Live from the Rangers’ unofficial skate in Greenburgh


I will have video, hopefully, or at least audio, from Marc Staal later on. He said he’s good to go for the season, and is wearing a tinted shield.

Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin, both coming off shoulder surgery, were among a group of 22 players who practiced today. Neither has been cleared for contact or has a timetable for when they might return, but you have to assume they won’t be ready for the start of the season.

The others who took part today included, in no particular order: Staal, Derrick Brassard, Chris Kreider, John Moore, Dylan McIlrath, Ryan Bourque, Stu Bickel, Rick Nash, Taylor Pyatt, Ryan McDonagh, Dan Girardi, Michael Del Zotto, Mats Zuccarello, Anton Stralman, Derek Dorsett, Brian Boyle, Brad Richards, Justin Falk, Aaron Johnson and Marek Hrivik. I thought I saw Dominic Moore doing shooting drills before the workout.


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  1. Afternoon, ‘Heads! Even the thought of pre-season practice gets me all hot and bothered. Have a great day everyone!

  2. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Are the shallower nets going to be in play? Are the testing hybrid icing in preseason?

  3. George Lewis “Tex” Rickard, president of Madison Square Garden, was awarded an NHL franchise for the 1926–27 season to compete with the now-defunct New York Americans, who had begun play at the Garden the previous season. The Americans (also known as the “Amerks”) proved to be an even greater success than expected during their inaugural season, leading Rickard to pursue a second team for the Garden despite promising the Amerks that they would be the only hockey team to play there. The new team was quickly nicknamed “Tex’s Rangers”.

    Interesting explanation of RANGERS name. I often wondered.

  4. Jeff in South Dakota on


    CCCP really Papa Johns when you have Keste Pizza? We don’t have anything like real pizza out here in the land of Paha Sapa.
    September 5th, 2013 at 1:10 PM

  5. Any decent craft beer around the Penn Station area? Just moved back local-ish and will be passing through there relatively often.

  6. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I read a comment where someone suggested a 10 minute misconduct, in addition to the 2 minute minor, to deter diving. I like that idea.

  7. don’t like that idea at all. 10 minute misconduct on the judgment of the ref? bad idea. fine them after the fact. hit them in there pocket.

  8. I wouldn’t mind post-game punishment for diving, even carryovers into the next one, but letting an official compound a bad dive call with 10:00 is only going to make things worse.

  9. Even with Torts’ defensive system, Richie was incapable of back-checking and the very last man back on D. He’ll never play defense, but if he has anything at all left, he might prosper offensively under Vinegar.

  10. Too bad Stepan’s name isn’t on the list of skaters at today’s pre camp skate. We need that kid!

  11. Rob in Beantown on

    Is there anything officially stopping Stepan from participating in the unofficial practices? A week or so ago I remember Cerny said on twitter that some Islanders and Devils players were skating with the Rangers at the MSG facility

  12. Coos, defense has never been Richards’ forte. But if he prospers under AV offensively this team will have a very good season. They have enough people to play defense. Still has to be bought though.

  13. Cross Check Charlie on

    I agree that a 10 min penalty at the discretion of the ref would be crazy. They don’t even know what is hooking and what isn’t.

    If a dive is ruled on review after the game then give the guy a 1 game suspension.

    I think Carp is right. The Rangers should have one of the better defenses in the East and certainly in the Metro. Hope they can generate some offense from the back line this year.

  14. 2-6-1 roadtrip here we come and thats with having a helathy staal and a solid 1-5 d without counting del zaster.

    just tread water until the home opener and cally and hags are back.

    lindberg fast and kristo top line later today. 2 of the 3 could be in opening day lineup.

  15. Though Nash faltered in the playoffs, he was on course for a 40 goal, 80 assist season. Not too shabby.

  16. Opening night forwards: Richards, Stepan (?), Brassard, Nash, Zuccarello, Kreider, Boyle, Dorsett, Moore, Pouliot will be in the lineup barring trade or injury. That leaves two spots for Miller/Kristo/Fast/Lindberg/Other, not to mention Pyatt. Am I forgetting anybody?

    And no spots when Callahan and Hagelin return.

  17. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers

    Wearing letters at Traverse City:
    C: Andrew Yogan (@Andyogs)
    A: Kyle Jean (@KJean9)
    A: Sam Noreau (@noreau93)

  18. Staal seems like a modest, understated kid. Not at all like the Rangers I knew and beered with way back when. :)

  19. Carp how can Boyle be in the opening night line up? Didn’t we trade him for Malkin and Pittsburgh’s 2nd rounder?

  20. Mr. Galazkiewicz on

    Hey Rob in Beantown,
    Any good places to watch the Rangers?
    I’m a lifelong fan, longtime Carp follower, living in Newton.

  21. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m not sure, Matt. Probably any sports bar could put the games on for you if you ask. I live in the Coolidge Corner area and have watched some games at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. They have a lot of TVs and will put just about anything on for you.

  22. If Dorsett ever gets hurt, Sather will thank his lucky stars that the 37 year old Ash cleared waivers.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    Down 3-1 against a bantam quality team! Sather sucks! Cant draft for shift!

    Game over! Season over!

    Fire Sather! Fire AV! Trade everyone!

  24. I’m so eager to see in upcoming season: Richie on slow,season-long suicide mission,Kreider,looking for a lost confidence between player’s bench and coaches rooster’s bar, Hankquist,fighting to replace Avery in the Vogue and Phil X in Bon Jovi band and using Effleurage,Swedish massage to enhance concentration…for the smooth interviews, DelZaster,with a helmet,continuously slicking down from his greased hair’s head and constant,torturous hangovers for every Saturday/Sunday game,and of course, new coach in a tastefully modest tie, sweet and carefully wording his concepts to the NYC media in between passionate, consequent aasen kisses to ownership,GM and media itself,in a sharp contrast to you know who…

  25. …and don’t even get me started on Boyler, Pyatttt,and bunch of no-names. Optimism is just lack of knowledge. Right, Miami?

  26. Re: Jimmy Dolan, Anyone who wants to find out about what God thinks of money, take a look at some of the people he gave it to.

  27. AV: “Pysie, is that what they call you?”

    Pysie: “Right, coach”

    AV: “Well follow me for a few moments, Pysie… I want to show you what a net looks like and what it’s for.”

  28. Mr. Galazkiewicz on

    Thanks Rob,
    Was hoping there may have been a “Rangers bar” somewhere around here that I didn’t know about…

  29. Mr. – Good thinking in seeking out a Rangers bar! Best, though, to take an extended self-defense course if you want to root for the Yankees or Rangers in a Boston bar :)

  30. Mr. Galazkiewicz on

    Ha, good call. Right now have to watch the yanks on nesn, and Dennis Eckersley never stops talking- awful.
    I miss ny…

  31. did anyone else notice AV always has something in his mouth when he talks? I’ve seen a few interviews with him and he’s always sucking on some candy or something…sup with that?

  32. I spent a few years in Boston rooting for the Rangers, Mets and Jets. Made it back alive, no sweat. Probably because I hate the Yankees just as much as they do. Haters love company!

  33. Mister D. Check out The Pony Bar on 45th & 10th. 20 taps of craft brews all domestic.Great selection always being rotated

  34. Vickers and Hadfield could hurt you on the scoreboard and just generally hurt you. You know, a two way player.

  35. Czechthemout!!! on

    Just watched the condensed version of today’s game. Some thoughts.

    Fast, Lindberg, Kristo ( 8 sog ) Josh Nichols, Duclair, Yogan all look like they will play in the NHL. The first 3 guys will be here very soon. Mike Kantor is also someone to keep an eye out for as a third or fourth line grinder.

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