

  80. The Richards comparison is pretty insulting. Stepan is asking for pay matching his production, Richards got lazy with a huge contract.

  81. They also need players to play, tc. And replacing dead wood with some younger players ( as I assume you’re suggesting) is risky and not necessarily cap saving.

    Not sure about who is more valuable, a first line center or first pair D-man either.

  82. Not to mention, most of the people going against Stepan would be calling $2.5MM a fair contract or $2.2MM a fair contract of $1.9MM a fair contract if that’s all the Rangers had left under the cap. $3MM is “fair” because that’s the best they can do, not because its actually fair market.

  83. Stepan deserves about $3.5M for about 6 years. I would sign that deal in a heartbeat if I was the Rangers. Brassard makes $3.6 or whatever. Stepan is totally worth the overpay now and underpay later.

  84. _It’s not a realistic threat that he won’t play, though. Not playing hockey for a year and making $0 doesn’t benefit him at all._

    Except the last guy with “no leverage” (and inferior stats) won.

  85. Rob in Beantown on

    Gravy, if you tap on the timestamp on a post it makes it so when you reload the page, it reloads from that post. It doesn’t always work but it works about 80% of the time I’ve noticed.

  86. Rob in Beantown on

    Its pretty much the same as making a new post yourself so that the page always reloads from your new post. You’re just making somebody else’s post the post it loads from

  87. The trick has been working for years, Gravy. Click on the time stamp of the last entry. Next time you refresh, it comes back to that entry.

  88. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Thanks Rob. That helps.

    I would more than happy signing him to 6 years at 4.5M…if they had the cap space.

  89. Step will be a Ranger by Oct. 3

    So no need to worry about it.

    He just won’t get any preseason games to gel with the top line.

    Richards will lose the top spot in 10-15 games if he isn’t producing.

  90. By the way, LMGO @ “he will get paid, but not today”. I think a few of us would be willing to accept $3M per year as a decent “not getting paid” number.

  91. I bet a lot of us would be willing to accept $250K per year so Derek Stepan should play for $250K per year. Done.

  92. Stranger Nation on

    Step took the first 20 games off last season too so no worries

    11pts in first 20 games last season with on camp…hmmm

  93. 1st line C are more common than legitimate top D.

    Dumping dead wood (Pyatt and Boyle) still leaves the roster with plenty of options available.

    Playing with youth is only risky if the team has delusions of competing for the Stanley Cup this season.

    Would you rather allow the known quantity with no skills and no upside such as Pyatt to play, or the unknown quantity with upside such as Fast, Hrivik or Kristo to play?

  94. _11pts in first 20 games last season with on camp…hmmm_

    I’m sure its no coincidence that Pyatt shows up twice in Stepan’s scoring log and both times were in the first 20 games. Hmmm …

  95. I’m no longer going to honor people who say we should “dump Boyle” with the time of day it takes to read and process their posts.

  96. I’m starting to get worried about this year…the gap between our collection of forwards and the real top teams’ collection of forwards seems to be getting wider

  97. I think a lot of this has to do with BR is still early in his overpriced contract and is not producing for what he is paid for. Step has carried the 1st line load, shown he can do so, will do so again and is not yet close to reaching his ceiling. Anyone would want to be paid fairly for the job they are being asked to do NOW. If any of us were expected to take on the responsibility for an underperforming coworker at a fraction of their pay – would you not try to get the most you could when signing a renewal contract of employment? Had Sather bought out Richards like he should have, none of this would be an issue. The longer Richards shows what he can no longer produce in preseason, the more it shows how bad they need Stepan and how he deserves to be paid according to what the teams needs are. Richards days of being a #1 seem to be behind him, but the fact that he is one of the highest paid centers in the league won’t change until he is bought out. Why should Stepan take the hit for Slats stupidity?

  98. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    With Stepan I don’t think it is how much he is asking for, it’s when he’s asking for it!!!

  99. Slats isn’t stupid here. IT’s a GOOD offer. Sorry Step no chips to play in your pocket. Take it or leave it.

    When he is an UFA he can get as much as the market will bear.

    Right now, you played a half a season, and had a good year. 3.2 or 3.5 what’s the difference. The longer you sit only hurts you in the long run.

    Why even bother…… he will be a Rangers come Oct. 3.

    Perhaps he just doesn’t want to go to camp. Pulling a Favre from the state of Wisconsin.

  100. In Stepan’s defense he has three seasons of solid stats under his belt, albeit one of those seasons shortened by his first lockout.

  101. *NOW CONFIRMED* Pat Leonard of the Daily News (via Steve Zipay at Newsday) reports these lines for tonight’s game in Edmonton…



  102. Mister D @ 12:27 “Why is Stepan being unrealistic to expect better than a bridge deal when the Rangers just gave better than a bridge deal to McDonagh?”

    Excellent point!

  103. I guess that question was answered by ILB several posts later. They are not part of the same market.

  104. Rangers go 5-13-2 out of the gate. BOOK IT.

    Call me Eric, but I feel it in my bones. This season is going to be a Delzaster.

  105. Is Boyle something special?

    4th liners occupy the least valuable roster spots.

    Given a choice, would you rather have Boyle on the roster or Stepan locked up long term?

  106. Hank is going to have his hands full this year. Statistically it will be his worst season in the NHL.

    Then, he’ll move on.

  107. czechthemout!!! on

    Mcilrath is at least two, maybe three more seasons away from being the number six or seven dman on the team. Looks like a wasted draft pick.

  108. Good offer for what? I don’t care how old he is or what level contract the is coming off of. If you are expecting him to carry the load, and with Richards still on the team they NEED him to still carry the load at center.
    He’s earned the right to get paid now, he’s lead all Ranger forwards in ice time for 3 seasons, so we are not just talking about last years 1/2 season. (of which he lead the team in scoring at a fraction of everyone elses pay)
    So he should be happy with what Slats left himself to throw the kids way and sign for whatever, just because he technically has no chips to play? Say he signs for less then he feels he deserves and gets hurt next season, will Slats still make it up to him then? Get real. It’s a business and Stepan is trying to negotiate the best deal he can get for what they want him to do on the ice.

  109. Manny now that’s a PRESEASON team :) Time to see who can make a name for themselves.

    And rest the starters for Vancouver :)

    The Vancouver game will be fun to watch. They put in 6 goals last night. I doubt they do that against Henrik.

  110. Carp I remember Del Zotto taking a skate the stomach in Pittsburgh a few years ago, and he got cut pretty bad and left the game and may have even missed a few games afterwards. May be what you’re thinking of.

  111. 27 – It’s not the same. UFA & RFA, cap has gone down.

    Slats has all the power, and can make him sit, until he signs. Unless someone will on the outside will make him an offer.


  112. Rob in Beantown on

    I think Vigneault will get the benefit of the doubt during the preseason because people assume he is trying things out and seeing what he’s got, but once the regular season starts it will end abruptly and the criticism will be merciless.

  113. And no way Steps wants 3,5 for 6. He wants McD $ at LEAST for long term and probably more. And ilb explains it all 12:47, 12:50.

  114. If you lead the AHL team in scoring you should get “10-20” games on varsity.

    Look at P.A. he was a leader for us on the Pack. They don’t sign him and he breaks out with two other teams.

  115. Sioux understand all the reasons. Still does not make Stepan or his agent stupid as Slats thinks they are being, just because he put himself in the cap situation he is in. I don’t think Step deserves top dollar, but he should not just get whatever Slats left himself in cap space either. I would be happy to see 4M for 5-6yrs or something in that range give or take a few $$$. But Slats only left himself what he is now willing to offer and is trying to pass it off as fair. The cap is going up next year and others will get paid, so as for now its bad contract timing for Stepan and poor decision making by Slats. (all I’m saying)

  116. Shonny is camping, running through the woods with Hamrlik. No need, but Slats paid for the cabin and still 2 months left on the lease, and he will not let it go to waste.

  117. Torts was a friend of mine
    Torts was a friend of mine
    Every time I think about him now
    Lord, I justcan’t keep from cryin’
    ‘Cause Torts was a friend of mine

  118. Man can’t be forced to work for unfair wages.

    The Man can’t be forced to pay more than a man is worth.

    What we have here is a conundrum, without the confusion.

  119. Steps Ace in the Hole is (ironically) Richards, not just in Richie eating cap money, but his continued non-production. Slats keeping him this year instead of exploring other options and dealing amicably with Steps makes him look like the fool, which is why he called Steps the fool. Which is why Slats is angry, and name-calling. Freudian.

  120. I love Tort and wish him all the best. I still hope the Rangers win a cup immediately but if the Rangers are out of it then I will gladly pull for Tort. Also, the Canucks have a really cool Punjab base of fans which makes them likable.

  121. Sioux – and if he gets hurt next season then what? Do you think his stock will continue to rise, or will his injury cause him to then be forced to sign for less then what he is willing to take now? He’s is trying to negotiate for the most he can get now because a lot can happen before his next contract, good or bad. Most of these guys know they are one hard hit to the head away from forced retirement.

  122. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Any chance they sign him to a one year deal then give him his bump next year when the cap, theoretically, will increase and Richards -moves in with Slats- is gone?

  123. Couldn’t Slats give Stepan a two year bridge, say 3.25 mil, then 3.75, when the cap expands, basically satisfying what Steps is asking for?

  124. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    AAV would still be $3.5M, which I think is the upper-upper limit.

    Good thing AV didn’t play in the AAV cap era.

  125. I wondered the same, Coos. Even 3 now and 4 next year. I think the answer is he could but won’t.

  126. Maybe if the Rangers dropped health insurance and put everyone on Obamacare….some money would free up.

  127. After contract is finally signed:
    Steps: “I love this team and I’m proud to play for Slats.”
    Slats: “I love this kid.”

  128. _After contract is finally signed:
    Steps: “I love this team and I’m proud to play for Slats.”
    Slats: “I love this kid.”_

    Pyatt: “Is Hartford nice during the winter?”

  129. Rip out the toilets in locker rooms and open Club Suite Bars and Grills. Make players use public restrooms.

  130. Stepans mom must be upset. Another mouth to feed, clothes to wash, bed to make. She got the real shaft in this non-deal.

  131. Stranger Nation on

    coos – totally correct in a twisted way would love to see Steps hold out and leave Smokin Sather watching Bucky Richards man the pivot and stink up the joint.

    That won’t happen to Rocket Man because he is in camp….bwahahaha

  132. Sather is right. Stepan is being foolish. Stepan has no leverage, and he is only hurting himself and the team. get the deal done. produce. then drop the hammer on the Rangers in 2 years.

  133. ilb,
    you mentioned before you thought Fast, Lindberg and Kristo all needed time in the AHL. I respectfully disagree on 2 of them. Fast, and Lindberg are NHL players right now, and I think Fast in particular, is going to take someones job.

  134. Amid all the controversy, we all forget that, no matter how it all shakes out, Steps, while needed, is not exactly the Second Coming.

  135. You could be right, bull dog. I don’t see it that way. I think Hrivik is closest. Fast and Lindberg may come up later if further injuries happen.

  136. Sather is a fool.

    Calling the kid out like that in an interview. Classless old man whose time has come and gone.

    If he were a smart business man, he’d lock the kid up for 5 or 6 years at a discount to Dolan over the term of the contract. But he can’t do that because he already waisted 70 or 80 million on Richie Rocket.

    Sather is a fool.

    If I were Stepan I’d go to Europe for the year.

  137. I like Hrivik as well. not sure yet what I see him as though. we seem to agree that Kristo is going to need some time in the AHL.

  138. The reality is no one knows which kid is ready until the real games start. Been like that forever. Nothing different now.

  139. I agree that the wise move would be to lock up Stepan long term. but Sather has made it pretty clear he won’t do it. so the smart play for Stepan is to sign his deal, produce, and then stick it to em in 2 years.

  140. that is very true Papa,
    Fast and Lindberg have been playing against men for a few years. they are not 18 year old puppies.

  141. Rob in Beantown on

    Totally agree with your 4:36 Papa. I don’t think Step would go to Europe but if I was getting you-know-what-over like Stepan I’m sure I’d want to stick it to Sather like that

  142. Fast looks like he could play in the NHL. He’ll need to score though.

    Lindberg, was pretty Invisible against Calgary. Looks like a Dominic Moore type player? ???

    Kristo has heart and grit and a nose for the puck. He’ll need to score as well.

    Hrivik, good wheels. Lets see how he reacts in the trenches when he’s up against some headhunting Dman.

  143. Kessel is going to have his hearing soon.

    Clarkson, apparently, is considering appealing his 10-game suspension. Since his suspension is over 5 games, it may involve independent arbitrator. Can an arbitrator change the NHL rule that states “automatic”? Any lawyers around. Manny, Doodie?

  144. So a bitter StepN comes in at Sathers price and game in and game out watches Richie Rocket spit the bit, while he (Stepan) takes on the #1 center roll.

  145. Based on the zero seconds of pre-season action I’ve seen, I recommend the Rangers getting rid of their worse, lower line players and replacing them with better, cheaper ones.

    And/or MDZ and Boyle suck.

  146. No Stateside trip planned unfortunately, ilb. Marty will have to cover the gastric-related interior design angle at the Rock all by himself.

    Am half-planning to catch a couple of games in Switzerpånsyland in December though. Might even get to see Kovalev, who is apparently still floating around the second division there.

  147. I don’t see him winning it. In fact, I don’t think he should be appealing it. It wasn’t an arbitrary decision by the league. The rules say it’s an automatic suspension. I doubt an arbitrator can rule against that.

  148. Another energetic, good showing tonight on fourth line and Ash makes this team. Haley, though, is younger and cheaper.

  149. Clarkson, I do believe, will be relieved of about 600 grand. Wife: “Have fun out there tonight?”

  150. wow!
    from what i’ve been reading
    it’s better
    that i’m unable
    to watch pre-season


  151. What’s up with JT Miller? Nagging injuries, but he’s not even mentioned anymore. Guess we might find out tonight.

  152. Holy smokes. I can’t believe it. That takes the cake. He almost hit the linesman with his last swing.

  153. @Proteautype: NHL referees are using cameras on their helmets during games. Experts believe this will keep the league on the cutting edge of proctology.

  154. *new post, Manny*

    but can anybody tell me, is this a 9:30 game? I thought it was 9, but there’s some dumb show on MSG that is scheduled to end at 9:30.

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