Vigneault figures to figure out the roster this week


In case you missed it, Alain Vigneault talked yesterday about the four games in five nights beginning Monday, and how it will give him a handle on which players, especially the young guys, might be able to help the Rangers as they head into the season.

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Also, I’m still looking for a volunteer to do the game review for Friday’s preseason finale in Vegas against the LA Kings. Anybody interested, please shoot me an email at


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  1. Who are the Caps gonna play in the Winter Not-So-Classic Anymore? Pens again? That would be.. uncreative

  2. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Great to hear e3 swimming should really help her. okay time to make some memories with my little angel face going to make some cookies with nana. 1st time hope its not the last. I’ll check in later Carp need to keep the hits up!

  3. Do think Stepan is just sitting at home reloading his facebook all day, feeling bad that his friends are having fun without him??

  4. Glad you asked but No Rob. I got a life. Every once in a while I walk the dog. And when Sissy gets home from work we play dress-up like the old days.

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I fell into a burning ring of fire,
    Went down, down, down, and the flames got higher.

    Brassard for Captain

  6. We come out of the first 10 games with 32 points at 16-0-0, clinch a playoff birth and start resting the King for the playoffs.

  7. tf, so is the the line with kreider richards and nash. They’ll be pretty good with the puck but how will they get the puck?

  8. long as we’re re-posting:

    “He was pathetic, made me want to throw up, sucked like a baby with a bottle, played like garbage, a $60 million dollar bust. Don’t put words in my mouth. If you guys want to write something bad about the guy, kiss my azz.”

  9. Why do I have the feeling that Vinegar has, as of yet, not personally introduced a thing on ice other than to try to learn nicknames? And maybe he has the right idea.

  10. Coos, lol, just wish Torts would have found that truth prior to game 4 ,second round. I wish he would have realized it during the games he missed from the Kaleta hit.

  11. Richie has 256 lifetime goals and is a cumulative minus-65. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  12. MDZ got off the plane in Alberta, saw a sign that said ‘BANFF LEFT’ and re-boarded the plane and flew back to NY.

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers will make ECF and it’s the infusion of youth that will lead the way – fast, crisco kid, and lindberg cheese. Just have to find a place for them. Start by exit stage left – pie hat

  14. And the odd thing is, if Richie, with his natural talents, played with the intensity of a Pyatt, he’d be a Garden Golden Boy.

  15. Watched aroid hit that homer last night and got sick to my stomAch. Ten realized it was the first baseball inning I’ve watched all season. Then put the caps-hawks game back on.

    Was shopping in Harrison this morning and ran into a dude wearing his Nash t shirt. He introduced me to his 8 year old son named Nash (how did he know he’d be a ranger. He said he is going to rename his dog’s run stepan if he doesn’t sign soon.

    No one mentioned the yankees

  16. Torts: “Mr. Ed played like a horse’s azz out there tonight. If any of you press guys want to twist my words and make a negative out of that, you can kiss…”

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “close the ******* sunroof, I don’t have any ******* sunscreen on and ******* my face is ******* burning up back here”

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I haven’t watched a regular season baseball game in 25 years. Barely watch the playoffs.

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – I’m heavily medicated. And in the throes of grading exams. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oh, they’ll make the playoffs alright. The G men worry me more. Can’t run, can’t block, can’t sack, can’t tackle…. More turnovers than a busy bakery….

  21. AV prospective D


    Like it. One joins the rush, the other holds the blue line. But when he calls McD/Girardi his “shut down pair,” does that mean McD again is offensively handcuffed?

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – not sure I have Friday’s game live – I think I have on tape delay – but if I do, I’ll guest post it – will check –

  23. Its just the pairings you were hoping for Coos. I like it too.

    Maybe McD can gamble a bit knowing Dan G is back there?

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have it as a 7:30 pm start my time on NHL channel. Is that live (10:30 pm your time)? If so, I’ll do it…

  25. Hope so, Seee. McD should have been given more time as a PP point last year, IMO. He can keep the puck in and has shown some nifty moves. Richie was a waste.

  26. Totally agree, preaching to the choir, 110%, I’m on board with that, same way I see it, in complete harmony.

  27. 2nd Pair? Either Veen-Yo is trying to increase DelZasters trade value or he’s smoking crack.

    We all know Stralsie should be double shifted. :)

  28. The Kreider is an RFA next season. Might be interesting to see him play every now and again before his contract is up.

  29. DelZ is making almost 3 mil even now and is up for large bucks after this year. Slats wouldmosdt likely love to see a young Dman jump up and make him unnecessary and tradeable for value before next season. Will someone be ready?

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The undertaker is ready. Doesn’t matter that he can’t skate, hip checks the boards, and fans at the puck – the dude can go.

  31. Remember a few years back when we didn’t know which was Stepan’s sister and which was his girlfriend?

  32. Last report from Banfffffff:

    Kristo found in a snow bank.

    Richards last seen hanging around the stables, got his eye on a Chestnut Mare named Suzy.

    Otherwise, team doing well.

  33. MDZ: ‘I’ll give you a ring when I get a chance.”

    MZA: ‘You will?’

    MDZ: ‘A phone call, a phone call, take it easy.’

  34. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This team is soft.

    The scariest thing about the mza-brass-Pouliot line is mza, he needs to be not on it

  35. Renaud Lavoie ?@LavoieRenaud 4m

    Coyotes cut Guillaume Latendresse. He had a good camp but Coyotes have other options.

    Wanna bet he’s in Rangers camp on a tryout this week?

  36. IDK, he’s kind of a mediocre right wing, who doesn’t fight, score a lot, or rack up a ton of assists. Oh wait, he’ll fit right in.

  37. I was just watching young No. 17 crosscheck a Penguin, then set up Gaborik for a quick shot in the slot.

    I’m sure the Rangers have a lot of playmakers and snipers like that

  38. Thanks, Carp! My Brandon Day’s not for a few weeks, so you still have time to send me a present and/or cake.

    Dubinsky’s on-ice role may have been easily replaceable, but this team continues to have a debilitating lack of nose-picking, mustache-dyeing, silliness.

  39. What a coincidence. Steps holding out for exact same long term as his ex- roomie, McDonuts.

    Miller looks like he might be AHL bound. Another injury?

  40. George Soros getting married again today, reception at Caramoor. Said he’s leaving him money to Charity. Charity, 42 years younger, wore a Reem Acra gown.

  41. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d take latendresse in a heart beat…I see a québécois line in our future (fingers crossed)

  42. Preseason games are a bore to watch. The boards don’t even have ads on them. This leafs game is killing me.

    By the way how in the world does MSG plus not televise the game in Brooklyn tonight.

    There only moving there.

  43. I do like the Hockey Night in Canada coverage though. They may not be the most entertaining but their hockey sense and understanding make it work for me.

  44. @Ledger_NJDevils 1m
    One of the highlights at Barclays Center for the Devils: The bus elevator. Damien Brunner: “It was fun taking the elevator down in the bus.”

  45. Does anyone know the Ranger story? It reads like substance abuse or extreme anxiety but I’ve never seen anything definitive. Seems like a good dude.

  46. Messier is 1 or 1A on the list of guys I’d be ok with my wife making out with and I still wouldn’t want him as our coach. AV was a nice consolidation prize to Bylsma.

  47. It looks like Callahan could be around 2 weeks ahead of Hagelin in recovery time. So perhaps a viable option could be to place Hagelin ( and his $2.25M cap hit ) on LTIR and use that to sign Stepan without having to waive anyone. That way they can have a full roster of players going into the season that starts with a long road trip. It would give them around $4.4M of cap space, enough to sign Stepan and to have close to &1M in case of injuries.

  48. The point is, they do have options to sign Stepan. If they do that, Hagelin won’t be available until 10/28, but Callahan can go right in if he is ready without having anyone to clear waivers.

  49. Yes, TommyG, he will need to. Once both Callahan and Hagelin return, they will be over the cap. He can waive both Powe and Asham and be under the cap.

  50. This team can survive with out Hags until November, I don’t think they’ll survive without Stepan until the Dec 1 deadline.

    Eric’s predictions will become a reality.

  51. For you Shakespeare fans out there, watched a new production of “Richard II” on PBS last night. Excellent production. Highly recommend. More to come on Great Performances including “Henry IV” (parts 1and 2) and my personal favorite, “Henry V”. The series is titled “The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare’s History Plays”


    “With Tortorella commanding all his players to block shots, Jordan Schroeder did just that when he stepped in front of a heavy second-period slapper by Nail Yakupov. The centre crumpled to the ice after absorbing the shot in his first game since shoulder surgery in May. He didn’t place any weight on his left leg while being helped to the locker-room and the nature of the injury was inconclusive.

    “He had x-rays but I’m not so sure about the machine,” said Tortorella. “We’ll wait until we get home and right now it’s a bruised foot. We had a pretty young lineup and they had a lot of their NHL team and it certainly gave us a read on where our kids are with the quickness. That’s what this is about. Do we want to win? Yeah. Are we going to lose our minds? No. We’re going to go about our business and get ready.”


  53. “I’m not sure about the machine” classic Torts. Yeah, those modern xray machines usually just display random images.

  54. “I see you standing like greyhounds in their slips, straining upon the start”. Veen-Yo opening night to his Ranger Troops.

  55. Question, how do you go from ten hours of bathroom humor to quoting Shakespeare? You guys are so diverse.

  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    Torts was seriously annoyed during his presser…Tremendous entertainment. I have a feeling he won’t make it through the season without going mid-evil at some point……They were goading him from my seat on the couch…

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    Bathroom humor to the left of me….bathroom humor to the right…..into the valley of darkness i ride…..and that darkness has a the funk of a deuce steaming o’er the air…

  58. Veen-yo trying to inspire Rick Nash to play nasty…..

    VY: “Be copy now to men of grosser blood”

    Nash: “Huh?”

    VY: “play like effing Lucic”

    Nash: “Good”

  59. eddie eddie eddie on

    this here is is between you, me, and soon to be spending the rest of his short assen life in agonizing pain rapist here, it’s no one else’s business…

  60. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I’d love to add latendresse. With all the smurfs we have, a bigger guy with scoring potential is much better IMHO than a little guy with scoring potential.

    I like the Hagar IR option, then hopefully when we dump some salary soon, its stralman or MZA.

  61. I’d go along with that Wicky, he is a good size frame. I’d also take the quebecois line you were talking about. We should just set line ups by nationality, the french line. the swede line, USA line, etc. Nothing else works.

    You can’t trade Stralsie though.

  62. Rob,,,,,,,”Pop Tarts and Flushing Toilets” ……sounds interesting, maybe name of a band? song? cd?

  63. Sweet thing, believe me
    You never deceive me
    You stood me down, without blinking
    That’s when I really started thinking

    You must have been running around
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    Like a cage bird, is broken free
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    Your hair’s in a brand new do
    And you’re so happy

    Good things happen to bad people
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    But only, but only, for a while

    Richard Thompson

  64. Mona, lisa, what are a teaser
    What’s in that strange, cologne that I’m smelling
    You know more, than you’re telling
    Well I know you’ve been running around
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    Good things happen to bad people
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    But only, but only, for a while

  65. ?@sbaickerCSN 33s
    Simmonds left the ice today and Lecavalier didn’t practice because they both have the flu, Holmgren says.

  66. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Now that car seats are no longer allowed, how does torts get to the rink? Stroller? A bjorn?

  67. Tomorrow vs Calgary, Powe gets another start, Kreider, Richards and Nash again.
    Hank in net all game, AV probably wants to get a good look at the Swedish tender before making a call.

  68. “You look like you were beat up at the bus stop most of the time.” Key word here is ‘most.’ Must be a few wins in there somewhere.

  69. Carp:

    I know right? Not sure, where I saw it..maybe the ny rangers blog (Doing the dirty work)? It could have been a reader comment. Insominia reading gets stuff all turned around. I imagine there will be a trade to make room for Stepan but not of Stepan.

  70. Okay: It was in comments on Gross’ page not Gross who wrote about trading Stepan. And in fairness, most of the posters called out the trade Stepan folks.

  71. Who needs that weaksauce Stepan when you have someone like THE Kreider, who can play both center and wing and do so at the same time on the same line.


    SeeD, very entertaining. THanks.

    John Scott did more in this pre-season game than he did all the while he was with our team. What a player!!

    Clarkson showing leadership and some toughness. Who, btw, will do what Clarkson did on our team? MDZ? MZA? Anyone?

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Kessel deserves 15 games for his stick work.

    Love what John Scott did, wish we had that guy back.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pound for pound – the toughest, most feared pugilists in the game, is none other than B. Rich.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – one reason MDZ doesn’t drop ’em is that no one will dance with him……well, MZA aside…


    Well, I guess no one here is surprised to hear me say that Sather is being his usual stubborn moron of a self with respect to Stepan. No, I don’t always agree with Brooksie, but I do believe he was dead on.

    It has now been 19 years since we won the cup, 13 of them with this hideous GM. The Rangers, under his rule, are one of the few teams to rip the hearts out of their young by utilizing any leverage the team can find to brutalize their own home grown, torment them, chew them up and spit them out, and then wonder why they want to negotiate harder the next time around, and leave if they must. The ill will this GM has created is monumental, and perhaps, just perhaps (aside from putrid drafting, awful communicative skills, horrible FA signings, etc.) there’s a reason why and that reason is the moron at the top.

    The gap is a two hundred thousand dollar gap. Sign the kid and get him into camp with the new system and coach. He’s only your number 1 center despite making so much less than your coveted great FA $6M dollar center.

    Another brilliant play, Glen.


    The hockey world should take note of the signings of Henrique and other young guys who, at year 4 will be an absolute bargain.

    Sather won the battle. Stepan broke and he is accepting a bridge. Two years from now, lets see what other teams offer him and what he ultimately signs for. If you add this bridge with his next contract, a 5 or 6 year deal now would be a bargain.

    The kid doesn’t have great foot speed. He curls up a bit when the going gets tough, but what else could you want from a young player? He also has great character and will grow into a leadership role.

    Another silly move.

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Interesting season upon us…. Rangers have as good a shot as anybody….Brassard will lead home forward.

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