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  1. Pretty good. How bout you? Sorry I haven’t been around much. I switched jobs, so haven’t had a chance to post.

  2. Got my email about NHL Gamecenter the other day – $99, paid over 4 months. Very reasonable!

    (Next year is will probably be $299!)

  3. These prospects think they’re tough? Show them tough Carp. Have AV pick something at the training facility and lift it over your head!

  4. The dog days of only baseball on Sportscenter are OVER. Thank goodness.

    I’m liking what I’m hearing of Coach so far – trust this is what the boys need to turn the corner…

    Let’s get Step signed, some extra pieces waived and get the season underway!

  5. I bet Yankee/Ranger fans are relieved, preseason Ranger games will start as their baseball season is confirmed over (ie out of contention AND Jeter injured)

  6. Carp did you catch the Grand Slam by Carp last night for the Red Sox. Hard not to think of you when it happened. With a name like that the guys got to be good. Then he hits a Grand Slam in the top of the 10th.

    Morning Boys…… who’s up for camping?

  7. ?@KatieStrangESPN 1m

    #NYR First day on the ice for Rangers at MSG training center. Among the d-men on for 2nd session: Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, Del Zotto, Moore

    @AdamRotter 55s

    Note: Martin Biron Not In Camp Today http://on.sny.tv/13QYZx4

  8. Manny, maybe just want to go with a younger captain like Stamkos. Marty cant’ play forever, well maybe he can, but I could see the logic in going with a younger guy. Certainly he is qualified, maybe he turned it down?

  9. The new trend is to pick a younger captain so i’d expect Stamkos to be named soon (see Tavares, Toews, Callahan, Landeskog).

    I wonder if the Sens will go with Spezza or drop the C on Karlsson or Turris? The Stars might go with Benn, BJ’s with Jack Johnson

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