Training camp: Day 4


Cleaning up a few items.

First, here’s my story on Scott Arniel and Derick Brassard from The Journal News and today.

More importantly, the other day Brad Richards was talking about his relationship with John Tortorella.

He mumbled as he was saying, or intending to say, he said he lost the confidence of the coach. It sounded to me — and I’ve since listened to the audio a number of times — that he said he “lost confidence in the coach.” I typed it that way. I obviously knew, as we all did, that he meant he lost the confidence “of” the coach. My fault. Even though it sounded to me as if he said “in” I should have corrected it, even parenthetically. Apologies to Richards and to all.

Also, I’m going to be busy at the “other job” this week, and thus unable to be at camp much, if at all. So follow the other guys on twitter in the widget over there ——–> for info, and I will, time permitting, retweet anything important.

I will also post Go Time! for the Monday and Tuesday preseason games (the Monday game is on MSG+ with the Devils’ broadcast team; the Tuesday game, I believe, on MSG, with the Rangers feed from Philly). We have a couple of volunteers to review those two games, and I might have a couple of guest blogs up during the week too.

Then I’ll be back for all-Rangers all-the-time, or at least most of the time, starting with their four-game preseason trip out west.

Finally, don’t know if you noticed, but the video the last few days has pushed all the remaining Tortorella videos off the carousel above. That’s a shame.

Photo by Brian Babineau/Getty Images.


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  1. Carp,
    just curious if you’ve seen any differences in attitude or even styles between Av camp in comparison to Torts, or if they are all pretty much the same??

  2. Hello heads. Getting psyched. Carp I for one would vote for a filter to block any references to Torts lol.

  3. dc, not as much torturous conditioning, but very high tempo drills. They haven’t really scrimmaged yet, so hard to tell. But there seem to be a lot of young guys here with some wheels.

  4. Good morning Carp!
    I’m back from my summer hockey hibernation & am looking forward to many go-times & chats. So don’t think you’re better than me!
    Let’s Go Rangers!

  5. Carp, based on your observation of the first couple of days, do you think the boys will be a Cup Contender this year?

  6. How bout Delzotto, did he learn how to skate backwards like an NHL defenseman while he was vacationing?

  7. Carp, Hopefully, it’s not that the old guys are slowing down, making the young guys wheels look better.

  8. Lots of tweets from players >>>
    Alright three, but still.

    During camp?
    Whats with the fun?
    Are there no rules?

  9. Is it true that during the off-season, Nash and Lucic vacationed together?

    I heard (rumors perhaps?) they were spotted together In a tropical paradise. Allegedly, it was reported that Lucic was observed standing over a prostrate Nash on the Beach providing him shade from a scorching sun like a any obedient, loyal cabana boy would do for his master.

  10. The other side of that rumor was Lucic and Nash crossed paths on a beach in Aruba. Lucic knocked Nash violently down and kicked sand in his face. Nash responded by screaming “Where’s my Mommy?”

  11. Don’t worry guys,ill be out of here soon enough as I’m taking my sweet lovely Granddaughter to the Zoo today.

    She especially loves the reptile house.

    Like Nash, I prefer the Ostrich exhibit.

  12. Morning ‘Heads! What a beautiful day for the zoo! I’ll have a side of bacon with my WickyWaffles, please.

  13. Live stream from training camp now at It’s not really hockey or even fun to watch but thought you might like to know.

  14. I can’t wait for the first preseason game Monday to see players like Mcilrath, linberg, kristo and other young players that played in the traverse city tourney and see how they play against nhl talent.

  15. Papa Bear:
    …”Did Zuccarello grow any during the off-season?”…
    – Yeah, pair of bickels, huge as our expectations for this season.

  16. Carp:

    I know it’s early but are their any unexpected surprises? Players who were expected to be part of the first cut who look like they could challenge for a spot type of surprises? Just wondering.

  17. _noremry
    Hello heads. Getting psyched. Carp I for one would vote for a filter to block any references to Torts lol._


  18. For what its worth Carp I heard it exactly like you did and had frankly wondered why there wasnt a bigger deal about Richards comments in the media. Guess I know why.

  19. Richie: “And if that coach was still here, I’d still have confidence in myself I could play hockey the way I want to play.”
    What does that tell you?

  20. I don’t know how Torts could have given him a longer leash. All he wanted was some meaningful goals and Richie could have sold roast beef sandwiches in the blue seats while he was supposed to be on defense.

  21. There’s not a coach in the universe that would have been more lenient with Brad Richards than John Tortorella.

    It’s remarkable how many “hockey people” exposed their ignorance and embarrassed themselves by opening their thick tongued mouths on the subject of Richards being scratched in the playoffs.

  22. “Anybody else hate Holtby?”

    yup. any professional goaltender who takes his mask off that often deserves hatred…this isn’t Hershey buddy, try to be a professional.

  23. Those Western Canadien Canuckle Heads must love the fact they have an East Coast American for a coach, following 7seasons of the French Canadien Veen-yo.

  24. someone was just following through on a shot and Kovalchuk skated into his stick. It got up in his grill. The poor guy got a double-minor.

  25. The Rangers have a LOT of fringe guys that might make the team. I think that speaks to the organizational depth on the positive side, but, on the negative side, it speaks to the absolute mediocrity of the NHL level bottom 6.

  26. Intrasquad Scrimmage today on MSG at 11:00 am. Don’t miss it, it’s the first chance to shake our heads in collective disgust.

  27. Sorry, eric but I’m sure the NY Jets are going to petition the league to make Chip Kelly’s offense illegal. It’s too fast for little Rex.

  28. If Boyle leads us in scoring I am getting Boyle’s Sweater back (name and Number) tattooed on my lower back.

  29. Gonna open it up, they said. Lots of scoring, they said, up tempo new system, they said. Blech !!! #stillcantscore

  30. They have had some good work on the PP though, eric. The unit with Zucc on the point and Puliot down low looked very effective.


  31. Agreed Manny, and that’s a good thing. Bottom six is going to be better this year. At least better than what we started the season with last year.

  32. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    “What a power play huh!?”
    -A smiling Alain Vigneault

    I think it’s safe to say 3 goals scored on Cam Talbot means this team has turned a corner

  33. Czechthemout!!! on

    Actually, the best PP unit had Fast and Lindberg on it. Fast got around MDZ ( what else is new) on that set up for Lindberg’s brilliant goal.

    Players who stood out to me,

    Kristo 2 a
    Lindberg 1g 1a
    Fast 2 a
    Boyle 2 g
    Mcd, what else is new?

  34. Hey Carp and ‘heads! I’ve awakened from the summer hibernation…hope you all are doing great!

    Definitely ready for some hockey! Although, I just moved to South Florida, so I won’t be cheering the boys on at MSG anytime soon…

    Gotta love that the kids are impressing. Still bummed that Torts isn’t here as I don’t see AV as much of an upgrade, although he seems like a very good coach…and, the idea of facing Gaborik in our own division is going to be torturous for me…

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