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  1. Good to be back, Manny. Carp, was back but am gone again. Mail it with my next prize :). Trying to figure out if any bars here in Amsterdam will be showing Rangers games. They like that game of football over here a lot…

  2. Hi Carp!

    Anybody having trouble with the twitter widgets? The “Load More” links aren’t working for me.

  3. No matter how rich they are, give a kid a free clean tee shirt even with a Gulden’s Mustard logo on it and they’ll throw it on first opportunity and wear it until someone tells them they smell.

  4. First it was ‘Dont step on the logo’, now they have to clean some slate…this organization is in hygienic crisis, or something?

  5. AV: ‘We have to put our best foot forward, turn the page, all get on the same page, then turn the page to the next page all together at once so we are all still on the same page and each picks his best foot and then points that foot the same way, forward!’

  6. Scott Arniel, addressing team: “As you all know by the new motivational tee shirts, everyone here except Brassard has a clean slate.”

  7. AV, after golf, watched film of the ’94 Rangers. Says afterwards: “I really liked our #2, #9, and 11, and can’t wait to see them at camp. I think we have something here.”

  8. Exactly, Rob. The only time I would “grab a slate” would be if I was laying a slate patio down in my yard (which I don’t have) or if I was grabbing a slate to shield myself from an oncoming assault.

  9. Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord 16m
    Regarding Stepan, Sather said it’s always a concern when a player misses camp. Tough to recover, especially with new coach. “Risky,” GM says


  10. Great to be back. Hope the young guys are ready to step up this year so we can ditch the slow and boring Pyatt types.

  11. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Start of camp. Rangers in 1st place. Sun is shining (in SD anyway). All is as it should be.

  12. When asked how he prepared to take over as coach of the New York Rangers, AV said he spent a lot of time with EA Sports’ NHL 14 video game. “It’s a brand new season so I’m _only_ looking at this year’s game,” said Vigneault. The coach said he is “excited” to see winger Rick Nash in action because his “high overall rating of 90” and “wrister rating of 92.” When asked about any concerns, AV said they would have to work on Nash’s discipline rating, a “paltry” 80.

  13. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    12:21PM: According to reports from Katie Strang and Larry Brooks, Martin Biron is expected to return this afternoon.

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