Chris Kreider hoping for a fresh start


The Rangers left for Alberta on Wednesday, but before they did, veteran reporter Brian Heyman, filling in for Carp, caught up with Chris Kreider at the MSG Training Center. Here’s Brian’s story, which published today in The Journal News and on

GREENBURGH Chris Kreider skated up and down the ice making memories, jumping from Boston College’s NCAA title team into the playoff heat at chilly NHL rinks, putting the puck in the net five times for the Rangers before he even played a regular-season game.

It was an NHL record. It was the spring of 2012. It was a Garden-rocking run that ended one stop short of the Stanley Cup Finals.

“It was a blast,” Kreider said after practice Wednesday at the MSG Training Center. “It was a great introduction to New York, to the New York fanbase and future teammates, management and coaches. It was a lot of fun and definitely an experience I’ll cherish.”

But it was a different experience last season after the lockout got unlocked, a two-way struggle that left the 2009 first-round pick from Massachusetts playing more AHL games than NHL games and taking verbal darts in the media from since-fired coach John Tortorella’s sharp tongue. Now new coach Alain Vigneault is offering everyone a clean slate, and Kreider is trying to earn a place and then make more memorable moments for himself and the team.

Vigneault has been using the 22-year-old left wing with marquee linemates so far in the preseason, Brad Richards and Rick Nash. Vigneault said he likes Kreider’s “speed and size” and sees him as a guy who could potentially be 6-foot-3, 226 pounds of trouble in front and especially help put some power into the power play.

“Big body,” Vigneault said. “If he ever becomes comfortable at doing that, that’s so tough on the opposition’s goaltender. … A goaltender can’t stop what he can’t see.”

Ryan McDonagh indeed sees Kreider getting comfortable at it.

“He’s obviously quick to track down pucks, too, on forechecks,” the defenseman said. “There are a lot of things that excite you for sure. He’s getting more confidence. There should be good things to follow.”

During training camp last January, Tortorella publicly called Kreider “God awful” during some of those 18 playoff games in 2012. Tortorella was rather blunt throughout with reporters about Kreider.

“He was fine with me to my face,” Kreider said. “I didn’t want to read too much into the words said in the media. … I respected what he had to say in person. I tried to improve and tried to better myself. I definitely learned a lot from him.”

Kreider wound up with two goals and one assist in 23 Rangers games, plus one overtime goal and one assist in eight postseason games. And he wound up at 12 goals, 11 assists and minus-11 in 48 AHL games with the Connecticut Whale.

“It was a good learning experience,” Kreider said. “I learned how to be a pro, on the ice, off the ice.”

NOTES: The Rangers left for a four-game, five-night trip to cap the exhibition season. They will next play Monday night at Calgary. Before they departed, forwards Ryan Bourque, Josh Nicholls, Shawn O’Donnell and Michael St. Croix and defenseman Brendon Nash were assigned to Hartford. Goalie Johan Hedberg was released from his tryout agreement.

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  1. I want to go back to the comments as we were realizing Gaborik was traded. Man did I lose my mind over that one, especially when I realized it wasn’t part one of two deals where we bring back a scorer.

  2. Manny, I agree … if Brassard is a legit top-six player. If he is, then it’s a good trade. If he isn’t, then it will be up to Moore to make it a good trade.

    I don’t know yet if either of those things will happen.

  3. I think brass can make those around him better something no one said about Gaborik. Gabby is elite no doubt and the void is certainly tough to fill but I’m a fan of the trade.

    Plus I really love the post goal hugs that Brassard gives, reminds me of Alan in the Hangover.

  4. CBJ trade away Nash, to rebuild their team, and get Gaborik for a year. Who knows maybe he will stay there.

    If Moore develops into a scoring defenseman, then it could tip the trade in the Rangers favor.

    Brassard isn’t going to put up Gabby type numbers, but I see him putting up solid 50-60 points this year.

    Dorsett – we just haven’t seen enough of him, can he put up 20 points on the 4th line? We needed more grit that’s for sure.

  5. The Kreider will need to go the crease and be pest but on that line – who is getting the puck in the corner? Nash can and will. BRich can’t and won’t. This leaves Kreider and Nash getting pucks for Bucky.

    Saw some of this in the first game where Nash set up Richie Rich 5x and no goals. Admittedly just one game, but how does this work? Get Brass-hard in the middle of them and they should be very productive.

    Still cannot believe they didn’t dump Torts’ boy when they had the chance.

  6. And he was on a 75 point pace after joining the Rangers while making less than half what Gaborik makes.

  7. The trade was an extension of Nash signing which will play out this season and then we can see how it rates.

    Nash v Gabby
    Moore v. Erixon
    Brassard v. Artie
    Dorsett v. Dubi
    No pick v. #1 pick

    Not an exact science, but in the aggregate it works

  8. But the point of trading the farm to get Nash was so that they could have two first-line players (three, actually, but nobody knew Richards would go down the toilet).

    Because, you know, the good teams have multiple first-line players, not just one.

  9. Carp, if the point is collecting players with great past seasons and ignoring potential, you should be thrilled we still have Richards.

  10. Sure, I’ll take you up on that bet. And I do that knowing that all I’m now doing is increasing my worst case from “Richards bounces back and avoids amnesty” to “Richards bounces back, outplays my guy Brassard, avoids amnesty and now Carp has something to hold over my head”.

  11. Gabby may be on the way down, but in a contract year one never knows…
    Last season: 47 games,
    12 G, 15 A, 27 pts

    Last 3 seasons: 191 games
    75 G, 76A, 151 Pts

  12. On the pro-Gaborik side, his shooting percentage was an all-time low by a decent amount which is probably more happenstance or shoulder related than anything else.

  13. Richards has put up some serious points in his career. 91 twice.

    He says he is in the best shape of his life. What if he finds his “old self” and puts up 75-80 points????

    When almost everyone has flushed him down the toilet of potential.

  14. You’re totally right, Carp (re: Moore and Brassard) and we all know that I am withholding judgment on Brassard until he’s inducted into the Hockey HOF. I just think I have to take a stance one way or the other for the sake of arguing until I’m blue in the face on this website.

  15. I thought we were supposed to grab the Slate? How can anyone grab the puff box when they are already holding the slate?

  16. _Richards has put up some serious points in his career. 91 twice._

    Scott Gomez once put up 84 too, right? As a Ranger, Richards has gone 66 and (on pace for) 60. And he disappeared to an almost impossible degree in the playoffs. Its not like he’s in the 60s but its because of teammates; he been given every possible opportunity and didn’t produce. Just looks far more like the slow fade versus an down season or two.

  17. Twenty guys around the league placed on waivers today. The rangers must be waiting until the golf event in Banff is over?

    No real hurry except, you know, Stepan.

  18. I know this conversation is more about what certain guys can put up in terms of goals.

    My question for the group is how much a new coach’s “systems” really matter?

    I can understand that if you have your D pinch in the offensive zone that can be a boon to the offense- but, more of a philosophical exercise- does the “system” matter- or is it just a nice buzzword?

  19. D – I agree with ya. I don’t think this is a “slow fade” year. He’s in the best shape of his life, he’s a pro, and he will be playing with Nash, he will get his points this year. Maybe 60-70.

    But to say Brassard is going to out score him when his highest has been 47, is walking out on a limb.

  20. Also, this was mentioned on air during one of the games- but Richards has been working out in CT. I have on decent authority that he’s been given an ultimatum to shape up….

    I know that and $5 leaves you with $5…but thought I’d mention.

  21. True – I would answer that by what Ken Hitchcock did for the Blues. His system turned them into a playoff team – when he took over.

    He did the same thing for Dallas when he built them into a Stanley Cup Champion.

  22. Rob in Beantown on

    From Dreger at TSN:

    New York’s Derek Stepan and Toronto’s Cody Franson are continuing their ‘hardball’ approach as both restricted free agents remain at an impasse in contract negotiations.

    *Given the state of discussions, Stepan – New York’s top centre last season – is unlikely to be on the Rangers’ roster when they open Oct. 3 in Phoenix.*

    Sources say that Stepan remains locked on a bridge deal that would pay him $3.5 million per year, while New York would happily sign off on a two-year agreement at $3 million per.

    Doesn’t sound like much, but cap teams like the Rangers are crunching every dollar to comply.

    While the Rangers see a great future in Stepan, they also like their depth up the middle with Brad Richards, Derick Brassard, Dan Boyle and Dominic Moore.

  23. Here’s a fun little stat comparison of our top 3 centers on the PP (5 on 4) …

    Richards: 140:31, 3 G, 4 A (2)

    Brassard: 125:22, 3 G, 8 A (7)

    Stepan: 124:29, 2 G, 4 A (2)

    (primary assists in parenthesis)

  24. C’mon, Sioux, the “best shape of his life” narrative (1) is usually just that, a narrative and (2) would seem to indicate this amazing teammate and serious pro didn’t take getting in shape seriously until he was 33 years old.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Out on the limb…

    if PP time relatively even and no injuries, Bros-hard will have more pts than BRich plyaing with less talented players if current line combos persist.

  26. Today is the first day of waiver period. The Rangers don’t have to waive anyone right now to sign Stepan. They can still be 10% over tha cap so long as they are under by the midnight of October 1st.

  27. so no stepan to start the season. Old slatapus better hope some desperate team doesn’t throw a offer sheet at stepan because if that happens all hell is going to break loose.

  28. The age doesn’t bother me at all, if he put in the time to get in better shape.

    Maybe its from following Matt Cullen for all these years, and what he does to stay in NHL shape the last 16 years.

    Richards could surprise a lot of people this year, if he bounces back to his old self. (We all know he’s gone for cap reasons) He even thought he was going to get bought out, so don’t you think he’s playing for his next contract? It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a big year.

  29. Can you imagine that Tommy? Losing Stepan because we chose to keep Richards would be somewhere beyond worst case scenario.

  30. But Sioux, he should have been expecting a buyout this year, atleast until the deadline, with the cap going down and Nash + Gaborik on the books.

  31. Stepan scored 44pts in a 48 game season. That’s pro-rated to something in the 70’s, right? The exact same as Nazem Kadri (who just got $2.9M per, 2 Years). Only difference, is Stepan put up 51pts the season before and 44 the season before that one. Kadri has played 3 partial seasons before last and Stepan has played 2 82 game seasons before. He’s SOLID and absolutely worth $3.5M. So sign him for as long as possible before he’s worth $5M.

  32. Richards is too much money to effect just Stepan. We would probably lose Hank as well. It’s more like…Pyatt or Biron go away so we can get Stepan in under the cap by Oct. 1.

  33. Manny it’s just a matter of time. They will sign him.

    How close are the Rangers to the Cap.

    If Asham & Powe are put on waivers, they should have the cap space for $3.5 correct?

  34. Rob in Beantown on

    A team would have to offer sheet way more than $3.5 for the Rangers to lose Stepan. They would match $3.5 pretty quick

  35. _Do you really think they would sign him? And would he leave the Rangers for 500K?_

    Why wouldn’t he? If some outside team shows they value him more than the Rangers, who are simply trying to leverage him into accepting a below market deal, good for him (or Franson or whoever).

  36. I’m with Rob, if someone makes an offer, the Rangers are not going to lose him for 500K.

    They could lose him for $5M, because they don’t have the space. So they would have to take the 1’st round draft pics in return.

  37. yea great, rangers get first round picks for stepan if the rangers loose him to a offer sheet. We’ve all seen how those first round picks by the rangers have gone under slatapus, yippee!!!

  38. I, for one, have no interest in seeing Nash and Kreider spend their time digging, trying to find and set-up Brad Richards.

  39. Rangers have $2.2M to spend. Of course, there are 6 teams currently OVER the Cap, Including the Phlyers and Red Wings who are over the cap as much, or more, than the Rangers are under.

  40. Because you have a lot of bottom 6 players and young guys who could fill that 3rd line wing slot. I’m not saying he’s a bad contract, just that he was the last guy signed to eat space.

  41. I’m a fan of Step, but I’m not a fan of him sitting out for 500K, when the Rangers are giving you a $2.2M raise.

    Come on kid your 23, making $3M per year. Fire you agent and get to work.

  42. Sioux, if Kreider gets in front of the net, and McDonuts and Moore successfully pinch and join the play, Kreider could find his sweet numbers.

  43. That is absolutely remarkable, Sioux.

    Why is he in such a tiny pool? I thought these kids got paid a good salary?

  44. If Kreider can keep that spot on the top line, he will get a lot of points. Crazy to think of that after the 3 point season he had last year.

    Big jump between the two… don’t you think?

  45. We need to beef up our power play to take advantage of the 2 delay-of-game penalties and game misconduct against Ovechkin first Washington game.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    MZA ‘value’ is relative. He has great hands but is small and not very fast. Not sure where he should be slotted. On 4th line PP and Shoot out specialist?

  47. Pretty soon, with all the greasy long mop wigs in the NFL, you won’t be able to read the number or name. I’m waiting for a vicious wig take-down from behind. I think it’s legal.

  48. You think Richie avoids the boards and any checking whatsoever now, this year they’ll actually tell him to avoid all contact.

  49. Totally legal, Coos. Can’t grab the jersey under the hair ( horse collar) but can yank the mop all you want.


    Sioux, you made a point earlier about Richards getting 91 points one year. I’ll stand in Macy’s window, for 24 hours, with any kind of demeaning attire you can come up with, if the guy repeats that!!!!

    (I was tempted to say if he repeats that in TWO years).


    But, and not that there’s anything wrong with it, everyone does have a CLEAN SLATE, including Richards.

  52. Matty I have a Red Morf suit for you and your Macy’s window.

    I had to wear it around town for two weeks, to win a Meet & Greet with Taylor Swift. 2000 pictures, a board meeting, and throwing the first pitch out at the ball game was enough to win it.

    I’ll send it over to you on the 91 point.

    Go Richie!!!

  53. Richards put up 91 twice. In 2010 & 2006.

    I don’t think it’s in the cards for 2014, but if Matty’s going to wear the Red Morf suit, you almost have to pull for the guy ….. right?

  54. I’m more interested in watching Kristo vs Knight on Monday night!!!

    Good friends and line mates the last 4 years for the Sioux, now they play their first game against each other.

    It should make a preseason game more interesting.

  55. We need some of these kids to step up strong or in a couple few years we’ll be spending $70 mil on ten players.

  56. Ha, stupid Oilers, they’re going to end up paying RNH way less down the line than they could have.

  57. NHL needs to fill out the West with the Fargo Frackers and the Omaha Buffets. Depending on the pronunciation, the Buffets would be a good place for Brodeur to finish his culinary career.

  58. I tried to sign up for more rehab in the hod portal I was going to
    They gave me a evaluation
    I walked 200 feet with a cane the first day and I did it again on the second day
    They told me I don,t need any more rehab and denied me more help, dirty bastards{sorry carp)
    If I knew that I would have not did so well during the evaluation
    Not sure if this is a insurance issue or not
    I hope I get accepted in the new facility I found
    I still need lots of rehab
    I have not worked in a year and I,m still in a wheelchair and I can,t walk
    How am I going to go to the ranger game on Oct3rd?

  59. @JamesonCoop 1m

    RNH contract is like leasing a car, having a great first year with it, then deciding to buy it when the transmission is acting up #Confused
    Retweeted by Paige Lewis

  60. This Stepan deal better get done before the opener. 3.3 let’s go.

    I also agree with carp trading gabby may have been right at that time but this year you will see without him we will be starved for goals.

    I don’t see brassard being consistent enough for 82 games. We shall see.

    A rough start to season cold doom this team all year without step hags and cally.

  61. Czechthemout!!! on


    The goals will be made up by Brassard 18-22, Kreider 20-25 and a better season from dare I say it, BR. He will chip in 25+ . I also expect more goals from the team in general. If we avg 3.1-3.5 goals per game, I bet anyone on this blog that we are playing in June.

  62. Hey Heads, how’s it hanging?

    Anyone ready yet to jump on the ‘Anton My DMan’ Bandwagon? That is, are you ready to agree that Anton is a top 4 Dman on this team based on the current roster and prospect group?

    Didn’t think so.

    But you will eventually. One by one you’ll jump on board the ‘Anton My DMan’ Bandwagon.

  63. We must all hang together, Papa. If we don’t, we will surely hang separately. (courtesy of Ben Franklin)

  64. I will say that it was a obvious mistake to trade Gaborik. We did not get a 40-goal scorer back in the trade. Period.

    Unless you think Derrick Brassard will score 30 and have 50 assists…to me that’s a huge gamble, not a good trade…

    And, ilb is right, Columbus is going to try to lock up Gaborik before he hits free agency…just like Minnesota did…it’ll be up to him

    For a team that has struggles to score as much as the Rangers, that trade makes no sense to me.

    And, let’s see Kreider score 10 first, before we predict 20+.

  65. Nash replaces Gabby
    Dorsett replaces Prust
    Moore replaces Sauer (necessary move)
    Brass thrown in and happy to have him
    Richie should have been replaced for multiple reasons

  66. Stralman has surprised and Grabbed It. Just turned 27. If he continues improvement, we have a solid D corps. Remember Hamrlik, Bickel, Gilroy, Eminger? See ya. (I like Biks, but can’t hack that SOS.

  67. Will BRich be forced to suit up in protective bubble wrap this year? Maybe one of those sumo suits?

  68. If AV pairs McD, Moore, and Stral (you might throw in the Bomber,) each with a defensive minded partner, lets them join the play, and the wings backcheck…and Henrik is Henrik…Hmmm

  69. DelZaster has a breakout season, voted runner up, losing by a single vote to Stralsie in the Norris voting.

  70. Now, now Papa, I’ve been on record as pro Strallsie for some time, no bandwagon for me. Is he a top 4? Maybe not. He certainly filled that role the last two seasons. If Staal can stay healthy our D is solid 1-6.

  71. SeeDubb. Of course. You’re my co-pilot on the Anton The DMan Bandwagon.

    But seriously, if Strallsie were bumped down to 3rd pair, that would be an awesome 3rd pair.

  72. I’d love to see us get a physical beast to play RD with Staal on the 2nd or 1st Pair while McD and Giradi stay together. That would leave Anton and either Moore or Delzotto for 3rd Pair.

    I would take that in a heart beat.

  73. That’s the ideal. Emminger and the Hamr are who we ended our season with 5/6. Stay healthy and we’re in good shape.

  74. “Chris Kreider Hoping for a Fresh Start”

    What happened CLEAN SLATE – GRAB IT isn’t good enough for The Kreider?

  75. Barring other injuries, with an elite athlete, the legs are the first things to go. How can anyone in Ranger management, watching Richards last year, not see this up close and personal?

  76. After watching the Kreider leap out of that pool, put him in front of the net. Anything on net, he can screen, then he can out-jump the puck.

  77. Legs go first, heart and effort follow.

    Richards coasted last year in all three zones. He was never first to a loose puck, lost key face offs, was often the last forward on the back-check, stayed out of the gritty area (slot and the corners).

    How the heck did he get 34 points?

  78. Torts blamed Richie for not playing during the lockout to stay in shape. How could he STILL not be in shape after myriad practices and 40 NHL games? If he could have done it last year, he would have done it. Still, since he’s here, I hope the Holy Ghost lands on his shoulder.

  79. Richards ain’t making any of us eat our words….stick a fork in him 40 points tops with huge ice time and even a bigger contract. Ugh
    Hope I’m wrong on the Kreider but I see a major lack of Hockey smarts, something you don’t learn. Rangers no way a playoff team on offense, a playoff team on defense and goalie, so that means it’s a squeaker just to get that 8th spot. Boring as well I’m afraid. If you watch the rest of the league this team just puts you to sleep, sorry. And a real lack of toughness. Btw trying to be positive this year.

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard outscoring Richards? By a country mile. I’ll take that bet. I predict gabby doesn’t score 40 goals ever again.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Have a plan, name ain’t Stan, yes I can, on the FAN, golden tan, Girardi Dan, playing in the …….band, in the sand, it’s so grand, oh Man,,,,,,dy, you came and you gave without taking, cake I’m baking, it’s for the taking, injury I’m faking, post I’m making, from slumber I’m waking…..


  82. Gabby outscores entire Ranger team combined and follows by signing 6yr. $48M deal with Rangers. Rangers buy out Nash to fit Gabby in the salary cap.

    How’s it going Eddie Three Times?

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I agree. Gabby could score 100 goals this season. And I might sprout wings and fly really high.

  84. Jersey Boy Bobby Ryan playing nice game for Ottawa tonight. He would have looked real sweet in Ranger Blue.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard needs to show me he can play every game for the next 10 years before I’m convinced he is legit.

    Hi manny

  86. Eddie Three Times – not too high, you don’t want to get too close to the Sun Cause I heard that star can get real hot. Like white hot.

  87. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather Dies at 94- as Rangers GM. Rangers win Cup 3 years later in…


    Ranger fans new cheer- “TWEN-TY FOR-TY”

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Icarus flew high, in the sky, pastrami on rye, my oh my, Domi Tai, jai Alai, always try, bill nye, the science guy, best buy, fish fry, stone sly,…..


  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some men see things as they are and ask why, brodeur sees food on another’s plate and asks “may I?”

  90. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – I think I heard that whoever it was said it might have been possibly you that went somewhere.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brodeur asked the league if he could replace the water bottle on his goal with a 22 lb stuffed turkey.

  92. thats right, E3…and once i got there it was somewhere i have never went before and there was someone from that other place the other time i went somewhere.

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brodeur won two free tickets to Budapest but turned them down when he found out that it was in Hungary.

  94. If you could draft your son on live television or devour the worlds largest donut, in private, which would you choose? #AskBrodeur

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Whenever Marty hears the lineman scream “icing” it causes a slight lapse in concentration.

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    #askMarty – if you had five twenty pound bags of potatoes in one hand, and eight 32 ounce steaks in the other, which hand would empty faster?

  97. Is Ovechkin’s ridiculous unsnapped padding going to draw a Delay of Game penalty for being awful? #AskBrodeur

  98. Also, pretty sure Mika Zibanejad and Nazem Kadri being on the ice at the same time is an example of the entire Muslim contingent of the NHL being on the ice at the same time. Kind of cool.

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    #askMarty – is it true that Wheaties turned you down because your picture couldnt fit on a box?

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    #askMarty – if you smoked some weed and got the munchies, would you consider eating planet Earth?

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie, Fab Five Freddy, Grateful Dead-y, Helen Reddy, Rockin Steady, Invisible Yeti, Slice the bread, clear your head, make the bed, pop a med booyyeeeeeeee

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather was involved in an explosion in which he was completely vaporized. He will certainly be mist.

  103. Everybody goes to the game on Saturday
    Everybody want to be your friend

    What we need
    What we need
    What we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddd



  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – thousands of people spontaneously combust every year….it’s just not widely reported….

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Everybody want to work for a living.
    Everybody want to be your friend.

    What we need. What we need…… Is solidarity – solidarity -solidarity.

  106. After last year’s playoff performance, Brassard is going straight to the Hall of Fame. I understand that they are making an exception, as he is becoming the first active player to be inducted.

    The Rangers ought to count their blessings that they snowed JD and the BJs…Gaby and his wonky groin will play 40 games at best…suckers…

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – fire those names up….

    SNation – I saw Uhuru back in 83-84 or so…. I was mesmerized…..hypnotized,…..electrified,……dignified…… Baked & Fried


  108. iPhone peeps: if you click the time and date stamp on a post it resets that post to be the one it loads when you click refresh. It took me months to figure that out but it usually works. Like 90% of the time always

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – given slats goes pee-pee about every minute or so…. That will be a tough nut to burn.

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    iPhones, game of thrones, mother jones, made your bones, homer jones, ringtones, planes and drones…..


  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I be one insanely busy bee. Feeling good. My wife tore her ACL – which sucked…..But, ready for the season. Hopefully more joy in ranger land than will be in Gman land this year. How you be?

  112. Hope the wife is feeling better.

    Me, I can’t complain. Still here, still doing two jobs for not much money :) but in this biz, any job is good.

    Good to see the night crew starting to reassemble … not to mention the day crew.

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha – werd up on that. I sometimes wish I had oodles of $$$ but I’ve come to realize that being a hundredaire isn’t so bad.

    I bet you love what you do though and that counts for a lot. I wish I could have posted more this summer but it wasnt to be….but I be back in black and I want my baby back…

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We could pen a best selling, movie making, screen play turning, Pulitzer Prize winning, book…..kooz can edit for us….

  115. Is there any time out there that would take Richards in a trade? Just the idea of a team trading for that contract after last season, seams like a plot for a magical realism film or novel.

  116. Is there any time out there that would take Richards in a trade?

    But I guess Richards could be lost in time and looking for an epoch to take him in. Maybe he’ll make passes to Vinny when they play Philly.

  117. Warning: Costa Concordia raised upright off Italian Coast. Aged brie with original CC label on special at Trader Joe’s. File under consumer alerts.

  118. Hello Vito, hello Bella
    Here I am at Camp Tortorella
    Safe is death here
    And there’s no beer
    So I’m not a very very happy fella.

    We practice sliding, we practice teaming
    And I’m sure we’ll have some fun
    When he stops screaming.

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I picked up a case of delicious sweet Riesling at trader joes – mind blowing flavor at 1.99 a bottle – unbelievable. Originally, I bought a bottle thinking I’d just cook it with scallops garlic and butter….. Then after tasting it – bought it for tasting…

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I was always more of a jack Cassidy kind of guy….. Pleasure is mine – how u be?

  121. I went to grad school with a guy who legally changed his name to Sal Paradise. Needless to say, this was not MIT. :)

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MIT is a superb technical school, but they don’t allow words that end in ly – too flowery.

  123. I had to return it to the library because I started it, but was in the middle of four other books and it expired. I have to renew my passport to get into Scarsdale.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hmmmm, I don’t recall getting anything recent from him….I cannot believe how friggin busy I’ve been last 3 months or so….

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    High level professional chess has been plenty exciting – world championship starts early November. I’ll be glued to a chair watching it with one eye and watching paint dry with the other…

  126. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Will our boys see the post season? I think so. The NY Giants, on the other hand, are looking at 3-13.

  127. I think we’ll do ok hockey wise. Interesting to see what happens if McD and Moore are freed up a bit. Richie, though, I see as more of an anchor than an oar.

  128. If you’re young and can shoot 95, you can probably shoot in the seventies with hard work. But, who has the time to spend that much time on the links? Ain’t no Senator’s son.

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I saw Brassard continues to draw a lack of love…. Sweet hands and good vision on that kid. The gabby trade was a steal – I like Dorsett and Haley on a 4th line too.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I liked to play Tory Pines in San Diego with a 7 iron and a putter. The way Seve B. learned the game. I do do cool things with that seven…

  131. Love to see Boyle, Dorsett, and Haley together, but with the way we are pushed around, Dorsett and Haley might be of more value split up and up-lined.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My golf far too erratic for me to take seriously. I had more fun on the practice greens hustling buck a hole closet to the cup…

  133. Can’t see why people don’t like Brassard, other than he is somehow blamed for Gabby’s demise. If his linemates can finish, he should put up a boatload of points.

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I agree re: Brassard – cue up this conversation in 6-7 months. He’s going to be great. We’re happy to have him.

  135. I think sometimes Brass surprises linemates with his deft passes. This year they should be prepared.

  136. :)) Yeah. I almost got irate arguing with an inanimate filter. Afterward, I had to laugh at myself.

  137. Knew you were back and in mid -season form when I saw Icarus referred to earlier. I mean, who speaks of Icarus on a hockey blog?

  138. Papa and a few others will be dismayed that they didn’t get to put their two cents in tonight, to be sure…

  139. I have to be up at 6 AM to stagger over to this computer for my regular silly “job.” Some day, some night, we have to get the gang together for another attempt to climb Mount 1,000. Ciao for the present.


    Nice instagram of Biron and Hank on the course with an elk in the background. Banff?????? Banff??????????

    Is THIS part of Sather’s master plan? Now EVERYONE goes to Banff like he does and does anything but concentrate on their paid job, like HIM????

    No wonder it’s been 13 years, no cup, and counting.

  141. Prudential financial was just deemed “Too Big To Fail”; funny because that’s what Marty said about Lundqvist’s pads- wonder if Henrik shoots back with a snarky comment about the systemic risk posed by the firm that has the naming rights to Marty’s arena (doubtful I know).

  142. @TGfireandice 49s

    No Jaromir Jagr in Devils’ first practice group today. He was listed on the locker room board to be in this group last night.


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