It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Flames


Game 3 of this 15-game trip. First of four in five nights out West to close the preseason. flames

Then ya boys come home for a few days of practice before heading to Phoenix.

Henrik Lundqvist is scheduled to play the entire game tonight at the Saddledome that changes sponsor names every five minutes.

The line of Chris Kreider, Brad Richards and Rick Nash is expected to get another look, while a bunch of kids trying to make the team will also have another opportunity, including Danny Kristo, Marek Hrivik, Oscar Lindberg, Jesper Fast and Brandon Mashinter.

Justin Falk plays on the third defense pair with Stu Bickel, while two of the Rangers’ probable regular pairs will play together: Marc Staal-Michael Del Zotto and John Moore-Anton Stralman.

We’re thinking about a Live Chat Thursday, noonish. Will advise right here, as usual. Be there.

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  1. My wife is enjoying the ” voice” on the big screen tv….til9:00. Then it’s night night time for her.

  2. hope everyone’s talkative tonight
    because i’m unable to watch
    due to my cable stations not showing it.
    (btw, funny how NBC Sports can’t be bothered
    broadcasting any pre-season games. ugh!!!)

  3. that’s part of that system that devastated parts of Colorado, parts of the interior US west coast got smoked with allot of rain.

  4. the draft was splendid and in case anyone is wondering, yes, eric took the del zaster with his first pick

  5. wonder if they are playing powe all of these games to give him a chance to showcase himself cause they are going to waive him before the season starts…

    that’s the only thing that makes sense right?

  6. Not blaming him for the goal, but did you boys see Richards busting his arse on the back check? Coasted all the way.

  7. Blocked shot by Staal! I’m still amazing by the fact that he’s playing right now and as healthy as he’ll ever be after that horrific injury.

  8. Better arrive early, cause it looks like the ledge is going be full early this year.


  9. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts encouraged them to join the rush but not get caught, be carefull,think defense first and to block shots all at the same time.

  10. Fats looks good again. Nash in mid season form. trying to do it all by himself. by the way, MDZ was not at fault on the goal against. that was Nash losing him man coming down the ice. I also thought MDZ made a real nice play in the neutral zone.

  11. The rangers better sign there #1 center stepan before the season starts because Richards is going to drive me crazy if he is going to be the #1 center.

  12. thank goodness this won’t be the rangers team going into the season because the rangers would be battling for the lottery pick in 2013/14 season.

  13. A lot of folks got carried away last season with John Moore due to the perceived skating ability.

    He is likely nothing better than a 3rd pair D on most NHL teams.

  14. can’t say there was one ranger player in the first period that impressed me or stood out. I think the young players need to play in the ahl. Pyatt, powe are totally useless, asham is only worth something if the rangers need toughness against teams with toughness, that goes for bickell also, other than that, they are useless. I haven’t seen anything with Richards that shows me he will rebound and play better inn the few preseason games he has played in. nash is nash, always trying to do it all on his own. I don’t know what to say about krieder. Other than that observation, everything is fine in rangerland.

  15. Admire the way Richie forechecks by infectually standing in front of the opposing net, then trailing the play as last man back or going directly to the bench behind the play.

  16. lets not get crazy, it’s just a preseason game, 3rd to be exact and it’s the rangers c- team playing even though I think if the rangers first line is nash/Richards/kreider , not impressive..

  17. like I said earlier, thank goodness this won’t be the rangers team going in to the season A. the rangers would be picking 1st overall in next years draft ad B. lundqvist would head for the hills where the pastures are greener.

  18. Richards still looks shot to me. I dont get the glowing reports on him at all. He is the anchor on that line with Nash and the Kreider.

  19. Bozo up next for between period interview!!!! Yippee!

    Do you think they ask him why he hasn’t signed Stepan yet?

  20. He might be here this year, I think before anyone else. He also showed more speed than I thought he had. Wasn’t it that clown Rinaldo who concussed him in AHL last year?

  21. Ready for this comment guys?

    Boyle so far has been the best forward on the team.

    Fast number two

    Hrivik number three.



    It is most important to realize this is only a preseason game.

    Thank the lord!!!!




  24. Lindberg doesn’t make too many spectacular plays, Papa, but he is very sound positionally. I think he could become a good two-way center after he spends some time in AHL.


    Nice of Sather to say: “I don’t think Step is that much of a fool that he’d believe his agent.”


    I wonder what Step is thinking seeing his GM talking like that about him on tv. Usually, Slats is pretty smug and says the usual “I think we’re getting closer” to the cameras. Here, he was really talking to the kid and telling him not to listen to his agent.

    I don’t know, but to me it seems they’re still a distance apart. Cant see Step not putting the tail between his legs and signing. Makes little sense.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If I were an NHL owner, there is only one guy I’d want to be the architect of my team… Glen “The Bozo” Sather

  28. Coos

    I wonder if he has noticed how after a full camp how bad Richards has looked the first two games this pre season?

  29. Bannfffff……….Los Angelos……….,Las Vegas … Is this training camp or a early autumn getaway???


    Well, one thing’s for sure. It’s ‘Richie Rocket’ from now on. He’s not just Brad, to me. Too fast. And to think, he did that without training camp last year, too.

    I agree with Glen. He looks fast as could be. Blazing. A totally different player.

    And the fact that he missed training camp last year and didn’t play well. Well, how nice of him to sacrifice himself like that. You know, no training camp while negotiating for the league’s players. What a guy!! And he even accepted his pre-year bonus (no training camp) and his entire salary (no training camp and he played like crap)!!

    How nice. What an exceptional human being he is.


    Uh, Joe, Sam, that was a shot on net by Mashinter and the rebound was left in front by the goalie. The kid is AHL bound.

    Thanks, guys.


    E3, what kind of a guy would miss training camp, cash a $15M bonus check with glee, and stink ALL season, only accepting $6M for that.

    No wonder the guys up north defended him and ripped Torts.

    What a guy!!!

    Richie Rocket for the C, please!!! Team player!! And, BTW, the guys in great shape!!!


    Sorry, I say get rid of Callie to move ‘The Rocket’ to the C. He deserves it. He has taken the responsibility of being a highly compensated athlete more seriously this year.

    Way to go, Richie!! Thanks for making training camp this year!!

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – I think cally will strip the C from his sweater and personally sew on Ritchie rocket jersey.


    Me thinks you are underestimating his prowess. After all, he made training camp this year. Could be more. Could be more.


    I’ll tell you, these wide angle shots really have quite the chance of going in.

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I wish the G men had a guy like Ritchie Rocket leading them…. They’d easily be 0-3 instead of …. Oh wait, never mind….


    Nash just led the Rocket. The pass was too far ahead and didn’t connect.

    Doesn’t he know who he’s dealing with already?????


    That was like a 7-0 loss in this sport yesterday, Eddie. A stomping, call it likely end of season, licking from a not so good team.

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If Ritchie rocket is on the ice, the ranger D should ice the puck. Ritchie rocket wins that race every time.

  41. N.Country_NYRFan on

    I haven’t seen the Rocket lately is he benched already or is he so quick I just can’t see him…


    IF I’m Hank, I’m telling my agent to hold off the negotiating. Let’s see how this non-Torts offensive system works for him, but one would assume he gets left out to dry a good deal more (not to say with Torts system it didn’t happen also).

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ritchie Ranger – #19 will soon be rafter bound hanging next to Leetch’s #2 – for obvious reasons.

  44. Does Bickel’s stick look a little short for a 6’4″ Dman

    Fast has some grit to his game, like his board play

    The Kreider off Richards’ line…Vino hates The Kreider

    Pyatt, Boyle, Powe, Asham, Bickel and Mashinter in the line-up is like watching in slo-mo – throw BRich and MDZaster in that mix as well.


    You know what, Moore is a keeper. He has been visible most games he has played for us. Got one of the most accurate point shots of our pretty awful shooting d. He is, at least, willing to duke it out. He’s a 5 or 6 for us. No illusions. On this ….slightly better than average defense….., he makes the cut.

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank is waiting for the rangers to extend Ritchie Rocket for 5 years before committing. I don’t blame him. Hank wants to play for a winner.

  47. well, look on the bright side, at least the rangers didn’t get shutout by one of the worse teams in the nhl.


    One thing that’s obvious. The defensemen are shooting any opening they have. That should be a help offensively in time. Especially if some of our 165 to 190 pound peewee forwards can find a way to camp out in front of the net.

  49. The worst thing they could do to a kid on the cusp is put him on the line with. Richards and Nash. The worst.

  50. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Before drawing the conclusion that the Rangers D will now be horrible, let’s remember the top pair is not in the game.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers are fools if they even consider buying Ritchie after this year….. Too much gas in that tank.


    Kreider and Nash played well together last year. Throw in The Rocket and it ends.

    Go figure.


    Gravy, no doubt. Bickel is not an NHL player. No, MacD and Girardi are our two studs. And they’re out tonight. Throw in Staal, and a hopefully more engaged MDZ, and it’s a good top 4. No grit. Average to below average size.

    Problem has been that these guys, while different, are similar in many ways, sadly, too. From someone, we need some accurate booming point shooting and we need 2 crease clearing d-men. Which of those guys do that?

    McIlrath being an NHL’er would have been nice. We’ll see. Gotta hope.


    E3, why was The Rocket only numero tres?? If he made training camp, he should be numero uno, nest-ce pas?

  55. John Moore continues to impress on many levels.

    Staal had 11 pts in 21 games last season – pretty amazing.

    40pt/season in Torts’ “safe or death” system would be great – needs a solid partner…thus not MDZaster


    Good points, Stranger. If he can stay away from the big injury, he can be really good, Staal.


    Post game injury:

    Sather: ” We should have a better season because these guys are in training camp”.


    KEN DANEYKO, ain’t NO way Sather signs Hank before the season. Good GM’s do that. This will go on and on ad nauseum like it always does with him.

  59. Dave M – “Rangers were unwatchable by Upper Mngt at the end of last season”

    not sure where to go with that one…

  60. All the money we’re paying these guys with our taxes, ya think they could tell it straight and stop with the spin. :)

  61. Charles Lindberg not too noticable tonite.

    Kristo had some jump, seemed to do something with the puck everytime he had it.

    Fast was impressive – very active on boards and willing to take the body

    Stu Bickel – can we just call him Chuck Norris – he is that good!


    So, not a ringing endorsement on The Rocket by the ‘panel’ on the post game.

    EJ just ducked the answer entirely, Daneyko questioned what happened to him so quickly that he played so well for Dallas and has been the way he has for the Rangers. The best was Maloney who flat out said that older players don’t get any quicker (Uh oh, someone tell Glen that quick!!).

    However, no worries. Slats said he made training camp this year. He should be good!

    Who does one believe??


    Seriously, good for the Icelanders. Smart move signing Tavares. He’ll be a good captain. Some kind of a player.


    Islanders have some pretty blatant deficiencies. But they do have some jam.

    Going to be interesting to see how the local teams fare.


    Wow, Fatso dissing Kovie. “Maybe now we’ll get back to Devils hockey”

    So, Marty, how do you really feel?


    Thomas Vanek would be so good with Nasher. They might even be able to have RIchie Rocket center them AND still be good. Says a lot!


    Stranger, I think with those 2 goalies AND a defensive system, the Devils will be a good deal tougher than the pundits think. They are always picked not to make the PO’s. This year no different. If jagr and Clowe can be healthy a percentage of the time, they are my pick of the 3.

  68. Lots and lots of unhampered busy bees around our net tonight. And only Bickel didn’t get the ‘no sliding’ memo.


    I went to The Rock last Monday night. Don’t kid yourself, they had a few very good, heady prospects playing. There is a class difference between what they have and what we have.

    Lou just keeps drafting well, makes smart moves. Sure he makes mistakes, too, but overall, he’s incredible.

    With new ownership, this team will get better now that the financial woes are behind them.

  70. ‘Devil’s Hockey’ is back… looks like the stink of garbage from New Jersey is wafting back out to the tri-state area.

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