It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Devils


Game 1 of the preseason, and of 15 in a row on the road.


Though I will add that the last time the Rangers opened with a schedule like this, they won the East, almost won the Presidents’ Trophy and reached the Eastern final. So, you know.

Brad Richards centers Chris Kreider on the left and Rick Nash on the right tonight. Henrik Lundqvist is expected to start in goal and play half the game, followed by Cam Talbot.

The game will be a Devils’ broadcast on MSG+ … Ya boys are in Philly tomorrow night on MSG, so light up the Empire State Building in orange and black to honor Mr. Snider and Kris Newbury.

In case you missed it, regular-season single-game tickets go on sale next week … see the previous post for info.



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  1. no problem my ranger brother! anyways, wheres the big cranium from ukranium tonight? he needs to add me on his khl fantasy league asap

  2. Im gonna be on hockeystreams so any heads wanna chat thats where i’ll be. i know i know, my presence will be sorely missed. ;)!!!!

  3. Can’t wait Sioux!! Although it’s way too early to see how this will shake out, so far all your prognostications have been happily on point!

  4. It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time!It’s Go Time! It’s Go Time!

  5. Hey Grabby!

    I am excited to see bjork. Honestly. I saw the kid in Hartford and MAN can he fly. He probably skates faster than he thinks but if he can think 50% of how fast he can skate he will be OK. The only downside is that he’s tiny. Very, very tiny. And not as skilled as the Hobbit Wizard.

  6. Don’t forget to turn to MSG+ to get the Rangers feed. Which is MUCH better than the Devils crap feed.

  7. hey Manny!
    trying to watch the stream
    and it’s wanting me to
    update media player, download some
    other thing

    is this stuff safe?!?!?

  8. thanks for the warning
    x’ed out of it
    and stuff that tried to download
    i quickly deleted ’em.

    will probably just have to rely on
    the board and blueshirtsunited for info
    oh well……..

  9. Whazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz UP!?!?!
    Hockey! Finally!
    Preseason is better than nothin.
    What’d I miss?
    Is Hollweg playing?

  10. They look lost…they look like they gave up on the coach already…I hope Sather has a plan how to fix this mess.

  11. So far (and maybe I missed it) not a single word about Kovalchuk and his defection back the motherland…very interesting

  12. I believe they mentioned ‘big changes’ in the Devil’s lineup at the start, and that it involved Kovalchuk’s departure, but that’s all I heard of it.

  13. Man, all this talk about the “style change” is funny. It’s like people forgot Torts had this Ranger team within a few games of the Cup final and the President’s trophy. His personality clashed with Slats. Simple as that. The most important players played their guys out for him. This MSG spin and the spin by Brooks is ridiculous…

  14. Can’t talk about success and not mention failures…there were more failures than succes under Torts. It is a fact.

  15. Maybe if the Rangers had a couple of the top-20 offensive players in the NHL then a style change might work. But, they don’t even have one. Fact.

  16. Czechthemout!!! on

    First period observations-

    Richards is way too slow to play with Nash and Kreider. He looks just as lost as last season so far.

    Mdz had skating lessons with Barb Underhill, so far I see no difference but it is early.

    Staal looks good so far.

    Boyle looks very good and strong on the puck, won two faceoffs back to back.

    Kristo looks like a keeper. Will get better as the game proceeds.

    Hrivik looks a little nervous, to be expected.

    Justin Falk looks decent. Aron Johnson, not so much.

    John Moore looked shaky, again, early.

    Why is Powe even in camp? A waste of playing time. Same for Mashinter.

    That is it for now.

  17. I don’t know if I agree there were more failures than successes for Torts. Overall I’d say his influence on the team was more positive than negative. I do however, think he took us as far as he could.

  18. Czechthemout!!! on

    And for those wondering, AV has still not implemented his system, it will happen during the practice time after the Flyers game tomorrow. Tonight is not what we will see this season.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts was a bit more positive than negative but the team clearly tuned him out and he wore out his welcome in the room.

  20. Top-20 offensive player? You mean someone like Gaborik? Didn’t your beloved coach run that top 20 offensive player outta town? And didn’t your beloved coach had top goalie in the league? And didn’t your beloved coach had TWO top 20 offensive players AND the ELITE goalie last year?

    Stop with the excuses…Torts is not a good coach.

  21. Indeed, re Torts Czech.

    Anyone’s thoughts on the hybrid icing? I like it if it stops dangerous hits upon puck retrieval and borderline whistle hits. On the same note, it seems like anything that’s at an officials ‘discretion’ can make for horrible wrong calls.

  22. So Mashinter gets two minutes for instigating a fight with a visor OR he gets two minutes for removing his helmet. WHAT THE HELL?

    If NHL is concerned with players falling on helmets during a fight why not have the Refs move the helmets? They move the net for fights.

  23. I don’t think they’re concerned with them tripping on the helmets, Manny, I think they’re worried if the players take a fall they’ll hit their heads without helmets on. Unless I misunderstood the call.

  24. That makes sense. Who wants to fall on their heads after being punched repeatedly in the face. Also, why no rule about tightening your chin strap?

    How about we just assume that the players know the risk when they spend their lives playing hockey?

  25. So let’s see so far… Still can’t score goals.. Check …. PP still blows and looks lost… Check… Richards can’t finish.. Check.. Looks like the same garbage team of last year.

  26. Lol. It’s totally not that bad. The PP is fine. Getting shots, getting the puck to net and not just having one guy skate around confused.

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    It might be a BIT premature to write off the season yet, Mike. I’d give them another period or so.

  28. “How about we just assume that the players know the risk when they spend their lives playing hockey?”

    Manny, I completely agree… grown men make the choice to fight and remove the helmets, injuries are on them.

  29. I didn’t say coach sucks if he doesn’t win the cup…you said yourself that only the Hawks had a good year since they won the cup, I assume…

    Just look at the Torts’ what was it, five years here and tell me honestly If think this organization was good under him :)

  30. Watched the Rangers for nearly 30 years. I thought Torts was the best coach they’ve had . But whatever. This team has more problems than who’s coach anyway. Can we freaking score a goal against Jersey’s taxi squad?

  31. >>Richards still kinda stinks, but at least he’s shooting.

    I wonder what excuse they’ll use for him this year. It’ll be a full season, and he’s having his training camp.

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ryan Bourque is useless.

    Arron Johnson and Bickel are the same player. Trouble is, both suck bad!

    Mdz showing zero offensive flair on the pp so far. Too bad. I really hope we see the guy we saw in his rookie season.

    Overall, they played better in the second but still have a long way to go. Pp was better though. Players were in front and the shots from the point actually got to the net.

  33. I’m going to convince myself that tonight’s game is nothing more than a preseason game, the first of the season and it means absolutely nothing to what the regular season will be like. Yup, it’s just a preseason game. I will say I’m not impressed at all with any ranger player on the ice tonight, not one but it’s just a preseason game.

  34. I think John Moore looked good, skating well. Richy hasn’t been awful, we’re only down by one.
    Come on

  35. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chico’s last name should be Retch. ‘Cause that’s what I feel like doing when he speaks…

  36. Olga Folkyerself on

    I thought of Renney as a young Muckler. Of course anybody would seem young next to Muckler… except Sather.

  37. It totally is, Wick. Agreed. It’s not at ALL the standard they have been imposing. It’s the one they made up and then never enforced. Anybody remember Vinny LeCav when Artie Partie did the sniper schtick?

  38. My prediction is that the Rangers will be unwatchably bad for the first half of this season when they’ll finally catch onto this system and start winning. No idea if it will be enough to make the Playoffs.

    If this game is any indication, the Rangers should be preparing for a lottery pick next year.

  39. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re a couple of threads ago…
    Yes get rid of Stralman. He makes 1.7 mil (I think) and is another vanilla portion of a vanilla D corps and if you prefer, put Falk or Bickel in his place instead of mcilrath. Either way, adds some size and toughness to a team that needs it and puts another half mil or so to the Stepan contract gap narrowing.

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you use the first pre-season game as your guide, then Moore will have 82 goals by playoff time.

  41. Yes….. Lets overanalyze the 1st preseason exhibition game and jump to conclusions that the team is doomed…(Because that’s logical) Step back from the ledge people….

  42. Get rid of Stralman? Are you on crack? The guy was solid as a rock all year, ate up minutes and makes peanuts for a bona fide NHL defenseman. And he can hit the net.

    Want to get rid of someone on D get rid of MDZ. Guy is a defensive liability and couldn’t hit the net if he was shooting at a soccer goal. The guy sucks but for some reason a lot of teams like him and will trade something worthwhile in return. Do it now while you still can.

  43. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I have zippo problem dumping the mad bomber. I’ve been saying it all summer. I think we should have moved 2 of our D men this summer not named mcdonut or Moore.

    Stralman and the mad bomber would be my two choices

  44. STRALLMAN is a legitimate NHL defenseman and perhaps the best bargain ($) on this team.

    IMO, Dollar for dollar, he was their best defenseman last year, dollar for dollar.

  45. lets not get stupid now, predicting the rangers are doomed when it’s the first preseason game of the year without Callahan, stepan, brassard, girardi to name a few not playing tonight, unbelievable.

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Yep, I’d take him and a physical guy over any of the vanilla (ie Stralman and the mad bomber any day). Not to mention the cap savings to get Stepan under contract and extend hank.

  47. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Let me put this a different way, IMHO the quality of play drop off from which ever two guys took the place of the mad bomber and Stralman isn’t that great so the gap space gained by jettisoning the two would definitely be worth it!!!

  48. Strallman should be slotted in top 4, not jettisoned. Let him play with Staal.

    Moore can skate like the wind. Has great potential. Lets see what he can do over a long season.

    Delzotto is melted vanilla ice cream.

  49. Dilrod broadcasters tonight say fighting will be gone in 5 years and implied that they wish it were sooner. Also, they mentioned North Dakota ten times, afraid, deathly afraid, to address Fighting Sioux controversy. Might as well have Dick Button do the broadcasts.

  50. Pusillanimous broadcasters tonight say fighting will be gone in 5 years, and imply they’re glad of it. Also, they mentioned North Dakota ten times, afraid, deathly afraid to address the Fighting Sioux controversy. We might as well have Dick Button doing the telecasts, telling us about triple axels.

  51. Pusillanimous broadcasters tonight say fighting will be gone in 5 years, and imply they’re glad of it. Also, they mentioned North Dakota ten times, afraid, deathly afraid to address the Fighting Sioux controversy. We might as well have ‘Schwantz’ Button doing the telecasts, telling us about triple axels.

  52. Papa

    Powe and Bourque are useless. Waste of time to even let them play. Would have rather seen Duclair get a game even though he was always ticketed for his junior team. Kid should have been rewarded for a good camp.

    Not impressed by the O’ Donnell kid. AHL bound for his career. Would have rather seen Kantor play. Kid hits everything and can skate.

    Arron Johnson sucks!

    Hrivik is not that impressive. Looks like career AHL as well.

    Bickel stinks too!

    In fact, about half the players we saw today should be ticketed to the AHL and to the ECHL.

    On the positive side, Kristo looked good. Got better as the game went on.

    John Moore looked good.

    Boyle played well.

    Staal looked like his timing was off a bit but that will come. The team is still using the boards way too much. That is because AV has not installed his system yet.

    Also thought Talbot played well.

    As for our PP, until we get a guy who can shoot the puck like that Gelinas kid on the Devils, our PP will not improve much. That kid was very impressive in general. Lou sure knows how to draft well.

  53. Advice to any young stay-at-home D-Man who wants to get some consideration: Clear the crease with an attitude.

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