Staal good to go … Rangers report to camp Wednesday, on ice Thursday


ICYMI (in case you missed it) or were too lazy to click on the giant video up above (sarcasm), Marc Staal spoke Thursday about his expectation that he will be ready for the start of training camp and for the season — he’s skating with teammates in unofficial practices, wearing a long blue visor.

Here’s my short story on Staal from The Journal News and today. Click here.

Also, a quick upate. The Rangers report to training camp Wednesday, but that will just be for physicals and there won’t be any player access that day. So Thursday will be the first day on ice with new coach Alain Vigneault and his new staff, and the first day of reporting. I will be there both Thursday and Friday.


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  1. Good story, Carp! He said it right, the brain did rewire itself. The intraocular pressure will decrease with time. He will be just fine.

    Wake up, Manny! WTB?

  2. blimey ilb – that’s probably the first time ive ever seen that used in a sentence. intraocular – shouldnt it be hyphenated? Miami would!

  3. If Stahl can get back to the way he was starting to play when he took that puck to the eye our D will be solid. Hopefully his health and his abilities return and allow him to play 70+ games.

  4. Miami would hyphenate two-letter word too. This one isn’t hyphenated, not in medical literature at least. And LMGO at “blimey”! We don’t use it here too often, lol.

  5. Check, check… is this thing on?

    Great news to start the day with. Maybe he should get a tinted visor and full mask like Justin Tuck!

  6. _Carp—what’s the story behind the Good Morning Sally and who is Sally?_

    That is a good question… who IS Sally? :)

  7. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Are Torts and AV the same person? I mean, has anyone seen them in the same room together? Hmm.

  8. Ironically, that’s essentially what my wife told me I had to do tonight. It also involved Laundry and changing the sheets.

  9. I wish Doodie was around (in hindsight). I made a depth chart for my fantasy football draft. He would have been so proud.

  10. Rob in Beantown on

    I had heard that “Tex’s Rangers” started as a nickname the press gave the team and then it just stuck. I always thought that was cool. Lots of teams apparently got their name that way back in the day. Simpler times, they were.

  11. Rob in Beantown on

    Forget it, I there is nothing new in that article. The headline made it sound like he actually came out.

  12. Is he engaged to Musky? At least then we’d know where Musy is!
    AV to Torts: “we found him hes at SEAN’S!”

  13. I get these e-mails for a floor hockey league that I tried to get some of you guys to join with me once and one of the guys emails is like “”. Maybe that’s him.

  14. Wonder what position Musky plays. As it pertains to floor hockey..not the Avery rumor.

    I woulda played Floor hockey!

  15. New York Rangers ?@NYRangers
    “Our players need to understand this is a daily process about being accountable to one another, making sure you are well prepared..” (cont)
    “If you follow the daily process and do the right things every day then you’ll have every chance to compete for the Cup in June”-AV

    I thought Torts was fired??

  16. “This Stanley Cup thing is way overrated. Our job is to prepare these young men to be able to go out into the world as exemplary individuals and find positions in Brokerage Houses, Investment Banks, Fashion, and various Pizza Enterprises.”

  17. Glad to see Staal is ok. I think the Rangers playoff’s derailed last year when he got hurt. It was just too much pressure on McD and Girardi. Hopefully he’ll stay healthy and our D will be solid. He can play the coaches uptempo game too :)

  18. Rangers playoffs derailed last year?

    I thought they played “good” as in Rick Nash “good”

  19. Rick Nash “Good”, love it Papa.
    Whenever I see him in an interview I think of Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. “Righteous”

  20. rangerjhw, Sally (aka Hambone) is a person who used to comment here all the time (s). And when I say good morning to Sally, it’s a metaphor for “Good morning, everybody.” … though Sally started that by saying Good Morning, Carp! … and also telling me I was the awesomest.

  21. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    Now trade the mad bomber and stralman

    Mcilrath better look good in training camp and preseason

    I know most are interested in kristo, but I’m curious to see how nicholls plays.

    Any good TC updates?

    Do we have a scrapper at TC?

  22. “Metaphor. M.E.T.A.P.H.O.R.”

    Now, in a sentence: “That was an awesome Metaphor that crashed in Russia last year.”

  23. According to the Dallas Morning News,500 goal scorer and future Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano married pro golfer Allison Micheletti last night.
    She is the daughter of Rangers announcer Joe Micheletti Who would though.. Stunningly good looking and very sporty girl.

  24. Czechthemout!!! on

    So it looks as if Lindberg, Kristo and Fast have been outstanding! Most expected them to really stand out and they have. All three are going to play on the big club this season. Lindberg and Kristo probably right away. Fast a bit later. This shows that there is a great deal of forward depth in the system which is a very good thing.

    Lindberg is probably their second line center next season when Richards gets bought out. Maybe even more. He is a heck of an all around talent.

  25. I don’t know… i think Lindberg, Kristo and Fast are showing early signs of major busts… don’t think any of them will ever play in the NHL.

  26. Maybe Kristo (if he stays away from frostbite) Linderg and Fast can be our 1st line by the time the playoffs roll in.

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    I disagree we will suck. This team as constructed, and barring injuries, will be no worse than last year and probably a good deal better. And last year we made the playoffs. We have the defense and goaltending, and optimistic that AV will make this a more *offensive* team (in a good way)

  28. Good morning, boneheads!

    Vacation time for ilb’s family. 2 weeks. First week in Florida. Talk to you from sunny Naples in a bit.

    Hey, the prospects couldn’t win a single game. Who’s their coach? Whoever he is, he’s been outcoached so far.

  29. Morning gang. Coos, loved that line about God and money the other day! ….excited about these kids this year…

  30. 2 years 2mill per for Johansen. Stepan a much better player. I know he has no leverage, but he should really get a better deal that that.

  31. how? probably going to have to trade your favorite player. may even have to do it for draft picks. I am not for trading Boyle for picks, but if it means getting Stepan signed, then it needs to be done.

  32. My favorite player? Adam Graves? They already did that once.

    I’m not against trading Boyle, but if he’s seen by AV as a regular player I think it’s organizational stupidity to trade him for cap purposes. Especially when they had the chance to remove a much worse player & contract in July.

  33. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull dog

    Boyle is untouchable according to Sather. There is a lot of interst in him though. But Sather is afraid that trading him will come back to bite him in his cigar stained assen. Because he still has upside ( LOL) according to Sather. Than again it is hard to argue that point because it is not too hard to score more than one goal and 5 assists given the ice time he used to get.

  34. What about Pyatt? He seems like an extra piece and is 1.5 cap hit. I’d rather lose him than Boyle.

  35. Czechthemout!!! on

    Carp are you at the training center today? And if you are, can we get a few thoughts on some of the players.

  36. I would prefer to trade Pyatt of course, but don’t really see any trade value in him. Boyle, to me, has trade value.
    Graves is probably my all time favorite as well, but Steve Vickers was my first favorite player, so he is up there too.

  37. Czechthemout!!! on

    Pyatt, Asham,and Powe are all cndidates to be cut,traded or waived. In fact Powe and Asham have already been on waivers. Boyle would be next to go.

  38. I don’t see how anyone can expect these prospects to keep their mind on hockey when it’s the first time for most to hit the big city. (s)

  39. Pyatt would fetch next to nothing, but his departure wouldnt hurt depth & create cap room. Not sure they could find a taker.

  40. Agree fella’s, It seems as though Sather is holding onto Pyatt’s contract just to force Stepans hand. I mean, just waiving him would clear the way to sign Step to a fair bridge deal?

  41. Speaking of Traverse City, who is this Paxton Leroux ? Two fights in two games, both sticking up for teammates.

  42. For me, when the season starts, it’s a clean slate for everyone. Even…………Delzotto. :)

  43. Just got a letter from Bill Clinton in Chappaqua. Guess he wants to hang out. He didn’t put a stamp on it, though – the postage meter reads Non Profit Organization.

  44. Most owners after a 10 game losing streak: “We’re in a bit of a spin.”

    George Steinbrenner, leading the league, but after losing one game in extra innings against Boston: “There’ll be some changes made here.”

    Gotta love old Georgie!

  45. Rangers D’s favorite song under Torts: ‘Slip Sliding Away.’

    Under AV: ‘Stand By Your Man.’

  46. cooscoos
    (Even though I find the Yankees anathema)


    Spoken like a Mets and Rangers fan, winning must be anathema to you also.

  47. Also, I still think that an MDZ and Hags package could bring something of value back. I really like both players but think that they could, potentially, get them a power forward in return. Maybe include Boyle (Who I also really like) if Lindberg and D. Moore have a good camp.

  48. If they send Pyatt, Asham and Powe to the AHL their still counded as cap hits for the big club under the new CBA, right?

    * they’re
    * Counted

    Man sleep is not overrated.

  49. They are, but around $900k gets deducted from the cap hit for each while in the AHL, which doesn’t leave a huge amount retained for those three.

  50. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    need to move del zotto and stralman prior to season

  51. what? nobody wants to talk Ranger’s hockey at this time of night?


    I walked a few miles today… recovering from that darn stroke slowly but surely.

    we are designing a new Chili’s for Dubinsky. Hope it goes well.

  52. Good morning, boneheads!

    Atta boy, tomb! Day by day, mile by mile. How’s the weather in Alaska these days?

  53. The boys play again in traverse city today…hope the forwards continue to shine. Are we even dressing a goalie?

  54. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Coos, if you drink too much booze with Jews, does it make you snooze, light a fuse, or is it all a ruse?


  55. Thanks ilb

    its already getting cold in Alaska. nice summer though. I’m hoping for another nice break this fall.

  56. Since they changed the name of the Wolf Pack, doesn’t consistency demand that the new name be the Whale Pod!!!

  57. How do you go from Whales to Wolves without spending at least a couple years as Dolphins and Sloths?

  58. Down 4-1 to the baby blue jackets. My tourney MVP Paxton Leroux has dropped the gloves for the third straight game. He is at least, willing.

  59. Why do the TV Cameras have to show us Jerry Jones clapping and high fivin in the owners box every time Dallas scores a touchdown. Who cares about Jerry Jones?

  60. SALLY!!!
    Let’s start everything from the very beginning…and don’t ask me what I’m talking about, please.

  61. Traverse means absolutely nothing, Relax. Oscar Lindberg with his 5 goals from other hand…either beginning of the another bust or maybe just first stairway to the penthouse, so to speak.

  62. If just he alone will emerge from this tournament as a scorer, ready for the team, it would be a great achievement.
    I like it…

  63. Are people still talking about moving MDZ? You realize that Torts is no longer our coach and our new coach encourages a player to use his offensive instincts? 50+ points for the kid if he stays healthy this year.

    Wicky – move Stralman? He is probably the best bang-for-buck defenseman in the league. $1.7m, bargain a 2nd/3rd pair D.
    He’s got one more year, McIlrath will have a year under Beukeboom’s tutelage and then move into that slot next year hopefully.

  64. Good Morning, Sally, wherever you’re. (It’s 8PM in Japan).
    Good Morning, Carp! (it’s still 8:03 AM upstate NY)
    Good Morning to all boneheads on a planet!

  65. Anticipation, be that of death or start of a new, potentially dissapointing hockey season, is much worth that event itself.(I checked both).So, I’m in a “Lets go brake something!…” mood right now.

  66. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Carp, are we charping this week? I know you mentioned having one before camp opened (I think).

  67. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Yesterday, I moved concrete blocks from one spot to another spot. Home ownership is fun sometimes.

  68. Rob in Beantown on

    How BRUTAL are our prospects? At this point I’m rooting for them to shoot the moon and go 0 for Traverse City. Maybe it will make them *hungrier*

  69. Sounds like our prospects know how to score but not play D.
    Torts would say they are missing some jam and probably bench the lot of them.

  70. Piercing miniature basketball hoops rings in Kim’s nostrils, lips and who knows (classified),what else members of his body and cabinet’s.

  71. UKR,
    Besides, as I understand, Dennis was personally taking a birth of Kim Jong-un’s baby daughter- Ju-Ae and thus, single-handily(?) guaranteeing the future of a dynasty.

  72. Tavares is named Captain of the Islanders. Not really a surprise. He’s kind of, um, really good at hockey. And he’s their franchise player so….

  73. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    #NYR Players on the ice today for pre-camp workouts include: Hank, Hags, Nash, DZ, Zucc, Biron, Girardi, Kreids, McD, McIlrath & Bourque.


  74. Yea, no surprise there but what a player, good choice for them. I’d probably give an “A” to Matt Martin, who has always been ferocious and is developing a little bit of a game to go along with it.

  75. Perennial excuses for a miserable performance:

    That was a wake-up call out there tonight
    It was a learning experience
    We’re better than that
    Sometimes the bounces all go the other way
    It’s time for us to circle the wagons
    We ran into a buzz saw tonight
    We’ve got to step it up
    We have to get on the same page
    It’s a marathon, not a sprint
    I don’t think the lopsided score reflects a lack of effort

  76. We gotta take advantage of the Power Play
    We have to play a full sixty minutes
    We lost the momentum
    We didn’t get any bounces
    We thought opening it up would make us all 30 goal scorers
    We thought we would have Stepan by now

  77. “Granted last night we had about fifteen two on ones and a couple dozen three on twos against us, but Henrik has to get a little sharper out there.”

  78. Has anyone ever tried Game Center through XBOX 360? I had problems last year with hockeystreams buffering all the time, want to try something else this year. HELP PLEASE.

  79. Rob in Beantown on

    Sally, I did GameCenter on Apple TV last year. It worked pretty well. It’s not quite broadcast quality and sometimes it stutters, but it’s mostly pretty good. I haven’t tried hockeystreams so I can’t compare.

    One annoying thing about GameCenter: if, for example, the Rangers game gets picked up by NHL Network, GameCenter will blackout the game. This is annoying because NHL Network almost never picks up the MSG feed, so when the Rangers are on NHLN you’ll have to watch the other team’s feed on TV.

  80. Rob in Beantown on

    If you don’t have cable then you won’t be able to watch Rangers games when they’re on NBC Sports either, cause GameCenter doesn’t show those either.

  81. Kiprusoff retired? Calgary is in big doo-doo…I mean, they were a big doodoo even with him but now…poor Flames fans

  82. :) When Long John Silver says that he is going out to get tight, does he mean he’s going to Nordstrom’s?

  83. Top of the morning (On West Coast time I guess).

    Nothing like 6 turn overs by my Giants to help with the anticipation of training camp eh?

  84. Nice helmet design for Hank. thought maybe it would have a picture of the WWE’s Million Dollar Man on one side and a crown over the top of it. Has to make you feel good that it wasn’t painted black and orange right????

  85. lmgo, James. I thought he would have a painting of Mr. Snider on one side, and the Empire State Building lit in orange and black on the other.

  86. Ps- I remember early January of this year Richards had an awful awful give away on a blind pass and you and I talked about how that was the kind of mistake you don’t see from Richards too often and that MAYBE he was rusty. oh how things change over the course of a season.

  87. The Jints, with no running game and a plethora of turnovers, still had a good chance to pull that one out late. Jerry Jones should tame his enthusiasm.

  88. LOL! a big portrain of Snyder’s face with a really malicious grin and the Cup in the back ground on one side and “Tough Negotiator” written in green on the other side.

  89. Coos, I said the same thing when Dallas beat them early last season- “Romo will be out with an injury by week 5 and Dallas fans won’t have much to say”.

    Giants seem like they’ve just gotten too comfortable with the philosophy: “oh, only Eli showed up. oh well, he’ll just throw a nice bomb late in the game and steal the win”..terrible

  90. I think Hank actually just borrowed Bryzgalov’s old Phlyers helmet. He’s wearing it for all Home games.

  91. Giants are still miles better than Dallas. That should have been a blowout with the six turnovers. With only five, the Giants win the game. With only three, they win going away.

  92. I agree that with one less moronic turnover (which can almost entirely be blamed on the RB’s either dropping balls, deflecting balls or missing a block) the Giants win. But overall, the Dallas defense looked a lot better.

  93. A lot better than they did last season. They were really swarming to the ball which I didn’t see out of them last year. Their secondary still had ample holes but they were also better at getting a more balanced pass rush from people not named DeMarcus Ware

  94. Rob in Beantown on

    Henrik’s mask should just be clear so you can always see his face. Either that, or he should just paint his face on his mask

  95. @Proteautype 17h

    Frazer McLaren is third on the Maple Leafs’ depth chart for left wingers. This is why Mason Raymond is coming to Maple Leafs training camp.


  96. Thanks, Rob! I imagine on NBCSN or NHLN nights I can just go to the Pub & make enemies.

    Tolchinsky? Kid sounds promising…

  97. I remember that Gravy, that was neat. This talk of masks brings up what I consider the best of all time, Gilles Gratton’s lion mask, awesome.

  98. At the risk of being run off this blog, If I were the Islanders, I would offer-sheet Stepan as #2 to Tavares. The fact that they won’t speaks to collusion, IMHO.

  99. I think Fear of God more than collusion. Teams know the Rangers will retaliate once the cap goes back up. Plus the Isles, still well below the cap, continue to operate as if they’re up against it. Cheap jackwagons.

  100. But, just as a mater of semantics, ‘you don’t take our guys, we won’t take yours’ still smells of a way for owners to curtail players’ rights to free trade.

  101. Rob in Beantown on

    The whole notion of restricted free agency in general is another curtailment of that right.

  102. Papa, Anatole France quipped that “the law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor from sleeping under bridges, beggin in the streets, and stealing bread.” :)

  103. The return of Brandon Jacobs? Wouldn’t be surprised. On top of everything else, Wilson will never effectively block for Eli, and that is an imperative

  104. Rob in Beantown on

    Sioux, they’re apparently trying out a bunch of free agent RBs this week, including Brandon Jacobs. Totally needed, unless Eli is going to throw for 500 yards every week.

  105. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    Troy Donnay drops the gloves for #NYR as the Blueshirts try to come back from a 2-0 hole. #NYRTCT

  106. Sioux-per-man scores meet and greet for daughter.

    My little girl got to meet Taylor Swift live and in color.

    So the rest of the year is all down hill for me :)

  107. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    #NYR get on the board with 2 quick goals. Both of them Lindberg to Fast. They were Fast’s first 2 goals of the tournament. #NYRTCT

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    And now @dkristo7 scores and #NYR now lead 3-2 over the Wild! @aduclair10 with the assist. #NYRTCT

    Quick turnaround for the baby Rangers

  108. @ScottyHockey 46s

    No frakking way. After not taking a single shot over the last three games, Fast scored twice in 14 seconds, w/Kristo scoring 45 sec later?!

  109. Beware of Frostbite.

    Just wear your shoes and stay out of snow drifts and blizzards when drinking with Kristo.

  110. instead of cursing the darkness, i’ll light a candle.

    Trade Stepan and Kreider to Vancouver for the Sedin Boys. Torts loves Stepan and he needs someone (Kreider) to send back and forth to the minors all season.


  111. Can’t wait for Torts to start hollering to the Sedins: “C’mon, boys, Slide, Slide in front of those slap shots!”

  112. I fall well short of defending Sather generally or being “pro-ownership” when it comes to contract and CBA-type i$$ues, but…

    I don’t really have a problem in principle with teams using what leverage they have against arbitration-ineligible RFAs. These situations fairly often go right up to or beyond training camp, some players get squeezed into taking deals that are perceived to be unfair, some don’t.

    I don’t necessarily see that Sather has (yet) screwed up with Stepan by supposedly prioritising other signings, or that using his leverage to force Stepan into a more modest bridge deal is necessarily a disaster.

    Not to say I would be upset if Stepan was signed to a longer term deal, but the Puck Daddy piece just seems a little premature in proclaiming the situation as being a particular example of _slatipus ineptitudae_

    [I reserve the right to change my stance entirely in a couple of weeks.]

  113. Manny

    I agree that with one less moronic turnover (which can almost entirely be blamed on the RB’s either dropping balls, deflecting balls or missing a block) the Giants win. But overall, the Dallas defense looked a lot better.


    As a Cowboys fan, that is dead wrong. The Giants defense spent 15 more game minutes on the field than the Boys defense, and still looked better than the Boys defense. Most of the Boys points were directly due to Giants unforced errors.

  114. I actually felt the Giants defense was much improved from last year. they lost because they decided to be cheap, and wait till after the first week to sign a running back. they did not want to have to guarantee the salary of a veteran running back by having him on the roster in week one. cheap move cost them the game. hope it didn’t cost them more.

  115. Assume Stepan’s Ranger offer sheet is at least 1.75 mil, about 110% over his last year’s salary, which is mandated. If the Isles ever had the gonads to sign him at about 5 mil over, say 5 years, they would probably lose a One, a Two and maybe a 4 or 5.

  116. the Rangers do not want to pay Stepan big money till they have to. in 2 years they will have to pay him a lot more than 5 mill a year. that is why it is a big mistake to not give him 8 years right now. 8 years40 mill right now, or 6 years 42 mill in 2 years. which one would benefit the Rangers more?

  117. that is a different discussion, Carp.
    obviously somebody would have to be traded. I figure when Stepan signs in a day or 2, it will be 2 years at 2.5 per. but if they do it my way, and give him 8 years 40 mill now, that will be a cap hit of 5 mill per. if they wait, and give him the bridge deal, he is going to get more than 5 mil per in 2 years. 6 years, probably between 6 and 7 mill per. pay him now, save later.

  118. as far as who could be traded. I have mentioned Boyle before, but think about this. they have added depth to there D with the trade for Moore, and the trade for Falk, and McIlrath is getting closer as well. they could trade Girardi (UFA after season) or Staal (2 years to go, and we all think he is going to end with his brothers) clear some cap space and probably get a nice return.

  119. _Your comment is awaiting moderation_

    Oh, really?! You wanna tell this to my face?! Yo, mother-rater…release my comment at 8:15pm :)

  120. it looks like Kadri is going to get close to 3 mill a year on his bridge deal. I have a bad feeling this Stepan thing could go on for awhile.

  121. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    They’d have a hard time making the moves to accommodate $5M and having a full roster.

  122. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Even trading Boyle and replacing him with the cheapest rookie would only save about $900k.

  123. Maybe I’m wrong, but I see Steps right now as valuable, needed, improving, energetic, but not elite.

  124. Bull dog, trading one if your 1-3 defenseman and relying on Moore/Falk/McIlrath to replace one of them is a risky proposition. They would do it if they had no choice. But it’s not a necessity. While the optimal thing would be to give Stepan long term deal, they don’t have enough cap space. And yes, it’ll cost them $1-1.5M more per year to sign him in two years, but the cap space will go up to $72-74M, and coupled with removing $6.67M of Richards’ salary it will be much easier to absorb. Trading any regular forward for picks isn’t a great move considering Callahan and Hagelin won’t be ready until later. And I agree with LW- there is nothing wrong with using the only leverage team ever gets and trying to save cap space while negotiating with RFA who isn’t arbitration eligible.

    Coos- Stepan was qualified by the team at 100% of his salary since his was making over $1M. 110% applies to players making less than $660K, and 105% to players making between $660 and $1M.

  125. agree trading one your Dmen is a risky move. using your leverage to save cap space now is very shortsighted. Stepan puts together 2 seasons of 60 to 70 pts, and now you have a 6 to 7 mill player. I know he is eventually going to sign his 2 year deal, but I think the Rangers are missing an opportunity to lock him up now and save cap space later.

  126. What Steps and his agent are probably most peeved about is that Sather had his options (Richards for starters) and chose to ignore Stepan, planning all along to bridge him. On the other hand, Sather is pretty sure no one will offer-sheet him and, when you’re an RFA, that’s what happens.

  127. The bottom line is that both parts need to realize that this thing can’t drag any longer. The last thing they want is for Stepan to miss any time during the training camp under new coach.

  128. I haven’t been in touch with hockey news last few days. Busy enjoying my vacation in Florida :-). Did those no-talent pedestrian baby Rangers win any games yet?

  129. agree, ilb, but I don’t think Stepan’s going to take any amount close to what they have left to spend … and I don’t blame him.

  130. Of course not, Carp. They only have $2.1M space left. But removing both Asham and Powe adds $1.85M to that number. Between $3 to $3.5M per sounds like a reasonable 2 year bridge deal.

  131. You know the CBA a lot better than I … can they remove Asham and Powe before camp ends? And if not, does that mean they can’t sign Stepan until then?

  132. They’re back on regular roster until the new season starts, SeeeDubb.
    The waiver period starts 12 days prior to the beginning of new season. So figure September 19th-20th is the earliest they can place those two on waivers.

  133. I’m confused. Ash and Powe were waived with no takers. As a result, the Rangers cap hit dove substantially. If they’re in Connecticut at season’s opening, does the cap stay down as it is now? If one or both are brought up at some point, does the their cap cost rise once again? Are they legal candidates for buy-outs as was Richards to get them off the cap?

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