It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Oilers


… or as Ed Norton would say, Erlers.

Game 4 of this 15-game trip, and second of four in five nights to end the preseason.oilers

Ya boys are 1-2, and have yet to have close to their full lineup in a game, which would be impossible to do with Derek Stepan unsigned and Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin still not cleared for contact.

Martin Biron starts in goal. Marc Staal, who wants to play in a bunch of preseason games, will play again, as will Chris Kreider. Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh will also be paired.

Benoit Pouliot is expected to play on a line with Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello. J.T. Miller (hamstring) makes his preseason debut, along with D Tommy Hughes, who will be paired with Aaron Johnson.

As our buddy Steve Zipay (poor son-of-a-gun making all these trips), noted today, “Notables not in lineup: McIlrath, Kantor, Yogan, Syvret. They could be trending toward Hartford.”

Craig MacTavish and Dallas Eakins’ Erlers are hurtin’ too, minus the kid with three names and Sam Gagner.


A few items:

First, we’re planning a Live Chat Thursday at noon. Be there. Or else.

I need to confess that I have yet to deliver prizes to Gravy (beard contest runnerup), Lev and Mike S (first-round playoff predictions contest). I apologize and promise to get those out soon. Really. I’m sorry (and obviously a lazy procrastinator).

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  1. Cerny just tweeted it’s a 9 p.m. start. So no pregame, and apparently they will stop this show that’s scheduled to run until 9:30.

  2. Steve Zipay ?@stevezipay 3m

    McIntyre seems to be going out if his way to share some thoughts with #NYR Asham at the red line. Hmm

  3. Carp, I was gonna put it off reading your stuff till later, after my nap, but i figured what the heck get it over with. :)

  4. did you guys see what’s going on at the Stadium. It’s Mariano Rivera Bobblehead night, but there were none at the stadium before the game, and they were supposed to only be enough for the first 14,000 or 20,000 “customers” or something. Anyway, the dolls arrived late, now it’s mayhem at the stadium.

  5. We need to have Glen Sather bobblehead night, complete with the hat and sunglasses from the interview last night.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    IT IS TIME!!!!!

    LETS gogog og ogog go gogogogo!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!! Time to kick some Oiler azzzzz!!!


  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Love it!!! HACKEYYYYYYY is back but it still only preseason so im not really as intense. GOOOOOOOOOO RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGERS murder da bums!!!!

  8. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Carp, no worries. I was Byfuglien around with Manny. But, you are a lazy procrastinator. (s)

  9. if the rangers win this game that would be 2-0 without Nash and Richards and 0-2 with Nash and Richards, just saying….

  10. Ranger brain trust have always been challenged drafting and developing players who can put the puck in the net.

  11. AV and his “system” is totally wrong for this team… Trade Stephan and Loonqvist for some major league goons and let’s punch our way through to the cup!

  12. I saw two players behind the net on that last shift. Seems like the boys are defaulting to Tortarella mode.

  13. Overall though I like the changes on the PP. Two D Men with opposite handed shots. Lots of good stuff there.


    some good cycling on the 5 on 3. Just either rusty hands or no hands. Let’s hope it’s the former.


    gotta watch more of this Kristo and Lindberger cheese. Some talent there. Nice to see some.

  16. These bunch of no-talents may not win a game this year.

    Amateur-hour meets bush-league tonight.

    (With the exception of The Kreider)

  17. Sioux must be through the roof at how good Kristo had looked. Lindbergh will definitely be on this team until Callahan And Hagelin are ready.

  18. Not really. It just highlights how much time Girardi is going to have to play on the PP as a rightie. Thank God he can aim the darn puck.


    We aren’t going to have lines 1 to 4 this year.

    We will start with our 3rd line and go to 6th.

    Defensively, we will have a 1st, 3rd and 4th.


    Of course we can’t put the puck in the net. Ritchie Rocket has the night off.

    Or, is he out there, just not visible?


    Zucc looks pretty mean. He’s gonna bust someone’s face.

    The way this teams built, Slats must have inside word that fighting will soon be outlawed in the NHL.

  22. Oilers love pre-season – lots of skating room, little hitting. they will be out of the playoff picture by jan

  23. Hey, Carp: how do you feel about how Eakins changed up the food for the press? No donuts. Fruit instead…


    Staal looks much better than last Monday night. Stay healthy, Mark. Stay healthy.

  25. JT looks really sharp. Glad his hammy feels better. AV spends his time behind the bench tweeting antagonistic messages re Avery.



    Can’t wait to hear what his brilliance has to say. Could he comment on how many years it will take for him to rebuild the team with kids? Perhaps, how many years it will take for this team to win The Cup?


    Sather: “So, I fired Torts because he didn’t win The Cup”.

    Joe: “Uh, Glen…..”

    Sather: ” That’s big with me, winning The Cup. He didn’t do it, so I fired him”.

    Joe: ” Glen, one question…”

    Sather: “Well, so I told him, I been waiting too darn long…”

    Joe: “So, Glen, tell me. When did YOU last win The Cup”??



    Yep, SeeeDub, we’ll load it up alright. Fast(h), Zucc, JT, Richie Rocket. Bruising team.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – it’s not Sather’s fault the rangers haven’t won the cup. He is only the GM and President. Like the Queen of England no real power….


    OMG…..Sather predicts we can win the Stanley Cup. No wonder people that know hockey just chuckle when they hear his name.


    How many years in a row have we heard:

    ” They didn’t finish, but they did some things well”?????


    Staal must be loving this. He really has never been allowed to fire away. There have been moments, but the reins have been tight. This could be an interesting year for him.


    I am shocked Step isn’t signed. This GM always pushes it to the end, but it is unfortunate.


    Kevin Lowe. Sign him. Enforcer.

    Craig MacT. Wearing a helmet in Edmonton. Looking good.


    Kreider get a steroid injection for the 3rd? Looks like he should play all the time.

  36. According to the ads on MSG, all Ranger fans are deeply in debt and need a lawyer, have mesothelioma, or have the IRS on their azz.

  37. Maloney: ‘Richards is up in Connecticut tonight working out at the Cadaver Club with Jack Lalanne and Charles Atlas. No one works harder than him. I remember him from Dallas.’

  38. Pretty soon, SalmonJoe will just tell old stories about different wonderful families and we can do our own play-by-play.

  39. its all in the master evil genuis grand plan to gain leverage in bargaining with a home grown star.

    Rangers play up tempo. The Kings GAA hits career high and slatapuss will save some dough

    the season is over. I know because Eric told me so.

  40. Conor Allen: “I feel a little nervous up here playing with old pros like Kreider who I used to watch on television.”

  41. Mike Emrick: “eeeeew, walfflboarded to the wall. Picked up by Tavares, but Johnson has him wrapped up like a prophylactic.”

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