One more day ’til training camp


I was misinformed about the first day. On Wednesday the team will have physicals and tests, and they will not be available to the media, but coach John Tor … er, Alain Vigneault will be. So I will be there for that and some video and audio and all that good stuff starting Wednesday afternoon.

Then the boys will be on the ice Thursday, Friday and so forth. And we’re off.

Here’s the official schedule for the first few days of camp, from the NYR:

Wednesday, September 11:    Head Coach Alain Vigneault Availability – 12:00PM

Thursday, September 12:        On-Ice Testing – 8:00AM; 9:30AM; 11:00AM; 12:00PM

Friday, September 13:             Group A On-Ice: 10:00AM-11:45AM

Group B On-Ice: 12:15PM-2:00PM

Group C On-Ice: 2:15PM-3:15PM

Saturday, September 14:        Group B On-Ice: 10:00AM-11:45AM

Group A On-Ice: 12:15PM-2:00PM

Group C On-Ice: 2:15PM-3:15PM

Sunday, September 15:           Group A (with part of Group C) On-Ice: 10:00AM-11:30AM

Group B (with part of Group C) On-Ice: 12:15PM-1:45PM

Photo by Scott Levy/Getty Images.


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  1. I don’t get the Stepan impasse, why is his agent advising him to hold out. The scenario is clear: he deserves a 5 or 6 year $5m per deal, but he has less leverage than the team has cap room. So if he has a deal for 2 years at $3m per take it, or go for a 1 year deal and re-up when the cap rises next year.

    I’m presuming his agent is waiting for absolutely the last minute to try and add a few thousand $$ here or there (because 10% of said $$ end up in his pocket).

    Don’t hold out Step

  2. Heard Step will siygn with the Nottingham Panthers…and will get a fish and chips sponsorship deal included….all that whinging paid off…not to mention a Boddingtons tele ad….blimey….Midlands over Manhattan…who’d have thunk it!

  3. Great! Mind you i reckon he’ll be lucky to get $50k a year over here in the “Elite” league, let alone $5m!!

  4. Morning all…I’m loving the FRESH POST!!! Is stepan a ranger yet?? Get him signed and let’s get to work!

  5. Stepan’s not holding out, and the impasse has everything to do with the Rangers not having enough money to pay him what they should. But, God, they needed Benoit Pouliot. It’s impossible to blame the player on this one.

  6. From the sounds of things from the workouts, Cally and Hags are fit but just not ready for contact yet – i don’t think they would put them on IR unless either had a setback.

    Am i right in thinking Step is arbitration eligible next year? In which case, he should sign a 1 year deal for $3m and go for the big bucks next summer, at which point we should be minus Richards cap hit and plus the expected $6-7m rise in the cap itself, although Slats is going to be busy as we only currently have a few senior players (Richards, Nash, McD, Staal, Hags and Dorsett) signed beyond the upcoming season.

  7. I don’t have good memories of the Dubinsky holdout fiasco…get it done, Rangers! Hyped for the start of on-the-ice time and renewed press coverage. Out of the rabbit holes and into the garden!

  8. Don’t forget to vote today NY Residents! It’s very important that you get out there and cast your vote for whichever self-absorbed crook you think will do the least worst job running the city!

  9. Pouliot is a terrific signing. People will stop hating him when Stepan signs and the team is much better than last year.

  10. Last tweet from Uncle Larry, incl quote from Step’s agent:
    “A deal is not imminent and Derek will not report to camp without a contract”.

    Oh dear!

  11. It appears stepan is going to hold out and can you imagine if the islanders send a offer sheet to stepan and his agent?

  12. Didn’t Dubinsky miss like a week of training camp? This seems more like a Dubinsky than a Delzaster

  13. Good morning, boneheads!

    Carp, no they don’t have to wait until 12 days before October 1st ( when the waiver period starts )to sign Stepan. There is 10% over the cap allowance. They can sign him any day, place Powe and Asham on waivers when waiver period starts, and still be under the cap by opening day.

  14. Fine, Rob. FINE! Nitpick my comparison..

    I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not very attractive.

  15. Just irks me that one of the most complete homegrown players is being handled this way and what’s worse is you could see the writing on the wall way back in July. Yes Sather is playing hardball and yes he holds all the cards but with a new coach and a new system why go through this “process” and start already behind the eight ball?

    Oh yea, because its the Rangers.

  16. Powe and Asham already cleared waivers.

    Stepan isn’t the type of player that is going to hold out like Dubinsky. He will sign the gap contract, and not miss a day.

    He is worth every penny he is going to make, he will get a nice raise, and after Richards is gone, he WILL be the #1 Center for the Rangers. (I know he is on the ice already, but Richards does have more points and Cups than Step)

  17. I wonder if Stepan’s agent, Matt Oates, is playing hardball because he is bitter over being drafted by the Rangers and dealt to Chicago in 1994 as part of the Matteau/Noonan deal?

  18. Now that I read Brook’s article, he may miss a few days.

    But if the kid holds out for a contract that he is NOT going to get, he is a FOOL.

    Everything about the lockout was the owners getting more control over situations like this. And to protect themselves from each other. I really don’t see anyone offering a contract, and if they do it’s still win/win we would get a top Draft pics, and Oscar Lindberg could very well pick up the slack. Rangers win this battle.

    If Step holds out he loses…… Oscar could play his games until he signs.

  19. I think that is a very likely scenario, Gravy. Very likely. Pyatt is a great wall player and I’m sure Tort will ask Vancouver to go grab him since they let Mason Raymond go (not a wall player). He just might not fit in this up tempo system.

  20. SPM- it’s a new season, they’ll have to clear waivers again, I believe. They were never sent down to AHL, and the 30 day period expired.

    UK- one more thing isn’t mentioned in that article that makes an offer sheet even less possible is that if Stepan wants to sign a contract longer than 5 years, the AAV goes even higher because it’s average value is still calculated over 5 years. That applies only when calculating compensatory picks.

  21. Relax Boys – Stepan will be a Ranger before it’s all over.

    Seriously, he would leave an original 6 team, for a bottom dweller? Not the Career move I would make in his shoes, when you know you are going to make Millions the way it is. He will sign, even if he misses all of camp, take the $2M raise and lace them up!!!

  22. They look terrific at the tournament, Sioux. I have been trying to follow it via twitter since it’s not on TV. UGH!

  23. Sioux – i saw one or two of the beat writers tweeting about them, but as there is not much video coverage its just comments like “they both need to have a strong camp”.

    Given the injury recovery times quoted on Hags and Cally there’s a good chance they could see some game time in the first few games if the cap allows it.

    Imagine how much easier the cap situation would have been with no Richards…

  24. The Traverse reviews basically say Kristo and Lindberg were a cut above, Fast was very good and they missed Skjei and McIlrath big time.
    If Kristo and Lindberg carry the form into camp they have a good chance of making the cut.

  25. This Rangers team clearly has depth. Our 4th line of Boyle-Pyatt-Dorsett is far deeper than we’ve had in years past and that’s not including the likes of D. Moore, Asham and Powe and young guys like Lindberg, Miller, Fast and Kristo.

    The question marks for this team are real simple IMO.

    1) Is Rick Nash going to be an elite player?
    2) Is Chris Kreider going to be a top 6 player?
    3) Will Brad Richards return to being a point producer.
    4) Are any of our d-men capable of running a PP?

    If the answer to all four of those questions is yes, than the Rangers should be one of the favorites for the Cup this year.

  26. Stepan is worth $5 million per? Is that what these guys get these days for having one season over 20 goals?

    I’m thinking Stepan is worth $4 million this year and then increase it in the out years, which means someone needs to be traded to make some room.

  27. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m more concerned about our vanilla D, lack of size with grit/playable toughness in the top 6, and during the regular season how bad we are going to get pushed around all over the ice with the “projected” starting lineup.

  28. Stepan should get about $4M for about 6 years. I think $5M is a bit nuts at this point unless it’s a 1 year deal which makes absolutely no sense.

  29. The reason the Rangers can’t pay Stepan a fair market long term deal (like McDonagh got) is because the Rangers are overpaying other players. Which is not Stepan’s fault. And given what happened to Sauer and what almost happened to Staal and etc etc, its ridiculous to pin the blame on Stepan. Or Kadri. Or any other guy being asked to take below market because their team’s GM can’t efficiently manage the cap.

  30. (And if you want a foreshadowing of what happens if Stepan does settle for the bridge deal, check out the next contract Subban signs.)

  31. If you are willing to pay Stepan 4 mil a year, then the extra million per, is inconsequential.

    The thing is Sather is very strict when it comes to paying UFAs, so he is going to nickel and dime him as much he can.

    Both parties are probably best suited to take a 1 year deal and make a long term deal next offseason when Richards is bought out.

  32. Step should take the 2.75 for 2 years, and lace up his skates. He will sign a bigger contract if he is worth it, when the cap is available down the road. That’s a fair deal, given the situation of the Rangers Cap.

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    Mister D, you’re completely right about Sauer/Staal et al. I would also add the case of Daniel Alfredsson to show how much GM’s words are worth when they offer you a cap-favorable deal now with promises to pay you better later when they can.

  34. That’s fine Sioux. The PK Subban deal. But he will want to get paid very lucratively to stick around after that.

  35. Oleo @ 1:12,

    2) KREIDER TOP 6 = YES ( only by default due to inept play of over- paid suppposed superstars)

  36. Hey Stepan, Maybe you didn’t watch Travesty City and the performance of NY Ranger elite prospects. I watched the highlights.


    BTW, I also watched your “Beginnings”. Why don’t you go back to Minnesota and play dress-up with your little sister.

  37. somebody mentioned before that 5 mill was to much for Stepan. I agree. but 5mill 2 years from now is going to be a bargain. pay him now, save later.

  38. who to trade to clear room for Stepan? who already has his replacement on the team? if you can answer that, then you know who must go.

  39. the John Taveras who finished the season with 3 more points than Stepan? who’s plus minus was minus 2, while Stepan’s was a plus 25? that John Taveras?

  40. _somebody mentioned before that 5 mill was to much for Stepan. I agree. but 5mill 2 years from now is going to be a bargain. pay him now, save later._

    Right. So if you think $5MM is an overpay now and a bargain in year 3, that means you’re trading 2 overpays now for 4 bargains down the line. Seems easy.

    (And I don’t even buy it’ll cost a full $5MM given that McDonagh came in under. I’d bet $4.5MM or so on a long term would get things done, which would be just a tremendous steal over the life.)

  41. At the point in which players like Stepan start getting paid $5m per season, they lose their cost efficiency.

  42. it was my idea Manny! I feel like Frasier on that episode of cheers where frasier gave advice, and everybody gave Woody the credit.

  43. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    bull dog, I know we can’t always read every comment, but I’ve said it several times: Moore is not a replacement for Boyle at the moment, and trading him is only going to save about $900k because they still need another forward with Callahan and Hagelin first.

    So, you need a better solution if you want to pay Stepan $5M.

  44. Moore is the replacement for Boyle if they trade him. you can try to turn any way you want, but Moore is a center that plays the same role Boyle plays.

  45. Moore could replace Boyle or Moore could compliment Boyle. Having both on the roster would certainly make our PK better (and more efficient in terms of not burning our top 6), no?

  46. After this season, fans are going to want the Rangers to re-sign UFA Girardi for more money than he’s worth in terms of production. They are also going to want to resign RFA Del Zotto for more money than he’s worth in terms of production.

    It’s not cost efficient in the NHL to continue paying players more than their production demands.

  47. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Yes, but even if they trade Boyle, they still can’t give Stepan $5M. They have a little under $2.2M left. Powe and Asham will give them another $1.7M or so, and Boyle $900k net (they need a forward to replace him).

    So, that’s $4.8M and does not include the likely replacement for at least one of Callahan or Hagelin to start the season.

  48. Moore cannot replace Boyle. I have to agree. Boyle is the superior player. D. Moore is 6’0″, 188lbs. Boyle is, as we know, a LOT bigger than that. He’s an excellent PK guy and an excellent faceoff guy and he’s proven that he can play the wing. I really think he has more 3rd line potential than D. Moore.

    (this is AWESOME. Talking about hockey!)

  49. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _That’s why you waive Pyatt, as you were saying before Gravy. He probably gets claimed._

    He may, but I’m not 100% sure, nor do I know what cap implications that scenario has. They save about $875k, I believe, by just waiving him.

  50. Is there any statistical information that indicates that Boyle is a good defensive player, a good penalty killer or that he can play the wing successfully?

    Pyatt is making $1.5m. He probably clears waivers and gets picked up by another team for the league minimum.

  51. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Pyatt makes $1.5M, but a team can only save $900k by waiving a demoting a player on a one-way contract.

  52. Depending on the events that unfold during the upcoming season, the time for either or both Girardi and Del Zotto in New York should be up, via trade or free agency.

    I believe Del Zotto will have a successful season under Vigneault and will be worth keeping.

    Girardi has already peaked and is already being paid more than he’s worth.

  53. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    There are also no long re-entry waivers, so a team that chose to pick him up would be responsible for the entire $1.5M. Not sure he would be claimed or not.

  54. Bull Dog @ 4:39……. I commend your Ranger loyalty, but surely, you can’t be serious?

    Putting aside your crack analysis and comparison of Stepan and Tavares ( see again post @ 4:39), As GM of the NY Rangers, you would actually turn down an offer of Tavares for Stepan, straight up???????

  55. _You meant “complement”_

    I did not.

    “Wow, great work out there on the PK, Brian!”

    “Thanks, Dom!”

  56. In Tavares’ defense he was on the ice while Nabokov, DiPietro or Poulin was in net attempting to stop shots. I’m sure the up-tempo Islanders, in general, gave up more goals than the defensive minded Rangers.

    John Tavares is probably a top 10 player in the NHL. Stepan is arguably a #1 Center but more like a very durable, high #2. And I *love* the kid. Want him on our team for a long, long time.

  57. While this would never happen……..

    If Snow were to offer Tavares for Stepan, there shouldn’t be a second of doubt, not one. You make the trade, put Tavares in the car and drive away as fast as you can. Next act, hire a good criminal lawyer ( Saul Goodman?) to represent you on your pending felony arrest on Grand Larceny, NHL style.

    As for Snow, it would be the last deal he’d ever make outside of a flea market.

  58. I get that Taveras is a better player, but the fact that Stepan does it for a team with high hopes every season, as opposed to a team who just hopes every season, makes a big difference to me.

  59. The idea that Stepan is comparable with Tavares is a joke.

    I would trade Stepan, Kreider and Miller for Tavares 100 times out of a 100.

  60. A few months ago, Steps was a 22 year- old, $875,000 respectable center. To go from 875 to 5 mil overnight is Gretsky-ish.

  61. boy talk about overrating a player. I get it he is real good player, but the way you guys talk about him is like he is the 2nd coming of Gretzky.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fleet of foot, hands softer than cotton, and moves like Gale Sayers – # 22. Brian Boyle.

  63. Stepan is a bit more than respectable. and you are right coos, he is not a 5mill player right now, but if he gives you 2 seasons of 65 to 70 pts you are probably looking at a 6 to 7 mill player.

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Every morning on the ice you’d see him arrive,
    6ft 6, weighed 245.
    Kind of broad in the shoulder, narrow at the hip
    Everybody knew you’d give no lip
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  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dateline 12/28/13 New York: Ranger goal, his 4th of the game and 48th on the season # 22. Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiian Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllll

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bull dog – agreed

    Boyle for toes, sharp, Seabrook and #1. Who doesn’t pull my finger on that deal?

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Sicilian Sozin:

    e4 c5
    Nf3 d6
    d4 cxd4
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    But it’s all good in my hood, Choppin wood if I could, I surely wood,,,,,


  68. As these players get more and more expensive, player development becomes more and more huge an onus.

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Money can’t but everything it’s true
    But what it dont buy I can’t use
    Just give me money, give me money
    That’s what I want.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s a shame that he cannot skate – as Serena Williams would be the perfect hard hitting Dman we need.

  71. Bull dog, if you noticed, I’ve been posting the last few days with a little sarcasm re: the Stepan situation. Of course I agree this team needs him and like most here, I also appreciate that he is a “home grown” player.

    However, as we all know, within the constraints of the current CBA, at this point in Stepan’s career, due to his age and service time, Sather has the vast majority if not all of the leverage.

    I can think of only two ways the leverage might shift from Sather to Stepan. The first, and probably most threatening way, which could occur at any point in time, would occur if Stepan were to receive a significant offer-sheet from another team. is this possible? Sure is, but based on past practices we also know it is also not likely. The second shift in leverage towards Stepan could occur incrementally over time if the Rangers get off to a bad start or if they were to suffer a serious injury to a significant player.

    Thus, we are here, stuck in this place until either Stepan accepts his “bridge contract” or Sather trades him away.

  72. I don’t think we can afford Richards either…he BEST produce this year or it will be miserable for him at the garden

  73. Ode to Richie

    And It ain’t no use in turning on the (red) light, babe
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  74. Torts warns Canucks re: tweeting – “There better be nothing coming out of our locker room as far as what goes on here.”

  75. Torts warns Canucks: “comment on my lack of height once and you’ll be spending camp doing shot blocking drills and practicing Snow angels”

  76. *BOOM* STEPAN:

    @RealKyper 1m
    #NHL breaking news. Kadri will b ready for #Leafs camp. Expect news Kadri and #Leafs have reached agreement on 2 yrs just shy of 6M.

  77. Three words that I’ve learned begin sentences full of self-besotted rhetoric: ‘My Fellow Americans…’

  78. @BlueSeatBlogs 26s
    So Kadri, he of 1 full year, gets $2.875m. Puts Stepan at about $1m higher? Market value setting in

  79. I have a feeling that sooner or later, we’re going to have to decide to keep and call up Ash, unless they think Haley can hack the job. Ash, though older, would have the edge as he has proven that he can play effectively and energetically both ways as a fourth liner. What Torts’ problem was sitting him the last two games last year is still a mystery.

  80. Torts’ coaching decisions are a mystery in general…this is why he’d get angry when questioned about them because he himself had no clue!

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – for shame. You are a very very very bad man, not Stan, with a plan, ain’t it grand, in a band, on the sand, a hundred grand,…..


    Yo Czech, Olga – whisper words of wisdom, what it be?

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boyle will put this team on his back and carry them to the promised land.

    When Boyle was in Egypt land, let my Boyle go…..

  83. “No one likes us-I don’t know why
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  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

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    I said unto myself, if I were dead,
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  86. *misinformed* on Tortorella firing, Richards retaining, training camp schedule.

    *misinfomred* boyyyeeeeeeeeee

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

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  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

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  89. Set me free, little girl.
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  90. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    Canes might be in the market for a D man…please take stralman or the mad bomber.

    I feel like the hobbit re-signing was a mistake.

  91. So its D-Day for Derek, will he do what Kadri did and sensibly sign the best deal he was gonna get, or is he going to irk his new boss and all the fans by holding out.

    I can see it now, signs contract after missing most of camp and gets benched by AV in his first game for blocking shots and dumping the puck into the corner.

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