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  1. Gravy, Just Gravy on


    12:21PM: According to reports from Katie Strang and Larry Brooks, Martin Biron is expected to return this afternoon.

  2. Sioux, will have a photo for you later …

    JT Miller was a hamstring, not believed serious.

    Gravy, according to report from Carp, too. Hedberg is on the ice, though.

  3. They did Coos but always in a negative light.

    Mike the “artist”
    Mike the “sculptor”
    You know Mike, always laying around on his back, he won’t amount to much.

  4. Coos I had to fold on the first wife.

    There are times you need to get out of the game. Always a good idea to get out of the game before the pistols come out. Just ask Wild Bill.

  5. No Poker this week. Taking the boys fishing, and MaMa surprised us with Packer HOME opener tickets, so it looks like the trip will be cut a Day short, but I’m not complaining :)

  6. czechthemout!!! on

    It seems Lindberg did not waste any time catching the staff’s attention. On sny, AV has already singled him out for praise after only one day. Very good news indeed. This kid is going to be special. He and Kristo are both gping to be in the starting lineup on opening night.

  7. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    What are your thoughts of AV so far?

    Also did you see all the groups skate? Who did really well and who was really struggling?

  8. Lindberg with the hat at Traverse. 6’1, 190, plays energetically both ways. Kristo impressed, too. Good news.

  9. Torts nearing end of playoff season: “Guys, you know the door to my office is always open. I’d like the door back, and I think Ash had something to do with it, so he’ll be sitting.”

  10. Step Brothers is an amazing film. See it. The first time you may think it wasn’t funny the whole way through and peters out in the end but it doesn’t. It’s just that you laugh so hard for the first 45 minutes it’s hard to keep up. It’s TREMENDOUS. Give it a few watches.

  11. Lindberg certainly has earned it but do you think any of the praise for Lindberg is for Stepan’s ears ?

    Yes, I am very cynical.

  12. Agree Manny, Step Brothers is great but definitely needs the second viewing for the greatness to take hold.

  13. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Henrik Lundqvist says nothing new to report in contract talks. Hopes to have it done by start of season.

    Man it’d be great if that happened.

  14. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m not a wil Ferrell fan, on role I thought he was really funny in was as Marshall willenholly

  15. Rob in Beantown on

    Agree on Step Brothers. The first act of that movie is completely hilarious. But some of the stuff at the end need repeat viewings to be completely hilarious.

  16. Rob in Beantown on

    Listen, I know that we started out as foe. But after that courageous act that you showed me against the one they call Derek, maybe someday we could become friends. Friends who ride majestic, translucent steeds, shooting flaming arrows across the bridge of Hemdale.

  17. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Clearly takes less money (below market value) to stay on team where his heart is with “bridge” contract.

    Perhaps Stepan and his dirtbag agent should do the same. Or maybe it’s all about the jagr to him.

  18. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I don’t see how Lundqvist gets signed before camp, unless it’s one of those “wink-wink we’ll sign when it doesn’t affect this year’s cap” agreements.

  19. Keep Kristo dressed in appropriate clothing (including foot wear), away from snow drifts and late night drunken booty calls and in closer proximity to the Tropic of Cancer than to the Artic Circle and maybe we have a player?

    I HATE *HYPED* RANGER PROSPECTS. Too many disappointments, too many failures, far too many times through the years, with very few exceptions.

  20. JD had genuine man-love for Kocur. He once described his right hand as comparable to a jackhammer breaking up concrete!!!!

    Ooh Baby!

  21. LMGO, Rob. That picture is great. Is that another example of Del Zaster hanging out with a disabled kid so he can hog their video game system?

    Good point, Papa. Marchand LOVES body shots. As much as Torts hates Kreider.

  22. GOALIE PAD UPDATE: @ArponBasu 11s

    These are #Habs Carey Price’s new, shorter pads. He said it shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment for him. pic.twitter.com/uHSHhrtwaJ

  23. Hobbit Wizard is not focused if he’s taking time out of his off season to photoshop hilarious pictures of his boyfriend.

  24. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Hey everybody. Just crawling out of my squirrel hole. Ready for another season. Nice to see you all!!!!!



  25. Good afternoon, Sally! Some Boneheads were asking this morning if we could drop some Brandons from the twitter widget ——–> I told hem to ask you.

  26. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    On one hand, we root for the sweater, not the -former- player. On the other, I can’t see the feed at work anyway.

  27. Urban Dictionary:
    A Hambone is a term used to describe a Fat Jelly-ass who lives off welfare, is overweight and contributes nothing to society.

    Wow..am I at home here or what! BTW–does commenting on this blog constitute contributing to society?

  28. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    I think it’s a good idea to play hardball with your home grown young guns. It definitely creates good will amongst all the players. Brilliant philosophy.

  29. this stepan situation is all on sather. Sather and his cronies were the ones who signed these players to contracts and the rangers organization put themselves in a situation where there isn’t much cap room, that’s not stepan’s problem, it’s all on sather. Sather uses this as a excuse to try and low ball stepan. Sather better watch it because I can see stepan’s agent getting leverage by exploring teams to sign stepan to an offer sheet that will really screw the rangers cap situation.

  30. of course none of this would be a problem if genius sather bought out Richards. Man I despised that old stogie smoking jack wagon.

  31. _Derek isn’t interested in negotiating his contract through the press_

    …says his agent, while discussing the parameters of the deal being sought with a member of the press.

    (And yes, Sather does exactly the same.)

  32. Sounds like Step asked his agent to find him some love from the Garden faithful. They should be able to find 3 mil laying around somewhere to bridge him.

  33. Sather: “Jimmy, we need to free up $6m for the bridge contract.”

    Dolan: “And those bridges are worth every penny. Great view of the ice.”

  34. I think you guys, generally speaking, get your boxers in a bunch every time a contract isn’t done instantly. This is a natural course with RFAs. It happens every year to a lot of teams. It always works out fine. If Stepan misses the entire preseason, big freakin’ deal. He’ll be on the ice opening night, signed and sealed.

  35. That’s probably true Carp but wouldn’t both Stepan and the Rangers be better off with him in camp now. Get to know the coach and the system and not meet him for the first time in Phoenix ?

    It might not matter but it couldn’t hurt. Besides until they star playing, we have to harp on something.

  36. While Stepan panic spreads like a wild fire through bonehead nation, I’m more concerned about whether or not Beer-on is coming back, and if he doesn’t, who will write the playoff diary for BlueShirts United, should we make the playoffs.

  37. Carp……..Alleluhaj! Couldn’t agree more with your 6:14.

    There’s panic in the street. It’s just a dance, the music will stop towards the end of training camp. Stepan will return then and probably play miserably for the first 10 games until he gets himself into game shape (just like last year).

  38. Did everyone forget how brutal Stepan played during the first 10 games last year? We can expect the same when he gets back, especially if he misses camp.

  39. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Like everyone else here, I thought keeping Richards was a horrible idea and that is on slats and Dolan.

    The lack of a Stepan deal is the player and agents fault to me. Take a bridge deal and stfu.

  40. Unless I’m misspeaking, Steps made about $440 grand last year, due to the lockout. To go from $440 to $3 mil should keep a 23 year-old in vodka martinis until he gets his really huge bucks.

  41. Wick, I agree. At this point, Stepan should acknowledge that a crazy offer sheet will not be coming his way ( having said that, watch one comes from the Islanders tonight! ). He should direct his agent to make the best deal possible get him into camp within a week.

    Coos, I knew you would remember. :)

  42. Gotta love athletes. Take Bart Scott, former linebacker of the NY Jets.

    One season he’s an aging grouchy, surly, overpaid, washed-up frustrated player, a cancer in the clubhouse who not only refuses to personally speak to the press, but advocates for his teammates to unify behind him and join the media boycott

    The next season, he becomes a proud card carrying media member, working CBS Sports Network as an NFL Analyst.

  43. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    I respectfully disagree. My boxers aren’t in a bunch, either.

    There’s no reason to drag a player like Step thru mud. He is moving towards becoming one of your core players. Why create ill will?

    If Lou can sign Henrique for 6 @ $4M, in 3 years, won’t that kid be a ‘steal’? And, if a GM like Lou is willing to take a flyer on one of his young guys for 6, it tells me a lot about what smart GM’s are doing.

    Sure, there are questions about Steps abilities. Is he a one or two? Can he step it up in the playoffs? Speed is an issue.

    But, geez, nothing good can come from pushing his back to the wall. And you know his teammates are in touch with him. Henrik is watching, too.

  44. While three of my (as usual) innocuous comments await moderation, Carp, my attorney, is watching Jets’ pregame nuthouse.

  45. Who is this JHW D-Bag? No one comes around this blog and speaks to Sally/Hambone that way without severe retribution of the most severe kind!

    Check my avatar and check your ‘tude!

  46. pay a little extra now, save later. Rangers missing an opportunity to lock up Stepan, and have him at a good cap number. very shortsighted.

  47. I agree with Carp and Matty. I think Stepan’s deal is going to get done and I think it will be done before the Monday night pre-game.

    Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Swallow Valium. Repeat.

  48. Unless I’m misspeaking myself, Steps made about $44o grand last season, due to lockout To go from $440 to $3 mil should keep a 223 year old in Rum and Coke until he signs for the really big bucks.

  49. Matty,

    Lou had Cap room, Slats doesn’t and IMO, Henrique isn’t close to Stepan as a player so maybe Lou should have used some discretion. Also, Lou is tired of losing his young players once they hit free agency, so he decided to gamble with Henrique and lock him up past free agency.

    I don’t think anyone is arguing against Steps values to the team now or in the future.

    He has 2 more years to prove his value even further. If he is what we think he is, he’ll certainly cash in down the road

  50. Good evening all! I’m so late to the party, I know….and have to listen to all the vids etc.

    But for all that is right in the world, sign Steppers already!!!!!!

  51. Grabs!!! I miss you all! But life has been crazy…can’t wait for season

    Manny, at 8:03…I take deep breaths…

  52. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Damnit, you need the xbox360

    I activated the league a couple of days ago, you should have got an email notice

  53. grabby, love to play some vids, but I’m about to get thrown out of collidge and I need to hit the bookes beaucoup this simesta.

  54. So that JackBag, CCCP is starting yet another ESPN based league. As most of you know, the ESPN interface SUCKS. Therefore, I am proposing beginning a fantasy league based in Yahoo!

    I will be forming the league on Monday at work and hopefully populating it with boneheads during the week.

    Don’t let me down BonerHeads.

  55. Great to have you aboard, Grabby. I will post a link to the league on Monday. Probably go 10-12 teams depending on interest.

  56. This league rules already. Can we all just use our damn Bonehead names. It gets really confusing otherwise!

  57. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I think you are in it already, I just reactivatted it.

    what league?

  58. Stepan open to bridge deal….at least he’s accepted that part.
    I hope Slats is offering more than Kadri got but i get the impression he’s using the MDZ contract as a model.

    If you think this off-season is frustrating wait till next year: Brass, Kreider, Zucc, Moore and DZ are all RFA’s
    Cally, Girardi, Stralman, Boyle, Pouliot are all UFA’s.
    Thats not even including Hank’s contract or another summer of Richards buyout speculation.

  59. Welcome to Friday! An EasyFast to those in observance later today and tomorrow. Still thinking we missed the boat on the Richards buyout…..only his being the cup MVP on winning team…would change my mind…and nothing short of that!

  60. Stranger Nation on

    Hoping that B Rich comes back strong and plays with a quickness to his game in stride and thought we have seen some of in season 1 and in very rare instances in season 2.

    Not buying him out may be the biggest bonehead move of Darth Sather’s nightmare tenure (it does seem like he has tenure) as GM.

    Good news is Musky is gone and Vino will have no allegiance (other than the $12M they are paying him!)

  61. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    UK, good point at 4:27 Am.

    Don’t like the way this guy negotiates because he shows the players minimal, if any, respect. Perhaps the ‘no respect’ is part, albeit small, of why this organization, in 13 years, has treaded water and not won a cup?

    There are some that have done well by you and they deserve to be rewarded. If you want to not offer Step a 6 year, like Lou did with Henrique, then offer him a fair bridge. Don’t overpay veterans than belittle your homegrown talent that has achieved to ‘save money’.

    IMHO, not signing to a 6, he increases the chance he will overpay to keep him in the future and the risk on a young player (not old, like Richards) is less going long.

    Then again, overpay is our middle name, isn’t it?

  62. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    And, how many years have we seen this routine? Instead of what good GM’s do (sign your important veterans BEFORE their contract is up to a long term deal), which CREATES a sense of appreciation and locks them up long term……our GM will drag Henrik through mud first.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    Regarding the King’s contract. Love his skill and desire to win. He kept them in the thick of it when there was little to support him, but you cannot pay your goalie an outrageous sum of money and expect to be able to have a solid roster that competes for cup in the cap era IMHO.

    Are there other examples of Cup winners or finalists whose goalie was their highest paid player? Don’t know answer but presume Roy or Fatso maybe up there.

  64. Czechthemout!!! on


    The Cap will be over $80,0000,000 by the 2015-2016 season. Drek like Boyle will be getting 3-4 million per year for 2 goals and 3 assists. And than we will have another lockout.

  65. It’s exactly the same, Rob. Same for football. I just like Yahoo! better. I find it easier to navigate. More intuitive.

  66. The slate. I think you are literally supposed to grab the slate.

    “Yeah, that’s me, taking the bull by the horns. It’s how I handle business. It’s a metaphor. But that actually happened, though.”

  67. Carp

    Sleepy Hollow was as you said it would be. Beautiful, fun and first-rate all around. Managed somehow to get in 18, in between colossal t’storms that
    hit at 1pm and then again even harder at 6.

  68. In the Yahoo! League you can update your AVATAR in the league to be your AVATAR here by using the GRAVATAR selection while editing your team info.

  69. if anyone is intersted my brother in law has an extra pair of tickets to the outdoor game vs the devils at yankee stadium on 1/26. the pair of tix is $500 which is face value as the seats on center ice section 420A in the first row on the aisle.

    please email at baum27@aol.com

  70. Even though they’re called The Fighting Sioux, they really don’t want to hurt anybody. If it happens, it happens.

  71. Guys, you should check out the new post from LW3H at springing Malik >>

    His blurbs for each team in the conference are gems.

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