Big week for a number of youngsters, starting tonight


The Rangers get back to work tonight in Calgary, to start a preseason-closing week in which they play four games in five nights.

It’s a crucial week for some of the young players trying to make Alain Vigneault’s team, especially if Derek Stepan remains unsigned on opening night (doubtful).

Expected to be in the lineup tonight are Marek Hrivik, Danny Kristo, Oscar Lindberg, Jesper Fast, Brandon Mashinter, Stu Bickel and Justin Falk, among others. The Chris Kreider-Brad Richards-Rick Nash line probably gets another look, too.

We’ll have all the usual silliness with “It’s Go Time!” tonight.

Be there. Or else.

Maybe we can squeeze in a Live Chat during the week, too.


Full disclosure: I was at a wedding this weekend and I danced to Pitbull. I’m not proud of that. Dale’!




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  1. If the reports really are true that they are a matter of $300k out ($3.2 – $3.5m) then its just stupid for Stepan to miss out on so much, take the few hundred K hit and hit Slats in the pocket next time!
    I know everyone mentions Kadri, RNH, Henrique etc.. but Marcus Johannson is by far the closest comparison you can make in this league and experience level:
    3 years NHL
    plays top line with Ovechcan’t and Backstroke
    183 games
    96 points
    contract $2m per year for 2 years, signed in Sept

    There’s a kid who knows which side his bread is buttered!

  2. Glen’s reported offer keeps going up…. they were talking 2.5, then no way we are going over 3, now they are at 3.2 million.

    He scored more than Nash last year.

    I don’t blame him at all.

  3. Time for Slats to get Stepan to cam……it takes two to tango….BTW….I saw “Murder Strikes Out” last night and I still think the Uncle did it!

  4. The only blame lies with the system. No-one’s winning here. Step is missing time, AV is missing time with his #1 center. The only ones who are benefitting are Step’s agent and players like Richards, Boyle and Lindberg who are familiarising themselves with the new system and creeping up the depth chart with every session.

    There are some teams happy to use the lack of arbitration rights to try to sign players to cheaper deals (NY, Philly, Toronto) and others who are dishing it out like candy to kids, literally (Edmonton, St Louis, Colorado). So much for a CBA and all those hours of negotiating!

  5. Tomb, Enjoy the daylight while you can!
    Am I happy that John Scott is no longer a Ranger…anyone see the video of his attempted mugging of Phil Kessel last night? And the ensuing brawl? And Clarkson jumped off the bench to get involved…not a smart move, in pre-season no less. A 10 game suspension expected. Let’s play hockey!

  6. I saw the brawl, I don’t get it.

    I got into a few fights in hockey, more than a few, but I had a reason to be mad.

    It kind of looked like these guys were mad too. hockey is back!

  7. Wait they’re still letting Mashinter think he’s got a shot at playing in the big leagues? In the words of Brad Richards (in reply to Philly’s Tostitos) “fantasy camp for you”.

  8. Torts twice (maybe thrice) concussed Clowe and choked Brassard into producing at a better rate than he had ever previously done in his career?

  9. Saw the melee. Bit classless of Kessel to slash his ankles after someone had grabbed him – but at least Kessel stopped when he’d clearly won the fight with the guy he paired off with. Good goalie fight too, Miller got owned!

    Major minus points for Clarkson (10 game suspension coming up) and Carlyle (Leafs had last change before face-off and he left 6’5″ goon Brodie on the bench) and also for Scott for going after a non-willing combatant nowhere near his size.

    Shame Colton wasn’t in the lineup, that would have been better than the last Hayemaker fight!

  10. the stick chop looks bad, but it is really harmless.

    Kessel won that fight.

    sometimes fights are fun to watch.

  11. Rob in Beantown on

    That was a fun one to watch. I don’t get the mentality of Clarkson coming off the bench. It’s not worth 10 regular season games. I’m sure he regrets it now.

  12. Torts choked the offense throughout his stint as head coach. Safe is Death. Death was the result of his coaching stint.

    Surely, you can understand that there is little, if any, significance to Brassard’s better rate of production in the small sample of 13 games.

  13. Its fun to watch but it was clear that Scott was put on at that faceoff for a purpose and Carlyle should have swapped Kessel for Bodie or Clarkson or swapped the whole line. Way to go putting your top guys into harms way!

  14. My take on the line brawl + Goalie Fight:

    Kessel should get 15 games for swinging his stick like a damn wheat farmer.

    Clarkson deserve 10 because he left the bench to enter an altercation which is an automatic penalty (unless your name is Vinny LeCavalier).

    Miller is an absolute idiot for fighting anyone. Miller is the type of goalie that should never, ever fight. He’s tiny. Hank should also never, ever fight.

  15. Manny – as we all know with Sheriff Shanahan, if there’s no blood or injury resulting from “the play” then the penalty is not so harsh. Watching it again Kessel was just swatting flies, i’d expect he’d get an intent to injure but there’s no evidence he actually killed any flies therefore he will get off “Scott-free” which itself is an irony!!

  16. Steve Zipay at Newsday reports this line-up for tonight’s third preseason game in Calgary:



    Henrik Lundqvist is expected to play the entire game.

  17. I bet that Falk/Bickel pairing gets to #1 on the WBM :30 into its first shift.

    UK: I know Kessel isn’t hurting anyone but the point is he could hurt someone. And Scott isn’t wrong to give him a shove. Kessel is an idiot for engaging.

    And also, the announcers are idiots. Scott acts no differently if Orr and McLaren are on the ice. He’s not afraid of those guys. In fact, check his fight card, he has fought Orr numerous times.

  18. @jprutherford 33m

    The #stlblues have signed Brenden Morrow to a free agent contract as @Real_ESPNLeBrun reported. It’s a 1-yr deal for $1.5 million. #stlblues

  19. Rob in Beantown on

    I still don’t understand why MIller and Bernier got game misconducts. Are goalies not allowed to fight?

  20. “Full disclosure: I was at a wedding this weekend and I danced to Pitbull. I’m not proud of that. Dale’!”

    Hopefully you were wearing oversized sunglasses on the end of your nose. Need to complete the image, you know?

  21. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Manny, I will most likely be late…don’t auto-draft Richards for my first pick.

    I realize Morrow is a bit on the old side, but he would probably fit better than MZA. And he did score 33 as recently as 2010-11, though he’s been a bit injury prone the last few years.

  22. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    27.6 Leaving Goal Crease – A minor penalty shall be imposed on a goalkeeper who leaves the immediate vicinity of his crease during an altercation. In addition, he shall be subject to a fine of two hundred dollars ($200) and this incident shall be reported to the Commissioner for such further disciplinary action as may be required. However, should the altercation occur in or near the goalkeeper’s crease, the Referee should direct the goalkeeper to a neutral location and not assess a penalty for leaving the immediate vicinity of the goal crease. Equally, if the goalkeeper is legitimately outside the immediate vicinity of the goal crease for the purpose of proceeding to the players’ bench to be substituted for an extra attacker, and he subsequently becomes involved in an altercation, the minor penalty for leaving the crease would not be assessed.

    In addition, during stoppages of play in the game, he must not proceed to his players’ bench for the purpose of receiving a replacement stick or equipment or repairs thereto, or due to an injury, or to receive instructions, without first obtaining permission to do so from the Referee. Otherwise, he must be replaced by the substitute goalkeeper immediately (without any delay) or be assessed a bench minor penalty for delay of game.

  23. Rob: I don’t get it either. But guessing, they removed helmets? Skated to center ice? Fought AFTER the line brawl?

  24. I dont like Sather and would love to see him retire.

    But, IMO, there’s no one to blame in theses negotiations.

    I Blame Sather for the organizations failure to produce a Championship during his tenure.

  25. I blame Sather for spending too close to the cap with a key player unsigned. Its not like Stepan bait-and-switched him on the demands and now he’s gaining something, Sather overspent and wants Step to bail him out.

  26. Sather just has to dump some of the dead weight off the roster. Trade Boyle for a draft pick, sign Stepan, start season.

  27. Also, is anyone else torn on Kessel? The stick swinging itself should be a huge suspension. BUT he never swings the stick if a goon isn’t more or less attacking him. BUT this is the bed Toronto has made for themselves. I don’t know.

  28. Manny – any spaces in the league let me know. I’m signed up for the one Spiderpig runs each year and could easily manage a 2nd team.

  29. tc – Boyle is going nowhere at the moment. AV was v.impressed with him at Center and plans to test him at RW this week. Not hearing much about Pyatt though…..

  30. Mr. D – in all do respect the offer to Stepan is more than fair!

    If he’s a team player, 3.2M vs 800K last year. Give me a break.

    That and the caps gone down like $10M this year …… so my “respect” for Step is going down faster than a hooker in hustler horn-dog-breakfast unshaven-clown show!

  31. Bernier and Miller got Game Misconducts because they got into a fight after the initial altercation.

    RULE 46.7 Fighting After the Original Altercation – A game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on any player who is assessed a major penalty for fighting after the original altercation has started.

    Notwithstanding this rule, at the discretion of the Referee, the automatic game misconduct penalty may be waived for a player or goalkeeper in the altercation if the opposing player was clearly the instigator of the altercation.

  32. Kessel can SKATE AWAY. He’s one of the fastest skaters in the league. John Scott is one of the slowest. Here’s my problem: He doesn’t hit Scott once but a few times. Then a few more times while Scott is engaged with another player.

  33. Here: This guy sums it up:

    Dan ?@nf_sabres_fan 2m

    @John_Noon if Scott was such a goon and classless he wouldn’t have warned him
    Retweeted by John Noon
    View conversation

    Dan ?@nf_sabres_fan 5m

    @John_Noon Scott deserves a medal for telling him
    Retweeted by John Noon
    View conversation
    Dan ?@nf_sabres_fan 5m

    @John_Noon Scott tells him he gonna jump him all he had to do was run like he did no need for slash

  34. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Manny, I did not see Rob’s scrolling tip.

    Can we have disclaimers on Breaking Bad spoilers? Some of us are only on season 2. :)

  35. And then Kessel went back and gave him some more stick work when Scott was tied up with the linesman. Not good.

  36. Kessel is a little baby. The spear at the end was just completely uncalled for. What a wuss. Skate away and let someone else take him on which is what happened.

    Did I see Fast is playing with Pyatt? Insert joke here________

  37. “I don’t know. It was pretty stupid, right?” Kessel said. “He (Scott) said he was gonna jump me. I just backed up. What are you gonna do, you know? He’s a big boy so if he’s coming after me, what am I gonna do, right?”

  38. As a Fan I’m glad to see the Red Wings in the East.

    Rangers VS. Red Wings will be a great series.

    It’s not like they are going to bump us out of the playoffs……right?

  39. I happened to catch the replay of the brawl on espn this morning. I don’t understand how such a brawl could happen like this in a preseason game, stupid. It will be interesting when these two teams play each other in the regular season in a home and home series in the middle of November.

  40. I don’t really begrudge Kessel the initial spear, but some of the later ones while Scott was engaged with somebody else were pretty uncalled for

  41. agree, Tommy, except what usually happens is that their tough guy fights the other tough guy in a staged fight, and it accomplishes nothing. Or nothing happens.

  42. Kind reminder: It’s always, “THE Kreider” …

    Even in line combos.

    For instance, CARP should have written:
    “The Chris The Kreider-Brad Richards-Rick Nash line …”

  43. The man is already better than Cindy. Maybe even Malkina … and we can’t even spell his name correctly.

  44. Kessler should be given an option on discipline:

    a) 20 game suspension (10 games for each of the 2 handed baseball type stick swing)


    b) square up Man to Man mandotory fight with John Scott, no helments or sticks at center ice the next time the Leafs and Sabres play.

    I bet the little kitty takes the 20 games.


    Surprised Sather wasn’t in the Brendan Morrow raffle. Seems like a steal for St. Louis for the old boy at $1.5M.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Matty – Morrow is exactly what we DONT need. Formerly productive forward who is looking for cash a last gasp of glory prior to retirement.

    That being said…you are correct, I am surprised Darth Sather didn’t sign him.


    If there was an all out brawl on the ice, like two years ago at the start of the Rangers v. Devils game (or last night Tor v. Buff) when 3 guys dropped the gloves at the game’s start, WHO from our team will defend the ‘skilled’ players?

  48. Stranger Nation on

    Our pugilists are
    Dorsett – excellent middleweight with some heavyweight experience

    Haley – will throw with anyone, very quick hands

    Mashinter – reason to keep him up here and get rid of boyle (trade for pick/ D depth) now that D Moore is here for checking center role. Looked good in Dev scrap.

    MZA – will only take on opponents his size. Record – undefeated.

  49. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I loved what Scott did and I also think at least 15 games for what kessel did.

    Total dirtbag move by kessel.

    If someone is messing with your team, you mess with their top guys (don’t go after their tough guys), which is exactly what Scott did, so good for him. If everyone goes after him then, even better!!

    Bad coaching call not putting a bit of beef out there vs Scott.

  50. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Unless a couple of guys make the roster that most don’t seem to think will (and play regularly), we are going to get abused and pushed around all over the ice all season long.

  51. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    SPM, when starting a new Yahoo! league, the draft order is randomly determined a half hour prior to the draft.

  52. _I loved what Scott did and I also think at least 15 games for what kessel did._

    In theory, I agree, but is that really what happened? Looked more like Buffalo mad because their guy lost a fight, not because a dope like McLaren ran Vanek or something.

  53. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    At that price, I probably would have signed Morrow before MZA, Pouliot, or Moore. Not that those 3 are necessarily bad signings.

  54. Wick, I thought the same. Why on earth did Randy Carlyle put Kessel opposite Scott in that situation?

  55. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _In other words, Nasty will be number one. Because it is rigged._

    That would be the short answer.

  56. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    It’s interesting that my Yahoo! fantasy football league is blocked by my company, buy I have no problems with the BBB league.

  57. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Gravy absolutely agree re morrow.

    I mean our forwards are starting to look so redundant like our D it’s scary.

    How many smurfs can we possibly have on our roster?? Mza, fast, Hagar, Kristo, Lindberg….cally, D Moore, step (eventually), brich, brassard are all slightly bigger than the first group, but barely (I think brassard is the biggest of the lot).

  58. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mister D
    You bring up a good point, I think the sabre in the first fight wasn’t much of a fighter or the sabres felt like the Toronto guy drove his head into the ice at the end of the fight (not sure which, I’ve actually heard both), but either way your point is a good one.

    Even still I like the strategy of Scott. If teams start targeting top line guys one of two things will happen IMHO, cheap shots and their artists will go away or teams will start carrying more fights and big scraps like last night will be more common. I like both outcomes!!!

  59. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Wicky, agreed Morrow would bring some toughness, and I wouldn’t worry about his age since it was a one year deal. He’s a 3rd line player on his worst day and has 2nd line potential.

    Pouliot may turn out to be OK. He has some size, but not sure if he is the type of player that uses it.


    I Wicky @3:13 vibin’.

    I have been saying same for a while. We have a general prototype on ‘d’, but no real crease clearing player for how many years? Point shot? Uh….no. For how long??

    Our one hope has already had a major leg injury, he’s slow to begin with, but does have some size, but he….well…he…er…ah….is a first rounder, but wasn’t too impressive last week. Let’s hope he was nervous!!

    If you look at our ’94 team, EVERY player had a role with minimal reduncancy. On ‘d’, Beuke, Wells, cleared the crease. They made it so Leetch and Zubov could play their game. On offense, some serious snarl up and down all 4 lines.

    You can put together whatever finesse mix you thinks is good, but without the team toughness (i.e. Boston, Chicago, LA, etc., and NOT Pitt), you just have a good team. This group? A bunch of patsies.

    The 2013-14 Rangers… best…a good team (as structured now). At best.

  61. It would help the team if Stepan were getting practice and reps in and developing on-ice chemistry with his teammates prior to the start of the season.

  62. Stepan – nice guy, but not exactly a Messier in any way. At 23, to go from $800 grand to $3 mil should make him ecstatic.

  63. Agree, tc03. I’m worried because I heard he’s training with the same guy that BRich was training with LAST off season.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    B Rich was training with his personal banker last off season in St. Barths

    Step needs to get on board. Maybe he doesn’t like road trips. Waiting until they get back.

    It does allow others to get a more legitimate look-see at the youngsters in the pivot and also to see Boyle at Center.

    Is Pyatt on the a line with Fast tonite? Who said Vino has no sense of humor…

  65. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Would you be ecstatic if you knew a co-worker was making twice as much as you for producing the same amount?

  66. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I read that Fast has been moved to another line. I think Kristo is on the line with Pyatt now.

  67. Gravy you get paid what your worth, or what another team will bid you up to.

    Step has no chips at the table. He either plays the cards he’s dealt, or walks away, sometime down the road he will sign or get dealt to another team.

  68. So much for making the Olympic team if he doesn’t sign with the Rangers before Game 1 of the Regular Season. But hey it’s PRE-season, no big deal, it just insures that he won’t get injured ….. right?

  69. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    SPM, that’s the reality. But, it doesn’t mean that he should just take whatever the offer him and be happy with it. He’s entitled to try to get the best deal that he can.

  70. would be pretty dumb if USA Hockey disqualifies a player it wants because he’s not signed Oct. 3, when Olympics aren’t until February. Clearly USA is interested in Stepan.

    anyway, I think Stepan will be signed by Oct. 3.

  71. Good afternoon all! Been away too long….Miss all

    Toronto and Buffalo was insane. Kessel and Clarkson = goons.

    I want my boys home!!!!

  72. Richards is being paid due to a combination of an extensive history of success and predictive value of future success.

    Stepan has not produced enough to be jealous of Richards’ salary.

  73. Carp!!! Promise to be here more once season starts….been crazy lately..

    BTW, Jack Klugman not getting a better ride at the Emmys…Aristophenes!!!

  74. Carp,
    you are really making me worry about Stepan being signed by the opener. you seem so confident that he will, but you have been on a pretty bad streak lately. Richards being bought out, and Torts not being fired.

  75. Rob – I have not. But I’m surprised to see the Sioux so high. We have a lot of talent coming in, but they are all Freshman, with a handful of Sophomores.

    6 Seniors Graduated, and lost Forbort to the Kings.

    So look for us in the 2nd half of the season.

    I know Grimaldi is going to be our highest scorer & Hobey Candidate, but I’m not sure who is going to pick up the rest of the slack after Kristo & Knight are gone from last year.

    It will be interesting to see how Adam Tambellini, Luke Johnson, Paul LeDue, Wade Murphy, Stephan Pyttn, Greg Ausmus, Keaton Thompson, & Troy Stecher will do.

    We have good goal tending, and a solid top 4 in defense.

    But I will say this, the last time we won a Championship it was with a team of Freshman. It just seems when your the Favorite going into the Frozen Four we’ve lost the last 4 times.

  76. _Even still I like the strategy of Scott. If teams start targeting top line guys one of two things will happen IMHO, cheap shots and their artists will go away or teams will start carrying more fights and big scraps like last night will be more common._

    Agreed in theory, absolutely. (And wouldn’t it be a great addendum to the automatic 10 game rule if it was waived in instances of on-ice actions that result in suspensions? Neil elbows Boyle coming across the middle, Dorsett rushes off the bench to beat Neil senseless and its 10 games for Dorsett … unless Neil gets 5 for targeting a defenseless player’s head. The guys who are notorious for popping and running would have to worry about actual retaliation versus the crapshoot and soft penalties that comes from Shanahan.)

  77. I’ll have to get home for the BBB Draft, and see if I can catch the Replay on MSG of the game tonight.

    That and I need Manning & Marino to score some points for me on MNF!!!

  78. I was hoping to see the Kristo-Lindberg-Fast line tonight.

    Too bad the Rangers didn’t deal their 4th pick for KNIGHT. He would have been a solid addition to our prospects.

  79. almost time for the draft!!!! looking forward to lots of rangers getting taken way earlier than they should be!


    Can’t wait to see Lucic sneeze and Jesper Fast(h) go off into the stands.

    Are we SERIOUSLY getting excited about this kid (and, yes, he does have some skill, hands, nose for the game) at a soaking wet weight of 165 lbs.?

    Are you kidding me?

  81. Crossing sports: Add Manny Machado to the list of why I’ll never begrudge a guy like Stepan looking for market, leverage or not. Brutal.

  82. bull dog, this time I’m not being told anything, just guessing. the other two … blame the old man who’s run this franchise so well since 2000. he overruled all his lieutenants and at least on Richards took an enormous and unnecessary gamble that could wreck the franchise for half a dozen years.

    I only think Stepan will be signed by Oct. 3 because these things almost always work out when there is a real deadline and they are forced to accept a compromise.


    Yep, Carpy, “and the new enforcers for the New York Rangers, 2013-2014, Kevin Lowe and his sidekick, Douggie Lidster..”

    OMG. Total team toughness: MZA, MDZ, Fast(h), Lindberg, Stepan, Kreider, Nash, Brassard, Hags, Dominic Moore, RICHARDS (can’t rid my mind of him getting wasted along the boards routinely and flopping like a wet ragdoll)…….

    Yep, this is one tough as nails team, alright. They won’t get pushed around a bit. You know Boston will enjoy toying with them in the regular season testing their toughness, AGAIN, and in the PO’s, if we make it that far, pummelling them again physically beating them up.

    19 years and counting. 13 for this buffoon. Amazing. Just amazing.

  84. Carp,
    that was said in a joking manner.
    I have read you long enough to know that you do not go making statements without having pretty good knowledge of what may happen.

  85. I agree, there is going to be a significant issue with the lack of toughness on this team. Significant! Be prepared to watch this team get run out of the rink on more than one occasion during the first 20 games.


    Thank God we still have Stralsie!!!!!!


    Papa, never was a truer word said. At 5’11’ and 195, what a power house Strahlsie is!! He da man.

    I think I’m going to be sick.


    E3, yo yo yo!!

    We win tonight, no doubt. Heck, it’s preseason, but it ALL matters. AV for president!!

  88. No problem, bull dog … but my point is, I think ol’ Slats made a big mistake on Richards, and it signals a frightening return to his solitary rule after it appeared he was about to hand over the duties to guys a lot smarter than he.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I don’t think we have to worry about team toughness. Not only is Brassard a pure scorer, he just might be the baddest assen in the league.

  90. Callahan=team goon. Followed by J.Moore.

    they actually may have to bite the bullet and have Mashinter or McIlrath or Bickel on the roster, or keep Haley the Clown.


    Carpy, I object to your line of thinking!!

    There is no one..NO ONE.. smarter than Sather. He is THE HOCKEY GOD.

    Just ask Dolan (while everyone that truly knows hockey is snickering to his answer).

  92. Matty, in all seriousness, he now has a lot of really good hockey minds in his front office. But he’s apparently stopped listening to them.


    And so, in closing, I wonder what AV or any coach can do with this poorly put together mess. I do believe Torts did wear out his welcome, but he did an amazing job 2 years ago getting the absolute most out of a slightly above average roster, and last year, they achieved well in the regular season.

    The one thing to realize 2 years ago is that they had ‘jam’. They had guys that would fight for the team.

    They ain’t got much jam this year. They have a lot of players that can be ridden off the puck without retribution. Not a good sign. At this point, anyway.

    This team has now been “Sather-ized”.

    Good luck, AV!! Let’s go Rangers!!!


    Carp, the joke of it is that a REAL GM, can have a couple of ‘go to’ guys and be fine. This moron has a whole cast at a HUGE cost to Dolan, and he isn’t listening to them??

    You can’t make this up.

    That’s why I said before I’m really surprised he didn’t land Morrow. Thank the lord there’s a cap!!

  95. You really don’t have to worry about the lack of ferocity. You might not have heard this but we’re going to open it up and we’ll have the puck almost all the time.

  96. OMG!!!!! I hope your wrong carp because if old slatypus is back calling the shots it’s all downhill from here. I think I’m going to puke.


    It’s really an illness being a fan of this team. Despite what I honestly think about the lack of logic in putting this team together, i look forward to the season starting. I’ll be there, like most Ranger fans, watching with great interest, the games this week. I’ll watch every regular season game. And, I’ll go to a number of them, too. Waste money on the overpriced outdoor games, too.

    Sickness. Illness. Bad addiction.



    Sather: “Mark, I am going to do you a big favor and NOT hire you.”

    Messier: “Huh? But I really want the job!”

    Sather: “That’s right. I’m not hiring you. Works out better this way. I have had more input on this team than the past few years. Let’s let AV fail, then I’ll bring you in after the smart people make some changes…”

  99. It’s the worst Matty, LGR!!!

    Btw, you have to see the Lucic fight tonight vs the Caps, heavy weight pounding, the others guys head must be made of stone.

  100. Matty "CLEANSLATE/FIRESATHER"boy on

    SeeeDubb, awesome plan. That’s some real foot speed there. Hey, have you seen our #10, 1st round pick, McIlrath?? He’s speedy on the ice, too!! Like a freaking cruise ship.

    Glad to see Pyatt was an (A) the other night. Good organizational move. He really deserves it.

  101. Matty "CLEANSLATE/FIRESATHER"boy on

    Lucic is one heck of a monster. A very good player, too. Man is he tough. I guess Nash understands that just a bit, now.

    If you find a line, SeeD, please pass it on. Thanks for the Toronto-Buffalo link!

    See you later on…

  102. So Hank is playing the entire game tonight, unless he gets into a fight and gets a match penalty, right?

  103. Maybe we can get by with a little smart-mouthed, turtling non-combatant wing tough enough to take a beating for the team late in the tight games and draw PPs.

  104. so you guys want a tough guy on the Rangers. someone who can have a staged fight or 2. who was Chicago’s tough guy last year? when Detroit was winning there cups, who was there tough guy. LA’s?

  105. We don’t need Scott type non-skating goons. We need simple snarlers who can skate. Key word is ‘simple.’

  106. I definitely don’t think they need a tough guy who can’t play. But I do think they need some toughness who can play because they’re sorely lacking in that department … and they can survive most of the season like that, but there will be times when they’ll have problems.

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